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1  Bitcoin / Armory / Multiple change addresses on: November 19, 2017, 09:41:08 AM
What do you think of multiple change addresses? (Not my idea, Electrum has them) Might help obfuscate some cases. On the other hand, it will create more outputs that might be more costly to spend later?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Bittrex / Poloniex confirmations per coin on: October 12, 2017, 12:37:42 PM
Has any one a list available, how many confirmations are necessary for each coin on both exchanges?
3  Bitcoin / Mycelium / LocalTrader server is down on: May 14, 2017, 03:44:39 AM
As per subject. Just keeps loading and loading.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / 7d / 30d Volume info on Alt-exchanges on: December 08, 2016, 04:10:43 AM
As in the subject, is there a site showing these per exchange? Coinmarketcap has 30d, but only for the whole basket of exchanges. The others I know of only show 24h per exchange.

If none exist, what would it take to build it?
5  Bitcoin / Armory / Problem submitting bug report on: June 13, 2015, 06:47:20 AM
Armory 0.93.1, Lubuntu 14.04

Tried to submit a bug report today, got a pop-up box with the title: "Submitted!" However the text in the box says: "There was a problem submitting your bug report [...]" and a link to the website submission system. Which one is it now? Submitted or not? Smiley
6  Other / Meta / Preview broken? on: February 09, 2015, 12:53:47 PM

Doesn't work for me anymore. Noticed it in the last two days. (Lubuntu / Firefox 35)
7  Economy / Service Discussion / Yet another malware email on: February 06, 2015, 11:44:52 AM
From: Zhong Zhuang <>
To: *******@*******.com
Subject:  帮助 30BTC Wallet Help.
Date:  Fri, 6 Feb 2015 11:28:10 +0000

我已经30 BTC锁定

我不能导出, 请尝试.

钱包下载 http://www.*k***p/
Can you help me please i need to import my private keys ? my 30 BTC
are locked in this address

and i can't export it, my client keep loading but does not open.

Wallet and password: http://www.*k***p/

Thanks in advance.
This email has been sent to ****@****.com, click here to unsubscribe

Antivirus           Result                           Update
CAT-QuickHeal   LNK.Exploit.Gen                   20150205
Qihoo-360         HEUR/QVM03.0.Malware.Gen   20150206
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Auto-sell NMC -> BTC? on: September 28, 2014, 05:05:00 AM
I don't do much in altcoins, however I'm wondering if there is a coin exchange that lets you auto-sell deposited Namecoins? Does such a service exist at any of the coinexchanges?
9  Bitcoin / Armory / [HOW TO] Get the needed packages on your offline computer (Synaptic PM) on: September 10, 2014, 05:54:46 PM

Just installed Armory on a Lubuntu 14.04 and thought I'd write it down. Hopefully this is of use to others too. The added benefit using Synpatic offfline is that you can easily add other packages from the official release without having to rely on any third party. It's a lot of text, but once you got the hang of it, it is actually not that hard to do. This is for the Trusty release, but can be done for other dists by changing the offline repo script.

Lubuntu 14.04 still comes with the Synaptic Package Manager. After installing Lubuntu on your offline PC take the USB stick back to an online PC and run the below script. It will create an offline repository on your USB stick as outlined here:  It creates the necessary folder structure and gets all the info for 32- and 64-bit and also trusty-security, -updates and -backports.

With this info on the USB take it back to the offline computer and add the USB repo to your sources list as outlined in the article. This can be done in Synaptic too, using
deb file:///media/<PCname>/<USBname>/ trusty main restricted universe multiverse
After closing that dialog Synaptic will ask to reload the package information. You already should see some icons with arrows pointing up next to some packages, but close Synaptic for now, we'll come back to it.

In the file manager (PCManFM) go to the USB stick where you have saved the verified armory_*.deb, choose "Tools" -> "Open current folder in terminal" or hit F4. In the terminal "sudo dpkg -i armory_*.deb", this will throw some errors. Don't worry.

Open Synaptic again -> "Edit" -> "Fix broken packages". On the bottom it will show you how many packages need installing. In my case there were 44. At this point you can also choose to install additional packages if you wish, for example I find QtQR handy to work with QR codes. You also can choose to "Mark All Upgrades" to keep your offline system updated. When you're done, select "File" -> "Generate package download script" and save that in an empty folder on the USB stick as <yourscriptname>.sh

Take the stick to the offline machine. Before you can execute it, it needs a little change. The lines will look something like that:
change that to
Easily done in Leafpad, using the "Replace" command. Replace "file:///media/<PCname>/<USBname>/" with "http://". Replace all.

Go to the empty folder and again: "Tools" -> "Open current folder in terminal". Type
bash <yourscriptname>.sh
Wait for the download to finish. Take the USB stick back to the offline PC and in Synaptic select "File" -> "Add downloaded packages". Point it to the folder and it will install the packages and finish the Armory install as well.

Armory (offline) is ready to use.

10  Bitcoin / Armory / Tx signing via minimodem on: August 12, 2014, 04:16:06 AM

I've seen a few comments about using audio for sending the data to the offline computer and back. It's an idea that appealed to me quite a bit, probably back from my audio days when audio still was analog. Well, anyway, the solution I found to work is using minimodem:

There are a few videos on the site and that is exactly how it works. It is easy to install as it doesn't have many dependencies. It's in the Ubuntu repos since 12.04

For lucid there's a version on the author's launchpad site.

I've tried it with both a mic / speaker combination and a straight 3.5mm stereo male-male audio jack cable, you may know these as "Aux" cables. I didn't have any noticeable impedance problems when using the cable. Volume Out and Mic In levels were set to about half of the slider. This can be fine tuned in the audio settings.

Using the -A flag produced noticeably better results than using Pulseaudio (the default). I could tell just from listening that the Pulseaudio signal was distorted at times.

For the baudmode I selected 1200 in this case and it took about a minute to send one way. I think that is on par if not quicker than USB, considering you have to select your file, "safely remove", move the stick, wait for it to appear etc. Of course this depends on the actual transaction size.

I have not played around much more with higher speeds or with the different flags as of yet; a full list is at the man page.

If you are using the mic /speaker combination on a regular basis, it will make it easier if you have two of each to have it bi-directional without moving plugs. And judging from comments of my housemates, you'll probably want to stick them in a soundproofed box Smiley

11  Bitcoin / Press / [2014-06-27] WSJ: Q&A With Mt. Gox’s Karpelès: What Went Wrong? on: June 27, 2014, 11:59:34 AM

    Takashi Mochizuki
    Eleanor Warnock

Mark Karpelès, the head of collapsed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, spoke to The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki and Eleanor Warnock on Thursday night in his home on the top floor of a 33-story building in Tokyo’s Meguro neighborhood. It was his first media interview since a news conference when Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy in February. Here are some excerpts:

Q: What are you working on lately?

A: While cooperating with a court-appointed trustee on the Mt. Gox case, I try hard to keep my other company, Tibanne, alive.

Q: How many workers do you have now, and what’s their feeling?

A: We cut the size to 12 from 30. They are frustrated and worried about what will happen to the company. I’m upset with myself that I couldn’t protect my employees.

Q: Any messages to Mt. Gox creditors?
A: All I can say is I am deeply sorry. But I did what I could, and I swear I haven’t been doing anything too luxurious. Some people say I still own bitcoins or have a yacht, but that’s not true. If they accept me, I would like to attend a weekly meet-up of Tokyo bitcoin users when things settle down and explain what happened in my own words.

Q: Can’t you now?
A: The police are investigating the case so I won’t be able to say much. But if asked, I’m willing to show any bitcoin entrepreneurs how I did it wrong, so they won’t repeat the same mistake.
Q: What were your mistakes?
A: Security. Not just security on the system, but in the office. We had some cases where a stranger sneaked in and took things away. We also have at least one former employee stealing the company’s data.
Q: So malleability attacks weren’t the only cause of the bitcoin loss?
A: I can’t disclose much due to the police investigation, but there were also physical attacks.
Q: What else did you do wrong?
A: Management. I was too busy and couldn’t lay out an adequate corporate structure. I wish I had five of me, as I was too busy with meetings with banks, lawyers and business partners. That was all painful, I wish I had more time to do engineer-type of work.
Q: Why didn’t you hire experienced professionals?
A: We tried, but we didn’t have money and also often they turned us down. A former Financial Services Agency bureaucrat approached us once last year, but he declined our offer at the end.
Q: When did you find out that the bitcoins were gone, and how did you feel about it?

A: A few days before we filed for bankruptcy. And we learned as we checked our storage when repairing the system to deal with malleability attacks. I always worried about ‘What if all the bitcoins were gone?’ Since that actually happened, I have gone through many sleepless nights. Scared, frustrated and angry—-so many emotions were occupying my mind.
Q: Do you believe Mt. Gox should be liquidated, or taken over by someone?
A: I wish someone would buy the exchange, as that’s in the interest of creditors. But any buyers should use their own money to rehabilitate the exchange, not Mt. Gox’s.
Q: Do you regret that you purchased Mt. Gox?
A: Half-yes. I learned a lot, but I lost a lot.
Q: What’s your view on the future of bitcoin?
A: I believe decentralized currency has the potential to change the world. But bitcoin itself must become much better. Right now, it is so easy to use it for illegal activities, such as money laundering and drug trading.

For the latest news and analysis, follow @WSJAsia
12  Bitcoin / Press / [2014-06-27] WSJ: Mt. Gox Head Believes No More Bitcoin Will Be Found on: June 27, 2014, 07:29:09 AM


Mt. Gox Head Believes No More Bitcoin Will Be Found

June 27, 2014 2:33 a.m. ET

Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpelès speaks at a news conference at the Justice Ministry in Tokyo on Feb. 28. Associated Press
TOKYO—Scared, frustrated and angry—that's how Mark Karpelès, head of defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, says he felt when he realized in February that the exchange had lost nearly half a billion dollars' worth of the internet currency.

He said he has spent many sleepless nights since then. "I was always worried: 'What if all the bitcoins got stolen?" the 29-year-old Frenchman told The Wall Street Journal.

The Tokyo-based exchange blamed hacking attacks for the loss of 850,000 bitcoins, mostly those of customers. Since then Mr. Karpelès has rediscovered 200,000 bitcoins, but he doesn't believe more will be found.

"As the company head, my mission was to protect customers and employees," Mr. Karpelès said in the interview, his first with media since a Feb. 28 news conference to announce the exchange's bankruptcy filing. "I'm deeply sorry. I'm frustrated with myself."

From his 33rd-floor apartment in Tokyo's upscale Meguro neighborhood, he said he plans to auction off domain names as one way of keeping his other business alive and repaying creditors. Among them: and, short for AKB48, a popular Japanese pop group. He didn't say whether the domain of would be for sale.

The high-profile collapse of Mt. Gox—once the world's largest bitcoin exchange--raised questions about exchanges' safekeeping of customers' bitcoin. A court-appointed trustee in Japan said in April that Mt. Gox was to be liquidated. On June 18, a Texas bankruptcy court approved Mt. Gox's application for bankruptcy protection of its U.S. assets.

Mr. Karpelès is still the CEO of Mt. Gox, though he has transferred all the funds to a court-appointed trustee. He has been busy trying to keep alive his web-services company, Tibanne, which was the de facto operator of Mt. Gox. He said the trustee would monitor the sale of domain names, and any extra proceeds after Tibanne has been funded through the end of the year would go to Mt. Gox creditors.

He says he wants to find a new head for Tibanne--named for his orange-and-white cat, which stayed close during the interview. He will then stay on as an engineer to help develop the company's services.

That decision comes from his experiences at Mt. Gox, where he says the failure to find experienced executives to help him deal with day-to-day operations was a critical mistake. Instead of focusing on the company's technology, he often spent hours each day in meetings with lawyers and bankers.

"The weakest point of my company was management," said Mr. Karpelès, who was the sole executive of the company. "I failed to lay out appropriate corporate structures."

Mr. Karpelès says he would prefer for someone to take over the exchange and that there are several groups interested.

Mr. Karpelès suggested he is concerned that one such plan, backed by child-actor-turned-entrepreneur Brock Pierce has proposed using Mt. Gox customer money to rehabilitate the exchange.

"To begin with, remaining customer money should not be touched," he said.

A police investigation is still under way in Japan concerning the missing bitcoins. Mr. Karpelès said un addition to hacking attacks taking advantage of a system weakness called transaction malleability, there were physical break-ins at the company's offices and that at least one former employee pilfered electronic data. A Metropolitan Police Department spokesman said on Friday that he couldn't say anything about the investigation.

"If anyone wants to start a bitcoin exchange, I would say, 'Be sure to have 24-hour security guards,'" Mr. Karpelès said.

Mr. Karpelès indicated that the exchange's fast growth had been too much for him to handle without experienced help. Just in the three months after he bought Mt. Gox from founder Jed McCaleb in March 2011, the number of accounts surged 20 times from 3,000, he said. Mr. Karpelès tried to hire experienced managers but profits in the early days weren't enough, he said.

Mr. Karpelès says that since Mt. Gox fell apart he has returned to the habits of his early days in Tokyo, including eating less-than-$2 instant noodles. He wakes continues to work after he comes home at night, trying to find customers for a new Tibanne service.

Though he is staying far away from bitcoin, Mr. Karpelès said he wants to participate in meetings of Tokyo's bitcoin community some day and would be willing to share his story with fledgling bitcoin businesses.

"My experience would be valuable to them, especially if they are thinking of starting up a bitcoin business," Mr. Karpelès said. "I can tell them what they should do and shouldn't."

Write to Takashi Mochizuki at and Eleanor Warnock at
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Thousands of 1 Satoshi txs to thousands of addresses on: February 11, 2014, 01:35:47 AM
What's up with this?

Thousands of single Satoshi transfers to all seperate addresses. Is this an attack vector?
14  Bitcoin / Project Development / HappyCow now accepts BTC donations on: August 22, 2013, 01:57:21 PM
HappyCow - the healthy eating guide:

Our purpose is to make healthy food easy to find and more accessible.
Founded in 1999, HappyCow was created as a public service to assist travelers and people everywhere find vegan, vegetarian, and healthy food. Today, our online community has grown to include members from around the world who are passionate about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living. More than a restaurant and health food store guide, HappyCow is a constant work-in-progress toward becoming the one-stop resource for everything VEG. (via bitpay)
15  Bitcoin / Project Development / OpenStreetMap donations in BTC on: August 17, 2013, 11:34:25 AM
Apart from a post in the Italian forum this seems not to have been posted yet:

Scroll down a bit -> BTC address 1J3pt9koWJZTo2jarg98RL89iJqff9Kobp

First tx on 2013-05-13 so it's going for a while already.
16  Bitcoin / Meetups / Bitcoin Singapore Meetup (Thursday, August 1, 2013 7:00 PM) on: July 30, 2013, 02:21:47 PM
Found this:

2nd Bitcoin Meetup

Thursday, August 1, 2013
7:00 PM

17 Jalan Pinang, S 199149 (map)

Hi guys,

on our first meetup, I said I'll make sure, that on our 2nd, we could pay for beer and coffee with bitcoins. And guess what, I kept the promise! :-)

I persuaded Artistry owner to start accepting bitcoins and agreed with him to throw a 2nd meetup in his place. The venue is secured, so let's go, meet, drink and pay with our mobile wallets :-)

See you then,


17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / -rescan on: March 15, 2013, 12:18:50 PM
Whilst sorting our my wallet yesterday I came across a few posts that mentioned that "-rescan" is not necessary anymore (since 0.7.(?)), as the client does it automatically at start-up.

Can somebody please confirm this?
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / [SOLVED] Unconfirmed Transaction on: March 14, 2013, 12:11:51 PM
I've sent this via the bitcoin client four hours ago:

Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 35 nodes
Date: 14/03/2013 16:37
To: 1Lz4jfrbJAXPimkqGyPLT5DvGZu3XVeD66
Debit: -10.00 BTC
Net amount: -10.00 BTC
Transaction ID: 18797f4a3eb77dc252cbf19784cfa910059bb23bd5e78ef0510a32cd048d18bf

It does not show on though. ("Sorry we could not find any blocks or transactions matching this hash").

I've read about transactions being slow recently, but *that* long?
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Export private keys 0.7.1 on: December 09, 2012, 05:30:49 PM
I'm trying to get my private keys. This is on Win 7. The wallet is encrypted.

dumpprivkey 1xxxxxxxxxxx

Private key for address 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is not known (code -4)

Step to step instructions would be appreciated ;-)
20  Other / Meta / "Ignore" for threads on: July 06, 2012, 09:50:32 AM
Now that we got the watch option... Is the opposite possible too? I.e. I'm not interested and don't want to see / read about it anymore - ever.
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