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1  Other / Off-topic / BITCOIN IS WORTHLESS JUNK 1 TRANSACTION INFORMATION BORING.. on: October 15, 2018, 04:38:58 AM
Bitcoin is worthless all it has is 1 transaction data TOTAL USELESS ..

i WILL NOT BECOMING BACK ON HERE NO MORE   ..You watch bitcoin tumble because of me Wink..

You all lived of my mind now you die off because i will not be here and your bitcoin was at it's price because of me NO ONE ELSE Grin..

WATCH  the longer i leave the lower bitcoin goes down  WHO THE FUCK TRUST YOU LOT Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy..

YOUR BITCOIN FED OFF MY MIND     now it's got nothing it will die..No popcorn1   no bitcoin Wink..WATCH  WHEN I LEAVE   IT WILL DIE ..

yOU HAVE NO vision     so this is were the vision ends for your SHITTY BITCOIN   IDEAS   MANY OF YOUR IDEAS ARE SHIT..

FUCK YOU HELLFISH ..Your post are boring as fuck and you talk shit   you wanker..


Watch  you mark my words   your token was worth what it was because of my mind   now i will go and it will be worthless junk  built on LIES..

bye see you after NEXT YEAR    when all your CRYPTO DIES OFF...Only the real use blockchains will be used all the rest will be known for the scams they are..

2  Other / Politics & Society / UK soldier sacked for shouting tommy robinson over Islam . on: October 13, 2018, 04:07:13 AM
The army is taking steps to discharge a soldier who appeared in a video with far-right activist Tommy Robinson.
Islamic advisor to the armed forces, Iman Asim Hafiz, told the BRITISH ARMY Shocked  how it is Shocked Shocked..

The army said no one in the army can have political views ..SO WHAT IS ISLAM?   SHARIA LAW? < Islam is a form of political views ..
You do know why we have POLITICS  to discuss what our lives want to be like ..SO what is ISLAM?  SHARIA LAW Roll Eyes  a discussion on how to live your life..

You do know RELIGION is POLITICAL in many ways  ..BUT a British born cannot have views unless your a MUSLIM.. Angry

Never ever put your child in the UK army it's not the UK army it's to protect the rich army END OF STORY..
So to all army dudes in the UK   your fighting to keep the royals in monies and their CRONIES..

So die for peanuts  while you make those lot even richer and more power greedy..
3  Other / Politics & Society / UK government need to walk from EU.. on: September 22, 2018, 09:45:13 AM
We voted to leave the EU  so why haven't we left? ..They keep saying no trade will happen when it will WTO RULES  so lets leave ..
I told you from the very start of the election they will always be difficult  27 countries it takes to make a choice   very very bad for business ..

Now if they change the rules and make the EU the single rulers you just become the old soviet union   unelected cronies telling the whole of EU COUNTRIES how to live and how much tax to pay plus how much your wages are   and you wont have a single say..

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has been convicted over her role in a controversial €400m (£355m) payment to a businessman. French judges found..
AND STILL IN HER JOB Shocked Shocked..and she tells you how much you can have but she can have what she wants   Roll Eyes..

And you expect me a British citizen to put up with all that from UNELECTED LEADERS ?  I don't think so ..

Mind you most in the EU love being ruled by dictators NOT US BRITISH   NO THANK YOU..

You can see both are high up leaders and still they are in the jobs for STEALING ..That's how piss poor the EU is  robbing LIARS..
4  Other / Politics & Society / Futarchy in governance doesn't work.. on: September 04, 2018, 04:17:37 PM
Why prediction markets are so accurate or are they?..

Futarchy is a form of government proposed by economist Robin Hanson, in which elected officials define measures of national welfare, and prediction markets are used to determine which policies will have the most positive effect..

You do know in life we only act on what happens there and then  we can BET on the future BUT doesn't mean it will be so..

I bet on the horses now and then if i win on sports bets  BUT on william hill they have a prediction market for the horses and what you do is press go and the computer picks what it thinks will be the best horse to win on in that chosen race  NOW it never really wins 1 in 10 goes do you know why?  because Futarchy is bullshit..

I will explain..     the fact you have the horse rider cheating the bookies cheating the trainers cheating all facts the Futarchy cannot predict Wink..

Now take POLITICS  what cheating goes on in politics?  so did the futarchy take this into account?  also what about bad weather can Futarchy predict your electric blew and turned your power off ?..Snow less people out means less buying meaning less sales ..

You do know that only 10% make money on trading on the stocks as a good living..Now with your Futarchy it should be 100% making money on the stocks?..
The answer will be no because you and i know Futarchy is about as good as flipping a coin..

Imagine you have officials who decide what technology or an outcome to put forward on a blockchain        then you have Futarchy determine the best outcome will the officials not have to vote on which upgrades or technology will suit your blockchain for the Futarchy to then decide which it will pick?..

So no matter what there is a "VOTE" by the officials to decide which technology to choose to let the prediction computer decide on the best outcome that the "OFFICIALS"
decided to put forward ..

I can decide with 10 of my officials 10 of the best that suit us 10 not you lot but my 10 officials on the technology that best suits us ..     
Then even if the Futarchy picks 1      which it will       we 10 still win Wink..NO not you lot ..

Now imagine the markets?  their is already prediction machines and how many win?  not many because it's very hard to predict the future and a future were we bet on it
WHY because when humans bet we cheat..

All prediction Futarchy does is take the stats and give you worthless information  because so many unforeseen things can happen..
Take football we all know watching the games who will be a good goal scoring goals so we bet on the outcome they will score again BUT do they on when you bet on it?..

All that will happen is the bots will see what money as gone on the most and do the opposite so more lose than win < your prediction machine for you Roll Eyes..

A crystal ball is just as good..
5  Other / Politics & Society / Randomness in a voting governance process is a lie.. on: September 01, 2018, 09:38:34 PM
Why is it impossible to produce truly random numbers?

To have randomness in a governance blockchain it cannot be done      you need to eliminate the person from ever voting again for your voting system to work..
No matter what the person voting could win the vote 5 times on the run   then people will think it's fixed ..

Just imagine even if we all know by random computer picks that it's not fixed   the person setting up the vote could fix it THEN say that's how it rolls  and we would all think YES that's how random computer picks work ..

So is random computer voting really any good?..
Imagine in real GOVERNANCE the governments could rig the elections and we would all say oh well that's how computer picks work Shocked..

If the randomness is for games and what not then all good BUT some things cannot have someone getting voted again and again like POLITICS .
So if your building a governance blockchain you need to think   how can we stop someone getting voted in again..

To get a different outcome with computer randomness is impossible ..
The best randomness is this below..

Electronic RF Radio Frequency Noise -

And you still wont get randomness     SO the only way i can think is you eliminate the person from ever voting again the only way it can be done..

6  Other / Politics & Society / RT news propaganda news station yes or no? on: August 18, 2018, 01:12:41 AM
RT news never ever tells us about PUTIN and his CRONIES   why?..
I always hear about what the west and everyone else gets up to  BUT never nothing about PUTIN and his bunch of robbers..

So maybe it is a PUTIN propaganda machine ?  SO why don't you investigate some of PUTINS  cronies  plenty who have been in power and still are in power in RUSSIA
that have way way more monies than what they get paid to do   SO unless you investigate some of your own lot then your the same as CNN ..

No investigations of your own political class ?   then don't investigate at all Wink..
Mansions for a prime minister ?   must pay well in RUSSIA   but poor old MISS RUSSIAN  gets nothing much..
7  Other / Politics & Society / Populism why do so MPs say it like it's a bad word .. on: August 15, 2018, 02:00:35 AM
populism..     This is your choice to live   how would you like to live    now lets look at what populism is and why do politicians hate the people ..

The word populism  is the people telling politicians how we should live   and this is why they hate populism..
Now they think that we shouldn't have "populism" because  THEY want us to live the way they thinks we should   in other words they get voted in then we do as they say..
Now they always think they deserve a better life than we do even though we pay them out OUR taxes to work for us Roll Eyes..

BUT no they want to tell us what to do   their way of thinking   no you voted me in and now I tell you how you should live..
SO what would you rather live under POPULISM or vote a leader then you be his bitch dog ?..

Now if you not noticed we have had those rules were we votes someone in as leader then they made themselves rich while everyone else got poor OR worked for nothing just to get by while they get fat and so do their children..

Now to tony blair  just go and die in your big house you stole of the people of the world  YOU rat  you even look like one  Wink..

Tony blair populism  is taking over Cheesy   and you wonder why?  because your terrible at doing your jobs   see your suppose to work for us not yourselves ..
So now we must take over and make sure you do a proper job  BECAUSE way more smarter people than you shower of shit..

populism  is here to stay  YOU will be paid to do a good job if not get out you bum..
you knock on peoples doors for a vote   as a snooty ugly little worms begging for our votes   then you get in power and thinks you own our asses REMEMEBR you was a ugly snooty little worm  knocking on our doors   please sir can i have your vote you little BUMS  NOW FUCK OFF..TWATS.. Cheesy Cheesy

8  Other / Politics & Society / Max Keiser do you think he is right about bitcoin? on: August 15, 2018, 12:44:29 AM

Don't get me wrong I like max he is off his head     funny wise  BUT he talks through his butt when it comes to crypto    I bet he must have loads of crypto though so I can imagine he would blow it's trumpet ..

See me this is why I have merit   even if I owned loads of a certain crypto  I wouldn't try and get people to buy it so I can bail out some for GOVERNMENT backed monies
because if I seen a problem even if I owned it I wouldn't want people to lose out like I did or have done <that's not who I am ..

they guy who invented bitcoin never wanted this to happen    he now sees the problems that he never foreseen about bitcoin and 1 was the greed..

He never thought about people collecting loads  then they become the powerful   just swapped a better power over to a much worse power..
See a government has the power over the monies  NOW do you know who is the GOVERNMENT?..YES YOU..

A tramp on the street can clean his or her act up then become our leader if they have good plans for our futures   not so with bitcoin ..
The more demand   the higher the price of bitcoin   DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?    you don't do you?..OK let me tell you then..

Imagine someone with millions of bitcoin ?   then me a new starter in life  the more demand the bitcoin the higher the price meaning me the new starter gets less than someone who payed 1p per bitcoin   SO that means those with 1 million bitcoin those bitcoin will make them even more richer than everyone else..

now imagine I start a business I use crypto bitcoin   I will be making little billy even way way more richer for doing nothing   just sitting on a pile of bitcoin letting you do all the work ..NOW  for that fact  do you know no matter how much work you do you will never be able to be as rich as little billy if he just keeps sitting on them..

NOW take monies    you do know with monies   people like BILL GATES  can become as rich as a king Wink  invented something we all wanted  BUT never the less
1 pounds was 1 pounds   just like everyone else 1 pound   BUT with bitcoin    the more demand   the more little billies pile  becomes rich for doing NOTHING..

Bill gates invented stuffs   then become rich as a king   so rich he gives tons of it away  NICE CHAP   HE IS   love bill gates me..and a few others  like him..
BUT   that's why bitcoin can never ever become a currency  ..

I can IMAGINE   rich bitcoin dudes  with loads of government cash plus bitcoin   would LOVE to own all our asses  WELL NO CHANCE     WAR Angry Angry..

Max keiser had START COIN   what happened to that coin   YES he bailed   and left you with the SHIT   so take no notice of RATS  ..a CRAZY RAT AND FUNNY..

Also  ask yourself this  WHY is bitcoin worth so much BUT  something much faster  plus does more is much less?..

Must be like   do you know when some companies say less salt and charge you more for that product Tongue Tongue Tongue

YES we put less in because it saves your lives   BUT we charge you more for less Tongue Tongue Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy   <<and we all say THANK YOU  for charging us more for less Cheesy Cheesy..
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / SAUDI Arabia has banned the trading of cryptocurrencies.. on: August 14, 2018, 04:48:03 AM

Saudi Arabian Regulators Reiterate Ban on Cryptocurrency Trading
A joint committee of Saudi Arabia’s regulatory bodies has issued a statement ... or individuals exempt from such a ban by way of licensing.The speculative nature of cryptocurrency investments was also ...

Might end up in chop chop square   if caught trading bitcoin  Cheesy..
I suppose bitcoin needs to prove it's SAFE   oh look another scam for bitcoin..

Bitcoin Fraud Scam Hits Yavapai County
Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls over the past few weeks regarding a scam extorting ‘bitcoin’ from victims based on a threat to expose alleged viewing of pornography sites. N...

THAI INVESTIGATORS have widened their probe into the alleged Bt800-million bitcoin investment scam and are looking at more suspects after a Finnish bitcoin-owner was lured into transferring the crypto...

Thai Bitcoin Scam Fleeces Finish Investor of $35 Million, Used Dragon Coin as Bait & Involved Famous Thai Actor
Aarni Otava Saarimaa, a 22 year old crypto investor based in Finland, used to be crypto rich. Today, …

All this week   i wonder how much next week?  ..I will let you all know   see i thinks bitcoin will hit a low of 2k to 3k very very soon ..
Just be safe   so many scams and the fact the POLICE couldn't keep up with them   be   SAFE INVEST ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE ..

Best thing to do is wait or bail and buy back when it's 2 times lower ..So many scams in the crypto space false promises ..

Crypto scams all beginners should be aware of
the crypto scene is full of users trying to scam you out of your hard earned life savings ... Public sale is too long It’s better to raise 100% of $15 USD than 50% of $50 million USD. I’m not a fan of ..

Best thing to do    wait for the real drop and don't be fooled by internet news    pump and dump scams even by internet news   they lie to you so you buy..

Also never buy off  people who give you a quote BUY   smart  and save yourself loads of cash    if your rich then yes buy what ever your rich..

But don't be fooled    learn the way of the crypto smart buyer Wink..And now is not the time   because no one got any real world use YET ..
someone will but who is the answer   ..Do your homework  and what out the sammers are about..

10  Other / Politics & Society / Max Keiser vs Paul Krugman who is right? on: August 13, 2018, 03:58:11 AM
Bitcoin Is Evil ...Paul Krugman..

What Is Paul Krugman's Problem With Bitcoin?
More on Bitcoin How Much Will the Last Mined Bitcoin Be Worth? John McAfee Wants to Know Why Do A High Percentage Of Crypto Transactions Have No Economic Value? Bitcoin Trading Volume Shoots ..MAX KEISER  thinks he is wrong   when really it's people who think bitcoin can become a currency FACT..

OK why doesn't the GOVERNMENT say  what ever happens in bitcoin we will not do nothing about it what so ever..
You get it stolen not government to blame    no police to help you in anyway what so ever ..

Now Imagine no government involved ?..
I set up an exchange   collect 100 million  then decide to run what will you do about it considering some are asking for decentralised EXCHANGES ..

who will help me if an exchange robs me        know no law will be involved because REMEMBER you said no governments should be involved in our bitcoin affairs because we are decentralised ..

You put bitcoin on a really good exchange     "no law remember"  it builds up a really good amount of people with zero charges   then 3 years down the line they RUN OFF

with everyone's bitcoin  WHAT WILL YOU DO?   no law  you said OH we want no central body looking after us..
See ok if your rich        you can talk shit as much as you likes  your rich..

Bitcoin can never become a currency  because your stupid if you think it can..
And how does businesses run without GOVERNMENTS?  Undecided Undecided..

Some of you crypto dudes are crazy as hell Cheesy..

And you have no clue why we can use blockchain ..Your making up PYRAMID SCEMES    ride on my rich quick plan   it's crypto Cheesy..CABBAGES ..
yOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND LIFE...why you was allowed to be a nerd..? Wink   so how will you stop the strong from taking your bitcoin?..

Indian State Loses $3B in Bitcoin to Fraudulent Schemes, Corruption
Allegations of corruption involving crooked police officers and politicians, tax evasion, and a kidnapped kidnapper form the backbone of an investigation into how India’s Gujarat state lost more than..

NOW imagine the governement saying we will do NOTHING   because you said you want us to ahve no part in it NO CENTRAL BODY like governments involved..

That's why it cannot become a currency  NUMB NUTS  Cheesy
11  Other / Politics & Society / Religion in the UK is taking our free speech because of the media .. on: August 09, 2018, 07:56:30 PM
Have you not noticed the media as been playing 2 sides against each other ?..

We have jewish on one side saying we cannot say this and that   and islam on the other saying we cannot say this and that  ..

NOW if I remember my country was once a CHRISTIAN nation  and because of all the murder and lies the churches told we started to become non religious meaning
no one cared what your past religion was and we got on better ..

So now we have RELIGIONS that are not western RELIGIONS come over here and then tell us how we should behave and live WHILE some of the religion comes over here
and rape our children blow us up  plus tell us how we should live   and we are suppose to say THANK YOU Angry  well no chance..

Lets just say this MEDIA you carry on and I BET all the money you want    I will see places of worship getting petrol bombed and those types FUCKED UP..
It's like your doing it the media to make us want to go crazy   ..

IMAGINE?  a white BRITISH  going to PAKISTAN  and saying on there TV  why should we stop women walking around with a bikini on this is our country as well..
And also NON BELIVERS have freedom to do what we likes in Pakistan OR INDIA  or CHINA or SAUDI ARABIA ..

So do we get to do what we likes in your countries ? No we don't ..I will prove my case..

A couple was arrested in Dubai for kissing on the beach ...
The Indian man, 28, caught drunkenly kissing his 25-year-old Filipina co-worker on Jumeria Beach, Dubai told a court he was merely trying to resuscitate her.

And you have the cheek to come over here and tell us how we should live and how you can live  no chance..

PACK YOUR BAGS  relidious crazies we british HATE ISLAM     WE HATE IT    ..WHY because it's a SHITTY RELIGION ..


If you think about it covering a women like that  a man will not be used to seeing a women with less clothes on  and that could make him become a rapist if he sees
a western women with hardly nothing on ..Just think they are used to women covered from head to toe  cannot even see them  so when they do they be like
DOGS ON HEAT...Then our leaders invite  those types to RAPE OUR WOMEN   fact..remember not all muslims will be like this BUT LOADS WILL..
12  Other / Off-topic / Boris johnson upset the muslims Jeremy corbyn upset the jews on: August 09, 2018, 07:10:45 PM
Today in the UK we are now having RELIGIOUS crazies   running around telling us what we can say and what we can't ..

BEND OR YOU'LL BREAK Jeremy Corbyn will be forced into accepting full changes to anti-Semitism code or the party will SPLIT
The Labour boss has a month to back down and adopt the full rules, or several MPs could resign and even some of his supporters could break ranks..

The former foreign secretary Boris Johnson is to a face a disciplinary investigation following a string of complaints that his comments about the burqa breached the Conservative party’s code of conduct.

so go back to your sandland where you parents come   WE BRITISH  ARE THIS..

More than half UK population has no religion, finds survey ...

More than half UK population has no religion, ... more than half the ... at modernising the church and increasing by 50% the number of priests ...

MAKING non religion the most populated ..So why are you here if your parents moved then you bring your shitty countries actions to my country  did you not leave because your country is a shit dump?..

Then you can say well you Brits made it that way?  SO why pick a country that bombed you to then want to live amongst us? Undecided..


Every time i go something stupid happens   THIS PLANET   couldn't run a BATH..

13  Other / Politics & Society / A capitalist socialist the new way to live.. on: July 29, 2018, 06:57:24 PM
I have decided the best way to do things is TAX TAX TAX the rich  and spread the wealth about and if you leave your product doesn't go on our markets..
This is the new way to live OR vote MR TRUMP for 4 more years  it's one or the other take your choice ..

See Mr trump doing well as in making money BUT we could vote for something different  Captial socialism we tax tax the rich plus open the boarders and let everyone from anywhere live in our nation build on all the lands right next to our elected leaders homes ..

See with all the games getting played i can see this young lady smashing the next election the way CNN is carrying on..

REPORT: Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Should Cancel Debt of ‘Invaded’ Colony Puerto Rico
As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the …

Ocasio-Cortez  she will become next president FACT ..You laughed at trump being the next leader Wink Grin..
I imagine USA will be flooded with many millions more   OH well loads of pavements around so you can sleep on it..

MR TRUMP  or Ocasio-Cortez ..I see anymore badness toward trump i will be vouching for Ocasio-cortez ..

Well OBAMA said we would be at the back of the queue so i have every right to but in my cousins elections Wink Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy..
Yes i got first cousins born in the USA..Fcat many USA people from where i live moved 100 years ago to USA hated the ROYALS ..

14  Other / Politics & Society / Do the people of the UK think Russia used novichok in the UK on: July 29, 2018, 06:30:37 PM
Since the BBC lied about 9/11 all this novichok thing in the UK is very puzzling ..Yes the UK elite would kill our own..

Novichok: what to do if you're exposed to nerve agent
Watch video · What is Novichok, the nerve agent used in an attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury?..

Well what i will do is seek REVENGE on a politician head  ..Massive family some really rich Wink  ..

15  Other / Politics & Society / Anti-Semitism why do the jewish people get so up set.. on: July 29, 2018, 06:24:48 PM
Anti-Semitism why is it that jews get so upset by some persons saying they don't believe in the holocaust ?..
See my uncles got tortured by the JAPS ..

What would happen the japs would come on the TV and then my gran mother would cry and say those bastards killed my 2 brothers and the worst was instead of putting a bullet in their heads they tortured them and made them suffer so bad ..

See her mother died when she was 9 and she had to bring her fathers children up so my gran said i was like their mother rather than a sister ..

Now if someone said to me i don't believe the japs tortured anyone and i hate you  I would say so fucking what you dildo  Wink
And that would be it..

BUT the jews seem to think they are so special for some reason or is it just me  Undecided..

I said to my wife you watch if the Tories think they will loose next election which they will Jeremy corbyn will be getting called a jew hater ..

Jeremy Corbyn is 'militant opponent of anti-Semitism', says Labour leader's spokesperson
Jeremy Corbyn is a "militant opponent of anti-Semitism" and is "committed" to tackling it, says the …

why you hate him it's SOCIALISM not ANTI-SEMITISIM    You MPs on both sides because both Labour and Tories are both the same party   BOTH got hands in secret
money pies  the kickbacks    but some MPs haven't   if your not in the click  then your a racisest or an anti-semite all to get you kicked out because your not in their click

the CAPITALISM CLICK  and this is the only reason why Jeremy corbyn is getting called a ANTI-SEMITE ..
JEREMY CORBYN   WILL SMASH NEXT ELECTION ...he will be next leader of the UK ..

You CAPITALIST need to blame yourselves for not leaving the EU without any FUSS   all the noise has made us investigate even more only to find how much you snoots
are RATS of the earth..

You can play your games but i blame the leaders not poor mary .. 

16  Other / Politics & Society / MPs hate the fake news even though they spread it.. on: July 28, 2018, 09:58:25 PM
The UK faces a "democratic crisis" with voters being targeted with "pernicious views" and data being manipulated, a parliamentary committee is set to warn.
The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee has been investigating disinformation and fake news following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
In its first report, MPs will suggest social media companies should face tougher regulation or a new tax.
It also proposes measures to combat election interference.
The MPs' report comes after months of investigating the impact of technology giants and how people are affected by the rise in fake news on social media.
It also probed whether Russia had a role in influencing voters in the EU referendum...

You leave my post alone you hellfish face Wink..On topic all about politics you plank..
See you have come along since the political bums said they hate freedom of speech  and I guess you would suck tony blairs ball bag  ..

Now back to my important post Grin..

The political bums are moaning because what they say we just don't believe anymore not one bit  ..
So the best thing for political bums to do is go away     because we the people cannot stand the lies that spew out of your faces..

If they had their choice they would have us all licking the horse shit off their boots..
17  Other / Off-topic / Do news stations hate the internet . on: July 28, 2018, 05:17:26 PM
All I hear lately is the news stations banging on about fake news when it's them that's the fake news ..

They hate the fact they cannot lie to the masses anymore YIPPEEE  so please turn over when watching the tv news  or just never believe what they say ..

The news cannot spew lies to the masses for their own gain anymore so they blame facebook and twitter because what the politicians say we can find out so easy that they lie about what they talk about..

The politicians hate the fact they cannot lie to the masses  Cheesy  POLITICIANS are scum of the earth FACT bums ..
the politicians hate the internet the news hate the internet because they cannot get away with their lies to fool the masses ..

The politicians are complaining about fake news Cheesy
No your the fake liars   the masses don't need TV news anymore  WHY you ask ?   because this is TV news for you all..

ENHANCED VERSION: News Reports WTC7 Fell Before It Happens ...THE BBC NEWS..

And the presenters on all those channels get told what to say in their ear piece    all for the monies ..

The politicians are pig sick they cannot lie anymore to the masses so they will try and BAN BAN BAN  freedom of speech..

Soon i can see politicians in deep trouble      they are acting like DICTATORS    you politicians get out you BUMS of the earth.

They cannot spew lies anymore Cheesy Cheesy.. They blame everyone else but not themselves for being GREEDY BUMS

18  Other / Politics & Society / Split Re: Request For Help From P&S Regulars on: July 24, 2018, 06:57:56 AM

May be more applicable to the meta board, but...

It is a little off topic but I know a guy that will let us chat about it here  Grin

TBH the 10 word shitpost are kinda easy to spot and dump.  Granted I'm sure I miss tons of them.  It really comes down to me doing it alone.  I literally get less than 1 report a day, so anything cleaned up is done 99% by me.  I don't mind so much and I do what I can!

The ones that eat my time are the "paragraph" redundant posts.  They take much more time to read and make a determination on.  I really do want to make sure I don't get rid of a post by someone with a genuine opinion (whatever the fuck it may be!)!  I do leave a lot "just in case", I would love to dump a fuck ton more but I'm here to enforce forum rules and not my own!!

The next problem I will ask folks to start working on is the multi-posting (this is not directed at you mate!!!!).  It is starting to become a bit of an eyesore, it's a very few users so I think we can work together to get that taken care of!
snowflake  Wink  and you called me one    jeez and deleted my factual post about rotten scumbags   oh well they only let in scumbags to throw acid in 3 year old faces..

Three-year-old boy seriously hurt in 'acid attack' in ...
1 day ago · A three-year-old boy has been seriously injured in a suspected acid attack in a busy shop in Worcester, police say. The victim was in a pushchair when a substance was ..

QUICK DELETE IT . I suppose someone will complain and say it's ok to throw acid in 3 year olds faces  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Just like they would kill if god told them to..
19  Other / Politics & Society / Obama borrowed 1.2 trillion every year he was in power. on: July 17, 2018, 08:31:03 PM
To the USA you say you don't like socialism  but under the same rules I.E getting free money  you borrow of children that are not even born yet SO basically your bumming of people like socialism  no different ..

I think that President Obama raised the national debt by ...
On January 21st 2009 the US national debt was at $10.6 trillion dollars. ... Obama did rack up 9.3 trillion dollars ... given loans actually had the money ..

Obama 10 trillion in 8 years  Shocked Shocked.. And Detroit still was and still is a shit hole   even though Obama borrowed 10 trillion and Chicago still a shit dump full of shooting in mass numbers..

More than 30 shot, 6 fatally, in most violent weekend of 2018
22/01/2018 · More than 30 shot, 6 fatally, in most violent weekend of 2018. Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune. ... For more on crime in the Chicago area, .

The black democratic leaders are like black African slave sellers .. FACT scum of the earth  ..
You say get a black guy in and they will do loads for our black peoples   MY FOOT..LIARS GREEDY BUMS    see just the same as white peoples greedy bums like all humans are .. LIE LIE LIE   FOR MONIES ..
20  Other / Politics & Society / Fuck politics it's a scam on: July 17, 2018, 06:15:01 PM
Fuck you politicians   i will vote crazy now  never think your your voting for real because it's a waste of time ..
I hope you all die  you scum fucks  ..We the people are slaves for these twats ..

I will knock you cunts out with 1 punch you little fucking worms ..
I think politics is FULL OF SHIT ..

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