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1  Economy / Goods / [WTB] AFA 9.0 Rated Star Wars Figures / Boba Fett & Trooper Figs / 3.75 & 6 on: June 08, 2020, 03:46:16 AM
 Dusting off my account for some collectible purchases I am having difficulty with.

 I've hit a wall with Star Wars collectibles on EBay, and hoping that maybe some people here would have suggestions on where to acquire Star Wars collectibles with Bitcoin.

 I am specifically looking for the following, AFA 9.0 - Not CAS - (possibly higher for the right price) Star Wars collectibles. Please PM me if you have offers.

 Specific requirements I have for purchase consideration are the AFA certification label MUST be adorned above the figure, not on the bottom or sides.

 - Black Series 6" Orange Line Sand Trooper # 03
 - Black Series 6" Orange Line Stormtrooper # 09
 - Black Series 6" Orange Line Clone Trooper # 14
 - Black Series 6" Blue Line Storm Trooper Corporal # 01
 - Black Series 6" Blue Line Tie Fighter Pilot # 05
 - Black Series 6" Blue Line Clone Trooper Sergeant Attack Of The Clones # 07
 - Black Series 6" Blue Line Clone Trooper Captain Attack Of The Clones # 13
 - Black Series 6" Blue Line Commander Cody Revenge Of The Sith # 14
 - Black Series 6" Blue Line Boba Fett Prototype Armor Walgreens
 - Black Series 6" Red Line Stormtrooper # 48
 - Black Series 6" Red Line Sith Trooper Carbonized Amazon # 92
 - Black Series 6" Red Line The Mandalorian Carbonized Target # 94
 - Black Series 6" Red Line C-3PO A New Hope Walgreens 2016
 - Black Series 6" TESB 40th Anniversary Boba Fett SDCC 2019

 - Kenner Rocket Firing Boba Fett 3.75" 1980
 - Kenner Star Wars The Vintage Collection Boba Fett Rocket Firing VCP03 2010 3.75"
 - Kenner Star Wars The Vintage Collection Republic Trooper VC 113 3.75" 2012

 - Kenner Vinyl Cape Jawa 3.75" 1978
 If anyone here has these figures and is willing to part with them for BTC, or is willing to act as an intermediary with other collectors, that would also be appreciated.

 Thank you kindly.

 TERMS: No escrow. I am an old, established account on these forums. My name is clearly visible, and I'm active on Twitter. That's my strange face as the Avatar, enhanced with Moustache AR. I will pay half the BTC value upon completion of the deal, and the other half of the BTC upon me signing for delivery and verifying the quality of the product.

 All accepted offers/transactions will be documented in this thread for full disclosure, and Trust transparency.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / On Building a 19 x 2080ti GPU Rig - Need input and suggestions on: November 22, 2019, 10:53:40 PM

A colleague of mine is looking to build a 19 GPU 2080ti rig for research compute purposes, and possibly mining GPU crypto when idle.

I do not have any experience building rigs using riser cables, nor powering such a beast, and was hoping someone might have any suggestions on the best way of pulling this off.

1) Can I power the GPU's using the "shorted pin" method used for ASIC mining, using 1500W PSU's, separate from powering the motherboard ?
2) Which risers would be needed to safely communicate with each GPU ?
3) Has anyone done this already ? Any pointers ? Links ?

Thank you in advance, gentlemen. 🧐🥃
3  Other / Off-topic / Ever wonder what reports for a flight on a commercial airline ? on: December 28, 2015, 02:29:23 AM
 It's abysmal.

 Returning back to Dallas after a trip and decided to play some Hearthstone while up in the air.


4  Other / Off-topic / [SPOILERS] Star Wars Episode VII Thread on: December 18, 2015, 08:07:08 PM
First post made intentionally large with a lot of space incase people stumble into it, and don't want to risk being spoiled...

Discussion begins below.
5  Other / Off-topic / Cats on Synthesizers in Space on: December 12, 2015, 07:45:52 PM

6  Other / Meta / [Proposal] New "Ancient" ranking / higher than Legendary on: December 01, 2015, 04:41:14 PM
I'll leave it up to the administration to hash out the prerequisites, but with the upcoming halving in ~June 2016, figured it would warrant discussion to have something more senior than Legendary.

EDIT: Additionally, propose the final "Coin" in the profile be adjusted from half purple, to a full, bright-orange coin.
7  Other / Off-topic / Anyone pick up the GearVR ? on: November 26, 2015, 01:04:14 PM
Anyone pick up a GearVR ?

Thoughts ? Impressions ? Suggestions ?
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [Netcoin] Is it Dead ? on: November 26, 2015, 01:50:01 AM
 I became aware of Netcoin through the inane postings by Michael "Terrik" Winterdink of the Netcoin development team (10+ years as a gamer !), and the delusional ravings of Leroy "cyberpinoy" Fodor of StakeMiners.

 Is anyone using this coin, or is it just another shitcoin getting thrown on Fodor's shitpile ?
9  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 6 x Corsair AX 1200 Power Supplies / Loose (USA Only) on: November 16, 2015, 03:39:04 PM
I have a bunch of AX 1200's I was using to power my old rigs, and it's a shame they are collecting dust.

Don't have any of the original packaging, but I should probably be able to scrounge up most (if not all) of the cables that went with each PSU.

No idea what the going rate on these are, as I have a couple unsold Antec 1300's continuing to collect dust, but if anyone is interested, please send me PM's with reasonable offers.

Shipping costs will be worked out on an individual basis (based on items sold, and where it's going)
10  Economy / Exchanges / [CRYPTSY / BEWARE !] Growing customer discontent / Failing to honor withdrawals on: November 08, 2015, 10:39:16 AM
I'm seen a smattering of anecdotes here lately about issues with Cryptsy.

Came across this thread on Reddit today that sums up the nightmare pretty well.

Speculation: Cryptsy is quite likely insolvent.

TL;DR: Something fishy is going on at Cryptsy. Suggest users avoid using them at all costs.

On the 5th of October I requested a 76 BTC withdrawal from my fully verified account which had no limits, since then I've had only excuses but mostly just been ignored, here is some of the email history with their support:

5 Oct
I have the equivalent of over 200 BTC that I'm trying to withdrawal in BTC, LTC & DASH, but the withdrawal window is not working, I traded out of many USD to do this at a large loss, when can I expect my money to be able to be withdrew-able?
Hello 'email addie',
Thank you for contacting us.
Please try to clear your cache/cookies and delete your browsing history. Kindly then try to re-initiate your request and see if you are still getting the same error.
Let us know if you are still unable to process a withdrawal request.
Sincerely, Karen

<<< I was then locked out of my account >>>

6 Oct
Nearly 24 hours now and still no BTC & LTC withdrawals, kindly update me on when these will be processed and why I've been locked out of my account now, this is totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

Hello email addie,
Please reset your pw
Sincerely, Jim aka: JShock Customer Service Manager

12 Oct
Hi Jim,
Thanks I have now done so and have access to my account once again, the main issue here is that on the 5th Oct I requested the following withdrawals:
2,886 LTC & 76.24 BTC

These are show in the attached screenshot as confirmed, but still pending and with no trxID as they have not been sent, kindly let me know ASAP when they will be sent as they are now one week overdue with no explanation, no apology, nothing!

I had over $50,000 on your site, that I trusted you with, maybe one of your larger long term clients and on the 5th Oct I sold it for BTC, LTC & DASH, at a loss because I needed those funds right away, you sent the DASH but kept the main part of 2,886 LTC & 76.24 BTC then locked me out of my account and tried to ignore me, I have no idea what is going on with your exchange but I will continue with my plans Monday to seek legal representation and pursue this matter in every relevant jurisdiction regardless of the cost and inconvenience to me, unless my funds are returned to me this week.

I would appreciate a direct contact phone number with a responsible admin who is able to resolve this mess and also the address of your company's registered offices and the advocates who represent you.
Many thanks,

13 Oct
Hi Jim,
Due the the continuing lack of communication and progress on withdrawing my funds the advocates that I've retained have advised that I begin with documenting this fiasco on the crypto social media, as this will have a wide reach on your client base at a low cost for me compared to when they start actions proactively themselves on my behalf.[1]

14 Oct
Three days since your last curt communication and still no explanation for why the withdrawal of my funds has been disabled by you and when they will be released, they show as pending on the withdrawals page, for well over one week, but no pending withdrawals are shown on the balances page, you've simply disappeared them!
I asked for the address of your registered offices, the owners/partners names and the contact details for your advocates, this is moving ever closer to a multi jurisdiction claim for fraud and theft, my advocates require a $10,000 retainer from me which is no problem, they are not cheap but are extremely effective and any fees spent on the recovery of my funds will be added to my claim of course and I am in discussions with them about how best to denounce Cryptsy for criminal investigation and prosecution, it's totally up to you if this happens but once it begins then it will not be able to be halted.
Kindly send the info requested today &/or better still my funds.

16 Oct
Hello email addie, I deeply apologize for the recent delays. We have been undergoing major site upgrades, part of which is the verification systems. Some users who have verified accounts have been affected with these delays. I see that you have withdrawals pending and these should now process soon as we are nearing completion of our upgrade.
If you have not received your withdrawal, by Monday October 19, please reply to this ticket and let me know.
I plan to compensate you for the inconvenience by issuing you a free upgrade to pro account status which is also included in the upgrade and will go live also very soon.
Sincerely, Jim aka: JShock Customer Service Manager

16 Oct
Hello email addie, Your LTC withdrawal has processed, BTC withdrawal should move soon. I had to cancel the XRP withdrawals, please try sending those again.
<<< I did not have any XRP or a XRP withdrawal >>>

20 Oct
Hi Jim,
I have still not received my Bitcoin withdrawal, over 70 BTC and very overdue!
Kindly just manually send it today, an exchange that fails to honor client withdrawals is finished as all trust has gone.
Please confirm ASAP, many thanks, Otoh

23 Oct
Hi Jim,
Why do you not even bother to reply to me anymore, do you really think that stealing 72 BTC, over $20,000 from me is something that you can just ignore?
First thing next week this goes back to the advocates that I briefed and I am paying them their requested $10,000 retainer which will also be claimed for, you have had a ton of notice but still haven't returned MY money after nearly three weeks.
I shall press the lawyers to pursue those responsible personally for civil and criminal damages, fraud and theft, in each relevant jurisdiction, kindly make sure that this is cleat to 'Vince' and the others that will end up in jail and bankrupt as a result of this.
You have until Monday to return my funds, after that the process will begin with denouncements to the police and regulators in the relevant jurisdictions and I will then have no way to prevent it all taking it's just course.
Regards, Otoh

24 Oct
Hello email addie,
I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. There are two separate issues going on with BTC withdrawals currently.
1: Due to the new Verifications Tier system handed to us to use, many users are frozen and flagged to become verified depending on the amounts of w/d they are making. For these, a verification agent should be contacting you soon.
2 We are experiencing some delays with BTC withdrawals and developers are working on them to get them moving again.
Looking at your account, it appears you have exceeded your withdrawal limit for your current verification tier. Please click this link to upgrade and view the limits for your tier[2]
*Please note that not all verification Tiers require that you upload ID or documents.
Elen Customer Service Manager

25 Oct
Hi Elen,
Cryptsy have introduced a withdrawal limit for my account that wasn't there when I deposited the coins, this is illegal without first offering me to withdraw the my coins under the same terms and conditions as when I deposited them.
This, so called tier three level, that it says I need now takes three months to obtain, in other words you plan to rob me of my coins for three months or how ever long you feel like, this is so illegal it is untrue.
Kindly just return MY 76 BTC, approx > $22,000 and do this right away with no more excuses, anything else is not an 'inconvenience' - it is theft pure and simple!
cc being sent to my advocates

27 Oct
Hi Elen,
22 days since my withdrawal request for 76 BTC was made, October 5th, and it's still stuck, conf, but pending and all that I hear from Cryptsy is being ignored or excuses.
Cancel that withdrawal immediately today so that the coins show up again in my balance, then make me tier three verified as I have been fully verified for months if not over one year and was so when I deposited those funds and had no withdrawal limits then.
Do not continue to ignore this issue, the theft of over $22,000 from my account is a serious crime and you will be held to account for it, kindly confirm that my instructions have been carried out today.
Regards, Otoh

30 Oct
Hi Elen,
Six days and you haven't bothered to let me know when I can have MY 76 BITCOINS back, now worth over $23,000 and nearly one month that you have blocked my withdrawal.
Cancel the confirmed but stuck on pending withdrawal as requested so that my coins show up in my account balance again!
Change my verification from so called tier two to tier three, I was fully verified with you and had no withdrawal limits, the longer this goes on the more it becomes certain that you just rob the larger holders of tens of thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoins.
I have also requested many times, the name of the owner/s and registered office/s plus the contact details for your lawyers, it is illegal to withhold this information from your clients and the longer that this goes unresolved the greater will be the damage to your business and the more likely that you will be charged with serious theft and corruption.
Pass this email and my prior ones to Vince right away as he will be the one that will be held the most responsible for this fiasco.
Thanks, Otoh

& when I raised the issue in Cryptsy chat now I just get banned, WTG, so corrupt, unbelievable, I shall post all my emails and your lack of useful response to Reddit and BCT forum.

Cancel my withdrawal, verify me to tier three and show MY BTC in my balance so that I can withdrawal them!
Hello email addie,
We sincerely apologize for the late response to your ticket. Upon checking, your withdrawal had been canceled and coins were returned to your balance.
As for your Tier 3 upgrade request, Your request has been acknowledged by our team and your case will be reviewed shortly.
We do apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
Sincerely, Gretchen
Hi Gretchen,
Thank goodness, many thanks, finally, much appreciated!
PS I can also be reached on my UK mobile: -------------

6th Nov
Hi Gretchen,
"As for your Tier 3 upgrade request, Your request has been acknowledged by our team and your case will be reviewed shortly."
Another week passed and no one has contacted me, it is now over one month since I requested withdrawal of my 76 BTC and at the time I was fully verified with no W/D limits at all, same as when I deposited the coins.
Why do you treat your customers with such blase contempt, are you really intent on alienating everyone who has supported your business and especially the larger players like myself?
I find it quite unbelievable, kindly forward this to 'Vince' so at least he is aware of this totally unacceptable and illegal freezing of my funds, later today I shall be updating the total lack of promised progress yet again on Cryptsy's chat as it seems that you only pay attention to being called out publicly.
Just allow me to take my own money out and stop this stupid game playing waste of time.
Thanks, Otoh

7 Nov
Send me the address of your registered offices and lawyer's contact details as requested multiple times - DO THIS TODAY, robbing over $20,000 is a serious crime and by ignoring the matter you are only making your guilt more obvious and the consequences worse for yourselves.

Any advise on how to proceed would be much appreciated, I just run in to a blank wall with them atm.
11  Economy / Speculation / Triple Lindy Dead Cat Bounce ? on: November 05, 2015, 03:40:26 PM
 So are we going to see $500 in the next 72 hours or what ?
12  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 32GB LTE Shield Tablet + Controller / Shield Portable | USA ONLY on: November 03, 2015, 07:24:23 AM
I have 32GB AT&T Shield Tablet and controller that I'm not getting much use out.

Additionally, have the original Shield Portable available for sale as well.

All are in excellent condition, and in perfect working order. No scratches or dead pixels. They will ship out in their original packaging from Dallas, TX after wiping them back to factory settings - I'll pay shipping.

Asking $250 for the Portable and $400 for the Tablet (Post recall with the updated batteries) + Controller.
13  Other / Off-topic / codishmumu Attention Whoring ? Good Lord on: October 22, 2015, 12:51:13 AM

This is just sad.

Be wary of social engineering attacks.

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

14  Economy / Services / [WTB] RasPi Stock Ticker and Bitcoin graph app for 7" Touchscreen Display on: October 11, 2015, 03:29:41 AM
Platform: RasPi 2
OS: Raspbian

Looking for someone to whip me up an app that will display the Bitcoinity graphs on the top half of the display, and a stock price graph on the bottom of the page for any single arbitrary stock.

Accepting bids on this project. Can't imagine it should take some smart folks more than an evening to pump something like this out.

Don't care what language it's written in, although I'm guessing Python would probably be easiest.

Don't care if it's a standalone app, or something I need to point a web browser at, running in kiosk mode.

Please PM me with reasonable offers. Payable in BTC upon proof of functionality, and final delivery of source code.
15  Economy / Scam Accusations / StakeMiners and Leroy Fodor: Fraud, deceit, dishonesty, and lies on: October 09, 2015, 04:24:42 PM
Ok, I've had enough of this delusional and unbalanced Leroy Fodor fellow. Hiding behind locked threads, taking potshots at critics without allowing for rebuttals, and failing to answer the hard hitting questions.

His history of involvement with Bitcoin has proved to be a lie by his own postings.

Sure Bruno (Gleb / Phin) is no saint, but he's arguably healthier for the community than Leroy is, and the fact that Leroy decided to leave me negative feedback that is entirely divorced from reality also prompted this thread.

From my perspective, the only bigger cowards in crypto-space right now are The Garza Brothers, and Thermos.

Quote from: cyberpinoy, post:1479, topic:3925
As always Get hashing crew, thank you for your time, honesty, empathy, and input, It is always appreciated to see people who want new projects to progress for the betterment of the crypto world.

You're not bettering the crypto world, Mr. Noob-to-Bitcoin-in-2014.

You are fscking over people that are too ignorant to know any better. You are figuratively an amoeba that feeds on pond scum.

It's only a matter of time before the names Leroy Fodor and StakeMiners become cautionary tales in the world of cryptocurrency.


Does this sound like someone that was familiar with Bitcoin prior to 2014 - Someone having just wrapped their head around the concept of 25 BTC block rewards ?

cyberpinoy, Jun 15, 2014
 Still an little new here, but from common logic I can see the coin is set up to release 25 bitcoins every ten minutes right now, yes tat release will slowly go down and the next decrease is scheduled for 2016. I think the difficulty rate will help to ease these worries, as of now it is slightly complicated to jump into mining, in another 5 yearsit may seem it will be impossible without a solar or wind powered building, and tons of equipment, so the investment is going to cost a fortune, and by then would be so difficult to solo mine it will deter anyone who is not already doing it from starting one up. the 51% hashrate can and would only be achieved by a pool big enough to compete with the biggest pool avauilable at that time, but in trying to compete like that you would increase the amount of Hash needed to meet that 51%. I dont think we would have the opportunity to see "ALL" of the bitcoins mined. I feel the system was set up to release a certain amount for a reason, to help secure its future, the difficulty was set up to minimize mining potential over time to balance the whole system out.

 If I am not mistaken Litcoin and a few other currencies are set up on a different mining method, and to be honest a much more expensive one at this time. Scrypt mining hardware is drastically more expensive than ASIC mining hardware at the present. I think it is more beneficial in the number of coins recieved, to mine scrypted coins, than ASIC coins, however they are worth much less in the over stand of things. So to compare the Bitcoin against Litecoin is like comparing apples to oranges in my book.

Just my 2 satoshis of opinion Smiley

Quote from: cyberpinoy, post:1509, topic:3925
lets not try and make up stories, check the wallets you will see some withdraws :smile:

Speaking of not making up stories, I like this one right about now.

Quote from: cyberpinoy, post:1185, topic:3925
to be quite honest i did not want our transaction page to list 11 investor withdraws in a row

Quote from: cyberpinoy, post:1505, topic:3925
YOu proved that we are a great investment, you have well proven you can invest in 3 months and with a penalty still walk away with a 12% profit, and once the new terms take effect that penalty drops clear down to 2% and we are doing our best to see how we can eliminate the fee completely.

Quote from: cyberpinoy, post:1514, topic:3925, full:true
He was paid out, and he made a 12% profit in 3 months which today is a great return on any investment.

Quote from: cyberpinoy, post:1521, topic:3925
To say he got 12% in 3 months ROI would not seem ethically honest on my part.

Quote from: cyberpinoy, post:1521, topic:3925
It was a mistake not a lie.

“While we have made mistakes, its never been to get away or take anything from anyone,” says Garza in the apology “But, I understand that, in our effort to ‘get things done’, we have a left a lot of open questions.”

and yea talking to the people who helped you manipulate your trust , yea thats a sure way to prove you didn't manipulate your trust isn't it LOL that's like asking a preacher if god is real HAHAHA.

Edit: Yepo i sure do believe your bruno, its funny when your posting he is not, when he needs bailed out you come along, if you are not Bruno you sure do serve a good sock puppet account for him, like the little lost dog following him around everywhere.

16  Other / New forum software / "You must be this tall to ride" Threads on: October 08, 2015, 11:31:02 PM
Any thoughts about allowing thread creators to allow a minimum activity level before being allowed to post in the thread ?

It's not uncommon to see newbies attempting to derail discussions in some threads, and this could be an effective method to prevent trolling and derailing.
17  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Misc. Audio Gear on: October 08, 2015, 10:40:28 PM
Have the following audio gear available for sale.

- Marantz PMD 670 field recorder w/2GB CF card, shoulder carrying case, Marantz-branded rechargeable battery, and battery charger
- 2 x MOTU 828 MkI Firewire IO
- 2 X Unitor 8 MIDI IO's with power cables - No serial cables
- Roland D110 rack synth module
- Sony PCM-R500 DAT player/recorder - Missing remote control, and tape cover, but otherwise fully functional
- Alesis DM Pro rack drum module
- Rolls RM203 16 channel rack line mixer
- Audio Technica AT815b shotgun mic & windscreen

Will accept any reasonable offers. Please PM as I do not often check this sub.
18  Other / Meta / "You must be this tall to ride" Threads on: October 07, 2015, 11:16:12 PM
Any thoughts about allowing thread creators to allow a minimum activity level before being allowed to post in the thread ?

It's not uncommon to see newbies attempting to derail discussions in some threads, and this could be an effective method to prevent trolling and derailing.
19  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Antec HCP-1300 Platinum / Open Box / USA Only / $100 Incl. Shipping on: October 07, 2015, 04:28:00 PM
Have an HCP-1300 that I used to drive an SP20 that is no longer needed.

Have the original box and all the cables. Will let this one go for $100 including shipping to the continental USA only.
20  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 1 x 7970's @ $100ea / 1 x 7950 @ $75 incl. shipping / USA Only on: October 06, 2015, 05:10:52 PM
Have two GPU's collecting dust I would like to offer for sale.

Will ship these guys out in their original packaging.

PowerColor 7970 3GB - $100
Gigabyte 7950 3GB - $75

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