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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [W] 500 Tezos --- [H] BTC-XMR-ETH - 1:1 CMC rate - Suggestions? on: May 21, 2019, 07:36:18 AM
Looking for up to 500 Tezos-XTZ --- I have BTC, XMR, ETH.

Will pay 1:1 CoinMarketCap Price at moment of tx.

Send up to 500 Tezos to GPG signed address below.
Message, email, or Post txid, including expected price, along with your coin payment address.
CMC Price @ time of above txid: = $1.73 USD or 0.00021878 BTC
500 XTZ @ 0.00021878 BTC = 0.10939 BTC
0.10939 BTC pay to: 1GRWGdGcERc7sikhx3GeBhiYoooEXAMPLE
CMC Price @ time of above txid: = $1.73 USD or 0.00021878 BTC
500 XTZ @ $1.73 = $865.00 / $86.88 = 9.95626151 XMR
9.95626151 XMR pay to: 4882x61NgGxjJh8CrEREKNC6jaGaEhAjC4rxyjWAPxVWdGCqfTArncGiuaMY51bD2whVJsJMmtMuuFQ TQjMUYSPD6a2dbx3

I will pay market rate, at the time of transaction, as soon as I see the tx or when I wake up. Usually never longer than 12 hours away.(I do sleep).
If you need this immediately, or prefer privacy, best to contact me and make sure I'm available to pay out.
Please check OTC or my live chat - I might be in either.
Offer also available in my OTC Order Book.
References available by due research.

Hash: SHA256

May 19, 2019 - GlooBoy's Tezos Address
- -


2  Economy / Gambling / NFL Football Pool - Pick em all - 0.01fee on: September 11, 2016, 04:04:43 AM
Welcome to the "Paid in Bitcoin" Weekly Football Pool
Weekly Football Bitcoin Pool - Fee = BTC0.01

Play just one week, or play all 21 - Don't get locked into a season long commitment.
Miss more than 3 weeks, and you may get bumped if player limit is reached.


Pick em All - Straight Up, No Spread -- Highest pick percentage wins. If tied then,
Monday Night Total Points Tie-Breaker, If still tied then,
Strength of Victory or SoV Rankings.

Ignore any SoV site rankings - Im going to do it my way(see above).
They dont offer the option I want.
Join Page:
League ID: 13907
Password: bitcoin101
After joining, simply log in at:
by entering your username and password
You will be taken to Our League Home Page.
Privacy: Its not my site. I'm sure they are collecting as much personal info as possible.
Its how these free sites make some revenue.
I don't need to explain to coiners on how to protect their personal info.  Grin
But does need a working email address for communication.  <--to Edit Profile and change privacy setting to show only screen name. I post this here only cause its hard to find on site.
Send 0.01 btc to the address corresponding with that weeks games.
And then post TX ID to Pool Manager or in Pool Forums.
Week    1   1ymdwtHjKRcJ6zUc96TNwmru8oVjuc9df
Week    2   14egUctc2346Ki6wRCbHq4Hq8KiyagHCxT
Week    3   1ubJZgoVSsAv98xn9tqAzBMKSRUc7JDdu
Week    4   1CLsN6ZePt5crzkQxB67poUcmSaG9uyFaY
Week    5   1J8NZRUvLKAtpfRCYew4AdGSRrYcJSTTJ2
Week    6   1HGWj9sQS1VThDuLDNMMY71rhzy3HvmJDY
Week    7   1DYPhLJ1CuifGewb7H4aj1FWegrNU4AyoL
Week    8   1Cdn6FUPnuAdVtLuYgu83uNXETUXEuX2Sh

Week    9   16gDBSdPvzyfeR4q3mu9Ydq4mpNySNYkzk

Week    10   1tFQRWnDttX7YVTtG8ZbAEcGcQeBpaBga
Week    11   17FHGFXqg31CnQuziGmfro5NJsYj8gxfQn
Week    12  18tKn2FVtMvwEcs5BtnYBU5NvStao5p2tH
Week    13  15QJdybWccK2idsCLBAhL4UvVLQ6EDAGW2
Week    14  1HCQ2dMgJLNWiEx1S8yTYt3WPn54ZZGLPU
Week    15  15h1j3PCRUFzahMquqHgKeeB6sf1BLByqt
Week    16  1BfMGWiEzyvZBUjKzoLZjACuBMVDGiNLtP
Week    17  1FQF8EU7kwPGZfjpbiPG9apRnyCjZCNgmA
Week    18  1KRNsdVuvrjAdTeacdx2dLwCoUysRVwEMp
Week    19  1JJ2CVz4peZTrpwtBpVufymN9XSdii3P8g
Week    20  1HdVn8Ksth1Z1UNzky6y28JRRgSyh7zLGm
Week    21  1HrQCJ67Dco3FHxqJ5CvMVUvQpiHirwpmG
Don't wait until the last second. If you look, I'm pre-paid for 2 weeks.
Its best to prepay for at least 1 week in advance.
The blockchain decides if your payments is in on time. (trust me, I know about slow Sunday Morning blocks)

Prizes will be awarded depending on number of players - 101 Player Limit
2-20  - 1 Prize - 100%
21-50 - 2 prizes - 80.0% / 19.0% / +1.0% Manager Fee
51-101- 3 prizes - 75.0% / 14.25% / 9.25% / +1.5% Manager Fee

Any Manager Fees will be distributed at the End of the Season.
..and only if he didn't screw anything up.
Manager has -0- Free Plays (with 101 players, manager would get 0.015 back per game at end of season)

3  Economy / Gambling / Weekly Pickem Football Pool on: September 13, 2014, 10:04:38 PM
I started a Football Pool for OTCers but not many seem to be playing.

So I'm opening it up to everyone and I know many OTCers hang here in the forums (something I need to start doing more of)

Please use your OTC or Forum Nick so we know who to congratulate (or make fun of)  Grin

Small Weekly Prizes (if you stand alone as a winner) and a growing End of Season prize. it ain't much but its something.

No spreads. No points. Just pick the winner of every game weekly.

Good Luck. and did I say its FREE to play.

My WoT -
4  Economy / Auctions / Peyton Manning Rookie Card on: March 26, 2012, 10:01:22 PM
Bronco Fans are you Ready?

1998 Skybox #189- Peyton Manning Metal Universe Rookie Card.
Card was pulled by me from a pack in '98. And has been hiding in a huge box of 1600-ish 'commons' for about 13 years.

NM/M condition.

Bidding Starts @ 1 btc with min. increments of .05 -except last 24hr. w/ minimum increments of .01

USPS First Class Mail is free to US48.
Winning bidder to pay extra for Delivery Confirmation or Priority Mail.

7 Day Auction ending on Apr, 02, 2012 10:00PM Site Time

I will have a pic up in a couple of days.

I have excellent ratings in both the bitcoin-OTC and eBay.

This ungraded grade has been selling in the 4-20$ range, including shipping. Good Luck.
If theres interest I'll be posting other rookie football cards in the future.
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