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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [] [Ann] [MEME ECONOMY] Get paid for posting [4CHAN - CLONE] on: September 04, 2017, 03:01:19 AM Its the first imageboard that pay its users in Crypto. its a clone of 4chan but with a difference that it pays you for posting. its on BETA as is on its early stages of development, TOS and other features are not fully finished, SFW and NSWF pictures are allowed
***please dont post anything illegal or your ip will be reported to the police***.
How to get paid?
Put your Bolivarcoin address on the "BOLI Address" field and check your balance on the official block explorer
Remember that transactions for Bolivarcoin are every 10 min Aprox.
How do i get a Bolivarcoin wallet?
You can get a wallet on
or download it from
Where can i buy or sell Bolivarcoin?
Can i request to add a new feature?
Yes you can, please contact us at

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / POLONIEX its insolvent - Bolivarcoin Theory + Proff on: May 16, 2017, 11:33:20 AM
Dear users, please find my theory of insolvency of Poloniex in this post.

All comments are welcome, trolls also welcome, and haters more welcome than anyone.

Theory of Insolvency of Poloniex by Bolivarcoin

Its well know that poloniex its one of the exchanges with more traders, volume and visits.




Then, all this traffic and volume has considerable increase because China impose trading fee on Chinese bitcoin exchanges.

So going to site and taking a look at Poloniex wallet i saw that the balance on the hot wallet has decreased considerably from 36000 BTC day 9-5-2017 to 4700 BTC today 15-5-2017

So how is possible that POLONIEX trade 300.000 BTC a day and has only 4700 BTC on his wallet?

3  Other / Off-topic / I was born in Venezuela askme anything on: March 13, 2017, 02:28:21 AM
Hi there, i was born in Venezuela and i move overseas in 2003, you can ask me anything about Venezuela and i glad will answer you.
4  Local / Altcoins (criptomonedas alternativas) / Apoyemos a VenezuelaCoin para que no pierda su tiker XVE on: March 10, 2017, 09:03:19 PM
Hola amigos, el tiker XVE de VenezuelaCoin esta siendo robado por The Vegan Initiative

Para que no le roben el Tiker XVE;all
5  Local / Mercado y Economía / Las Cryptomonedas en Venezuela on: October 13, 2016, 03:57:04 AM
Lista de Cryptomonedas Venezolanas:

Chococoin CCC
Bolivarcoin BOLI
NicolasMaduroCoin NICO
ArepaCoin AREPA
VenezuelaCoin XVE
ChavezCoin CHVZ  **Proyecto inconcluso**
CryptoChavez **Proyecto por comenzar**
Moneda Ecologica Digital ECO  **Proyecto por comenzar**
RandiBritoCoin  **Cryptomoneda Centralizada Posible Estafa**
OnixCoin ONIX

Hola amigos,

Escribo este post para mostrar mi preocupacion la persecucion politica que se le esta haciendo a los Venezolanos que desarrollan cryptomonedas.

En el mundo de las atlcoins hay varios Venezolanos que han decidido permanecer anonimos y dejar su identidad en secreto para no ser llamados estafadores o para que no se le haga una novela en varios grupos de facebook, muchos de estos desarrolladores pertenecen a varios proyectos, muchos de ellos grandes.

Lo que quiero dejar expuesto aqui es el afan de algunos de los miembros del mal llamado Bitcoin en Venezuela y duenos de Exchanges de Bitcoin que amenazan a los pocos desarrolladores que han expuesto su identidad y los han obligado a abandonar sus proyectos para no ser expulsados o su nombre agregado a paginas de fraude como

Tambien quiero brindar mi apoyo a cualquier Venezolano o hispano hablante que quiera desarrollar cryptomonedas, cualquier cosa que estee a mi alcanze se las brindare, un nodo, un codigo, etc...

Y por ultimo quiero felicitar a los ultimos proyectos Venezolanos que han surgido como lo son: Arepacoin y Madurocoin.

Un saludo a todos
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / SURBITCOIN.COM Vs Randy Brito Vs BOLIVARCOIN on: May 02, 2016, 09:26:30 AM
Randy Brito and say Bolivarcoin its a scam
I Satoshimon Bolivarmoto (Bolivarcoin) Say, Randy Brito and Surbitcoin area scam

Please post here anything u have, the first to reach 100 accusation will be the winner

Updated 2 May 2016

Surbitcoin  11
Randy Brito 1
Bolivarcoin 3
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Surbitcoin Not Paying and saying to they customers that they are the SCAMMERS on: May 01, 2016, 01:58:23 AM
Surbitcoin Not Paying and saying to they customers that they are the SCAMMERS  LOLOLOLOL   Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

Surbitcoin the Venezuelan exchange of Bitcoin its not paying they customers after his employee its in jail, and after some bank accounts got blocked, apparently they are under investigation for money laundry and more....

Two days ago bobthereddituser wrote here that he send money to his family using SURBITCOIN, but the family never got the money, and was asking for more information about it.   Huh

bitcoinloco reply bobthereddituser :  Cry
"Nobody knows what really its going on, but if we look at the data, Surbitcoin its not doing well. their hot and cold wallets are geting low every day, and the volume its so low.
In Venezuela we are using Localbitcoins, and on Bitinka and trading P2P with friends on the Bitcoin Comunity"

Then the owner of SURBITCOIN pinhopro reply this to bitcoinloco that one of his customers:   Lips sealed
" you are a scammer who wants to sell bolivarcoins to poor venezuelans and got mad because we will never list anyother altcoin in SurBitcoin.
... you are delusional."

It will happen again?
Before was Big Vern saying that Lucky7Coin dev was responsible for Cryptsy goin GOX, and now its pinhopro saying that his customers are scammers that use Bolivarcoin.

We, Bolivarcoin team, never ask Surbitcoin to list our Shitcoin there.  Angry
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Mainstream In Venezuela Its Lying Of Whats Really Happening on: April 23, 2016, 11:52:02 AM
I bring u news

I say it before in this old post

Mainstream in Venezuela its telling lies of whats its really happening.

First of all, Bitcoin its not block in Venezuela and no one been jailed for using or mining Bitcoin, if u read about this in cryptocoinsnews, newsbtc, bitcoinmagazine, btcmanager, bitcoinist, cointelegraph, and others, its all a lie.

There is a person that name himself as "The Founder of Bitcoin in Venezuela" Randy Brito, he its admin of one of the biggest Facebook group of users of Bitcoin in Venezuela, also he constantly try to get interviews in newspapers so he can talk about his bullshit.

He really loves politics, and he its against the Venezuelan Government.

He for years has promoted the Bitcoin in Venezuela as a way to break the law in that country, like, using it for money laundry or avoiding taxes.

He has given false news, but the most important ones are this two.

Number 1, He said that Venezuelan Government block Bitcoin in Venezuela

Number 2 He said, the SEBIN (the Venezuelan FBI counterpart) started raiding Bitcoin mining farms and arrested a few people.

This two news are very important, because they reply in all bitcoin news site, twitter, facebook, reddit, instagram, and whatever people can share something.

Also one of the person that got arrested its a mutual friend of us, and he its lying about it.

Im so upset about it, that cointelegraph asked me to do an interview, and i told them to get fuck, cos all the lies they post about Venezuela.

I dnt understand what Randy Brito will get if Bitcoin really gets ban, and his use its illegal in Venezuela, and that its very close to happen if this stupid person continues with his anti bitcoin campain.

Right now they are using this two blogs to spread the false news

Im not creating this post because im a hater. I was accused by him that i and the coin i create were a SCAM.

I create this post to let u know whats really happening in Venezuela, a total disinformation that a few get a benefit.
9  Economy / Economics / Speculators From Venezuela Try To Increase Bitcoin Price By Spreading False News on: October 03, 2015, 02:51:32 PM
A group of speculators from Venezuela residing overseas create false rumors about bitcoin being block by the government so they can increase the price and benefit from it.

Rodrigo Souza owner of the biggest bitcoin exchange in Venezuela and Randy Brito owner of and and Angel Leon owner of start with a social media campaign saying that the Venezuelan Goverment was blocking Bitcoin sites all with the intention of increasing the price creating panic between users of bitcoin in Venezuela.

The false news get to international media and they post about the blocking within minutes.

All this was denied by the Venezuelans but this group of people continue to confirm that all the websites related to bitcoin were blocked with the intention of increase the price, they were left like lairs when dozens start commenting to do not believe this scammers.

Two days pass and they are silent and not talking about what they done, no apologies, nothing...

Only organized crime act this way.

All this info can be find on the internet if you google, im only posting this here so we can discuss about how if you control the media and the exchanges you can speculate and increase the price.
Randy Brito that uses the bitcointalk btcven cant comment on this post, he is ban from commenting in all my posts because he is a scammer.
10  Local / Español (Spanish) / Venezolanos crean rumores de bloqueo del bitcoin para subir el precio on: October 03, 2015, 02:26:28 PM
Este post ha sido editado por peticion de uno de los moderadores..

Un grupo de venezolanos residentes en el exterior encabezados por Randy Brito, Angel Leon y Rodrigo Souza crean una serie de rumores de que el Bitcoin ha sido bloqueado en Venezuela por el Gobierno Bolivariano Socialista.

Rodrigo Souza es el dueño de el exchange y con la ayuda de Angel Leon el dueño de y Randy Brito el dueño de y crearon una serie de falsas noticias para aumentar el precio del bitcoin y así beneficiarse de el cambio entre esa cryptomoneda y el Bolívar Venezolano.

Los rumores se expandieron de tal manera que rápidamente fue publicado por medios internacionales los cuales replicaron las falsas noticias.

Personas en Venezuela desmintieron estas mentiras comentándoles a estas personas que esta pagina no estaba bloqueada, pero este grupo de personas hizo caso omiso y continuo con sus mentiras.

Estos especuladores no pudieron dar con su objetivo de aumentar el precio ya que los Venezolanos usuarios del Bitcoin los desmintieron y los dejaron en ridículo.

Que ellos creen este tipo de noticias para especular es típico de mafias organizada.

Todo lo que escribí aquí lo tome de las siguientes paginas de internet: que no funciona, no puedes ver por semana mes, etc, tipico de estafa tengo que pedirle a alguien de ese grupo que me pase las capturas
los mismos de surbitcoin diciendo que les bloquearon la web posteando la pagina de Angel Leon
mas mentiras Mentiras
no quiero seguir posteando enlaces, solo busquen en google

Escribo este post para discutir de como si se controlan los medios de comunicacion y el mercado se puede especular y modificar el precio, espero que les haya gustado mi post y al que no , no me importa y por supuesto como en todos mis post el estafador Randy Brito no puede comentar, oh no disculpen, por que un moderador asi lo pide, si el si puede comentar, pero nada de idioteces ni detroleo ni de estafar a nadie, este es un post moderado y cualquier comentario fuera de lugar sera borrado..
11  Economy / Services / I need my new altcoin to be add on a mining pool, i pay u on: August 30, 2015, 01:36:26 AM
Hi there, i need my altcoin to be add on a mining pool, so if u have a mining pool or u know someone this is for you.

you add my coin and i will pay u in bitcoins, we can use escrow or not

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [UNMODERATED] [ANN] [GCR] Global Currency Reserve on: August 25, 2015, 09:08:39 AM

Since my and other users comments were deleted on this post i decided to create an alternative post unmoderated were you can comment and say whatever about this coin, please one of the conditions is that you add a source.

GCR is the the first home-based business opportunity with its own cryptocurrency
and immediate opportunities for wealth-building and personal success.

Type:   Proof of Stake (PoS)
Block Time:   90 seconds
Stake Interest:   5%
Block Maturity:   50 blocks
Minimum Coin Age:   8 hours

Block Explorer:

Windows Wallet:
Mac Wallet:
Linux Wallet:
Source Code:
Android Wallet:   Coming soon
13  Local / Altcoins (criptomonedas alternativas) / [ANN] BOLIVARCOIN [No Premine] [X11] [POW] [BOLI] [Block Explorer] [Y Mas] on: August 15, 2015, 08:06:26 AM

La moneda es lanzada el 29/08/2015

Bolivar Coin (Boli)
Algorith: pow X11
Block reward: 25
Time: 3min
Block halving: every ~2.75 years
Max coins: 25.000.000
Premine: 0%
No Crowdfunding


Dice game



Win wallet
Linux wallet
Mac wallet
Android wallet
Rasphery pi Wallet

Source Code



Bolicoin (Tambien conocida como Boli) Es una moneda Virtual de Venezuela creada por Satoshisimon Bolivarmoto. Nuestra meta era la de crear una moneda apollada por los ciudadanos Venezolanos y por las riquezas naturales de Venezuela. La filosofia de Bolivarcoin es la de seguir los ideales creados por otras altcoins adaptandolos y hacerlos mas amigables a sus usuarios, creando una campana de social media para informar y dar a conocer acerca de sus beneficios y usos.

La comunidad Altcoin deberia estar interezada en esta nueva moneda virtual y cualquier pregunta antes de su lanzamiento sera contestada en este post.





Satoshisimon Bolivarmoto

Nota: Este es un post Self Moderado, cualquier comentario inapropiado sera eliminado.
El usuario que usa los nicknames btcven, cafebitcoin, rdymac "randy brito" esta sancionado en este post y no puede escribir aqui por que es un estafador.
Cualquier comentario es bienvenido, negativo o positivo, no se aceptan insultos ni troleo.
Muchas Gracias

 lex talionis
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] BOLIVARCOIN [No Premine] [X11] [POW] [BOLI] [Block Explorer] [And More] on: August 15, 2015, 07:26:27 AM

Coin Was Launched On 29/08/2015

Coin specification
Bolivar Coin (Boli)
Algorith: pow X11
Block reward: 25
Time: 3min
Block halving: every ~2.75 years
Max coins: 25.000.000
Premine: 0%
No Crowdfunding


Dice game



Win wallet
Linux wallet
Mac wallet
Android wallet
Rasphery pi Wallet

Source Code



Bolicoin (also known as Boli) is a virtual currency from Venezuela created by Satoshisimon Bolivarmoto. Our goal was to create a trusted cryptocurrency suported by the Venezuelan citizens and for the Venezuela natural resourses. The philosophy of Bolivarcoin is to follow the ideals set by others altcoins and adapt it and make it more friendly for it users by creating a social media campaign to inform about its benefits and uses.

The altcoin community should be interested about this new currency and any question prior is launched can be answered in this post.



Satoshisimon Bolivarmoto

15  Other / Off-topic / Should I take revenge if a member is picking up on me? on: August 13, 2015, 09:23:50 AM
Hi, recently I launch my altcoin and I create a post here in bitcointalk, after the post was created, this user start writing ofensive comments against me and my altcoin, he call me tieve, scammer, ignorant, etc, and he keep writing about bulls#1t ruing my post, and all that for no good reason.
So I ask him to stop but keep going and going, so I did as a normal person will do and instead of attacking him back, I contacted the mods of the forum and told them about this situation, they wrote back and said that they can't do nothing about, and advise me to ignore him and delete his comments.
So, what will you do?
Will you revenge or leave it like that?
Note: when I'm talking about revenge, I'm saying do the same to him here on bitcointalk, example, talking bulls#1t after about him and troll him. Nothing beyong that, I mean, only trolling.
As far as I know, a basic for all communities is the law, and because there is no low in here, should I apply eye by eye?
16  Economy / Economics / This is how 0.037 Bitcoins looks like in Venezuela on: August 11, 2015, 10:26:17 PM
This is why Venezuela will be the first country to adopt a virtual currency.

 0.037 Bitcoins o almost 12 Us$

It loos like a lot of money, but is the equivalent to half of the monthly minimum wage

17  Economy / Services / Looking for people to help me develop my ALTCOIN project on: August 09, 2015, 06:25:24 AM
Hello, i need people to help me to develop my altcoin project, i am not a programer.

All you need to do is to get any opersource software and configure so it can be used with my altcoin.

I can pay by bitcoin, please not a high price, as im doing this for free and im not going to get a profit from this.

In priority order, what i need is:

1 A mining pool.

2 A wallet for mac and linux

3 Set up a block explorer

4 A wallet for mobile phone

5 A web walltet

6 A Faucet linked to the wallet

7 ....

Please only reply if you can prove you have the experience necessary to do it

If you do it for free or for a reasonable price i will add your real name as a contributor to this project

If you charge for your work, your name not be on the project, i believe it can help somehow with your curriculum if this become big.

Any question here,

thanks all
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Bolivarcoin (BOL) Venezuela Virtual Currency on: August 08, 2015, 04:41:47 AM

Bolivarcoin (BOL) Venezuela virtual currency based on Litecoin Script and inspired by Bitcoin.

Everybody no matter witch nationality are invited to mine and use this currency.

Bolivarcoin is the main virtual currency in Venezuela and is used to buy and sell goods and services and to boost the economy creating new markets and opportunities.

Bolivarcoin is on a development stage, we are looking for people to help us to make this project bigger.


19  Local / Altcoins (criptomonedas alternativas) / CafeBitcoin Detras de una gran secta hay un gran estafador on: August 08, 2015, 12:21:06 AM

CafeBitcoin es la moneda virtual basada en el intelecto de "Randy Brito", el es un experto Bitcoin, la autoridad Bitcoin en Venezuela y el que trata de crear una secta religiosa basada en el Bitcoin, practicamente todos somos unos ignorantes y estamos debajo de su conocimiento intelectual especialmente si mezclamos el tema con Venezuela en donde el se pone un poco sensitivo ya que tiene anos tratando de que el Bitcoin se use en ese pais, cosa que no ha ni va a poder lograr.

Aqui se le puede ver como trata de lavarle el cerebro a unas pobres personas para que entren en su secta religiosa

Todos estan invitados a minar esta moneda.

El Cafe Bitcoin, al ser una moneda basada en el intelecto de la persona que conoce mas del Bitcoin en Venezuela y proximamente en Espana y el mundo, adquirira muchisimo valor en las scam traders, por lo que pueden comenzar a minarla y generar dinero

El CafeBitcoin es la moneda del futuro, unute a la red de personas que usan esta moneda descargando la wallet

Y para celebrar el lanzamiento de esta monedas estaremos regalando 0.005 Bitcoins a las primeras 20 personas que nos hagan un review negativo, solo tienen que escribir un mensaje en este mismo post como el siguiente

Bitcoin adress:fd324fg35465hj8j647h53g4f3
Review: Cafebitcoin es una completa estafa, no la minen.

Y se le enviaran 0.005 Bitcoins
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