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1  Other / Meta / Canned posts on: March 22, 2016, 03:06:41 PM
Has anyone else noticed an uptick in "canned posts", low-value/spammy posts that appear to be auto-generated using recurring phrases ("we all hope", "that is good", "that is the problem")?

Examples: see this Google search (about 85 results).

Many people wants to make some profit later in the future. But you never know what will happen with the value and that is the problem.
We all hope that the value will rise in the future and that we can all sell it with profit later and that will be very good.

This seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon, at least I've only recently noticed it. In many cases the posts are completely off-topic, and I've been reporting them. When they're on-topic (kind of...) I'm less certain what to do - can these safely be reported? They add feck all to the conversations, and - at least to me - seem to be nothing more than sig spam.

2  Economy / Speculation / Poll: predict the date of the 2016 halving on: March 21, 2016, 11:30:07 AM
There's lots of speculation about what the block reward reduction will do to price, but not much about when it will happen. Are we all content to sit back and trust the wildly different estimates from Bitcoin Clock and Bitcoin Block Half? Surely not! The wisdom of the crowd must be able to provide a better answer than the estimates from these two websites.

Apologies for the crude date ranges in the options - somebody might want to create a new poll as the halving approaches, with more finely-grained options.
3  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling BTC for GBP - it's been a while :) on: January 03, 2013, 10:36:01 AM
I've not been active on this forum for well over a year - life got in the way and I kind of forgot about a stash of bitcoins I had until I was tidying up hard disk space over Christmas.

So... I (re)discovered some bitcoins which I'd like to sell for UK Pounds. And I have no idea what's the best way to do it. In the past I've used Intersango, but they don't seem to have a "payments to UK banks" option currently available. I've also used direct deals with other forum users (I could probably dig out a "reference", but I do remember never getting organised with bitcoin-otc ratings).

I have found but have no idea how quick/reliable/etc it is. So, I'm looking for recommendations. What do you recommend?

(For the curious, it's 95 BTC, and I'd be prepared to sell smaller amounts).
4  Other / Meta / Should we ban X on Y - the meta discussion on: May 02, 2011, 04:32:27 PM
tl;dr: Make the bitcoin wiki official; make this forum unofficial.

This is prompted by three recent threads...
...and also my ongoing confusion as to why we have an official forum and an unofficial wiki.

Before going further, I'll set out my stall: I'm very much in the "ban nothing" camp, tempered slightly by the "don't do harm to forum administrators" camp. However, I'm also mindful that not every bitcoin user shares my views, and that we want - presumably - to build up bitcoin's userbase. This latter point means that public relations needs to be a consideration.

I mentioned my confusion as to why the wiki is unofficial. This is, I realise, an accident of history. The wiki was set up by some kind soul at, it's utility was recognised, and it became - effectively - semi-official. All well and good, and the person or people who set up the wiki should be applauded. However, the wiki is such a key part of bitcoin education, and, by and large, so uncontroversial, that I believe it should be brought under the umbrella of the official site. Or, alternatively, a new wiki be set up here, and the content ported over - with attribution.

What does this have to do with drugs, porn and Christian religious services?

I believe that the official site should focus on bitcoin itself, not the views of thousands of forum posters, and not the controversies posts sometimes stir up. I think it's reasonable, from a PR perspective, for the official site to discuss some of the things bitcoins can be used to purchase. I also think it's reasonable to acknowledge that - like cash - bitcoins can be used for things many people might disapprove of. I'm not convinced, anymore, that granting some sort of official status to those things is helpful. For that matter, promoting the purchase of anything might be seen as favouring one supplier - i.e. as biased.

My proposal as regards the forum is that it be moved from the official site, but linked from the main site in the same way that the wiki is now. The forum would, presumably, still be governed by some jurisdiction, so allowing discussion on certain topics would remain problematic, but the argument that it's bad PR for bitcoin would no longer apply. We would, in some ways, be more free than we are now.

Thoughts? Am I right? What have I missed out? Is this feasible from a technical standpoint? Should I find more productive ways to spend a bank holiday? :-)
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