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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN][NO-ICO][AIRDROP] PAYTHER - Decentralized Fund Management and Payment-Tool on: June 13, 2018, 06:49:30 PM


a Decentralized fund management and payment tool with innovative
transaction facilitations based on the Ethereum Blockchain.


PAYTHER is going to be a web and app-based, Decentralized smart wallet,
with a simple concept of enhancing digital payments over the ethereum blockchain.

PAYTHER, a portmanteau of the word Payment + Ethereum aims to solve the most complicated
issue with ethereum when it comes to making borderless and ultra low-cost transactions,
in exchange for not only goods, but also tasks, and reciprocal services, using a fully peer-to-peer system.

The project is solely based on aiding peer-to-peer payments by providing useful functionalities
such as escrowed transactions, batch payments, transaction scheduling, PAYTHER User Name Domain
and a few others, which traditional ethereum wallets don't provide to their users.


As a wallet PAYTHER will provide a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between
the Ethereum blockchain and its users.

PAYTHER has a lot of uses which an average ethereum or in a nutshell, a cryptocurrency user will
find very handy and useful, applicable to their day-to-day online transactions.
(Payther aims to be the PayPal of cryptocurrency, but smarter and more secure.)
Here are all of the amazing and handy features the PAYTHER project is aiming to develop
in the coming months:

Decentralized p2p Escrow:

A well-secured smart contract powered escrow between users within
the ecosystem, to safely exchange any supported erc-20 token with one another.

Anyone can directly exchange tokens by sending a transaction notification to the
second party email- After it is accepted, the initiator will be alerted and funds
of the intended amount will be locked until the final transaction has taken place.

This will only involve the sender, the smart contract, and the end recipient.
A clear, brief explanation of how this works can be found in the White Paper or Medium article.

Multiple payments:

It is not a common trait and feature of most traditional ethereum wallets to
facilitate a multi transaction feature.
Payther will be the first among numerous platforms to offer a simple and convenient way
for users to mark several payments to numerous recipients.

Up to 10 000 payments at the same time, at no additional cost, while still maintaining the ERC-20 standard
and decentralized nature of the ethereum network.

We believe this should provide ease to users who are planning a large payment
disbursement or running an airdrop of their custom ERC-20 token.

Payment scheduling:

One of the most prioritized goals of this project is creating a really smart and
stress-free payment ecosystem for all ethereum users.

With this feature, one can appoint his funds to be sent to a specific user at a specific
time and date, either one-time or recurring.

This process is handled by an underlying smart contract and a web3 API which connects to an ethereum node,
ensuring all interactions are between the end user and the ethereum network. A real use case for this feature
is when a user needs to participate in an auction, ICO or an event where it is strictly based on entry time
where the user may not be fully able to participate manually.

Task-payment exchange:

PAYTHER will not only provide a way for making decentralized payments across the
ethereum blockchain but will also provide an innovative facility where anyone can exchange tasks and
payments mutually.

This feature aims at eradicating trust issues between task conductors and participants using an
inbuilt proof-of-task algorithm to ensure tasks are performed by participants before a payment can
be released to participating parties.

A clear, brief explanation of how this works can be found in the White Paper or Medium article.

Payther user name domain:

One of the innovative aims of PAYTHER is the development of a simulated
Ethereum Name Service (SENS), which works almost similarly as ENS, but without going through the tedious
process of obtaining one and only working within the PAYTHER ecosystem.

The PAYTHER SENS domain name allows anyone turning their 0xUSERADDRESS address into something easy to
remember such as through domain-to-address mapping and further makes it possible
to conduct a donation event, where a unique interface will be displayed to recipients to donate to or contribute
in any digital currency (ETH & PTY for now) as set by the sender/owner, where all the funds received
through this SENS address will be automatically forwarded to the sender’s underlying
ethereum (mapped) address in real-time.

Off-chain payment gateway & on-chain
payment settlement for merchant:

Payther will also provide a facility to enable ecommerce, online stores and
businesses, to easily accept and track ethereum/payther payments using our
simple integrated API.


To ensue long term stability and optimal performance of the platform,
we created a token which will serve as the fuel that powers the usability of the ecosystem.

The Payther Token (PYT) is the necessary currency to exploit the PAYTHER services,
most especially the decentralized task-payment exchange feature which basicly works with Payther tokens only.

Without the Payther token it won’t be possible to exchange cryptocurrencies using the escrow service or be able to
mark several payments in a single go to the apps platform, since the commissions will be paid solely with the
Payther token.

The Payther token utilized in the services will be used to fund the operational cost of the project
and as incentive to developers contributing the the growth of Payther.

The total amount of PAYTHER tokens that will ever exist is capped at 1 billion, no more, no less.


-  Name: PAYTHER
-  Symbols: PTY
-  Contract: 0x14deddd988191f844adac214884c24448a67ffe7
-  Decimals: 18
-  Max Supply: PTY


-  Airdrop: 300.000.000 (30%)
-  Fundraising: 100.000.000 (10%)
-  Founders: 50.000.000 (5%)
-  Team & Advisors: 60.000.000 (6%)
-  Partners: 50.000.000 (5%)
-  Reserve for future management, community incentives,
platform maintainance, offices and structural developments:
430.000.000 (43%)
-  Awareness creation & Technical bounty: 10.000.000 (1%)


PAYTHER is an open source and non-profit oriented project meant to provide value
added features that enhance how funds are managed and how payments are being
made using the ethereum network.

The PYT token is a utility token meant to be used for obtaining features of the PAYTHER ecosystem.

Therefore, we are not organizing any public crowdsale or initial Coin offering. The PYT tokens will be
distributed through a series of airdrops and community bounties. Details regarding this will be available on the
website, and an official announcement will be made on all of our official pages.


To build a potential userbase and to introduce our Payther token we will launch one of the
biggest airdrops ever by distributing 300 million tokens to 300,000 lucky registrants.

That will primarily mean every participant will be entitled to 1000 PYT Tokens.
To pull this off we will need the help of all our supporters!

Limit of Participants/Tokens

This event will be strictly supervised by the PAYTHER foundation team in a fair and legal manner.
The limit of participants is capped at 300,000 users, which deliberately makes it obvious that each participant
will be liable to receive 1,000 PYT tokens.

Airdrop Duration

The airdrop starts from the date of this post till July 30th [Approximately 3 months] or when the airdrop
has reach its maximum cap of 300,000 participants.
If the maximum cap of 300,000 participants can not be reached til July 30th, the amount each
participant will receive gets new calculated.

The reason for this scope of a wider duration airdrop is to recruit as many members to the
community & distribute the tokens as fairly as possible to the public.

Why Airdrop?

We believe that only 1% of ICOs nowadays are worth participating. And its worthy to note that,
the key to success of a project lies with its supporters and community.

They are the best thing we can get, and as often stated in our publications,
PAYTHER is a nonprofit and open source project which will be developed
by the community for the community.

The love we have for Ethereum as a whole decentralized blockchain for apps and smart contracts
prompted this movement of creating a useful tool which will aid how payments are being made on the
ethereum network.

Even though we have seen some projects in a similar attempt,
we still believe PAYTHER will be a breakthrough within its norm for decades.

Airdrop Distribution

Every participant in this airdrop will receive 1,000 PYT tokens each.

These tokens will be distributed in Q4 2018. This is to ensure we have gathered as many users as possible to
create a wider and more even distribution.

All participants will be notified through newsletter and an Announcement will be made on all our
official channels and media regarding the exact date the distribution will commence.

In cases where not all the allocated airdrop tokens were claimed during the airdrop period,
we will add the remains to the PAYTHER POC (Proof-Of-Contribution) Funds. These funds will be
used to fund community contribution in promoting and developing the PAYTHER’s ecosystem.

Detailed information about how the remaining tokens will be allocated can be found here:

Airdrop Bounties

To increase the amount of Tokens you will receive from the airdrop, a small bounty program will be available.

Follow the instructions on our website to see how you can help the project development:


We are looking for active people to help us spread the word about Payther across the web,
share the project with friends and relatives and earn rewards for doing so.

We want to get as many people to join our community and help us build the strong payment network we hoped for.
Anyone can participate in our bounty program and earn some tokens for themselves.

Social media bounty

   •   Follow our medium page and clap our first three posts = 400 PYT
   •   Follow our official LinkedIn profile = 100 PYT
   •   Construct quality comments, ask questions and enquiries on our bitcointalk forum = 100 PYT

All bounty details should be sent to
For bounty submission format, please visit


Share the good news and spread words about our project to people around you and get rewarded for doing so.
For every unique signups that mention your twitter username or telegram username or blog site as the referrer,
you will earn additional 200 PYTs.

All entries will be put into account and checked accordingly.

Tell your friends, colleagues and relatives to signup and use your twitter/telegram username or website
as the referrer to increase your total tokens during TDE.

Note: This event shouldn’t be abused. Spamming the referral event may result in permanent ban and rewards forfeiture.

YouTube Bounty

Create a video review about the project with the following conditions:
   •   Video length must be more than 1 minute
   •   Must include links to the official website, twitter, telegram and LinkedIn in the video description
   •   Video title must pertain to the review
   •   Channel must have above 100 subscribers
   •   Video can be made in any language, and show reviewers face.
   •   The reward for this bounty varies as per the quality if the video and its engagements. [1000 PYT – 10,000 PYT]

Only one video per person/applicant is allowed
Video links should be sent to

Article writing/Blog reviews

We need web bloggers, content writers to help spread words about the project by creating and publishing news and  in-depth reviews about payther.
   •   The article must be neutral, and contain links to all our official pages
   •   Must clearly emphasize on the project aims, features and uses.
   •   Must be unique and based on participants individual work
   •   Can be made in any language, but more preferable, in English language
   •   The reward for article bounty varies, based on the quality of the whole writeup,
                the article engagement and exposure from blog site. [2000 PYT – 25,000 PYT]

Send a mail containing links to the article/blog/website and your ETH to
All bounty rewards will be distributed to participants during TDE.


As there have been more and more offers to translate our project to other languages,
we are glad to announce that applications for community translations are now open.

We are looking forward to everybody who wants to translate our project to his or her native language,
please send a request to:


This airdrop is one of the many airdrops the payther team will be conducting.

The foundation will still introduce some other community incentives in form of holders airdrops & bounties.

More information about these events shall be made known to the community in the near future.


Crowds and community are the backbones and pillar of a successful project. We aim to receive
full backing and support from the public as we embark on this journey to a better payment resolve on the internet.

We are therefore trying to seek a stronghold of the project from the public by requesting several volunteers to
join the foundation and assist with any of their talents in any way such as
management, web developing, bug assessments e.t.c. that will benefit everybody at the end of the day.

Our telegram community is gradually growing, and we truly appreciate everyone that has been there from the very beginning.





2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Masternode - rent VPS or Raspberry pi on: August 17, 2017, 08:34:03 AM
Hi guys,

I just bought some DAS and ARC coins to set up a masternode. Now my question, is there any difference between, running the MN on a VPS that i rent on a platform or creating my own VPS using a raspberry? Despite security, as far as I noticed, one disadvantage would be, to be more vulnerable to hacking attacks, if you run you own vps.

Any other disadvantages/advantages between those to options? are there any other options to run a MN?

Hope someone can help me through with that Smiley

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