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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Lets fight the FUD together on: February 01, 2018, 11:22:03 PM
I like to trade, so I do check the price regularly, and although I don't get emotional during my trades, I do get a little sad when I'm not trading and I have time to think about how the crypto markets react to fake news.

True facts:
- Even though the lightning network is still in "beta", the number of LN nodes in the main net is increasing, and they have open channels running on them, with real transaction being made. (Check the number of nodes and channels in the Lightning Network in real time)
- Even if we disregard the LN (since it's still in beta), the fees are lower again, and the network is doing better (hopefully segwit will get more adoption, and exchanges like coinbase will batch their transactions, and BTC will be usable again, until LN is complete).
- Coinbase is finally making the implementation of segwit a development priority (Here)

- Square Cash App now accepts BTC, so merchants that use it as a payment system will be able to accept BTC as payment.
- Robinhood will add BTC as well; Sberbank (on of the largest state banks in Russia) is planning on opening an exchange. So it will be easier to buy BTC
- Samsung is now making Cryptocurrency mining chips
- 50 Luxury Flats sold for Bitcoin In Dubai (Here)

- A good article that gives us a glimpse on how our society could be after decentralization (Here) Thank you dado7 for sharing.

- SEC and CFTC Hearing was positive (Here) and (Here)
- Arizona State passes a bill to allow it's citizens to pay their taxes with BTC (Here)
- Georgia follows Arizona lead (Here)
- Germany has said that they wont tax Bitcoin users for consuming the cryptocurrency as a means of Payment (Here)

Posts with news from different areas
Check this post dado7, showing us some positive news from Venezuela from (Here)
Check this post u9y42 (Here). Bitcoin getting more private and having smart contracts? Yes please! And he also posts a cool link to check how LN nodes are evolving in the main net (very cool link). Finally, we seem to have a decentralized exchanges that will soon accept fiat. Amazing news! Thanks for sharing.

- Tether scam (could be true, but look at tether marketcap, and look at BTC marketcap). How can anyone say that BTC price is up because tether printed tokens out of thin air to pump BTC price? It would not have a big impact...
- China cracking mining... (just rumors, and probably fake). If mining was at risk do you think Samsung would get involved in mining?
- South Korea ban... (fake news, as I hope you all know already. They will only regulate it, probably using something similar to NYs BitLicense link here)
- India making BTC illegal... (more fake news, they just said they want to crack down illegal activities that use bitcoin and not BTC itself)
- Facebook banning adds (actually a positive thing in my opinion, because it might help decrease the number of uninformed investors that enter the market, that click on those adds looking for profit, and then get scammed. We want investors with strong knowledge about Bitcoin and crypto, because those will not follow FUD or FOMO)

Bitcoin is evolving, we have real and positive news, and we have some bad fake news, or news that simply aren't relevant.
What do the markets do? They crash...

Help me fight the FUD, and post links with some positive news that you think are important for bitcoin, and help me fight FUD, by exposing fake news.
2  Other / Off-topic / Topic & Post Review (Specific Areas) - sMerit to give on: January 30, 2018, 01:04:09 PM
I would like to start by saying that although I first hated the new system I ended up seeing a lot of potencial in it.
You can read my thoughts on the new system Here. It will also help you understand why I decided to create this thread.

I'm not sure this is the right place to put this thread, but I will be giving out my sMerit, based on the Topics and Posts linked here, so this seems like the right section for it.

How will this work?
- As I explained in the link above (this one), I expect users to post here new topics or posts, based on my areas of interest. I expect to be able to engage in real discussion with the users that created that content. If I like what I read I will of course participate in the discussion, and award my sMerit points.

- Users can also post their own personal areas of interest.
I cant guarantee I will participate in those but maybe other users will, so if I don't consider them as spam, I will leave them in the thread.

- I will also "pin" top Topics, on the second post of this thread (also organized by areas of interest).

- This will be a self moderated thread, so I will delete posts that I consider to be spam.

- I will only keep this thread active as long as I have sMerit points to give, so if I ever run out of sMerit I will lock the thread until I can gather some more.

Why am I doing this?
- I'm running this service out of convenience.
- It will be a lot easier for me to keep track of good quality Topics based on my personal areas of interest.
- This thread will probably create a small group of users, connected by similar taste for certain topics.

My areas of Interest
Bitcoin (adoption, regulation, Lightning Network development, social impact)
Trading (focused on real market analysis)
Sports Betting (mainly football, tennis and basketball)
Poker (hand analysis, good house bonus and tournaments)
3  Other / Meta / Thoughts about the Merit System, from an "angry" Sr. Member - Giving mine away on: January 29, 2018, 12:27:16 PM
I will start by apologizing for the misleading title, since I'm not angry anymore.
I'm just learning about this new system myself, and I've decided to leave my thoughts about it.

At first I didn't like it at all, and I even got a bit angry about it. I would rank to Hero tomorrow, and now I need to earn 250 Merit points, and I have no idea on how long it will take me to get there because it's no longer under my control. Users need to like my posts, and since this forum is so big, chances are that most people will not even read them, because they will get "lost" or "buried" in some thread. It was this thought, that people might not even be reading my posts that made me calm down and understand that maybe this system it what we need after all.

I first joined this forum to participate in a betting competition. I then started learning about bitcoin and I decided to give campaigns a try. I mean, if there was a chance to win some coins while participating in this forum why not do it, right? This is probably where most of us get lost.

I wont lie, campaigns are important to me since they are the only way I have to hoard bitcoin with no risk, but it's easy to start adjusting our posts so that they meet a certain criteria: a certain number of posts a week, with a certain number of chars, in certain topics, etc. We don't even realize we are doing that.

Lets face it, so many people start doing that, that this becomes the norm, and it gets hard to do anything else. I read a topic, I see if I know something about it, I read a few posts from other users and then I make a post... job done. This is not entirely wrong since I was on topic, I read a few posts, I did some research so I learned something, and maybe I even helped the OP if he even read my reply, but there was no connection and no real conversation or discussion. Chances are, I will never visit that thread again or keep following that topic, and this is wrong.

I guess that this is why the new system will probably work. Users actually need to carefully read posts and try to engage in forum discussions right now, otherwise they will not be able to receive or give merit. You now need to try to be part of this community and really talk to other users, and this is a good thing.

Maybe I will rank to hero, or maybe I wont. It doesn't really matter anymore, and this is why I'm confidant that the system will work: If I'm not thinking about the ranks, then I can really focus on content.

This is my advice to other users that are in the same position as me:

- Don't try to exchange merit with others. This is not a coin.
- Don't give merit to others, hoping that they will give some to you as well.
- Basically stop thinking about getting merit, and start thinking about giving merit.

I think this last one is very important, because you can only give merit if you carefully read other users posts, and this is the only way to start a good discussion with other users. By doing this you will be using this forum as forum, and not as a way to get paid.

I will be giving my sMerit away, and I will create a thread in the service area and you can then leave links to topics or posts where you are trying to have real discussions.
I repeat: where you are trying to have real discussions. I will leave my topics of interest there, but you can of course try to suggest other things that you think I might like. If I like it, I will engage in the discussion.

I will edit this topic and put the link here as soon as I create the thread.
In the meanwhile feel free to share your thoughts about the new system, and how it changed the way you use this forum.

EDIT: Here is the thread for the service
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Realiable source of news for trading on: September 05, 2017, 03:10:32 PM
Hi guys, I still haven't tried to do any trading for now, but I'm considering it. I know that is very important to have a good source of news regarding crypto, because some important ones can influence the price of a coin a lot. Where do you guys normally try to gather your information?

For example, I saw the BTC price reaching around $5000 and then dropping like crazy to $4100. Only after seeing that, I heard what was happening on China (their new law's regarding ICO and exchanges). I'm sure that had a big influence on the price change, but I only saw it to late.

So like I said, where do you guys normally gather your information. Are there some top rated sites, that everyone use?
I'm not asking for anything exclusive, and I know I can start googling it, but I'm sure that from all the hits I get, some will be reliable, and other not so much, that's why I'm asking what are those few good sites, that you have already selected.

EDIT: I will be adding the suggestions to this post

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