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1  Economy / Games and rounds / Games-Bit Pachinko | Create your board contest | 5-10% of profit from your board on: July 07, 2015, 03:10:21 PM
Games-Bit Pachinko Create Your Board Contest

After lot of demand from our players we are excited to finally launch design your board contest. Entering this contest is really simple. Below is the link to script where you can fill in multipliers to reach the desired house edge. After you are satisfied with your final result you can post the results here. There is no limitation and every user can submit any amount of boards.

There will be one winner selected by us whose board will be used on our website. We may display that board on our website for a week to a month. By the time the board is on our website we will share some profit we get from that board with the winner. If we don't make any profit from the board the winner may get small bounty for his efforts when its time to change the board.

For now players have option to choose just multipliers. If future we are planning for different bonuses apart from bonus balls(like a slot machine in the game) and players will be bale to choose the bonus also for the game.

So guys here is the link come and join the fun.


  • You may design as many boards as you wish

    Post your result's screenshot and your address here

    This contest may last for 3-4 days, when winner is selected his name will be announced here

    The final decision to select the winner is ours

    The duration to keep a board on our website can be a week to a month

So here is the link to design your game.

and have fun plating at

2  Economy / Gambling / New and Unique BTC game | Pachinko - Come and get addicted |Start Rollin' on: June 19, 2015, 04:43:21 PM

Create your own board contest launched. Prize 5-10% profit from the winning board. Join the contest now.

UPDATE: Fixed  issue regarding some bets which were not processed. Now each bet is processed instantly.

UPDATE: Bets more than max bet are refunded instantly.

UPDATE: To verify your bets with the algo published on our website please watch this video

To select your desired board please click on words (Gold, Silver or Bronze) and copy the respective address.

GAMES-BIT is proud to launch a new game in bitcoin world Pachinko. This is a beta launch of our game. Our aim is to make it an interesting game where players can enjoy playing pachinko, slots and dice in same game. As this game is in beta the maximum bet is low. It will be increased in final launch.


No registration

No deposits

Instant payouts

On chain

Low house edge of 1.05%


Chat BOX

How to play

Just choose a game from Gold, Silver or Bronze and copy the address. Then all you have to do is send the desired valid amount to the address and see the ball rolling and land in one of many pockets. According to the multiplier your payout will be sent back.

The multipliers in the game are set in such a manner that it gives 98% winning chances to the players. There are five bigger pins in the game which are the bonus pins. When your ball hits a bonus pin another bonus ball is launched of amount 1% of your betting amount. The probability of balls hitting bonus pins is 95%. Thus the winning chances for player are 98.95%.

How provably fair works??

There are 100 different positions and 100 different speeds with which coin is launched making a total of 10000 combinations. With transaction id and server seed and the algo shared on website a random number between 1 to 10 is generated which is for each of balls combinations.

For example 6.182 means this number is for x speed and y position of ball by which the physics engine decides the call path. And if you enter this number in roll result and click on simulate you will see the path of ball and in which pocket it lands. And from that it is easy to see if its a win or a loss. This random number is shown to you so you can simulate the roll and see where your ball lands in and in which pocket.

The random number determines here that the game is provably fair ( because if you simulate the ball with number for example 1.11 the ball will land in multiplier 1.3x for bronze and it will be same every time number 1.11 is generated with txid and server seed.)

The server seed is revealed the next day as its common for each bet.

The algo to calculate the result is already on provably fair page if you care to notice. The direct link is

Please check this video to understand how to verify your bets manually with the algo published.

Todo list

Adding slot machine
Adding bonus with dice rolls

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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