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1  Other / Meta / Boards specific merit-sources may help better in identifying right contribution on: April 29, 2020, 03:59:07 PM
Last few pages of this topic: [Upgrade!] So.... on which board did you earn (or spent) most of your (s)Merit? shows contributions in local boards are recognized and merited more frequently compared to same members' other board contributions.

When local boards' merit sources are effectively recognizing right posts with respect to their countries' BTC adoption levels and BTC based business levels, why not we have board-specific-merit-sources for all other boards to entourage the right contributions and high quality posts.

For example, an active gambler will be able to assess right contributions in gambling boards and same applies for an economist in economics and for a trader in speculation and trading discussion boards.

A student may learn multiple subject at a time but his teacher must need to be an expert in one subject to teach him one particular subject. Similarly, we may post across the boards but it could be recognized only by an expert in the same field.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / What are your criteria to go back/sticking with one particular gambling house on: November 19, 2019, 11:39:54 AM
There are hundreds of crypro gambling houses and most of them are having same house edge, same type of games and UI. Still, most gambling houses are having their own players who may play many other places too but never forget to visit their favorite places. What are the things finalize your favorite house.

It would be too good if you mention your favorite houses along with what makes that place your favorite for one particular way of gambling (assuming you might have multiple favorites for different gambling purposes).
These things may help you to recall your criteria (just explanatory purposes as your own reason may not be listed):
1. I can find that game only there.
2. I've compared house edges and then I stick with the lowest/Better odds for sportbetting.
3. The graphics are mesmerizing/mobile support/good UI.
4. I am finding myself profitable only there/my strategy works only there.
5. Their reputation/customer support /instant withdraw/easy KYC etc.
6. Providing faucets/freebies.
7. Availability of a particular altcoin.
8. Contests/races.
9. They do send emails. So, I click and go back/ No special reasons.
10.I work for them so I play there.

Your input will be studied and may be used for enhancement of a gambling house (please do not expect any reward for that). Hope your contribution will be useful to all the gambling houses as well for improving themselves to serve this wonderful crypto-gambling community better.
3  Economy / Speculation / IS LONGS/SHORTS RULING THE MARKET PRICE? on: August 09, 2019, 05:42:16 PM
We have seen people talk about charts and the indicators and all that and they are trying to figure out what actually makes bitcoin go up and down but whenever you take a look at the charts you will realize that a chart could be right or wrong at most 2-3 times in a row and eventually fails.

However, if you check bitmex and all other places like that which gives leverage to whales to actually change the price, it is clear that they are actually inside the market knowing where it will go because they are the ones making it happen.

A whale with a bunch of bitcoin (lets say over 1000 btc) can literally buy 100 bitcoin worth shorts and sell all his 900 bitcoins to drop the price of bitcoin and make a ton of money and get more than 1000 after the process is done. Maybe we should not look at the charts but start looking at the changes in leverage purchases? That seems like a bigger impact on the price.
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