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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Particl•PART|Confidential Transactions|Atomic Swaps|Cold Staking|P2P Marketplace on: March 21, 2017, 01:31:24 AM

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2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Help getting QT5 installed on Raspberry Pi on: August 07, 2015, 01:19:02 AM
I've been trying to install QT5 on my RPi for days to no avail. I've tried a number of tutorials on cross compiling and even found a site where it was compiled already but still didn't work.

I'm looking for help or for someone to try the following tutorial and see if they get further than me.

I've completed all the steps successfully down to this: (step right before compiling)
In order to properly run configure for Qt5 on the Raspberry Pi, you need to point the CROSS_COMPILE variable to the native compiler located at /usr/bin/g+. The CROSS_COMPILE parameter is the path to the compiler (without the g). If you do not do this properly it will complain that it is not being cross compiled.
All output is stored in the file called ‘output’ in case something goes wrong. At the end of the output file it should say you can run ‘make’, if not look for errors at the end of the output.
Do not be concerned with some things not building due to missing packages, there will be errors for those. If it does not mention that you can run make then check the last error, it is generally the show-stopper. Run configure:
./configure -v -opengl es2 -device linux-rasp-pi-g''+ -device-option CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/bin/ -opensource -confirm-license -optimized-qmake -reduce-exports -release -qt-pcre -make libs -prefix /usr/local/qt5 &> output
Check the output file to see that it is building the components you need (towards the end of the output it will have Yes next to the Qt Components that will be built) and it should say that you can now run 'make'.
Example from 'output' file:
Build options:
 Configuration ………. accessibility accessibility-atspi-bridge alsa audio-backend c+''11 clock-gettime
clock-monotonic concurrent cross_compile cups dbus egl eglfs evdev eventfd fontconfig full-config getaddrinfo
getifaddrs glib gstreamer iconv icu inotify ipv6ifname large-config largefile libudev linuxfb medium-config
minimal-config mremap neon nis no-pkg-config opengl opengles2 openssl pcre png precompile_header pulseaudio
qpa qpa reduce_exports reduce_relocations release rpath shared small-config system-freetype system-jpeg
system-png system-zlib v8 v8snapshot xcb xcb-glx xcb-render xcb-xlib xinput2 xkbcommon-qt xlib xrender
 Build parts ………… libs
 Mode ………………. release
 Using C''+11 ………… yes
 Using PCH ………….. yes
 Target compiler supports:
 iWMMXt/Neon ………. no/yes
Qt modules and options:
 Qt D-Bus …………… yes (loading dbus-1 at runtime)
 Qt Concurrent ………. yes
 Qt GUI …………….. yes
 Qt Widgets …………. yes
 JavaScriptCore JIT ….. yes (To be decided by JavaScriptCore)
 QML debugging ………. yes
 Use system proxies ….. no
Support enabled for:
 Accessibility ………. yes
 ALSA ………………. yes
 CUPS ………………. yes
 FontConfig …………. yes
 Iconv ……………… yes
 ICU ……………….. yes
 Image formats:
 GIF ……………… yes (plugin, using system library)
 JPEG …………….. yes (plugin, using system library)
 PNG ……………… yes (in QtGui, using system library)
 Glib ………………. yes
 GStreamer ………….. yes
 GTK theme ………….. no
 Large File …………. yes
 libudev ……………. yes
 getaddrinfo ………. yes
 getifaddrs ……….. yes
 IPv6 ifname ………. yes
 OpenSSL ………….. yes (loading libraries at run-time)
 NIS ……………….. yes
 OpenGL …………….. yes (OpenGL ES 2.x)
 OpenVG …………….. no
 PCRE ………………. yes (bundled copy)
 pkg-config …………. no
 PulseAudio …………. yes
 QPA backends:
 DirectFB …………. no
 EGLFS ……………. yes
 KMS ……………… no
 LinuxFB ………….. yes
 XCB ……………… yes (system library)
 MIT-SHM ………… yes
 Xcursor ………… yes (loaded at runtime)
 Xfixes …………. yes (loaded at runtime)
 Xi …………….. no
 Xi2 ……………. yes
 Xinerama ……….. yes (loaded at runtime)
 Xrandr …………. yes (loaded at runtime)
 Xrender ………… yes
 XKB ……………. no
 XShape …………. yes
 XSync ………….. yes
 XVideo …………. yes
 Session management ….. yes
 SQL drivers:
 DB2 ……………… no
 InterBase ………… no
 MySQL ……………. yes (plugin)
 OCI ……………… no
 ODBC …………….. yes (plugin)
 PostgreSQL ……….. yes (plugin)
 SQLite 2 …………. yes (plugin)
 SQLite …………… yes (plugin, using bundled copy)
 TDS ……………… yes (plugin)
 udev ………………. yes
 xkbcommon ………….. yes (bundled copy)
 zlib ………………. yes (system library)
NOTE: libxkbcommon 0.2.0 (or higher) not found on the system, will use
the bundled version from 3rd party directory.
Qt is now configured for building. Just run 'make'.
Once everything is built, you must run 'make install'.
Qt will be installed into /usr/local/qt5
Prior to reconfiguration, make sure you remove any leftovers from
the previous build.

I successfully make the output file but mine looks nothing like what it should look like. Mine looks like this:

Anyone else getting different results.
Better yet, anyone have a better tutorial for getting QT5 on a Raspberry?
3  Other / Off-topic / Are you fat? on: July 21, 2015, 08:11:31 PM
Day 1 of a 2 week cleanse. Who else needs to drop a few pounds?
4  Economy / Service Announcements / Mad Crypto - A new anonymous forum... NO database, NO registration, NO clutter on: July 01, 2015, 06:49:18 PM
Mad Crypto is built on the open source project: NoNonsense Forum © Copyright (CC-BY) Kroc Camen

“A simple forum that focuses on discussion and simplicity that favours removing barriers to conversation rather than massaging egos.”

How Mad Crypto differs from other forums:

:: No database
Threads are just RSS feeds. When a reply is added, a new item is added to the feed.

:: No hoops to jump through
No registration, no e-mail confirmation, no CAPTCHA. Just type your message, give a name and password you want to use and your post is made. Use the same name / password pair in the future to keep the same name, it’s that simple.

:: No clutter
No user profiles. No "status updates". No signatures. No user ranks. Just pure discussion with none of the cruft.

Bitcointalk is a huge content generator, home to hours of entertainment. Boasting plenty of bickering, it falls short on substantial content.
Reddit is "the frontpage of the internet". A massive content aggregator, its best attribute is collecting the best stories happening around the world in one place.
While both have more positives than negatives and aren't going away, they combine to be sub-par destinations for having serious, drawn-out discussions.
Mad Crypto gets away from massaging egos (profiles) and incentivising short, whitty posts (points) in favour of discourse and simplicity.

I've been searching a long time for a forum where people can stop in without going through the hoops of registering, verifying, making a signature, adding an avatar, etc.... Even a place I could post a comment without needing to login would be huge! I finally stumbled upon Kroc's sideproject and said, "This is it!"

  • Anyone can make new topics, anyone can comment.
  • You only need to remember your password if you want to keep the name you're posting with.
  • All the discourse topics are RSS feeds so you can "subscribe" to them using Feedly or other and each new post will update the feed.
  • It's a clean interface without all the puffery of every other forum out there, making it a great place to get into deeper conversations.

Anyways, I'd appreciate some field testing of the forum if you're so inclined. Cheers ahead of time.
5  Economy / Digital goods / Entertaining offers for XBTTRADER.COM & LOCALXBT.COM (+ more) on: June 16, 2015, 08:25:44 PM
I have a few domains worth taking a look at. Entertaining offers for any that strike your fancy.


Also available are:


PM me or contact me via litebitco [@gmail]
6  Economy / Marketplace / Bitcoin Black Friday Sale | SAVE 35% | Bitcoin Umbrellas - Make a statement! on: November 26, 2014, 01:35:21 PM

Now taking pre-orders for our initial Batch #01 of our First-to-Market Bitcoin Umbrellas!

Calling all bitcoiners, crypto-evangelists, libertarians, entrepreneurs and wholesalers... This product is for you!

We created this product not only to help start up conversations across campuses worldwide but to also provide a First-to-Market product at wholesale pricing. By grouping our pre-sale batches in orders of 600, 1200 and even 2400 we can manufacture a custom umbrella and pass on the savings at great discounted prices.

We imagine this umbrella will sell for a range of $39.99 to $49.99 in the open market. We currently are offering these at $33.75 $24.99, a 35% savings! If you sell on sites like eBay or Amazon buying bulk orders of these will relay into nice profits down the road. This is a First-to-Market product and sure to become an instant classic!

This is a "pre-sale" item. Once we reach 300 units sold we'll place the order with our manufacturer. These are custom made for us and the lead time is 65-90 days. In the meantime we are distributing Counterparty UMBRELLA tokens with each order which can be traded on their decentralized exchange up to our shipping date.


•  Central One Color silkscreen Print (engineered across panels)

•  Standard orange fabric matches [fa class="fa-btc"]  logo Pantone color

•  44" canopy

•  Auto Open / Folding Close

•  Batch Order #01: 600 units

•  Custom built

•  65-90 days delivery

To encourage a decentralized open market and free trade we've fueled up with Counterparty to provide UMBRELLA tokens for every person who orders. The tokens will be redeemable when the shipping date has been identified. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to buy, sell or trade your tokens on the decentralized exchange while you wait.
7  Economy / Goods / Bitcoin Umbrellas - Stand out from the crowd! [SURVEY] Pre-sale coming soon! on: November 13, 2014, 02:46:11 AM

How cool is that guy? That could be you. It could be me. It can be all of us!

I’m excited to finally bring the symbolic Bitcoin logo to the promotional power of an open umbrella. Whether tromping through damp the city sidewalks, at wet sporting events or on the 18th green of your favorite golf course, there is no mistaking the impact of the umbrella form. The marketing potential, branding/ identity strategies, conversation-piece starters, etc are all obvious to anyone of us who has ever tried to talk Bitcoin to family, friends and strangers. Getting the conversation going is sometimes half the battle. However, walk down the street in a bright orange BTC umbrella and these opportunities multiply exponentially. Stand in the gallery of a televised golf event with a bright orange BTC umbrella and lots of people are going to notice. You can see why I JUST HAD TO DO THIS!

This is going to be a first-to-market product. We all are going to be the first people in the world sporting a Bitcoin Umbrella!
While I haven't settled on the frame & handle (see OPTIONS below), I do have the rest of the design nailed down.

  • Central One Color silkscreen Print (engineered across panels)
  • Our manufacturer's standard orange is comparable to the Pantone color in the BTC logo (see below)
  • 44" canopy
  • Custom build per order
  • 600 minimum order
  • 50% deposit down
  • 65-90 days depending on frame order

I've included a survey above that relates to the 6 product images below. Please help me choose the most popular choice of frame & handle. I'd appreciate it immensely.  Smiley
Note: Ignore the heart logo, it's for reference only

Manual Open Folding

Auto Open/ Manual Close

Auto Open/ Close Folding

Auto Open Wood Frame

Auto Open Steel Frame

Clipless Aluminum Frame

Prices are included on the option images above. They include shipping within the US. International shipping is available but will be extra. For those interested in wholesale or bulk orders the prices represent around a 35% savings over MSRP depending on the frame we pick. The initial batch is going to bear the cost of the initial setup fees and samples, but that can easily be offset by the product being first-to-market and not found anywhere else on the planet. My thoughts are that this first batch will sell online (eBay, Amazon, here, other places) for $48.99. This first run could potentially be collector items as well.

The prices quoted in the options are close to the real thing but still may change depending on how popular this product is. I'll be selling pre-orders with BTC & XCP (see Next Steps below) and I'm hoping the volatility in both currencies reduces over the weekend so I can nail down a reliable, translated fiat price.

Like I mentioned above, I know the fabric we're using, we just need to pick the frame.

Once a clear winner emerges in the survey I'll post the pre-order details. I've set up an asset on Counterparty called UMBRELLA. The asset has 600 shares representing the 600 umbrellas in the minimum order. More can be made if the first batch becomes more popular than I've anticipated. UMBRELLA will be pegged to the bitcoin umbrellas 1:1 and will be exchanged for the real thing once they arrive at the warehouse.

Payments will be made by either sending BTC to the UMBRELLA address or sending XCP to the UMBRELLA address. My first thought is to put 300 shares on the DEX for XCP payments and send UMBRELLA individually to bitcoiners who want to pay in BTC. Either way everyone will need a Counterparty wallet ( in order to send/receive & trade UMBRELLA. You heard right, you'll be able to trade these on the DEX while waiting for the factory to deliver the final product!

I'm excited about this offering and I'm here to answer any questions or field any suggestions.
Or contact me: litebitco at gmail

Paul is being worked on. It will contain the same information as here but serve regular customers not part of this pre-sale.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Creating a Cryptocurrency Holdings spreadsheet in Google Docs (Sheets) on: October 30, 2014, 01:52:27 PM
Thought I'd ask the professionals here some spreadsheet questions regarding IMPORTDATA, IMPORTHTML, etc... for a small side project I'm working on.

-Make a spreadsheet of crypto holdings that can update automatically by gathering API web data.

What I've got so far:
-A spreadsheet with categories such as: Asset, Holdings, Total Distribution, Holding Percentage, USD Price, USD Total Value, BTC Price, BTC Total Value

What I need help with:
-Importing data from web sources into specific cells of my spreadsheet that, in turn, automatically updates as the pulled information updates.

An Example:

Say I own XCP-Counterparty. I want to populate a cell in my spreadsheet under "Total Distribution" with the data provided by this feed: 

I can get the feed to load by using this command:
which gets me this:
  "status": "success",
  "message": "XCP",
  "result": "2647299.0783785"

But I can't just simplify it to show only the resulting number under
"result": "2647299.0783785"

Grabbing web data from multiple sources:
-I'd also like to do the same trick to load data from for cells in the spreadsheet under "USD Price" and "BTC Price". I figure that if someone can walk me through the steps in the example above I can curtail that knowledge into grabbing other data to auto-populate this spreadsheet.

Any help would be great, I appreciate it in advance!
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [ANN] Dogeparty Runner - Registration now open for Game #1 on: August 31, 2014, 07:29:08 PM
I am very excited to announce the first, ever Dogeparty token game!

Dogeparty Runner
The Original XDP Token Game

Dogeparty Runner is a weekly game of cyberhunt that uses our 4 game tokens (RUNNER, HINTS, CLUES & PRIZES) to solve problems. Players compete in hopes of winning brand new products.

This project is fueled by Dogeparty. We built inherent values in each token so they have a purpose for the runner games and a potential value on the DEX (decentralized exchange), whenever it gets incorporated in the Dogeparty Wallet. While token holders will need the tokens to progress through each day's problem there is also a side strategy to holding Dogeparty Runner tokens that could only be accomplished using Dogeparty. A player may end up with extra tokens because they solved the problem fast and a player may end up needing more tokens because the problem is too hard. Viola! Instant market values associated with the game tokens. Some players that don't win the weekly prize could still come out on top if they exchange their unused Dogeparty Runner tokens for other tokens on the DEX.

An example of the gameplay can be found below, as well as here:


Dogeparty Runner is a cyberhunt game that tests player's problem solving skills to track down random facts on the interwebs. Along with email and web access, players will need to maintain a Dogeparty wallet in order to buy, trade, redeem and leverage Dogeparty Runner game tokens.

Dogeparty Runner game tokens

All Dogeparty Runner game tokens can be traded on the DEX (decentralized exchange) built into the Dogeparty Wallet web client. Each game token was designed to have an inherent value. Holders of each token has the choice to redeem them for continued gameplay instructions or to trade them on the exchange with anyone needing or wanting more of them.

RUNNER - This token kicks off the gameplay. A player must have this token in their wallet to participate in the start of the game. This token is also awarded when a player correctly answers a problem. It is then used to request the next problem that needs to be solved.

HINTS - This token represents the simplest clue that a player can request to help move along gameplay. A typical problem has 1 hint assigned to it to help move a player along. This token can also be purchased directly from Dogeparty Runner.

CLUES - This token represents more complex clues that a player can request to help move along gameplay. A typical problem has 2 clues assigned to it to help move a player along. This token can also be purchased directly from Dogeparty Runner.

PRIZES - This token is given to the winner of the prize raffle and the game. It can be redeemed for the weekly prize or traded on the exchange.

A strategic example of a way to play Dogeparty Runner and earn extra coins without actually winning could play out as follows:

A player is able to solve problems without using all their clue game tokens, leaving them with extra HINTS or CLUES that they won't need anymore. This player could list them on the exchange in exchange for DOGE or XDP coins. A player having trouble solving the problems and without anymore clue game tokens could buy the listed ones if the price were right. Players selling Dogeparty Runner game tokens can recoup some of the entry fee they paid to play in the weekly games. All four Dogeparty Runner game tokens can be traded on the exchange during any point of the gameplay. The best players will be able to leverage their game tokens to maximize their profits.

Dogeparty Runner game schedule

Sign-up for weekly games will begin on Saturdays. The following is a typical schedule for each week's game:

Saturday - Game, prize & address is announced. Player registration is officially opened. Participants (runners) receive their first token, RUNNER.
Monday - Player registration continues, in the meantime, the game's first problem is announced and gameplay is open to anyone holding a RUNNER token. A player exchanges their RUNNER token for instructions, the first problem and the first batch of (2) HINTS, (2) CLUES game tokens. A player who solves the problem correctly receives another RUNNER token.
Tuesday - The game's second problem is announced. Runners correctly solving the first problem exchange their RUNNER game token for instructions and the second problem. A player who solves the problem correctly receives another RUNNER token.
Wednesday - The game's third problem is announced. Runners correctly solving the second problem exchange their RUNNER game token for instructions and the third problem. A player who solves the problem correctly receives another RUNNER token.
Thursday - The game's fourth problem is announced. Runners correctly solving the third problem exchange their RUNNER game token for instructions, the fourth problem and a new batch of (1) HINTS, (1) CLUES game tokens. A player who solves the problem correctly receives another RUNNER token.
Friday - The game's fifth & final problem is announced. Runners correctly solving the fourth problem exchange their RUNNER game token for instructions and the final problem. A player who solves the problem correctly receives another RUNNER token.

These last RUNNER tokens are collected at the end of regulation and each player to solve all 5 problems is entered into the weekly prize raffle. The drawing determines the winning runner and they receive the coveted PRIZES token.

Dogeparty Runner winner raffle

Final drawings will happen on Fridays. The weekly winner will be determined using the following criteria:

- Each player to solve all 5 problems is entered into the weekly prize raffle.
- Raffle ticket numbers are assigned to players in the order they correctly solve the final problem.
- The final ordered list of possible winners will be made public with email addresses hashed for privacy.
- A future Dogecoin block will be announced. The hash of that block will help determine the winning raffle ticket.
- A third-party, unbiased raffle ticket picker site will be used to identify the winner. All the variables used to determine the winner will be made public so results can be verified and confirmed.
- Once the winning raffle ticket number is identified and confirmed by the community the player who won will be sent a PRIZES token.

Dogeparty Runner communication

Player registration will consist of an email address and a Dogeparty wallet address. These 2 forms of ID are not allowed to change during a running game.

Each weekly Dogeparty Runner game will have a unique game address that will distribute game tokens, collect game tokens and receive payments for HINTS and CLUES.

The Dogeparty Runner gameplay email address is: All communication during gameplay will come from, and should be directed to this address.

While this website will be updated with the latest announcements, the majority of communication between the Dogeparty Runner and the players will take place over email. Typical communication might be gameplay problem announcements, hint and clue delivery, instructions and much more.

Dogeparty Runner fees & costs

Each weekly game entry will cost 5 XDP or 7,500 DOGE. Both coins will be excepted. A 50% discounted price is factored in for  players paying in XDP. These should be sent to each weekly game's announced Dogeparty address.

Every player needs to have a Dogeparty wallet.

Dogeparty Runner also sells both the HINTS and CLUES tokens directly. Players entered in the game receive a limited supply of these game tokens to start. In case a player runs out, HINTS game tokens can be purchased at a cost of 0.5 XDP or 750 DOGE each. CLUES game tokens can be purchased at a cost of 1 XDP or 1,500 DOGE each. All four Dogeparty Runner game tokens may be available for trade on the DEX as well, and we recommend looking at the order book for the going rates of each of these.

Free shipping

Dogeparty Runner offers free shipping to players within the continental United States. Players that win the weekly raffle who live outside the continental United States will need to cover International shipping costs of their prize if they choose to claim it. Dogeparty Runner ships worldwide. Any winner may also try to trade their PRIZES game token on the decentralized exchange as well.

Donated tokens and disbursement

Dogeparty Runner has teamed with the Dogeparty Token Depot for help in rewarding all the runners participating in the challenges and with distributing Dogeparty tokens to the community. With their help we can offer all game participants tokens for each correct answer they provide. Each game will be sponsored by one of their donated tokens each week.

Do you got what it takes?
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Win a Gridseed ASIC! Raffle tickets only 0.0005BTC each (500 bits) ~3 hrs left on: May 21, 2014, 03:16:10 PM

11  Economy / Gambling / [RAFFLE] Win a Gridseed ASIC Miner! Plug-n-Play ready | CLOSED on: May 20, 2014, 03:12:47 PM
Hello fellow miners,

Welcome to the Gridseed ASIC Miner, Plug-n-Play ready raffle!

I am raffling off a Brand New, Plug-n-Play ready Gridseed ASIC Miner. Each ticket is only 500 bits! (BTC0.0005)

Imagine, turning 500 bits into a Gridseed ASIC Miner, a return of nearly 550 times the cost of a single ticket!

The winner of this miner will earn the purchase price of their ticket back within 24 hours mining Bitcoin and within 12 hours mining Litecoin.

Pretty cool huh?!

  • The odds of winning this raffle is 1 / (total # of tickets sold)
  • This raffle will end on Friday, May 23, 2014 at 1pm EST.
  • You may purchase as many tickets as you like.
  • The only piece of information you need to submit is your email address. This will be hashed so it will not be given out to the public.
  • We will keep a public Pastebin of the ticket numbers and email hashes, hopefully updating the list multiple times a day leading up to the close of the contest.
  • The purchase buttons will be removed and the final ticket holder list will be posted after the contest closes.
  • The raffle will be decided by:
    • Each ticket purchase, whether a single ticket or multiple tickets, will be time-stamped on the blockchain.
    • Tickets will be numbered by date/time purchased. Multiple tickets will represent blocks of numbers related to time-stamp of purchase(ie: #25-#40).
    • We will use the Bitcoin blockchain raffle ticket picker to pick the winner. The block hash used to pick the winner will be the first block mined after 2pm EST the day the contest closes. (i.e.: 1 hour after contest closes)
  • Once the results of the raffle have been verified, the winner will be emailed directly for verification.
  • Once the winner has been verified, the Gridseed Plug-n-Play ready miner will be shipped to the new owner within 48 hours.

*An example of the ticket holder list will look like this:
*Use this service to figure out the hash of your email:


  • Brand New, Original Packaging
  • Free Shipping
  • Can Mine Bitcoins and Litecoins
  • 10 GH/s on Bitcoin-Only Mode
  • 300+ KH/s on Litecoin-Only Mode
  • Consumes as little as 5 watts of electricity in Litecoin-Only Mode
  • Includes Power Supply and Data Cable
    • AC/DC Adapter Model HP-091205A
    • Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
    • Output: 12V - 5A

Proceeds from this raffle will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio!

Return on Investment

The following profitability was determined by: Coinwarz - SHA256 (10GH/s, 60W) - Scrypt (350KH/s, 7W)

Cost of 1 Ticket     BTC0.0005
BTC/day mining Bitcoin     BTC0.00056805
BTC/day mining Litecoin     BTC0.00102698

Referral Program

We will give each user who places the following advertisement in their signature 1 free ticket.

[b][url=]Win a Gridseed ASIC Miner![/url][/b] Tickets: 500 bits each | Multiple Tickets = BONUS chances to win!

If you would like to participate in the referral program PM me the following:
  • Intent to participate
  • User name
  • Email address (necessary to claim prize)

- The referral code above needs to be the first text on the top line of your signature. It's ok, you can keep the rest of your signature text alongside it.
- The referral code needs to stay in your signature for the entire contest.
- A ticket number will be assigned based on the time the PM is received and signature placement confirmed.
- We reserve the right to nullify the awarded ticket number if these rules are not followed.
- In case a nullified ticket is drawn as the winning ticket a second block will be determined, agreed upon and a new winning ticket will be determined.

LiteBit Properties

Current ticket holder list
12  Economy / Securities / [XCP] Adeally IPO Monday April 28 on: April 23, 2014, 08:09:28 PM
Adeally is an immersive entertainment shopping experience, featuring gaming mechanics, crowd sourcing and brilliantly honest deals.


Statement of Purpose | excerpt from BUSINESS PLAN -  Password: Garfield
ADEALLY, LLC (Adeally), an Ohio Limited Liability Company (LLC) established in 2014, is an online retail and auction services company that will serve customers across the United States with deals on consumer electronics, appliances, outdoor gear, mining equipment, precious metals and gift cards. The Company is seeking investment capital in the amount of $2,325,000 in exchange for a 30% equity position in Adeally. Equity share offerings will be sold in stages and the working capital raised will allow the Company to hire key personnel and consultants in preparation for a late August 2014 launch date of

Mission Statement
Adeally engages customers within an immersive online retail environment. By layering gaming mechanics together with crowd sourcing, social engagement and deep discounts we are creating the ultimate fun, exciting and risk-free shopping experience that we believe is the future of online commerce. Designed with a joint auction platform and conventional ecommerce platform, customers will be able to buy the hottest new products, comment about auctions in real-time, enjoy free shipping, earn rewards, compete against other bargain hunters and potentially walk away with up to 98% savings over retail prices.

Business Introduction
At the heart of Adeally is an ecommerce company selling most products at wholesale prices in combination with listing the same products in auctions at starting prices far below wholesale prices. Customers shopping on have opportunities every day to save up to 98% off retail prices. A unique aspect of our auction platform is it socially engages customers to “crowd source” deals. When bids are placed from multiple bidders the savings increases exponentially.

The Company will carry zero (0%) inventory, instead relying on our network of distributors to provide fulfillment services. Over 50% of our products will be sourced from wholesale distributors, 20% will be provided by our B2B partners and the remaining 30% will be our bid packages known as Play Packs. Adeally provides free shipping for every product we sell and offers continuous ways to earn free bids and rewards for constant non-stop bargain hunting and plenty of reasons to continue coming back again and again.

Great lengths have been taken in this Business Plan to create a phased growth plan that factors in numerous parameters presented in this document. Months of research and planning took place before any numbers were even generated. Our key was to stay consistent and create a robust set of tools along the way that interact with each other and provide a logical projection of unknown future events.

OFFERING SUMMARY | excerpt from PROSPECTUS -  Password: Ulysses

The Issuer
Adeally, LLC

Securities being offered
Up to 300,000 equity shares. Our equity shares are described in further detail in the section of the prospectus titled “Description of Securities – Equity Shares.”

Per Share Price
0.00685BTC ~$3.33

Un-Regulated Market
There is no regulated market for our equity shares. We cannot give any assurance that the shares being offered will have a market value, or that they can be resold at the offered price if the listing exchange (Counterparty) gets taken offline. The absence of a public market for our stock could make it difficult to sell your shares. If in the future a regulated public market does exist for our securities, it is likely to be highly illiquid and sporadic.

Upon successful completion of this funding round, Adeally will seek to file Form 15c211 with FINRA for listing approval on the OTC Link. The ticker symbol the company will request will be: DEAL

Duration of Offering
This offering will terminate upon the earlier to occur of (i) 180 days after this registration statement becomes effective with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and (ii) the date on which all 300,000 shares registered hereunder have been sold; provided, however, that we may, at our discretion, extend the offering for an additional 90 days. In the event that we extend the offering an additional 90 days, we will notify investors by filing a post-effective amendment to our registration statement.

Number of Shares Outstanding Before the Offering
There are 1,400,000 shares of equity issued and outstanding as of the date of the prospectus. Our sole officer and director, Mr. Paul Schmitzer, owns an aggregate of 100% of the equity shares of our company.

Total Number of Shares Outstanding After the Offering
There will be 1,700,000 shares of equity issued and outstanding upon 100% completion of the offering. Upon a successful completion, all corporate officers and directors will own an aggregate of 85% of the issued equity shares. Ultimately, this offering is the seed round of a 3 round series seeking to secure a total of $2,325,000 for a 30% aggregate equity share in the Company.

Listing Fees
We estimate our total costs relating to the registration of the securities offered herein shall be approximately $10,000.

Distribution of Offered Shares
This offering will be listed out on a private exchange (Counterparty) providing issuer backing in Bitcoin. No registered broker dealer will be involved in the distribution of the equity shares made available in this offering.

Net Proceeds to the Company
The Company is offering 300,000 shares of equity, at an offering price of $3.33 per share, for potential gross proceeds to the Company of $1,000,000 and potential net proceeds of $990,000. The full subscription price will be payable at the time of subscription and accordingly, funds received from subscribers in this offering will be released to the Company when subscriptions are received and accepted.
If less than 100% of funds is raised under this offering, Adeally will refund subscriber’s funds and suspend all current operations until additional capital from alternate sources becomes available to execute our Business Plan. No assurance can be given that the net proceeds from the total number of shares offered hereby or any lesser net amount will be sufficient to accomplish our goals.

Use of Proceeds
We will use the proceeds for general working capital, administrative expenses and for the implementation of our business growth strategy. However, there is no guarantee that we will receive any proceeds in connection with this offering.

Need for Additional Financing
Adeally will need to raise additional capital in the future in addition to the $1,000,000 we hope to raise through this offering. We believe that the full proceeds from this offering in addition to our existing cash on hand will satisfy our cash requirements for up to approximately 6 months, provided that we are not be able to expand our operations and grow increase our net profit. If we are unable to produce a favorable gross margin in order to grow our cash reserves and if we are unable to obtain additional financing, our future growth, once the additional capital from this funding is exhausted, could be impaired.

Risk Factors
Any investment in our equity shares involves a high degree of risk. You should carefully consider the risk factors set forth under “Risk Factors” and the other information contained in the prospectus, or any other accompanying documents, before making an investment decision regarding our equity shares.


We encourage any investors looking for more in-depth information to review the Business Plan (70 pages) and Prospectus (40 pages) below. The Business Plan includes a 3 year projection for the Company and much more. The Prospectus addresses many of the risks associated with this type of offering and is specific to the offering summarized above. Subsequent prospectus will be drafted for the remaining 2 rounds of funding, if necessary.

SEC Filing |
Counterparty Asset Listing | BOMB
Business Plan rev 2.2.0 |  Password: Garfield
Prospectus rev 1.4.0 |  Password: Ulysses


This offering is being made available on the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Counterparty forums. We will not be responding publically (on this thread) until the offering is successful or the duration of the offering (as described above) is complete. Whichever occurs first. This is to stay compliant with Regulation D filing rules for Rule 506(b) by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Any questions regarding this offering can be directed to the contact person listed above.

The full amount of shares (300,000) will be available for purchase on Monday, April 28th 2014 @ 12:00pm EST.
We will be issuing blocks of shares (50,000) each day leading up to that Monday. The full 300,000 will have been loaded by noon on Monday the 28th. We feel this is a fair way to allow investors to digest the offering we are presenting and limit the amount of investors that could be shut out due to potential rush of investors if all 300,000 shares are listed at once.

We are offering this on the Counterparty platform which is a decentralized exchange built on the Bitcoin blockchain. The easiest way for investors to purchase Adeally BOMB shares is to use the Counterwallet web interface found at For investors already using this amazing platform we suggest you read this announcement by Counterwallet regarding recent security fixes. Counterwallet Security Notice


TEL: 765-ADEALLY (233-2559)


You should rely only on the information contained or incorporated by reference to this offering in deciding whether to purchase our equity shares. We have not authorized anyone to provide you with information different from that contained in this offering. Under no circumstances should the delivery to you of this offering or any sale made pursuant to this offering create any implication that the information contained in this offering is correct as of any time after the date of this offering. To the extent that any facts or events arising after the date of this offering, individually or in the aggregate, represent a fundamental change in the information presented in this offering, this offering will be updated to the extent required by law.

This document may only be used where it is legal to sell these securities. Certain jurisdictions may restrict the distribution of these documents and the offering of these securities. We require persons receiving these documents to inform themselves about and to observe any such restrictions. We have not taken any action that would permit an offering of these securities or the distribution of these documents in any jurisdiction that requires such action.

Unless otherwise indicated, information contained in this offering concerning our industry, including our market opportunity, is based on information from independent industry analysts, third-party sources and management estimates. Management estimates are derived from publicly-available information released by independent industry analysts and third party sources, as well as data from our internal research, and are based on assumptions made by us using data and our knowledge of such industry and market, which we believe to be reasonable. In addition, while we believe the market opportunity information included in this offering is generally reliable and is based on reasonable assumptions, such data involves risks and uncertainties and is subject to change based on various factors, including those discussed under the heading “Timing of Market Entry - Risk Factors.”
13  Economy / Services / Anyone bored today? I'm in need of help turning this milliBit icon into vector on: January 08, 2014, 04:44:42 PM
Slow day and tired of checking ZeroBlock every 5 minutes? Anyone kind enough to mirror this file into vector art for me?
I can't offer any thing but a huge Thank You but would really appreciate it.
I have no access to Illustrator anymore. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

I did this with Pixlr on my Chromebook. PNG file is here:
I can send the layered file to you if you want it.


rounded square:
border size=20

Bitcoin symbol:
Font Awesome's Bitcoin symbol is vector

font=Lohit Kannada

I appreciate any consideration for trying to help a brother out.
Again, thanks.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Quark article appearing in Wall Street Journal- Press release, not WSJ news dept on: December 05, 2013, 03:40:15 PM
A dedicated article for Quark in notable newspaper.


press release, not news article. WSJ staff not involved.
15  Economy / Securities / [TERRA-BULL] The Bitcoin Mining Club on: July 18, 2013, 05:59:04 AM
The Bitcoin Mining Club | TERRA-BULL
Our goal is to give everyone a chance to mine Bitcoin with 100% the profits and 0% the headache

We are offering 1(one) Terahash(TH/s) of our Bitcoin Mining Club equipment to the public for the first time ever. This first batch of Mining Shares are category “A” shares: TERRA-BULL.A. Each share entitles the owner to 100% of the profits from 100 MH/s. A total of 10,000 shares will be available in this initial public offering at a cost of  BTC 0.1 per share. A total of 1,000 BTC is expected to be raised and be used towards new ASIC equipment and administration of The Bitcoin Mining Club.

The Bitcoin Mining Club | TERRA-BULL website:
General Mining Asset Brief:

Edit: The projected release of the TERRA-BULL.A shares to public investors is scheduled for Monday, July 22nd @ 10 AM EST

This date is tentative if all goes well with a community review over the next few days before the deadline.  We reserve the right to move the date back if issues arise from community members that we are unable to remedy before the deadline. The date will not be moved forward for any reason.

TERRA-BULL.A mining shares Brief



• Our goal is to give everyone the chance to mine Bitcoin with 100% the profits and 0% the headache

• Offering 5/6th's of our mining equipment for public investment will allow us to purchase more equipment to grow The Bitcoin Mining Club (tBMC) and it's investors.*

• Providing early investors an opportunity to double their hashing power with future equipment.



The Bitcoin Mining Club | TERRA-BULL owns 1.2 TH/s worth of Bitcoin mining equipment that will be online and hashing in September/October of this year (2013). We are offering 1 TH/s or 1,000,000 MH/s of this equipment's mining capabilities to the public in the form of TERRA-BULL.A mining shares. The remaining 200,000 MH/s will be used for administration, maintenance and other company costs solely by TERRA-BULL.



TERRA-BULL.A shares are tied directly to these (3) Jupiter miners from KnCMiner as a whole**. Shares aren't tied to a specific machine. 10,000 shares will be released to public investors and will represent 1,000,000 MH/s (1 TH/s) of The Bitcoin Mining Club's mining capabilities. Each TERRA-BULL.A mining share represents 100 MH/s of the total 1 TH/s. These shares are not subject to any fees*** and are entitled to 100% the profits, paid out in weekly distributions.

Shares will be priced at BTC 0.1 and a total of 1,000 BTC is predicted to be raised with this initial public offering by TERRA-BULL.



All distributions will be made at the end of each week on Sundays, Eastern Standard Time (EST). By joining The Bitcoin Mining Club | TERRA-BULL and buying mining shares a shareholder has provided a Private Bitcoin address that will receive distribution payments. Distributions are the total revenue generated by 1.2 TH/s minus mining pool fees and minus 0.2 TH/s controlled by tBMC. Remaining 1,000,000 MH/s of revenue is divided by 10,000 and passed on to the shareholders.



TERRA-BULL.A mining shares have no voting privileges. They are only mechanisms of receiving profits from Bitcoin mining hardware solely owned by TERRA-BULL.



TERRA-BULL.A mining shares never expire. A share will always represent 100 MH/s of The Bitcoin Mining Club's mining capabilities. As hardware eventually becomes non-profitable or corrupt new hardware will be purchased by TERRA-BULL and shares will be switched over to the new equipment.


*Future Equipment

Revenue from sales of TERRA-BULL.A mining shares will be used to grow The Bitcoin Mining Club and reward early investors. Over time different share offerings will be open to the public and designated "A", "B", etc... TERRA-BULL.A shares are directly tied to the equipment detailed above.

Upon successful completion of this round of shares we will purchase at least 4 TH/s of new equipment for tBMC. At that time we will dedicate 1 TH/s of the new purchase to the TERRA-BULL.A share holders. Essentially splitting the stock 2:1 (not a traditional stock split) or 20,000 shares. Each share still representing 100 MH/s, but of a total of 2 TH/s; with share holders still earning 100% of the profits and 0% fees.

The remaining 3 TH/s will be offered to the public as a future group of mining shares and for company administration related to The Bitcoin Mining Club | TERRA-BULL.


Exchange Listing

Currently TERRA-BULL.A mining shares aren't listed on an exchange. That may change in the future as we weigh the administration time and investor's feedback. The Bitcoin Mining Club | TERRA-BULL website will always have the latest information for shareholders. A Public Asset List and Distribution List will be available on as well. The public asset list will contain the Public Bitcoin address all shareholders provided during their purchase and will contain fields like 'asset','address','shares',. The distribution list will keep all historical data related to shareholder revenue payouts and will contain fields like 'dates','hashrate','total shares','total revenue','revenue per share'.

In the event TERRA-BULL.A shares do get put on an exchange we have put into place the proper communication channels to do a seamless move. All share holders will be kept up to date by email communication.



TERRA-BULL.A shares are fully transferable. Sales and/or transferring of shares on the open market is encouraged and will be honored by TERRA-BULL at no charge to either party. Private email correspondence can facilitate all requests.



If, for some reason, our manufacturer fails to deliver mining equipment on order a full refund will be returned to investors. Announcements through email, on our website and on the forums will be made to make every effort to inform shareholders of their right to request a refund for non-delivery of hardware.


Data & Privacy

Purchasing TERRA-BULL.A shares only requires a valid email address and (2) Bitcoin addresses. We value our shareholder's privacy and will secure these forms of id to the best of our ability. Email addresses will be used for communication and verification. The Bitcoin addresses will be used for the public asset list and for distributions. Each shareholder will need to provide all 3 in order to purchase TERRA-BULL.A mining shares. While the public asset list is available to the public for accountability and a distribution list is available for historical data, the private distribution addresses will be kept private.



In the unlikely event of TERRA-BULL closing mining operations, the company will offer a sale of all assets. First to shareholders and then to the community.


Fees & Downtime

All administration and maintenance fees are covered by TERRA-BULL except mining pool fees. **Pool fees are taken out before any revenue is taken by tBMC or it's shareholders. ***In the event of downtime with the equipment revenue lost effects tBMC and it's shareholders equally.

Example of downtime incident:
One of the machines from the TERRA-BULL.A batch is rebooting and updating. The downtime effects all TERRA-BULL.A shareholders but not TERRA.BULL.B shareholders.

We will do everything in our power to get the miners back to hashing as soon as possible.


All Rights Reserved

The Bitcoin Mining Club | TERRA-BULL reserves the right to:

• Choose hardware manufacturers for our mining equipment.

• Allocate revenue generated by the sales of mining shares of our equipment towards general company costs such as administration and maintenance.

• Deny transfer of shares between 2 or more parties if security requirements are not met.

• Choose if, when and what exchange to list TERRA-BULL.A mining shares on in the future

End of Brief

Upon successful completion of this round of shares we will purchase at least 4 TH/s of new equipment for tBMC. At that time we will dedicate 1 TH/s of the new purchase to the TERRA-BULL.A share holders. Essentially splitting the stock 2:1 (not a traditional stock split) or 20,000 shares. Each share still representing 100 MH/s, but of a total of 2 TH/s; with share holders still earning 100% of the profits and 0% fees.

We are very proud of the strength of this offering compared to the competition. When you compare the MH/s to BTC with TERRA-BULL.A shares and high-end GPUs, FPGAs, Block Erupters and other low watt hardware either being sold or being developed we hope you see the value we are putting on the table too. An easy cheat sheet for your own due diligence is:

Asset (1 share)                  TERRA-BULL.A mining share
Total Hashrate (MH/s)         100 MH/s
Total Cost (BTC)                    BTC 0.1
BTC per 1 MH/s                      BTC 0.001
ROI*                                 Between 2-4 Distribution Cycles

And as an added bonus to early investors, we plan on dedicating 1 TH/s of the planned 4 TH/s in new mining hardware to TERRA-BULL.A shareholders.  So an initial investment with The Bitcoin Mining Club will look something like this:

Asset (2 shares)                 TERRA-BULL.A mining share
Total Hashrate (MH/s)         200 MH/s
Total Cost (BTC)                    BTC 0.1    
BTC per 1 MH/s                      BTC 0.0005
ROI*                                 Between 1-2 Distribution Cycles

*Return on Investment: This is tBMC’s calculation that takes into account the rise in Difficulty and the relationship of BTC/USD
16  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] KNC Pre-Order Spots (5) on: June 03, 2013, 02:48:21 AM
I am interested in 5 order numbers for Jupiter <500 (AKA "Golden Ticket").

PM Offers

Since KNC Miner is approving this market behavior I suggest transfer order number as follows if agreement between us is met via PM (or in messages below).

You send a email to kncminer with order number and CC me, in that email state the order number and that you are interested in transferring your order number to me when a BTC address of your choice is filled to the amount of BTC we agree upon.  After kncminer confirms that order number exists and is owned by you and receipt of request and agrees to transfer it when a transfer is made to that BTC account;  I will fill the BTC address to the amount and reply to the confirmation that KNC miner sent saying please transfer order number as BTC has been sent with a link to the transaction/account on of the amount asked for by you.

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [WTB] 10000 SXC per 1 LTC on: May 28, 2013, 11:53:30 AM
Let me know if you're interested.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / BitStamp Ripples [SOLD OUT] on: May 17, 2013, 07:05:10 PM
19  Economy / Currency exchange / Buying Ripples | 10,000 XRP per 1 BTC on: May 11, 2013, 04:01:33 AM
We'll buy your Ripples for Bitcoin.  We prefer chunks of 5,000 or greater.  Will buy any amount however.  

Current rate:  10,000 XRP for 1 BTC

Our Ripple address is: rEhtAV2DsWcdsptcXGn2fbGSCYdhQQu2F5

Please PM:
1. The amount you wish to sell
2. Your Ripple address the coins will be sent from
3. Your Bitcoin/Litecoin address you want us to pay you to


We have a sister buying topic in the Alts section:
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Buying Ripples | 1 BTC per 10,000 XRP on: May 08, 2013, 02:44:54 AM
We'll buy your Ripples for Bitcoin.  We prefer chunks of 5,000 or greater.  Will buy any amount however.  

Current rate:  10,000 XRP for 1 BTC

Our Ripple address is: rEhtAV2DsWcdsptcXGn2fbGSCYdhQQu2F5

Please PM:
1. The amount you wish to sell
2. Your Ripple address the coins will be sent from
3. Your Bitcoin/Litecoin address you want us to pay you to

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