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1  Other / Meta / Give Moderators a "DDelete" button (Demerit/Delete) on: October 26, 2019, 07:42:55 PM
Relatively simple idea that I think could help to reduce spam quite a bit. When a post is deleted, allow moderators the option of deducting 1 merit. This could be via having two buttons (Delete and Demerit/Delete or DDelete) or something similar. Obviously you wouldn't be able to go below 0 merit.

Delete would be used for deletions that are for relatively minor offences or just for managing topics (e.g. deleting the 'reserved' posts in the art contest thread), DDelete would be for removing posts that are clearly just post farming, trying to meet signature campaign requirements, etc.

And yes, if you lost sufficient merit through DDelete, you could be demoted, although I think this would be incredibly rare considering you'd lose 1 merit a pop.

Opinions? I think it would make people think twice about shitposting and also provide people with a better metric to measure spam than simply "deleted posts" (as posts can be deleted without necessarily breaking forum rules).
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Be vigilant of active scammers on YoBit posing as support. on: October 26, 2019, 04:48:03 PM
Around the time that YoBit's signature campaign wallet went dry, I noticed that scammers had started to privately message users who had mentioned that withdrawals were not working in YoBit's trollbox; my assumption is that anyone who talks about any kind of issue in the trollbox gets these kinds of messages. In these messages they ask if their problem has been solved, and 'kindly' inform them that there are no admins online except 'Matveevka' and to email this admin at a given address.

Obviously, this is a scam. To investigate what they were trying to do, I gave them one of my lesser used email addresses. The email contents ask you to deposit 0.1 BTC, create a code, and send it to them for 'verification':

I'm surprised they ask for so much, but they must be catching people out regardless else I am sure they would decrease the amount they ask for. Stay vigilant, I have no doubt that if they asked for something more believable such as 0.01 BTC, people would be caught out.
3  Economy / Services / [FREE] Diamond's Segwit vanity address giveaway on: October 25, 2019, 09:39:41 PM
This is inspired by LoyceV's Pretty Addy giveaway, but instead of giving out 1... addresses, this will be for segwit addresses - either Segwit-P2SH (3...) or native segwit (bc1q...).

Why use segwit addresses? Lower fees, basically.

Which is better? Native segwit (bc1q...) addresses have the lowest fees but are not supported everywhere, and cannot contain certain characters. All letters are also lowercase in native segwit addresses. Segwit-P2SH (3...) addresses have slightly higher fees than native segwit (still much lower than vanilla 1... addresses), but are supported in more places and don't have the same character restrictions, although your address has to be within a certain range.

Is it safe? You will need to download VanitySearch to your own machine and generate a split-key pair. You'll give me your public key, saving your part private key to a safe area and revealing it to no-one. I will then use the public key to find the second part private key which will yield your desired address, and you will combine them to get the private key to your desired address. Tutorials for this are lower down in the post, it is relatively simple.

All part private key generation is done on a machine that blocks all outbound traffic. Even if it was 'compromised', you should be safe as long as you do not reveal your part private key to anyone.

If I'm downloading VanitySearch, why don't I just find the address myself? Because it would take a long time, and for the less technically-inclined, generating a split-key pair is much easier than generating a whole vanity address yourself, waiting many hours, using up valuable CPU/GPU time on your machine, etc. Generation is done on one of my disposable machines, with 12 available cores.

Limitations on Segwit-P2SH addresses
- Will always start with a 3
- Cannot contain O, I, 0 or l (lowercase L)
- Can only generate addresses in the range 31h1 to 3R2c.
- Look at this line to see how characters are organised for the range: 123456789ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz.
- If you have questions about whether your address can be generated feel free to ask myself or another person on the thread

Limitations on native segwit addresses
- Will always start with 1bcq
- Only 023456789acdefghjklmnpqrstuvwxyz allowed
- Lowercase only

Overall Limitations
- Anything under 500,000,000,000 (500 billion) difficulty is free, tips appreciated, or any other way of showing your appreciation. Even a thanks is nice Smiley
- Generally every prefix 7 characters or less will be under 500 billion difficulty and therefore free, and 8 characters will incur a cost. Keep in mind 500 billion difficulty still requires a decent chunk of time to work through so don't request a 7-character for the sake of it!
- Addresses with greater difficulty than 500b require a minimum 0.00005 BTC payment per 100 billion difficulty
- Example:
Search: bc1qdmdcardz (8 character prefix)
Difficulty: 1099511627776
Charge: 1,099,511,627,776 / 100,000,000,000 = 10.9951 * 0.00005 BTC = 0.000549755 BTC

Generating a split-key pair

1. Download VanitySearch.exe
2. Either: Go to the folder where you have stored this executable, Shift+CTRL+RightClick and open a command prompt there, or open 'cmd' manually and navigate using cd to the directory where you have stored this executable.
3. Come up with a seed, minimum 10 random characters, preferably more
4. In the command prompt, type
vanitysearch.exe -s "seed" -kp
5. Save the generated Priv+Pub key pair into a text file called "keypair.txt" in the same directory as your VanitySearch.exe
6. Post on this thread, using the following format:

Desired address prefix (3.. or bc1q..):
Public key:

Constructing your new address private key

1. Copy the part private key I give you after generation is finished
2. Go to the same directory as before in command prompt
3. Type the following in CMD, replacing partprivkey with the part private key I gave you:
VanitySearch.exe -rp partprivkey keypair.txt
4. Save the private key that is outputted. For instance, for importing into a Bitcoin wallet, you'll normally want the WIF format.

Donation/payment address: bc1qd0nateyalxs6ugd9f3uutsh4lfwvza0ns0tsm4
4  Other / Meta / Scam Accusations (Altcoins) board on: October 23, 2019, 08:17:08 PM
I'd love it if a child board of Scam Accusations could be created that handles accusations against Altcoin/Token teams, campaigns, etc. The main reason I'm suggesting this is because the whole board is just a sea of accusations about bounty campaigns, scamcoins, shilling in Altcoin sections, etc now and it's really a pain to wade through and find anything that is related to scamming in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

It would be nice if the Scam Accusations board could return to what it was before - investigating scammy Bitcoin projects, dodgy Bitcointalk members, and so on and so forth, rather than just a sea of "this bounty campaign didn't pay out" and "this altcoin team uses alts to bump their own threads".
5  Economy / Lending / [EDU] Sample Lending Contract on: October 23, 2019, 11:44:46 AM
This is an idea I've mulled around in my head for a while. There can often be petty disagreements on this forum regarding loans, trades, etc, and it normally comes down to the fact that a proper contract was never used. So here is my sample contract for reducing the likelihood that lender and lendee get in a disagreement, negative trust gets exchanged, 500 threads get made accusing each other of being a scammer, and so on and so forth.

I'd recommend signing all important loan correspondence with either a known PGP key or a Bitcoin address that you have previously staked on the forum. Both parties should insist on this to ensure a compromised account has a lower chance of causing loss of monies.

My Bitcointalk username is {lender_name}. The current date is {current_date}. This is a contract governing a loan to be granted to {lendee_name} by myself.

The loan will be for the amount of {loan_amount}. Interest will be charged at {interest}% daily/weekly/monthly. Interest will be added onto the remaining loan balance at {calc_time} every {calc_specified_day}. In the case of the lendee falling behind, the balance remaining on the loan will be capped at {cap_amount}.

The minimum repayment on this loan will be {min_repayment}, to be paid by {repay_time} every {repay_specified_day}.

The following collateral will be given to the lender by the lendee before the loan payment is made: {collateral}

The loan payment will be made to this address controlled by the lendee: {lendee_address}
Loan repayments will be made to this address controlled by the lender: {lender_address}

The terms of this contract can only change if agreed by both parties. Messages affirming an agreement to this contract must be signed by {auth_method}.

Blanks to fill in -

{lender_name} - Bitcointalk username of lender
{current_date} - Current date, use an unambiguous format such as 23-Oct-2019
{lendee_name} - Bitcointalk username of lendee
{loan_amount} - Original amount to be loaned
{interest} - % Interest charged per period. Delete daily/weekly/monthly as appropriate

{calc_time} and {calc_specified_day} - These blanks avoid ambiguity on when interest should be added to a balance.
If you charge interest daily, when should interest be considered to be 'added' to the balance?
Does the lendee need to pay an extra day's interest if they pay off a loan at 00:01am, for instance?
Most reasonable lenders would say no.
The specified day is for contracts where interest is calculated weekly or monthly, e.g. calc every Tuesday.

{cap_amount} - You don't have to include this, but it helps add legitimacy.
Many courts will scoff at loan contracts where you charge a % daily.
If your 0.01 BTC loan has become 0.25 BTC due good luck ever getting a delinquent lendee to consider paying it back.
A cap amount provides an incentive for lendees to eventually square up.

{min_repayment} - The minimum repayment to be made at each specified interval. Can be a flat amount or a %
{repay_time} and {repay_specified_day} - When the repayment should be made by. Could be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

{collateral} - Self-explanatory

{lendee_address} - Where the loan payment will be made to
{lender_address} - Where the repayments will be made to

{auth_method} - I recommend requiring a PGP or Bitcoin address signature from both parties to change terms.

Yes - I know it's a bit 'complex' - but a written contract like this will help to cover almost all bases in case something goes wrong. A written contract like this makes it trivially easy to handle disputes, scam accusations, settlements and so on and so forth.

If anyone has any feedback for what could be added, just let me know.
6  Other / Meta / Trust "trickle-down factor" idea on: October 23, 2019, 01:38:36 AM
This was an idea that I posted on the thread [Proposal] Implement DT1 algorithm for DT2 members in response an idea by LoyceV that each user in DT2 should have at least two inclusions from people in DT1. I've thought about it some more since then and I think that this is an idea I'm prepared to advocate for the whole trust system to use.

The idea is that, alongside your trust depth setting (1-4, default 2), you would have a trickle-down factor setting (1-?, default 2) or any better name that someone can come up with. The idea is that, to be trusted at Depth x in your trust network, a user should be trusted by a number of users in Depth x-1 in your network equal to your chosen trickle-down factor.

I think that a system like this should be implemented evenly across the system to reduce complexity - it should be implemented the same for users in your trust network that descend from your custom trust list or DT.

Depth 0 (duh) and 1 would be completely immune from this trickle-down factor, meaning that DT1 would be unaffected, and you would still trust those on your trust list and those they trust directly as normal. The change would only come in at Depth 2 - so those on DT2 (which IMO has too much power - and I say this as a lowly DT2 myself Wink) would now need to be trusted by two DT1s, and those on Depth 2 in your custom list (so those people trusted by the people trusted by the people you trust!) would now need to be trusted twice by those on Depth 1 in your custom list. I think this is quite nice actually as it stops your trust network from expanding too massively, and makes it less susceptible to abuse.

Obviously, to stop this system from affecting what you see, you could simply change your trickle-down factor setting to 1 and go back to how it is now. Similarly, if you want to put a high burden on those at deep depths in your list to 'prove themselves worthy', you can turn your trickle-down factor up. I think this would do a good job of putting more accountability in DT2 and letting people be more relaxed about having larger custom trust lists.

Let me know what you guys think, cheers.
7  Economy / Reputation / HitBTC Newbie Flag on: October 20, 2019, 06:57:28 PM
Due to constant reports of HitBTC freezing many different customer's funds, regardless of KYC compliance, and failing to unfreeze them within a timeframe that most would find reasonable, along with failing to uphold promises in the past, I believe that there are enough red flags regarding their exchange that it is important newbies are warned of the risks of using their exchange. While they may not necessarily be 'scamming' their behavior has the potential to cause people financial harm and newbies should be warned of it.

Example 1 - - Thewowman777 alleges he has 0.83 BTC of funds frozen. His post has many links to Twitter reports of others complaining about frozen funds. (May 2019)

Example 2 - - HitBTC freezes many customer's accounts. Speculation was that it was in the run-up to an event of mass withdrawals.

Example 3 - - ytrezq alleges that he has had an account locked for a full year with a significant amount of money inside.

Example 4 - - HitBTC, in 2014, offers users $100 for a full review of their site, and fails to follow through with it after reviews are made

Example 5 - - JollyGood alleges that they are faking their trading figures and skipping over complaints in order to selectively scam

More examples of alleged failed withdrawals

Link to flag:;flag=895
8  Other / Meta / Beginners Guide to all facets & quirks of Bitcointalk on: October 20, 2019, 11:59:04 AM
This is designed to be a condensed explanation of all of the unique facets and quirks that Bitcointalk has which other forums generally lack. I understand there are topics explaining lots of these things separately, this aims to bring those together in one thread and shorten explanations significantly, as I think a lot of threads on these topics right now are too long for Newbies to actually bother reading.

This will range from what I call facets - which are things created by the administration team, such as the Trust & Merit systems, to what I call quirks which have naturally appeared, such as signature campaigns. It will both explain what these unique things are and what rules surround them.


Activity is one of the most important values associated with accounts on the forum. The idea of activity is to prevent people from spam-posting in order to move themselves up the ranks in the forum.

The most simple way of thinking about activity is this: For making a post every two weeks*, you will receive 14 'potential' activity points. For each of these 'potential' activity points to become a real activity point, you need to make a post on the forums at any time.

For instance, if you join the forum, and then post every week for a year, you will have posted in 26* two-week periods. This will give you 26 * 14 = 364 'potential' activity points. If you have made 200 posts then your real activity value will be 200, as you haven't 'activated' all of these potential activity points. If you have made 400 posts, you will have used all of your potential activity points up and so your activity value will be 364. This would make you a Sr. Member.

*These two week periods are fixed and start and end at the same time for all users. If you sign up in the middle of a period and post regularly, after a year it is very possible you may have posted in 27 two-week periods rather than 26. However, this is a one-off thing and so not important enough to care about.

Merit is a value which rewards users for making contributions that other forum users find valuable. If a user finds your post valuable, they can grant you Merit using the +Merit button on every post. In doing so they use up 'sMerit', which means spendable Merit. For each 1 Merit you receive, you gain 0.5 sMerit which can be sent to other users.

Asking for merit is heavily frowned upon and may result in negative feedback, which can effectively trash your account and reputation. Buying merit is against the forum rules completely.

Forum ranks
There are eight forum ranks which are obtainable through a mixture of gaining Activity and Merit. The requirements for these ranks are as follows:
RankActivity requiredMerit required
Brand New00
Jr. Member301
Full Member120100
Sr. Member240250
Hero Member480500
Legendary775 - 1030*1000

*The activity requirement for Legendary is randomly generated for each user, in the range 775 to 1030.

Newbie restrictions & Copper Membership
If you are a Newbie, many actions on the forum will be off-limits to you. You will be restricted to posting in Newbie sections and unable to upload avatars, alongside many other restrictions.

To lift these restrictions, you must either rank up to Jr. Member (30 activity & 1 Merit), or purchase a Copper Membership. This gives you many of the permissions someone of natural Member rank would have, and lifts the Newbie restrictions.

Trust is a system based on three main concepts: Networks, Feedback, and Flags. Feedback is the most simple: any user can leave another user positive, neutral or negative feedback, with an explanation and an optional reference link, which will then appear on their profile. Whether it appears to you as "Trusted feedback" or "Untrusted feedback" depends on the next section.

Every user has a trust list which is used to build their trust network. This is a list of users that they 'trust' to give appropriate feedback. By default, your trust list is configured to use a 'depth' of 2. This means that you will not only trust the users on your trust list to give truthful feedback, but you will also trust the users that they trust to give truthful feedback as well. If your 'depth' is 1, you will only trust the users directly on your trust list, and if it is 3, you will trust the users on your trust list, the users they trust, and the users they trust. So on and so forth.

If you trust no-one, you will by default trust 'DefaultTrust', which is a list of users on the forum that are considered to curate good trust lists. It is created by looking at the trust lists of users with a reasonable amount of earned merit, amongst other requirements. See this post for a more detailed explanation.

The final part of the Trust system revolves around Flags. These are elevated warnings that can be placed on a users profile, and will show warnings for users under certain conditions.

A yellow flag - or newbie-warning flag - can be placed on a user if you believe that there are red flags indicating that anyone dealing with them risks losing money. This shows a # next to their trust for all users, and for Newbies and users with low login time, a flag on any thread they make on the forums. To be in effect this flag needs more people supporting it than opposing it.

A red flag - or scammer flag - can be placed on a user in the event of them violating a contract with you. This shows a red trade with extreme caution warning next to their trust, and red warning flags on threads they make for all users. To be in effect this flag needs 3 more supporters than opposes.

Flags require topics to be made with evidence backing up the flag.


Quirks are things that are user-created, but occur commonly enough on the forum that it is important for you to know about them.

Staking addresses
If you plan to use Bitcointalk for an extended period of time, you may want to 'stake' a Bitcoin address that you have control over for purposes of identity verification in the future. That way, if there are ever doubts raised that your account may have been hacked, you can (mostly) quell these claims via a signed message from that staked Bitcoin address.

To stake your Bitcoin address, click here and post a bitcoin signed message stating your forum name, the date, and that you are the original owner of the account. You should use a Bitcoin address for which you and you only have the private key. Bitcoin signed messages can be generated in many wallet clients such as Electrum.

Signature campaigns (+ how not to get banned)
Signature campaigns are a method used by crypto-related companies to buy advertising space in the signatures of forum users. They can pay competitive rates, especially for users from countries in which the purchasing power of USD is high, but they come with some very important caveats:

  • You shouldn't change how you use Bitcointalk if you join a campaign. If you clearly start forcing yourself to post on threads so that you can meet a post requirement, it will be obvious. Your posts will be of significantly lower quality and often barely address the topic at hand.
  • Signature campaign managers are required to moderate their participant lists, and so if you start to make low quality posts, the best possible outcome for you is that you will be removed or blacklisted from a campaign.
  • If you are not so lucky, low quality, spammy posts can result in forum staff deleting your posts and potentially banning you from the forums.
  • Plagiarism can result in a temporary forum ban and a very long ban from being allowed to wear signatures on the forums.
  • The best thing you can do is to take advantage of signature campaigns, but forget about them and don't let your posting habits be changed.
  • If you morally object to a certain subject, e.g. gambling, you probably shouldn't join a gambling-related campaign.


I'll add more to this in the future, if you have any ideas for facets/quirks that should be explained in a beginner's guide please let me know. Cheers all.
9  Other / Meta / Project Development shouldn't be used as a way to announce your service. on: October 18, 2019, 09:19:22 PM
I see a lot of threads like these in Project Development - - Buy gift cards with about 50 crypto currencies! - - Buy Everyday Goods and Services Using Crypto at a Discount - - Buy bitcoins easily and super fast! -

I am curious as to what the staff team's opinion is on these threads? If they are allowed to belong in Project Development, what differentiates these threads in such a way that allows them to be posted there rather than in Currency Exchange, Goods, Service Announcements - forums that are dare I say intended for this purpose?

Of course if a staff member comes and says that they in fact should be in different sections, then from now on I'll happily start reporting threads like those mentioned.

Project Development is my favourite section on the forums because it's a good way to find topics that actually interest me, amongst the cesspool of topics created simply to provide an easy opportunity for people to farm posts for signature campaigns. I think that there should definitely be an implicit requirement that if you post there you must actually be actively developing something and perhaps seeking feedback. It shouldn't just be a way for people to get another thread announcing their finished or even near-finished product.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Opinion - The HK protesters should take advantage of Bitcoin on: October 18, 2019, 12:10:30 AM
I've been following the HK protests with a fair amount of interest and monitoring the situation fairly closely. With the fairly horrific crackdown and brutality that the protesters have been experiencing at the hands of the HK police, I think it's time they change up their tactics. I believe that Bitcoin could strongly benefit their cause if used correctly.

First of all, I'm sure that all money being distributed which is related to the protests right now is probably being exchanged cash-in-hand. I have pretty severe doubts that the protesters are going to be use Chinese-controlled methods of digital payment in order to spread out their money to afford gas masks and the like. Cash-in-hand payments are obviously a pretty big logistical issue and the use of cryptocurrency and tumblers would help enable them to not only distribute their resources more effectively but also keep it anonymous at the same time.

Secondly, I have no doubts at all that HK protesters could crowdfund a large quantity of money if the protest leaders simply organised an open Bitcoin wallet in which to pool resources and distribute to protesters who need it the most, especially for things such as legal and medical fees. Many in the cryptocurrency community are sympathetic to their aims - after all, freedom is a tenet that many in our community hold highly - and I'm sure many which happily chip in some bits to help support their cause.

Thirdly, I am sure that Bitcoin would be an infinitely more secure method of keeping their resources safe than whatever they are using right now. Protest leaders could band together and form multi-signature addresses for keeping resources secure, while only requiring a majority of the original leaders to sign off rather than all in order to prevent arrests from locking the resources away. This would build accountability and security into their cause.

To take their protest to the next level, they really do need to organise a safe method of funding. The HK police is ruthless in its use of weaponry and so it is important that the protesters are able to afford the protective equipment they need. I believe that Bitcoin is the only real way they can do that right now.

Feel free to let me know your opinions!
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / RPi Zero Physical Wallet (personal project) on: October 17, 2019, 11:24:24 AM
Hey everyone,

I've had a Raspberry Pi Zero and a 128x64 OLED display for it hanging around for a little while so I'm thinking of making an implementation of a Bitcoin wallet for it!

For those who don't know, the Adafruit 128x64 OLED display looks like this (stock image)

I've already soldered it onto my RPi Zero as I was tinkering with it previously, but as I'm at university right now and my RPi Zero is at home, I won't be able to take a picture of my actual version until this weekend.

The RPi Zero I have right now is using a microSD card with Raspbian installed on it. Adafruit's display libraries use Python, so I'm planning to modify a light-weight Bitcoin wallet such as pywallet, to use as a form of cold storage that can be navigated using the joystick and buttons.

Obviously when I'm done with this project I'll upload the Bitcoin wallet onto github or something similar.

Feel free to watch this thread if you want updates, low-effort spammy stuff will be deleted - i.e. if I feel you're just farming posts rather than offering ideas or feedback Smiley
12  Bitcoin / Project Development / CryptoSamaritan - mental health resource for crypto-related addiction/depression on: March 30, 2018, 12:21:06 AM

Hello everyone,

The idea for this project has been floating around in my head since 2016, when I started doing a lot of charitable work (collecting for homeless charities, etc) in real life. I recently was encouraged to finish this project due to FortuneJack's JackMate campaign, which I think is a brilliant idea which they deserve credit for.

CryptoSamaritan is a website which serves as a mental health resource, providing support for those who suffer from crypto-related issues, such as gambling addiction and depression. It focuses on mostly issues to do with trading as well as pure gambling, as these are where I see the majority of crypto-related mental health issues coming from. For one example, it addresses depression due to financial hardship caused by market fluctuations, and in all cases it provides many links and resources for users to get help, as well as crypto-related advice.

It also has a section giving suggestions on how any of us who wish to help those who are suffering can learn how to, with links to training resources for emotional resources, and similar things.

Please leave your feedback below, and feel free to give me suggestions on extra pages or paragraphs to add. This is version 1 of the website (I consider it to be undergoing constant development) and I am eager to see your further feedback!

Kind regards,
13  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Is Bitcoin mining currently too energy inefficient for the future? on: February 18, 2017, 02:20:06 PM
This is based on something someone else said to me recently, though I wrote it it doesn't necessarily mean I wholeheartedly agree with what is written, it is more of a debating platform.

For a world which is about to face an enormous threat to civilisation's growth and survival - climate change - the obscene energy usage of Bitcoin miners is a problem. In 2016 Motherboard modelled[1] that, pessimistically, the Bitcoin network could require 14 GW of energy to supply all the miners in action, that is, 14 gigajoules per second or 14 billion joules per second.

For context, 14 gigajoules is - in the UK anyway - equal to just over 16.1 million McDonalds' hamburgers worth of energy per second. That's a lot of hamburgers. (simplified, of course)

The world is already experiencing an exponential growth in population and therefore energy consumption, and energy is already going to limit the future's economic growth[2]. If we want to prevent this happening we need to seriously decrease our global energy consumption, and Bitcoin needs to be a part of this, either through changing the hashing method/protocol or centralisation/regulation (one being more desirable than the other). In addition, Bitcoin mining is generally focused in places where renewable energy is not taking nearly as much of a hold as in developed countries, e.g. Russia, Brazil, China, and so the effect of the energy consumption in those areas is worsened. I couldn't find a reliable source I trust to back that up, however.

What is your response to the question in the title?


14  Economy / Web Wallets /'s wallet is absolutely terrible. on: May 08, 2016, 07:21:23 AM
Sent an ~0.2 BTC transaction with no fee via quicksend, and because that was taken out of a single ~1 BTC input in my address I now can't spend anything until the transaction drops out of the mempool. Partially the fault of miners for being so damn cheap, but partially the fault of Blockchain's wallet for being so damn bad. This isn't the first time I've heard of issues with it either. :/
15  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] CS:GO Keys on: April 28, 2016, 06:39:48 PM
Don't really care what keys, ofc not buying capsule keys though. Paying in Bitcoin obviously. You say the price, we'll negotiate. Potentially looking to buy up to 200 keys, it depends, maybe 300-400 if you will also partially take PayPal.
16  Economy / Collectibles / WTS> Kialara Labyrinth, series 1 gold Silver Wallet, LuckyBit engraved box on: March 20, 2016, 11:57:42 AM
Kialara Labyrinth

Number 301 (has silver balls, not regular ones), came with the LuckyBit engraved box. Unfunded, tab is still intact.

Series 1, Gold-plated Silver Wallet

Has a little coin container but it's quite scratched up and you'll probably want to change it up. The actual Silver Wallet is very nice though, not really any scratching I can see. Number 47.

Pictures 1-3 are in container, pictures 4 is with the top of the container off. It shuts pretty tight but I still would change it if you buy this as the container has been through a lot.

LuckyBit engraved box

Figured I might as well see if anyone is interested in this as I'm interested in selling the Kialara anyway. As far as I'm aware there's only been something like 5-10 of these made? If anyone knows the exact number that'd be cool.

It does have scratching, though a lot of the long lines that look like scratching (e.g. the ones that go "under" the engraving) were there when I got the box, so I don't know if that happened in transit or if it was like that when made. Mainly there's a chip on the front, right on the left side near the bottom, though I folded that just now (it was sticking out) so it's a LOT less visible now than in the pictures. I can send another pictures if you like.

No clue what prices are like, give me some offers. Smiley

EDIT: Also, buyer is going to pay shipping so it's your choice as to how you want me to send it. I live in the UK.
17  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling 0.265 BTC for PP on: March 16, 2016, 07:55:57 PM
Only if you're very trusted, else no way in hell. Bitstamp rate, thanks.
18  Economy / Currency exchange / WTS> 0.35 BTC for PayPal on: December 04, 2015, 09:49:33 PM
Sorry zazarb, not looking to sell this to you as I'm spreading out who I sell to for now Wink

Selling for BitStamp rate, only to highly trusted members, and you're going first. PM me.
19  Other / Meta / Does one trust list negation not cancel one trust list addition? on: December 04, 2015, 09:47:37 PM
BayAreaCoins has a total depth 2 DefaultTrust score of (0).

He is trusted by SaltySpitoon (depth 1), but negated by dooglus (depth 1).

This isn't commenting on anything about BAC & dooglus being pissed at each other, and I'd ask you don't comment on that here. I'm more curious on if this is actually intended. Do you need 2 negations on depth 1 to cancel out being trusted by a single depth 1 user?
20  Economy / Currency exchange / [H] ~0.6 BTC [W] PP at Bitstamp rate on: November 29, 2015, 06:49:44 PM
If you aren't trusted, don't bother. I only trade with very trusted users and rarely go first. Please don't waste my time, it just isn't going to work very well.
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