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1  Economy / Collectibles / - Bitcoin niche items. on: November 10, 2015, 12:46:44 PM Shipping from Finland to anywhere in the world. Since 2013

The previous thread, with lots of customer feedback and experiences can be found at



High resolution product gallery:

I currently have two resellers with physical locations: In the Us: David's Antiques at 322 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70130."We are a Fine antique and Jewelry store in the french quarter, New Orleans, LA. An eclectic collection of Jewelry & antiques from all corners of the world make this a true French Quarter must-see Shop. Thousands of unique pieces that could be found only at David’s,  with daily new arrivals,  this shop has it all from cutting edge new to ancient pieces in all price ranges."

In Finland, Helsinki to be more exact Bitcoin corner / Tietosuojakone sell some of my goods. There located at Läntinen Brahenkatu 12
00510 Helsinki and their website (no english version vailable so far) is
And yes they both do take bitcoin.

2  Local / Skandinavisk / I would like to use bitcoin to aqquire SEK in Stockholm on 15.3 on: March 09, 2014, 07:42:54 AM
Like the topic says, Im looking to do the bitcoin to forex thing. I'd like to sell some bitcoin for SEK on the morning of 15.3, preferrably I'd like to do the trade in Värtan harbor or as close as possible, so I do not unnecessarily hold up the rest of my traveling party. Asfar as I know I will be in the harbour at 9:30 am.

Im looking to sell 1-3 btc, willing to pay a premium above bitstamp spot price, if someone would like to meet me at the harbour for the trade. I would prefer to be able to go on with my day after one confirmation, but this is up for discussion. It would propably be easyest to agree on a SEK amount I will purchase and figure out the amount of btc I'll pay on spot.

If theres a bitcoin atm that does btc->sek anywhere near Im also keen on hearing about it.

Anyone willing to take me up on my offer, please pm me so we can iron out the details.

Anyone considering any nefarious action be it scamming or a robbery, do your self a favor and move along, I prettymuch know every trick in the book... or bring a fucking army Smiley

I can also deliver goods from with me should the trading partner want something off my inventory.
3  Other / Meta / Could I get a moderator to update my avatar ? on: October 22, 2013, 02:57:42 PM
Could I get a moderator to update my avatar, please ?
4  Other / Off-topic / ept-barcelona-story-hotel-rooms-arts-barcelona-broken-into-plant-trojans on: September 07, 2013, 07:05:40 AM
I believe many of you would find this interesting and tought provoking:

;tldr; Trusting in the physical safety of a five star hotel leads to many poker professional's laptops compromised.
5  Economy / Economics / A closed bitcoin economy, are we there yet ? on: August 26, 2013, 05:31:59 AM
I run a small bitcoin venture, in essence it's an e-commerce selling bitcoin niche items. Almost a year in the game and the business landscape is starting to show very strong sings that I could soon be able to operate entirely outside the fiat economy. Geographic location plays a major role in how far one can take this, I am lucky to live in the nation with the highest bitcoin penetration in the world, Finland. I would like to argue that many larger nations are by far more ahead of the curve. The US, Canada and Germany do clearly have a vastly larger amount and diversity in services and goods available for bitcoin directly. This obviously is due to their larger size, which directly translates in to a larger customerbase.

Here is a list of the goods and services I need and use so far, some are ofcourse restricted by location, while others I can purchase from where-ever in the world:

Web hosting, was the first service my business purchased with bitcoin. I found bitronic technologies early on and have stuck with them ever since.

Image design and fabrication. Note that this can and has been synonymous for product desing for me. I've used beefsock's services, found here on bitcointalk, a couple of times and have been satisfied. My logo and the pvc keychain I produced are he's desingns based on my descriptions.

Shipping, to be more specific: Stamps, I ofcourse need to use finnish stamps so the selection of providers to work with is severely limited. However, a finnish online-store, does accept bitcoin and do carry stamps. The price is slightly higher than it would be at any kiosk or store, but when bought in large enough quantities the time I save by getting them delivered instead going out and buying them myself, justifies the added expense. I need to purchase about a months supply at a time, in order to only pay 1% more. Free business idea: if there is not a service selling local stamps in your region for bitcoin, look in to it, on itself it's propably not a viable business, but surely could be a profitable service when added to an existing business.

Envelopes and other office supplies. Reaalimarket does carry a couple of different envelopes and a variety of office supplies, that cater to my needs rather poorly, they would propably be willing to add more suitable ones if I'd ask for them. But as the price of their current items is relatively high  when compared to the ones available in the fiat-economy allready (+60%), I doubt I would actually end up purchasing from them anyways.

Payment gateway services, while I do want to keep my funds in bitcoin when not elswhere needed I do need to price my goods in a fiat currency, so I need someone to calculate the exchange rate and provide a customer with the payment address and/or Qr-code. Providing customers with recieps is an added benefit.  Several options are available for me, I've worked with three different providers to date and have settled with one for now. I am anticipating that  competition over fees will emerge soon.

Computer hardware, not that I need much, but when I do I can find it available for btc. Most recently I purchased a couple of harddrives from, since then a couple of european competitors have emerged, which is good because of the 24% vat when purchasing from outside the Eu is more or less a dealbreaker.

Marketing, a vast variety of bitcoin ad networtks do exist, but show little promise. The person getting paid .0000001 btc for clicking a link or watching a video just does not make much of a customer. Buying traffic would be easy, but pointless. There are also a good amount of listings about vendors accepting bitcoin. By far the most comprehensive still seems to be the original bitcoin wiki one. I do hope someone gets this concept right, sadly I do not have any ideas or pointers on how this will be achieved to dish out.

When I first started out I had moderate succes with providing revards for a mining competition on the bitminter pool. The mining community overall does seem like a solid and fruitful starting point for marketing.

I have aso talked about an affiliate deal where the linker would get a persentage of sales coming trough their link, but have atleast for now opted against it.

[edit] I did also approach bitcoin magazine via email to query what an advertisement in their publishment would cost me, sadly they never responded. They have however published some mentions of my venture in their online content.

Accounting I have been approached by a finnish accounting service that would of have been available to provide the service I need for bitcoin, I chose againts it for now, mainly because my venture is small enough for me to handle it myself with ease. However I am starting to lean toards going with them next year, depending on how the last quarter of this fiscal year goes for me.

What I cannot currently purchase with bitcoin directly, various proxy-services do however allow me to purchase most:

An internet connection, no ISP here takes bitcoin directly and I cant remember seeing any mention of one that did anywhere in the world, correct me if I am wrong.

Cell phone service. Do note that I would not be interested in a prepaid service, I'd just like to see a bitcoin option in my bill.

Taxes, cannot be paid in bitcoin.

The three above ones I can however pay with bitcoin by using a proxy service, has a service where they pay any finnish bill, up to 500€ whatever amount for you in exchange for bitcoin for ~1.5% fees. I have not used there service yet, but do believe that I will be using it. However I do consider proxy services like this a temporary thing. Within a few short years I anticipate that I can pay atleast an isp and a cell phone service provider directly in bitcoin. Taxes however seem to be far far away in the distant future, I am somewhat reserved about using a proxy service to pay taxes, while technicly entirely possible: how dodgy would it appear when another unrelated company pays my taxes ?

Goods, I have been approached by three manufacturers who have offered their vares for bitcoin. One of them, bkeychain, I found suitable and we struck a deal and I am at current their Eu reseller. The majority of my goods is still sadly paid for in more traditional currencies, I have talked to my main manifacturer about bitcoin, but have decided agains pushing the issue, I myself dont respond well to pressure and feel confident that they will eventually get there. While obviously constantly remaining at risk of losing my business to someone that does accept bitcoin.
6  Economy / Service Discussion / Did Mt.Gox's login button just break ? on: June 16, 2013, 08:28:58 PM
Or is it me.

Cant get in, the button dosent seem to be doing anything at all.
Found a couple of clues on IRC: 500 (Internal Server Error) 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable)

7  Economy / Service Discussion / If you run or have run a bitcoin related service using banks please read. on: April 29, 2013, 01:37:30 PM
I started a list of bitcoin hostile banks, If you run or have run a bitcoin related service using a bank or several please read and contribute.
8  Economy / Economics / List of bitcoin hostile banks. [edit] New thread see first line. on: April 28, 2013, 06:55:34 PM
[edit]I am nolonger maintaining this thread, but joesmoe2012 has kindly promised to do so, the new thread can be found at

To qualify on the list a bank or payment processor must without explanation terminate or refuse business of legitimate bitcoin busineses. The point of this threas is to name and shame said institutions and to encourage people who are there customers, regardless of bitcoin, to take there business elsewhere.

ATM This is by a long shot not a comprehensive list, your contributions are required. For starters it would be beneficial if someone could sum up the UK bank situation I am not up to date. Also I would like to know if AML and KYC requirements have been met by the services in question, if not then the entry does not belong on the list imo, discuss.

Bank / payment processor name      Country                            Proof                                                                         AML/KYC status

The Royal Bank of Canada                   Canada          
TDBank                                            Canada          
Suomen verkkomaksut /      Finland                     Multiple reports of declining buisness with bitcoin related services, including
Commerzbank                                   Germany                   Shut down bitcoin24 account
Capital One                                          ?                         Shut down bitfloor account
Metro Bank                                          ?                         Shut down intersango account
Barclays                                          UK                           Prevented MtGox, Intersango and from accepting GBP.
Banco do Brasil                                 Brasil                       Shut down mercado bitcoin account
Royal Bank of Canada                        Canada          
Toronto-Dominion Bank                       Canada         
Bank of Nova Scotia                           Canada          , another user confirms he's account being closed too (in this thread, page 3).
Comercia                                             ?              
Unconfirmed reports:
Paypal                                            Global            

Bank name                                     Country    
Sofort Bank                                      Germany                  Proof was given to me in a private message I will not publish, unless it's sender gives me the go ahead, my source tells me anyone can verify this                                                                                                                by contacting the bank about opening an account for a bitcoin related buisness, perhaps someone fluent in german could do this ?
Dwolla                                              US                                                                 It would appear that Dwolla is in no way hostile, but I felt it should be included on this list while the situation persists.

Bitcoin friendly banks:
Bank name                                       Country               Relevant information
SEB                                                  Sweden                Swedish article, use google translate.
Nordea                                              Finland                 Conducts business with
Osuuspankki                                       Finland                 Conducts business with
Tapiola                                              Finland                 Conducts business with
Bank of Montreal                                 Canada                 Working with CaVirtex
Internet Credit Union                            ?                         "taking a proactive pro-Bitcoin stance"
TD Bank                                              US           
Fidor Bank AG                                     Germany     
9  Economy / Economics / "..then they fight you.." on: April 23, 2013, 05:30:55 PM

Bank resistance in the UK seemd bad before this, but it would appear worse keeps coming.
10  Bitcoin / Pools / 2 Major pools down ? on: April 17, 2013, 04:17:10 PM
Winter is coming. I suspect the bitcoin network is about to come under attack as the difficulty rises to an ATH. Miners please learn to solomine now, and set it or p2pool as a backup.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / casascius coins will be compromised as a medium of exchange. on: April 04, 2013, 02:36:57 PM
First off I would like to state that I have huge respect and confidence toards casascius and he's wonderful product. I own some and use them to store bitcoin.
Out of this respect I attempted contacted him before making this post, I did not get a reply in what I consider a reasonable time.

1. The current and future bitcoin prices have made it viable to forge casascius coins. The way I see this happening is a malicious party aquires legit funded casascius coin and blanks. Or produces the blanks himself.
2. After that he proceeds to replicate the holographic, tamper proof seal. As I am sure some of you are aware there are services available online who forge concert tickes and likes.
3. Said party exchanges the forged coins and the original for fiat or goods.

I myself will nolonger be accepting physical coin as payment, before I move the bitcoin within under a different private key.
12  Bitcoin / Hardware / Anyone selling an asic atm is more likeley to be a scammer than legit. on: March 19, 2013, 07:18:04 PM
Anyone selling an asic atm is more likeley to be a scammer than legit. Everyone considering buying one should really do their own research. I see a new scam in here, ebay and allover the place daily. Please dont be one of the suckers. Asking questions is fine, but for fucks sake use some common sense every now and then.
13  Economy / Service Announcements / - Bitcoin niche items. on: March 16, 2013, 08:08:59 AM Shipping from Finland to anywhere in the world.

High resolution product gallery:

I now have a reseller in the Us: David's Antiques at 322 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70130."We are a Fine antique and Jewelry store in the french quarter, New Orleans, LA. An eclectic collection of Jewelry & antiques from all corners of the world make this a true French Quarter must-see Shop. Thousands of unique pieces that could be found only at David’s,  with daily new arrivals,  this shop has it all from cutting edge new to ancient pieces in all price ranges."

And yes they do take bitcoin.

14  Economy / Economics / Heres how you accumulate wealth, according to roughly 30% of forum members. on: March 12, 2013, 03:29:35 PM

..and while your collecting all the underpants bitcoin you can get your hands on, take a minute to think where the exchange rate would be and remain indefenetly if it werent for people who chose to offer goods and services in exchange for underpants.
15  Economy / Service Discussion / Please dont let bitcoinstore fail, your action is needed just about now. on: March 10, 2013, 08:04:12 AM
The front page's counter puts them at 12% of the needed goal of 850k in sales during the first quarter, the goal is needed to keep them at their current pricing. It is by far the most ambitious push for bitcoins mainstream acceptance we have so far seen. I myself have bought 364$ worth of sdd hardrives. Recieved them and am pleased with how everything went. Im browsing to find something more I could use as we speak, but I can only do so mch. If you care about bitcoin, have some and need any electronics now is the time to act. The counter currently stands at 110,964 / 850,000$. They are beating all or nearly all their competitors in prices, simply because their profit margin stands at what normally goes to creditcard companies.

Seeing the counter as low as it is makes me sort of feel ashamed for this community. We really can and most certainly should do better.

[disclamer: the poster is in no way more affiliated with bitcoinstore than being a customer, who cares deeply about their venture succeeding.]

The time to act is now.

deeply concerned

- Isokivi
16  Bitcoin / Project Development / Prestashop compatible payment plugin. on: March 04, 2013, 06:29:27 PM
Does one exist, I cant find a single one that outright states to be working with the latest version... and the three I've tried so far havent even installed.
17  Economy / Marketplace / Seeking advice, how should I market my goods? on: February 16, 2013, 08:11:55 AM
I design produce and sell bitcoin themed nieche-items (cufflinks, tiepins, lapel pins, money clips and keychains) and I'd like some advice and toughts on how to market them. What I've been doing up to now is:
These are in the order of effectiveness btw, incase someone else is struggling with the same issue of reaching customers. I personally feel very strongly about spamming any media so I try to make posts only when I have something new to show be it prices, promotions or new items.

A forum post here with my goods, pricing, delivery times, pictures and customer reviews.
Posted my goods on bitmit.
[edit] Sold items to a local webshop in bulk.
Posted new items and the occational promotion on reddit.
Donated goods to a mining pool for a promotion mining competition.
Particapated in bitcoinfriday.
Announced a btc-back deal on #bitcoin-otc in an effort to build up my rating.

--Things of which I cant be sure have been effective--
Changed my forum avatar to show images of my goods and added links to where they can be found on my signature.

---the cutoff line, things below this have thus far been ineffective--
[edit] Tried attracting an overseas re-seller.
Made a facebook page for the buisness, did not put much work in to this as I felt it was very likeley to be a waste of time.
Posted my goods on coinpost.
Copied my forum post to bitcointrading.

What I am going to do next:
On my winter vacation I'll be making an attempt at scraping together a webshop, I've done a lot of work on this allready registered a domain, made a few images to use on it, read tons about different templates.. selected the one Im going with and found a payment processor that works with it.

I have also considered, but felt not worth the effort:
Making a youtube video about the goods and promoting it trough cointube.
Paying coinvisitor or similiar a similiar site for traffic to either my forum thread or bitmit auctions.

How would you approach this? Essentially my problem seems to be getting visibility, whitout becoming a spamming moron which I most certainly do not wish to become.
18  Economy / Goods / My bitcoin keychains 50% off for 24h on bitmit on: February 15, 2013, 05:01:06 PM
So I decided to make a run for bitmit's top sellers list with my keychains, there 50% off for the next 24h.
19  Bitcoin / Legal / I find this offensive, who do I sue ? on: January 20, 2013, 07:33:10 AM
[sarcasm font]
So I just found out that I have this randomly generated adress beginning with 1Dumb and I feel like I need to sue the everyone. Your toughts ?
[/sarcasm font]
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / My roadmap to bitcoins success. on: January 01, 2013, 05:45:16 PM
These simple steps are basicly what Im doing with bitcoin, I'd love to hear suggestions on what the next ones should be and what you guys are doing differently.

1. I mine, currently representing a "whopping" 0,0002% of the netwoks hashrate. I hope to maintain that slice, with no plans atleast for now to go bigger.

2. I produce and sell goods that are only available for bitcoins. The simplified buisness plan here is to re-invest 50% of any income of the venture back in to new products and/or restocking sold out ones.

3. I consume with bitcoin, roughly a thrid of my bitcoin income gets traded for goods and services, sometimes more when I can use bitcoin for example to purchase web hosting, site desing or graphic design to further advance said venture in step 2.

4. I speculate, buy low, sell high. good for the economy as it stabilizes the price.

5. I sell bitcoins again roughly a third of what I make gets sold in exchanges.

6. I hoard coins, yet again roughly a third of my bitcoin income goes in to "cold storage".

7. I promote bitcoin in my everyday life wherever I find it approprate, mainly just by talking about it.

It took me about 9 months from discovering bitcoin to gear up to the point where I am today, it's been an interesting ride and I do hope it continues as such. At the time of writing this my first bitcoin address is a year and a couple of days old. I sure am glad that I left the blockchain to download even tough it seemd to take forever Smiley

Should I be doing more ?

If so what ?

Are you doing your part ?

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