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1  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] ~$400 paxum [W] BTC on: November 12, 2018, 11:12:54 AM
Hi forum,

I have about $400 on my paxum account, and i want to exchange it for BTC because for me (in the EU) paxum charges wire fees that are above my current budget.

I don't know if paxum is reversible, i don't know which fees the exchanger would have to pay to withdraw... In reality i haven't used my paxum account in a long, long while... I used to have an unverified account which i used to receive payments many years ago. Today i logged in for the first time in a long while to complete my verification... I now have a verified account, so i can send the money to an other paxum user.

Please send any offer in PM, so i'll receive an email when i get a new offer (i don't log in to my account very often). You can also post the same offer here, on this thread, so it's publicly visible.

I'll go first for green trusted, long time members that are able to sign a message with a staked address.
If not, i insist on using a trusted escrow, and i'm fine with splitting his/her fee.

I realise i've been inactive for a long while, and eventough my email nor password have recently changed, i'll still sign a message to assure i'm still the same guy (we're talking about $400 here)

Staked address:

I'm altcoinhosting, this account has never changed hands... I still own the keys to address 1d92FUSg7wUafUi77R6yjUpZVhTMKpzuQ. I popped up on bitcointalk on the 12th of november 2018 in order to exchange paxum funds, try to sell some domains and maybe sell some of my wifes artwork.

2  Economy / Auctions / multiple aged, developed, semi-acive [NSFW][XXX] domain names on: February 21, 2018, 02:22:56 PM
I've been paying yearly fees for a bunch of adult domains i aquired over the course of many years. Most (if not all) of these domains have at one point been developed and active, receiving real visitors, making real sales.

I've made quite a lot of money running these domains, but the last couple of years, life took me other places and i have no time nor incentive to run these sites. As a result, most of these sites haven't been updated in a long, long while.... Some have been hacked, some went offline due to changes in configuration, some are still online. This being said: even at this point in time, i do sell about 1-2 subscriptions to adult sites a month from the residual traffic visiting some of these domains. Together with the rebills, i make between $60 and $100 a month...

Don't click on these domains if you're underage or unwilling to see nsfw images and/or video's!

20 adult domains:

one non-adult domain:

What's included:
  • The 21 domains
  • A free push to a Namesilo account... you'll need to create a free namesilo account if you want to receive these domains
  • I have access to a $1 off coupon code for namesilo in my affiliate managing program. I'll get an affiliate commission if you use it, no pressure tough

What's not included:
  • A push to a different domain registrar
  • Any kind of support
  • The source of the sites... You'll need to get your own hosting, install your own scripts, arrange your own content

Sure Smiley. Only one of the big, trusted escrows on bitcointalk is accepted. I prefer OgNasty since i had good experiences with him, but other escrows are also OK. Depending on the final price, i might decide to go first for really, really, really trusted members (If you have to ask wether or not you're trusted enough, you probably aren't). I'm fine with splitting the fees if the final selling price is 0.06 or more... If the final price is less than 0.06, the buyer pays the fees

  • The domains are sold as a package. In case no valid bid is entered before the deadline, you can PM me an offer for individual sites
  • Minimum (starting) bid: 0.03
  • Minimum increment: 0.0025
  • BIN: 0.5 (yup, that's a lot, but in FIAT value, that's only ~$250/domain, which is still more or less reasonable for aged domains that have actually been developed at one point in time IMHO)
  • I'm not online very often, if you ask questions i might not answer them
  • End time:Wednesday 28/02/2018, 10:00:00 GMT+1. Each valid bid made when the deadline is less than 1 hour away extends the deadline by 1 hour
  • Eventough the endtime is Wednesday 28/02/2018, 10:00:00 GMT, you might have to wait untill thursday or friday before i can come online to finalise the sale... Like i said: i'm not on bitcointalk very often
  • If you make a bid, i expect you to honour it... Red trust will be given to winners that try to weasle out of their obligations
  • If the winner weasles out of his obligations, i do expect the runner up to honour his/her bid (unless said bid is/was invalid)
  • I accept BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC, MONERO or NLG... If bitcoin isn't used, the conversion rate is the rate currently asked by + 5%, rounded up (ceil) at 4 decimals
  • I prefer dealing in the open, i probably won't answer PM's regarding this auction (unless the deadline has passed and no valid bid was entered).

3  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] BTC for fiat purchase of airgun (PP, Visa, mastercard, SEPA, cash) on: July 28, 2017, 04:48:14 PM
This isn't an exchange in the classic sense...

I want to buy a new airgun, and made a deal with my wife... She's OK with the purchase as long as i don't use our bank account, only the BTC i got as a "hobby".

I don't like to wait, and i don't like paperwork, so i'll either have to get a virtual visa, wait, verify, load, learn,... OR i can pay a forum member in BTC and let him/her pay for my airgun using their payment processor of choice (cash, paypal, visa, mastercard, vorkasse, wire,...). This way, this becomes an exchange of my BTC for your visa, mastercard, paypal, cash,... Offcourse, it's normal said forum member gets compensated for his/her efforts.

So, long story short i'm looking for:
- a TRUSTED, longtime  member from the EU
- that is confortable paying for an airgun using his/her FIAT resources. Everything needs to be done "by the book". No carding, no hacked accounts... Your name and address in the billing details (since you'll be the one paying), my name and address in the shipping details (since i'll be the one receiving the goods)
- who doesn't mind looking up some prices/shipping methods/payment methods, and make me a fair offer...

I'm offering
- BTC: if you're extremely trusted, i'll pay 100% upfront. If you're just normal trusted, i'll pay 100% upfront to a trusted escrow

I don't mind sending a copy of my id or drivers licence to the gunbroker if needed. Also, i'm located in the EU.

I'm preferably looking for a Yunker 4, 4.5mm (0.177) CO2 driven airrifle. A Yunker 3 or Yunker 5 will also do if they are a lot cheaper Wink

Following websites have them for sale, but if you find them somewhere else, that's fine to: (polish, €330) (only pickup in england, €335) (polish, €447) (estonia, €451 ) (finish, €465) (german, €500) (english, €509) (german, €549) (german, €699) (german, €699) (german, starting at ~€700) (greek, no idear about the price) (used to be €200, currently sold out) (270€, but i don't think they deliver to the EU)
4  Other / Off-topic / searching for: air rifle or airsoft store that accepts BTC (EU) on: July 05, 2017, 01:23:34 PM
I'm an air rifle/airsoft enthousiast, but my wife doesn't want me to spend money on a new gun i had my eyes on.
I made a deal with her: i could spend some of the BTC i'm currently holding, since she doesn't seem to realise BTC = real money  Grin

So, long story short, i fell in love with the IZHMASH Yunker-4 ( If that one isn't available, previous Yunker versions, or Yunker versions in a different calibre are fine to (this one is 0.177).
I've been searching the net for a seller that sells these machines, ships within the EU and accepts BTC. So far i had no luck.

I tried bitfortip, but for some reason the admin kicked my search after just a couple of minutes  Roll Eyes

Anybody has an idear where to buy one?
5  Bitcoin / Electrum / electrum-LTC coinbase transactions on: June 22, 2017, 07:02:20 AM
I know this might not be the correct subforum, since electrum-LTC is technically an altcoin wallet... However, since it's a fork of ThomasV's electrum, i wondered if my "symptoms" might be transferable to electum for BTC Smiley

I'm running electrum-LTC standalone 2.8.2. I also tested the beta version

My problem:
I created an electrum vanity address and mined some LTC using this address. The address in question has one input, coming from the coinbase transaction. The block containing the coinbase transaction to my address is mature (+600 confirmations). I imported the private key for this vanity address into electrum, since i prefer an SPV wallet instead of having to sync my LTC wallet completely.

However, since the input to the vanity address comes from the block reward instead of from an unspent output, it seems to mess up electrum.
When using electrum 2.8.2, the wallet keeps on syncing.
When using electrum, the wallet syncs, but shows no history or coins (unspent outputs). When looking at the address-tab, i do see the vanity address, with balance 0 and Tx 0. When right clicking and opening the address on a block explorer, i can clearly see the unspent output  Undecided

I already tried several different electrum servers (in fact, i tried them all), but no avail.

I know i can solve the problem by importing the private key into my mining node's wallet and then using the output to create a transaction to my HD electrum wallet, but i'd prefer not to do this (i'd actually like to see if i can get a premium price for vanity addresses containing only coinbase transactions).

Hope somebody can shed some light on this, it would certainly be appreciated
6  Economy / Services / forming collaborative sig campaign group for less-active members with HQ posts on: May 05, 2017, 09:53:56 AM
I'm searching for longtime members that are in the same situation as myself (only a couple hq posts/month, but a backlog of hundres of historic posts) to pool together our signature spaces, avatars, personal texts and websites in order to auction them off to the highest bidder on a monthly/bimonthly/trimester/semester/yearly basis.

I'm searching for members that fit following criteria
  • currently not using their sigspot + avatar + personal text + website link (or willing to remove any content that is currently published in these spots), but willing to place an ad in this spot in return for some pocket change
  • at least 500 historic posts
  • no -ve from DT (up to level 4), unless it's for BS reasons.
  • no -ve from DT (up to level 2), unless it's -ve from an inactive DT member AND the accusation has since been solved (but -ve was not removed because DT member is inactive)
  • Sr., Hero or legendary members only
  • applicant should have reasonable quality posts... Their english should be readable, their posts should be sufficiently long (not going to put an exact number here), no posts that are obviously sig spamming, posts should be spread out over all subforums

Payment: I would propose to auction off our signature spaces as a group, each group member gets a cut of the profits equal to his total postcount (for example: we have a combined postcount of 10.000, member x has 1000 historic posts, we get 0.05 BTC/month, member x made 1/10th of the total postcount so he gets 0.005BTC minus the fees)

In order to apply, either reply on this thread or send me a PM.
I'm currently searching for team members, we're not auctioning off our sigspaces right now!!!
Even if you apply, I can not guarantee i'll find sufficient members to form a sig campaign group... Even if i find enough members, i cannot guarantee we'll find a sponsor... Even if we find a sponsor, i cannot guarantee we'll be payed enough for this to actually be worth our effort...

This is just a first step to see if anybody is interested!
7  Local / Alt Coins (Nederlands) / [ANN] Bitconnect Coin - Gedecentraliseerde Cryptocurrency [ICO Live] on: December 05, 2016, 01:50:49 PM
Facebook        Website        Roadmap

Algemene inleiding over de BitConnect munt
BitConnect is een open source, peer-to-peer, gemeenschapsgedreven, gedecentraliseerde cryptomunt dewelke mensen in staat stelt om hun geld te investeren in een munt die niet door de overheid word gecontroleerd, en hier zelfs een aanzienlijke intrest mee te verdienen.

De Bitconnect munt kan zowel online als offline gekocht en verkocht worden. De populairste manier is om deze te uit te wisselen op een crypto currency site, waar je Bitconnect kan kopen, verkopen of omwisselen voor een andere digitale munt, of voor baar geld.

De voorverkoop zal ongeveer 46 dagen duren, en begint op 15 November 2016 om 11:00:00 GMT. Het eind van de voorverkoop is op 31 December 2016 om 17:00:00 GMT. Na de succesvolle afsluiting van de BitConnect voorverkoop zal Bitconnect de BitConnect munten vrijgeven aan Bittrex en aan de mensen die rechtstreeks munten gekocht hebben van BitConnect. Hierna zal de markt geopend worden.  

Deze voorverkoop zal gehost worden door Bittrex, een van de grootste markten in Amerika, en door Bitconnect zelf.

Een maximum van 4.8 miljoen BCC (BitConnect Coin) zal verkocht worden tijdens de voorverkoop. Dit komt overeen met ongeveer 17% van het totaal aantal BCC dat uiteindelijk in omloop zal komen (28 miljoen BCC). Het overige aantal Bitconnect Coin zal vrijgegeven worden door Pow/Pos block reward.

Bittrex zal tijdens de voorverkoopperiode beschikken over 2.4 miljoen BitConnect munten

BitConnect zal tijdens de voorverkoopperiode beschikken over 2.4 miljoen BitConnect munten

Bitconnect Coin website :
BitConnect Gemeenschap website :

Bitconnect Coin Specificatie

  • Munt Algoritme Script (PoW/PoS)
  • Munt Afkorting : BCC
  • Totaal aantal munten : 28 Million
  • Coinbase matuur na : 50 blocks
  • Totaal aantal PoW blokken : 262800
  • PoW blok beloning : 10 BCC
  • Tijd tussen blokken : 2 minuten
  • Minimale Stake Leeftijd : 15 Days
  • Maximale Stake Leeftijd : 90 Days

Github :

Bitconnect Coin Distributie

  • Gebruikte Valuta : Bitcoin
  • Totale Voorverkoop : 4.8 Miljoen (Na de voorverkoop van de 4.8 miljoen op voorhand geminde Bitconnect Munten, zal het Pow/Pos algorithme gebruikt worden om nieuwe Munten vrij te geven aan BitConnect coin miners en BitConnect coin houders.)
  • Voorverkoop bij de markten : 2.4 Miljoen
  • Voorverkoop bij BitConnect : 2.4 Miljoen

De Bitconnect munt zal verhandelbaar zijn op Bittrex en poloniex na de voorverkoop.

  • Van 15 November tot 25 November – 1400 Munten per BTC (40% Bonus)
  • Van 26 November tot 5 December – 1300 Munten per BTC (30% Bonus)
  • Van 6 December tot 15 December – 1200 Munten per BTC (20% Bonus)
  • Van 16 December tot 25 December – 1100 Munten per BTC (10% Bonus)
  • Vanaf 26 December – 1000 Munten per BTC (0% Bonus)

Belangrijke Mededeling
Munten die niet verkocht werden aan het eind van de 46ste dag van de voorverkoop, inclusief deze op bittrex, zullen gehouden worden door BitConnect. Deze munten zullen voor volgende doeleinden worden gebruikt:
  • Technologie Bouwen, Onderhouden, Upgraden
  • Marketing, Bouwen aan de gemeenschap
  • Bounties & Stimulansen
  • Houden voor toekomstige ontwikkelingen

Binnen de 5 dagen na het succesvol afsluiten van de voorverkoop zal BitConnect de BitConnect munten vrijgeven aan Bittrex en aan de gebruikers die hun munten rechtstreeks bij BitConnect kochten, en zal de markt geopend worden.

Hoe worden ze gebruikt?
De BitConnect munten worden gebruikt door BitConnect, door de gemeenschapsleden om diensten de kopen van Bitconnect en om rijkdom op te slaan en te investeren in een munteenheid die niet door de overheid gecontroleerd word. De BitConnect munten zullen ook gebruikt worden als een betaalsysteem op verschillende BitConnect partner websites.

Hoe worden ze gemaakt?
BitConnect coin gebruikt een speciaal algorithme, POW/POS genaamd, om het BitConnect Coin netwerk te beveiligen. Vanaf het moment dat je BitConnect Munten aankoopt, word dit een intrest verdienende investering die 120% per jaar opleverd door POS fabricatie. Het enige wat jij moet doen om met deze methode intrest te verdienen is deze munten in je Bitconnect-QT portemonnee houden. Behalve POS fabricatie, kan de BitConnect munt ook gemined worden met behulp van een CPU/GPU, er is geen ASIC miner nodig zoals bij Bitcoin.

Ter info:

De OP is een letterlijke vertaling van . Ik heb enkel de vertaling gemaakt, en ben voorts niet betrokken bij dit project.
Voor opmerkingen, vragen of problemen neem je best contact op met de developer (zie Vragen die toch bij mij terecht komen zal ik waarschijnlijk negeren, of gewoon doorsturen aan de developer zelf.
8  Economy / Currency exchange / have $200 paxum, would like BTC on: August 19, 2016, 08:26:07 AM
I did some jobs a while ago, but the guy who hired me insisted on paying me using paxum.

I opened an account in my real name, using legit info and received little over 200 bucks. I'll probably do another couple of jobs for him in the future, so i want this account to stay 100% clean (they don't seem to like bitcoin).

I wanted to use a wire transfer to get the cash on my own bank account, and use it to buy BTC. Apparently tough, their wire transfer fee outside the US is $50 per transaction. If i wire myself this money, and use it  to buy BTC i'll lose a truckload and it'll take a very long time.

My account is legit, but unverified. I have no idear if i can do a chargeback, so i have no idear wether or not this is a scam risk for the exchanger.

Is somebody interested in exchanging paxum to BTC, and what would the charge be?

PS: since my account is opened using my real name, i'll only deal with green trusted senior members (or higher). Don't take it personal, but please don't make me an offer with a newbie account or a red trusted account.

PPS: i'm not sure if paxum has the same extreme buyer protection as paypal, but i'd be perfectly willing to use a trusted escrow if this would reduce the risk for the exchanger.

PPPS: i'm not in a hurry, please don't make absurd offers Wink
9  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS]adult domains +traffic, start your own adult empire instant! [TRIAL] [NSFW] on: June 15, 2016, 09:29:05 AM
I've opened a couple threads in the past, generating little to no interest, so this time, i'll give anybody a great deal to take over my complete adult enterprise.

The thing is: i've changed jobs a while ago, and i have almost no time to work on my adult [XXX] sites. At the moment, most of the sites are still live and get a fair amount of visitors, but due to a wordpress bug script kiddies were able to inject spam posts into the database. Also, some sites went down recently, and i have no time to fix the issues, so in a little while the traffic and google rankings will die. Since i worked long and hard to build these sites, it hurts me to see them this way, so i'd rather sell everything to somebody that can spend some time and energy into revitalising them.

These domains are real and developed, they generate revenue, have traffic, are aged,... BUT the seller will need a couple weeks to clean everything up, patch wordpress,... before he/she can start to expand these domains.

Included in the package are:
  • all listed domains
  • free push to a namesilo account
  • the scripts (if asked), any hardcoded passwords will be removed before sending them over
  • the datase (if asked)

Not included in the package:
  • the escrow's fee (i accept a trusted escrow, but the buyer will have to pay the fee)
  • setting up the site on your server (i can do this, but it'll cost a bit extra)
  • push to a different registrar (a namesilo account is free, so you sign up for one, i'll push the domain to you, and you can do whatever you like with it afterwards, including pushing it to your own registrar of choice)

NEW: i'm willing to do a cheap trial run... If you'd like to see how much traffic and which traffic sources, i'd be willing to change the DNS records for 24 hours, as long as you run a copy of my website on your server (an exact copy). This way you can monitor everything yourself. I'd charge 0.01BTC/domain/day for wordpress sites and 0.025BTC/domain/day for all others, but i'll discount 50% of the amount payed for trials when you decide to purchase the domains.

The domain list [NSFW] [XXX] => last month's cloudflare statistics added in case cloudflare was enabled
  • => 5,514 requests
  • => 269,734 requests
  • => 3,618 requests
  • => 252,320 requests
  • => 2,055 requests
  • => ? requests
  • => 17,828 requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => 690,153 requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests
  • => ? requests

I'm entertaining all offers... I really don't have time to maintain these. I did make a fair amount of money from them in the past, and i truly believe somebody that has spare time to maintain everything can make a nice chunk of profit running them.

You can ask any questions here in this thread, or send me a PM... I can show some cloudflare stats, but i don't really have the time to install some real stats software on all these domains. If i had to do that, i might aswell fix all the problems and keep them running myself Wink . I'll check my messages 2-3 times/week, so don't worry if i don't reply right away (i'm AFK rather often, but i allways keep my pc running, so i might show as being online while in reality i'm away for 2-3 days)
10  Economy / Service Announcements / [ann] openbazaar hosting and moderation service, FREE trial + 2 vouch copys on: May 27, 2016, 01:59:26 PM
Why would you need openbazaar hosting?
Some of you already know openbazaar, it's a P2P market. The downside of selling stuff on openbazaar is the fact that your openbazaar server needs to be online. If you run openbazaar on your desktop PC, a server is started in the background. But as soon as you close your client, the server is stopped to, and your shop goes offline. This is why i'm offering openbazaar hosting and moderation. This way your shop can stay online 24/7.

My offer
I'm currently offering openbazaar hosting. I have 2 packages:
Package 1: For sellers that use my moderation service (and my service alone) and sell at least 1BTC worth of good each month : 0.025BTC/month
Package 2: For anybody else. Using this package, you can pick your own moderators or even become a moderator : 0.05BTC/month

  • NO illegal sales. This includes, but is not limited to: drugs, weapons, prescription meds, hacked account, cp,...
  • I give a 90% uptime guarantee. In case i don't reach the 90% uptime, you'll be entitled to a partial refund. 0% uptime => 100% refund; 50% uptime => 50% refund; 90-100% uptime => no refund
  • I accept the use of a trusted escrow holding the funds untill the last day of the hosting month (meaning you pay the full fee in the beginning of the month, and the escrow only releases the funds AFTER you've used my service for a full month)
  • Bandwith: i use FUP mechanism. I don't monitor bandwith, but if you use to much, you'll be kicked with a partial refund
  • I'll keep your records private, and i expect you to keep my info private as well (this includes my server's ip)
  • Payment in BTC or LTC only
  • This is not a private VPS, your market will run on my server... You'll have your own user account from and port range. You'll need to provide me with your fixed ipv4 ip address
  • You're entitled to 1 free monthly backup of the .openbazaar-folder (holding your keys, shop info, details,...)
  • You CAN request access to the server itself using your own username, however, by accessing the server yourself, you forfait the right to ask for a refund in case of insufficient uptime (since you can start-stop the server yourself, and i have no way of monitoring if the server was stopped by you, or due to my fault)

Extra info
My moderation service can be found here: ob://4a6d3fe6ce0b38994935d35913e2b411d2f4989d/about
I'm open to bulk orders with discount, questions can be asked on this forum, and will be answered within 24 hours on working days (longer delays might occur during weekends)
11  Economy / Digital goods / [NSFW] [WTS] altcoinhosting's adult domain/scripts: real, developed, old domains on: April 30, 2016, 08:47:43 AM
I currently hold way to much adult domains. I've developed them all, and they've been running for a long time (some of them were started around 2010).
Lately i lack the time to update my sites, so i tought it would be better if i sold them one by one. In this thread i'll sell my domains, i'll edit the OP to reflect the current for-sale domain.
Remember: this isn't just another domain sellers thread, these domains are real... They're old, developed, they include traffic, scripts, database dumps,...

Thread-sale rules:
  • one domain will be featured at a time, i will state a price i'm willing to sell it for, but all prices are negotiable
  • i want to keep a clean thread, please don't post any "tips" and "warnings" to promote your sig (i'm wearing a sig myself, i know, but please try to post only geniune questions or bids, i would hate to have to open a self-moderated thread to keep it clutter-free)
  • payment method: BTC
  • escrow is ALWAYS accepted, or buyer sends first... On domains > 2BTC i'm willing to pay the escrow fee, on domains lower than 2 BTC the buyer pays the fee

Sold domains:
  • none

  • why don't you sell your domains on an adult webmaster forum: I haven't been on gfy for about a year and a half. I'd feel weird to pop my head in and directly start a sales-thread. Also, i'm currently hoarding BTC, i love BTC, so i want to sell my domains for BTC Smiley

Currently for sale:
  • included: domain, complete custom script (was written from scratch), a free push to namesilo
  • age: 2 years and 7 months
  • traffic: between 4k and 5k pageviews/days
  • each page contains the owner's banner at the top and the bottom of the page + all 404 traffic gets redirected to the owner's full page add
  • 354 users
  • 160 blogs
  • asking price: because it took me a long time to write the script (you get full reuse rights on the script for any domain you'd like, so you could use it or adapt it for any of your domains Wink ), the domain is 2,5 years old, and it already has 160 blogs without any promotion, i think 2BTC is a fair asking price... It can be negotiated tough
12  Local / Off-topic (Nederlands) / Goedkope harddisks? on: March 22, 2016, 11:50:54 PM

Even een klein vraagje: ik heb zonet een NAS'je gekocht voor thuis (een ZyXEL NSA-325 V2).
In deze NAS passen 2 SATA I/II Harddisks (zowel 2,5 als 3,5").

Ik zou graag 2x2Tb kopen en in RAID1 configureren.
Aangezien de disks toch in RAID1 zouden staan moeten de harddisks nu niet bepaald topkwaliteit zijn, en zoek ik eigenlijk de beste prijs/kwaliteit verhouding.

Het is voor mij echter zeker 9 jaar geleden dat ik nog zelf hardware heb gekocht (krijg tegenwoordig alles van m'n werkgever). Na lang zoeken kwam ik op volgende disks:

Weet iemand of er prijs/kwaliteit nog ergens betere deals te doen zijn? Ik beschik over voldoende BTC, Paypal funds of kan gewoon via de bank geld overmaken... Dus de betaalmethode maakt eigenlijk niet zo uit.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / JSON-RPC testcoins for development on: March 07, 2016, 11:16:23 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm currently working on a couple of projects (a faucet and a dice site), wich will use json-rpc calls to a daemon to import private keys, generate new deposit addresses and/or let my users withdraw coins to their wallets.
In the past, i always used bitcoin testnet coins to test all features while developing, but the thing is: even the testnet's blockchain is pretty large. It takes a long while to load/parse and reindexing is a pain in the *ss. Also, i don't like the testnet's stability.

I was thinking: does anybody have suggestions for an altcoin that is easily compilable (or has a precompiled binary for linux) with a very small blockchain (preferably only a couple thousand blocks), with a seperated coind and coin-cli (just like bitcoin), wich is virtually worthless (a coin i can still mine a couple blocks off with my cpu, or one that has some faucets, or one where the developer is giving away a couple hundred coins for development purposes?).
14  Economy / Service Discussion / Signature Campaign Bot [polling for feedback/intrest] on: March 03, 2016, 08:33:05 AM
I think signature campaigns are both great and horrible at the same time.

They're great because
  • they make sure the forum stays active
  • they distribute some coins to (new) bitcoiners

They're horrible because
  • they tend to reward signature spammers
  • there are a lot of discussions on the rules/interpretations/counts/payouts

Today, i'm polling to see if there's some people that would be interested in having a signature campaign bot developed.

My main idear would be to create a php/mysql bot with a user/admin backend and a frontpage that allows campaign managers to manage (almost) all aspects currently found in campaigns.
The system would be hosted. So a campaign owner would basically pay a low fee to create a signature campaign, they would get a username/password from me, log in to the web interface, adjust all the settings, and start entering campaignusers (or let the campaign users subscribe themself using the web interface).

My bot would then run daily/weekly/biweekly (any schedule really), calculate how much each user has to be payed (according to the rates and rules the manager entered), and generate an easy importable payout export for the campaign manager. The manager can then send this export to the escrow, or import it directly into electrum (or any other wallet that has documentation for importing)
If everything works perfectly for a long time, and i gain a bit more trust, the system can even handle the payouts over and RPC call to bitcoind on my server (offcourse, i know i don't have enough trust right now).

The users can either have a personal dashboard with all their stats, or there can be a global overview of the campaign users (this will be an option for the campaign manager).

At the moment, i'm not really looking for a lot of tips (i do have a lot of idears in my mind that i didn't write down yet). I'm just polling to see if, if i made such a bot, it would be used by the community.
I'm not looking for donations/investors/funds... I have domain names, servers and the technical knowledge to pull this off by myself Wink
15  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Private key from on: March 01, 2016, 12:30:16 PM
A quick question, maybe somebody here knows.

Nowadays, i have some basic knowledge about security, wallets and the blockchain itself (not an expert tough), but when i first came to this forum, i made my first wallet on
As a result, some of the first staked addresses from my account are created on this online wallet.

I'd like to export my private key (i still have the seed + pin), so i can import it into electrum, and use it to sign messages (in case this is ever needed).

Does anybody know an easy way to generate the hive private key beginning with the seed + pin? I already searched the forum and opened a ticket, but since hive is no longer maintained, i don't have a lot of hope to get a reply.
16  Economy / Services / coin washing service on: January 19, 2016, 09:25:40 AM
Since i'm looking for ways to get some "intrest" on my dormant coins, and the lending section i used to use is now full of scammers, i'm offering a coin washing service...
So, basically, if you want to enhance your privacy by swapping coins that can be traced back to you for coins that cannot be traced back to you, PM me...

The service is completely custom, but i can do the following things:
  • let you chose how much coins you want to wash (no predefined number)
  • show you the exact inputs that will be used
  • use either a VPN or TOR to send you the coins (not that it enhances your own privacy tough)
  • you can pick the exact time on which i'll send the coins
  • i can exchange BTC to about any altcoin, or receive about any altcoin and exchange it to clean BTC (extra exchange fees do apply)
  • altough i'm a senior member with a little bit of untrusted positive feedback, and my account name can be coupled to a real world identity (since i've actually bought some goods with this account + i've clearly shown that i regged a couple of domains that can be coupled to this account), i do accept the use of an escrow service (only the big 5 tough)
  • i can change the miner fee to get the transaction confirmed fast/medium/slow
  • delete any PM's i get from you after the deal is done
  • ...

Since the service is completely custom, the fee is custom to (anywhere between 3% and 20%, depending on the options and the amount of washed coins you chose).
I do understand that there are many wonderfull services that also offer coin washing, the difference between them and me is that this service happens on-forum (with possible escrow) and is 100% customisable to your needs.
Currently only washing up to and including 0.5BTC

PM if you're interested!
17  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] mining equipment (EU) S1-S4, dragon, gridseed, falcon, monarch,... on: December 08, 2015, 12:43:21 AM
I have a little bit overproduction of electricity (i have solar panels, and i'm producing about 1000-1500 KWu/year more than my family uses), i'm in the market for some cheap second hand miners, mostly to run during the winter/spring so i can heat part of my house with the excess energy they produce, while mining for BTC/LTC.

I'm looking for the best price/quality ratio, my maximum budget is around 0.5BTC (shipping within/to the EU/escrow/PSU included).

So if you have a leftover (fully functional) mining kit (including psu) that's gathering dust and you're willing to sell: PM me  Grin. Don't PM me if you're still planning on using your miner, and you want to make a lot of profit on the sale tough... I'm looking for a cheap kit Wink

I'm not to picky, as long as the hashrate is reasonable, the miner is fully functional and the price is right...

It doesn't matter if the miner is sha256 or scrypt (or both in case of a gridseed).

I personally think this pricerange would be OK for a second hand S1, S2, S3, Dragon miner, old gridseeds, maybe even an S4, falcons, monarchs,...

I'm willing to buy from neg. trusted members, as long as i get to pick the escrow, and pictures/tracking/proof of mining is included.
18  Bitcoin / Electrum / can not send 0.02 with electrum 2.5.1 (reason 64: dust) on: November 06, 2015, 08:37:58 AM
I was trying to send out 0.02 (i tripple checked the amount, it is really 0.02... I even put the price in EUR next to it, and it clearly showed i wanted to send about 6.3 euro)...

When i clicked the "send" button, and entered my password, electrum signed the transaction and tried to broadcast it... I always got the message in this screenshot:

I have already tryd to restart electrum, tryd to connect to different servers,.... i always get the same message.

Any idears? I hardly consider 0.02 (6€) a dust amount Sad
19  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] [NSFW] adult bloghost platform for sale, with userbase! on: November 05, 2015, 04:12:13 AM
Start your own bloghosting company, like but for adult websites!

Due to a complete lack of time, i'm selling my bloghost (NSFW). I'm selling it on bitcointalk because i have always tried to keep it as anonymous as possible, and due to the fact that i'm currently more active on bitcointalk than i am on any adult webmaster forum.

Site statistics can be verified with raw server logs if requested by the buyer.
In october, it had 18k+ unique visitors, visiting 55k+ pages. Each page had a promotional header/footer that generated a bit of income for me Smiley
I didn't run any statistics on my logs, but it seems the amount of visitors is steadily rising.

What is included:
domain name
Transfer to a namesilo account
all code (took me 2 weeks to write) + full rights to the code (the site was written from scratch by me, so i can legally sell the rights to this code)
the full database (42k+ posts in 130+ blogs)

I have written this site from scratch, and it's steadily growing... It took me 2 weeks to write the bulk of the code... This site has a lot of potential, so I think 4BTC would be a reasonable price, but i'm entertaining all offers ATM. Offcourse, i'll sell to the highest bidder.

Offcourse, i'm always available to answer any question you might have.

BTW: if i sell the site for +1BTC, escrow is defenately a must! Smiley, for sales less than 1 BTC you can either go first, or use an escrow anyways...

click the image for a bigger picture:
20  Bitcoin / Project Development / Altcoinhosting's free image hosting on: October 20, 2015, 10:54:50 AM
Because i don't like many of the other free image hosts (slow, and offline for a lot of time), i've written my own free image hosting script...

It's currently in public beta, free and anonymous Smiley
This means the site is open, and can be used by anybody... There is, however, a small chance of bugs and/or missing features

During the bθta, i probably won't put any real adds over/under the hosted images Wink



This is, for now, also the official feature request and support thread...
So if you'd like some new features, or found a bug, post on this thread to get some support!
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