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1  Economy / Gambling / Exclusive Bonuses From Nitrogen, BitStarz and SwC Poker on: July 12, 2020, 06:22:02 AM
Get the biggest & best crypto bonuses exclusively at BitEdge!

25 free spins and 125% deposit match on BitStarz

Exclusive poker freerolls with 22 m฿ prizepool every week from Nitrogen and SwCPoker

And we promise more in the next few weeks.

You do have to go through the linked pages to get the exclusive bonuses. Good luck with your betting and have fun with your crypto!
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Betting My Way To Russia! on: October 04, 2017, 06:17:43 AM
ITT I will try to follow my team to the World Cup in Russia, and pay for it all with bitcoins I win betting on the tournament!

Given my team is Australia I am including both Socceroos’ home and away qualifying playoffs. First against Syria for the last qualification spot from Asian. Then our intercontinental playoff against the 4th ranked North American side.

Those 2 qualification playoffs and the tournament itself make this a 3-part project. I will treat the expenses, and therefore the winning bets required, separately for each part.

The expenses

Full details will be posted on each parts posts. I will pay with bitcoin as much as possible including Expedia for accommodation and CheapAir for flights. Where I cannot pay with bitcoin directly I will use my Bitpay visa debit card.

The bets

Full details will be posted on each part’s posts. I will bet wherever I see value. For the qualification ties I might simply bet on Australia to win through. In the tournament, itself I might use these betting strategies with a stop loss.

I will bet at whichever of the top ranked bitcoin sportsbooks has the best odds on the bet I want to make.


Part 1 – Asian qualifying: Australia vs Syria, October 5th – 10th

1st-leg preview
1st-leg report
2nd-leg preview
2nd-leg report

Amount spent: 886 mBTC
Amount won: Won 886 mBTC

Part 2 – Intercontinental playoff: Australia vs Honduras, November 10th – 15th

1st-leg preview
1st-leg report
2nd-leg preview
2nd-leg report

Amount spent: 939 mBTC
Amount won: 947 mBTC

Part 3 – 2018 World Cup finals in Russia

Amount spent: Pending
Amount won/lost: Pending

Full and updated details are here

Picture galry with all the images is here
3  Economy / Gambling / Last year I won over ฿40 in Nitrogen’s NFL survivor pool. Season starts today! on: September 11, 2016, 01:19:43 PM
These pools are legit, they have 0% house edge, Nitrogen takes no hosting fee or cut! All buy-ins are payed to the winner with no withdrawal requirements.

This season the free pool has a BTC1 prize. No deposits or anything required.

You can enter any time before Sundays games. Have fun!

full details here
4  Economy / Gambling / Work Out How Big The Fourtune Jack Dice Jackpot Has To Be For profitable play on: June 07, 2016, 11:58:21 AM
This thread

did a great job in finding out the +EV point of the Nitrogen dice jackpot. Now we have a similar challenge to work out the same thing for FortuneJack's new dice jackpot. It works differently.

The house edge is the same 1%

The min bet is 0.01฿

If you win you get 80% of the jackpot (50% if you bet 0.0001 and 20% if you bet 0.000001)

In order to win you have to roll a four figure number starting with a 1, then starting with a 2, then starting with a 3, through to 7. For example


Here is how FortuneJack explains it

Thanks to BTF user ndnhc this is what we come up with

Bet amount : 0.01฿

Probability of rolling 1x.xx : 0.1
Probability of hitting the jackpot : 0.1^7

Number of rolls needed on average : 1/0.1^7 = 10000000
฿ wagered required on average : 100000

House edge : 1000฿

To be positive EV, the jackpot should be more than 1000/0.8 = 1250฿

Bet amount : 0.0001฿

Probability of hitting the jackpot : 0.1^7

Number of rolls needed on average : 1/0.1^7 = 10000000
฿ wagered required on average : 1000

House edge : 10฿

To be positive EV, the jackpot should be more than 10/0.5 = 20฿

Bet amount : 0.000001฿

Probability of hitting the jackpot : 0.1^7

Number of rolls needed on average : 1/0.1^7 = 10000000
฿ wagered required on average : 10

House edge : 0.1฿

To be positive EV, the jackpot should be more than 0.1/0.2 = 0.5฿.

The last one appears to be the most attractive option. What do yall think did we miss something? The first case of 1250฿ will probably never happen!

FWIW I used to find FortuneJack slightly shady but they have kept on improving and running an honest operation, I quite like them now. Here is a full review.

Roll good.
5  Economy / Gambling / 0.3฿ poker freeroll at Nitrogen every Sunday. No deposit or download required! on: April 30, 2016, 06:09:25 PM

Bitace has partnered with Nitrogen Sports to offer you a free poker tournament with 300 mBTC in prizes every Sunday! That's tomorrow.

The freerolls are open to all players who signup via our referral link (BTF says no referral links so please visit our site and click from there) even if you have never made a deposit or don’t own bitcoin yet. You don’t need to give an email address and no download is required.

Time: Every Sunday 17:00 US EST (your local start time is displayed in the lobby)
Registration starts: 3 days before tournament
Game: No limit Texas Holdem
Prize pool: 250 mBTC
Bounty: 50 mBTC freebet for knocking out player 189, Bitedge (that would be me)
Starting chip stack: 1500
Blind Levels: 6 minutes (turbo)
Level 1 blinds: 20/40

Registration is open now. Please see

or ask here for more details. See you on the felt!
6  Bitcoin / Electrum / error: {u'message': u'64 non-manatory-script-verify-flag (No error)', ucode': -2 on: November 11, 2015, 05:11:30 AM
Electrum 2.4.2 on windows

I have attempted to make 2 transactions to valid address for amounts less than my wallet balance. After the broadcasting transaction window comes up for a second I get

error: {u'message': u'64 non-manatory-script-verify-flag (No error)', ucode': -2

And the transaction does not send. What can I do to fix this? Thanks if you can help Smiley

Edit: update to 2.5.1 fixed this
7  Economy / Gambling / Work out how big the Nitrogen Dice Jackpot has to be for play to be profitable on: October 22, 2015, 01:27:18 PM
Edit: summary and conclusions of this thread

Nitrogen’s dice game has an accumulating jackpot which is won by rolling a number with a 7 in it 12 times in a row. In the long run you will make money by betting when the jackpot is over ฿3.65 because the chance of winning the jackpot is greater than the money you expect to lose trying to win it.

Details and calculations here

The conditions of the Nitrogen Jackpot are that

  • You roll a number with a 7 13 times in a row
  • Each bet is at least BTC0.001

So we need to work out what is the expected loss of rolling BTC0.001 however many times you need to roll in order to expect to hit the jackpot. Whenever the jackpot is higher than that number it is profitable to roll.

For this we need to know at least

  • House edge/expected value
    Each roll has a 1% house edge, 99% expected value.
  • probability of rolling a 7
    each roll has 4 numbers ##.## and each number has a 10% chance of being a 7 so each roll has a 40% chance of including a 7
  • probability of rolling 13 consecutive 7s
    40% x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4  x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 = 0.00067108864%

100/0.00067108864 = 149011

This means we need to roll 149011 times to expect to roll 13 consecutive 7s.

We can expect a jackpot for every BTC149.011 bet which has an expected loss of 1%, that is BTC1.49011. As such we should be rolling any time the jackpot is more than BTC1.4911. Usually the jackpot is more than that, the last time it went off it was for BTC5.9.

Right now it's BTC3.9 so we should all be betting there with the auto betting bot that lets you set it to stop rolling if the jackpot is hit, that is what I am doing right now.

I am not 100% confident in my calculations and assumptions, corrections and input are welcome.

If you did not know Nitrogen now have dice here is a review
8  Economy / Gambling / Bitcoin Rush (formerly Casino Bitcoin) ripped me off and cannot be trusted on: July 25, 2015, 03:56:10 PM
Bitcoin Rush took my bitcoins from my account because they did not like the review I posted about them (the review was more positive at the time than it is now).
I run Bitedge which used to be called the Bitcoin Betting Guide.

Here is me giving a presentation at my local meetup (go to 4:19)    
Here is me interviewed for Bitcoin the end of money as we know it.  
Here is me in the bitcoin doco (go to 22:22)    

I am posting this because I care about the bitcoin gambling ecosystem and I am sick of amateurish operators acting dishonestly.

What happened
After some disagreement about our Bitcoin Rush review and inclusions on my site I was surprised to receive the following in an email from Bitcoin Rush.

"Per the terms and conditions on this page Management and I have decided to no longer process your affiliate payments"

I thought it was petty and a bad business decision but if that was all then I would not be making this post, it’s their affiliate program after all. However it was much worse than that.

Bitcoin Rush took my cleared funds out of my account! The previous day I could bet with those funds or withdraw them just like any user who has deposited their own bitcoins or had affiliate payments in their account. Then my bitcoins were simply gone from my account.

I was surprised because I had always defended Bitcoin Rush as being an honest and reliable operator, I did not think they were as high quality as the best bitcoin sportsbooks but I did say in the review that users funds were safe with them. Now we know they are not.

I sought clarification and to get my funds back multiple times and was told I had gone against the affiliate terms and conditions without any specifics of what I had done that was against what term or condition. I could not see anything in those vague terms and conditions I had gone against so I asked again and was told.

"You flat out call one of the worst sites around, only catching any sense of traffic because we listed on Havelock? Calling us pretty much the worst bitcoin site in existence disqualifies you from any further affiliate payments."

So there it is, Bitcoin Rush stole my bitcoins from my account because they don't like what I said about them. I never called Bitcoin Rush one of the worst sites around, that is them exaggerating, and even if I had have done so that would not be against the terms and conditions. Even if I had have gone against the terms and condition nowhere do they say that gives Bitcoin Rush the right to take the cleared funds from previous deposits or affiliate payments out of my account.

As such Bitcoin Rush should no longer be trusted by the bitcoin community, provably fair does not help much if they steal your bitcoin for reasons they make up as they go along. Luckily there is no reason to risk it as there are far higher quality, more professional and more trustworthy bitcoin sportsbooks and casinos reviewed on Bitedge

For those interested here is the full backstory of the disagreements leading up to the theft.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The internet needs this: Smart contract to trustlessly transfer domain ownership on: July 23, 2015, 03:30:09 PM
Short version

The current methods to transfer domain ownership require one party to put himself in a position where the other party could rip him off or the use of a slow, expensive, fallible and corruptible middleman (escrow).

The bitcoin solution is an open source smart contract with an oracle that receives the buyers bitcoin then monitors the domain’s whois information for the change of ownership then transfers the bitcoins to the seller.

This requires no change to any laws, no change to the ICANN domain name registration system and no change at the domain registrars. We can do this today!  

Long version with more details
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