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1  Bitcoin / Pools / Eligius: 0% Fee BTC, 105% PPS NMC, No registration, CPPSRB on: January 31, 2014, 03:16:10 AM
Please see our website for all the latest details.
Members are encouraged to hang out on our IRC channel.

To use, just point your miner to stratum+tcp:// (or for GBT) with username set to the bitcoin address you want paid.

WARNING: Generations won't show up on your Instawallet, BTC-e, or many web-based wallet balances, so make sure you use the address of a standalone client,, or another wallet that has been confirmed to work with generation payouts.

If the pool has problems, call 1-877-281-POOL (7665) (or, from outside the USA or Canada, call +1 818-688-POOL (7665))

Donations for pool may be sent to: 1E1igiusfEjs1pCaGjEERExE9gYcrFwow7

BFGMiner: bfgminer -o -O YourAddress

Note: This thread is continued from the previous thread found here. This new thread is a self-moderated thread.  I will try to refrain from utilizing this, however, unless obviously necessary to maintain on-topic and accurate information in this thread.  I will also make it a point to note in this thread any time I must delete a post and why.
2  Bitcoin / Pools / [Contest - Complete] Eligius Block Finder Contest! Extra Rewards! on: November 15, 2012, 10:48:17 PM
Greetings, Miners!

So, I've decided to celebrate having the majority of the code for the new CPPSRB reward system complete, and I've decide to do so by having a contest/sweepstakes.

Starting now, for the next five blocks mined by Eligius I will reward the miner who submitted the block winning share 1 BTC directly to their mining address as soon as the block reaches 120 confirmations. (So, orphaned blocks won't count, sorry.)  

This will be out of my own pocket, so, no pool funds are involved.  This contest will involve all active miners on Eligius, new and old.  So, feel free to jump in any time!  Miners will obviously still be rewarded normally under CPPSRB (0% fee maximum PPS style reward system which favors active miners) in addition to any reward from this contest.

If the same miner mines more than one of the five blocks, I'll throw in a bonus for them.

Also!  In addition to a reward for the miner of the block, for every lucky block in these 5 blocks (ie, a block that takes less shares than the current network difficulty) I will throw in a small reward for the top 10 miners with the highest hashrates averaged over the entire round.

So, lets sum things up:

  • The contest is valid for the next five blocks mined by the Eligius Pool (height > 208091)
  • The miner submitting the share which wins one of these blocks will be paid an additional 1 BTC
  • If any individual miner finds more than one of these five blocks, I will throw in a small undisclosed bonus reward.
  • If one more of these blocks counts as a lucky round, I will reward the top 10 miners (based on average hashrate for the entire round) all with a small undisclosed reward.
  • These rewards will only be paid once when the block reaches 120 confirmations.  Orphaned/stale blocks will not count towards these five blocks.
  • The contest funds are not from the pool.  They are directly from wizkid057's wallet.  All payment transaction IDs will be publicly posted here.
  • All miners are included in this contest unless they explicitly request via signed message that they would not like to participate.
  • Eligius share database will be the final record for determining these rewards.  Most information available on the stats pages.
  • Essentially, if there are any arguments about any of this, I have the final say.

So, point your miners to , use a bitcoin address of yours as your username and anything for a password, and join in now!

Happy mining!

3  Bitcoin / Pools / [POLL] Eligius reward system scheduled for immediate change on: October 29, 2012, 01:12:06 AM
Eligius Miners,

I'm currently working on code for replacing the current SMPPS reward system with CPPSRB.  (See and for details about both)

In order to retain the accumulated extra credit from SMPPS, this system will need a cutoff point where that extra credit is then put into the care of CPPSRB.

Unfortunately, I'm not done with the code for CPPSRB, but I expect to have it up and working very soon (as little as a few more days if all goes well, at latest I'd say this coming weekend.).

However, at this time, instead of mining under the SMPPS reward system while this switch is planned, I propose setting the switch point sometime in the near future.  Perhaps the next block Eligius finds or so.  Then disabling SMPPS.  At that point the pool would simply hold payouts until a reward system is enabled, and as soon as I finish the code I will activate CPPSRB and it will catch up based on the switch point on forward to present.

I mention this because every day the pool remains on SMPPS miners get more and more frustrated.  At least if I disable SMPPS soon, shares after that point will be directly counted towards CPPSRB and paid accordingly (and with an almost certainty of being paid far more than SMPPS is paying per share now.)  Any lucky blocks will knock out past extra credit, etc.

While I don't see an issue with just going forward with this plan, I propose it here only because it will delay payouts for a little while until I finish the CPPSRB code.  In the unlikely event that I can't complete the CPPSRB code in a reasonable time, SMPPS can always be switched back on and things resume as normal.

So, the vote is, are you as Eligius miners OK with delaying payouts in an effort to make CPPSRB take effect earlier than it would if it were implemented when I finish the code?
(Note: No shares are lost in any way in this transition.)
If so, I propose that the switch be made after the first Eligius block that is found after 10/29/2012 20:00:00 UTC. (As in, every share that is submitted after that block is found will be rewarded under CPPSRB and not SMPPS).

Please post comments/questions/concerns.


4  Bitcoin / Pools / Eligius Miners: [POLL] Proposed changes to Eligius Reward System on: August 01, 2012, 08:12:30 PM


Please cast your votes on the new poll. Thanks.


After many discussions on IRC, I am putting to vote a change to the Eligius miner reward system.
I would prefer that, on the honor system, only Eligius miners with some amount of EC on their address vote on this poll.

This is a two part proposal.  Please read carefully!

As of now, the pool has accrued a substantial amount of "extra credit" under the SMPPS system.  This is causing reward payouts for active miners to be significantly lower than 100% PPS.
From what I can tell, a large portion of the "extra credit" is being slowly paid to miners who have stopped mining at the pool entirely, thus slowing the reward payout for active miners who are currently supporting the pool.

I believe that miners who support the pool through good and bad luck times should be rewarded and have a good chance of reaching 100% PPS.  Recently, due to the pool's run of bad luck, many miners have left the pool.  This makes it much harder for the remaining miners to catch up and pay the extra credit to the inactive miners, potentially to the point where it becomes statistically improbable.  These proposals, if adopted, should provide a system which makes mining at Eligius, even during bad luck times, more reasonable and more enticing than the system as it exists now.

On a personal note, I recommend voting YES to both proposals.  I believe that these changes will make the pool more viable in the long term and give miners, new and old, more incentive to mine at the pool.


Part 1
For the first part of this proposal, I propose that extra credit payments NOT be made to miners who are not actively mining at the pool.  Further, I propose that extra credit reward payouts be adjusted like so:
  • Miners who have an extra credit balance may not be paid more extra credit in a round than they have earned normally for the round. (For example, if you have 1 BTC in EC, and you mine 0.1 BTC in shares, the biggest reward payout you can get from that block would be 0.2 BTC (your earnings plus and equal amount of your extra credit)).
  • The extra credit that is not able to be paid to a miner (inactive, low hash rate, etc) under this system will be added to the available funds for paying active miner extra credit.

This setup rewards active miners during unlucky times (such as now) over those who have stopped supporting the pool.

If you believe this is reasonable, then vote "Yes EC Limit".

For details on SMPPS please see


Part 2
As the second part of this proposal, I propose that Eligius switches to a reward system based on CPPS with backpay rather than SMPPS.  On average, this should get miners the same amount as SMPPS.  The advantage is that even when the pool is having a run of bad luck, when the pool is lucky for even one block, you will get 100% PPS for that block.

Please read for details on CPPS.

I propose that if you agree with the above proposal AND CPPS with backpay that Eligius implement "CPPSBAM" as described in the link above, which rewards only active miners.
If you agree with CPPS with backpay, but not only for active miners, then I propose we use "CPPSEB" as described in the link above.

For the vote, if you agree with CPPS with backpay, please vote an option with "Yes CPPS".


Any questions or clarification please post or see us on freenode in #eligius.  I'd be happy to answer questions.



P.S. - I just want to point out to clear up some misunderstandings that no miners will ever lose any earned extra credit under any of the proposed reward systems.  *Please* read carefully!  It specifically explains that even inactive miners never lose their extra credit under CPPSBAM.

Edit: Clarification that this is for the miner reward system (initially ambiguously referred to as payout system)
Edit: Added P.S. to emphasize CPPSBAM does not mean losing extra credit.
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