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1  Bitcoin / Mining / AMDOverdriveCtrl and multiple cards/profiles on: June 29, 2011, 05:36:30 PM
Having multiple different manufacturer/model video cards in my mining rigs and trying to change the core/mem clock settings using AMDOverdriveCtrl I've come upon perhaps unintended behaviour. If you try to make different profiles to use with "AMDOverdriveCtrl -i X profilename.ovdr" you may inadvertently pull profiles of the card you first ran AMDOverdriveCtrl.

This caused me some headaches with trying to automatically set the memory clock to 300 at startup on my newest card. So, I tried starting from a clean slate on all the cards in the rig, but noticed some non-matching voltage settings on the info and overdrive tabs.

Ultimately I went on a renaming/deleting spree and solved the issues. Start by making sure AMDOverdriveCtrl doesn't run at startup, comment out the lines of your various startup scripts, then restart the rig. The following command lines are run from ~/.AMDOverdriveCtrl

1. Backup the following if you'd like, by doing this:

mv Current_Startup.ovdr Current_Startup.ovdr.old
mv default.ovdr default.ovdr.old
mv VeryFirstStart.ovdr VeryFirstStart.ovdr.old

2. Run AMDOverdriveCtrl for the card you want to create a profile for and save the profile:

AMDOverdriveCtrl [-i {3,6,9,etc.}]

3. Remove the Current_Startup.ovdr and VeryFirstStart.ovdr created in the process:

rm Current_Startup.ovdr
rm VeryFirstStart.ovdr

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each card you'd like a specific profile for and you have accurate base settings to work with for all your profiles.
2  Bitcoin / Mining / Automatically Identify Disconnection and Switch(.pl) pools on: June 23, 2011, 08:53:04 PM
I've expanded on my previous perl code to keep a miner active(in my sig) and have come up with Automatically Identify Disconnection and Switch( The script works on *n*x and Windows(Strawberry/Cygwin) with some packages from cpan.

You may have to do a notest install of POE on Windows and get certain dependencies from ppm. Read the thread in my sig for more info about installing the cpan packages on Windows.

The simplest use would be to replace the example command lines in connections -> connection name(Pool 1 server 1, Pool 1 server 2, etc.) -> command. Read aids_conf.json's comments for more advanced usage. Feel free to ask non-perl/cpan/ppm-specific questions in this thread about and how to write aids_conf.json.
3  Economy / Marketplace / [Selling] Nexon game NX Card codes on: April 01, 2011, 12:20:02 AM
I have some 10k NX and 25k NX card codes available. NX can be used in various online games by Nexon America.

I'm pricing the 10k NX at $12.50 exchanged to bitcoin at the rate of last price on, which as of the creation of this thread would be ~15.93 Bitcoin.

I'm pricing the 25k NX at $30 exchanged to bitcoin at the rate of last price on, which as of the creation of this thread would be ~38.24 Bitcoin.

This is a discount compared to some prices offered on eBay.

PM me with the denomination(s) and amount you want, I'll give you a specific Bitcoin address to send to and you can provide a medium you'd prefer to receive the code if other than a reply PM.

Thanks for your interest.
4  Bitcoin / Mining / Code to check pool connection and connect elsewhere if down on: March 06, 2011, 11:21:52 AM
I've come up with some Perl to handle when a miner loses its connection to a pool and switch to another pool/local bitcoind retrying every so many seconds(30 by default):

It requires POE from CPAN, perhaps other modules depending on your Perl distribution.
Run it with no arguments or -h/--help for detailed and important usage info.

I've tested it out with a few miners, poclbm an ufasoft's miner work well, jgarzik's doesn't work so well, but can be made to work on Linux with a --conduit pty-pipe argument which requires IO::Pty from CPAN.

Here are a couple examples of connecting to [Tycho]'s pool and if it can't be connected to, connect to a local bitcoind:
perl -c "poclbm.exe --port=8332 --user=username --pass=passwerd --device=0" -f "poclbm.exe --user=localuser --pass=localpass --device=0" --stream

perl -c "bitcoin-miner.exe -a 5 -t 1 -o -u username -p password" -f "bitcoin-miner.exe -a 5 -t 1 -o http://localhost:8332/ -u localuser -p localpass" --stream

Hope it's useful. Feel free to ask comments/questions and modify the code to your liking.
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