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81  Economy / Reputation / User dipkiss ,not to be trusted. on: April 30, 2016, 06:34:51 AM
I should have made this thread earlier but didn't bother to since I was quite busy.

User : dipkiss Sent me this PM for video contest

can you create a rollin video for me?i'll give you 0.025 (50%) what i get from this video review.i am not a good editor,so i asking for help..

to which I replied

I can have you negative feedback for sending me such messages ,I don't like cheating hence my answer is NO.

I let him go without any feedbacks on his profile.It is against the contest rules for a single user to post multiple entries.By making a video for dipkiss I would be disobeying the rules and I don't consider this as a trustworthy behavior .

After few days I saw this thread by dipkiss :

Want to sell Verified Payza Account

Dipkiss is selling a Passport verified payza account.I personally believe selling such accounts can only be bought by scammers .There could be a few exceptions which I'm not aware of but why would you buy an account which is based on someone else's documents ?

I left him a negative feedback stating :
Selling verified payza accounts.Such accounts can be used for scams.User is selling Passport verified accounts.

and a comment on his  thread :

I have already left you a negative feedback as I truly believe its against the terms of Payza to sell verified accounts.Moreover such accounts can be bought to pull scams.I will happily remove my feedback if you close the sale. Approaching DT members to see if this is worth the negative feedback as we speak.

To which dipkiss replies :

i lock this thread now. xinzark  and Joel_Jantsen  i give you a treatment which i remove after 1 week..enjoy now. (pm me with decent attitude)

and he leaves me two negative feedbacks without any valid references.

I'm not posting here for any feedbacks for him from the DT but be careful while trading with him as such behavior is only followed by scammers.I won't be surprised if he'd scam in the future.Just be careful doing any trades with him since he also does currency exchanges.

82  Other / Off-topic / Sleeping Paralysis Disorder ,I suffer from it everyday ,Do you ? on: April 26, 2016, 05:35:02 AM

I suffer from Sleeping Paralysis.For those who haven't heard about it before or you might have experienced it but don't know what it is called,here is the definition :-

A temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking.

It started 2 years ago when I was in 3rd year of my Bachelors in Engineering .I used to drink everyday and passout on random places like my couch or kitchen slab .After I quit drinking or say made it occasional,I started getting sleep deprived and hence I was a victim of sleep paralysis attack like once in a week.I thought it was normal until last six months .A person faces this situation maybe once or twice in lifetime but I have started to face it everyday in my sleep.

Once I was in the middle of attack and I could feel a huge insect crawling on my shoulder,I could not move or do anything but since my brain was still active ,I'd know that there is a bug crawling on my body and I can't even regulate any of my muscles.This is sick and frightening as hell. Do you have such experiences often ? Am I mentally fine ? 

This is how the phenomena is portrayed:

83  Economy / Service Discussion / WalletExplorer Stopped Working ? on: April 06, 2016, 02:51:24 AM
I don't know how many of you use this service but in case you do ,has the service stopped working forever ? Its been 4 days I'm trying to access this website with no luck .

Please recommend any alternatives walletexplorer.
84  Other / New forum software / Search Posts By Members Option on: April 02, 2016, 08:56:36 PM
As my issues presented over here it would be nicer to have a search function in a particular thread where you enter a member's name and you will be presented by all the posts by that member in that thread.

Advantages :
-Mainly for preventing Signature Spammers from posting multiple times in the same thread without valid inputs.
-Easy for Campaign Managers to filter out such posters.
85  Other / Meta / This needs to Stop.. on: April 01, 2016, 12:35:55 PM
Apologies for my another post in Meta within a span of a week.As discussed before,I have seen Members posting multiple times in the same topic without quoting any significant replies.Maybe there is a possibility they forget they have already posted in the thread but posting over and over simply proves they're sig spamming.YoBit members are exceptional,I have seen a few accounts from Good Signature campaigns like Bit-X doing the same.Here it is :

From the Topic : If gambling never existed, would you be who you are today?

My lifestyle would not be affected at all. I am not much a big spender when it comes to gambling.
Getting entertained is my goal, which means I would have to find another hobby.

I think I would be happy if gambling doesn't exist, because I won't just lose my money for this type of games.
But still is fun and is just nice to gamble if you afford at least.

I think if gambling doesn't exist there is another ways to earn money.

I think most people will not be changed by gambling, although the people that where addicted would be different due to point that they where addicted.
I would be by exact the same person now than if it never existed because I never gambled for the money only for a enjoying part plus I only gambled for something near the 20 times in my whole life.
The people that had a addiction are very different in my opinion because some people lost everything because of it their home/family/friends so they would be a another person after the addiction.

I would not be other than now due the point I never gambled much online or offline in the real world, I think its wasted time because most people will lose more than make profit.
It can be of course enjoyable but the fact that so many people are addicted says already enough that I not even tried to
gamble with the uᴉoɔʇᴉq.
Loving to watch poker games on the television but never tried it myself because I think will get addicted because I''m fast addicted to something.

I would be the same as today, because I never gambled much and it never changed my life, I never won a large amount.
Also did not lose any money because of it maybe a it but that had no influence in my career and life I have now.

I even think gambling is very wrong due to the fact a lot of people get in problems because of it and lose everything.

I think the most people that are addicted or has been addicted has a life that has been changed because of their addiction they have or had.
In my case I never changed because of gambling due to the point I'm not a gambler at all, I almost never gamble online or offline.
Some times its attracting to do but I can control myself to not do it because its just a waste of time if you ask me.

I never really changed because of gambling but some people are due to the fact they where or are addicted to gambling.
For some people it was their life, they lost everything because of it their home,family/friends everything you can come up with.
I never gambled much and I never changed because of it, because gambling is not very interesting in my opinion.

Apart from this,he has 3 quoted posts.There should be a way to filter out such posters.There are more ,I choose the one from Highest paying signature campaign.  It becomes quite difficult to keep a count of such posts since one has go through  20 pages to find the repetitive posters .Any solutions ? I think there should be a life span of such gambling non service related threads.Maybe like a week or something and after they get locked.
86  Other / Meta / Wondering why Trolling is still against the forum rules . on: March 28, 2016, 08:41:07 AM
I get it, as mature adults we are suppose to deal with users professionally.But is little bit of humor too bad for the forum ? I mean there are people abusing the heck out each other in the posts or using racial slurs to bring down their oppositions.Even respected members throw dirt at each holding grudges and many such posts exists .There are other bunch of butthurt spammers who freely use abusive words or say abuse the entire system ,for example this

Fuck you DannyHamilton shit, already found the answer suck your mother's dick now bitcoin's bitch Smiley

or this :

@op is not kralle!!
i am the only real kralle

have a taste of my BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!

This is much worse than trolling.Trolls never hurt anybody's sentiments.Moreover isn't it one of the latest Internet Generation trends to be followed ?

Not sure if it makes sense to anyone else,just a thought worth sharing.

87  Other / Meta / Need a little Explanation here. on: March 23, 2016, 08:49:50 PM
Recently my post got deleted which was

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator. Posts are most frequently deleted because they are off-topic, though they can also be deleted for other reasons. In the future, please avoid posting things that need to be deleted.

All posts in general should contribute to activity. After all, the point is that they're being active. If they're being active, then their activity should be counted for the day. I do not genuinely believe it would be effective or helpful in spending money making coding for that. The way the site is now is fine. I think a lot of people would leave the site, or complain about it there posts no longer being counted as activity. It'd just be upsetting. If you were to do so, would you at least make a mass PM letter or some type of announcement when that task is complete? Again, not sure how good of an idea it is but I'd at least like to be informed on when it would indeed happen if it does. Thank you.
and here is another yobit spammer again.

I agree,its troll/not constructive/off topic and probably suppose to be deleted.On the other hand,how come the post of the guy which I had quoted is not yet deleted.The post is here :

All posts in general should contribute to activity. After all, the point is that they're being active. If they're being active, then their activity should be counted for the day. I do not genuinely believe it would be effective or helpful in spending money making coding for that. The way the site is now is fine. I think a lot of people would leave the site, or complain about it there posts no longer being counted as activity. It'd just be upsetting. If you were to do so, would you at least make a mass PM letter or some type of announcement when that task is complete? Again, not sure how good of an idea it is but I'd at least like to be informed on when it would indeed happen if it does. Thank you.

Doesn't make any sense to me.@Mod who deleted ,I'd gratefully like to know how that post is not trash and deserves to be there.
88  Other / Meta / Is this some special kind of Sig Spamming ? on: March 14, 2016, 03:20:38 AM
I know a few topics in Gambling and Bitcoin discussion are redundant but is posting in the same topic without any arguable quotes allowed ? For example ,in the following thread : What are your favorite gambling games?  ,I see a couple of users simply posting multiple times to increase the post count.User MaxTax from Bitmixer Campaign and his following posts in the same topic without quotes or anything.

My favorite game is definitely poker. I find this fact really very nice. And you play it also with other people.
The prices are also very different so sometimes more and sometimes not win.

I honestly have not a favorite gambling game.
I think all nice, and it also depends on how much money I have at that moment. But what I do like to play is poker.

My favorite gambling games are gambling on sports. That is so fun to do and you never know what can happen. I also do it with friends.
But I also like poker. But that cost a lot of money and that is not good. Gambling self is very bad.

and there are probably more....
89  Economy / Scam Accusations / AWARE PHISHING BITCOINTALK.ORG SITE BY USER gvuandrew on: March 11, 2016, 03:46:08 AM
Not sure if this belongs here ,mods are free to move. Everyone must be aware of the phishing where L is replace by I and its difficult to make out in the browser.

This user  gvuandrew is spreading the link to the phishing site (maybe he owns it too).Today gurre got the PM from gvuandrew which was ,

!!! WARNING: This user is a newbie. If you are expecting a message from a more veteran member, then this is an imposter !!!

Yes, Jason Boyko is a big scammer check this thread:

You can't easily make out in the quotes that link is fake but once you edit it ,this is what you'll see

Ignore all the PM's by him.
90  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine on: March 04, 2016, 01:43:42 AM
The video documentary is about 1 year old but wondering how many of you have watched it ? Truly inspirational video for all bitcoiners.

10 Minutes Well Spent  Wink
91  Other / Off-topic / Cryptography Related Question [Not Bitcoins] on: February 27, 2016, 12:01:49 AM
Not sure if this belongs here but could not find the other closest section to my query.
The question is :

Suppose that everyone in a group of N people wants to communicate secretly with the N1 others using symmetric key cryptographic system. The communication between any two persons should not be decodable by the others in the group. The number of keys required in the system as a whole to satisfy the confidentiality requirement is

The options are :

A) 2N
B) N(N 1)
C) N(N 1)/2
D) (N 1)2

Need this for a project I'm working on.Logical explainations appreciated.
92  Economy / Auctions / How much would you pay for this domain ? on: February 21, 2016, 03:55:55 PM
I'm not really auctioning this domain but just want to know if I ever want to ,what would be the prices offered.The domain is  [Yes, bitcoins for Noobs].Your opinions are appreciated.  Smiley

Not sure if this is the right section ,@mods please move it to the respective section if it doesn't belong here.
93  Other / Off-topic / Suggest some Classic Rock/Old Indie Folk/Psychedelic Rock Songs. on: February 20, 2016, 08:41:16 PM
As the title says ,need some new music .For reference I'm sharing a few songs which decides my exact taste in music.

Fleet Foxes -Mykonos [    ]

Neil Young -Old Man [   ]

Pink Floyd -Hey you [   ]

Golden Brown - The Stranglers [  ]

Something too dark and deep.In short words,you can say songs to trip on.Don't suggest Beatles/Led Zep/Bob Dylan etc I have heard most of the famous classic rock artists ,so something different.
94  Economy / Reputation / User started Multiple Giveaway's without Paying for the the previous one. on: February 12, 2016, 10:52:00 AM
Not sure if this really belongs here or even this thread is relevant.Anyhow this is the issue:

Useryellowcat1771 has recently launched his website ,which he is trying to promote on this forum (that's nice) hosting fake giveaway's.Here's how :

He started this thread : where a user gets  $100 for guessing the right number which is in "OP's Mind".Whoever guesses this magical number gets $100.And as usual a newbie genius was born at the right moment on this forum which goes by the name synthbot.This newbie prodigy however used his Jedi Mind Tricks to guess the number and won the giveaway.Completely legit.Now when OP was asked to show the proofs of the payment of $100 to synthbot,Op said this :
The user HAS NOT been online in the past 5 hours
Here is his profile;u=753030
Last Active:   February 11, 2016, 12:45:09 AM

Seems like the newbie just appeared here to show his Jedi Tricks,like every other Young Jedi,things like money didn't bother him and he disappeared forever.

Also yellowcat1771 has this thread in Meta where he seems to know a lot about creating multiple accounts on forum to make $6000 a month (just saying).

Some comments that might interest you :
@yellowcat isn't synthbot your alt? I saw both you guys are selling a paxful account. I'm not sure tho. Just saying.
It's just odd that you made a giveaway of $100 and you are giving the price to a newbie. Anyway, he did guessed your number.
@synthbot congrats mate!  

I was thinking the exact same thing. Pretty sure this was a fakeass giveaway. I noticed the article was about bots, winner is synthbot, both selling paxful accts. Just smells fishy as hell the way he also didnt announce it right away soon as someone guessed the number and a newb wins HAHAHA
and more... (also he hasn't replied to sho's comment on the thread)

Leaving all that apart,yet he started a new giveaway here : This time it's with new rules :
You have to post his website link anywhere on the forum and then choose a number between 1-250 for $100.
I Left him a negative feedback until he comes off clean or admits he was cheating the giveaway.
95  Other / Meta / Report repetitive potential activity/games and round spammers on: February 08, 2016, 12:44:42 PM
Report all the potential activity spammers here .You can usually find them in Games & Rounds Section or Giveaways.Since moderators can't go through every account,lets make their work easy by reporting the accounts here.

Found accounts with repetitive same comments/potential activity spammers :
iamnotcool (Hero member with 10+ trust)

I will keep updating the list as I find them.If you come across any ,please post in the thread I will update the thread accordingly.

Thanks mexxer-2
96  Other / Meta / Should Newbies be allowed to make new threads ? on: January 25, 2016, 03:03:44 PM
With the amount of scams happening around the forum recently,most of them (maybe few of them)are somehow associated with the threads created by the newbies (say brand new accounts).These newbie accounts either post links to complete small tasks or post the requirements such as :Moderator needed for gambling website/Paying 0.005 for signing up on the website .I agree,some of them are legit but its upto the members of the forum,more likely individuals to figure out the scam websites.

Example :
Hey, guys i just created my bitcoin casino and need some intellegent guys to help me with controlling it. All details in pm or skype im replying faster in skype.

Reply from letyouearn
hello buddy, I can help you with your project. I have some experience controlling sites too. Sensing you a skype invite right away.
After their skype conversation,his account was hacked.

Long story short,I think newbies should not be allowed (atleast brand new accounts) to make new threads in the MarketPlace section (since most of scams happen there).If this seems quite unfeasible then atleast the new threads from the newbie accounts should be moderated first ,before its posted in the forum.This way,all the shady posts/services will already be filtered.Something like "Precaution is better than cure"
97  Other / Meta / What about Dead Thread Resurrecters ? on: January 19, 2016, 03:14:59 PM
Recently,I've been seeing a lot of newbies trying to resurrect dead threads obviously for post count but what really pisses me off is the experienced members are supporting it,definitely for signature campaigns.Some are actually posting new replies to it without noticing the dates and the fact that OP stopped replying.I came across few topics today ,this is the latest one (surprised even Full Members and Senior Members are still replying).Any solution ?
98  Economy / Gambling / Professor Explains Why Your Chances Of Winning "Powerball" Are Next To None! on: January 13, 2016, 06:46:58 PM
I deliberately posted this video in the gambling section because this Statistics professor gives nice insights how probability works and the concept remains the same weather it be lottery or a jackpot.The video might motivate you a little. Wink
99  Local / Marketplace (India) / Willing to Sell 0.50 btc at preev rate only Bank Transfer India on: January 12, 2016, 12:21:49 AM
Hi,Selling 0.50 btc at Preev rates.I accept only Cash Depost/IMPS Bank Transfer India.
Escrow YES .We can use Mitchell or Blaze.
100  Other / Meta / Question about Reporting Posts and Accuracy on: January 08, 2016, 07:10:19 PM
I have been reporting posts and right now my accuracy is at "reported 30 posts with 85% accuracy ".When I report a new post however at times this comes down to 67% .What could be the reasons ? How is accuracy determined anyway? Does the comments I write while reporting the posts has anything to do with this ?
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