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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / First testnet for science is launched by DEIP on: September 06, 2018, 09:16:04 PM
DEIP, a decentralized research platform, has launched the first testnet for science. The platform aims to transform the industry for scientific funding, saving up to $400 billion for its major stakeholders and allowing scientists to fundraise for their projects.

Research project as a digital asset

DEIP innovative idea is to turn research projects into countable digital assets via tokenization, thus solving problems of major stakeholders in science – scientists themselves and funders.

On the platform, scientists can conduct research and fundraise for it even on early stages. Each research is assessed by a decentralized community of scientists. The results of the assessment can be further used by investors for an efficient and reliable screening of research projects. With this data put on the DEIP smart-contracts, the entire investing process could be automated. For the research funding market, just this could save up to $400 billion in operational costs.

This approach makes research projects more self-sustaining, democratizes science and makes it more accessible for everyone.

Blockchain protocol designed for science

The DEIP protocol is developed and self-financed by a team of engineers and scientists from Belarus headed by Alex Shkor – DEIP CEO and a blockchain architect, whose previously developed blockchain Scorum is among top 15 most used in the world. The DEIP protocol has been designed specifically for the needs of scientists and provides them with opportunities not to be found in the current centralized system.

1. Self-governance by scientists

Scientists participate in governance with a special tool – Expertise Token that reflects the measure of their scientific contribution to the platform. The more contribution one has made, the more Expertise Tokens and, consequently, the more governance power they have.

The DEIP governance model is delegated – scientists vote for block producers who maintain the platform on their behalf by signing transaction blocks. To enable this model, DEIP introduces their own consensus algorithm – Delegated Proof of Expertise Contribution (DPoEC).

2. Rewards for contribution to science

After a research paper has been published on the platform, it starts getting reviews and assessment by scientists in corresponding fields. If positively assessed, the paper is rewarded with DEIP Tokens – the internal currency of the platform which is emitted dynamically, proportional to participants’ scientific activity on the platform.

Moreover, the author of the paper gains recognition for a contribution of expertise and is rewarded with Expertise Tokens.

Thus, the DEIP protocol incentivizes its participants to make more and better quality contribution to science, which is missing in the current centralized system because of conflicts of interests between its stakeholders.

3. Monetization of scientific knowledge and fundraising

The protocol turns research projects into countable digital assets that can be monetized and invested in. This is possible due to Research Tokens that are attributed to each research project. As the scientific community assesses a project, Research Tokens gain more value to be further sold to attract financing to the project.

This creates a fundamentally new market of early-stage investment into scientific research, allowing investors not to wait for liquidity of their investment for years. Research Tokens could be sold on secondary market right away, and if their price has grown, an investor can make upside even in a very short term.

The ecosystem for scientific data based projects

DEIP provides a system of smart contracts that allow users to build their own decentralized protocols and applications, using the infrastructure and data stored on the DEIP blockchain. It can be information from researchers’ personal profiles, the results of the decentralized assessment.

Not publicly available yet, smart contracts are already used for building some projects. An example of such is Syntau – a decentralized system of management of gene manufacturing. The decisions on adding some genes to a restrictions list are taken by voting with DEIP Expertise Tokens.

For the DEIP testnet participants

DEIP invites blockchain enthusiasts, developers and scientists to run node, simulate transactional activity and contribute to the future of science by improving the protocol. For this, create an account and see the instruction on participation on DEIP. An instruction is also available via Github.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Facebook | Twitter

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY] 📲 Snapparazzi - You are the JOURNALIST + the VIDEO CONTENT CREATOR on: August 25, 2018, 04:04:06 PM

Bounty Rules

Total budget : 36 500 000 SNPC (value per token : 0,18 $) / 6 570 000 $

Budget Round 1 (23 August - 10 September) : 8 888 888 SNPC / 1 600 000 $
Budget Round 2 (11 September - 24 September) : TBC (include Articles and Videos)
Budget Round 3 (25 September - 30 September) : TBC (include Articles and Videos)
Budget Round 4 (1 October - 29 October) : TBC (include Articles and Videos)

Round 1

Follow these simple tasks and earn up to 280 SnapCoin (50.4$)

Mandatory (Telegram/Human Control/ERC-20) : 3.6 $ (20 SNPC)
Twitter : 1.8 $ (10 SNPC)
Facebook : 1.8 $ (10 SNPC)
Retweet : 7.2 $ (40 SNPC)
Reddit : 3.6 $ (20 SNPC)
Linkedin 7.2 $ (40 SNPC)
Instagram : 3.6 $ (20 SNPC)
Youtube : 7.2 $ (40 SNPC)
Bonus if all tasks are done : 14.4 $ (80 SNPC)
Total Round 1 : 50,4 $ (280 SNPC)

Referral program (Bonus) : 3.6 $ (20 SNPC)

Get an extra 20 SnapCoin Tokens (3.6$)
by using your referral link to invite your friends


Action requested

You must join our social networks
You can follow us on Twitter
You can like us on Facebook
You can retweet our Tweet
You can join us on Linkedin
You can join us on Youtube
You can join us on Reddit
You can join us on Instagram
You can write an article on us
You can create a video on us
You must submit your ERC-20 wallet
You can claim your bonus tokens
You must pass the human control test
You must stay on our social networks
   until the end of the ICO (29/10/2018)

🚫Actions prohibited

Only valid users will be rewarded
All fake accounts and bot won't earn rewards
Only 1 registration per user

🔈Airdrop/Bounty details

Airdrop/Bounty (Round 1) will close on the 10/09/2018
Or if the Airdrop limit has been reached
Tokens will be distributed 14 days after the end of the ICO (29/10/2018)
KYC is not necessary to be illegible for this Airdrop/Bounty

💰 Referrals

Each referral gets an extra 20 SnapCoin Tokens
Each referral counts only if they have completed all the actions required

Snapparazzi reserves the right to slightly
change the rules if necessary

Video Guidelines (Round 2/3/4):

Video must be at least 3 min long
Article and/or video must be freely accessible
Video has to show link to website at least once
and a link must be in the video description
Snapparazzi's logo must appear
Speak positively about the ICO
Plagiarism will lead to disqualification
    Article Guidelines (Round 2/3/4):

    Article must be original content and contain
     at least 300 words
     Article must reflect our information as stated on
     our website
     Article must at least contain one active link to
     our website
     Article and/or video must be freely accessible
     Plagiarism will lead to disqualification
     Articles may be shared by you on
     your Social Media accounts

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN][ICO] 📲 Snapparazzi - You are the JOURNALIST and the VIDEO CONTENT CREATOR on: August 24, 2018, 08:36:58 AM

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / 🎮🎮🎮KAMAGAMES TOKEN SALE | 100M Players | $57M Revenue 🎮🎮🎮 on: August 13, 2018, 02:37:32 PM






5  Economy / Currency exchange / Coin2card - Instant withdrawal BTC or ETH to any bank card 💳 on: June 28, 2018, 02:01:22 PM

Exchange your crypto in 4 simple steps


Easy-to-use and transparent service

Contact information
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN]💰💰💰Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)💰💰💰 on: May 25, 2018, 07:05:42 PM

Distributed Credit Chain Token Sale

ONE HOUR Limited-Time Discount Window
Time: 7pm-8pm HKT, May 28, 2018
Discount price: 1 ETH = 14700 DCC
 Discount supply: 20,000,000 DCC
Public Sale Date and Time
 8pm HKT, May 28, 2018
Public Sale Price
 1 ETH = 13700 DCC

Token Distribution

Hard Cap: 1 billion DCC Tokens
Soft Cap: 500 Million

There will be a total of 10,000,000,000 DCC in supply

30% foundation, 20% management team, 10% ITO, 20% private purchasers, 10% market cooperation agency & consultants, 10% ECO reward

Take Part in the 1 Million DCC Token Airdrop

About Distributed Credit Chain

Distributed Credit Chain is the world’s first distributed banking public chain with a goal to establish a decentralized ecosystem for financial service providers around the world. By empowering credit with blockchain technology and returning ownership of data to individuals, DCC’s mission is to transform different financial scenarios and realize true inclusive finance.

What Problems Does Distributed Credit Chain Solve?

The core model of a credit agency is to share the costs of non interest-earning elements and non-repayment of loans by charging the "good guys" who can pay back the money. Obviously, this cost-sharing approach is extremely irrational. For borrowers, it brings an additional cost.

From the credit agencies point of view, significant amounts of time and energy are wasted verifying the credit of borrowers who do not suit the agency’s risk appetite, which is a waste of resources and a drastic decrease in efficiency for credit institutions.

A centralized credit extension model confers a monopoly advantage to centralized institutions. Aiming for profitability, they deduct lenders while squeezing borrowers, and expand their profits by extending their customer base.

See WHITEPAPER for more

How Distributed Credit Chain Works

This underlying public chain will be utilized for distributed credit reporting, debt registration, wealth management, and asset transactions. It will enable business participants in different countries and regions around the world to provide financial services in a much more convenient way.

A new type of virtual agency based on blockchain technology—"Distributed Banking"— will emerge. A Distributed Bank is not a traditional bank, but rather an ecosystem of distributed financial services. Conceptually, a Digital Bank, through fair financial service, will aim to break the monopoly of traditional financial institutions and to return earnings from financial services to all providers and users involved in such services so that each participant who!has!contributed the growth of! the!ecosystem may!be!incentivised.. Digital Banking will ultimately be a way to truly achieve an inclusive system of finance.

Through decentralized thinking, Digital Banking will be able to change the cooperation model in traditional financial services, building a new peer-to-peer and all-communications model of cooperation across all regions, sectors, subjects and accounts.

Roadmap & Timeline





Strategic Partners

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN] 🎥🎥🎥 RecordsKeeper 🎥🎥🎥 on: May 25, 2018, 07:00:59 PM

RecordsKeeper Token Sale

Private Sale - May 24th - Sep 6th

Pre-Sale - To Be Announced

ITO - To Be Announced

XRK Token Distribution

RecordsKeeper is targeting a 25,000 ETH Hard Cap
(Including pre-sale and public sale)

There are currently approx 302 million XRK in RecordsKeeper Ecosystem (300 Million Pre-mined & 2+ Million Mined by miners) & more XRKs are getting mined through RecordsKeeper Blockchain miners.

Pre-mined supply is broken down as follows:

First Token Sale (This Round) 52%, Reserved by Company 23.33%, Advisors 1%, Open Source Contributors 0.67%, Founders, Employees & Staff 20%, Marketing (ICO Bounty) 1%, Airdrop 1%, Security Bug Bounty 1%

100,000,000 XRK to be distributed in private pre-sale (unsold will be rolled over in public sale)

56,000,000 XRK to be distributed during the public sale

Take Part in the 3 Million XRK Token Airdrop!

Token Sale Structure

Phase 1: Private Sale
Date: 9 AM, 24 May 2018 UTC - 9 AM, 6 July 2018 UTC
XRK Price: 50% Bonus on 5,000 XRK/ETH Price
Maximum XRK To be Sold: 100 Million
Minimum Contribution: 50 ETH

Phase 2: Whitelisted Online Pre-sale
Date: To Be Announced
Pricing: Flat 25% Bonus on 5,000 XRK/ETH
Maximum participants allowed: 300 Whitelisted Participants Only
Minimum Contribution: 10 ETH
Currency Accepted: BTC, ETH
Contribution Dashboard:

Phase 3: Open Public Sale
Date: To Be Announced
Pricing: 5,000 XRK/ETH
Bonus: 10% Bonus for first 6 Million XRK Buyers, then 8% Bonus for next 6 Million XRK Buyers & then 6% Bonus for next 6 Million XRK Buyers & No Bonus post that.
Max XRK to be Sold: 56 Million XRK
Minimum Contribution: Not applicable
Currency accepted: BTC, ETH
Contribution Dashboard:

About RecordsKeeper & XRK

What is RecordsKeeper?

RecordsKeeper is an Open Source, Open Public Mineable Blockchain for Record Keeping & Data Security. It allows anyone to publish upto 8MB of data in key-value pair format while paying fees in XRK coins onto the RecordsKeeper Blockchain as a part of transaction & retrieve it any time in future for free using record key or transaction id. Data/Records uploaded in RecordsKeeper Platform are immutable & verifiable without any trusted third party.

Powered by high-end Encryption & Blockchain Technology, RecordsKeeper Public Blockchain allows anyone to create verifiable & immutable records which are not possible in traditional technologies like MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL etc. It can also be seen as a tool to generate a Proof-of-Existence, Proof-of-Authenticity & Proof-of-Integrity of a file, record, JSON/XML Object, document, certificate, degree on Blockchain.

RecordsKeeper offers a full suite of structured and easily accessible record keeping for organizations and individuals. RecordsKeeper creates a platform for structured storage over the decentralized network for the ease of data access and security between peers. The RecordsKeeper capitalizes over the pros of the Blockchain network to create an ecosystem for secure transfer, authorization, integrity, and authenticity of data.

Check RecordsKeeper comparison with other Blockchains here!

RecordsKeeper Ecosystem/Platform is fueled by XRK tokens which work as a GAS to upload the Data/records in RecordsKeeper Blockchain. Currently, the upload fees are 0.1 XRK/KB. So for 1MB of data, you have to pay around 100 XRK as a fee.

See data price comparison with other Blockchains here.

What Problems of Data & Records Does RecordsKeeper Solve?

How RecordsKeeper & XRK Works

RecordsKeeper makes it very easy to publish the immutable data objects of upto 8MB per transaction on RecordsKeeper Blockchain using XRK Tokens as a Gas (Just like Ether works as GAS/Tx fee in Ethereum). No need to setup the whole system just to create one immutable object.

RecordsKeeper is an open platform with key-value storage like MongoDB. A user accessing the RecordsKeeper can create a key-value types of records on top of RecordsKeeper Ledger which would act as a secure data storage. User can also use a Encrypted Storage with our public ledger to store unlimited amount of data. This data can be shared with the interested parties by sending a transaction. An open ecosystem to manage records reduce the need for establishing trust on 3rd party organisations. Moreover it provides a community control and verification over the data shared on RecordsKeeper Ledger.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: User-1 acquires XRK Tokens into their XRK Wallet
Step 2: User uploads Records/Data into RecordsKeeper Blockchain by paying the upload fee in XRK (0.1 XRK/KB) in a key-value pair format. Key can be used to retrieve the record later on. Maximum 8 MB can be uploaded per transaction.
Step 3: Miners confirms the transaction by adding a new Block.
Step 4: Miner earns Tx Fees & Block Reward for mining.
Step 5: User-1 Share the record key or tx id with User-2 who can verify the records/data’s authenticity & integrity at any time in future.

When a user uploads a file, a condensed record along with meta information (Fig. Upload Metadata) is signed and pushed in RecordsKeeper Ledger. The actual data is pushed to the encrypted storage layer for later retrieval. If any alteration of the record occurs after it is uploaded, the hash of the record will be different & its immutable traces will be kept in the Blockchain. A client can also use checksum with SHA256 hashing to ensure that the digest of the record hasn’t been altered.

RecordsKeeper offers the array of open-source libraries & API to publish the records in public Blockchain through programming, website, backend, Apps, servers etc.  RecordsKeeper offers a full suite of structured and easily accessible record keeping for organizations and individuals. RecordsKeeper creates a platform for structured storage over decentralized network for the ease of data access and security between peers. The Record Keeper captiliases over the pros of the Blockchain network to create a ecosystem for secure transfer, authorization, integrity and authenticity of data. Each peer is an autonomous agent, capable of performing these actions without significant human interaction. RecordsKeeper offers an out of the box functionality to built upon Multichain as a structured decentralized database store.

RecordsKeeper Features

Blockchain Information

Check Live XRK Statistics Dashboard here

Roadmap & Timeline



Important Links

RecordsKeeper Blockchain Explorer (Mainnet)

RecordsKeeper Blockchain Explorer (Testnet)

XRK Mining Guide

XRK Web Wallet

XRK Testnet Faucet

Blockchain Statistics

Live Demo

Tech Documentation


Social Media Communities

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / AirDrop 🚙🚙🚙VinChain🚙🚙🚙 on: April 09, 2018, 05:15:53 PM

VINchain - 100% Trustworthy Vehicle History on the Blockchain

Hello all. The Bounty campaign is closed. Thank you for your great job!!
The team is counting the amount of tokens. All tokens will be distributed within 3 weeks.

Please note: you can still write me till Thursday (19.04) to confirm results or change you ETH wallet. Also please check your wallet address. This is very important. Please note: if you do not write me till Thursday the change is no longer possible, because the team will start sending tokens into wallets. Thank you.

P.S. Write only on the thread or in the private messages on Bitcontalk. I'll try to answer you within 24 hours.

Thank you all for your great work.

You can ask ALL BOUNTY questions in a special bounty channel of Sandra Evans: Also, there you could find out new bounty proposals.

Please join our social media for 50 stakes. You must join all of them to get stakes.

Telegram - ( You must leave at least one constructive message (""Hi"", ""Hello"", ""Good project"" and etc. are not counted) to get stakes)
Facebook - ( Your account must has at least 100 friends)
Twitter - (Your account must has at least 100 followers)
Medium -

Disclaimer - All tokens will be distributed within three weeks after ICO ends (May). First 10000 people will be rewarded.

2.   Stay be a subscriber until the end of the ICO
3.  Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be disqualified.

Spreadsheet -

You can ask all your questions in a special bounty channel of Sandra Evans:

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / 💯RootProject - Airdrop 💯 on: March 08, 2018, 11:44:43 AM

Please join official Telegram chat of RootProject for 55 ROOTS

Only first 3000 participants will be paid


1. Please do not mention aidrop/bounty in the telegram chat.[/b] Only discuss the project / ico details.
2. Stay on telegram group until the end of the ICO
3. Please be an active member
4. Spammers will be banned

Form -


All tokens will be distributed after ICO ends.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN] GPCC | Global Protected Crypto Copyright on: February 08, 2018, 03:53:41 PM

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN] BeEasy - Blockchain ecosystem on: February 06, 2018, 02:48:04 PM

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / ROCKET ICO TELEGRAM AIRDROP 🚀🚀🚀🚀 CLOSED!!! on: February 02, 2018, 10:36:57 AM



Please join Telegram AirDrop for ROCKET ICO. Join our official Telegram channel  for 1 ROCK (~3$).

Only 3000 users will be in time ROCK

1. Please do not mention aidrop/bounty in the Telegram chat. Only discuss the project / ico details. Otherwise you will be banned
2. Stay on Telegram group until the end of the ICO


The spreadsheet -
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / MyWish - New BOUNTY 💰💰💰 on: January 18, 2018, 05:03:41 PM

Hello everybody, we would like to introduce new task for successful project MyWish which raised $2.6M for ICO and now the market cap is more than $17.7M -

Help us to list MyWish on KuCoin Exchange.
Vote for MyWish and get
- 5 $ (in WISH tokens) as a bonus , if MyWish reaches the 1st position
- 2 $ (in WISH tokens) as a bonus, if MyWish is in the top 3

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / The #MyRootProject Contest, $25k for a pro social project on: December 26, 2017, 02:22:07 PM
Announcing RootProject’s First #MyRootProject Contest

Hello! We represent RootProject, a crowdfunding platform that links cryptocurrency and non-profits to help the poor.

We have just launched a 1 BTC contest for the best non-profit pro social good project proposal.

We put this single bitcoin aside at a very different time. We wanted to give it away to a member of our community that came up with the best idea for a community crowdfunding campaign that fits our crowdfunding model. At the time we thought we were being generous with a $4000 or so grant. Now, of course it’s worth more than $15,000. But, we set it aside then, and are sticking to our crypto guns. We’re still going to give 1 BTC to the winner.

We’ve already got a bunch of crowdfunding campaigns underway and we are excited to see them get closer to their goals! Now it’s time to crowdsource some ideas from our community.

What is #MyRootProject? Quite simply, RootProject is going to fund one project with a budget up to $25,000 out the funds raised during our ICO. If you propose the winning project, you’ll get 1 BTC in your wallet that day.

RootProject will be taking proposals from members of our Telegram group and whittling them down to a final three. Those finalists will get a chance to work with RootProject to flesh out their ideas, provide final cost estimates, and formulate a plan to implement the projects if they are chosen. Once we announce the finalists, we will turn to our community on Telegram to vote for a winner. The winning project will get funded out of the proceeds from our ICO and will get started as soon as possible after our ICO period closes.

Have an exciting idea but need some help finding the funds? Can you think of a project but are not sure how to execute? Propose it as part of the #MyRootProject campaign and get help and resources to start making a difference in your community!

Project submissions must be proposed via telegram:
RootProject’s Telegram Group —
Please provide your project’s name, purpose, location, an estimate of costs, and any partner organizations you might want to include in the project.
Please include all this information in one single telegram message. And please tag Shannon Kane in our Telegram by tagging your telegram message @ShannonK

Judging Criteria:
RootProject will choose 3 finalist proposals based on these criteria:
Impact — how many people will we help and how will executing your project improve people’s lives?
Innovation — we’re always trying to encourage innovative ideas. Show us you’ve got something new and exciting in mind!
Feasibility — we are looking for projects that can be executed quickly — the less red tape to cut through the better.
Submission Deadline:

The final day of the RootProject ICO will serve as the deadline for proposals.

The winning proposal will receive funding from RootProject of up to $25,000 to be spent to execute the project.
The person who proposes the winning project will also receive 1 BTC.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / AIRDROP - First Ever Frienddrop: RootProject🌲 on: December 26, 2017, 10:06:27 AM

Telegram Airdrop - FriendDrop

Participate in the first ever FriendDrop!

Invite a friend into the telegram group -
Max 5 invites allowed
Fill out the form:

Each friend = 33 ROOTS. Max earn = 165 ROOTS!


1. Please do not mention aidrop/bounty in the telegram chat. Only discuss the project / ico details.
2. Stay on telegram group until the end of the ICO
3. Please be an active member
4. Spammers will be banned



All tokens will be distributed after ICO ends.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Telegram AirDrop - IZETEX - CLOSED on: December 22, 2017, 08:08:14 AM



1. Please do not mention aidrop/bounty on Telegram chat. Only discuss the project / ico details.
2. Stay on telegram group until the end of the ICO
3. Please be an active member on Telegram chat
4. Spammers will be banned[/size]

17  Local / 대체코인 Alt Coins (한국어) / Rocket ICO는 탈중앙형 자치 조직의 원리에 기반한 세계 최초의 온라인 스타트업 엑 on: December 08, 2017, 10:55:03 AM

18  Local / 山寨币 / 🚀🚀🚀官方安线程🚀🚀🚀 火箭ico是一个基于去中心化自治组织 on: December 07, 2017, 12:32:53 PM

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY] IRONBLOCK | CLOSED (did not collect the softcap) on: December 04, 2017, 10:30:47 PM
Dear participants of the campaign

The team decided not to continue the ICO as they did not collect the softcap on the Pre-ICO
I hope for the beneficial cooperation with you in the future.

All questions you can ask in my chat
Thank you very much for your work!

20  Local / Duyurular (Alternatif Kripto-Paralar) / [ANN] LH CRYPTO - Herkes için Kripto'da FOREX on: November 30, 2017, 06:11:31 PM

Operasyonel gelir, Larson & Holz Crypto brokerına yapılan müşteri ödemelerinin belirli bir oranı olarak hesaplanmaktadır.
Bu işleme CASHBACK Programı adı verilir.
Teminat sahipleri arasında dağıtılan CASHBACK ödemesinin tutarı, müşteri ödemelerinin tutarına,
projenin başarısına, pazarlama bütçesine ve benzer değişkenlere bağlıdır..

ICO hedefleri

Projemizi benzersiz yapan yedi özelliği

Zaten çalışan bir iş modeli var. Dahası uzun bir geçmişe ve geniş bir müşteri kitlesine sahibiz.

LarsonHolz sadece bir website değil, o gerçek bir şirket. 2004'den beridir bu piyasadayız,
Asya, Avrupa ve Latin Amerika'nın farklı ülkelerinde birçok ofisimiz ve iş ortağımız var.
Şirkette 100'den fazla birinci kalite profesonel ve 10 farklı dili akıcı bir şekilde konuşan personellerimiz çalışıyor.

Mevcut verimli iş modelini ve pazarlama kampanyasını kripto ortamına ayarlamamız yeterlidir.

ICO, PRE ICO aşamasından hemen sonra yatırımcılara kar getirmek üzere tasarlanmıştır. Buna "Early Bird Bonus" denir.

Token sahiplerinin gelirleri, varlık pazarının fiyat artışına ve gelen ödeme akışının kripto komisyoncusu hesabına akışına bağlıdır.
Her açıdan bu, temettü ödemelerine benzer. Bu ödemeler akıllı sözleşme ile garanti altına alınmıştır. Ve bu "CASHBACK" dir.

Zaten etkin ve kar getiren bir komisyoncumuza sahip olduğumuzdan, token depolarımız için benzersiz teminatlar sağlayabiliriz.
Minimum ilk yıl garanti verdiğimiz token gelir %20'dir. Ve bu "Hasılat Oranı Sigorta Sistemi" dir.

Müşterilerimiz aktif internet kullanıcılarıdır, finansal kaynakları sınırlıdır ve çevrimiçi kazanma şansını ararlar.
Bu nedenle, hedef kitle arasında büyük kripto para birimi topluluğu var.

Tüm bu özellikler birleştikten sonra, bu projenin tarihte paralel, olmadığını iddia etmemizi sağlıyor.
Token fiyatının belirlenmesi, 10 yıldan fazla bir zamandır kar getiren etkin işle teyit edilir

Larson&Holz IT Ltd Nedir, Ne Yapar?

Larson & Holz, Forex ve ikili opsiyon işlemi yapan broker şirketi, 2004 yılından beri çalışmaktadır.
Şirket müşterileri, finansal enstrümanlardaki kotasyonların (kripto para birimleri de dahil olmak üzere) dalgalanmalara,
hisse senetlerine, petrol, altın gibi ticarette bulunan bireylerdir.

Mevduat sahibi herhangi bir kişi 10 ABD doları ile şirket müşterisi olabilir. Şirketin açık politikaları sayesinde,
veritabanında Asya, Afrika, Latin Amerika ve Avrupa'dan yüz binlerce yatırımcı hesabı bulunmaktadır.

Müşteri aylık girişi (müşteriler tarafından ticaret hesaplarına aktarılan tutar 3 milyon ABD Dolarının üzerindedir.

Broker'ın hizmetlerini kendi resmi sitesinde test edebilirsiniz

Marka geçmişi hakkında Wikipedia'da daha fazla bilgi bulabilirsiniz

Bu fonlar nasıl kullanılır?

Mevcut bir Forex brokerinin kripto sürümünü oluşturmak için para topluyoruz.
Yalnızca kripto para birimleriyle işlenmiş tüm operasyonlarla komisyoncunun ek bir şubesini başlatmayı planlıyoruz.

Başka bir deyişle, müşterilerin yatırma, çekme işlemleri ve diğer işlemler yalnızca kripto para birimleri ile işlenecektir.
Projenin son aşamasında bu işlemler brokerın simgelerinde işlenecektir.
Bu küçük modernizasyon, aracı kurum ekonomisini radikal bir şekilde değiştirecek.

Bu, hizmetlerimiz yeni piyasalara erişimi sağlar; Bu, müşterilerimizin veritabanını genişletir ve
zorlu para birimi düzenlemelerine sahip ülkelerden (Çin, Arap ülkeler ve bazı Latin Amerika ülkeleri)
müşteriler için transferler yapmayı daha kolay ve daha ucuz olmasını sağlar.

Bir yılda brokerlarımızın yeni işletme bölümü mevcut prototipinden daha iyi bir noktaya geleceği ve
hem yatırımcılarına hem de sahiplerine büyük kazançlar sağlayacağına inanıyoruz.

ICO sırasında nasıl kazanabilirsiniz?
"Early Bird Bonus" nedir?

ICO'yu 3'e bölüyoruz: Pre ICO, ICO, ICO sonrası. Her biri bir ay sürecektir.

İlk fonlar ilk aşamada yükseltilecek. Artan fonların miktarı token fiyatını belirleyecektir.
Başka herhangi bir şirkette olduğu gibi, mümkün olan en büyük fonları elde etmekle ilgileniyoruz.
Bu nedenle, daha büyük meblağları diğerlerinden önce verenleri ödüllendirmek istiyoruz.

Bu nedenle, PRE ICO yatırımcılarının belirteçlerimizi en düşük fiyata (kesin fiyat PRE ICO'dan sonra hesaplanacak)
ve daha sonra fiyatı her hafta şu şekilde artacak %5, %10, %15 ve %21

Genellikle ICO sahipleri fiyat artışının tüm kazançlarını alır veya bunları projeye yatırırlar.
Ancak farklı bir yol seçtik!

Akıllı sözleşmemiz, token fiyatına ilişkin işaretlemenin önceki yatırımcılara dağıtılacağı anlamına geliyor.
Öyleyse,% 5'lik pazarlama, PRE ICO aşamasında belirteçleri satın alan yatırımcılar arasında dağıtılacaktır.

Aşağıdaki hafta fiyat öncesi ICO belirteçleri sahipleri ve simgeleri ICO, vb ilk haftasında
satın almış olanlar arasında dağıtılacaktır ve %10 kadar gidecek.

Bu nedenle, tüm proje katılımcıları (son partiden ayrı olarak) ethereum kazanacak ve hatta ICO bitmeden!
Yatırımcılara, token fiyatı işaretlemesine dayalı ödül sistemleri "Early Bird Bonus" olarak adlandırılır.


CAHSBACK Programı, broker'ın işletme hasılatı kazançlarının sabit bir payının
LHCoin token sahipleri arasında aylık olarak dağılımını gösterir.

Arka plan: Müşterilerin Forex broker hesabına para yatırması çok pahalı bir işlemdir.
Banka kartı işlemleri ile aracı komisyon, banka komisyonu olarak mevduat tutarından yaklaşık %6 oranında kaybeder.
Kripto para birimine geçiş, her bir işlemden %5 tasarruf sağlayabilir.
Larson & Holz kaydedilen fonları yatırımcılar arasında dağıtacak.

CASHBACK tutarının aracı kurumun kârına bağlı olmadığını unutmayın:
bunun yerine bütün müşterilerin ödemelerinin ticaret hesaplarına bağlıdır.
Bunlar on milyonlarca dolardır ve kripto ticareti yapanların sayısı arttıkça miktar artacaktır.
Bu ödemeler tamamen otomatiktir ve smart contract ile garanti edilir.

Tokenlerimiz için minimum % 20 geliri nasıl sağlayacağız?
Token Oranı Sigortası Sistemi Nedir?

Geleneksel olarak, yatırımcılar bir tokenin artan piyasa değeri ile kazanmayı beklerler.
Peki ya bir token fiyata yükselmezse? Genellikle yatırımcılar tüm riskleri alır.
Ancak projemizde yok! Projemizin başarısı konusunda eminiz ki, yıllık verimi% 20 seviyesinde tutmak sorumluluğunu alıyoruz.

Minimum token getirisi aşağıdaki şekilde garanti edilir: broker her ICO yatırımcısına bir Kişisel Alan sağlar
ve her ICO yatırımcı için gerçek bir ticaret hesabı kaydeder.
Broker müşterilerinin diğer hesapları gibi bu hesap MetaTrader'da kayıtlıdır.
Hesap, tıpkı geleneksel bir işlem hesabı gibi kullanılabilir, yani yatırımcılar para yatırabilir veya çekebilir ve ticaret anlaşmaları yapabilir.

Bununla birlikte, bu hesabın temel amacı satın alınan simgeleri ve #HHCoin'e bağlı fon akışını göstermektir.
Broker'ın standart şartlarına göre, broker, #LHCoin tokeninin pazara girmesinden bir yıl sonra piyasa fiyatı en az %20 artmazsa,
bu açığı yatırımcının kişisel hesabına bir bonus olarak tahakkuk edecektir.

Brokerın standart kurallarına ve düzenlemelerine göre, brokerın listesinden başka herhangi bir varlık için
bonusu değiştirebilir, onunla ticaret yapabilir veya hesabınızdan çekebilirsiniz.
Belli bir seviyede token piyasa fiyatını destekleyen bu sistemi "Token Oranı Sigorta Sistemi" olarak adlandırırız.

Referans programı:
Yeni yatırımcıları ICO'ya davet ederek nasıl kazanabilirsiniz

Şirketimizi sadece tavsiye ederek kazanabilirsiniz.

Kazanılmış toplamın %3'ünü ETH olarak veya token olarak 1:10 oranında LHCoin_B olarak ödeme gerçekleştiririz.

Davet ettiğiniz yatırımcı 100$ değerinde LHCoin simgesi satın aldığında, 10 LHCoin_B kazanırsınız.

Ödül türünüzü seçebilirsiniz. Ya kripto para birimi cinsinden (ETH) veya LHCoin_B token şeklinde.

Sevk programımıza katılmak için yapmanız gereken tek şey sitemizde kayıt olmaktır. Kayıt tamamlandıktan sonra, 6 haneli bir kod alacaksınız.

Şirketimizle ilgili bilgileri paylaşarak yeni yatırımcıları çekebilirsiniz:

Örneğin, kodunuz 123456 ise, gönderdiğiniz bağlantı

Biri bu bağlantıyı izledikten sonra, bilgisayarına, çerez denilen özel bir kodla işaretlenecek.

Sonra, bu kişi, yani referansınız, tokenimizi satın alırsa, sizin ödüllendirileceksiniz ve onu Müşteri Alanında göreceksiniz.

Ne kadar yükseleceğimizi düşünüyoruz?

Dört tane hedef belirledik:

Soft CAP > 1’000’000 USD

Bu minimum tutar. Bu noktaya ulaşmazsak, tüm paralar yatırımcıların hesaplarına otomatik olarak geri verilecek ve proje askıya alınacak;
bu, endüstriye olan ilginin düşük olması anlamına geliyor.

Normal Cap > 5’000’000 USD

Bu tutar, projeyi Yol Haritası'na göre başlatmamızı sağlayacaktır. Yaklaşık bir yıl boyunca Yol Haritası'nı izleyeceğiz.

Optimal Cap > 10’000’000 USD

10 milyon USD'dan fazla para topladığımız için, piyasaya çıkma süresini kısaltabilir ve pazar bütçesini artırabiliriz,
böylece pazarın büyük bir kısmını kazanmamıza yardımcı oluruz.

Ultimate Cap = 50’000’000 USD

Yatırımların tutarı 50 milyon olacak olursa, daha fazla token satışı askıya alınacak;
çünkü bu tutar herhangi bir pazarlama giderini karşılayacak kadar fazla ve komisyoncuyu en kısa sürede TOP-5'e fırlayacak.
İhtiyacımızdan daha fazla para toplamanın bir anlamı yok.

Yol haritası

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