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1  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Adakah cara untuk mempercepat adopsi bitcoin di Indonesia? on: February 24, 2019, 06:14:40 AM
Seperti yg kita ketahui untuk sekarang crypto hanya bisa digunakan sebagai aset, akan tetapi tujuan akhir dr crypto adalah sebagai mata uang atau alat bayar

Adakah cara kita sebagai user untuk membuat /mempercepat adopsi bitcoin menjadi alat pembayaran yg sah?

Apakah dengan penandatanganan petisi secara massal dapat memperbesar kesempatan adopsi bitcoin menjadi alat pembayaran yang sah?

Apakah dengan memperbanyak seminar dan edukasi tentang bitcoin akan menarik perhatian pemerintah untuk mencoba adopsi bitcoin?
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Does convince people to enjoy gambling is a wrong idea? on: August 05, 2018, 12:44:22 AM
I always have a mindset that gambling is fun and entertaining, I used to played for profit but now I played for entertained myself, I like to share my point of view about gambling, but I afraid when I introduce gambling to someone who cant control himself or herself then it can become a problem, and I can become the one that make him/her become addicted

So in one my hand I'd like people to enjoy gambling but in one hand I afraid it can turned into disaster and I could the person that cause the person become addicted, so I kind of confused when someone come and asked me to teach or explained thing about gambling, should I teach them or I just ignore them? How can I teach or convince them that gambling is only for fun? Is it a wrong idea to teach or convince them to gamble for fun?
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Criteria of a good gambler on: March 23, 2018, 01:44:10 PM
A lot of people wonder what is the criteria of a good gambler, here are some of my thought about good gambler

a good gambler never chase profit
Profit might be the first reason why people gamble, but a good gambler never attached to the profit, the most important thing in gambling is excitement and fun experience, having profit is just the bonus

a good gambler able to control himself / herself
Self controlling is very important in gambling, without a clear mind there will be a lot of mistakes in betting and even causing reckless betting and losing all of the money in split second

a good gambler know when to stop
Setting a limit is very important in gambling, setting a lost limit will prevent you to over spend your money and setting a win limit is  also important because in the long run the house got a bigger chance to win due to the house edge

a good gambler never cause any problem to the surrounding
A good gambler know that the chances of losing money in gambling is huge, so a gambler should never used daily needs money or borrowing money to gamble, and a gambler should never think of robbery or stealing to gamble

a good gambler can accept lost
When losing a good gambler won't blame the surrounding, cursing or accusing the  casino as fraud places, losing is the half part of gambling, if you can't accept lost then dont start to gamble

a good gambler should able to manage the time
A good gambler know how to split the time for family, for friends and for gambling, a good gambler never neglected family or friend just because of gambling

We must encourage people to become a good gambler, so people won't always have a bad judgement about gambler
4  Other / Meta / The advantages and disadvantages of the new merit system on: January 30, 2018, 03:17:43 PM
I am trying to collect the information and opinion from the the users about the new merit system, hopefully this can be the reference to upgrade the new merit system


-there will be less spammer
-campaign manager will be easier to choose the candidate for the campaign (if the system is not abused yet)

1. It forces you to level up your game, learn things, make good post, and in a result it will make the better version of you. It is not easy but it is not an impossible task if you realize the meaning of the system.
2. Less spammer, well it depends. If people care enough about merits, then it would increase the post quality, but if they are not, then they can still spam.
3. Less account farmer. This is serious matter, if we can decrease account farmer, then other people who deserves to be on a campaign can join a campaign ( by deserves I mean if someone is a great poster and a great forum-person, then it would be a sad thing if they don't get the job just because someone is a account farmer with many low quality posts)
4. Less competitor in a sig campaign. In the future, manager will only select people with higher merit in each of the rank system, and maybe put it as requirement to get a higher payment.


- it will take more time to rank up
-the red tag member will have more value, although red tag member can't join most of the campaign, but they will have the value to farm merit
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why should government afraid of bitcoin? on: December 20, 2017, 12:07:59 AM
Recently bitcoin had become a hot issue in a lot of countries and some in heavy discussion to banned bitcoin, from what I see the government is too lazy to look for solutions, blockchain is the new concept of transactions and bitcoin is one of  the future currency, instead of looking bitcoin as a threat, the government should look bitcoin as the future coin and  should find a way to adapt it, if the government keep on finding excuses to ban bitcoin then the country will be left behind

bitcoin really help people to get a better life, bitcoin provide more job opportunities and ways to increase income, so actually bitcoin also help the country to become better, bitcoin got so many potential and positive sides, why the government only see bitcoin from negative perspective, why the government so afraid of adapting bitcoin?
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