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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Now offers 4.5% annual interest for holding BTC with them? on: June 20, 2020, 05:30:15 PM
Just now I received mail from (I double checked it is right domain as I do get fake similar domains for verifying my account) on The fastest and easiest way to buy crypto. In that they also mentioned about earning interest on BTC deposits.

Here is the full contents of mail:
Hi there,
Buying bitcoin is the best way to get started on your crypto journey. That’s why we’re excited to roll out our new and improved Buy Crypto feature, so you can quickly and easily purchase bitcoin and other cryptos.

Simply log in to your Wallet, click Buy Crypto, verify your identity, and use a debit card, credit card or your bank account to purchase crypto — all in a matter of minutes!

Once you've made your purchase, you can deposit bitcoin into our new Interest account and earn 4.5% annually.

Seems, we must need to clear KYC and must need to purchase cryptos to get eligible for interest earning.

If it works similar to's daily interest earning opportunity then I guess it may get more attention among this community.


As demanded, here is the screenshot:
2  Economy / Speculation / Let's start travelling to Stars; Moon is no more a target! on: May 14, 2020, 01:05:09 PM
Just within 2 days after the halving, it seems bulls are back into action unlike what we had in 2016 and I guess this might be the simple signal we must read about how stronger bulls may turn this time around. There are 2 backing reasons for expecting bulls to go more harder than ever.

1. For the first time in 10+ years of bitcoin history, block rewards are now less than 10 bitcoins. I mean block-rewards are no more an attractive criteria for any new businessman to get into mining business. They may simply opt for buying bitcoins rather than thinking about setting up a new mining industry. Same applicable for those cooperates who are already into mining process; we may assume like they may not re-invest more in expanding their mining plants but they may focus on saving bitcoins.

2. In less than 11 years, around 88% of total bitcoin supply were mined out and only ~12% of total bitcoins are remaining to be mined but it may take another ~120 years to complete.

If you closely notice, both of my points are saying same thing; we are going to start experiencing the actual inflationary property of bitcoins here after. Do not be surprised if you happen to see a new ATH before end of this month.

If there are less IQed whales like MTGOX treasurer who still look for cashing out their stash around $10k then we may face some delay but nothing may stop bitcoin to have new ATH in coming months. Bitcoin is going to break all its previous traditions like having new ATH around Christmas/New year, it is time for newer things for everything. Get ready for travelling to stars Cheesy.
3  Economy / Exchanges / I want to trade BitMex contracts. What should I know before touching them. on: November 25, 2019, 08:54:15 AM
I read with 1 BTC deposit, I will be able to trade 100BTC worth of contracts. Also, it is mentioned that there is no expiry for their contracts. Does it mean I will be able to hold if my position is even at losses? How exactly it works?

I have experiences of trading forex with leverage. When my position goes in losses then they will auto-close my position when my actual bankroll is reaching 10% of my original value. Bitmex is also doing the same?

If you have experience with bitmex's leveraged trading, please share how to make use of their leveraged trading with calculated risk.

I want to risk some 0.1BTC for leveraged trading. But, I will buy contracts for 0.01BTC (10% of my total capital) and possibly with less leverages like 5x (to play safe).

With 0.01 BTC, I guess I may able to buy 0.05BTC worth of contracts (at 5x leverage) and if bitcoins moves up some $100 or $500, how much I will be able to profit.

For negative side, I leave 0.09 BTC unused and I opt only 5x leverage, so how long I will be able to hold my position for waiting so that prices to recover.

For example, I buy contracts at $6700 levels and BTC reaches $6900 levels. How much I could make with risk of 0.1BTC (with actual trade of 0.01BTC with 5x leverage).

I do see lots of guides on bitmex, but none of them directly answering my questions.

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