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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] FRIENDSTER (FSTER) - FIO SOCIAL - No Ads. No Data Mining. No Censorship on: July 02, 2019, 05:02:54 AM

What are Friendster tokens?
Friendster (FSTER) tokens are a TRC10 token with a 10 billion supply.
Token number is 1002226. Please be very careful as there are already fake tokens in the market.
Friendster plans to become cross-chain token in the future.

Token Name: FSTER
Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 FSTER
TRON Contract Address:

What is the difference between Friendster and other social media sites?
Friendster is a revolutionary social media site where you are paid in crypto (Friendster tokens) for all of your interactions on the site such as liking, posting, commenting, setting up groups and inviting friends. Friendster will never use your data or censor free speech. There are loads of great features available already or being introduced soon, such as integrated gaming, movie and music streaming, groups & forums, tipping tokens to friends and an online marketplace.

Social Media with rewards.
No Ads. | No Data Mining. | No Censorship.

 Click -> FRIENDSTER Platform & Earn FSTER Token | TELEGRAM

System and Payout

You earn tokens through all of your interactions on the site such as liking, commenting, posting, adding friends and setting up groups.
You also earn tokens for referring your friends to Friendster and this is discussed in more detail below.

If you check your ‘FSTER Vault’ you will see the balance of the tokens you have earnt so far and your transactions.
There are sections to ‘Earn FSTER’ and ‘Shop with FSTER’ which we will be adding to later. In the ‘Tips’ section you can tip tokens to your friends on the site.

We are introducing Tronlink to allow you to withdraw your tokens to a wallet and tokens which will be listed on an exchange.

**** Withdrawal is located in your FSTER Vault. Can take up to 24 hours 10k minimum with drawl.****

How the referral system works
The referrer will receive tokens when a new user signs up using his referral link.

Go to the 3 dots at the top right on mobile, or left-hand menu on pc and find ‘Invite your friends’. Copy the Link there and send to your friends. Help us to grow Friendster while you earn!

The new user will be counted as referred once they sign up from a new IP address and if no-one has accessed the site from that IP address previously. You can only test your link by sending it to new users. You're not able to test it by yourself, or by creating new accounts using your IP.

Day mode / Night Mode

Use the 3 dots at the top right of profile to switch between Day mode / Night Mode

Feature Updates

Will continuously happen.

Background size

Suggested Size 1366 x 768

Does Friendster have a referral link for Brave Browser?

Yes we do and thanks for thinking of us! Our link is

How to change your password

3 dots top right > general settings > password

Will there be a mobile app?

Android and iOS apps are currently in testing Smiley

Tokens System

  • 10 - Invite Friends (for each invited friend)
  • 500 - Refer friends (actual signup)
  • 20 - Signup Bonus
  • 1 - Add a friend
  • 100 - Upload profile photo
  • 100 - Edit / Update profile
  • 100 - Update Cover
  • 1 - Login to site (requires logout)
  • 10 - Clicking on an ad
  • 1 - New Post
  • 1 - Comment a post
  • 1 - Like a post
  • 1 - Share a post
  • 10 - Create new page
  • -1 - dislike a post
  • 10 - Adding a Song
  • 10 - Upload an album
  • 10 - Upload new photo / photo to album
  • 10 - Post a blog
  • 10 - Create a classified
  • 10 - Create new event
  • 10 - Create a poll
  • 1 - Participate in poll
  • 20 - Create new group
  • 10 - Join a group
  • 1 – Leave a group


After registration from the link given, screenshot your account and post in this thread and leave positive comment. Simple! Register Now!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] ECOEARTHCOIN - Project First Eco-cluster and ECONEUARK platform on: July 01, 2019, 04:29:49 PM

Project First Eco-claster and ECONEUARK platform countryside realestate and blockchain technology.


Telegram Users : 40,500+ | Twitter Followers: 5,486 | YouTube Views: 6,601 | Youtube Subscribers: 2,114

Project First Eco-cluster

Our project has released the EcoEarthCoin (ECOEC) token with secured suburban real estate.
The project includes a blockchain platform called ECONEUARK.
We are working to create modern eco-friendly real estate over the world using investments from the sale of ECOEC tokens.
All project partners on the ECONEUARK platform will be able to buy real estate, goods and services for ECOEC tokens.

The buyer of the token is guaranteed not to lose his investments, because he can always buy land and other suburban real estate of the First Eco-cluster project for ECOEC tokens.

ECONEUARK platform
is a decentralized platform for investment in suburban real estate based on Blockchain and SmartContracts.
This is a unique blockchain platform that combines with a crypto community on the one hand, and real estate developers, property owners, contractor (trade) organizations, on the other hand, which allows living in your own house, becoming the owner of the suburban real estate in any part of the planet

Token symbol – ECOEC Token name – EcoEarthCoin
Quantity – 50 000 000 ECOEC Blockchain – Ethereum
Token standard – ERC-20
Token Contract – 0xe1d4d57b24dbfc5dd814f852749c34d37f5b898d

Token symbol – ECOEC Token name – ECOECTRON
Quantity – 500 000 000 000 ECOECTRON Blockchain – TRON
Token standard – TRC-10

ECOECTRON Token was created to pay for goods and services on the ECONEUARK platform.
ECOECTRON token buyer can exchange it for ECOEC token. 1 EcoEarthCoin = 10,000 ECOECTRON.

Token Contract ECOECTRON

Token sale

Pre-sale: from November 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019 (120 days)
– sale of tokens under the project co-investment agreement

Pre – ICO: from March 1 to March 31, 2019 (31 days)
– a unique opportunity to get EcoEarthCoin tokens with a 50% discount
and additional discounts on volumes from 10 to 40%

ICO: from April 1 to June 30, 2019 (91 days)
– a unique opportunity to get EcoEarthCoin tokens with 30% discount
at the initial stage and 10% at the final stage and additional discounts
for volumes from 10 to 40%


REWARD Still Available
Follow instruction: Join all telegram group channel related to ECONEUARK ECOEC ECOECTRON
and follow the admin instruction to get a reward.
Follow us on TWITTER: EcoEartCoin (ECOEC) | Okane Satoshi (ECONEUARK PH AMBASSADOR)


Friends , the project Econeuark conducts a joint AirDrop with a partner of our project Replace Energy

Replace Energy Coin will help our planet to generate energy using a solar panel. Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun,
which is used using a number of constantly evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal energy,
solar architecture, power plants with molten salt, and artificial photosynthesis.

Replace Energy Coin and Econeuark offer 3.3 ECOEC 33.000 ECOECTRON 50 REC (~ $ 250) to AirDrop
and 5000 ECOECTRON and 5 REC participants for each referral

How to join?

1. Go to the AirDrop page
(All tasks are required)
2. Do tasks prepositional on the AirDrop page
3. Fill in your details and submit the form.

Friends, Econeuark project are needed AGENTS

Responsibilities of the Agent:
  • Development of the project in social networks and in the chat telegrams of your country
    (write posts about the project, make reposts from the official accounts of the project, that is, be engaged in development)
    and participate daily in popularizing the project.
  • Motivation - 100,000 ECOECTRON tokens per week;
  • When becoming a Project Agent you will be able to receive additional rewards for certain tasks important for the development of the project;
  • Each Agent, with good work, can become a Project Representative in his country with motivation already from 50 ECOEC per week;

Send your summary in instagram:


The First ECO-cluster project (ECONEUARK) needs 3 bitcoins to exit to IEO.
The project offers 1000 investors to buy a share of 0.003 Bitcoin  = $ 35 SHARE

An investor buys a ECOECTRON token under a smart contract for 1100 TRX ($ 35)
or transfers Ethereum to the wallet of project 0x7A30d16B3088b9B3c7cab22ca25860eb22d0e4f1 in an amount of 0.12 ETH ($ 35)


1. Within 24 hours - 100 ECOEC + 100,000 ECOECTRON
2. From the first sales of the token to IEO back its $ 35
3. 0.02% of the sale of tokens on the IEO exchange included in the TOP-20 rating of exchanges
    + on sales during the month listing on it the ECOEC token (c sales of tokens by the project itself)
    but not more than $ 350

Total 1000 shares of this offer , you can buy one or all 1000
Share cost 0.12 ETH or 1100 TRX
Guys , buying shares , your money is returned to you back , you do not lose anything
Who is following the shares of a great project🤔
Quickly buy up , quickly go to the top exchange
Guys , once again I say that you do not lose anything , your money will return to you back
Guys , we're giving away 100 ecoec and 100,000 ecoectron for free . We take your funds for rent
All buyers of the action take place in VIP chat for free

For those who are interested go to
Global Group Channel
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN] 1dollarbitcoin - is a token will help homeless children and what is $1USD? on: June 08, 2019, 02:25:50 AM

is a token will help thousands of homeless children...

what is $1USD for you?
$1.00USD / 1 Life of homeless children

You can fund directly to the addresses below

BTC: 33a5g1sq4DGr2mFZMaDFhp4x4BG8T8pRss

ETH: 0x83c54c425bfba3394297371dc90322bed8cbe5b2

TAG: 134137

BCH: prz5dk5ml557tkn0l7wm6r5mg7qwwjfk2yf3cjhn0y


Target price predicted 1dollarbitcoin = $1.00USD

How to buy 1dollarbitcoin?

First you can buy WEB token at STEX | BTC/WEB
and send to to buy 1dollarbitcoin

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] NeedsCoin Token - Modern Blended Platform that ENABLE Crypto Payment on: August 10, 2018, 10:14:41 AM

NeedsCoin [NCC]
1,000,000,000 Max. Supply

NeedsCoin is a modern blended platform that enable Cryptocurrency payment in Online shopping as well as other e-business transactions. It also provides crypto-wallet and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange services with minimal charges.


NeedsCoin [NCC] Price, Chart, Market Cap

Coingecko | CoinCodex | Coinpaprika


Website | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Discord | Youtube
| Reddit | Github

Signature BOUNTY Still ongoing...
200,000 NCC Bounty (Signature Comment)
Do not remove Comment Signature Until the end of ICO
500 NCC Token for each signature comment
Be creative for SIGNATURE about NCC Token. (Foul words not accepted)
Reply with this forum and include your ERC20 Ethereum Wallet Address (No Exchanger Wallet)


NeedsCoin Team on Twitter
Okane Satoshi | Praveen | Yusuf Wahab

Whitepaper & Roadmap to be release soon.


5000 NCC Token giveaways for until 4000 transaction
Send (ZERO = 0) ETH to: 0x4C6b77c3a88ffb4993902ECF3cCE6044bd9178Ee
NeedsCoin Contract: 0x9344b383b1d59b5ce3468b234dab43c7190ba735

Join and get NCC Core Wallet Address ID:
Do this first - Generate NeedsCoin Wallet Address
Follow, Retweet & Tag 5 friends on Twitter
Tweet your 0 sent ETH txhash & NCC Wallet address ID to NeedsCoin


WEAR AVATAR for Additional NCC bounty until the end of ICO

NCC Avatar Image Link

Bitcointalk Bounty Deadline: Present to 30th September 2018 and Bounty token will sent on October 2018
This NeedsCoin [NCC] Updated last: November 20, 2018

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN]VULCANO [VULC] High Staking PoS coin 950% on: October 31, 2017, 04:10:12 AM


Coin name    VULCANO
Scrypt POS/POW
Address letter    V
RPC port    21042
P2P port    21041
Block reward    20 coins
Max coins    12b
Premine    2m

Proof of Stake    950%
Pow blocks 100k
Maturity    5 blocks
Target spacing    1 min
Target timespan    1 block
Confirmations    4 blocks





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