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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcointalk Merit Winning Methods & Proposals -3- on: October 06, 2018, 07:28:03 AM
Hello dear friends, as is known, I am continuing to publish informative articles with the data I have obtained on foreign sources recently and with my own experiences without losing speed. Especially in the forum (including the local forum) has been a serious problem I have seen many articles about the merit system. I would like to pass on the third article of this series by including the links to the information I shared about various points such as how to earn merit and how we can earn merit winning rate.

1. Article:

2. Article:

On January 25, 2018, a new concept was entered into the forum and this concept changed the fate of the whole forum. First of all, this concept, which caused great confusion to everyone, prevented the membership of multiple memberships and spam comments in the forum and prevented many members from dreaming of reaching a higher rank. With the Merit system, achieving top ranks is more demanding and harder than ever! So, what can we do to the upper ranks? How can we earn merit? In the third chapter of the article series, we will look at the new details together.

Quality Comments: The easiest way to earn merit is to make quality comments. This method, which you will use to get merit with minimum effort and minimum effort, will certainly be useful for getting good returns. The fine detail that should be considered here is that quality messages are not created only from long messages. All details that contain information, produce answers to the questions and satisfy the users' curiosity can be shown as a one-to-one example for quality messages. For example, a few hundred words may have poor quality content, while a few words can have much higher quality content. Short, clear and self-explanations make it easy to merit.

Translation and Original Content: You can produce beautiful content and merit with the contents by making translations of the information obtained from foreign sources or by blending the comments of high quality members in the local forum. Although this process is laborious, I can easily guarantee that good returns will be received. Only a few good quality comments can be interpreted, you can reinterpret these comments yourself and you can produce quality content without working as copy / paste.

Poor Reviews and Poor Quality Comments: Poor comments and poor quality comments can have a very negative impact on your profile status. For this reason, you need to avoid making a few words for the signature campaign or message message. Such comments will reduce the quality of your member profile and will not benefit you.

Merit Begging: When you write a quality message, a useful message, or a good article, you should definitely not be able to say what you want in your last sentence. It is a kind of begging and creates a repulsive situation for many people. Personally speaking, I do not send merit messages to people who are merit in posts with high content or comment quality. You can request merit by Merit Donation Area which is created for merit requests and you can leave your quality content on your own. This is a situation I often see in the local forum, in such cases there are members like me who don't think merit distribution.

Quality Supremacy: As I have mentioned in the quality comment title, quality is always superior to the number of words. Every long comment merit doesn't deserve merit and every short comment is bad. For that reason, we should take care of creating quality content and not just write a sentence. A British word on this topic says Quality over Quantity.

It is important to remember that members who produce quality content always win, and spam members always lose.
2  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcointalk Merit Winning Methods & Proposals -2- on: October 06, 2018, 07:20:53 AM
Hi dear friends,

I am here again with new advice, suggestions and information. Before I start my new article, I would like to give you a few small notes. The first point that I would like to point out is that the recommendations in this topic have been collected through my experiences and the information I have read through foreign sources. All this information is up-to-date but it is completely useful information for the reason that I read it up to the end of the tirelessly recommend. To be a quality and fluent article, I would like to mention that I will be translating with my own information in a few small points that need translation. So don't leave the matter immediately, this is not a article prepared with ridiculous translation services, but a completely crafted article! Smiley


I would like to point out that I am a merit winner in the local forum and a continually distributing member. From the new registered members to the old members, everyone will learn how to earn more comfortable merit. Since there are not many members of merit distributing in the local forum and there is no source of merit, the gain of merit is much more difficult than the old ones, but it is still not impossible. It is important to remember that in the crypto-money sector and on this forum patience is the most important factor. At this point, I'm going to go back to sharing the necessary information without having to extend the word again. First of all, we need to know that we need to use a clean language to easily gain merit in both the local and global forums. Local forum users, although not connected to this point in a clean, clear and clear language within the global forums is very important to write a message. Even when point errors are important within the global forum, it is another important detail that we need to pay attention to these factors in order to gain merit. What do we have to do to improve our language skills?

Language and Merit Recommendations

In order to improve our knowledge of Turkish language, reading books is the most important factor. As this is our native language, I will not stay over this point, and I will make some recommendations to improve our knowledge of English in a way that will depend on the subject content in general. Come on, let's see how we can improve our knowledge of English and how we can make a merit.
- English is not a language learned only by writing or spoken. For this reason, instead of working both activities separately, combining both activities will be the best decision. In addition, we cannot just learn English by paying attention to the rules of the word and we cannot earn merit. When we wrote a message in the global forum, Mrs. Using the adjective like Dear, we can make merit more easily. It should not be forgotten that foreign individuals pay great attention to important factors such as respect, and they often respond to it on the forum.
- Spend your time writing English articles on blank papers, watching educational content on social media networks like Youtube. In this way, you will improve your knowledge of English more easily and you will be able to write messages in the local forum much more comfortably.
- Read English books and articles continuously. You can also add information to your knowledge by reading articles related to this sector. You can also earn merit by sharing the information you have acquired here.

Merit Tips

I would also like to share some of the other elements that need to be taken into consideration to earn merit after a few minor recommendations.
- You do not need to write long messages or articles to produce quality messages. Photo-assisted help messages can help you easily gain merit with a few words and clear answers. There is no need to write hundreds of word messages and increase the number of words to earn merit.
- Don't talk about something other than topics and topics. In the global forum, this situation will not be of any benefit to you, and even the relevant and really high quality sentences will cause you not to get the right value.
- Do not throw messages in order to earn merit or earn money. Although the messages created with this purpose generally seem to be high in your eyes, they are viewed by many members with a quality message.
- Make sure to create help content messages. If a member asks for help on any issue, please make sure you are sure of the answer and write clear messages. Such messages are often messages that are frequently supported by the topic owner and other helpful members.

Summary, Conclusion and Additional Information

In the short period of 3-6 months, I can offer you the guarantee that you will improve your English language skills if you follow the language development recommendations mentioned above. In addition, this development will not only be in the forum but also in your real life. Besides all this information, I would like to mention a few more points. I think that I don't need to remind you that the merit winning methods I have mentioned are highly effective on foreign forums because when I wrote a quality message to foreign subjects, I mentioned that I received a merit return. Of course my comments with translation services never receive a gift, but from time to time, I have to use the translation service in the sentences I'm wearing. On the other hand, the point you want to say that as an experienced member on this issue I recommend you to show patience. For example, I was a member of the 205 merite who worked for almost a 1-month period and worked hard to reach a higher rank, but I never expected the merit to come in an exciting way. Finally, I want to come to the end of my writing with two different details.

Advice and Tips

- Always pay attention to make merit distribution so that you can earn merit in return. Local sales of merit or there is someone made the biggest mistake in forums or going on undistributed merit hiding ornamental intentions. For that reason, everyone should make a distribution in the local forum so that a cycle may occur.
- Attended for a signature campaign to improve the quality of your own profile rather than a comment you care to comment. Some projects are selecting members agree to pay large amounts for their campaigns and write quality posts for these members. When I came across a beautiful project with Full Member To give an example from my own account on a monthly basis over a relaxed way I can get income of USD 400-500. This comes about as a Turkmen citizen at a price more than the minimum monthly wage for a worker living in Turkey from 4 asrag monthly fee can be charged. For this reason, not to be a message, be sure to write messages for quality content.
At the end of my writing, I would like to mention that I will not answer any questions asked by private message. From here, I would be happy to answer any questions asked, so that everyone can take advantage of those questions and answers. I would also like to delete the silly messages that will be written in the subject.

NOTE: The article is written and translated into Turkish, my native language. For this reason, samples and local forum examples were given in Turkish.
3  Economy / Economics / How to Lose Money from Exchanges on: October 05, 2018, 04:08:31 PM
The market is the name given to the economic platform encountered in every aspect of our lives. This platform, where buyers and sellers of important traders such as foreign exchange, crypto money and gold are bought and sold, is also known as a kind of intermediary company. Friends who follow my previous writings, the previous spelling, '' How to Make Money from Stock Exchanges '' has definitely seen and read the topic. I explained the headlines and the headings in that article and told me what they would gain by paying attention to the stock exchanges. In this article, I will share detailed information and headings on the topic of baş How to Lose Money from Stock Exchanges bed. Of course, it will be a more interesting topic than the other title, but I do not want to start writing without reminding you that you have important information to be taken from both articles. Here we go ...

Inadequate Experience

The biggest losses experienced in the transactions in the stock market are due to inadequate experiences. Although the buy-sell process is perceived as easy, it is learned that these transactions are actually very difficult and they are traded on the stock market. Especially if you need to think about the crypto money exchange, it is necessary to get a lot of experience, and it is necessary to get used to not carrying out the loaded transactions unless you are professional in these experiences. Can we get experience without doing anything? Of course not. Even though we watch videos via the internet, we can never replace our own experience. For this reason, we should do this research first and buy a low amount in the stock market. With these low volume operations, we need to get familiar with how we should move when we need to deal with large quantities. It is impossible to make profit with high budget and insufficient experience on the stock market. This situation may end up with very serious damages. The last point I would like to point out for this topic is that we never see as much revenue as the changes we see everyday. I mean, it's better not to believe every data. Some data may be used for speculation, which can cause serious damage to users with inadequate experience.

Insufficient Information

Another important factor in the loss of money on stock exchanges is insufficient information. Without adequate research, the return of investments made without collecting sufficient information always ends with frustration. Research is a very important factor, especially since there is high volatility in the crypto money market. It is important to remember that the value of a product or currency for no time does not mean that it is immortal. The best example of this is Bitconnect. With the used Bitconnect Lend Ponzi system, this crypto money, which reached high price levels and reached high volume, was the favorite of many users. Because of the high transaction volume and the high price, everyone was not neglecting to add this crypto money to their portfolio. But what happened? The price dropped from USD 400 to USD 1 in one night. So, what was the reason here? Of course, the system that was installed and functioning had been set, and now that crypto money had no value. Who affected this? Of course, he didn't know enough about this subject and impressed everyone who didn't do enough research. For this reason, we should conduct sufficient research before investing and start earning income on the stock market by investing when we have sufficient knowledge. Depending on the investment tool to be invested, domestic articles, local videos and foreign articles and videos will enable us to have enough information. Of course, it would be an inevitable fact to lose money on the stock market unless you have mastered the issue.

Panic Sales

This title seems to hear what you call relevance. I have already written this title in my article de How to Make Money from Stock Exchanges ’Ben, dear readers? As I mentioned in this article, this topic is a topic that can be suitable for both subjects and reflect the facts. Panic sales are the most important topics for us both to generate income and loss of income. Again, for example, panic sales are seen very often in the crypto money market. The manner in which these sales are realized depends entirely on the amounts determined by the major investor and on the budget of this investor. For example, a large group of investors or investors can make a sale by reducing the price of the crypto money as a victim. When this happens, these investors make their sales at the highest price. After this situation, the amateur investors are caught in the trap and start selling panic. Although these sales are made to prevent loss in investor psychology, they are the biggest investors. With the first move and the price of the big investor panic sales are waiting for the price to fall further. When this happens, they are making new purchases at a lower price level than their own. In this way, the panic sales turn into an opportunity to get a nice income from the price difference. In short, if you want to summarize about this topic, do not be fooled by sudden price decreases in your investments by actually trusting and researching. In accordance with these decreases, you will return to every loss you make and will return as extra profit to another big investor's pocket. Therefore, we should follow the price graphs carefully, and we should not act without knowledge.

Incorrect Preference

We should be very careful when making a choice as an investment tool or as a stock market and we should make a good choice. Preferences with a low transaction volume and no quality service or vision are the other reasons for losing money. If the transaction volume is low or a quality service choice is not made, the person using that service will only suffer and this will be clear to the big investor's job. Therefore, when choosing stock exchange or investment tool, we should do a detailed research and make a choice after having enough knowledge. Especially when the stock market preference is made, taking care of the transaction volume, complaints, working hours, team details and communication facilities of the stock market, making a preference will prevent the loss of money.

Incorrect Analysis, Recommendation

I can say that it is the most important factor causing the most losses due to external sources. If you need to think that there are hundreds of people who share an analysis of their own without any knowledge, you will understand what I mean. Therefore, when you do not believe that you are reliable, or when you see utopian promising analyzes, I recommend that you do not consider those shares. Finally, I would like to add that if someone who is already able to save money so that we can be sure that only the information, no information on behalf of the disclosure of information or analysis would not share with anyone. Therefore it is useful not to skip any analysis or recommendations. If such advice and analyzes are followed, the loss of money will still be inevitable.

In this article, I tried to give you information about "How to Lose Money from Exchanges" with my experiences and knowledge. For all kinds of suggestions, questions and criticism, you can reach me by commenting.
4  Economy / Economics / How to Make Money from Exchanges on: October 05, 2018, 04:01:48 PM
Nowadays, both foreign exchange and crypto money sector are known as popular ways of gain. So, how do people generate income through these systems, and with which intermediary system do they realize the investment opportunities within these sectors? The answer is of course the stock market. Briefly, the meaning of the word i stock market ler is the environment in which the traders are trading between each other. In other words, traders on the stock market generate revenue by buying and selling certain financial transactions. So how do you really earn a stockbroker? Which basic steps can you increase your income by paying attention to the rules? Have you ever thought about them? It is very likely that your answer will be yes, because today there are too many stock market advertisements and many people say that they are rich with this tool. I wonder if he really is? Does it earn stock? Of course, no, the stock does not always win amateur investors is a place to be forgiven. However, it should be noted that it is possible to make a profit by buying stock market when carefully buying. Of course, this is not an easy thing as mentioned, and everyone has very serious losses in this sector. Let's move to the gold tips on the stock market, with more and more crypto money exchanges predominantly. When these tips are applied, you can be assured that you will really make a profit and you will invest more comfortably.

Low Profit Margin Much Trading

The title is a bit odd, but I realize that our first rule will be a little profit margin and a lot of trading logic. What I want to say at this point is how to evaluate small increases and small value decreases during the day. You know, especially in the crypto-money world, there is a lot of volatility during the day. Investors who invest in crypto money with straight logic prefer to sell when they catch a profit margin of between 5% and 10%, but this interval can sometimes take weeks. Increasing the number of transactions by setting a lower profit margin level instead of generating income with this method will provide much more beneficial returns. For example, with a profit margin of 1% 1.5%, we will have a 5% to 7.5% profit margin per day. While it is very difficult to catch up to 5%, it is very easy to catch low rates of 1%, and this rate can repeat itself several times a day. Therefore, creating a mountain with small targets instead of setting big targets will provide a much more healthy return. It is also possible to evaluate the negative direction movements in this way with new purchases. This will both lower the basket rate and allow us to generate more revenue.

High Capital

Unfortunately, high capital is a very important element for income. Particularly within the crypto money market, high capital and price management and profit margin are very important and related factors. To give a brief example, a budgetary investor who is around 25% of the transaction volume can easily check the price level and catch a very high profit margin during the day. I know that these may be just a dream for small investors, but there is no way to pass without the fact that there is such a truth. Another example that can be given in terms of capital depends on earnings ratios. For example, when a person earns a 10% income with a capital of 1,000 TL, he makes a profit of 100 TL, but another person earns a profit of 100 TL when another person earns 0.1% income with 100,000 TL. With another account, an individual with a capital of 100.000 TL and 10% revenue can make a profit of 10.000 TL. In other words, an income of 10 times the budget of the other individual, and this income can increase in proportion to the capital.

Research - Review and Advice

It is another important point to do a thorough research before making a new investment on the stock market. It is absolutely necessary to obtain the necessary information about where the investment to be made, the purpose for which it will be used and the company, share or crypto money to be invested. In addition, the suggestions and recommendations to be made in addition to these research are of course of great importance. Interpretation and interpretation of these recommendations is another important point. Especially in the world of crypto money, there are hundreds of people who think it is a professor investor. As investment is serious and important, we are faced with very bad results when we follow the misleading of such people. Therefore, when we invest in analysis, interpretation and advice, we should definitely do research on reliable sources and look at the recommendations of the investors who have just proven themselves. We should value all the comments in the discussion environment, but we should make sure to choose the comments that are really good quality from these comments.

It is up to You

The first point to be taken into account when choosing what to make investment is the quality of the service to be chosen. When a good stock market service is not preferred, there will be inevitable damage. In addition, if a good stock exchange service is not selected, there will often be serious problems in terms of payment between transactions and payment. For this reason, we should pay attention to user evaluations, stock market history, stock market team and most importantly transaction volume when selecting stock. Particularly the transaction volume is the most important element at this point, because it is difficult or even impossible to make money in low volume stock market services. The high volume will keep both the price setting interval between the users low and the more transaction volume, the more revenue you will gain. In particular, it is important to note that when the crypto money market is considered, it is positively reflected in prices when there is a high transaction volume. This positive reflection is of course negatively reflected in low-volume periods and causes serious damage to many users.

Panic Sales

Panic sales are undoubtedly the two most important factors for making money and losing money on the stock market. In the next spell with a very big chance I will give this title and I will touch on almost similar points. In this article I'll talk about monetizing methods provide information about how we can turn only if the panic selling opportunity. The only point to be known at this point is to lie in ambush with cash reserves in such periods. Sudden, many users will start to panic sales and price declines in serious consequences that may arise in a moment. It is precisely at this point we will evaluate if buying opportunity for investors and we will be ready for the next ramp-up period. Of course, this situation seems to be very easy to explain but I do not want to pass without specifying that it is a difficult method. Therefore, without sufficient experience and analysis to avoid such investments is very useful.

In this article, I gave you information about how to earn income from the stock market in the direction of my knowledge and experience. The next article will be a little more interesting and I'll give information about how the money is lost on stock exchanges. My only wish is to perform a question / answer activity within the framework of respect for the location to be more useful. It is necessary not to forget that you can find a variety of experiences and answers to the questions under your head.
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / How to Make Cryptocurrency Investments on: October 05, 2018, 03:56:01 PM
The cryptocurrency sector has received excellent interest in our country in the past year and has enabled many investors to turn to this area. This sector, which is perfectly popular not only in our country but also in the last year, has become a world of income for investors of all ages. Of course, there is no such thing as winning an investor in this sector, but it is also possible for many investors to have great gains in this sector, which is considered a great opportunity. I think many of our forum members are investing in cryptocurrencies. So, how should the investments of cryptocurrency be made and how should it be controlled? Is it too hard to eat bread through this sector? What mistakes should be avoided? In this article we will find answers to these questions.

Basket System

Basket system is the most important and most effective system that can be used in the cryptocurrency sector and can help to minimize damage. This method, which is also effective for the control of investments, is recommended by many professional investors. When the basket method is used, your investments will be diversified and you will be affected at least by fluctuations.

How to Follow

Cryptocurrency investments are made on certain parities. Therefore, it is possible to see different parities and different prices for a single type of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, the investments should be followed with the parity used and the profit loss rate should be made through these calculations. For example, when we buy Dogecoin over the Doge / BTC currency, it is necessary not to calculate our investment on the Doge / USD parity because some negative or positive changes may be observed on the USD parity depending on the Bitcoin price when Dogecoin's value in BTC parity is the same.
When the basket system is done, you can follow your investments through many follow-up programs. These applications will continuously calculate the value of your investment, so you will not have to make individual accounts, and currency fluctuations during calculations will not affect your accounts. You can see the instant response of your investment using quality applications.

Wallet Services

You should not host your investments on market sites. If a long-term investment has been made, you will be much healthier to store the types of cryptocurrency you buy in the wallet instead of on market sites. The biggest reason for this is that no matter how large the market sites can disappear at a time. It is not recommended that you keep your investments on the market sites because the market sites have a high risk in this respect. For short-term investments, if the buy-sell method will be used, there will be no problem in using the market services, but in the days when the market is very active, I recommend that you keep these investments in your wallets. While there is a simple possibility to face serious damages during buy-sell, I would like to remind you of the thousands of big problems that the exchanges could make during this movement.

Options And Preference

Since the cryptocurrency exchange is a very active market, there are more than 1,400 cryptocurrency options on the exchange. Among these cryptocurrencies, there are a number of options for many frauds that are really successful, winners, or future bright ones. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research prior to the investment and the transaction volume should not be less than 750 Bitcoin average. In addition to the research done before you make a choice, getting help from your surroundings and getting help will help you to get more healthy results for your investment.

Intellectual Traders And Expert Investors

The cryptocurrency sector is not like other investment sectors. Everything in this industry can be every moment. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some different investment strategies than other investment sectors. When you invest in the cryptocurrency sector, it is useful to avoid the mind-minded mind traders and especially the expert investors (!) Who think it is a stockbroker. Individuals who could not obtain any individual earnings usually draw 1-2 lines on the graphs and introduce themselves as expert analysts. To summarize this situation, we can compare 500+ coupon sellers. What good can someone do for you? Therefore, the investment advice of the person you listen to the history of this sector without researching the environment or do not invest in the environment.

Individual Decisions

Know when you are going to invest yourself, know it and act like that! Do you want to evaluate your money in the short term or do you want to evaluate it in the long term? You must first find the answer to this question and then take action to invest. While short-term investors consider even the smallest opportunities, long-term investors expect big trends and benefit from opportunities. So get to know yourself first, and decide what you want to do and then go into action.

In this article I gave you my answers about the question of how to make ''Cryptocurrency Investments''. I would appreciate it if you would like to comment on the other points that you think are missing or that you want to add.
6  Economy / Economics / ICO Investments Why Risky? on: October 05, 2018, 03:43:51 PM
ICO projects have entered our lives with an incredible pace last year. People who follow the market very closely through these projects have very serious boilers and users who do not follow the market too could only hear information about projects. This investment sector, which saw a significant increase in the last year, managed to earn significant investments in the first quarter of this year, but unfortunately such investments cannot offer as much guarantee as before and cannot provide as much profit as before. Everyone can clearly see the end of the era of being rich by investing in ICO. And what risks does this investment vehicle have? Why is it not so favorable or favored by many investors today? Have you ever wondered the answer to these questions? In this article, I will tell you the answers and the reasons for all these questions.

Virtual Product

Virtual products are the first to be trusted or unreliable in ICO projects. The point to be mentioned with the virtual product word here is the expectation of profit margin return with the sale of a real and non-existent product. A token (product), which is not yet in the market, is sold to investors with a certain value. The investor thinks that when he buys these tokens, he will sell them with certain values and in some projects, he cannot go beyond imagination from some projects. In short, we are paid for a product that does not have any value yet and we think that we will sell it more profitably in the future. In this case, successful projects do not take place in some projects or completely explode in the hands of the investor.

Fancy Dreams

It is another risk factor related to the topic mentioned in a higher title. Once the project team has set a price for its product, it also tells its investors the price to sell. It is wrong to make such a clear value estimate for a product that is not yet completed or a product that has not yet been completed. As a result, each project will be successful and reach the target price and it can pass the price is not a rule. For example, let's say we get 10,000 X-Tokens for 1 ETH. The project team is going to sell this imaginary by stating that the value of these 10,000 X-Tokens will be 3 ETH. Then, we start to dream with this money. The big day is coming, and without any mishap the project is achieving success. In this case, the dreams sold to us become reality and we are doubling our money (who knows, maybe more?). But in case the project is not successful, our money is either decreasing or completely disappearing. In this case, the dreams sold to us are frustrated and have no value. This is why ICO projects sell us a dream when they actually offer investment opportunities.

Discenterless Management

The fact that many ICO projects have decentralized management is another risk factor. Since there is no center, the product to be produced or the imagination sold to us is open to many speculations. For this reason, our investments can be seriously valued with severe changes and serious losses may be experienced. It is important to note that this risk factor is present in many types of cryptocurrencies.


Undoubtedly, I think many people know or predict this risk factor. In the crypto money market, unfortunately, there is no formal rule-of-law or formal legal framework (although not a few states try to take measures). Because this is not a legal framework or a rule framework, the investments in such imaginary products can be very risky for this reason. Of course, high risk means high earnings, but you are not able to do any legal action when you are defrauded in your investments. It is for this reason that many litter projects have recently made ICO and have made serious gains by making big picks.


Another risk factor that can be linked with an upper substance is trust. Since there is no legal regulation in this market, we can face many trust shortages when investing. Therefore, doing a detailed research on the members of the project team before making an investment will help us achieve a very useful result. With this research, the problem of trust will be solved and at least one risk factor will be reduced.

What is the biggest risk factor that makes you feel uneasy when investing in ICO? I am waiting for your answers with your explanations short or long.
7  Local / Alternatif Kripto-Paralar / UBEX Fiyat Takibi, Spekülasyon ve Tartışma Alanı on: October 02, 2018, 10:33:44 AM
Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Pazar günü 17:00 itibarı ile UBEX Token Sale süresi sona erdi. Henüz Token Sale aşamasında birçok borsa üzerinden işlem görmekte olan bu kripto para son dönemlerin en iyi projesi olarak söyleniyor. Token Sale sonrasında dağıtımlar başlamış durumda ve fiyat her geçen gün ciddi şekilde değişime de uğruyor fakat güncel fiyat henüz ICO fiyatının altına düşmüş değil. Dağıtım sıra ile küçük yatırımcıdan başlanarak büyük balinalara doğru yapılıyor. Bu başlık altından UBEX hakkında fikirlerimizi paylaşabilir ve gelecek fiyatları hakkında fikir alışverişi yapabiliriz.

İyi forumlar, bol kazançlar.  Cool
8  Local / Konu Dışı / ✔ BitcoinTurk ✔ Merit Kazanma Yöntemleri ve Önerileri - 3 - on: September 11, 2018, 08:12:55 AM
Merhaba sevgili arkadaşlar, bilindiği üzere son zamanlarda gerek yabancı kaynaklar üzerinden elde ettiğim veriler ile gerekse kendi tecrübelerim ile hız kesmeden bilgilenidirici makaleler yayınlamaya devam ediyorum. Özellikle forum içerisinde (local forum dahil) ciddi bir problem olmuş merit sistemi hakkında detaylı makalelelerimi birçok kullanıcı görmüştür diye düşünüyorum. Merit nasıl kazanılır, neler yaparak merit kazanma oranımızı üst noktalara taşıyabiliriz gibi çeşitli noktalar hakkında paylaştığım bilgilerin konu linklerini de buraya ekleyerek bu serinin üçüncü makalesine geçmek istiyorum.

1. Makale:

2. Makale:

Diğer Makalelerim:;quote=44357817;topic=2820637.460;num_replies=475;sesc=f94b4961f606a2d1752e7183cb150c24

25 Ocak 2018 tarihinde forum içerisinde hayatımıza yeni bir kavram girdi ve bu kavram tüm forumun kaderini değiştirdi. İlk olarak herkese büyük şaşkınlık yaratan bu kavram forum içerisinde çoklu üyeliklerin ve spam yorumlarında önüne geçti ve birçok üyenin de bir üst rütbeye ulaşma hayallerine engel oldu. Merit sistemi ile artık üst rütbelere ulaşmak daha zahmetli ve hiç olmadığı kadar daha zor! Peki, durum böyle olduğunda neler yaparak üst rütbelere ulaşabiliriz? Nasıl merit kazanabiliriz? Makale serimin üçüncü başlığında bu konu hakkında yeni detaylara hep birlikte göz atacağız.

Kaliteli Yorumlar: En kolay merit kazanmanın yolu kaliteli yorumlar yapmaktır. En az zahmet ve en az emek ile merit elde etmek için kullanacağınız bu yöntem kesinlikle iyi geri dönüşlerin alınması için de faydalı olacaktır. Burada dikkat edilmesi gereken ince detay ise kaliteli mesajların sadece uzun mesajlardan yaratılmadığıdır. Bilgi içerikli, sorulara cevap üreten ve kullanıcıların merağını gideren tüm detaylar kaliteli mesajlar için bire bir örnek olarak gösterilebilir. Örneğin birkaç yüz kelimelik bir yorum kalitesiz içeriğe sahip olabilirken birkaç kelimelik yorum çok daha kaliteli içeriğe de sahip olabilir. Kısa, net ve öz yorumlamalar ile son derece kolay şekilde merit kazanılması mümkündür.

Çeviri ve Özgün İçerik: Yabancı kaynaklar üzerinden alınan bilgilerin çevirilerini yaparak veya local forum içerisinde kaliteli üyelerin yorumlarını harmanlayarak güzel içerikler üretebilir ve bu içerikler ile merit kazanabilirsiniz. Bu işlem her ne kadar zahmetli olsa da son derece iyi geri dönüşlerin alınacağının garantisini rahatlıkla verebilirim. Sadece birkaç kaliteli yorum kuyarak bu yorumları kendinize özgü siz tekrar yorumlayabilir ve kopyala/yapıştır şeklinde çalışmadan kaliteli içerik üretebilirsiniz.

Kötü Yorum ve Kalitesiz Yorumlar: Kötü yorumlar ve kalitesiz yorumlar sizin profil statünüz için son derece olumsuz bir etki yaratabilmektedir. O sebeple ister imza kampanyası için ister mesaj kasmak için birkaç kelimelik yorumlar yapmaktan kaçınmanız gerekiyor. Bu tarz yorumlar üye profilinizin kalitesini düşürtecek ve size hiçbir fayda sağlamayacaktır.

Merit Dilenciliği: Kaliteli bir mesaj, faydalı bir mesaj veya güzel bir makale yazdığınız zaman kesinlikle son cümlenizde merit istediğinizi belli etmemelisiniz. Bu bir nevi dilenciliğe giriyor ve birçok kişi için itici bir durum yaratıyor. Şahsen konuşmak gerekirse konu içeriği veya yorum kalitesi yüksek olan mesajlarda merit dilenen kişilere ben kesinlikle merit gönderimi yapmıyorum. Merit istekleri için oluşturulmuş Merit Bağış Alanı konusu aracılığı ile merit isteyebilir, kaliteli içeriğinizi kendi halinde bırakabilirsiniz. Bu genellikle local forum içerisinde sık gördüğüm bir durumdur ki bu gibi durumlarda benim gibi düşünerek merit dağıtımı yapmayan üyeler bulunmaktadır.

Kalite Üstünlüğü: Kaliteli yorum başlığında da belirttiğim gibi kalite daima kelime sayısından üstündür. Her uzun yorum merit hak etmiyor ve her kısa yorum da kötü diye bir şey yoktur. O sebeple kaliteli içerik oluşturmaya özen göstermeli ve sırf cümle olsun diye bir şeyler yazmamalıyız. Bu konu hakkında bir İngiliz sözü der ki Quality over Quantity.

Unutmayın arkadaşlar, bu kadar yüksek merit kazanmış birisi olsam da sizlerden hiçbir farkım bulunmuyor (spam üyelikler haricinde konuşuyorum, o kişiler gibi kalitesiz bir kişiliğim yok). Yani ben emek göstererek bir şekilde bu noktaya ulaşmayı başardım ve sizlerde bunu başarabilirsiniz. Çalışma, azim ve hırs daima başarıyı yanında getirir!
9  Local / Konu Dışı / ✎ BitcoinTalk Web Site İstatistikleri, Kullanıcı Trafiği ve Anahtar Kelimeleri✎ on: September 09, 2018, 01:23:34 PM
Merhaba sevgili arkadaşlar,

Meta kategorisi bildiğiniz üzere BitcoinTalk.Org adresi hakkında genel bilgilerin paylaşıldığı forum kategorisidir. Bugün bu kategoride denk geldiğim güzel bir bilgilendirme içeriğini çevirerek sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum. Öncelikle şunu belirtmek istiyorum ki konu içerisinde kullandığım görsellerin tamamı yabancı konudan alınmıştır ve bu veriler Ahrefs üzerinden elde edilmiştir.

İlk görselimizde de görüldüğü üzere Bitcointalk Ahrefs sıralamasında 2279. sırada yer alıyor. Bu sıralama web sitesinin kalite durumuna, backlink sayısına ve ziyaretçi sayısına bağlı olarak belirleniyor ve bu sıralamada tüm web siteleri yer alıyor. Ayrıca Bitcointalk 24 milyondan fazla backlink sahibi ve 1.2 milyon kelimeden fazla anahtar kelimeye sahip.

BitcoinTalk aylık sadece arama motorları üzerinden 1 milyon kadar ziyaretçiye ev sahipliği yapıyor ve web sitesine direkt adresten giren kullanıcı sayısı da bu sayıdan kat ve kat fazla.

Şimdi, organik trafik ile ilgili olarak, hangi anahtar kelimelerin en çok trafiği Bitcointalk'a getirdiğini inceleyelim.

Açık konuşmak gerekirse ilk sırada yer alan kelime oldukça şaşırtıcı. Bu tarz işler hakkında tecrübesi olan arkadaşlar bilecektir ki genellikle bu tarz aramalarda ilk sırada web sitelerinin isimleri yer almaktadır. Ayrıca Rusça karşılığı porn* olan kelime ve Türkçe içerikli iddaa kelimesi de dikkat çeken diğer kelimeler arasında yer alıyor.

Burada ise ''En fazla ziyaret edilen sayfalar'' hakkında detaylı bilgileri görebiliriz;

Paylaşılmış bu verilerin kullanışlı ve faydalı olduğunu düşünüyorum. Ayrıca çevirinin de tamamen bana ait olduğunu belirtmeden yazımı bitirmek istemiyorum. Merak eden arkadaşlar için kaynak konuyu da İngilizce şekilde kaynak belirterek eklemek istiyorum.

10  Local / Pazar Alanı / ALIŞ: Asura Coin on: September 09, 2018, 09:32:06 AM
Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Asura coin yakın bir zamanda borsalarda işleme açılıyor fakat riske girmek istemeyen ve beklemek istemeyen arkadaşlar için alış işlemlerine başlamış bulunuyorum. Ödeme şekli NEO veya TL ile olur ve aşağıdaki gibi olacaktır.

1 NEO = 7.500 Asura

10.000 Asura = 120 TL

İletişim için buraya mesaj yazabilir veya bana mesaj gönderebilirsiniz.
11  Local / Alternatif Kripto-Paralar / Asura Yatırımcıları Borsa Haberi Geldi..! on: September 04, 2018, 06:40:53 PM
Merhaba sevgili dostlar,

Asura projesine yatırım yapan birçok Türk üye bulunuyor aramızda. Bugün hepimizin büyük bir hevesle beklediği ilk borsa açıklaması yapıldı. Şahsi görüşüm olarak her ne kadar iyi bir borsa olmasa da LATOKEN borsasında 12 Eylül 2018 tarihinde işlemlere başlanacağı belirtildi. Düşük hacimli bu borsanın tercih edilmesi biz ICO yatırımcıları için pek iy bir gelişme olmasa da yeniden alım yaparak sepet fiyatını düşürtmek için uygun bir fırsat olacaktır.

Herkese bol kazançlar.
12  Local / Konu Dışı / ✔ BitcoinTurk ✔ Merit Kazanma Yöntemleri ve Önerileri -2- on: August 30, 2018, 02:00:15 PM
Herkese merhaba sevgili dostlar,

Yeni bir tavsiye, öneri ve bilgi içerikli konu ile yeniden karşınızdayım. Yeni makaleme başlamadan önce sizlere ufak birkaç not belirtmek istiyorum. İlk olarak belirtmek istediğim nokta bu konu içerisinde yer alan tavsiyelerin benim tecrübelerim ve yabancı kaynaklar üzerinden okuduğum bilgiler ile toplanmıştır. Tüm bu bilgiler güncel olmakla birlikte tamamen faydalı bilgilerdir o sebeple yazımın sonuna kadar usanmadan okumanızı tavsiye ediyorum. Kaliteli ve akıcı bir makale olması için çeviri gereken birkaç ufak nokta da kendi bilgilerim ile çeviri yapacağımı belirtmek istiyorum. Yani konuyu hemen bırakıp gitmeyin, bu saçma çeviri hizmetleri ile hazırlanmış bir makale değil, tamamen emek ile hazırlanmış bir makale olacak! Smiley


Local forum içerisinde merit kazanan ve sürekli olarak dağıtım yapan bir üye olarak belirtmek istiyorum ki bu konu içeriği her üye için oldukça faydalı olacaktır. Yeni kayıtlı üyelerden tutalım eski üyelere kadar herkes nasıl daha rahat merit kazanabileceği hakkında bilgi edinecek. Local forum içerisinde çok fazla merit dağıtan üye bulunmaması ve merit kaynağı bulunmaması nedeni ile artık merit kazanmak eski dönemlere göre çok daha zor bir durum oldu fakat hala imkansız değil. Unutmamak gerekiyor ki gerek kripto para sektöründe gerekse bu forum üzerinde sabır en önemli faktördür. Bu noktada tekrar bir ufak belirtme yaparak lafı daha fazla uzatmadan gerekli bilgileri paylaşmaya geçeceğim. İlk olarak şunu bilmemiz gerekiyor ki gerek local gerekse global forum içerisinde kolayca merit kazanabilmek için temiz bir dil kullanmamız gerekiyor. Local forum içerisinde kullanıcılar her ne kadar bu noktaya takılmasa da global forumlar içerisinde temiz, net ve anlaşılır bir dil ile mesaj yazmak oldukça önemlidir. Özellikle nokta hataları dahi global forum içerisinde önem taşıyorken merit kazanmak için bu faktörlere de dikkat edilmesi gerektiği bir diğer önemli detay olarak gözümüze çarpıyor. Peki, dil bilgimizi geliştirmek için neler yapmamız gerekiyor?

Dil ve Merit Tavsiyeleri

Türkçe dil bilgimizi geliştirebilmek için kitap okumamız en önemli etken olarak göze çarpıyor. Bu ana dilimiz olduğu için bu nokta üzerinde fazla durmayacağım, ve genel anlamda konu içeriğine bağlı kalacak şekilde İngilizce dil bilgimizi geliştirmek için birkaç tavsiye yapacağım. Hadi, şimdi İngilizce bilgimizi nasıl geliştirebilir ve bu sayede nasıl merit kazanabiliriz ona bakalım.
- İngilizce sadece yazılarak veya konuşularak öğrenilen bir dil değildir. Bu sebeple her iki aktiviteyi de ayrı şekilde çalışmak yerine her iki aktiviteyi birleştirerek çalışmak en doğru karar olacaktır. Ayrıca sadece kelime kurallarına dikkat ederek de İngilizce öğrenemeyiz ve merit kazanamayız. Global forum içerisinde mesaj yazdığımız zaman Mr. Mrs. Dear gibi isim sıfatarını da kullanarak daha kolay bir şekilde merit kazanabiliriz. Şu noktayı unutmamak gerekiyor ki yabancı bireyler saygı gibi önemli faktörlere oldukça önem veriyor ve bunun karşılığını da forum üzerinde teşekkür olarak sık sık gösteriyorlar.
- Vaktinizi boş kağıtlara İngilizce makaleler yazarak, Youtube gibi sosyal medya ağlarında eğitici içerikler izleyerek harcayın. Bu şekilde daha kolay İngilizce bilginizi geliştireceksiniz ve local forum içerisinde çok daha rahat bir şekilde mesajlar yazabileceksiniz.
- Sürekli olarak İngilizce kitaplar ve makaleler okuyun. Ayrıca bu sektör ile ilgili makaleler okuyarak bilginize bilgi katabilirsiniz. Bu edindiğiniz bilgileri de burada paylaşarak merit kazanabilirsiniz.

Merit Tavsiyeleri

Birkaç ufak tavsiye sonrasında merit kazanmak için dikkat edilmesi gereken birkaç diğer unsur hakkında da paylaşım yapmak istiyorum.
- Kaliteli mesaj üretmek için uzun mesajlar veya makaleler yazmanız gerekmiyor. Fotoğraf destekli yardım mesajları, birkaç kelime ile net şekilde verilen cevaplar da kolayca merit kazanmanızı sağlayabilir. Merit kazanmak için yüzlerce kelimelik mesajlar yazmaya, kelime sayısı arttırmaya hiç gerek yok.
- Konu başlıkları ve konu içerikleri dışında bir bilgi hakkında bir şeylerden bahsetmeyiniz. Global forum içerisinde bu durum sizin için hiçbir fayda sağlamayacaktır hatta konu ile alakalı ve gerçekten kaliteli cümlelerinizin de hak ettiği değeri almamasına sebep olacaktır.
- Merit kazanmak amacı veya para kazanmak amacı ile mesajlar atmayınız. Bu amaç ile oluşturulmuş mesajlar genellikle sizin gözünüzde kaliteli olarak gözükse de birçok üye tarafından kalitesiz mesaj gözü ile bakılıyor.
- Yardım içerikli mesajlar oluşturmaya özen gösteriniz. Eğer ki bir üye herhangi bir konu hakkında yardım istiyorsa muhakkak cevabından emin olduğunuz ve anlaşılır mesajlar yazınız. Bu gibi mesajlar genellikle konu sahibi tarafından ve diğer yardımsever üyeler tarafından sık sık desteklenen mesajlardır.

Özet, Sonuç ve Ek Bilgiler

Yukarda belirttiğim dil geliştici tavsiyelere uyulması durumunda 3-6 ay gibi kısa bir süreç içerisinde İngilizce dil bilginizi geliştireceğinizin garantisini rahatlıkla sunabilirim. Ayrıca bu gelişim sadece forum içerisinde değil reel hayatınızda da sizler için çok faydalı olacaktır. Tüm bu bilgilerin yanında son olarak birkaç noktaya daha değinmek istiyorum. Belirtmiş olduğum merit kazanma yöntemlerinin yabancı forumlar üzerinde son derece etkili olduğunu hatırlatmaya gerek olmadığını düşünüyorum çünkü yabancı konulara ne zaman kaliteli bir mesaj yazsam o zaman merit olarak geri dönüş aldığımı daha önce belirtmiştim. Tabii ki çeviri hizmetleri ile yaptığım yorumlar hiçbir zaman hediye alamıyor fakat zaman zaman takıldığım cümlelerde çeviri hizmetini kullanmak zorunda kalıyorum. Bir diğer yandan da belirtmek istediğin nokta şudur ki bu konuda tecrübeli bir üye olarak sizlere tavsiyem sabır göstermeniz olacaktır. Örneğin ben neredeyse 1 aylık süreç boyunca 205 meritte takılmış ve bir üst rütbeye ulaşmak için emek gösteren bir üyeyim fakat hiçbir zaman heyecanlı bir şekilde merit gelmesini beklemedim. Son olarak iki farklı detay (tüyo) ile yazımın sonuna gelmek istiyorum.

Tavsiye ve Tüyolar

- Her zaman merit dağıtımı yapmak için özen gösteriniz ki sizde buna karşılık olarak merit kazanabilesiniz. Local forum içerisinde yapılan en büyük hatalardan birisi ya merit satışları oluyor ya da süs niyetine saklanarak dağıtılmayan meritler oluyor. O sebeple herkes dağıtım yapmalıdır ki local forum içerisinde de bir döngü oluşabilsin.
- Katıldığınız imza kampanyası için yorum yapmak yerine kendi profilinizin kalitesini arttırmak için yorum yapmaya özen gösteriniz. Bazı projeler üyeleri seçerek kampanyalarına kabul ediyor ve bu üyelere kaliteli mesajlar yazdıkları için fazla miktarda ödeme yapıyor. Kendi üzerimden örnek vermek gerekirse aylık olarak Full Member hesap ile güzel bir projeye denk geldiğim zaman rahat bir şekilde 400-500 USD gelir elde edebiliyorum. Bu gelir Türkiye'de yaşayan bir işçinin aylık asgari ücretinden fazla bir bedelken bir Türkmen vatandaşın yaklaşık olarak 4 aylık asragi ücretine bedel olabiliyor. O sebeple mesaj olması için değil, kaliteli içerik olması için mesajlar yazmaya özen gösteriniz.
Yazımın sonunda şunu da belirtmek istiyorum ki özel mesaj ile sorulan hiçbir soruya cevap vermeyeceğim. Buradan konu altından sorulan sorulara seve seve cevap verebilirim ki o sorulardan ve cevaplardan herkes yararlanabilsin. Ayrıca konu içerisine yazılacak saçma mesajları da sileceğimi de belirtmek istiyorum.
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Cardano (ADA) Price, Information and Speculation Discussion Topic on: August 28, 2018, 07:27:39 PM
Hello friends,

We are chatting about Cardano with this topic. We can do all the thoughts, knowledge, speculation and price discussions about Cardano under this heading. We can also make a common price forecast by participating in the price survey conducted alongside all these conversations. It would be good if the predictions made, the analyzes and the reasons for which the proposals were identified. All those who read the advice in this way will have learned about what kind of factors will cause the prediction to take place.

Follow Cardano Price --->
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Dogecoin (DOGE) Price, Information and Speculation Discussion Topic on: August 21, 2018, 06:25:35 PM
Hello friends,

We are chatting about Dogecoin with this topic. We can do all the thoughts, knowledge, speculation and price discussions about dogecoin under this heading. We can also make a common price forecast by participating in the price survey conducted alongside all these conversations. It would be good if the predictions made, the analyzes and the reasons for which the proposals were identified. All those who read the advice in this way will have learned about what kind of factors will cause the prediction to take place.
15  Local / Αγορά / Ενημέρωση καμπάνιας υπογραφής Bitcointalk (λεπτομερής πε` on: August 04, 2018, 08:24:20 AM
Το Bitcointalk είναι το μεγαλύτερο site φόρουμ Bitcoin και κρυπτογράφησης στον κόσμο του διαδικτύου για πολλούς χρήστες να μαντέψουν και να ξέρουν. Αυτό το φόρουμ, το οποίο διαθέτει ένα εύκολο στη χρήση περιβάλλον εργασίας με το λογισμικό SMF, χρησιμοποιείται όχι μόνο για την ανταλλαγή πληροφοριών αλλά και για το κέρδος. Αυτό το φόρουμ έχει ένα σύστημα κατάταξης και θα κερδίζετε έσοδα με βάση την κατάταξη της συμμετοχής σας. Δεν πληρώνουμε τους ιδιοκτήτες που κατέχουν το φόρουμ αν παρανοούνται. Θα κερδίζουμε γράφοντας μηνύματα μέσω συγκεκριμένων έργων ή εκστρατειών εταιρειών. Λοιπόν, πώς; Ας ρίξουμε μια ματιά στις λεπτομέρειες μαζί.

Τι είναι το σύστημα κατάταξης; Πώς καθορίζονται τα κέρδη;

Το σύστημα κατάταξης είναι ένα υπάρχον σύστημα που παρέχει ισότητα μεταξύ των χρηστών στο φόρουμ, όπως υπονοεί το όνομα. Πρέπει να πληρούνται ορισμένες προϋποθέσεις προκειμένου να μπορέσετε να περάσετε σε υψηλότερα επίπεδα σε αυτό το σύστημα κατάταξης. Οι προϋποθέσεις αυτές Βιογραφία (τα σημεία Δραστηριότητα κάθε 2 εβδομάδες θα ενημερώνεται μία. Κατά την απόρριψη τουλάχιστον 14 θέσεις οι 14 πόντοι.), Merita (και πιο πρόσφατα προστέθηκαν τα κριτήρια και αρκετά δύσκολο κερδίσει. Μπορεί να ληφθεί από τους χρήστες πληκτρολογώντας χρήσιμο μήνυμα. Η σκέψη του ως ένα είδος συστήματος Φήμη .) και το όριο μηνύματος. Εάν το όριο μηνύματος είναι ένα κριτήριο, είναι το κριτήριο που απαιτείται για να φτάσετε σε ορισμένες βαθμολογίες όπως ακριβώς σε κάθε φόρουμ. Όσο περισσότερα μηνύματα έχετε, τόσο περισσότερες πιθανότητες θα πάρετε. Φυσικά, όσο πληρούνται τα άλλα δύο κριτήρια. Το σύστημα βαθμολογίας λειτουργεί με αυτόν τον τρόπο. Οι καθορισμένες βαθμολογίες στο φόρουμ είναι:

Brand New (Ανταμοιβή για νέα μέλη.)

Νέο μέλος (και ένα μήνυμα μπορεί να παραληφθεί από βαθμολογία 1 δραστηριότητα. Συνήθως μετά τη μετάβαση στο αξίωμα του μέλους του φόρουμ μέσα σε λίγα λεπτά να ληφθεί μόνο εάν παρέχεται το μήνυμα.)

Jr. Μέλος (30 τάξεις με 30 θέσεις και 30 σημεία δραστηριότητας.) Γενικά, αυτή η τάξη και οι χρήστες της κερδίζουν με εκστρατείες υπογραφής).
Μέλος (10 βαθμοί αξιοπρέπειας, 60 μονάδες δραστηριότητας και τουλάχιστον 60 θέσεις, με λίγες καμπάνιες υπογραφής να ανοίγουν θέσεις για αυτό το βαθμό).

Τακτικό μέλος (100 μορίων αξιολογήσεως, 120 σημεία δραστηριότητας και την κατάταξη κέρδισε με τουλάχιστον 120 θέσεις. Αυτό το επίπεδο τάξη να αποκτήσει το δικαίωμα να προσθέσει, όταν το avatar έχει επιτευχθεί. Το ποσό αυτό θεωρείται κέρδισε συχνά το μπόνους avatar εκτός από την αιτία.)

Sr. Μέλος (250 σημεία αξιοπρέπειας, 240 σημεία δραστηριότητας και τουλάχιστον 240 μηνύματα, το οποίο αποτελεί εξαιρετική κατάταξη για εκστρατείες υπογραφής).

Τα κράτη Hero (γνωστή ως ήρωας τάξη αξία αυτό το επίπεδο των 500 πόντους και 480 σημεία, καθώς και η δραστηριότητα καταγράφεται με τουλάχιστον 480 θέσεις. Είναι γνωστό ότι σώσει χιλιάδες λίρες ποιότητας εκστρατεία.
Ο θρυλικός κράτη (1.000 σημεία αξίζουν και πιάτσα κέρδισε από 775 - 1.030 δραστηριότητας σειρά βαθμολογίας. Τουλάχιστον 775 θέσεις αυτή έρχεται να κατατάξουν. Μπορείτε να πάρετε την υψηλότερη αναλογία κερδών, όπως έχετε φτάσει την κορυφή της κατάταξης του φόρουμ με αυτό το βαθμό. Αν υπάρχει συνεχής εκστρατεία η Υπάρχουν μέλη που κερδίζουν μέχρι και 2,5 BTC κατά τη διάρκεια του έτους.)

Τα κέρδη στη διεύθυνση Bitcointalk καθορίζονται σύμφωνα με την κατάταξη που καθορίζεται εδώ. Το ελάχιστο όριο συμμετοχής σε πολλές εκστρατείες υπογραφής ξεκινά συνήθως από την τάξη του βουλευτή, αλλά ο νεώτερος Τα μέλη είναι σε εκστρατείες που δέχονται. Οι χρεώσεις κερδών ποικίλλουν ανάλογα με πολλές καμπάνιες και μπορούν να είναι όπως παρουσιάζονται στο παρακάτω παράδειγμα.

Μέλος: 0.002 BTC / εβδομάδα
Πλήρες μέλος: 0.005 BTC / εβδομάδα
Sr. Μέλος: 0.008 BTC / εβδομάδα
Μέλος Ηρώων: 0,012 BTC / εβδομάδα
Μεγάλο Μέλος: 0,02 BTC / εβδομάδα

Οι λόγοι κέρδους καθορίζονται με αυτό τον τρόπο, αλλά οι αναλογίες μπορούν να διαφέρουν ανάλογα με τις εκστρατείες. Οι βασικές καμπάνιες κερδίζουν περισσότερα με την αύξηση αυτών των αναλογιών κατά 50% για τους χρήστες με υψηλά σημεία αξίας.

Πώς κερδίζετε κερδοφόρα;

Μπορείτε να κερδίσετε από αυτές τις καμπάνιες όταν βρείτε μια κατάλληλη υποδοχή για την κατάταξή σας. Θα πρέπει να συμπληρώσετε ένα φόρουμ αίτησης πριν κερδίσετε τα κέρδη σας και στη συνέχεια θα πρέπει να οργανώσετε την υπογραφή σας όπως αναφέρεται στην υπόθεση. Εάν η κατάταξή σας συναντά τη χρήση avatar, απαιτείται επιπλέον ανταλλαγή avatar. Μόλις αλλάξετε σωστά την υπογραφή σας, θα είστε αποδεκτοί στην καμπάνια από τον διαχειριστή της καμπάνιας (φυσικά εάν το αποδεχτεί ο διαχειριστής). Μόλις γίνει αποδεκτή η καμπάνια, θα αρχίσετε να κερδίζετε χρήματα γράφοντας μηνύματα ποιότητας στις κατηγορίες που καθορίζονται στο φόρουμ.

Ποιες είναι οι απαιτήσεις συμμετοχής στην καμπάνια;

Δεν είναι δυνατό να γράψω μια σαφή απάντηση σε αυτή την ερώτηση. Διαφορετικές αποφάσεις γίνονται για κάθε καμπάνια που δημιουργήθηκε. Για κάθε καμπάνια, υπάρχουν ορισμένοι ορισμένοι όροι και προϋποθέσεις που δίνω ως παράδειγμα παρακάτω.

- Δεν έχει λάβει ειδοποίηση αρνητικής εμπιστοσύνης.
- Δεν πρέπει να βρείτε το όνομά σας στη μαύρη λίστα SMAS.
- Υπάρχουν ελάχιστα όρια μηνυμάτων, όπως τουλάχιστον 15-20-30 μηνύματα την εβδομάδα.
- Τα σύντομα, ανοησία, εκτός θέματος και τα μηνύματα ευχαριστιών δεν θα μετρηθούν.
- Οι πληρωμές θα πραγματοποιηθούν μετά τον έλεγχο. Τα μηνύματα που αποστέλλονται πριν από την ημερομηνία ελέγχου είναι έγκυρα και τα επόμενα μηνύματα θα μεταφερθούν στην άλλη εβδομάδα.
- Σε περίπτωση ανεπαρκούς μηνύματος, ανάλογα με την εκστρατεία και τον διαχειριστή, η πληρωμή γίνεται ανεπαρκής ή καθόλου.

Σε αυτό το άρθρο, θα ήθελα να μοιραστώ την εμπειρία και τις γνώσεις μου σχετικά με τον τίτλο "Bitcointalk Signature Campaign Information". Μην κοιτάτε το μήκος του άρθρου, οι συναλλαγές είναι εύκολο να συνεχιστεί μετά την παραλαβή και τα πολύ καλά κέρδη που παρέχονται. Εάν εκφράζετε την άποψή σας με οποιοδήποτε είδος ερώτησης που συνδέεται με το μυαλό σας, παρακαλούμε να είστε ευχαριστημένοι. Σε περίπτωση πολύ σημαντικών ερωτήσεων, μπορώ να προσθέσω τις ερωτήσεις και τις απαντήσεις στο κύριο μήνυμα (δηλαδή εδώ).

ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΗ: Το περιεχόμενο έχει μεταφραστεί πλήρως από τη μητρική μου γλώσσα. Αυτός είναι ο λόγος για τον οποίο είναι δυνατό να δείτε ορθογραφικά λάθη. Καθώς η ελληνική γνώση είναι χαμηλή, έχουμε λάβει βοήθεια μέσω μεταφραστικών υπηρεσιών.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / How to Add / Edit Bitcointalk Personal Text? on: July 30, 2018, 03:09:29 PM
Hello friends,

I'm with another helpful position. In this article I will tell you briefly and simply how you can change your personal text field. I feel like I hear people who do not know it yet try to do it for nothing, but I still want to give information for new friends. At least I think it would be useful for those who use the search button in the forum without hesitation and want to get information. Anyway, let's make a statement without going too far. Smiley

Step 1: Click on the '' Profile '' tab.

Step 2: On the left side we enter the '' Forum Profile Information '' section via the menu that appears.

Step 3: We find the heading '' Personal Text '' in the new page that opens up in the pre-release.

Step 4: We add the text we want to the box in front of '' Personal Text '' head.

Step 5: Click on the '' Change Profile '' button at the bottom of the page and the process is successful.

When these steps are completed, your personal tex will change immediately. Perssonal text changing is that simple and easy!  Roll Eyes

NOTE: The whole process is quite easy and I did not add picture description because it is done with one click.
17  Local / Konu Dışı / Bitcointalk Personal Text Nasıl Eklenir/Düzenlenir? on: July 28, 2018, 07:48:17 AM
Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Bir diğer yardımcı konum ile karşınızdayım. Bu yazımda sizlere kısaca ve sade bir şekilde personal text alanınızı nasıl değiştirebileceğinizi anlatacağım. Daha bunu bilmeyen kişiler boşuna uğraşmasın dediğinizi duyar gibiyim, fakat yine de yeni arkadaşlar için bilgi vermek istiyorum. En azından üşenmeden forum içinde arama butonunu kullanan ve bilgi edinmek isteyen kişiler için faydalı olacağını düşünüyorum. Her neyse, lafı fazla uzatmadan anlatıma geçelim zaten kısacık bir şey. Smiley

1. Adım: ''Profile'' sekmesine tıklıyoruz.

2. Adım: Sol tarafta karşımıza çıkan menü üzerinden ''Forum Profile Information'' bölümüne giriyoruz.

3. Adım: Önümüze açılan yeni sayfa içerisinde ''Personal Text'' başlığını buluyoruz.

4. Adım: ''Personal Text'' başlığının karşısında yer alan kutunun içerisine istediğimiz metini ekliyoruz.

5. Adım: Sayfanın en altında yer alan ''Change Profile'' butonuna tıklıyoruz ve işlem başarılı bir şekilde gerçekleşmiş oluyor.

Bu adımlar tamamlandığı zaman personal text alanınız anında değişmiş olacaktır. Personal text değişimi işte bu kadar basit ve kolay!   Roll Eyes

NOT: İşlemlerin tamamı oldukça kolay ve tek tıklama ile tamamlandığı için resimli anlatım eklemedim.

Herkese iyi forumlar, bol kazançlar dilerim.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcointalk Earning Methods on: July 24, 2018, 04:20:07 PM
The friends who follow the articles I wrote about Bitcointalk will know well that I take care to convey all my experience and knowledge about this topic. Also, friends who read these articles will know that in every article I share private information, fine details and little known information with you. In my previous articles, I have also given some brief information on how to get income from this forum. In this article, I will give details about how the income from the Bitcointalk address is obtained and how it will be obtained in the easiest way. At the beginning of the article I will mention that there will be a long article and all the details coming to mind will be given. I do not think you need to extend it anymore, and I start.

Bitcointalk in Brief

Bitcointalk is a cryptocurrency forum site that was launched on November 22nd, 2009. Although the site builder is kept anonymous, it is possible to encounter the name Satoshi here too, and many people (including the authorities) claim that this forum was founded by Satoshi. Of course, it is not known whether Bitcoin is the same person as the contest or who is the first member of the forum. Bitcointalk crypto is also known as a community where hundreds of thousands of investors and cryptocurrency lovers gather together as it is a very popular address in the money sector. Also, the only reason this forum is popular is that it is not only the first cryptocurrency forum, but it also offers its users the opportunity to come to the site. As I mentioned in my previous articles, it is possible to earn income from the forum and it gives us these gains not forum administration but forum users will pay us. So, how? I'll stop talking about Bitcointalk and go through these details.

Signature Campaigns

This title is also known as the most popular method of earning the Bitcointalk forum. The biggest difference between Bounty campaigns and these campaigns is the use of established payment methods such as USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin instead of token in the payment methods of these campaigns. This method of earnings, which allows for very good profit opportunities in the forum, is based on a very simple system. Users who are admitted to this system where attendance is concluded depending on the participation and participation, have to attach the determined advertisement to their signature area in accordance with their rank. After signing is added, there are payout-style campaigns with pay-per-comment or a certain minimum number of comments. The earnings involved in these campaigns vary depending on the user's rank, and vary depending on each campaign. As I mentioned in my previous statements, it is possible to get good income by using this method which is obtained by writing messages only for signature and it is one of the most beneficial methods in the forum. Today, due to the high volume of users, it has become very difficult to come up with and join such campaigns within the site, but it is not impossible. Finally, I want to make a warning again. Although signature campaigns and bounty signature campaigns are similar, they are not the same. Signature campaigns offer guaranteed and net revenue, while bounty campaigns do not offer any income. Also with signing campaigns you are guaranteed to receive a guaranteed payment with bounty campaigns while receiving your payment as a guarantee.

Bounty Campaigns

Bounty campaigns are another popular way of earning a good income, especially in the last 14 months. These campaigns are usually preferred by projects that have not passed yet, and they are organized for advertising purposes. Payments in these campaigns are not made with payment methods such as USD, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead of these payment methods, each project prefers to pay with their own product, and the prize rates vary depending on the campaign. Some campaigns specify payment with net amounts, while some campaigns use a stake (like a stock system) payment method. The Bounty campaigns have made tremendous gains, especially in the past year, but unfortunately today they have fallen to very low levels. The main reason for this retrenchment is the number of intensive users and participants, while the other vegetable is bad market conditions and unsuccessful projects. It is possible to encounter many different types of campaigns within a single topic that will look at Bounty campaigns. These different types of earnings are bounty species. These different methods of earning can be listed in short, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bitcointalk Official Thread, Bitcointalk Translation, Bitcointalk Signature Campaigns (Bounty), Telegram, Youtube and Reddit. Again, the most popular method among these methods of gain is the signature campaigns when looking at the general forum, and we can easily see that there is a lot of interest in social media campaigns in recent periods. To talk about the earnings ratios of the Bounty campaigns, it is possible to say that these earnings rates have changed completely depending on the projects. Earnings rates also vary depending on the bounty program you have participated in. For example, a quality bounty signing program will provide you with the opportunity to earn as much as $ 1,000 per month while making a mistake by choosing a garbage signing program that will cause you to earn funny figures like 10-20 USD per month. Towards the end of this chapter, it is also possible to say that the activities in the forum have changed according to the user rank. If we need to sample this issue, Jr. It is also a fact that a member of the rank of a member can earn about 4 weeks of stake earning within 1 week of a member of the Legendary rank. It is therefore perfectly normal to see that many high-ranking members join the campaign usually within the last two weeks. Those who have this membership rankings may have brought the lowest likelihood of spending time on garbage projects by generating revenue from each campaign.

Airdrop Headers

Although not as much as the old, some projects only make special airdrop campaigns for Bitcointalk members. Particularly in such campaigns it is possible to see that some projects are distributed unrequitedly, in order to create a commentary crowd in the main subject. I do not want to go to such distributions without saying that it is possible to earn income from really good quality projects from time to time, although not as often as the old one. The form that many progeners make is more attractive for both users and users, by making a single comment instead of ridiculous processing such as filling a questionnaire, and user confidence is gained more easily because it provides an intensive commentary stream on the main topic of that project. For that reason, I recommend that you do some research in the forum from time to time to earn income from such activities. Again, depending on the project and distribution rate, it is possible to earn good income from these campaigns.

At the end of my writing, I would like to point out that this article is not targeted at advertising content at all. We already know that a forum like Bitcointalk does not need to be advertised (and also does not need any support for SEO). I would also like to point out that all the information in this article is purely my own experience. I ask my friends who want to have more information about this subject or who are in question to ask me questions and opinions from under the subject.

NOTE: As there is no advanced English language knowledge, there may be spelling, spelling or word mistakes in the text.
19  Local / Konu Dışı / Döviz mi Kripto Para mı? on: July 23, 2018, 02:44:20 PM
Merhaba arkadaşlar,

Soru gayet ne bir şekilde ''Döviz mi Kripto Para mı?''. Her iki seçenek de geniş ve farklı bakış açıları ile değerlendirilebilecek seçenekler. Lütfen tercihinize ek olarak neden o tercihi de seçtiğinizi belirtiniz.

Bol kazançlar.
20  Local / Konu Dışı / Bitcointalk Kazanç Yöntemleri on: July 21, 2018, 01:01:43 PM
Daha önce Bitcointalk hakkında yazdığım makaleleri takip eden arkadaşlar iyi bilecektir ki bu konu hakkında tüm tecrübelerimi ve bilgilerimi aktarmaya özen gösteriyorum. Ayrıca yine bu makalelerimi okuyan arkadaşlar bilecektir ki her makale içerisinde özel bilgiler, ince detaylar ve az bilinen bilgileri sizlerle paylaşıyorum. Daha önceki yazılarımda da bu forum üzerinden nasıl gelir elde edildiği hakkında kısa bilgilere yer vermiştim. Bu makalede ise Bitcointalk adresi üzerinden nasıl gelir elde edildiğine ve bu gelirleri en kolay hangi şekilde elde edeceğimize dair detaylara yer vereceğim. Yazının başında da belirtiyorum ki uzun bir makale olacak ve aklıma gelen tüm detaylara yer verilecektir. Lafı daha fazla uzatmaya gerek olmadığını düşünüyorum ve başlıyorum.

Kısaca Bitcointalk

Bitcointalk 22 Kasım 2009 yılında yayın hayatına başlamış bir kripto para forum sitesidir. Site kurucusu her ne kadar anonim tutuluyor olsa da burada da Satoshi ismi ile karşılaşmak mümkündür ve birçok kişi (yetkili kişiler dahil) bu forumun da Satoshi tarafından kurulduğunu iddia ediyor. Tabii ki burada belirtilen isim Bitcoin'in mucidi ile aynı kişi mi yoksa forumun ilk üyesi olduğu için bu kullanıcı adını mı aldı bilinmiyor. Bitcointalk kripto para sektöründe oldukça popüler bir adres olduğu gibi yüz binlerce yatırımcının ve kripto para severlerin bir araya geldiği topluluk olarak da bilinmektedir. Ayrıca bu forum adresinin popüler olmasındaki tek sebep ilk kripto para forumu olmasının yanı sıra kullanıcılarına gelir imkanı da sunmasıdır. Daha önceki makalelerimde de belirttiğim gibi forum üzerinden gelir elde etmek mümkün ve bize bu kazançları forum yönetimi değil forum kullanıcıları sağlıyor. Peki, nasıl mı? Daha fazla Bitcointalk hakkında konuşmayı bırakarak bu detaylara geçelim.

İmza Kampanyaları

Bu başlık Bitcointalk forumunun en popüler kazanç yöntemi olarak da bilinmektedir. Bounty kampanyaları ile bu kampanyaların arasındaki en büyük fark bu kampanyaların ödeme yöntemlerinde token yerine USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum ve Litecoin gibi köklü ödeme yöntemlerinin kullanılmasıdır. Forum içerisinde son derece güzel kazanç fırsatlarına imkan veren bu kazanç yöntemi son derece basit bir sisteme bağlı olarak çalışıyor. Katılım ve bu katılımlara bağlı olarak katılımcı sonuçlandırması yapılan bu sisteme kabul edilen kullanıcılar belirlenen reklamı rütbesine uygun olarak kendi imza alanına eklemek zorundadır. İmza eklendikten sonra yorum başına ödeme veya belirli bir minimum yorum sayısı şartı ile ödeme tarzında kampanyalar bulunmaktadır. Bu kampanyalarda yer alan kazançlar kullanıcı rütbelerine bağlı olarak değişmekte ve her kampanyaya bağlı olarak da farklılıklar göstermektedir. Bir önceki cümlelerimde de belirttiğim gibi sadece imza karşılığında mesaj yazarak gelir elde edilen bu yöntem ile güzel gelir elde etmek mümkündür ve forum içerisinde en çok kazandıran yöntemlerden birisidir. Günümüzde yoğun kullanıcı hacminden dolayı site içerisinde bu tarz kampanyalara denk gelmek ve katılmak çok zor bir hale gelmiştir fakat imkansız değildir. Son olarak yeniden bir uyarı yapmak istiyorum. İmza kampanyaları ile bounty imza kampanyaları benzer işlemler olsa da aynı işlemler değildir. İmza kampanyaları garanti ve net gelir sunarken bounty kampanyaları ise et bir gelir sunmamaktadır. Ayrıca imza kampanyaları ile garanti olarak ödeme alırken bounty kampanyaları ile garanti bir ödeme almak söz konusu değildir.

Bounty Kampanyaları

Özellikle son 14 ay içerisinde oldukça popüler hale gelen ve güzel gelir elde edilmesine katkı sağlayan bir diğer kazanç yöntemi ise bounty kampanyalarıdır. Bu kampanyalar genellikle henüz hayata geçmemiş projeler tarafından tercih ediliyor ve reklam amacında düzenleniyor. Bu kampanyalarda ödemeler ise USD, Bitcoin veya Ethereum gibi ödeme yöntemleri ile yapılmıyor. Bu ödeme yöntemleri yerine her proje kendi ürünü ile ödeme yapmayı tercih ediyor ve ödül oranları kampanyalara bağlı olarak değişiyor. Bazı kampanyalar net miktarlar ile ödeme belirtiyor olsa da bazı kampanyalar ise stake (hisse benzeri bir sistem) ödeme yöntemini kullanıyor. Bounty kampanyaları özellikle geçtiğimiz yıl inanılmaz kazançlar sağlamış olsa da maalesef günümüzde çok düşük seviyelere kadar gerilemiştir. Bu gerilemenin temel sebebi yoğun kullanıcı ve katılımcı sayısı olurken bir diğer sebbi ise kötü piyasa koşulları ve başarısız projeler olmuştur. Bounty kampanya konularına göz atacak olursak tek konu içerisinde birçok farklı kampanya çeşidi ile karşılaşmak mümkündür. Bu farklı kazanç çeşitleri ise bounty türleridir. Bu farklı kazanç yöntemlerinden kısaca bahsetmek gerekirse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bitcointalk Resmi Konu, Bitcointalk Çeviri Konusu, Bitcointalk İmza Kampanyaları (Bounty), Telegram, Youtube ve Reddit gibi sıralanabilir. Yine bu kazanç yöntemleri içerisinde bulunan en popüler yöntem ise forum geneline bakıldığı zaman imza kampanyaları olurken son dönemler içerisinde sosyal medya kampanyalarına da çok yoğun bir ilgi olduğunu rahatlıkla görebiliriz. Bounty kampanyalarının kazanç oranları hakkında konuşmak gerekirse bu kazanç oranlarının tamamen projelere bağlı olarak değiştiğini söylemek mümkündür. Ayrıca kazanç oranları katılmış olduğunuz bounty programına göre de değişmektedir. Örnek vermek gerekirse kaliteli bir bounty imza programı aylık 1.000 USD gibi gelir elde etmenize fırsat sağlarken hatalı bir tercih yaparak katılacağınız çöp bir projenin imza programı aylık 10-20 USD gibi komik rakamlar kazanmanıza da sebep olacaktır. Bu başlığın sonlarına doğru forum içerisindeki aktivitelerin kullanıcı rütbesine bağlı olarak değiştiğini de söylemek mümkündür. Bu konu içinde örnekleme yapmak gerekirse Jr. Member rütbesindeki bir üyenin yaklaşık 4 haftalık stake kazancını Legendary rütbesindeki bir üyenin 1 hafta içerisinde kazanabileceği de bir gerçektir. Bu sebeple birçok yüksek rütbeli üyeliklerin kampanyalara genellikle son 2 hafta içerisinde katıldığını görmek son derece normal bir durumdur. Bu üye rütbesine sahip kişiler her kampanyadan gelir elde ederek çöp projelerde vakit harcama ihtimalini de en düşük seviyelere getirmiş olabiliyor.

Airdrop Başlıkları

Eskisi kadar çok denk gelmesek de bazı projeler sadece Bitcointalk üyelerine özel airdrop kampanyaları yapabiliyor. Özellikle bu tarz kampanyalarda genellikle ana konu içerisinde yorum kalabalığı yaratmak amaçlansa da bazı projelerin karşılıksız olarak da dağıtım yaptığını görmek mümkündür. Bu gibi dağıtımlara eskisi kadar sık denk gelmesek de zaman zaman gerçekten kaliteli projeler ile gelir elde etmenin mümkün olduğunu belirtmeden geçmek istemiyorum. Birçok projenin yaptığı form, anket doldurmak gibi saçma işlemler yerine tek bir yorum yaparak gelir elde etmek hem kullanıcılar için daha cazip geliyor hemde o projenin ana konusuna yoğun bir yorum akışı sağlandığı için kullanıcı güveni çok daha rahat kazanılmış oluyor. O sebeple zaman zaman forum içerisinde detaylı araştırmalar yaparak bu gibi etkinlikler üzerinden gelir elde etmenizi tavsiye ediyorum. Yine projeye ve dağıtım oranına bağlı olarak bu kampanyalar üzerinden güzel gelir elde etmek mümkündür.

Yazımın sonuna doğru belirtmek istiyorum ki bu makale hiçbir şekilde reklam içeriği hedeflenerek yazılmamıştır. Zaten hepimiz biliyoruz ki Bitcointalk gibi bir forum adresinin reklama ihtiyacı bulunmamaktadır (Ayrıca SEO açısından da bir desteğe ihtiyacı bulunmuyor). Ayrıca bu yazı içerisinde yazan tüm bilgilerin tamamen kendi tecrübelerim olduğunu da belirtmek istiyorum. Bu konu hakkında daha fazla bilgi sahibi olmak isteyen veya sorusu olan arkadaşların muhakkak konu altından bana sorularını ve görüşlerini iletmelerini talep eder, herkese bol kazançlar dilerim.


NOT: Yazı tamamen bana aittir, tüm yazılan bilgiler kendi tecrübe ve bilgi birikimim ile yazılmıştır. Kaynak adres gösterilmeksizin kopyalanması kesinlikle yasaktır.
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