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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / the newest spam service on: March 18, 2014, 12:22:21 PM
I represent We really appreciate your expert opinion. The Cointelegraph, leading News Agency in cryptocurrency market (i.e. Bitcoin), provides targeted news, with analysis of the best experts in cryptocurrencies. We create press releases for articles, reports and comments to drive social stream traffic. Cointelegraph works with the best publicists and journalists in the industry.
Our new project is to create a big professional community and we would be happy to invite you! Each member will have a personal page with detailed information including your specialization, profile picture, biography, website and contact information. Does that kind of partnership sound interesting for you?
Maria Jones
General Manager
Tel: +1 347 741 82 68

Summary - Maria Jones    Picture/Text
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Date Registered:    March 13, 2014, 11:17:32 AM
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Nice going on removing all restriction mods. What do I do now, I'm getting hit by a ton of this sort of shit. Do you like, hate actual content or something?
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Interacting with fiat institutions [such as the SEC], a guide on: March 18, 2014, 12:09:46 PM
Quoth MP:

Bitcoin is a sovereign. Accepting this matter of fact is a sine qua non prerequisite for playing. No exceptions.
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Calling out the premier scam on Havelock at the moment on: March 15, 2014, 10:15:16 AM
(They're all scams, just generally more obvious.)

So, Danny Brewster, "CEO" of Neobee: take your time to answer the following questions, preferably neither in the manner of Vleisides nor Karpeles.

1. Are you a welder by training? Do you have any formal education other than vocational school? Do you have a studies diploma issued by any accredited body in any jurisdiction?

2. Were you involved in a street fight in the summer of 2013, one of many as part and parcel of a retarded chav lifestyle? Did that particular fight land you in a coma? Did that even result in a public subscription list being open so that your [estranged] father and sisters could come to Cyprus, because the "CEO" of September 2013 did not command, if you added up all the savings accounts of the entire family + all the couch cushion change of all the neighbors, enough financial resources to cover personal travel expenses?

3. How much of the Bitcoin collected by your Havelock "listing"/scam has been used to repay various debts you contracted prior to September 2013, including but not limited to the people that paid for your mother's airfare? How did you settle the hospital bill?

4. Did you lie in this reddit comment,

The public facing websites are being tied into the advertising campaign which starts on 1st Feb. If you have concerns about me then so be it, if you would also like me to spend my time delivering updates then just say, however I do look forward to proving posts like these wrong.

seeing how "the public facing websites" still do not exist, or were you simply displaying your lack of business acumen and limited intellectual abilities when you made that statement?

5. Generally speaking anyone can overpay for advertising and make false statements about exclusive deals that aren't. Nevertheless this isn't a common course taken by actual CEOs with actual training and actual business experience, due to the unfortunate situation a few months down the road, when investors aren't going to be able to take inflated "eyeballs" and "pageviews" statistics gladly delivered by the media agency in lieu of dividends. That notwithstanding, is it true that due to your lack of business acumen and limited intellectual ability, the extent of the "business plan" of NeoBee actually is exactly "buy some advertising and whatever", and having now reached the end of its rail the entire thing is about to collapse into nothingness?

The actual people with actual functioning heads and actual fortunes actually involved in Bitcoin (specifically as opposed to degenerates such as yourself, and clueless idiots such as the sort that would "invest" in crap of the kind Havelock peddles) would very much like to know. Thanks.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Yet another pseudo-Satoshi, or just how derpy is this Gavin character? on: March 06, 2014, 02:09:37 PM
Don't you find it just a little odd that as the Bitcoin Foundation is being reamed into oblivion, some floozy comes up with a repackaging of Gavin's self-aggrandizing nonsense? (Really, you nearly broke it, fuckwit? Aren't you a Super Power-Ranger of Cool.)

I get it, a certain group of not particularly smart but definitely dedicated twerps would very much like to hold on to their always overstated and currently fading relevancy in this space. Gavin happens to work for them (tho' according to him, he could afford to retire, so he doesn't really need to be paid, which conveniently explains why the Scam Foundation isn't going to be paying him anymore. Well done). The why is quite clear.

The how is quite problematic, however. This fiat-style attack on Bitcoin is poorly thought out and ultimately fails to deliver. For one thing, the identity of Satoshi isn't going to be established by random twerps opining and being interviewed on the topic of "what they think". That's not how Bitcoin works, we have signatures for a reason, there's this entire structure built exactly so as to avoid the sort of inept, blathering nonsense Gavin's girlfriend bathes in. You don't need to "ask people" what "they think" about any incoming transaction, you just look for the signature. That's all there is, and that's all there is for good reason.

And since we're on the topic of fiat attacks upon Bitcoin: Hey Gavin? Leadership is not "having to make appearances and presentations and comments to the press". That's PR. And leadership sure-as-fuck-on-wheels isn't going over to the CIA to reassure them about how your life goals are to continue sucking government cock. That's being a fifth column, not being a leader.

You are becoming more and more of an embarrassment, both for this project and for your own family. How about that retirement? They say the wiser men quit before becoming Taaki.
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / Calling out the Bitcoin Foundation Scam. on: March 03, 2014, 08:37:03 AM
The Bitcoin Foundation was a large confidence scam perpetrated on the very naive, rather noobish yet very vain Bitcoin community cca 2012-2014 - and running for about as long as Pirate's ponzi.

It was thought out, constructed and initially run by Peter Vessenes, and then passed along to various accomplices. (Don't imagine that if I don't name you, we don't have the file. We have the file. You will be serving time, in all likelihood.)

It worked like so:

 1. Collect donations from the clueless yet vain. Because Bitcoin is full of people who belabour under the delusion that if they speak a lot about Bitcoin, if they paint "Bitcoin" all over the four walls of their dwelling and so on then they're somehow "part of Bitcoin". Charging these idiots a hefty fee for an "official" stamp of approval* is a logical next step, and it collected a massive warchest (even more than the thousands of BTC this forum - also run on MtGox servers - has collected for "software upgrades").

The CEO and Treasurer at the time, one Peter Vessenes simply pocketed this money. No report was ever published, no report will ever be published. More advanced than the MtGox scam, the Foundation is a "non profit" and it has no creditors, so nobody has standing to take them to court.

 2. Vouch for scams. It is very lucrative to sell protection; that's what most underworld kingpins do for a living. That's what the Bitcoin Foundation did for a living too, once the BTC price went up and the dubious character of the people running it became public knowledge (ie, once MP said so). With dwindling donation income and a never ending hunger for cash**, the Bitcoin Foundation was repurposed as a voucher for whoever could afford to pay. Like BFL. Like MtGox.

The only reason Pirate wasn't vouched for by the Bitcoin Foundation is that I killed him before he had a chance. The only reason the Patrick Harnett scammer didn't end up on their board is because MP killed him before he had a chance. The only reason Silk Road's guy wasn't vouched for by the Bitcoin Foundation is that he couldn't be bothered (or afford) to pay them. The only reason TradeFortress wasn't similarly has to do with cash. And this list could go on.
Think things through: it's not so hard to collect five thousand Bitcoin and then from that pay fifty to some clueless, famished nerd or other.

It's not hard to pretend like you're professional while you're lying through your teeth and defrauding everyone in sight.

It's not hard to pretend like you have "public support" when you're only talking to the clueless noobs that joined yesterday, who think Auroracoin actually "has a market cap" and so on. In a population of 19 yo Xavier Uni graduates, any lie can pass for truth if large enough and repeated often enough.

What is hard is to stand for something, what is hard is to speak the uncomfortable truths***, what is hard is to keep promises and to refuse to make promises that can't be kept and to tell would-be "powers that be" to pack it and move because Bitcoin is taking over.

But the Bitcoin Foundation isn't in the business of all that. The Bitcoin Foundation was in the business of taking money from they too stupid to keep it, and votes from they too clueless to have any money, and then sell the package to the highest bidder. Whoever it may be. Vessenes & co gotta be bought out after all, it's not like the shit they do has any intrinsic value whatsoever. Acquisition or bust, it's what they learned, it's what they do, it's what they'll teach you, if you'll let them. (And if you do let them you might as well use fiat, seriously now. It's easier, and insured.)

So now they're decamping to the UK in the hopes they may avoid US side prosecution, (a move deeply reminiscent of Vleisides, incidentally). Derp. You're all going to jail, boys and girls. You're all going to jail for being thieves, and liars, and con men. And to quote from a much older article of MP's (funny how that guy always wrote today's article months ago, isn't it?):

There’s just no way this little experiment in mishandling other people’s money can end up anywhere other than in a court, and there’s pretty good odds that it will be through penal rather than civil proceedings - the people involved are too many and too stupid for the state not to intervene.

Once that happens, I am positive and certain that the same people who are now running around calling their betters names will try to turn things into some sort of “mean state infringing on people’s rights”. They have a fine record at trying exactly that.

The problem is, the lot of them being packed up and hauled to jail would be no such infringement. It is at this point perfectly reasonable and quite unavoidable. Sure, they’ll try and sell this libertarian angle, that’s the curse of being pro-freedom : all the scumbags try to exploit you for their little profit turning “ideas”. It won’t wash. The girl that already beat you in the PR marketplace will beat you again, dear Sonny & co. She has the material right here.

* See this excellent quote from Chris Ballas:

And here I have to go back over something.  The harder part of the psychology is that the demo doesn't want to become full time traders, either at home all day or on Wall Street-- that part must remain a fantasy--  because then it would be a job and it wouldn't count; it has to be a side gig, then their success wasn't their "work self" but their "real" self;  no one else can claim a sliver of that success-- not the liberals with their "'entrepreneurs' just pretend they don't benefit from public services!" or the wives with their "behind every good man...!" or the echoes of their father yelling,  "you need to apply to Sperry Rand, now there's a company you can put in forty years with!"  It all happened in their head, no one else can share the credit, it is 100% a consequence of their personal value.    Bonus: if they fail, it can be quickly discounted as merely a hobby-- that wasn't, after all, their real self.

The mistake is in thinking this has anything to do with the money.  It's said that most at home traders fail, but this is incorrect: they fail at making money, but they are successful at feeling like a trader.  That is the goal; the money is secondary, which is why they fail at making it.  The buy/hold/reinvest the dividends strategy of Buffet is totally opposite to what's desired, because the strategy does not involve market timing or status updates, it is on autopilot, and there's no "i" in autopilot.  Well, there's one, but it doesn't stand out.

** This is the problem with scum posing as businessmen: the things they make aren't cash generators, they're cash black holes. This is fundamentally why we don't want scum to pass for businessmen: not because we don't like their ugly mugs, but because we don't want to be surrounded by "businesses" that only work if someone somewhere keeps printing money. We're not trying to re-build the US pseudo-economy here, quite the contrary.

*** From You Are The 98%:

There's a difference between what you need and what you want, and the media will always, relentlessly give you what you want.  Do you know why you have such poor candidates every single election?  Because you want them, you want someone you can easily judge for some sexual indiscretion or because they called latinos chicanos.  "Well, that matters to us!"  Then you got what you asked for.

The media will have data mined the culture and chosen for you two cans of Campbell's Chicken Soup, and then encouraged a public debate about which can is a better representation of the spirit of the country, the one on the left or the one on the right.  "Well, that matters to us!"  I know.  
6  Economy / Service Discussion / Calling out on: February 14, 2014, 04:22:18 PM
Bitcoin Gaming Market Analysis – November 8th, 2013 – by Staff

With our upcoming raise, and recent up-and-down results, we feel this is a good time to clarify our overall expectations for growth and other market share, and why is still a “steal”!

Through in-depth research of both public and private bitcoin gaming data, we’ve been able to make several estimates and forecasts on the market, as it relates to our growth.

Over the coming months, we strongly believe we’ll be able to encourage growth by targeting several areas for improvement, including additional table games,live-in game sports wagering, additional P2P options, better reduced juice, slot & progressive games, referral/affiliate program, additional sportsbook options, VIP/rewards program, and translated versions of our website. We also launched a poll to confirm our thoughts on these items, available here: Link

The purpose of this report is to focus on sportsbook and casino markets, although we are considering exploring development options for “dice”/community-driven players, but need to do more research before investing resources on that effort.

Sportsbook versus Casino

Sportsbook: More centralized market, with roughly 6 sportsbooks possessing roughly 90%+ of market share. has the potential to be the only top player crossing over between both the bitcoin casino and sportsbook space. We’re confident we’ll crush our sportsbook growth goals with more reduced juice, affiliates launch (~2 weeks), and in-game live betting (4-5 weeks). These results are supported by our recent survey on the bitcointalk forum. We currently posses roughly 2.5%-5% market share in both markets, as reflected for sports below. We plan to achieve similar growth in the more fragmented casino market, which has roughly 2x the market earnings of sports. “Dice” is probably even higher, but remains to be determined.


Most important and difficult to predict is the growth of the bitcoin gaming market. We attempted to do so in the chart above based from a roughly estimated ~10% monthly growth rate, but this number could change or increase dramatically from month to month, as we’ve seen with the popularity of bitcoin lately.  Below are some rough estimates of bitcoin sportsbooks handle compared to the larger market, to illustrate the opportunity in the space:

Sports wagering as a whole: $1 trillion annual

Online sportsbooks: $100 billion annual (10% of all)

Nevada sportsbooks: $3.45 billion (3.45% of online)

Bitcoin handle: $100 million (2.9% of Nevada sportsbooks)

Below are tables showing Bitcoins earned and on annual basis, illustrate revenue per share, based on buy-in price. This forms the pool we can use for company, expenses, re-investment and dividends.

Today – Annual BTC versus annual EPS% based on market share & CBTC price

Market Share/CBTC Price     .0001     .00015     .0002
5%                                    25%        18%       15%

10%                                  50%         37%      30%

20%                                  100%       73%       61%

30%                                  150%       110%     91%

July 2014 (estimate):
Market Share/CBTC Price     .0001     .00015     .0002
5%                                    44%        32%       27%

10%                                  89%         65%      54%

20%                                  117%       130%     107%

30%                                  266%       195%     161%

What’s next?

We hope this analysis exemplifies the great potential and bitcoin gaming posses, with some generalized market and growth estimates. Even the conservative estimate of 5% market share represents an excellent opportunity, but our expectations are much higher. .

Questions or inquiries regarding CBTC on or are encouraged to email us at

We’ll be releasing additional shares at a very reasonable valuation over the coming weeks, starting Monday, November 11th at a price to be determined – stay tuned on our CBTC “Updates” tab for details: Link

**Monday offering price is subject to change based on the BTC price on 11/11. An update will be communicated early in the morning if the asking price has changed.

A big thank you goes out to our current investing community. We appreciate the great patience and support you’ve provided on this exciting journey so far!

Actually, the Bitcoin gambling market is in the millions of BTC, due to the market leader (Just Dice) doing pretty well:

<assbot> Just-Dice stat: 14272 BTC profit, 41.5k BTC invested, 630.69 mio bets, 5.00 mio BTC wagered

You don't figure in this market.

Meanwhile the Bitcoin betting market is in the 10s of thousands of  BTC, due to the market leader (BitBet) doing pretty well.

You don't figure in this market, either.

I have no idea who would take the lolgraphs you made seriously.

February 13, 2014 / admin (Havelock Investments ticker symbol: CBTC) today announces the acquisition of popular Bitcoin Gaming properties,, and from Ultraplay, Ltd. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. (CBTC) was the first Bitcoin-only gaming establishment to offer unique, provably-fair games along with a full Sportsbook. Operating successfully since May 2013, they offer HTML5 Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker and Hi-Lo in their Casino.

Bit777 is a Bitcoin-only Casino, designed by Ultraplay Ltd, offering over 50+ flash-based games and have taken in over 1 million bets! is a popular community-based Bitcoin Gambling site offering chat, raffles, a proprietary “Wheel” game, dice, and more., an offshoot of, is a unique new community “versus” style dice game with only a 0.3% house edge. Players select their rolls and bet against each other on the site. Since launching February 1st, the site has already supported over 250,000 P2P games.

CasinoBitco. in first announced their goal of growth via an acquisition on Havelock Investments in December 2013. Since then, has been in negotiations with Ultraplay and other Bitcoin Gaming operators looking for a deal favorable to all parties involved. Ultimately, the acquisition of Bit777/Peerbet was a the best fit for not only due to the strong financials Bit777/Peerbet bring to the table, but also the opportunity to bring awareness of to over 15,000 registered users on Bit777/Peerbet. is extremely excited to add Bit777/Peerbet to their current assets and eagerly looking forward to integrate all sites under the brand

Ultraplay will continue some involvement in operations of the acquired properties for the foreseeable future, and there is no immediate impact to players on Bit777/Peerbet. ultimately intends to merge many of the feature and functionalities between the various sites over the next 6 months to build the largest and best Bitcoin Gaming network around.

A. "Undisclosed" terms deals never happened.

B. You have to be either very stupid or very scammy to make false statements such as

Quote (CBTC) was the first Bitcoin-only gaming establishment to offer unique, provably-fair games [...]  Operating successfully since May 2013

The first noteworthy Bitcoin casino listed on MPEx in August 2012 by which point it was already operating for a few months. It was eventually taken private for a few degrees of magnitude over whatever you seem to imply your valuation would be. Since then there have been numerous other properties, plenty of which drawing more attention, more customers and commanding more market share than this thing.

In short: stop lying. Nobody has yet built a business on lying, nobody ever will. Time to start working on your apology.

This prospectus describes’s initial public offering of 3,000,000 shares @ 0.00018 BTC through Havelock Investments, representing 10% of the company.

<assbot> [HAVELOCK:CBTC] 1D: 0.00012000 / 0.00020914 / 0.00025998 (246707 shares, 51.59604926 BTC), 7D: 0.00002001 / 0.00015478 / 0.00025998 (1080713 shares, 167.27789495 BTC), 30D: 0.00002001 / 0.00012483 / 0.00025998 (2308771 shares, 288.19321627 BTC)

You've been trading at a massive discount over IPO price all month, your total market cap is in the best case scenario pocket change and you go around derping about "biggest" and "acquisitions"?

Get a grip before Dr. Greg starts investing in you or some similar lolpocalypse.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Personal responsibility and inept Bitcoin jesusing on: January 27, 2014, 07:09:26 PM
This article is the logical continuation of the older Personal responsiblity and the Ponzi scam offering. Odds are you're too new to have read that back in the day. Once you're done here go there and catch up.

Acts have consequences. Not some of them, not those which you wish to have consequences, not even those which you accept or aquiesce may have consequences. All of them. Each and every last one of them.

Those consequences aren't limited to what you find acceptable, at the time you act or at any later time. Those consequences aren't limited to what you find conceivable, with your dimwitted thinker, nor to what you find "should have been conceivable" in retrospect. The entire array of consequences is available at all times upon all your actions and inactions. With or without your agreement, approval or intent.

So, when you promote some random 24 yo schmuck as if he has something to say about Bitcoin, you are opening yourself to one day reading in the newspaper that

Put this arrest right above Dogecoin and Coinye West on the list of reasons why Bitcoin is the Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street of currency: no matter how much they strive to be taken seriously, the Bitcoin community remains a punch line.

As if Bitcoin strives to be taken seriously by the general fuckwittery. As if that's what we're all about, renting a coupla rustbuckets to put vanity plates on them. As if this shit is has anything to do with Bitcoin at all. As if anyone cares.

When you promote some random scam with foundational delusions as in any way relevant, when you interact with it as anything other than a laughingstock, what you get is what anyone with two brains'd expect. You get to read bullshit like

As merchants embrace Bitcoin, digital currency still struggles for regulatory approval worldwide

As if we give a kernel of a shit, joint or several, whether self-proclaimed "regulators" approve or don't approve. The issue is whether Bitcoin will approve any regulator and which exactly, not whether some obscure bureaucrat somewhere thinks it proper for the Sun to come out tomorrow.

So then: time to rethink your defective mental processes. Stop promoting things on the grounds that they seem, superficially, "right". Some kid having a nice smile, which Shrem does have, is no fucking basis to pretend like he may be publicly associated with Bitcoin. The basis would be someone who can actually fight back when the going gets tough, that's who you want to look up to. The basis would be someone who actually has the foresight to avoid ridiculous tarpits a la "hi guise, I r order fake passports to my home address because totally people send you fake passports with your motherfucking face on them as a prank all the time".

So far you're batting 0-9 or some shit. You thought Dread Pirate Roberts was Mr. Bitcoin, turns out he was a schmucky 20something with shocking mental disability. Shocking mental disability that nevertheless somehow passed unnoticed by you. Why is that? You thought Roger Ver was Mr. Bitcoin, turns out he's some guy with a serious problem over fifty missing dollars. You thought Charlie Shrem was Mr. Bitcoin, turns out he's a clueless kid made of papier mache. They don't even need to be trying too hard. Karpeles signed paperwork that's actually false and enough to get him indicted, Vessenes is in so deep with all the piles upon piles of fraud in his venture he's not even worth going after (yet). You still think Michael Asshole Hearn is somehow relevant for Bitcoin, notwithstanding he's yet to do a single thing that wouldn't be exactly вредительство. What, he accidentally fucked up the code by implementing massive changes without reading, is it? Nearly crushed Bitcoin last year, and in the process provided "accidentally", of course, invaluable stress testing data to all enemies?

Not one single pick you've made was correct. It's not even that you're picking anyone that's in the race, you're roughly in the position of someone whose picks for the NFL season aren't even playing in the NFL, aren't even athletes, aren't even citizens, aren't even human and aren't even all animate. A kitchen sink, a wet noodle, some nesting birds, a dead tapeworm, that's your NFL picks.

You're George, dear Bitcoin community, of

It became very clear to me sitting out there today, that every decision I've ever made, in my entire life, has been wrong. My life is the complete opposite of everything I want it to be. Every instinct I have, in every of aspect of life, be it something to wear, something to eat ... It's all been wrong. (chuckles) Everywhere.

That's you. You're George. Bear that in mind.
8  Economy / Gambling / BitBet settles biggest bet in BTC history on: January 24, 2014, 06:32:54 PM
Easily blowing all other bets well out of the water: Bitcoin difficulty at or above 2B before Feb 2014.

That's 1868 BTC and change paid out over 99 winners, out of 123 bets. Bitcoin's largest settled bet to date, and quite possibly the largest in all of prop betting.

This'd also be one of those cases where what initially looked like a longshot ended up a nail-biter. And one of those proofs that BTC's betting is decidedly happening on BitBet.

Congrats to the winners.
9  Economy / Service Discussion / STOP DEFAULTING TO USD on: January 24, 2014, 06:13:52 PM
Seriously, what is this shit? Why are bitcoin transactions being represented in USD BY DEFAULT?!

It's people who want to see USD amounts who should have to dick around with clicking buttons and whatnot. NOT people who are looking at BTC transactions to, you know...SEE BTC TRANSACTIONS.

Why make sane people click shit every single time they look at a tx? If USD is front and center why is the site supposedly about BTC?

Etcetera etfuckingcetera.
10  Economy / Gambling / Let's understand together why BitBet is by far the best gamble in town. on: November 28, 2013, 02:02:46 PM
Consider the recently closed Litecoin to rise above .04 BTC before 2014 bet.

Two months ago, when the bet was started, the prevailing opinion was that this will not happen. As a result, at the time the bet was closed yesterday, the BTC odds were 10:1 against. Nevertheless, LTC did indeed cross 0.04 BTC.

This means everyone on the Yes side made out like bandits. The people that bet earlier (and so took more of the risk) got more than the people that bet later, as is normal. On average they made back their stake 10x, such as the guy that bet

11-09-13 00:07   Yes   91`376   0.02000000   12Fsb   0.20383547    1BJuF

That's a 0.20383547 return on a 0.02 stake.

A lot of people bet very late, in fact after the event had happened. Over 4 BTC in refunded bets all made after LTC was trading for more than 0.04 BTC mean that in the case BitBet allowed these, the people who actually took the risk, like the earlier guy, would have been denied most of their rightful gains. This is why BitBet actively discourages such behavior, and I would like to remind all the people that feel the itch to try and steal other people's rightful gains like this guy did that the risks are likely not worth the reward.

But leaving this aside for a moment, consider the one guy that bet the earliest:

01-09-13 02:34   Yes   99`990   0.04000000   12b2G   0.44236893    1ELbJ

Lucky bastard. How did he manage to bet so early? Well, as per BitBet FAQ,

Your bet being funded means that BitBet will split a total pool of 0.1 BTC (or more) between the two sides of your proposed bet. Your own address will be linked to the smaller amount. This way you can earn BTC by proposing interesting, worthwhile new bets.

BitBet entered two bets when the bet was accepted:

01-09-13 02:34   Yes   99`990   0.04000000   12b2G   0.44236893    1ELbJ   
01-09-13 02:34   No   99`990   0.06000000   12B1Y   0.00000000    1F5xm

Both of these, totaling 0.1 BTC, are paid for by BitBet; this is the meaning of the "house bets made:" line in their monthly reports.

As per the FAQ, the lower amount (in this case the 0.04 BTC bet on Yes) is allocated to the proposer of the bet (which is why you are asked to specify a Bitcoin address when you create a BitBet bet).

This means that the one person that proposed this bet got, for his trouble of coming up with it, 0.442346894 BTC. That's correct: BitBet can easily be a +EV proposition, if you know what you're doing.

It doesn't end there: you can also obtain BTC from BitBet through using Bitcoin's first ever affiliate program, also discussed in the FAQ. This is why when I link to BitBet here I use my reflink. So far BitBet has paid > 3 BTC in referral fees, for instance.

This is not even covering the "being a shareholder" part, where you get paid for doing nothing at all, or the "arbitrage bets" part, which is probably quite lucrative for the well capitalized, clever individual - a discussion which however is out of place in this venue.

So there you have it. As far as Bitcoins go, there's gambling and then there's gambling.
11  Economy / Securities / This is the story of your loss. on: November 27, 2013, 02:59:47 PM
Part I. Spring 2012. GLBSE or MPEx?

MPEx user: free seat on MPEx (30 BTC value). Participates in the top earners in the history of BTC space.

On average one BTC spent blindly on MPEx at this time is worth about 8 BTC today (dividends included).

GLBSE user: All the drama you can possibly eat up. Great investments run by the forum's greatest personalities in the greatest way possible. And don't forget usagi.
The net result? You lost on average 7.8% of your investment EACH MONTH, or about 55% every half year. On average your investment of one BTC on that platform will have yielded about 0 BTC (dividends included) by Autumn.

Part II. Spring 2013. BTCT, Bitfunder, Havelock or MPEx?

Every single asset listed on BTCT lost BTC. On average your investment of one BTC on that platform will have yielded about 0.73 BTC (dividends included) by (early) Autumn.

Every single asset listed on Bitfunder lost BTC. On average your investment of one BTC on that platform will have yielded about 0* BTC (dividends included) by (late) Autumn.

Every single asset listed on Havelock lost BTC. On average, your investment of one BTC on that platform will have yielded about 0.9 BTC (dividends included) by late Autumn. But at least the exchange is still going.

This is the long and the short of it: the only assets that have performed consistently over the years are listed on MPEx. All the assets - no exceptions! - all the assets not listed on MPEx performed worse than simply holding the BTC would have. In most cases they performed significantly worse than that.

None of this is a matter of opinion, all of it is fact, readily verifiable. Go add the numbers up.

This is the story of your loss. Your wrong choices have consequences. The sooner you come to terms with this reality, the better your chances to be around next Spring (as anything other than a bitter has-been, like half the muppets who can't but ignore me, lest I bring before their eyes the memory of all their loss, and all their stupidity).

This is why MP feels no need to consider what you think, on any topic: it's your loss. This is why the MPEx fee isn't going down: not paying it is your loss.

Next time you think you're an independent snowflake remember there were thousands of others before you, that have never been heard from again. Next time you imagine you're "participating in building the future" wonder why you're doing it with some muppets nobody heard about and nobody cares about. Is it truly because you lot are so very smart to have come up with something that's both original and workable? Or is it because you lot are so stupid as to not even realize how stupid you actually are?

Next time you imagine you're "being a part of the community" look around you, because if MP isn't anywhere to be seen what you're being part of is the "Digging Our Own Grave" Social Club.

On one hand you have MPEx, where on average the investor actually makes a BTC gain. On the other hand you have everything else, where on average the investor makes a BTC loss. All the time, every time, no exceptions (well - usually the operators make more than they spend). This is the story of your loss.
12  Economy / Scam Accusations / Gambling script PM: beware on: November 19, 2013, 08:48:29 PM
User rhzao sent the following retarded morsel:

I just develop a gambling  script for Just-Dice, it uses the bug on the rule of the game and normally could bring over 17 thousand times profit than its initial bet. This script is simple and elegant;  it would run on the Windows 7 or Windows 8 and IE9 or IE10 browser. It would automatically open the After logging in, you may set up the initial bet and let the script do the rest.
If you bet 0.00001 BTC as the initial bet, you may get about 0.17 BTC as the profit in just 24 hours. If you raise your initial bet to 0.0001 BTC, you may get up to 1.8 BTC as the profit in the 24 hours. However, I would not recommend any initial bet higher than 0.00025 BTC.
The first 20 copies of the script would be 5 BTC, I will double the price after selling out the first 20 copies.
Here is a copy as a free trail version, and you may create a new account with small amount of balance to test it. Here is the link: (herp)
User manual:
1 Set the default browser as the IE9 or IE10.
2 Run the script: JustDigIt.exe and the IE window would be opened.
3 Log in and the script would read your balance automatically.
4 Set the initial bid, and start the sript!
Thank you

Needless to say, don't go clicking and installing unknown stuff in the hopes of making a quick coin. And if you're using IE in the first place, it's prolly time to take a breather from this BTC stuff and sort out your computer usage skills first. Tongue
13  Economy / Gambling / Super Bowl cointoss bet on: November 19, 2013, 02:56:28 PM
Even odds atm on the coin toss result for Super Bowl XLVIII, 200 coins set down.

Guess the toss, double your btc.
14  Economy / Service Discussion / Why you can’t invest with Cryptostocks on: November 12, 2013, 01:24:28 PM
All this aside : you can’t invest with Cryptostocks for the same reason you can’t swim in the desert, you can’t invest with Cryptostocks for the same reason you can’t sunbathe at night. You can’t invest with Cryptostocks because it can’t be done, nobody can do it. It’s a gamble, and as my PR aptly pointed out for the benefit of the forum muppetry long long ago, if gambling is your idea of “investing” then you’re much better served “investing” in one of the dice games. You can roll for “dividends” as often or as rarely as you can stomach it, you can set your “dividend” ratio in advance, and most of all you are actually playing a provably fair game. Which is a much better deal than the sort of crap computer-illiterate dorks with a ready software package and zero business experience can ever offer.

Full text on Trilema, chronicling for those of you who either missed it or weren't paying attention Cryptostocks' subconscious spelling out of why investing does not and cannot take place on its "platform", from the guy's defective self-IPO all the way to the recent listing of Dragon's Tale by some random scammer with no actual affiliation with the game.
15  Economy / Service Discussion / Bitcoincharts hacked? on: November 10, 2013, 11:49:57 AM
Seems the nice charts have been replaced with a sunny business card for Melanie Lindemann, Diätassistentin VDD, with some contact info in Munich.

16  Bitcoin / Project Development / S.NSA launches RSA key factorisation service on: October 19, 2013, 02:54:53 PM
Recently there have been various reports in the press about weak RSA keysiv One such report famously claims four keys in one thousand are useless. Obviously this would be a point of concern to ordinary users, but at the same time it wouldn’t necessarily be something they can easily verify.

No Such lAbs (MPEx : S.NSA) makes it its business to mind security, and as such has recently released Phuctor: The RSA Super Collider. Supercomputers running a highly advanced piece of algorithmics called EGCDv are at your disposal, ready to help. All you have to do is paste your public key in and check back a little later. NSA will compare your public key to all the other keys already submitted and see if there’s any factors shared by at least two keys.
iv. Keys which can be factorised fail to deliver on the original promise (that the problem is hard in one direction) and as such are pretty much useless. Or perhaps worse than useless, if anyone relies on them seriously.

v. Known ever since the ancient Greeks, inasmuch as it’s Euclid’s Greatest Common Divisor procedure.


The full announcement and details are available here.
17  Economy / Securities / How's your legal team doing these days? on: October 11, 2013, 12:07:21 PM

And a legal charge of 9.2 Bn$ (70.7 mn BTC) that brought them squarely in the red. You know what 70.7 mn BTC is like ? It’s like more than triple the Bitcoin than will be in circulation in 2113.

[via Trilema]
18  Bitcoin / Project Development / [Update] Spec announced for the Cardano, S.NSA's first product on: October 10, 2013, 01:58:58 AM
S.NSA has announced specifications for its first product, the Cardano, a USB stick-style device to be used for the purpose of GPG-signing and decrypting with total security, even on potentially compromised machines.

Full spec, use cases, etc available here.
19  Economy / Securities / ATTENTION clueless noobs/btct "investors" on: September 24, 2013, 09:20:12 PM
This is actually the important point. There still exists a contingent of people “investing” who’d be best served by taking their BTC capital whatever it is, depositing with just-dice (which is provably fair!), fixing their desired rate of return to whatever they consider reasonable and pushing the button.

Yes they will eventually lose the capital. That is EXACTLY what will happen on all the various PMBs, “crowdfinance”, “assets”, “securities” and assorted scams out there that they patronise. The only notable difference is that just-dice takes 1% on the long term, whereas the troop of scammers take whatever they can get, probably about 30% or so net average overall.

Rather than trying to “invest” with some dead in the water t-shirt manufacturer or zero-hash waste heat producer or mentally-ill owned and operated Bitcoin merchant or “lend” with BitJam or “trade” with Bitfinex or what have you, the forum muppetry would obtain much better results simply rolling for it.

The only criteria they use are the rate of return, the only thing that interests them is for the intervals to be as short as possible (what monthly reports, weekly is too long for these people, they literally have the unchecked insanity to propose someone calculate the books daily and post their “winnings”). That’s pretty much the extent of this magical “research” they do, that’s their “due dilligence”. Why bother then with an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of a dice site ? Why feed the scammers ? Just roll for it! Want 5% “interest” ? Want 3.5% “dividends” ? Load a Bitcoin or whatever you’re “investing” into the dice site and roll for it. Your capital will on average survive for longer this way than your “invested” “portofolio” that you’re “managing” would have. And you don’t even have to wait, you can click the button for a new “dividend” period as soon as you’re ready to see the results.

I’m not even kidding.

20  Economy / Services / Read a poem, earn a Bitcoin competition. on: September 14, 2013, 08:51:57 PM
The job is to read MP's recent The Progre. Add your reading as a link in a comment to that article - preferably in an open format, but anything goes really as long as it's playable. Best read received this month receives 1 Bitcoin - make sure to include your BTC address in the same comment as the link.

Note that in recognition of women's dismal presence in tech as well as to underline the fact that women generally aren't welcome on the Internet, only male voices will be considered. This goes irrespective of clitsize - if you sound like a whiny pre-op transsexual we don't want you. Gimme some nice rich baritone or whatever.

Furthermore, accents are welcome, especially Yiddish or any version of comical French. Irish on the other hand is very overdone to death and No Longer Sexytm.
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