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1  Economy / Lending / WANT $75,000 BUSINESS LOAN on: February 09, 2013, 11:01:39 PM
2,550 BTC Loan to start a business.  Loan is for renting space, purchasing equipment, and other start-up costs.  Loan payment terms will need to be discussed.  The business should be profitable within 6-8 months, and be able to start paying the loan.

Serious inquiries only please.
2  Economy / Goods / [WTS] 1 oz 2012 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf *Bottom Dollar* Photos Added!! on: December 04, 2012, 10:03:45 PM
I have 25 Silver Maples I am looking to to sell for Bitcoins.  These are new untouched mint state brilliant uncirculated pieces from the mint.  I may be able to get more based on the response of this post.  Photos shortly.

Price for 1 is $37.25 in BTC.  No volume discounts.

Shipping for up to two coins is $1.75.

For orders of more than two coins, shipping will be actual cost.

I'm happy to do escrow on small orders, but you will pay the fees.

Bitmit Listing:

Pictures Folder:
3  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] American Express Gift Cards - and value you want. on: December 03, 2012, 11:50:54 PM
Hi, I have the ability to get AMEX giftcards quickly and cheaply.  These can be used anywhere AMEX is accepted.  I will sell them for value+$10$7 in BTC equivalent.  I will do escrow if you like, but you pay the fees.

Please PM me.
4  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Tomato Growing Equipment: Phantom Ballast, Glass Reflector, Vortex Fan on: November 20, 2012, 07:48:46 PM
What to sell some equipment:

Hydrofarm PHE1THD 1000W 120v.240v Dimmable Phantom Digital Ballast - $210 shipped
Used for two weeks and placed in storage.  Basically brand new!

Hydrofarm 6" Air Cooled Reflector Unit (Includes Lens) - $140 shipped
Also only used for two weeks.

Vortex CFN-600 High Power 449 CFM 6 inch Inline Fan - $140 shipped
Two weeks of use.


Contact me if interested.  Conversion is at MtGox Weighted Avg.  Thanks.
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Mining Rig Parts, 5970, 5830's on: September 24, 2012, 03:49:16 PM
Have for sale, shipping not included, BTC equivalent requested:

6x Sapphire 5830 Xtreme's all mine at 1010/300 at stock voltage and get 320+ MH/s - $70/each

1x XFX 5970 Black Edition mines at 825/300 at stock voltage and gets 370+ MH/s/core - $300

1x MSI 890FXA-GD70 <2 months old - $110

1x ASRock 970 Extreme 3 (new from RMA) - $60

1x Sempron 140 - $10

1x Cooler Master GX Series 750W - $55

1x Rosewill Capstone 750w GOLD - $75

2x Crucial 1GB DDR3 Ram - $5/each

1x Kingston 1GB DDR3 Ram - $5

2x 1x Patriot 2GB USB Flash - $5

1x 1x->16x riser - $5

3x 1x-> 16x risers [One unmodified(1), molex powered and shorted(1)(for recognition when plugging into 16x slot), and only shorted(1)] - $10/modified, $5/unmodified

3x 16x ->16x risers [ 2 are molex powered] - $10/powered, $5/non-powered

Custom steel open-air case - $60

Local pickup is allowed in MO.

6  Other / Off-topic / Who met pirateat40 at Bitcoin conference? on: August 27, 2012, 06:50:34 PM
Simple.  I seem to remember a thread where some people were claiming to have met him at the Bitcoin conference.

If so, I believe they should be responsible for revealing his identity in the case he does not pay out.
7  Economy / Lending / Bitcoinmax Account For Sale [106 for 50] on: August 27, 2012, 05:45:16 PM
Worth about 106 BTC.

Willing to sell for 50 BTC.

8  Economy / Services / I will order a pizza for you in return for BTC. Delivery or Carryout.[USA only] on: August 13, 2012, 03:12:45 PM
Alright, I know this has been tried before, but I want to toss it out there again. (pun intended)

For a 5% markup in BTC (convert from Mt. Gox 24hr average), I will order a pizza, or anything else on the menu, for you from either Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, or Dominos.

You can choose between carryout or delivery.  If choosing carryout you must provide the exact store.  Obviously, orders can only be completed when the store is open.

Orders will be placed via PM for now.
9  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / [BAMT] HD5830 Hardware Differences using phoenix phatk2/poclbm on: June 24, 2012, 06:50:41 AM
I posted this under the BAMT thread as well......

Hey guys, I just set up a new rig with BAMT.  I'm running 6 5830's in it, all running stable @ ~=63C.  Problem is there are two different models of Sapphire 5830 Xtremes.  They look the exact same, but the components on the PCB are different and in different locations. 

I've had been using phatk2 with phoenix on my 5970 with great success.  phatk2 with phoenix on the one model of 5830 gets me a solid 320MH/s @ 1000:300:1.168V.  On the other model, same clocks/voltage, I get 250MH/s.

So here is the funny thing.  I switched the 250MH/s cards into my gaming computer and I get the same thing with phatk2, but if I use guiminer with poclbm, I get an easy 310MH/s....which is ass backwards if you ask me.

So I'm trying to run 3 cards on phatk2 and 3 on poclbm in bamt with no success.  The phatk2's start mining no problem, but the poclbm's don't start and the cpu peaks and stays peaked trying to start them. 

As far as software.  I installed bamt 0.5c.  Ran apt-get update (Don't do upgrade it screws EVERYTHING up).  And ran the fixer.  I tried installing pyopencl and it seemed to screw thing up too.

Hardware: sempron 140, msi 890fxa-gd70, 1gb kingston, 2x cooler master 750w supplies, 3 extenders are powered by molex.

Please help guys!  How do I get this poclbm working?  Thanks in advance.
10  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] ATI 5830 or 5850. Need 4 or 5. on: June 08, 2012, 05:13:56 PM
Looking to buy 5830's and 5850's.  Shipping zip code: 37360

Will pay $100 for 5830 shipped
           $125 for 5850 shipped

11  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] Mining Miners - Bitcoin Bonds on: June 06, 2012, 09:16:55 PM
Okay guys, I may be a new member of the forum, but I have been reading here and mining for about a year now.  I have just decided to sell some of my mining power through GLBSE in the form of bonds.  I plan on IPOing on Aug XX, 2012, for 0.23 BTC/share.  Details are as follows:

-Ticker will be "JOEMINER"
-Dividend of 100% PPS (eg. current block value/difficulty)
-Buyback by issuer at his discretion at 105% previous 24 hour average price
-Dividend payments will be weekly on Sunday for the previous 7 days of mining
-First day for dividends will be August XX, 2012
-Each share will be worth 1MH/s of mining power
-GPU's in use: 5970's and 5830's

I will be offering 1900 shares, but might offer more later.  I am currently running at 2500 MH/s

As I don't have much credibility on the forums yet, my ebay profile is for reference.

If you have any questions or if you think I left something out, please comment or PM me.  Thanks!
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