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1  Economy / Economics / Timeline on: August 09, 2011, 03:26:07 PM
Putting some of the facts and outlooks together, i'm doing a modest prediction ..

2011 - we are here, nothing extraordinary
2012 - aliens visited our planet
2013 - public announce of an on-line exchange which will aim to compete with paypal
2014 - release of open-source market engine with built-in BC support; raising of good bunch of local markets based on it
2015-2016 - Bitcoin client 1.0; first really big deals using BC
Simultaneously in 2015..2019 - raise of interest to alternatives due to Big Crash of fiat currency, i think there will be several proposals of digital currency like BC , maybe couple of them will be implemented by government, although in the end they all probably will fail by the same reason: it will be baked by individuals who interested in control over it. But we know already taste of freedom.
2020 - a key year in every respect, i guess you woke up someday and first thing you'll notice is that the good old world as you know it are not actually exist anymore.

Dont panic! Its not necessary to be year full of tragic events!

I do not making you to believe, just for note. This foresight based on my personal observation.
2  Economy / Economics / Devilish plan :) on: April 08, 2011, 12:23:52 PM
I have some devilish plan. Please don't consider that it will really working, although... who knows.

The economy can be imagined as some pyramid , isn't it? So that at the bottom layer there are buying-selling foods, real-estates and so on. On the top are science budget, NASA  and so on.
So, while on top are circulating relativelly small amount of money, on the bottom this value is really huge (so that we can say, that money is an energy of people who wants to still live).
Therefore while your currency is not being used for buy food or some room, it's actually just "a piece of paper", or just a bit of void in case of Bitcoin.

That being said, was a saying. Last summer we started on-line trading site of farming products for Russian market. So while it is still frozen as we have no investors, no ads, no much free time to develop it and so on. But, just recently I discovered Bitcoin and for me it just what I want to! Just imagine market, where farmer can sell ten tons of some product without banking routines (maybe via escrow), and in about couple of hours he can spend this money as he wants. I don't even say that we can offer additional services powered by bitcoins... Using Bitcoin as our private payment system, the exchange can be unique!

As you probably knows, Russia have "unlimited" space of soil and most of it are being used as agricultural base. I suppose grain is the second most demanded product after oil on the world markets... It means...

In sum, to make a profit we have to use Bitcoin. In the same time, if  we are successful, Bitcoin gain power to control the world, as it is being used on the bottom of economic pyramid } Smiley

What do think?

3  Other / Off-topic / Advertising video of Bitcoin on: March 06, 2011, 03:13:45 PM
It already here:

.. replace last  frames with Bitcoin logo and slogan "Bitcoin is natural ... money" or something like this, and you will get perfect advertising company for Bitcoin network Smiley

But doubt if copyright holders of this video will accept this idea...
4  Local / Разное / Зерно за bitcoin on: February 24, 2011, 01:51:52 PM
Мы этим летом запустили новый проект : биржу с/х продукции. Пока конечно дело идет вяло, так как нет ни спонсоров, ни бесконечного времени для развития проекта.
И тут мне пришла в голову идея: мы можем реализовать сервис безопасных сделок, используя биткоины как буфер.
Схема такая (упрощенно): предположим Иван печет булочки и ему нужна мука. У Федора есть мельница. Он предлагает две тонны муки за 100 руб. Иван покупает эквивалент 100 руб в биткоинах и переводит на наш буферный счет. Если сделка прошла успешно и все довольны, мы переводим биткоины на счет Фёдора. Фёдор может оставить их у себя (банки больше не нужны!) или обменять на рубли.
Сделка в два клика. С банковскими переводами это заняло бы вечность.
Теперь вопросы:
  • Как организовать обмен крупных сумм на биткоины?
  • Как быть с государственным контролем (налоги, акцизы и прочее)?

То есть фактически биткоины переворачивают экономику вверх тормашками: государство уже как-бы и не нужно.. Все сделки можно проводить с помощью биткоинов, быстро и безопасно. Получается .. "революция"? Эта тема кстати уже поднималась на анг. форуме.. Там предположили что гос. придется или подстраиваться под новые правила игры или воевать с ними..
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