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1  Economy / Services / [CLOSED][Survey] Earn 3$ in BTC for a poll vote and a post on: November 03, 2018, 07:21:58 PM

I am searching for people who are willing to participate at the bitcointalk poll here:
[ECONOMIC ANALYSIS/RESEARCH POLL: Cryptocurrency replacing fiat in the future?]

For each participant who:
1. Casts a vote
2. Post a comment on why they voted for that option or suggest another option

I am offering 3$ worth of bitcoin sent directly to your wallet.

Please post the following in this thread after you have completed the task:
Post URL
BTC address

This offer stands for 1 week until 10th of November 19:00PM CET. Payouts will be made on 20:00PM CET and transaction hash published.

Thank you!

Offer is valid up until 100 participants due to the high demand.

100 Participants were reached, only the first 100 participants will receive the payout.
2  Economy / Economics / ECONOMIC ANALYSIS/RESEARCH POLL: Cryptocurrency replacing fiat in the future? on: November 02, 2018, 01:58:13 PM

as part of an ongoing academic research, I have created a public survey to see how members in the crypto-community think about the future impacts of decentralized blockchain cryptocurrencies. I kindly ask you to vote on the poll in order to assist me in this research. Feel free to add a comment on why you think your chosen option is correct Wink

Thank you very much in advance and have a wonderful day! Smiley

Kind regards,
3  Local / Biete / [Abgelaufen] Internetrechersche bezüglich Schadstoffe und CO2 Austoß on: April 14, 2018, 04:07:11 PM

Habe nun genug Fakten gesammelt!


ich biete für jeden gefundenen Fakt bezüglich Schadstoffe/Emissionen, die durch den täglichen Gebrauch von Autos verursacht worden sind (Weltweit oder Österreich) und dessen gesundheitlichen Folgen mit Quellenangabe 10€ in Bitcoin.
Dabei können auch Fakten über die möglichen Einsparungen durch Ersetzung des Autos durch einen Fahrrad angegeben werden. (z.B Wenn xx% der Autofahrer pro Tag/Woche xx mal statt dem Auto zum Fahrrad greift, dann wird xx CO2 / NOX / Feinstaub etc gespart.).
Auch generelle Fakten über den Umweltschutz mit Bezug auf Fahrradfahren werden akzeptiert.

Voraussetzungen :

Wie folgt formuliert: Wussten Sie, dass...
Max. 20 Wörter
Nachvollziehbare Quellenangaben und Berechnungen
Muss entweder weltweiten oder österreichischen Bezug haben.
Fakten müssen aktuell sein. (2017/2018/2019)
(Bevorzugt Fakten mit Bezug auf Fahrrad)

Bitte den Fakt in diesem Thread posten und deine Bitcoinadresse unten dranhängen. Identische Fakten, die vor deinem Post gepostet worden sind, werden dir nicht bezahlt.
4  Economy / Goods / [WTB] DJI Mavic Pro | EU on: June 05, 2017, 03:32:43 PM
Looking for a DJI mavic pro, either used or new, but should be in a functional state.

I'm offering about 750€ including shipping, depending on the drone's usage and accessories includedm
Shipping should be to Austria, EU.

Escrow is accepted.
5  Economy / Collectibles / Cheap rare Casascius, microsoul and lealana coins on: June 04, 2017, 10:07:46 PM
Selling various coins from my collection:

2016 1oz silver Silver roulette coin #1: 0.3BTC
2016 Bronze roulette coin #1: 0.2 BTC

2016 Lucky S2 #7 0.01BTC: 0.03BTC
2016 Super deluxe 1/2 ounce silver 0.05BTC #7: 0.25BTC
2016 Mega deluxe 1/2 ounce gold plated silver 0.05BTC #7: 0.45BTC
Very rare  2014 microsoul gold highlighted silver 0.01BTC: 0.15BTC

MS67 2013 10LTC 1/2 ounce silver: 0.25BTC
#303 2013 set: 1 BTC gold plated silver, 0.5BTC silver, 0.25BTC silver, 0.1BTC silver: 2.1BTC

MS64 2013 0.5BTC brass: 0.65 BTC
2x MS66 2013 0.5BTC brass: 0.7 BTC each
2x MS62 2011 1BTC brass s2: 1.45BTC each
MS64 2011 1BTC brass s2: 1.5BTC
MS65 2013 1BTC brass: 1.35BTC
MS65 2012 1BTC brass: 1.45BTC
2x MS67 2012 1BTC brass: 1.5BTC each
2x MS67 2013 1BTC brass: 1.4 BTC each
MS68 2013 1BTC brass: 1.45 BTC

Pictures are available after request. Prices are negotiable and bulk discount available.
If you're interested in a coin not on the list just ask, I'll probably have it Tongue

Coins ship from EU. Orders over 2BTC get worldwide tracked shipping.
Escrow accepted, however you need to cover all fees.
6  Economy / Collectibles / [AUCTION] Special Denarium 1BTC silverpatina 1oz silver A110 | ends in 5 days on: June 04, 2017, 09:33:40 PM
Auctioning off this beauty:

Denarium patinated Silver 1BTC bull coins minted in 2016, special Auction series with A00110 etched onto the hologram.

Comes with hover frame, wallet card and paper sleeve.

Starting bid: 0.1BTC
Bid increments: 0.01BTC
Starting time is now.
Ends 10:00PM forum time on 9th June.

No sniping allowed, ending times increases 5min after last bid.

Payment must be made 48hours after winning bid or the last bidder gets it.

Tracked included in the EU. For US please add 0.006BTC.
7  Economy / Collectibles / Selling Satori rolls and BTCC Rooster Envelope on: June 04, 2017, 09:19:11 PM
Still have a few satori rolls and rooster packs lying around.

Selling satoris for 0.0045BTC each or 0.1BTC per roll of 25.
Rooster envelopes are 0.025 BTC each. 0.22 when you buy a pack of ten. (0.25BTC when you buy them directly)

Untracked shipping is included in the EU. Tracked shipping would cost another 0.005 BTC, other shipping options are also available upon request.
Shipping to the US can be discussed accordingly. As long as the shipment is capable of shipping in a letter, untracked shipping would be included to the US, tracked+priority would cost 0.005 BTC more.

8  Economy / Collectibles / [ANN][RESERVE NOW] Xerola "Segments" Tokens | Zinc alloy | 6 finishes on: March 03, 2017, 06:51:28 PM

    Proudly announcing zinc alloy tokens with the "Segments" Design concept

    The tokens have a similar design concept like my "X - Series Segemts" which can be found here:

    This series has 6 finishes and come either DIY or preassembled.

    • Zinc alloy with various plating options
    • 31mm diameter
    • Serialized - 100 of each finish

    These coins will come in the following six variants/finishes:
    • Satin Black
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Partly gold
    • Rose gold
    • 24k Gold

    • DIY: 0.0075BTC
    • Preassembled: 0.01BTC

    • EU: 0.003BTC in envelope untracked | 0.005BTC package untracked - 0.008 BTC package tracked
    • US: 0.005BTC in envelope untracked | 0.01 package tracked)
    With orders along my X-Series coin the shipping will be free.

    If the coins should be preassembled they will be assembled using a hologram which shows the firstbits using a "window" and the serial number will be shown on the hologram itself. DIY holograms do not have a window nor does it have serials.

    The preassembled addresses will be in this format: 1TXXX
    XXX - serial number of the coin e.g oo1,o17, o99, 1oo (0 has been replaced by o due to address character restrictions)

    Delivery schedule
    The coins are ready to be assembled and shipped.

    Pictures (will be updated with better ones)

    Reserve NOW:
    Reservations are open for these coin from serials 01-100 for each finish. People who have reserved one of my X-Series coins will have priority of reserve for the serials of their reserved X-Series coins. (Only applies if the person has reserved a set of 3 or 2 coins).
    I will update the thread with reservations.[/list]
    9  Other / Archival / removed on: January 21, 2017, 04:18:19 PM
    10  Other / Archival / TBC on: January 21, 2017, 01:55:15 AM
    11  Economy / Collectibles / [CLOSED] Personal customized X-Series "Segments" coin set | 36 Hours on: January 12, 2017, 05:50:00 AM
    Because the coins are still being minted I have the ability to engrave your name instead of a serial number onto the coin. This is the only set being sold, no more than 4 of these will ever exist (one will be owned by me). Giving you the opportunity to own a unique and personal set of these shiny coins.

    You are bidding in order to have your name/message of one word engraved onto one set containing a plain silver, a partly gold plated and a fully gold plated coin, winning bid does NOT include the purchase price of 0.75 BTC (including funding) of the coins. Each coin can have a different word. More information about the coin can be found here:

    Starting bid: 0.00 BTC
    Bid increments: 0.01 BTC
    Ending time: 13th January 2017, 6pm GMT (default forum time)

    The reason for an early auction like this is that the mint needs to know what exactly to engrave as soon as possible.

    Don't miss the opportunity to have your own customized coin set! I do not encourage sales of these personal sets, it should be something special only owned by you.

    The coins will be assembled and shipped out in February.
    12  Economy / Collectibles / [Charity Auction] #10 Full 24k gold plated X-Series "Segments" | 14th of Jan 6pm on: January 11, 2017, 04:34:32 PM
    Because of all the mess that was going on with my reservation thread here: TMAN actually decided to let go of one of his fully gold plated one go as a charity auction.

    100% of the auctioned money will be going to the charity organization of the winner's wish. Tracked worldwide shipping will be provided by me.

    To read more about this coin go here:

    Starting time: NOW
    Starting bid: 0.3 BTC
    Bid increments: 0.01 BTC
    End time: 14th of January 2017 18:00 GMT (default forum time)
    Anti sniping rule: The auction will end if no bids were made in 15 minutes after the last bid.

    The coins will be shipped out in February. The payment should be sent to either me or an escrow, who will release the bitcoins to the charity of your wish. Only confirmed charities that accept bitcoin please.
    13  Economy / Collectibles / [BUY NOW]Xerola X-Series "Segments" | Numbers 3-25 / 3-10 on: January 11, 2017, 03:04:24 PM
    Reservations starts now!

    You will be reserving the "Segments" Coin. More information can be found here:
    There is no payment needed until the coins are ready to be shipped. You are just reserving a coin with serial number of your wish.

    Plain silver:
    13: BitcoinPenny
    14:Reserved through PM
    16:Reserved through PM
    Blank spots are free to reserve.

    Partly gold plated:
    14:Reserved through PM
    16:Reserved through PM

    Full gold plated:
    10:Charity auction
    Blank spots are free to reserve.

    Dont worry if you didn't get to reserve one. Set #1 will be auctioned, set #2 will be raffled.
    There will be an auction for a custom engraved unique coin set, so look out Wink

    Set 1 and 2 have been reserved due to recent issues. No sets/coins will be auctioned or raffled off, reserving is the only way to buy one.

    Note that every purchase comes with a DIY token, details are soon to be announced.
    14  Economy / Collectibles / [ANN][No reservations] First coin of the X-Series: "Segments" on: January 10, 2017, 04:14:22 PM

    Proudly announcing the first coin of the upcoming X-Series: Segments

    After almost half a year of work, I'm glad to announce my first coin. The first coin of the X-Series will have the iconic "X" as the main design element along with segmented "spikes" representing the rise and drop of bitcoin. A one of a kind coin in the market.

    There will be many more variations of this series to come.

    • 1 troy ounce 0.999 silver
    • 40mm diameter
    • Preloaded with 0.1 Bitcoins(only the full golden one)

    These coins will come in the following three variants:
    • Plain silver - only 25 serial numbered for sale
    • Partly 24k gold plated - only 25 serial numbered for sale
    • Full 24k gold plated - only 10 serial numbered for sale

    • Plain silver: 0.1BTC
    • Full 24k gold plated: 0.2BTC

    All prices include funding. ONLY the full gold variant will be funded, the other two will only come preassembled.

    • EU: Free (tracked)
    • US: Free (untracked)

    Tracked shipment to the US will cost an additional 0.02 BTC. Other shipping couriers or wishes can be discussed individually.

    Vanity addresses
    All the coins will be delivered with a vanity address which is generated according to type and serial number. If you have a coin that has a "0" as serial number it will be replaced with a "o", because of character restrictions.

    Some examples:
    • The silver coin with the serial #1 from the first X-Series will start with "1X1Ago1"
    • The silver coin with the serial #10 from the first X-Series will start with "1X1Ag1o"
    • The silver coin with the serial #22 from the first X-Series will start with "1X1Ag22"
    • The partly gold plated coin with the serial #22 from the first X-Series will start with "1X1GP22"
    • The full gold plated coin with the serial #10 from the first X-Series will start with "1X1Au10"

    These addresses will be generated using a fully offline and custom Linux USB drive, then encrypted and exported to an old mac, which will be formatted and used solely for printing these keys through a laser printer. All of this will be done fully offline. The USB will be destroyed upon successful export (burned?). These printed keys will be sprayed with an "Aerospray" to ensure that the keys will be readable after centuries.

    Delivery schedule
    These coins are currently being minted, so please keep this in mind. I expect to be able to ship to everyone by the end of February, but this is an estimate. This thread will be updated accordingly along with pictures of the coins final version and a picture of the created holograms.

    A FREE DIY token will come along each coin purchase! I'll create a separate thread for those. All coins will come in an airtite capsule and will be enclosed in a small Xerola box. By request the box can be replaced with a velvet pouch.

    Acrylic Stand
    You can buy these acrylic stands at a surcharge of 0.01BTC each.





    Hologram sketch

    #1 will be auctioned off as a set, #2 will be raffled. 3-25/10 will be available to reserve. One custom engraved set will also be for auction soon.
    Reservations can be made in this thread: [RESERVE NOW] Xerola X-Series "Segments" | Numbers 3-25 / 3-10

    I won't only release coins, unique secret projects are going on, expect to see something you've never seen before.
    15  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] Satori Chips on: January 10, 2017, 04:25:10 AM
    As I have directly ordered a batch of chips from satori and I won't need all of them, I decided to let a few go (200). These are "mint" condition and directly from satori. They come preloaded with 0.001 BTC.

    1 Chip: 0.01BTC
    5 or more: 0.008BTC each
    25(a roll) or more: 0.006BTC each
    100 or more: 0.005BTC each

    Untracked shipping is included in the EU. Tracked shipping would cost another 0.01 BTC, other shipping options are also available upon request.
    Shipping to the US can be discussed accordingly. As long as the shipment is capable of shipping in a letter, untracked shipping would be included to the US, tracked+priority would cost 0.01 BTC more.

    16  Economy / Services / [CLOSED] 0.5 BTC for a hologram design | Free brass token for all participants on: January 01, 2017, 03:55:12 AM
    UPDATE: Winner announcement:

    The bounty:
    0.5 BTC for the winner + 1 0.999 silver coin to be released soon
    All other participants get a to be released brass token
    (shipping included in the EU, about 3-5$ for shipping elsewhere in an untracked letter)

    A self designed TWO TONE hologram (2 layered)
    The hologram needs to be 25mm in diameter
    There should be a cutout in the very center to show the firstbits of an address (about 8mm in width and 3mm in height, the addresses will be printed on a 1cmx1cm circle)
    "XEROLA" should be added to the design element
    The hologram design should be done in Adobe Illustrator or converted to an .ai file. PSD is also accepted.
    (The fireeye (my avatar) can be used too, but should look good and placed correctly Tongue)
    (A rendering of the hologram is very helpful)

    What determines a good and a bad design?
    A good design has a geometrically symmetrical design concept. There should be design elements such as waves or other patterns that "decorate"  the hologram and make it stand our of all other holograms.
    A bad design is just pasting bitcoin logos and a few shapes into a circle with no concept and/or design knowledge. It won't get you a brass token.

    You can take existing holograms as an inspiration, but you shouldn't copy paste the design. A few examples of good holograms are the casascius holograms, crypto Imperator holograms, microsoul holograms... Maybe have a look into them before you start working.

    When will the winner get announced?
    The winner will be picked and announced by me on the 15th of January 10th of January. Deadline for submission is 9th January 18:00 GMT. The winner must send me the .ai file before the payment is sent.

    Good luck!

    Here's the Xerola logo and my avatar if needed:

    The funds are being escrow by Blazed:
    17  Economy / Collectibles / [WTB] Aluminium Casascius coin on: December 25, 2016, 06:36:43 PM

    I'm currently buying 100 casascius aluminum coins, shipped to Austria. Please leave me an offer Smiley
    BTW, are these still available on the casascius official website? There is an option to buy it, but casascius has been inactive recently, that's why I'm asking.

    Kind regards,
    18  Economy / Collectibles / [WTB] 25 Satori coins on: December 23, 2016, 11:36:29 AM
    I'm looking forward to buying 25 Satori coins. Please PM me with your price, including shipping to Austria. Smiley

    19  Economy / Collectibles / [POLL][PRE-ANN] Project XEROLA | Modernly designed physical Bitcoins on: June 27, 2016, 08:52:44 PM

    Presenting you project XEROLA.
    I aim to bring new series of coins into the physical collectible bitcoin market by introducing whole new designs with a modern touch.
    Because this will be the first ever physical bitcoin I'll will make and sell, I kindly ask you for opinions.

    What will the mintage be?
    No more than 100 coins will be minted for each design. Each design will consist of 50 preloaded high quality .999 silver coin and 50 more affordable unloaded or DIY version of the coin (plated zinc alloy or brass).

    What's the goal?
    The absolute highest priority is quality and uniqueness. Every coin will be engraved with their unique serial number and encapsulated immediately after the minting process. An unique hologram for each year will be placed onto the back of the coin, covering and protecting the private and public key. The public key will be shown through a small transparent "window" in the center of the hologram. My goal is to make a series of coins that will suit everybody while being innovative at the same time.

    Why should this coin be so special?
    The packaging will contain the following:
    1x Unique PGP signed certificate of authenticy
    1x Xerola branded Velvet pouch
    1x Airtite Coin capsule
    ...and many more to come along with the coin announcement.

    To make the project more original and stand out of the crowd, the whole packaging of the coin and and COA will be sealed using an unique seal that hasn't been seen on the market ever before which looks absolutely beautiful. It will be revealed along with the first coin.
    Each coin will have a securely generated vanity address that will relate to the series, material and serial number. For example a "X" series coin made out of silver with the serial number 1 will have a public address starting with: 1XS001

    What will the design look like?
    Serveral designs have been created by me and I decided to show one of them for you to judge Wink
    The "X" Coin (X because of Xerola):

    Either gold highlighted or pure silver.
    (Note that this is only a design concept and the final design will probably be retouched to fully suit the coin)
    Due to the first coin ever being made by me, the nomination will likely be changed to 0.01 or 0.05 BTC.

    Edit: Design concept number 2:

    This was originally planned to be released as a bitcoin token with no face value (similar to bitcoin penny). Let me know your thoughts on this design. Should it be released as a token or a funded coin?
    3d renderings of design 1:

    How do you ensure security of the private keys?
    Now comes the part that frustrates me the most. Because I will be selling prefunded coins with a private key generated and printed by me, I want to ensure that none of the prefunded coins will be unloaded by a third party or even me.
    To ensure printing and generating security, the vanity addresses will be generated on a Macbook with a freshly installed operating system. These keys will then be combined into a print document which will be printed on an offline printer directly connected to the Macbook. The whole process will be done offline.
    After printing, the private key files will be destructed and the public key file will be kept in order to fund the coins. That being said, it's up to the buyer to trust me on not keeping any private key info.

    1 Troy ounce .999 silver coins will cost around 0.15-0.3 BTC/each (excluding funding amount)
    Plated coins will cost around: 0.03-0.08BTC each.
    Prices may vary on the bitcoin market price of coin launch.

    Please give suggestions!
    I'm not sure yet if the coins should be prefunded, therefore I kindly ask you to give me some suggestions by voting on the poll.
    All suggestions and opinions are very appreciated!

    It isn't confirmed yet if any coins will launch. But they most probably will when there is enough interest in them Wink
    (I know this thread is a little messed up, I'll put more effort in it and edit it when I'll have time)
    20  Economy / Collectibles / Any EU laws regulating the sale of funded physical bitcoin? on: June 26, 2016, 09:34:20 PM
    Because of the casascius vs money transfer law incident, I wanted to ask if there are any laws in Europe that are similar to those in the USA. Would a sale of self created physical bitcoins with 10BTC loaded onto them in total need to be licensed?
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