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1  Economy / Securities / [BTC-TC] PAJKA.ASICMINER - ASICMINER pass-through - cancelled on: March 03, 2013, 03:07:40 PM
I own 2000 ASICMINER shares and I'll offer them to the public in a form of pass-through

I'll ask Friedcat to confirm in this thread that I own 2000 shares and that these will stay locked to this pass-through (I cannot sell in any other way).
I'll create the security on BTC-TC 2000 shares.

Pass through running:
I'll pay PAJKA.ASICMINER dividends within 48 hours after dividends are paid by ASICMINER. I'll keep 2% as management fee.
I'll make the list of shareholders visible and I'll forward it once a week to Friedcat.

When official ASICMINER exchange goes live:
I'll stop trading of PAJKA.ASICMINER and will hand the final list of shareholders to Friedcat to transfer the ASICMINER shares 1:1 according to this list.

Initial price (subject to change):
I expect to place them for sale in blocks of 100 with increasing price for following blocks. Lowest price beeing 0.65BTC.
2  Economy / Securities / PAJKA.BOND - 100% PPS 15Mhash mining bond on: June 08, 2012, 09:50:31 AM
Recently moved to new exchange: BTCT.CO

The holder of this bond will receive as coupons a number of bitcoins equivalent
to at least 100% PPS output of 1.5 MH/s, for as long as they hold the bond.
Dividends are paid at least weekly in bitcoins. The issuer can buy back the
bond at any time at a price equal to 110% of the average price the asset was
traded on BTC.CO over the prior 15 days.

The bonds will be upgraded for free to 3Mhash/s per bond when ASICMINER fully deploys the first 12TH/s. - already met
The bonds will be upgraded for free to 15Mhash/s per bond when ordered ASICs are delivered to us. - already met

PAJKA.BOND (issued on GLBSE) is a perpetual mining bond where you can buy mining power and receive weekly mining payouts.

Bond features:
 - each share represents 0.33 Mhash/s mining power
 - weekly daily payouts are 110% of PPS (promotional 120% PPS payout during June, July, August and September)
 - buyback at 110% of 15 day GLBSE average price

I'm fully GLBSE verified.

IPO will be on Monday June 11th at 05:56:42 GLBSE time at 0.1 BTC per share

The payout formula is as follows:
daily dividend = 1.10*330000*86400*B/(D*2^32)
daily dividend = 1.20*330000*86400*B/(D*2^32) ... during the promotional period when 120% PPS will be paid
in which:
  B is the block reward, which is 50BTC now,
  D is the difficulty of that day (if the difficulty changes that day then it's simple average of the new one and the old one).

This offer represents at current difficulty (D = 1,583,178):
daily payout of 0.00025159 BTC per share
daily ROI 0.25159%
weekly ROI 1.76113%
monthly ROI 7.5477%
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