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News: BIP91 seems stable: there's probably only slightly increased risk of confirmations disappearing. You should still prepare for Aug 1.
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1  Economy / Services / Lower rank sig codes needed from existing hero design - 0.01 bounty on: June 26, 2017, 03:05:12 PM
Looking for someone to modify this hero design into something that can be used by jr members, members and snr members

[table][tr][td][url=][size=29pt][glow=#000,1,300][font=Arial][b][color=transparent]-[color=white]BET[color=#EE1B22]KING[size=29pt][color=transparent]--[color=white]ICO [color=white]CROWDSALE [size=14pt]Join the [color=#EE1B22]ICO [color=white]of the casino that profited [color=#EE1B22]7400 Bitcoin![color=transparent]-[/td][/tr][/table]

pm me with link to profile you have it set on so I can test.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][ICO][BKB] BetKing Bankroll Token - 465 BTC raised in pre-sale! on: June 19, 2017, 09:30:55 PM
Other languages - Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Filipino, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, German

BetKing Relaunch

BetKing is back on September 4th with highly anticipated new and improved software.

About BetKing

BetKing opened in April 2013 and by the end of 2014 quickly became the most popular crowdfunded Bitcoin casino.

From 2015 BetKing had the most wagered volume of all crowdfunded gambling sites, 400,000 Bitcoin, almost more than all competitors combined!

With a 6000 Bitcoin crowdfunded bankroll BetKing was the most trusted dice site with the highest betting limits. All 6000 Bitcoin were returned to investors when we closed in December 2016.

What's new?

The new platform will offer new updated provably fair casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette as well as all your favorites.

We will support multiple cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Litecoin betting.

We will also allow casino websites and app owners to integrate with our platform. We'll take care of user accounts and betting and let casinos develop their own unique games and promos while not having to worry about bankroll funds or security issues.

Soon after launch we will add sports betting, more casino games, poker games and tournaments and native mobile apps.

We also have some unique new games and social features that will be announced next month that players will be able to try on the beta site.

Why join the ICO?

BetKing made a profit of almost 7400 Bitcoin in a little over two years!

This was with one simple game and minimal marketing.

We will be launching and marketing brand new exciting games and services.

We have a list of 3rd party partners already interested in integrating with our new platform.

BetKing Bankroll Token Crowdsale


100,000,000 BetKing Bankroll Tokens will be created as Ethereum ERC23 tokens and issued after the crowdsale ends.

70 million will be available for sale to crowdsale participants.

30 million will be retained by BetKing for ICO bounties, testing bounties, advisors, hiring, future marketing and development.

BetKing Bankroll Tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.All funds will be held in cold storage.

Use of funds raised

After the crowdsale at least 50% of the funds raised will be used for the house bankroll that players bet against and winnings are paid from.The remaining funds will be used for marketing, promos, seo, design, development, server costs and legal.

Profit Distribution

A percentage of the profit made from bankrolled games will be used to buy back BetKing Bankroll tokens from holders.All profit made on bankrolled games will be audited and made available to token holders as was done in the past with the crowdfunded bankroll profits.

Bankrolled games are games where a player plays against the house such as dice, blackjack and other casino games as well as 3rd party partner casino games.Player vs. player games such as poker are not.

Early Discounts
  • 1st week 15%
  • 2nd week 10%
  • 3rd week 5%
  • 4th week no discount
An extra 5% discount will be available for previous BetKing bankroll providers regardless of what week they buy.


You can purchase tokens with a 25% discount in our pre-sale up until the 17th of July 12am UTC.

The pre-sale has a cap of 1000 Bitcoin. Email if you would like to participate.

Pre-sale participants are not eligible for the 5% extra discount for being a previous BetKing bankroll provider.

Token Price

The total funds raised will determine the price per BetKing Bankroll token.We will take the total value of all funds at the current exchange rate at the end of the crowdsale to determine the total raised funds.E.g. If we raised $1,000,000 then the price per token would be $0.014 (1,000,000 / 70,000,000).

The buy back price offered by BetKing will be based on the current total bankroll profit.So for example if the price of the token at the end of the crowdsale was $0.014 and the bankroll profit was $1,000,000 then the buy back price would be $0.024 (1,000,000/100,000,000 + 0.014).

Every quarter BetKing will offer to buy back up to 10% of a holders tokens at the current buy back price.

Token holders may choose to sell offsite to 3rd parties or on any exchanges that may list BetKing Bankroll Tokens if they require more liquidity.


The crowdsale will start on the 7th of August (00:00 UTC) and end on the 4th of September (00:00 UTC).

There is no cap on the total funds that can be raised.

There is no minimum amount needed to be raised for the crowdsale to be successful.

BetKing Bankroll Tokens are intended to be used to invest in the bankroll on BetKing only.

BetKing Bankroll Tokens are not a share in a company and have no voting rights.

Bounty program

Join our bounty campaign and help us spread word about the BetKing ICO. You will be rewarded in BetKing Bankroll Tokens.

We will reward 1,000,000 (1%) of the total BetKing Bankroll Tokens to bounty participants.

To earn BKB tokens you first need to sign up to our bounty program at with your email address. Your tokens will be credited to that account when the ICO ends.

After signing up start spreading BetKing ICO information via one of the methods below.

Each task will earn you bounty stakes. Once the ICO has ended the 1,000,000 BetKing Bankroll Tokens will be distributed proportionally to stakes in each of the following categories.

  • Bitcointalk Signature Campaign (35%)
  • Twitter reposts (20%)
  • Bitcointalk translation threads (15%)
  • Bug Bounties (15%)
  • Blog articles (15%)

Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

To join the signature campaign you must rank Jr. Member or higher. Signup to and enter your Bitcointalk username and Account Id. Set your signature and avatar (optional) to the one shown on that page.

  • You must write at least 15 constructive posts per week.
  • You must post at least 1 time in the ANN thread each week.
  • You cannot change your signature during the campaign. Doing so will see you disqualified.
  • You need to complete at least 3 full weeks before the ICO ends to earn tokens.
  • If you do not post the minimum of 15 posts per week two weeks in a row you will be disqualified.
  • If your rank increases during a week we will count the rank at the start of the week.
  • Spammers and multi accounters will be banned from the campaign.
  • You won't earn tokens with just an avatar, it's a bonus on top of signature.
  • You cannot participate if you have negative trust. If you receive negative trust during the campaign you will be disqualified and receive no tokens.
  • BetKing has the right to disqualify any participant if we feel your posts are mostly spam or non constructive.
  • Posts in the following forums do not count: Games and Rounds, Off-Topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Politics, Beginners Help, Investor based games, Press or any tipster based threads.
  • Week starts at 12am UTC and ends Sunday 23:59 UTC
  • The latest you can join a week is Friday 23:59 UTC. Any posts you do if you join after that will not be counted until Monday
  • Stakes are earned weekly

  • Legendary/Hero - 20 Stakes
  • Sr./Full - 15 Stakes
  • Member - 10 Stakes
  • Jr. Member - 5 Stakes
  • Avatar - +5 Stakes

Twitter Reposts

Signup to and connect your Twitter account.

You must retweet our official @BetKingIO account tweets marked with the hashtag #ICOBetKing within 5 days of the original tweet date. Retweets must not be deleted before the ICO end on 4th September. Each retweet will earn you stakes based on your follower count. Your account must be at least 4 months old and have at least 10 followers. Only retweets of our official account marked with #ICOBetKing will count. Your follower count is fixed at signup time.

  • 29 followers and less - 1 Stake
  • From 30 to 99 followers - 10 Stakes
  • From 100 to 249 followers - 25 Stakes
  • From 250 to 999 followers - 60 Stakes
  • From 1000 to 9999 followers - 120 Stakes
  • 10000 followers and more - 250 Stakes

Bitcointalk Translation Threads

To apply for translation bounties post in the ANN thread the language you wish to translate to and include a link to previous ICO's that you have translated. BetKing will pm you on BitcoinTalk to confirm if you will be picked for translation.

Each translated ANN thread will receive 60 stakes and 5 stakes per page in the thread.

Google translate will not count. Posting "reserved" does not guarantee you a translation bounty. If it is discovered that your translation has errors you will receive nothing. You must moderate the translated threads by answering posters questions.

Bug Bounties

If you report a bug on the test website you can earn tokens.
Depending on the severity of the bug reported we will rank your report to determine your stakes. You can report via email (, github  ( or post on the main thread (

  • Small UI or non security related bugs - 10 Stakes
  • Major bugs in major features - 35 Stakes
  • Security critical bugs (the type where you can access accounts or steal funds) - 100 Stakes

Note that your bug report may not be awarded stakes if it has already been reported or it is very low quality to make any difference to player experience.

Blog Articles

If you have a personal website, social page or blog you can earn tokens by writing articles about the BetKing ICO You can post in any language. Article must be at least 1000 words and contain two links to

Depending on the website, content and audience reached we will rank your post to determine you stakes. Send a link of the article to

  • Standard - 10 Stakes
  • Good - 25 Stakes
  • Excellent - 90 Stakes

Bounty Payment

At the end of the ICO you will see your final stakes and tokens on your account on where you can then withdraw to an Ethereum address. We will update your account page often to show your current stakes earned.


3  Economy / Services / Nodejs developers wanted to work on gambling site (BetKing) on: April 30, 2017, 02:45:52 PM
Looking for Nodejs developers to start immediately on gambling website.

Must have experience with event sourcing and CQRS, Microservices and TDD.
Will also be using, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ and Express.

If interested send a pm with a link to GitHub profile and portfolio with relevant experience detailed.

Even better if you have worked on an existing Bitcoin gambling site.



4  Economy / Gambling / Relaunch - ICO - Earn BKB for bug reports on: March 26, 2017, 01:06:05 AM

I've just uploaded the public preview of the new site to a test environment where you can try it.

Stay up to speed:

This version is an initial "preview" of the dice game with multi-currency and "apps" support.
It's the same as the first preview except the code has been rewritten from ASP.NET/C# to NodeJS and now runs on Linux instead of Windows.

There are some features missing that you would expect like bot etc
These will be added asap as part of the "RC1" release.

Sample app and app management still to be ported to the Node version.

Since this is just a test version there is no actual deposit or withdrawals.
You can fake a deposit by selecting your currency in the drop down of the main site and then clicking the red deposit button.

Bug report/ feature requests:
If you find any bugs on the main site and have a GitHub account you can log
a bug here
That's where you will see current issues and planned features for the main site.
Please search the current issues to see if your bug has been reported already before submitting.

If you don't have a GitHub account just pm me on btctalk and I'll log it.

Be great to hear your feedback.

Anyone who tests will be rewarded on the new site when it is live with bug reporters getting a larger reward, especially for security issues.

Reward system is yet to be decided but the rewards will be awarded in BetKing Bankroll Tokens

About the [ICO]:
The relaunch of BetKing will be kicked off with an ICO. The ICO funds will be used for A) The site bankroll and B) marketing, promos, SEO, design, etc.

BetKing made a profit of nearly 7400 BTC with just one simple game and minimal marketing and thus the ICO will give BetKing the potential to be one (if not the) best gambling sites around.

ICO links: English, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Filipino, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, French, Japanese


5  Economy / Gambling / What promos do you want to see on gambing site? on: December 04, 2016, 06:27:37 PM
We,, are going to launch a bunch of new promos or bring back old ones we have done in the past.

Looking for the most popular vote to see what ones to launch first.

You can vote on 3 options.

If you have a different idea you can leave it here as a comment.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] ICO - Bitcoin Gambling website - 581.4 BTC raised so far on: November 29, 2016, 07:47:54 AM ICO Crowdsale

STARTS: December 1st 2016 at 0:00 UTC
ENDS: January 1st 2017 at 0:00 UTC

Funds raised so far: 581.4 Bitcoin

About BetKing: is one of the oldest Bitcoin gambling sites, launched in April 2013, and has since grown to become the most trusted and one of the most popular Bitcoin gambling sites with over 397,000 Bitcoin wagered and earned over 7200 Bitcoin profit.

I am looking to make BetKing and Bitcoin gambling grow even bigger and inviting you to be part of it and share the success.

  • Launched April 2013
  • 397,500 Bitcoin wagered
  • 7258 Bitcoin profit
  • 353,000,000 bets
  • 8500 accounts

Why should I invest?
BetKing is one of the most well known Bitcoin gambling sites and has been the most profitable crowdfunded site with over 7200 Bitcoin profit in the past 2 years alone.

It has seen the most wagered volume of all other crowdfunded gambling sites, more than almost all others combined.

This popularity and profit has been from one game and very little marketing.
Our simple to play provably fair dice game.

We are looking to raise investment so we can develop more products including our own provably fair casino games such as blackjack, slots and roulette.
Funds will also go towards developing a sports betting platform, poker software as well as a host of other gambling related products and services.

Due to the success of BetKing and the previous crowdfunded platform I now have many contacts in the industry who are experts in each of these domains who we would work with to build the best products possible.
With your help we can market each of these products to grow BetKing into the leading Bitcoin gambling destination.

Note: BetKings bankroll was previously funded by crowdfunded investment which totalled 6000 Bitcoin. From the 1st of December BetKing will be privately funded and all current investors divested.

BetKing will create 100,000,000 tokens (100 million) to to represent 100% shares of BetKing, currently owned fully by me.
No new tokens will be created.

30,000,000 (30%) of these tokens will be be sold to investors during the ICO period and distributed at the end of the fund raising period.

The remaining 70,000,000 (70%) will remain in the ownership of me as my 70% equity in BetKing.

The funds raised by selling these shares will be loaned by me interest free back to the company to use for expenses and bankroll.

Threshold: 2000 Bitcoin
If the crowdfunding campaign fails to reach the goal of 2000 Bitcoin invested all funds will be returned.

Early investor bonus:
Early investors will get a larger percentage of the shares from the crowdsale meaning their coins will have more weight or purchasing power towards the percentage of shares you receive.

Week 1 = 10% bonus - December 1st 2016 at 0:00 UTC to December 7th 2016 at 23:59:59 UTC.
Week 2 = 5% bonus - December 8th 2016 at 0:00 UTC to December 14th 2016 at 23:59:59 UTC.

ICO starts at December 1st 2016 at 0:00 UTC and ends at January 1st 2017 at 0:00 UTC.
After the ICO has ended, 30,000,000 shares will be distributed proportionately if the target of 2000 Bitcoin or more is raised.
E.g. if we collect 2000 BTC and your investment is 200 BTC, you'll receive 3,000,000 shares.

These shares will be added to your BetKing account where you will be able to trade with other members on the BetKing website.

We will pay dividends as a share of the total profit (revenue-expenses) generated by BetKing in Bitcoin directly to your BetKing account every 3 months if the total capital is greater than the 2000 Bitcoin loan.
You can withdraw your Bitcoin dividend payment instantly to your own wallet.
This may change to be more frequent, e.g. a month, after the first dividend payment.

For example:
Assume revenue from players losses were 300 Bitcoin in the first three months.
Imagine we paid 5 Bitcoin for fixed cost expenses, 10 Bitcoin on banner ads and 10 Bitcoin on developer contract.
After the 3 months we have 2000 (the initial loan) +300-5-10-10=2275.
275 profit.

So the investors from the ICO would get a dividend share of 82.5 (30% of 275) paid into their BetKing account.
I would be paid 192.5 (70%)

The business would have 2000 Bitcoin left in it from the intial loan.

Another example:
In 3 months players win 100 Bitcoin playing dice.
We paid 5 Bitcoin as fixed expenses (server, cloudflare etc).
We spent 10 Bitcoin on some banner ads.
We spent 10 Bitcoin on a contract developer.

After the 3 months we have 2000-100-5-10-10=1875.
-125 profit.

So there are no dividends to be paid as there was no profit in this time.

The business would have 1875 Bitcoin left in it and no dividends would be paid until this amount was over 2000 again.

What the funds be used for:
Most of the funds will be used for but are not exclusive to:
  • Bankroll for players to bet against.
  • Development of new products.
  • Marketing

Exit Strategy:
If BetKing were to be closed for any reason or lost market share to where it stopped generating profit then the initial loan would be paid back to me and then any extra funds left in the business not paid out as dividends yet would be split 30% to investors and 70% to me.
Any assets including the software could be sold and 30% of the sale price distributed to investors.

HOWEVER if BetKing was forced to close suddenly within 3 months of the ICO then all existing funds in the business at that point would be used to pay investors back as close to their full initial investment as possible before I took any share.

There’s also the possibility in future for BetKing to be acquired by a bigger company in which investors will share 30% of the total sale price after the initial loan is paid back to me.

Proof of funds address:

How to buy shares:
To buy shares during the crowdsale period you need to sign up or login to and deposit the Bitcoin you wish to invest, or use the existing balance you have.
You should then visit the invest page which will be live on at the start date of the ICO and enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to invest then click invest.

If you have any questions feel free to ask by posting here, private messaging or emailing



7  Economy / Games and rounds / 1mB FREE BetKing Faucet thread on: November 26, 2016, 02:49:51 PM is starting a new Bitcointalk faucet where you can claim 1mBTC free every 24 hours.

To claim just post a reply in this thread with your username and user Id in this format: username/id

E.g. dean/1

Posts must not have any quoted posts in them. You will miss being credited if so so start a new post for the claim.

I'll be automating this asap so that you don't have to wait on me crediting so you have to put the name and id in the format above.
Until then allow up to 24 hours to be credited.

Once you have received your faucet tip fee free to leave a review in the main thread especially if you spun up some profit Smiley
Also reply here to confirm you received.


ONLY ONE CLAIM PER PERSON - Multi accounters will be banned.
No newbie or member Bitcointalk accounts, must be full member or above
No more than one claim in 24 hours
Your BetKing account can only be linked to one Bitcointalk account
No negative trust accounts
If you are chat banned or have previously been banned from a BetKing promo you will be excluded from this and all future promos

Other rules may be added in future.

Good luck

Banned members:
jhon conor
basket ball
close up
8  Economy / Services / Hiring ReactJS developer for gambling site front end on: November 24, 2016, 04:17:48 PM
Must have experience with ReactJS, Redux, Mocha or Jasmine and webpack.

Must practice TDD/DDD.

Looking to redo the front end of with ReactJS.

Developers must show sites they have worked on and preferably their git profile.
You will be asked to provide proof so don't just post someone else's work.
I'm not interested in seeing any rentacoder,, peopleperhour or upwork profiles.

9  Economy / Securities / - FOR SALE - 7100 BTC PROFIT - Bitcoin gambling site on: November 10, 2016, 10:05:14 AM
Announcing is for sale.

About BetKing:
BetKing is one of the oldest Bitcoin gambling sites, launched in April 2013, and has since grown to become the most
trusted and one of the most popular Bitcoin gambling sites.

BetKing offers the best provably fair Bitcoin dice (Hi-Lo) game.
Fast and easy to use with the largest max payout of any other Bitcoin dice site, 185 Bitcoin.

Here is the main Bitcoin Talk thread:

Over the two years BetKing has become the most trusted gambling Bitcoin site with a crowdfunded bankroll of 6200 Bitcoin.
Profit is over 7100 Bitcoin in past two years, most of which is this year.

Why Sell?
I have worked full time on BK for 3.5 years and I have some other projects I would like to pursue.
The right buyer would be able to improve BetKing for existing users and grow much larger than I can do alone.

What you get
The buyer will get full source code to the website, all domains related to BetKing and all social media accounts.
You will also get training and tutorials for running the day to day operations.
I will help you deploy the code to a new server.
I will also offer 2 months free support if you need it. This does not include adding new games/features.

What you don't get
Although currently BetKing has a crowdfunded bankroll a sale would only be made to someone who can provide their own bankroll.
You would want at least 800-1000 Bitcoin to keep BetKing having one of the highest max payouts but it could be less.
Any current investors would be cashed out before transfer of assets.
Any potential personal details of user accounts will be removed.
Gambling License. You will need to check the laws of operating a Bitcoin gambling site in your country.

Serious offers
Only serious offers should be made from buyers who can provide their own bankroll.
Offers should take into account the past profit of 7100 Bitcoin.
You can email or pm on here. I can provide a pgp key if needed.
Profit/wagered stats for all games will be provided in a detailed report for serious buyers.

If no sale what happens to BetKing?
If there are no serious offers or I feel that the buyer is not going to run BetKing legit or to the standard that players expect then I will not sell and continue to work on improving and running BetKing as normal.
I am not looking for a rushed sale.

Feel free to ask any questions here or on email/site chat etc.

10  Economy / Services / Looking for a signature campaign manager on: November 03, 2016, 04:37:20 PM
As the title.

Here was the last one we run
I believe Yahoo is running a different sig now or has an app.

Going to try this for longer this time with a bigger budget too, maybe until the end of the year if it's going good.

The manager must take care of every aspect of the campaign including:
registering users
checking for multi accounts
making sure no one is switching their signature at any time during the campaign (best to show me a script you use)
payment to users at the end of each week (I will obviously supply the funds)
define rules
deal with any queries or complaints from participants
manage and update a public spreadsheet showing users/payments/post counts etc (prefer if this was automated too)

I think ndnh has run campaigns where everything was automated so check out his previous campaigns and spreadsheets.

You must have run a large campaign before, post links.


11  Economy / Games and rounds / - delete on: November 01, 2016, 08:37:51 PM
no interest in promo so stopped before it started.
12  Economy / Games and rounds / free bitcoin daily giveaway - 10 winners picked per day! on: September 22, 2016, 11:09:33 PM
New promo from and your chance to get some free Bitcoin.

All you have to do is post a screenshot of the bet details dialog of a bet you have made on BetKing.

Each day we will take all bets posted for the day and pick 10 random winners.
Each winner will have their winnings doubled!

- Rules may change so check often
- You can post more than one bet per day but you can only win once per day
- Only winning bets will be eligible
- The bet must be made on the day of draw to be eligible. No past bets or reposts.
- You can post any win amount but the max win amount added to your account will be 0.001 Bitcoin
- You must post a screenshot of your bet details. Click bet id in your my bets list to get the bet. This shows bet id, amount, profit and username.
- Your winnings will be paid on BetKing to the account that made the bet.
- 10 accounts will be picked each day.
- Allow up to 48 hours for winners to be picked and paid after day ends. Though this will be much faster usually.

If you have BetKing avatar or signature on your profile when it comes time to make payment each day then you will receive the bonus twice!



Good luck
13  Economy / Services / Boost my page rank - 5 BTC reward! on: September 22, 2016, 05:26:52 PM
Hi guys.

Quick intro if you don't know

BetKing is the most popular crowdfunded bitcoin dice site. We have more wagered than all other sites (more than most of the biggest combined).
We are the most trusted crowdfunded dice site. We have a bigger bankroll than all other sites, 5k btc, more than some of the other biggest combined.
You can view proof of this on

Yet we are listed on page 4 of Google for the term "Bitcoin Dice" even though there is only one site more popular, Primedice.
I think Google has given us a penalty or something but don't know why or how to check.

The goal here is to find someone who can boost our page rank, not using blackhat techniques, so that we are on page 1.

The person would submit a plan of action on how they will accomplish this (via pm).
They would manage all tasks, say for example creating blog content.
Payment would be done in two installments. Once we get to page 2 they would receive 2 Bitcoin and once on page one they would receive the remaining 3.

We have a new light themed homepage, blog and dice game page designed and it should be live within the next week so that should help.

Almost all competitors have little or no social media activity.

Almost all have little actual wagered and are either free faucet players or bots so not much real traffic.

Feel free to ask any questions that may help.

14  Economy / Games and rounds / Twitter daily giveaway @BetKingIO on: September 17, 2016, 01:47:44 PM
Doing a daily giveaway on Twitter at

All you have to do is follow us on Twitter and Retweet the contest post to be in with a chance of winning.

At end of day I'll use Tweet Draw to pick a random retweeter and they will win the 0.02 Bitcoin prize.

Good luck

Rules (may change daily):
- Prize will be paid to your account. If you don't have one you can easily create one by visiting the site.
- Twitter account must:
- Be over 6 months old
- Have a profile picture
- Not use stock image or profile image used by other Twitter accounts
- Have a Bio
- Not have mostly gambling contest related tweets
- Not have mostly retweets on their feed
- Not have mismatching profile name and urls
- Be an active Twitter account and show interaction with others
- Have at least 1000 followers
15  Economy / Securities / Investor thread - 7079 Bitcoin profit, 6260 Bitcoin invested on: July 31, 2016, 06:06:33 PM
I decided to make an official thread for investors of here where I'll do a weekly list of investments with total invested.

Feel free to ask any questions, I may have forgotten something in this first post.

For daily and total wagered, profit, bets, invested stats visit to get data going back to November 2014.

To anyone new: has been open for over 3 years now and has become the most trusted and popular crowdfunded dice/casino site.
We have the most invested, the most wagered and the most profit of all crowdfunded sites.

At this time there's 7079 invested with 393,319 wagered and 6260 profit. charges commission by taking 25% of the weekly profit (made from player losses) and 25% of the edge on wagered amounts at the time of bet whether the player wins or loses. The weekly profit commission is only charged on new profit.

The crowdfunded bankroll is used on the dice and social dice games. Everything else is funded by

To invest click on the site bankroll link on the left menu of the site or go here

Proof of funds:
We used to keep all investor funds in one cold storage address so that investors could make sure their funds were still safe.
I decided to change to the method of keeping the cold storage addresses private as players were reporting that exchange sites like Coinbase were closing peoples accounts.

I know this is a massive red flag for potential new investors.

I have run the site for a long time though and built up a lot of trust and I am open to the idea of having a trusted member do an audit to prove I still have the funds every few months.

This was last done by dooglus on 7th July 2016
I sent dooglus a signed message from Betking cold storage addresses that he can verify and prove solvency.

I received a signature for a message that said:
  'this is a betking cold storage address'

The address which was used to create the signature contains a little over 4500 BTC.

Dean tells me there's ~100 BTC in the hot wallet too.

So that's a proof of assets. For real proof of solvency we would also need to see a proof of liabilities (ie. investment amounts) to make sure that liabilities don't exceed assets. The danger is that there are 10 investors each having invested around 1000 BTC, so the total liabilities are over 10k. I'm not suggesting that this is the case, merely that it is possible if each investor doesn't have a way of making sure his coins are counted in the claimed total.

Proof of solvency:
As dooglus pointed out above just because I show I own a certain amount of funds doesn't prove solvency.
So here is a list of all invested amounts over 0.01 (user id's removed).

Last updated 19/10/2016

16  Economy / Gambling / Social Dice Provably Fair seeding event - on: July 14, 2016, 08:06:37 AM

We launched a new community dice game, Social Dice, at a couple weeks ago and it was pointed out by RHarver that it wasn't actually provably fair.

He kindly said we could use the same method he uses at Bustabit to ensure our multiplayer game is provably fair. We only changed it a little.
You can read more about it in his thread

It works like so:

1) We generated a chain of 5 million sha512 hashes starting with a server seed that we randomly generated. So we take the sha512 of our server seed and then we take the sha512 of this hash and so on 5 million times.

The sha512 of the final hash is:
A86FE6011E456DDEF66FCAD16A16EA063746A718D7542B5C50C362D1D9792F4C458E4C71DD8F87D F5F8BB4679304671AC9B1E60FC089F4CA745437AEB897646F

Posting it here means we can't pick a different chain in the future.

2) The final hash will be the hash of the first server seed used to generate a roll in the Social Dice game. We will then use the previous hash in the chain for the next round and keep playing through these hashes in reverse order.

3) So far we have only generated a chain of server seeds and that could allow us to choose a chain that favours a certain outcome so to make sure we can't do that we also add a client seed that we don't have any control over. The client seed will be the block hash (all lowercase) of a Bitcoin block that is not yet mined, block 420731.

EDIT: The hash of the block 420731 used as client seed is:

The first round was 41480

This server seed and client seed are fed into the exact same roll calculation method that the regular dice game uses.

I will update the provably fair help page on BetKing to detail this change and give code you can use to verify your results.

Thanks again to RHarver for giving permission to use and to Dooglus, Eric and Steve for their work developing the method which is detailed here

17  Economy / Services / Homepage banners wanted on: July 07, 2016, 01:51:49 PM
I'm looking for a few banners that I can use on a homepage carousel.

Here's an example of the sort of quality I'm looking for:

I would need 3-4 different banners, each with space to add my own text. Banners should NOT include text.
Banners should be around 1000x300.

The banners would be casino/Bitcoin themed.

If you would like to work together leave samples of your work (I won't consider someone who does not have a portfolio), your ETA to complete and cost in Bitcoin.


18  Economy / Gambling / - free to play Bitcoin Dice Simulator website on: June 18, 2016, 01:04:56 PM

I just launched a new free to play Bitcoin dice simulator website

It is totally free to play. You get 100 Bitcoin to play with. This is just game credits, you can't withdraw it Wink

It allows you to test out provably fair dice game and the dice investment feature without risking your own Bitcoin.

So you can test martingale strategies etc

Or just have fun breaking the bank! Smiley

The site is a replica of dice game.

Have fun.

19  Economy / Gambling discussion / promo over on: June 13, 2016, 04:05:48 PM
Hi everyone

Just created a small survey using Google forms looking to find your favorite Bitcoin casino and games.

There are some questions related to in there too.

No registration or personal details required.

Fill out now get some free Bitcoin, it should only take a minute Wink

0.001 Bitcoin will be added to your account if you complete the whole survey.


20  Economy / Games and rounds / Pi competition. Up to 3 Bitcoin prize for all players! on: May 08, 2016, 01:47:02 PM

The first 50 digits of Pi are as follows:

This promotion is managed by BoXXoB (BoX on

You can track everyone's entries here:

How to play:

To win you must play dice at and roll every set of two digit numbers (shown in alternate colors in the image) in the first 50 digits of Pi.

The first numbers would be 31, 41 and so on until last number 51.

Only the first 2 numbers in the bet roll counts and you don't have to worry about the decimals.

As an example you roll the dice and you roll 53.2837.  This would count as 53.

When you make a bet that matches one of the digits post the bet Id in this thread
Once you post all 25 digits you win a prize.

There are a few repeating numbers, like 93, you have to post a different bet Id for each of the 25 numbers in the image.

Bet Id's must be larger than 325806586


The more you wager the more you can win:

Bet minimum of 0.000001BTC per bet to win 0.01BTC

Bet minimum of 0.001BTC per bet to win 0.05BTC

Bet minimum of 0.01BTC per bet to win 0.1BTC

Bet minimum of 0.1BTC per bet to win 0.5BTC

Bet minimum of 1BTC per bet to win 3BTC

Your prize will be based on the smallest bet amount of all your bets posted.

When posting your entry you must follow the following format:


BetKing Username/Id : BoX

Bet ID : 325596272

Signature + avatar bonus

If you have a Full Member or better Bitcointalk account you can also replace your Avatar and signature for an extra bonus



Hold avatar for an extra 0.005BTC

Signature bonuses:

Full members 0.005BTC

Senior, Hero and Legendary members 0.01BTC

You must not change your signature or avatar during the contest to be eligible for the bonus.

Payouts will be made 18th of May and 1st of June

To be eligible you must meet one of the following criteria:

Only one claim per person is allowed. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

  • (Betking account older than 1 month or 20+ Bitcointalk activity)  and over 100BTC wagered
  • (Betking account older than 2 months or 50+ Bitcointalk activity)  and over 75BTC wagered
  • (Betking account older than 3 months or 100+ Bitcointalk activity) and over 50BTC wagered
  • (Betking account older than 6 months or 300+ Bitcointalk activity) and over 25BTC wagered
  • Over 200BTC wagered
  • 20+ Bitcointalk activity and BetKing account older than 1 year
  • 50+ Bitcointalk activity and BetKing account older than 6 months
  • 100+ Bitcointalk activity and BetKing account older than 3 months
  • 200+ Bitcointalk activity and BetKing account older than 2 months
  • 300+ Bitcointalk activity and BetKing account older than 1 month
  • 400+ Bircointalk activity and BetKing account older than 1 week
  • 500+ Bitcointalk activity and BetKing account older than 1 day

Bitcointalk users with negative trust are not eligible for the promotion. has every right to exclude any user from the promo for any reason without explanation
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