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1  Economy / Services / ★ Coinroll ★ Signature Campaign ★ on: May 30, 2016, 08:58:27 AM
We are currently considering Legendary ranked members and/or high trust rating users for participation in this campaign. Registrations are otherwise closed. Leave me a PM or contact me on Skype if you meet requirements.

Current delays announcement:


we're running a test campaign. For now, only Sr. Member and up can register as links require [size] to work. Links may change later as all members become allowed to advertise for us.

Note that there might be bugs and we reserve the right to ban people with negative rep or posting posts that are not constructive/spamming.

We will pay:
- $0.25 per new post
- $0.0005 daily * total post count (all posts for your account(s) are counted. The stat on your profile.)
Ex: You have 1000 posts total on forum and you make 10 more after joining. You will get $2.5 for the 10 posts at the end of the day. You will also get $0.505 for the day. If you then stopped posting, you would keep getting $0.505 daily for keeping the signature.

Amount is credited in BTC at current exchange rate (adjusted daily, you will see amount to pay in USD and corresponding BTC amount credited). Payments will be processed once per week (during weekend) to allow us to review reputation and post quality for users.

To enroll:
1. Create an account at

2. Add your forum ID (can be obtained from the URL of your profile page). Your forum account will be orange along with a verification token.

3. Add verification token to signature then click verify to confirm ownership and claim that forum account (Forum account will turn green).

4. You can then add one of the 3 signatures and then click on "verify" to check if your signature is valid.

- There is no post limit per week, although quality is reviewed. If some user is going around forum, posting short posts that are neither helpful nor required (example: "This seems nice." "Good work." Always answering with only "Yes/No"), then that's cause for a ban. If posts could be replaced by spam/jumble and bring as much into the conversation, then that isn't acceptable.
- Posts can be in any section of the forum.
- Proper English is expected (for sections in English.)
- Avatar of competitors are not allowed. We encourage users to use a personal, unique avatar.
2  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB/WTS] CSGO/TF2 Items, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Keys on: September 04, 2015, 08:38:54 PM
I have many things, although I can probably probably convert my stuff to just about anything available on Steam.

CSGO keys $1.85
Most steam stuff at 60% market in BTC

CSGO skins/keys
Steam trading cards, backgrounds and emoticons
TF2 metal/hats/keys
Steam Gifts

Thousands in inventory. You can request just about anything. I'll either have it or should be able to trade for it within 1 to 2 days.

P.S. Self-Moderated thread. Please question through PM. Questions will be removed from thread (although I'll still answer them and/or add info to main post) as well as bumps to leave reviews (and relevant questions if any).

LOCKED: Inventory cleared. Now trading with tools.
3  Economy / Digital goods / [Closed] on: August 31, 2015, 04:59:40 PM
Updated and self-moderated thread.
4  Economy / Services / Coinroll looking to advertise through affiliate program. on: October 25, 2014, 03:19:56 AM

Our casino has been open since April 2013 and is one of the first off-the-chain Bitcoin dice site, predating sites such as PrimeDice and Just-Dice.

With over 150'000 BTC in bets, a strong provably fair system, easy auditing of betting database made available for the public/investors and advocacy for better provably fair systems, we are one of the most trusted BTC gambling site around.

We're looking for operators of high ranking BTC related websites or people with great experience in advertising and referring leads to join a closed affiliate programs. Rates start at a minimum 15% commission and are negotiable upward based on amount of traffic generated and amount of exposure on your website.

Please PM me to signify your interest and start negotiations.

Regards from Coinroll's staff
5  Economy / Gambling / Flawed Provably Fair Systems on: June 27, 2014, 09:06:00 PM
Basically, the issue is that many casinos provide a new server hash for each bet. (Which means AFTER the client seed is provided unless you change it before every bet, because otherwise they will know your seed from last bet).

This system of one server seed for each rolls allows each bet to be "verified" immediately after each bet, but it's bad because it is meaningless if the client seed isn't also changed afterward before the roll. Those system designs probably result from wanting to provide instant bet verification and poor understanding of what makes something provably fair. Verification is actually harder to do and more tedious, because it is only provably fair if the player changes seed before each roll. If you're labeled as provably fair, that's what you should be getting by default. Not something optional that isn't explained to you.

Here's a simplified explanation of cheating that could be done through such a system by a nefarious casino operator:

You know how x2 is either roll under 49.5 or over 50.5 for 1% house edge dice site? x99 payout is roll under 1 or roll over 99? The losing rolls are always in the middle of the 0-100 rolling range.

So since a new server seed is provided for each new bet, they could select their server seed assuming the client seed doesn't change and give numbers that tend toward the center of the range instead of being random. Here's what would happen.

1. Client changes the seed after each new server seed, before every bet. He doesn't know server seed, so seed he provides should give a random number. (Painfully tedious, few actually do it, but for those who do, provably fair.)
2. Client doesn't change his seed. All bets are rigged and he doesn't play with a 1% house edge. This would be impossible to be caught since the roll would still match the seeds.

- No, you wouldn't be able to cheat the casino, because the number would still be randomly over/under 50. It would just be closer to 50 than average. The number doesn't need to be on the opposite side such that you could counter it by switching over/under to abuse it. It just needs to be closer to 50 than random numbers would, creating more losses for players. No counter.
- No, you wouldn't be able to notice that the website, across all players, has a much higher house edge than 1% which is unlikely. It's easy to fill with fake "lucky" account to compensate for the actual players who are "unlucky" and have a credible total wager volume/profit. It's also easy to limit to large account/smart targeting.
- No, you wouldn't be able to notice that no actual players report winning, because even if they gave themselves a 2% or 3% house edge or targeted accounts doing large bets for a very large house edge, there would still be winners.

The point is, every player could verify all their bets, it wouldn't catch this kind of cheating.

Many dice games/casinos use such a flawed system. There should never be any scenario where server seed are generated after the client seed as it allows the casino to do selective seeding! If a player can play that way, the system is flawed, because it's possible to make a provably fair system where the player is always covered. Players don't need to choose between provably fair or spamming bets.

Just-Dice was a very good example of a correct implementation. You still had to change your client seed after receiving the server seed, but server seed stays the same, until you request it to be revealed to verify bets. At will verification, but you must not forget to then change your client seed. Get new server seed, THEN add your seed, then good to go to spam bets.

Coinroll is another good example, where a daily predisclosed secret is used for everyone. This make changing it after the fact very hard as it would impact all rolls for the day, plus the hash is provided upfront making it pretty much impossible to find another secret which matches the hash. Verification is delayed slightly but we believe this is the best method currently available. We also don't provide a default client seed. We use the client's last deposit tx, which means we don't even have the possibility to choose a default client secret that would be advantageous for the current daily secret. The only way Coinroll could cheat would be by providing rolls that don't match seeds. It makes it hard to cheat as this would be easily noticeable that some bets results are not right. Even if a casino did it for only 1% of players/bets, it would only need a few people tracking bets to start noticing. We also provide archives of all betting on Coinroll for public auditing.

A well designed provably fair system is supposed to make it possible and easy to spot fraud by the operator. A system where the player can either choose to be covered with tedious manual work (changing seed before each bet) OR bet at will without being able to check if bets are actually provably fair is not needed and pointless when players could be covered at all time with a system like Coinroll's or Just-Dice's.

Regards from Coinroll's staff

Please add your input to this thread to let casino operators know of your support for all crypto gambling venues to update their provably fair system and be bound to higher transparency standards. I would also recommend gambling list creators start demanding systems similar to Just-Dice's or Coinroll's for being listed as provably fair.
6  Other / Off-topic / [POLL] Coinroll Color Scheme on: June 13, 2014, 10:45:16 AM

we would like to receive feedback on color scheme to use for Coinroll's ads. Between the original colors and these other options, which one do you prefer?

Thank you for your vote. You may also leave comments.

7  Economy / Gambling / ░▒▓█ ★ Coinroll ★ 200k BTC Wagered | Instant Dice Game | 1% Edge ★ █▓▒░ on: April 16, 2014, 02:48:06 AM

Around since April 2013! One of the oldest and most trusted off-the-chain dice site around!


Coming up:
- Complete Support Desk
- Move to
- Redesigned website
- Chat
- Extra features

Coinroll is a dice rolling game with a few interesting features:

A house edge of only 1%

Unconfirmed deposits
We accept unconfirmed transactions. You can begin playing instantly - no registration is required.

Deferred withdrawals
You can choose to have your winnings sent to an address once your deposit has cleared. Staying on the website while your transaction is queued is not necessary.

Instant bets
Bets are off-the-chain and are processed instantly while still being provably fair. As such, you can bet as low as 0.00001 BTC.

An easy-to-use interface is available for those who would like to use Coinroll from the command line or integrate it into their projects.

Custom games
While a few preset games are available, you can set a target number from 1 to 64000 and your win odds and multiplier will be calculated accordingly.

Here's an example of a bet. More information on provability and database dumps are available here.
Come check it out at
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / Professor James Moriarty on: November 19, 2013, 08:20:25 PM
0.3 BTC never repaid, not answering PMs, still active on forum.

9  Economy / Auctions / [AUCTION] 42 ASICMINER direct shares on: October 19, 2013, 01:05:17 PM

I am auctioning 42 ASICMINER direct shares.

Auction starts at 0 with no reserve. Minimum increment is 0.001 BTC and increments must be in multiples of 0.001 BTC to be valid.

Auction ends 48h after the last valid bid, as per forum time and timestamp of the post of last valid bid.
10  Economy / Securities / [SecondMarket] Bitcoin Investment Trust™ (Non-Official thread) on: September 28, 2013, 11:23:50 PM
Newly launched Bitcoin Investment Trust™

Now featured on homepage of SecondMarket -

A trust for accredited investor to invest in Bitcoin without any of the hassles of securing and holding bitcoins. This looks exactly like what the Winklevoss twins hoped to do. Except its done by a SecondMarket subsidiary.

There's only a few posts about it in speculation sub-forum, looks like it missed the securities forum.
11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Beware of Interac E-Transfer and Caisses Desjardins, both sucks on: September 18, 2013, 02:31:28 AM
I got one transaction which went through, released BTC. Then another for a similar amount which got refused. Then within the next hour, 1 more requests for a very close amount, one for about twice the amount, one for about half the amount. I didn't attempt to cash those in. Request got chained close together. I actually suspect stolen accounts. Basically, I lost about 6 BTC or 680 dollars to fraud.

Desjardins is incompetent however, they let me do transactions in person with ID but suspended my debit + credit cards, despite the fact there's no suspicion my cards are being misused. There's no issue with me doing transactions and no suspicion about my card. They've been blocked for a month and they won't do anything about it. I've been told for a month they'd call me back in a few days. After a month they tell me they won't remove the blocks anything before they get a confirmation from the other banks about the transactions. (The call support staff is definitely local, polite and very nice, props to that. But the security department is obviously not doing their work. One month is unacceptable delays to get an answer about a transaction.) During this time, I have to do everything through phone or the teller, racking in service fees.

I've been with them since I was a little kids. Got chequing, credit and insurance with them now. Completely unacceptable delays, I've had contracts, engagements I made and payments to make. Plus all my regular bills go through my credit card. A few days is okay, even a week might have been tolerable. Over one month (and still going) is completely unacceptable and crippling delays. No need to say I'll be changing bank after this clusterfuck, and possibly even get a second backup account too. If you are Canadian and have a bank to recommend, I'd appreciate.

P.S. Stick to face to face transactions with cash in hand. Those always go smoothly. (Public place)
12  Economy / Securities / [GUIDE] The Big Guide to Common Bitcoin Investing Faux Pas on: July 31, 2013, 03:42:55 AM
Circlejerking, or the time everyone became rich at the same time
I've made 1000% ROI in a few weeks. This proves I'm good and that this asset is a professional one. Every other investor in this asset agrees with me how smart we are.

I've seen that one far too often. Every buyer holds, because prices are rising fast, because buyer holds, because prices are rising fast, etc. etc. Everyone self-congratulates themselves on making such a nice profit and how everyone made 10x their investment and thus constantly recommends it to everyone else.

Then suddenly one person cashes out 100 BTC and everyone's investment halves in value. A bad case of 100 000 BTC common profit becomes 50 000 BTC profit after 100 BTC is cashed out.

Commonly known in the real world as: "The Financial Bubble"
Last seen: "Making multiple appearances on the USD/BTC rate and on various stocks"
Cluelessness, or the time BTC stocks were a casino

I bought X/Y for Z BTC. Was it a good purchase? What is it they do?

Random purchasing at random prices.

Commonly known in the real world as: "The Novice Penny Stock Trader"
Last seen: "Taking a stroll on IRC channels and Reddit"
Restlessness, or the time nobody had time for that

20:14:30 [BTC-FAKE] SELL 2 @ 1.50
20:14:42 [BTC-FAKE] BUY 2 @ 1.90
20:14:55 [BTC-FAKE] SELL 1 @ 1.49
20:15:25 [BTC-FAKE] BUY 5 @ 1.92
20:16:32 [BTC-FAKE] SELL 3 @ 1.51

Big prices gaps? Let's just do market order and skip the waiting time. Nevermind that I'm overpaying/underselling by 25% for not waiting a few minutes.

Commonly known in the real world as: "The Thing Stock Traders Hope Were a Real Thing"
Last seen: "Appearing 24/7 at your local BTC stock market"
Number illiteracy, or the time 1 and 0.01 were the same thing

Our fund will raise 100 BTC with 100000 shares for 0.001 BTC each.

10 seconds after IPO and following week: 0.01 BTC trading price.

A fund worth 100 BTC of various assets is worth 1000 BTC.

Commonly known in the real world as: "The Thing Option Traders Hope Were a Real Thing"
Last seen: "Moving across some desert found within"

If you have other such comical situations worth mentioning, I'll make a humoristic entry about it.

Google Spreadsheets auto-updating portfolio JSON functions
Bitcoin Price Alarm

13  Economy / Speculation / My Opposite Take on the "UP UP UP!" Mentality. on: April 20, 2013, 08:42:38 PM
Well, I see a lot of bulls showing exponential growth with everyone getting rich still. I see a dead cat bounce.


I certainly do agree with the qualities of Bitcoins. But they don't appeal that much to the mass, but to a fringe community of users. They're much harder to use than older payment methods and unless someone absolutely needs/wants anonymity, will probably not go through the trouble of getting Bitcoins.

I also think these wild rides up followed by crash reduces relegate Bitcoins to a joke, at least for now, in the eyes of most out there. Albeit we're gradually getting more exposures/interest in Bitcoins, I believe.

The wild fluctuations are a nuisance which will delay Bitcoin adoption, in my opinion. It makes it a casino. A gambling speculative toy and reduces it's efficiency as a currency.

The software is also still quite immature and the limits imposed on transactions and the size of the current blockchain are already put under strain. We need more years of development before it becomes suitable for day to day usage, if ever.

The Bubble

I currently see a bubble, fueled by hype. The current upswing being the "dead cat bounce" after the crash, albeit it's losing speed. There was more and more news along the way up. There's still a lot going out albeit less and I believe it will keep going lower and lower for that part. Now that we peaked and crashed, the topic is less sensational and I expect medias to slowly move away, for the time being. Search trends for Bitcoins has been on the decline. Will it keep going that way?

If it does, the influx of new money might be cut short. The latest uptrend might be just a dead cat bounce, latecomers going for the "cheap" Bitcoins, but if the influx isn't maintained, the buying spree might get short of breath. I see a rebound that is running out of momentum.

How I trade

So I have a completely opposite view to most out there it seems, not really being much interested in daytrading. Plotting charts might work well over the short term for a matter of hours/days, or even a few weeks. But on the long term, nothing beats the hype cycles which peak with media attention and mass enthusiasm. And those are fairly hard to predict in advance seeing one could start anytime with good news drawing more attention, more involvement and further fueling more news/enthusiasm in a self-feeding loop. Albeit once they start, the outcome is easy to guess. I started some time ago in the lows following the first Bitcoin bubble. I sold at the peak of the news, far fetched stories of various hypothetical scenarios where Bitcoins were about to go even more exponential in prices, when the amount of enthusiasm and imagined outcomes was stepping close to mass madness. Prices promptly came crashing down. Where did you sell at?

Many disruptive technologies were adopted fast, but it still took years for everyone to start using them. The telephone wasn't adopted in a few weeks. Computers were not adopted in a few weeks. The Internet was not adopted in a few weeks. Social networking sites like Facebook didn't become popular in a few weeks. It takes time for new things to mature into something that can make their way out there, if they ever do. Bitcoins might not even be the cryptocurrency to make it, if any cryptocurrency ever makes it.

My answer:
14  Economy / Securities / [Tools] MPEx Options Calculator on: March 24, 2013, 01:43:48 AM
This spreadsheet contains a lot of data about MPEx options. You can even change the expected price at execution and see which options are currently the best for your expected final price. You can also see breakeven point for each option.

If the sheet is deleted/broken, make a copy of the protected sheet. It's the original.
15  Economy / Speculation / View from a service provider on: February 14, 2013, 08:53:15 AM
Just a few things that might be interesting to notice.

If we check the average trend over a long period, Bitcoin is on an upward trend. I believe Bitcoins are worth more than the shown average trend, but the current price has very recently skyrocketed for no apparent reason. There has been very little asks depth these last few weeks.

Some have pointed out more transactions, more adoption, as a main factor:

But I'd like to point out SatoshiDice is becoming more and more popular and now represents the majority of transactions, and money is mostly moving back and forth between SD and the user, in very small amounts per transactions. Even so, the actual output transacted has declined steeply and the estimated transacted volume has been quite stable, although on the rise slightly:

Another sign that adoption is slow, albeit steadily going upward.

There seems to be an incredibly high amount of:
"Bitcoins can only go up"
"We'll all be filthy rich"
"You can always sell it for more to someone else"

The price is up quite a lot without any real massive growth for the economy/services providers backing the Bitcoin economy with useful purchase opportunities.

As far as long-term I think Bitcoins will rise in price, right now I have yet to see any good justification to the current Bitcoin price other than people witholding selling BTC because the price keeps rising and buying more BTC speculatively.

"Bitcoin can only go up, there's massive adoption!"

The only massive adoption I see is Bitcoins getting sold more and more as everyone sees the price going up. Not for services nor anything. Just to make a profit.

Bubble pretty much?

(I remain long on Bitcoins for long-term (span of a few years). Short term? Bearish. I don't that price is CURRENTLY sustainable.)
16  Economy / Speculation / [Tools] Bitcoin Price Alarm on: February 13, 2013, 09:26:41 AM

I made myself a Bitcoin price alarm in javascript, using MtGox API. Can be customized and can watch multiple currencies.

No more will you be limited to watching the price less than 24/7. No more sleepless nights to watch the market price during a crucial moment.

Will work in latest Chrome and IE9. Not Firefox. Uses HTML5 audio tags. Will attempt to reconnect when disconnected but might not work 100% of the time. Seems stable however.

Bitcoin Price Alarm

If you'd like more currencies to be added to the tracking, please request.


17  Economy / Securities / [BTC-TC] S.MPOE / S.BBET Pass-throughs on: February 05, 2013, 01:11:11 PM
You may claim your S.MPOE and S.BBET on coinbr


This shall serve as the official thread for them.

Current pass-throughs:

Currently being reviewed on

MPEx Receipt:

Fee taken is set to 5%.

18  Economy / Securities / [BTC-TC] BitVPS on: February 05, 2013, 05:43:41 AM

S.BVPS is being moved to (Delisting from MPEx on the 15th)

People can sign with their MPEx gpg key a message containing only their username and send it to me as of now. Once we get the list of keys with associated holding, we'll begin transferring.

19  Economy / Auctions / 696 ASICMINER shares for auction on: February 04, 2013, 04:45:15 AM

I would like to put up for auction my 696 ASICMINER shares.

This is 696/400 000 shares of ASICMINER or 0.174% (200 000 sold for funding, 200 000 kept by company)

Info about these shares:
- 10 to 12 TH total planned in early february to mine for shareholders
- 6x increase planned in a second batch
- Further expansion possible
- Share of profit from sale of units
- Ownership of an ASIC manufacter, long-term potential

Starting bid: 0.10 BTC (IPO price)
Minimum increments: 0.01 BTC

You may bid for a partial stack of shares, minimum 25. The higher bidder displace lower bidders until there's no shares left.

There is an undisclosed reserve price tied to this auction under which I will not sell.


We are on our revised timeline, and are about to deploy 800 hashing boards in early February. The picture down below is the QC device we are about to take to the assembling service before we pick up all the assembled boards tomorrow:



The board on the upper-left is the power supply module. The upper-right one is the back side of the hashing board with VM connectors and heatsinks attached on. The bottom-left one is the front side of the hashing board without DIP components or heatsinks. The bottom-right one is the tester for QC, and it will be replaced by the controller board in real use.

A more detailed update is given to the board. Please note that the board member list has met its first adjustment, removing shareholders who hold much less than 5,000 after the initial offering from the board.


All confirmations including GLBSE-only ones (who haven't claimed to us) have been sent. For shareholders who haven't received any, please check your spam folder, and report to us if you still couldn't find them.

Well, now that Avalon apparently shipped, would you like to give an estimate on when we start hashing and how many TH/s are we looking at?
Considering the yield rate (including chips themselves, assembling, and other uncertainties) and the overclocking opportunity we are looking at over 10TH/s and under 12TH/s for the whole first batch and sixfold for the second.

See the full thread:
20  Economy / Securities / ASICMINER shares for sale on: February 02, 2013, 11:09:15 AM


I have 696 ASICMINER, wondering who would be interested in buying them and for how much. Feel free to bid away/PM me.


Edit: Dividends would be forwarded and then shares forwarded once ASICMINER release their private trading platform for ASICMINER shares.
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