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1  Economy / Digital goods / Signatum sp-mod #6 release (31.5 MHASH 1070) - $40 - Max 4 Users on: August 13, 2017, 05:39:13 PM
I purchased this miner from sp_ in a hurry not knowing there wasn't a release for Linux but Windows only, so I can't use this. I asked for a refund from sp_ but was ignored, so I'm selling the miner here in an attempt to recoup the money I paid for a miner I cannot use.

I run pimpOS and my farm can be found here using krnlx ccminer mod for skunk:

At the time of purchase - .05 BTC was valued at $160 - so this thread will be closed once I reach that USD threshold as I'm only looking to get my money back.

Purchase price is $40 with a max of 4 buyers. Once payment has been received please PM me your email address so I can send you the miner asap.

If sp_ offers me a full refund, I will be happy to cancel this thread.

Screen grab to prove I have the miner.

2  Economy / Services / [LOOKING FOR] Someone experienced in 3D Printing on: April 24, 2017, 01:49:16 PM
I have a small project that I'm looking for someone with a 3D Printer to assist. I have a small backplate for a server that normally secures a PSU to the chassis. I want to adapt this to fit a different type of PSU and would like to have someone print samples (I would pay a reasonable price per sample) which would potentially turn into regular small monthly purchases.

Please PM me if interested. I'm an old AutoCAD head so I know some design and can provide dim's and drawings, but would potentially need it designed in the modeling software used for your printer. I could provide a rough model once I know what software is being used by the printer and brush up on its usage.

3  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 3GB GPUs on: May 18, 2016, 11:36:48 PM
As the title states, I have x6 SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP CrossFireX GPUs for sale. Only reason I'm selling is I've upgraded this rig to Nano's and no longer have a need for these as I'm maxed power wise. Selling price is $140 each or $720 ($120 each) if all 6 are purchased at the same time.

USA only and escrow is accepted through the usual trusted escrow agents.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / SOLD - Bitmain S7 Batch 7 5.06THs ~ USA/Canada ONLY on: March 04, 2016, 10:30:55 PM
As the title states, I'm looking to sell my Batch 7 S7 from Bitmain. This was purchased brand new when the 2nd round of ordering was opened for the batch 7s. Miner has been running at the default 625 freq connected to an EVGA1300 Gold in a climate controlled commercial office, but now I need the space for new servers and the S7 is to loud for me to run at home(fiance). I will post pictures with my screen name later today when I'm onsite checking on things.

I'm asking $775USD OBO with FREE shipping within the US. Buyer responsible for the difference in US shipping costs if shipped to Canada. Again, shipping only to USA and CANADA

Escrow accepted via OgNasty with buyer paying the fee.

Payment via BTC or ETH if buying direct or BTC only if using OGNasty. Current exchange rates will be used at the time of the sale.

Please PM me with questions or offers.


5  Bitcoin / Mining support / Masonry help needed / Guidance needed for Exhaust Solution on: February 03, 2016, 12:12:08 AM
As the title states, I'm hoping we have a few masons and construction folks on the forum that can give me some guidance.

My home was built in the mid-70s and it appears what are cinder blocks were used to form the exterior walls on the sides and rear of the house. The back side of my home is 3/4 of the way underground, but the front is completely above ground and acts as our main entrance. The ground slopes downward on the sides of the house toward the front of the home. I'm not sure what the name for these types of builds are called, but will take some pictures if needed to help visualize my setup.

The room that I will be dedicating to my mining farm, until it's large enough to be re-located to it's own facility, is in the location of these blocks. I was thinking about having a professional knock a hole large enough in the wall to to accommodate a 10" exhaust fan. My fear is if it isn't done correctly, that this could cause foundation issues. So I'm trying to figure out if this is a good idea and who the proper professional is to call to have the work done.

Another option would be to run hard ducting from the room to my laundry room (biggest is diameter would be 4") and either feed the hot air into my dryer vent, or have the small 10"x20" window in the laundry room removed and have an enclosure built that will be used as my exhaust exit.

So pro's...what do you think?

6  Economy / Scam Accusations / ALERT - POSSIBLE SCAM - ccliu - Pickup sale 7 x S5 on: January 12, 2016, 06:02:11 PM
Please trade with this person with caution as I believe it is a scam attempt. I'm sure he will hit me with negative trust for this, but since I was recently scammed out of 5 BTC, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't say something.

I have copied our entire Skype chat below for all to draw their own conclusions. I just don't want anyone to loose BTC like I did. I did notice the thread is gone now  Roll Eyes

[1/11/16, 7:47:11 PM] Brandon Nicholson: This is thesmokngman from Bitcointalk
[1/11/16, 7:58:59 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Ccliu Bitcoin has shared contact details with Brandon Nicholson.
[1/11/16, 7:59:04 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Hello
[1/11/16, 8:36:06 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Hi there
[1/11/16, 8:37:01 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Since you're willing to take $250 per S5, what kind of deal would you be willing to make if I purchase all 7?
[1/11/16, 8:38:07 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Full disclosure I was working on a deal with Bitcoinbud for his Titan, but I'm still not sure if he is a legit seller yet as the replies have been a little slow.
[1/11/16, 8:38:51 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: You are willing to purchase the whole 7? Sure I can make a deal for you.
[1/11/16, 8:39:02 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: You live near Washington state?
[1/11/16, 8:39:29 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I thought you said you were in Washington DC?
[1/11/16, 8:39:44 PM] Brandon Nicholson: No I'm in Maryland
[1/11/16, 8:40:19 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Yup im in DC.
[1/11/16, 8:41:28 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Anyways, I am not sure about face to face pickup, I am not fully aware of the dangers of internet to be honest.
[1/11/16, 8:41:52 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I was trying to look for someone very trusted on BitcoinTalk to give me a safety guarantee.
[1/11/16, 8:43:44 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Would you be interested in shipping? I am sure its not that expensive considering our proximity and I can strike a deal for you if you are planning to buy the whole 7 in a long-run.
[1/11/16, 9:04:07 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Yes that's fine with me as I understand and feel the same way. Would you be willing to use OGnasty as escrow? If so how much for all 7 S5s with power supplies shipped to 20772?
[1/11/16, 9:07:06 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Ok I will let you know, cause I was asked by ognasty who wanted to buy the antminers too
[1/11/16, 9:07:28 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: and if I get to deal with you because you offer a better price I don't want him to think anything wrong.
[1/11/16, 9:09:45 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Is there another escrow like him donator status?
[1/11/16, 9:11:50 PM] Brandon Nicholson: The only other service I've used is when I purchased 5 S5s from MarkAz
[1/11/16, 9:12:03 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Another from BTCT i mean.
[1/11/16, 9:14:14 PM] Brandon Nicholson: No OGNasty seems to be the one that everyone's uses.
[1/11/16, 9:15:09 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I'm starting to think I may just purchase some S7s from Bitmain.
[1/11/16, 9:15:28 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I also have S7 batch 3 for sale but as you wish man.
[1/11/16, 9:15:36 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I've already been scammed trying to buy a Titan
[1/11/16, 9:16:09 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Yea, I've been scammed too trying to exchange BTC.
[1/11/16, 9:16:28 PM] Brandon Nicholson: And lost 5 BTC
[1/11/16, 9:16:35 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Damn.
[1/11/16, 9:17:21 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Sorry about that, well I either got S5 and S7 for sale. We can start off with a few so we get to trust each other, maybe even after that we can face to face trade.
[1/11/16, 9:23:24 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I can do that. How much are you selling your batch 3 for?
[1/11/16, 9:24:06 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: 2.8k USD
[1/11/16, 9:25:37 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Is that just for one?
[1/11/16, 9:26:27 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: 3.
[1/11/16, 9:26:58 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Since you interested in purchasing via long-term from me I will give you good prices.
[1/11/16, 9:29:48 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: + shipping price, btw.
[1/11/16, 9:32:42 PM] Brandon Nicholson: That's a good price on the S7s. I would like to purchase them, but how about we start with one and use OGnasty for escrow.
[1/11/16, 9:33:26 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Once all goes well I'll purchase the other two and we can talk about the S5s
[1/11/16, 9:33:32 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Let's use another but Ognasty lol... He asked me for the S7s for a lower price with shipping and I told him I would go back to him.
[1/11/16, 9:33:40 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: There must be another donator escrow.
[1/11/16, 9:33:49 PM] Brandon Nicholson: When are you leaving for Europe?
[1/11/16, 9:34:09 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Why?
[1/11/16, 9:34:18 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Lol I didn't see you post anything about the S7s just S5s
[1/11/16, 9:34:30 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: It was via PM.
[1/11/16, 9:34:41 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: As I contacted you I contacted him.
[1/11/16, 9:34:55 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Just wondering so I know how long I have to come up with funds for the S5s and S7s
[1/11/16, 9:36:15 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Was just thinking about the S5s for $1,400, but now that you mention the S7s for 2,800 more
[1/11/16, 9:36:34 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: What about we start with the S5s, just a few of them...
[1/11/16, 9:36:56 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I will give you a discount if as you are telling me, will purchase all of my stock..
[1/11/16, 9:46:28 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I will ship you 2 S5s for 500USD, with Power supply included right away. Then we can do more of the S5s, and finaly the S7 batch.
[1/11/16, 9:49:28 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Ok. Let me think about it tonight and I'll send you a message tomorrow. I pay 0.094 a kWh, so my profit is only $30-40 a month on the S5s
[1/11/16, 9:49:43 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: On each? Not that bad.
[1/11/16, 9:50:51 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Given the halving coming up I would really like to go with S7s so I don't have to deal with the hassle of selling, because after the halving I will be mining at a loss on the S5s
[1/11/16, 9:51:20 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: You know I am in for selling you everything, but I think the amount of S7 is too much for our first trade.
[1/11/16, 9:55:03 PM] Brandon Nicholson: So are you selling the S5s for $250 each if I buy all 7, or just selling the first two at $250 each?
[1/11/16, 9:55:24 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Well if you buying all I will give you a discount for all the purchase.
[1/11/16, 9:55:32 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I will sell you them at 240USD each.
[1/11/16, 9:56:15 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Thats for the first 2 just in case you decide not to buy the all the rest from me.
[1/11/16, 9:56:28 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Ok. Let me think about it tonight and I will send you a message tomorrow if it's a deal or not.
[1/11/16, 9:57:35 PM] Brandon Nicholson: So how much if I buy the other 5 from you? Just trying to get a total so I know how much I'm dealing with.
[1/11/16, 9:57:49 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: 225 each for the other 5.
[1/11/16, 9:58:58 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: 480+1125+2800
[1/11/16, 10:05:18 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Okay I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks!
[1/11/16, 10:06:06 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Ok, will keep them for you just in case. I would love to have everything sold to the same person.
[1/11/16, 10:10:17 PM] Brandon Nicholson: So would I. Plus I like dealing local. Talk with you tomorrow!
[1/11/16, 10:19:51 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Ok, see you !
[1/12/16, 9:13:43 AM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Hey, I am at work, but I can still use Skype here.
[1/12/16, 12:07:37 PM] Brandon Nicholson: K. Getting a late start as I had to work over night on a trouble call.
[1/12/16, 12:09:26 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I'm not sure whether I should proceed with the deal as none of the escrow people at BTC want to be a part of this deal. I guess our conversation threw up red flags to them as it being a scam.
[1/12/16, 12:10:35 PM] Brandon Nicholson: So unless we can meet up somewhere safe a secure for both of us, I'm afraid I will have to walk away from this deal. I'm sorry
[1/12/16, 12:11:44 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Hi, how are you? I see, well I am fine with dividing the transaction of the S5s and S7s, into a few deals for our safety. I can ship 2 S5s right now when I leave work and if everything goes as planned we can meet up for the next deals. Im not sure about face to face in our first encounteer, specialy because youve not been in the forum for long.
[1/12/16, 12:12:52 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I think that's fair for both of us, I've been on the forum since late 2011 and have done quite a few transactions since then, that way we can build each others trust.
[1/12/16, 12:15:28 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I understand, but as I stated yesterday I was recently scammed for 5 BTC, so I'm not comfortable proceeding with the shipping option and me sending BTC directly to you, even though it is a small amount. Those 5 BTC where all I had managed to mine and buy, and I still haven't gotten over making that mistake.
[1/12/16, 12:16:34 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I totaly understand, that's why Im simply stating a 1BTC transaction, i know its still a risk but you can see I've been a member for very long on the forum, and have been trusted with amounts since then. If you had any trust on this forum I would consider shipping or meeting with you.
[1/12/16, 12:16:49 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I've only managed to mine .6 BTC since then, so this deal would have to come from the money I earn from my paycheck and I can't afford to loose it again
[1/12/16, 12:17:13 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I am not a wealthy guy to be honest, I work for a living and I have been scammed in the past too, I really loathe people who steal.
[1/12/16, 12:17:43 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: And im undergoin some financial trouble that's why I am wanting to sell all my equipment, so I really need a person to sell this too, specialy if we are neighbours.
[1/12/16, 12:17:48 PM] Brandon Nicholson: If you look in my profile you will see I have trust from two members who are active in the community MarkAz and Finksy
[1/12/16, 12:18:23 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Yea, done some research. What do you say we do this 2 S5s transaction first, and we can later call each other and face to face deal for the rest?
[1/12/16, 12:19:03 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Your length of membership honestly doesn't mean security to me as you can buy BTC Talk accounts
[1/12/16, 12:19:37 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Yea i'm aware of that, I could sign the BTC adress to proove, thats not the point.
[1/12/16, 12:19:47 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: All im saying is, we are both at the same position to be honest.
[1/12/16, 12:20:02 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: We both been scammed, we've trusted the wrong individuals.
[1/12/16, 12:20:41 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Destiny made us approach each other, I hope we can deal and build a strong friendship out of this.
[1/12/16, 12:20:49 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: We both have same likes, and live near each other.
[1/12/16, 12:21:24 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I'm sorry. Unless we can meet face to face I'm going to have to walk away from the deal. I can create a wallet and transfer the BTC to it for the two S5s so we don't have to deal in cash when we meet and you can verify I have the funds before hand.
[1/12/16, 12:21:58 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: Sorry, I can't trust you with that. My integrity and safety is much more worthy than 480 USD.
[1/12/16, 12:22:35 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Ok. Have a good day and good luck with your sale!
[1/12/16, 12:22:53 PM] Brandon Nicholson: You have my skype information if you ever change your mind.
[1/12/16, 12:23:36 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: That's weird, you've traded someone for 6BTC and went first. That guy has 2 trust by then, so either you wanted to scam me or that trust is fake.
[1/12/16, 12:26:47 PM] Brandon Nicholson: I haven't traded anyone 6 BTC. The 5 BTC I lost was because the person sent me a link that I thought was to OGnastys escrow thread, but it was a redirect to a page he had created to look like OGnastys escrow thread, but with his wallet address. In my hurry to pay while I was in between work jobs, I failed to realize I had been redirected till he took the site down and it was then I noticed I had been redirected to another site that wasn't BTC Talk. So I was trying to use escrow, but was tricked into using the sellers wallet.
[1/12/16, 12:30:15 PM] Brandon Nicholson: You can see from the feedback MarkAz left me that we used escrow and I even released the funds after running the machines after 1 day vs the normal 3 days because I trusted Mark and I wanted him to get paid. What scammed do you know that does that? I work for Comcast so we can meet at any one of their payment centers in DC or even at a police station if it will make you feel any better.
[1/12/16, 12:31:15 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I would like before we ever meet face to face, to perform a trade to ensure you are a potential buyer and a trustworthy person.
[1/12/16, 12:31:46 PM] Brandon Nicholson: But again short of meeting I will have to walk away from this deal. I will also have to post this information in your for sale thread so others are aware before they risk their BTC. Thank you
[1/12/16, 12:31:46 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I do also have trust, if that's all the matter of point to you, that's why I offered a simply 1 BTC trade..
[1/12/16, 12:31:59 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: What do you mean?
[1/12/16, 12:32:15 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I do not trust you to meet...
[1/12/16, 12:33:00 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: If you do I will negative trust you stating the same thing you said to me.
[1/12/16, 12:43:01 PM] Brandon Nicholson: That is fine with me. I will just post our Skype chat log so everyone can make a decision for themselves.
[1/12/16, 12:43:40 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I just dont get your point, only because I refused to meet you IRL you consider me a scammer? Get your things straight kid.
[1/12/16, 12:43:58 PM] Ccliu Bitcoin: I am not sure if you a killer or whatever, you seem to be pretty odd to be honest.
[1/12/16, 12:44:33 PM] Brandon Nicholson: lol okay Im done with this conversation. Have a good day!
[1/12/16, 12:52:32 PM] Brandon Nicholson: Also the same goes for you. you could be a killer or just wanting my address so you can break into my home and steal the miners that I currently have. its a two way street my friend.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / buckrodgers is a scammer on: January 05, 2016, 06:19:45 PM
Just wanted to notify anyone else out there dealing with someone by the name of "buckrodgers" that he is a scammer.

I agreed to purchase a KNC Titan Batch 2 from him for 5.05 BTC, plus OGNasty escrow fee. Some how I was redirected to an outside website with the same name look and feel of OGNastys ANN thread and Bitcointalk forum, but contained a different payment address which I was unaware of at the time. After payment I went to post in OGNasty's thread and the link was now dead.
I was sent the above link which routed me to the below website that is now dead

I just started mining mid November and 5.05 BTC was all I had from my mining efforts and buying Bitcoin with what little FIAT I had leftover from my paychecks, so this has really discouraged me from continuing to mine. I'm just venting now but wanted to make everyone aware so they could learn from my mistakes.

Here is the transaction information:

Status: 8 confirmations, broadcast through 17 nodes
Date: 1/5/2016 12:01
To: Ognasty Escrow 16f496WxdjtwGj1Tn8yBxVwZengZFLE4fj
Debit: -5.10050000 BTC
Transaction fee: -0.00030026 BTC
Net amount: -5.10080026 BTC
Transaction ID: b4eff59e8d2482382f6caf249e7fff36bda121b326e5191b611a9f27c7ce0a18-000�
8  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] KNC Titan Batch 1 or Batch 2 on: January 04, 2016, 06:19:22 PM
As the title states, I'm looking to purchase a Batch 1 or Batch 2 KNC Titan via Escrow. I'm located in the US Zip 20772 for shipping quotes.

Looking to spend $2,000-2,250 shipped for a Batch 1 with all cables no PSUs or dead dies.

Looking to spend $2,400-$2,700 shipped for a Batch 2 with all cables no PSUs or dead dies.

I'm willing to purchase Titans with dead dies, but price will be reduced to compensate for reduction in hashing power.

Please PM me with your offers and user you would like to use for escrow services.

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