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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / [SCAM ALERT] FORBIT.LTD on: June 09, 2021, 09:41:58 PM
Be careful about this place. Somehow I "won" a raffle or something and it came to over $26000 USD. I had to go through verification process which took 2 days which makes users believe it is real. Then when I tried to send some BTC to my wallet it gave me an error and indicated that I had to make a deposit worth around $1k first. I NEVER had to do this with an exchange. NEVER. Here is what the Discord message looks like. This is what the Discord channel owner wrote:

Weisemanjohn — 06/07/2021
We are aware of the issue where bots are splamming DMs with a fake bitcoin giveaway. Please do not click any links from these messages and block the account. Temporarily disabling DMs may also help. We are currently addressing the issue.

And here is what the message was:

Excellent — 06/07/2021
MichaelDygmeMichaelDygme#9957 You won!

You received this message, because you are a participant and winner in the cash prize draw from the cryptocurrency exchange.
Thе exсhаngе holds a rаffle оf cash рrizеs in the amount оf 255k$, in difficult timеs of the in the wоrld, amоng Disсord users.
For you can take part in the priz: from 0.002 to 1.50 BTC!

[Instructions for using the promo code]
* You need to register on the exchange *

1)To activate a promo code, you must specify it at the time of registration in the promo code window.
2)Enter a promo code.
3)Done, you can withdraw your winnings!

- Rules for using the promo code:

The promo code can be used once
Do not pass your promo code.
The promo code is valid for 3 days.

Bf you have any questions about your winning promo code, you can contact the online support service of the exchange, on the main page of the site.
Forbit - Most secure cryptocurrency Crypto Trading platform
We are Forbit - consistently rated the best and most secure cryptocurrency Crypto Trading platform.

And this is what the page looks like. Too bad it is not real!
2  Economy / Exchanges / Any Bitpay alternatives out there for US? on: April 19, 2019, 11:46:11 PM
I get paid sometimes in Bitcoin. And the more jobs I take and the more I work the more I need to cash out. Recently I used Bitpay to transfer the BTC to their wallet and then add it to their VISA card which I just went to the ATM to pull out the cash. They recently stopped ALL cash pull out services and the only thing you can do with the card is purchases, no cash out options at all. This is pretty much useless to me now but trying to find ONE company that lets US citizens use Bitcoin to cash out somehow has been impossible to find. Been around BTC for a while and it is not what I thought it would be or even close to what it should be.
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Other BitPay Users out there? on: March 22, 2019, 12:12:04 AM
Been using BitPay for a while now and do love the convenience on how it works. Being able to use it at an ATM and pull cash out is is awesome UNTIL they suspended those functions about 2 weeks ago and have kept their lips really tightly sealed about if they ever will happen again. One of the major points of having one of these cards was to be able to use it just like a normal ATM card but not having any cash out features at all really makes it useless. In the original email I received telling customers that all cash out features will not be available because of a “conversion” I guess is nice way of telling everyone in a really political way that cash withdrawal features will no longer be part of the model. Since that original email on March 8th there has nothing been but silence about what’s going on. You can ask anyone from BitPay and they will all pretty much tell you the same thing. Nothing. I highly suspect cash out features via ATM will cease to exist with their services and they’ll just let it disappear into the fog. Yea you still can perform ACH transfers but that defeats the purpose of having the cash going through another industry to monitor and track your money. The ability to grab cash the same day was a very good feature but unfortunately I think that feature is not in Bitpays lineup to supply with its customers. Is anyone else in the same boat here? I get paid here and there for small odd jobs low income and would like to access those funds right away using their cash out features which have been out for over 3 weeks now. Does anyone know what really is happening here to BitPay or is their lips so tight for everyone? Also, what alternative is there just like BitPay out there that works in the same way? Uses a Visa card where I can purchase just like with any Visa card but also has the feature of pulling the cash out at an ATM with very minimal fees and have the cash in hand just after one confirmation. There has to be other services like this. I just found it so convenient and hard to let it go but if their cash out feature does not work not really worth having.


4  Economy / Exchanges / Coinbase keeps blowing away my account - where to sell my bitcoin? on: June 21, 2017, 05:36:10 AM
For some reason Coinbase that I have been a user there since they opened have been blowing away every account I open a few weeks later. I live in NJ and it seems impossible to find an exchange that will let me hook up my bank account to make easy deposits.

Are there any NJ'ers here that exchange bitcoin once in a while and sometimes need to make a deposit into their bank account? Seems like the US/NJ has been shunned from using bitcoin with your banking system all together. Hey, if I program for some people and they pay in bitcoin I do eventually want to convert it to cash or make some deposits into my bank. The only site I ever used was Coinbase, but they just keep closing accounts out and have no explanation why.

See ya
5  Economy / Computer hardware / 10 Antminer S5's for sale - perfect condition on: February 13, 2017, 03:15:52 AM
Selling these miners. Anyone interested please get back to me immediately. Will ship only in the US. Please make best offer, need to sell. All 10 work perfectly and have ran indoors %100 of the time.


Contact me via email or phone.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / BTC-E HACKED on: August 04, 2016, 10:13:35 PM
Tried to even do a password reset and that wouldn't work. Maybe they are in on it, who knows. Since I can't change my password or add 2FA I get an email address indicating the user signing in daily to make sure I have no funds in there. All I have is their IP address which is most likely not their real one. Be very careful if you have a balance there. Just trying to help.

Go ahead, try to do a password reset on your own and you'll see.

7  Bitcoin / Armory / Keeps crashing - reinstalled on: February 05, 2016, 01:22:00 AM
This is not my computer. It is my Dad's computer. I've already uninstalled everything and reinstalled. Including Core 11.2. Took one full day just to download the blockchain. We managed fairly well when the blockchain wasn't so large, but the resources this program uses when initializing is starting to get out of control, no? Any suggestions on this one? Very limited information in the logs. I can only uninstall and clean everything out and reinstall so many times. I'd hate to use a different wallet and look into other options. I've had my own problems to, which had to re-build/download the blockchain multiple times.

Faulting application name: ArmoryQt.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5447d996
Faulting module name: _CppBlockUtils.pyd, version:, time stamp: 0x56322bff
Exception code: 0x40000015
Fault offset: 0x00000000001bf7d6
Faulting process id: 0x1e08
Faulting application start time: 0x01d15fae0a28aa3a
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Armory\ArmoryQt.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Armory\_CppBlockUtils.pyd
Report Id: 61fdc846-cba1-11e5-9b17-1803732ce8d2

2016-02-04 19:52 (ERROR) -- - 9 attempts to load blockchain failed.  Remove mempool.bin.
2016-02-04 19:52 (ERROR) -- - File mempool.bin does not exist. Nothing deleted.

EDIT: Just saw the post about this project being in limbo. I guess an alternate Bitcoin client will be in the near future. Was nice while it lasted.
8  Bitcoin / Armory / Announcements keep failing... on: January 20, 2016, 11:04:43 PM
I wanted to make this a separate issue and not combine it with my sending BTC issues I was having the other day. Posting it here, to see if anyone else is having the issue.

I am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

I uninstalled Armory and Core. Cleared out all associated folders. Rebooted. Installed Core 11.2 and Armory 93.3. I went to the website to download it and only had the old version, 93.2, so I eventually found the link here on the forums. Ran Armory, started downloading so I wanted to check the announcements area and I still received the error in the log. I have Core 11.2 installed, Armory thinks I still have 11.0 running I think. I see the FETCHING error in the log but don't know why it is happening. I did notice Armory is sending my OS version and Armory version on the check, I assume that's for stats purposes? Since it's not working, I did turn it off.

2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1076 - C++ block utilities loaded successfully
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1186 -
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1187 -
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1188 -
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1189 - ************************************************************
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1190 - Invoked: C:\Program Files (x86)\Armory\ArmoryQt.exe
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1191 - ************************************************************
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1192 - Loading Armory Engine:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1193 -    Armory Version        : 0.93.3
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1194 -    Armory Build:         : e59e10d38c
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1195 -    PyBtcWallet  Version  : 1.35
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1196 - Detected Operating system: Windows
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1197 -    OS Variant            : 8-6.2.9200--Multiprocessor Free
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1198 -    User home-directory   : C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1199 -    Satoshi BTC directory : C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1200 -    Armory home dir       : C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\Armory\
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1201 - Detected System Specs    :
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1202 -    Total Available RAM   : 63.90 GB
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1203 -    CPU ID string         : Intel64 Family 6 Model 63 Stepping 2, GenuineIntel
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1204 -    Number of CPU cores   : 12 cores
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1205 -    System is 64-bit      : True
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1206 -    Preferred Encoding    : cp1252
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1207 -    Machine Arch          : amd64
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1208 -    Available HDD (ARM)   : 278 GB
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1209 -    Available HDD (BTC)   : 278 GB
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1210 -
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1211 - Network Name: Main Network
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1212 - Satoshi Port: 8333
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1213 - Do wlt check: True
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1214 - Named options/arguments to
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     nettimeout      : 2
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     rescan          : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     ignoreAllZC     : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     enableSupernode : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     disableModules  : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     port            : None
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     interport       : 8223
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     skipStatsReport : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     forceWalletCheck: False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     rebuild         : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     datadir         : DEFAULT
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     clearMempool    : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     offline         : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     coverageOutputDir: None
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     armoryDBDir     : DEFAULT
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     satoshiPort     : DEFAULT
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     useTorSettings  : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     netlog          : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     keypool         : 100
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     coverageInclude : None
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     forceOnline     : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     skipAnnounceCheck: False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     redownload      : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     multisigFile    : DEFAULT
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     disableTorrent  : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     testAnnounceCode: False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     mtdebug         : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     logDisable      : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     settingsPath    : C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\Armory\ArmorySettings.txt
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     verbosity       : None
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     doDebug         : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     enableDetSign   : True
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     testnet         : False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     rpcport         : DEFAULT
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     satoshiHome     : DEFAULT
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     satoshiRpcport  : DEFAULT
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     logFile         : C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\Armory\ArmoryQt.exe.log.txt
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1216 -     disableConfPermis: False
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1217 - Other arguments:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1220 - ************************************************************
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:1620 - C++ block utilities loaded successfully
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- BDM.pyc:418 - Using the asynchronous/multi-threaded BlockDataManager.
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- BDM.pyc:419 - Blockchain operations will happen in the background.  
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- BDM.pyc:420 - Devs: check TheBDM.getState() before asking for data.
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- BDM.pyc:421 - Registering addresses during rescans will queue them for
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- BDM.pyc:422 - inclusion after the current scan is completed.
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:3531 - Using settings file: C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\Armory\ArmorySettings.txt
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:95 - Reading files in fetcher directory:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - loadWalletsAndSettings
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Loading wallets...
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Number of wallets read in: 0
2016-01-20 17:43 (ERROR) -- announcefetch.pyc:283 - Specified URL was inaccessible
2016-01-20 17:43 (ERROR) -- announcefetch.pyc:284 - Tried:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:334 - Changed [ "downloads" ] == [, 28efee8047ee0a2c26ac9f785d93566fb5a45c20a794da6f972aa48db50ec35a]
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:334 - Changed [ "bootstrap" ] == [, b62c08932668ce162d51226135940724e90f4c71704ac936f74cc153b34cc251]
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:334 - Changed [ "notify" ] == [, 87fa1adcd555be83a71b4f5935a6d4f85178ccbf5043531fdd71432b57d127ca]
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:334 - Changed [ "changelog" ] == [, 1c01304b876de3e75672c8b13d9a00157556b86612afac1c88ffc40a8d7dfb90]
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Setting up networking...
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Internet status: 0
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - startBitcoindIfNecessary
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - setSatoshiPaths
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Using torrent file: C:\Users\ME\AppData\Roaming\Armory\bootstrap.dat.torrent
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- torrentDL.pyc:105 - Torrent name is: bootstrap.dat
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- torrentDL.pyc:106 - Torrent size is: 27633.38 MB
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:246 - Bootstrap file is 27.0 GB
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:415 - Found Bitcoin-Qt link on desktop: C:\Program Files (x86)\Armory
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:415 - Found Bitcoin-Qt link on desktop: C:\Program Files\Bitcoin
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:321 - Found bitcoind in the following places:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:323 -    C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\daemon\bitcoind.exe
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:323 -    C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\daemon\bitcoind.exe
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:325 - Using: C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\daemon\bitcoind.exe
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:496 - Reading bitcoin.conf file
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:515 - Setting permissions on bitcoin.conf
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:524 - Setting permissions on bitcoin.conf
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- ArmoryUtils.pyc:600 - Executing popen: [u'icacls', u'C:\\Users\\ME\\AppData\\Roaming\\Bitcoin\\bitcoin.conf', u'/inheritance:r', u'/grant:r', u'ME:F']
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:530 - icacls returned:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- SDM.pyc:597 - Called startBitcoind
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - setupUriRegistration
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - URL-register action: AskUser
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Usermode: Advanced
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Changing usermode:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- -    From: Advanced
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- -      To: Advanced
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Dashboard switched to auto-InitSync
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- torrentDL.pyc:431 - Downloading: bootstrap.dat
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- torrentDL.pyc:439 - Picking up where left off at 762 of 27633 MB
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:389 - Forcing announce data fetch
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (ERROR) -- announcefetch.pyc:283 - Specified URL was inaccessible
2016-01-20 17:43 (ERROR) -- announcefetch.pyc:284 - Tried:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- announcefetch.pyc:271 - Fetching:
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - BDM is safe for clean shutdown
2016-01-20 17:43 (INFO) -- - Attempting to close the main window!
9  Bitcoin / Armory / Sending BTC keeps failing... on: January 18, 2016, 10:23:27 PM
I'm updated with the latest core and Armory version. Armory indicated "online" and I tried to send some Bitcoin to an address and Armory came up with a snag screen saying it could not send the coin and gave me the transaction URL to check the blockchain. Took me 5 attempts and one transaction finally made it. Anyone else see this? I'm asking before I start dumping time into spending time on checking logs.
10  Other / Meta / Can we at least get the GO UP / GO DOWN buttons turned on - PLEASE? on: December 03, 2015, 11:33:00 PM
Can you PLEASE enable GO UP / GO DOWN buttons in


11  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB: looking for 2 working Bitmain S5 hashing boards on: December 02, 2015, 01:17:01 AM
Price gauging, greed and hating ebay has caused it hard to find a couple S5 hashing boards.
PM if you have a reasonable offer. I am in the US and will be basing the value in USD.
12  Bitcoin / Armory / How large is the block chain DB? on: October 19, 2015, 03:28:43 PM
I have a 120GB SSD drive all setup for use with Armory and ran out of space while downloading the blockchain. How big is this thing now? I just can't see using over 100GB on my primary Intel 750 SSD drive. I have 120GB SSD's laying around to use, but not enough?

When Armory downloads the first part, that huge 28-30GB file, is that file automatically deleted after it is imported or used?

That's what I had to do. I had to manually delete that large CDN seed download from the beginning since it was holding over 30GB+ of space. Once I did that, Armory was then able to finish up. Now I just imported my wallet and has to scan for transactions. Has to be done on an SSD. Mechanical drive's are jut too slow.
13  Bitcoin / Armory / Resource hogger and how to move large BLOCKS files? on: August 07, 2015, 11:45:45 PM
I was finally able to sync up the block chain. All looked good until I imported my wallet. A few things went nuts on me. I have Armory taking care of running the the daemon in the background. I also have the BITCOIN HOME DIR  set for another drive on my system. All 72GB of the blockchain downloaded to that drive fine until I imported my wallet. First my computer froze on me and Armory pretty much took over. My CPU, HD and memory were all at %100. What's funny, is I have 64GB of memory, Intel i7-5930k processor and an Intel 750 PCI 40 lane SSD drive. Armory really isn't a 64bit application is it? I've never seen a program take down my machine like that. While my Noctua CPU fans were speeding up more and more I let it complete. It just said SCANNING. Anyway I ended up with machine and resources back but 40GB of data on my primary SSD drive in one file called BLOCKS. I thought this was all supposed to be put on that alternative data dir that I set in the settings area? How do I get this 40GB of data off my primary SSD and on the correct drive I have set in BITCOIN HOME DIR?

I never saw such a program give me so many memory hard faults. I'm using Armory 93.2 and bitcoin core 0.11. I don't care if I need re-scan again, I do not want to use my valuable primary SSD space, especially not 40GB for one file that can easily be put on an alternative drive.

This is my current setting:

And here is the file

14  Bitcoin / Armory / Initializing Torrent Engine? on: August 05, 2015, 05:25:53 PM
I just reinstalled my operating system. Downloaded the latest core x64 and the latest stable Armory 0.93.2. When I first run Armory it tells I cannot import my wallet because it is scanning the blockchain for my existing wallets. And on the dashboard it says, Downloading via Armory CDN. Is this normal for this version? What is it downloading? I know it has to sync with the main DB the first time you run it, using the core, but never saw this before. Just making sure this is normal.

15  Other / Meta / Forum upgrade????? WHEN? Just another hack. on: May 25, 2015, 04:03:00 PM
Last time I checked this forum had millions in BTC\USD in donations, but still hackers are hacking away at such old software and hacking in almost as easily as signing in with a password. Since I've been here, this is the 4th time this has happened. Can I ask, when the forum operators notice a hack is going on why don't you just turn the server or VPS off for a while? Nothing deters a planned attack then nothing to attack. But instead you leave the place up and running to all our passwords once again can get compromised.

Really, what are you doing with all that donation money? You can run 20 forums with all the bitcoin you have.
16  Economy / Computer hardware / ATX Power Supplies... on: March 29, 2015, 06:28:39 AM
I have 7 Corsair RM1000 power supplies for sale. These are for PICK UP only in NJ. Too much trouble and expensive to ship these out.

They are all still in warranty and and run computers and miners great. Me and my father are installing a power distribution system to power everything and getting away from individual power supplies. I would like to sell them all at once. I believe they are only 1 year old so still have a 4 year warranty on them. I would be asking for $140/each. Remember, this is for PICK UP only in NJ. These are too heavy to ship and would add lots of money to the price. If you are interested please let me know. Serious buyers only please. It is not a huge discount because they still are all in warranty but if you are interested in them all you could save approx $210. Get back to me when you have time.


17  Economy / Computer hardware / [SELLING] Antminer C1's on: March 10, 2015, 09:35:55 PM
I have a couple of Antminer C1 water cooled miner's for sale. These are practically silent since they are water cooled. Both have been running with fresh coolant since I changed the coolant a few times to find the coolant I liked. I ended up using Feser One coolant with silver kill coils. The water loop is completely clean. Also, the pumps have been upgraded to a newer/better model than what came with it. Using the same radiator that came with it. Both are in perfect condition. My Dad also may want to sell one or two of his also. So there could be 4 for sale. His are also in great shape. Please make an offer if interested. Pick up available in NJ. Buyer would need to pay for shipping.

Make an offer and let's see if we can make a deal!

6 C1's total.


EDIT: Only in the US please. Preferably I would like to take bitcoin, buy hard cold cash is just fine as well.

18  Bitcoin / Hardware / Power Supply - EVGA G2 1000Watt or Corsair RM1000 Watt on: March 10, 2015, 06:58:13 AM
I see lots of people getting the EVGA power supply, plus the G2 has a 10 year warranty on it and is less expensive than the RM1000 model. Anyone have or use the EVGA G2 1000 watt model?

What I can't find is the small adapter that you plug in so you can turn it on without the main board. With the RM1000 all I used was a 14pin plastic adapter with two pins added, but not entirely sure what this EVGA G2 needs. It has a 28 pin power connector, so having a hard time finding that little adapter you would plug in.

19  Bitcoin / Hardware / Anyone have update cgminer for Antminer C1? Firmware? on: March 07, 2015, 09:11:12 PM
Does anyone have an updated cgminer already compiled for the Antminer C1? I know this miner has an SD card and has the ability to flash the board, so it anyone has an updated firmware that maybe includes the newer cgminer that would be great. I have been waiting for Bitmaintech to come out with an updated firmware, but it doesn't look like they update them too often. The latest firmware for the C1 has cgminer 4.6.1.

20  Bitcoin / Armory / Can use any address to receive? on: March 01, 2015, 11:27:46 PM
I picked out one of my addresses that was in my wallet properties and gave it to someone to make a payment to me. I see the payment on BlockChain with 2 confirmations but don't see it in my Armory. Usually when I made a payment to my Armory it would show up right away, even without any confirmations. I want to tell the user that I received the bitcoin, but I can't see it in my Armory. Only BlockChain. Anyone know what to do at this point. Right now I'm doing a re-scan with Armory to see if it picks it up. I tripled checked the address and it is in my list of bitcoin addresses. As I was told I could use any address in my wallet.

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