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1  Other / Off-topic / Impossible to pay you back on: February 10, 2013, 06:33:55 PM
Hi, I'm looking for a loan from someone who has quite a lot of bitcoin. I cannot pay you back, but I may use it to pay back the universe in any way I can. so this loan will be more like charity to the poor. If you're interested PM me. Oh yeah the loan amount is 1000 BTC. The reason I post in this section is because if I can pay you back I will so I think this is a loan with no guarantees. The reason for this is, to make guarantees I feel is a wrong thing to do. No one knows what challenges you will face in your day. Guaranteeing I can pay you back, well, just look at the global financial meltdown. Loans never work. The ones who are paid back in life are those who give from the heart, not in vain. If you don't know the difference, you cannot help me, or anyone for that matter!

Thank you.
2  Other / Off-topic / I'm calling the top here @ $23.98961 on: February 10, 2013, 12:08:09 PM
This has peaked for 2013, we it never see these prices again.

EDIT: This is the moment I decided to call $23.98961 being the top. Bitcoin was at 23.20 USD/BTC, Feb 10th 2013

You will respect me for this.
3  Economy / Long-term offers / Looking for 350-400 btc loan on: February 02, 2013, 12:42:40 PM
I can go up to 20%. Yes I made a thread earlier for a bigger loan only a few weeks ago, and I offered 50%, however I closed it because I figured out it wasn't something I was willing to go through with. I'm looking for something much more reasonable now, of course this is subjective. My plan is to use the 350-400 to make a purchase of a car to get back to my old job which I left because I was sick of having others drive me. This job is one that pays $11.50/hr and I am typically called in for 20 hours a week or more. 50% of the work force are people I have known for years, so going back is not an issue. We are on good terms. So do the math! I'm able to pay back the loan and the request is reasonable. However I'm guessing no one has that much BTC to lend, which sucks!

Anyway, here's the math
20 hours / week * 11.50 = $230, so, in a year that's $12,000 approximately.

It's a long shot but I assure you if I get the loan, I will work as quickly as I can to get your money back to you. I do not like taking loans / borrowing to be honest, so I want to move quickly to get it all back, plus supply you with a decent ROI. Here's another thing I mention in my last thread. Bitcoin is $19-$20 now. Let's say in 8-12 months, when I expect to have your money, Bitcoin is $5? or lower? Sure, it could be much higher.. it could be anything. However some experience in life tells me it is experiencing a peak and may not be back here for a while. Who's to say, this is not the time or the place to speculate, however I'm giving a valid possibility. What I'm saying is this could be an opportunity to lock in this value and even earn 20% on your investment on top of that. How that works is I'm not valuing the loan in BTC, I'm valuing it in US dollars and repaying in US dollars. and thus concludes this thread.

Can anyone help me? If so PM me so we can work out the terms.
4  Economy / Long-term offers / Looking for 10 investors to lend 105 BTC each and receive 50% ROI in 6-12 months on: January 08, 2013, 07:15:24 PM
edit: Potential investors, now that Bitcoin has gone up (last price I'm seeing is $14.06) that means I'll need 1050 now rather than 1200 which I had initially stated, and if it goes up it will be even lower. So that breaks down to 105 each rather than 120, since I'm asking of 10 individuals. Let me know if this is still worth it to you, otherwise I assume it is and keep you on the list as more investors come. Thank you.

Hello. I'm needing a some what large loan that I'm sure I can pay back. Yes, feel free to look at my history and see that it appears I'm literally a nobody and conventional wisdom now is screaming at you to hit the back button. but for those who have higher tolerance, please continue to read.. I've decided to break this down so that 10 investors can participate and receive 50% ROI within 6-12 months.

Total loan amount I am looking for is 1200 BTC. If 10 are willing to lend, then that is 120 from each, which will receive the US dollar equivalent of a 50% ROI in 6-12 months. So if bitcoin exchange rate stays exactly the same, that would be a 60 BTC ROI.

Reason for breaking it down into 10, in case anyone bothers to wonder why, is the assumption that it will be difficult to get 1200 BTC off one person, as that would be high risk for a single lender to be burdened with.

Anything wrong with this?

Basically, I need 1200 BTC and I do not at all mind to offer what I feel is a fair ROI considering I feel it is more than within my means to repay.

Please no trolls. If you want to call me stupid, insult me, make me feel very very dumb, you may use the PM feature for that. However if you have 120 BTC that you want to make 50% ROI off of, let's get you on the list and see if we can get it done.

If it doesn't happen, I'm not going to feel bad about myself or like a fool for asking. I will understand that this comes across as too risky, and that is life. I will be forced to accept that I do not come across as a trust worthy person. Thing is, I see on sealswithclubs, literally 10k in bitcoins wash away in front of my eyes out of one persons account, into another, over a silly card game. I've lost maybe $50 on there and realized the poker life is not for me. I need a loan to get myself off my feet and get into an industry which has a starting annual salary of $35k minimum, and I can be in it within 3-5 months, easily. I am living at home and have no expenses however I cannot get off my feet without a loan.

Yes I realize this post probably reads very peculiarly, and the whole thing is peculiar. Guess what? that's how life is.. You can't take the heat get out of the the kitchen and go on with your day.

It's time now to see if we can get some commitment to a list of 10 willing to commit to lend 120 105 BTC and receive 50% ROI in USD value within 6-12 months, which will be paid in BTC:

1. Chang Hum (says willing to invest if I can get 9 more)
2. TradeFortress (pending)

I'll give it a 1-4 weeks and if I cannot get the confidence of 10 investors, (which I realize may not be won over by this post alone and will take a few days of communication), then I will call it quits. However if I do get the investors by the 4 week deadline, I will have you all pay me at once so we can set a proper deadline for your payment which I will do altogether at once, within 6-12 months from the day I receive the complete 1200 BTC loan.

Thank you for reading, and considering this opportunity.

Edit: A few more things I wanted to add.

1) I have no debts, no expenses.
2) I have $3,500 cash in the bank right now
3) Someone in my family owes me $7,000 and says they intend to pay me back. I know this is true because they are the one reminding me, I am not reminding them.

I think those are three crucial points, so I'm glad I have mentioned them. I also have an ASIC from BFL on the way, however it's not really worth mentioning as it's a jalapeno and I know that's laughable.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Handing out credit cards with $25 worth of bitcoin? on: December 30, 2012, 03:28:06 PM
There needs to be some serious investment in this movement if Bitcoin is really to revolutionize this pathetic planet! That company who came up with a credit card should organize together with some Bitcoin type rally and go from city to city passing these things out. That's intelligence.
6  Economy / Currency exchange / Anyone willing to sell me 1-2 BTC for Paypal? on: November 30, 2012, 01:45:34 AM
I don't feel like waiting 6 days for a bank transfer.

Please PM and let's do this.

This won't be my first time:

edit: Someone has PM'd me and we made a deal. I am no longer in need of a seller. Thanks.
7  Bitcoin / Project Development / Got a project idea.. INTERNET WRESTLING! on: July 05, 2012, 03:45:58 PM
2 people debate,
unlimited people spectate and BET on who the fuck is winning the argument.

pretty neat idea right?

here's how it's practical... two internet trolls think they have the better argument.. so they set up a match, then people come in and bet on who they think is going to win while they are arguing. below their debate is a chat box for the spectators. I guess when a certain percentage of spectators vote on a certain person, that is when they have officially won. there will need to be a non-voting period prior to this to give each side time..

this is fun for people who like to bet, analyze, and learn..

initially the two wrestlers must put down money... the host may put down money too.. so it's just like pro wrestling, mixed with casino, mixed with real life debates. it's all mental.

i'm far to stupid to execute the idea.. so whoever wants to take up this project, that would be cool.. keep in mind, you may want to throw down your own bitcoins to host these debates because someone may invite non-bitcoin users who really don't give a fuck about bitcoin, they just want to go up against their opponent. just like in wrestling, it's not the money or the fame sometimes, it's a real fight. and the spectators take the money.

how I came up with this idea was from observing another forum where people pick on each other all day long.. if you really want to do this right, you will cater to them, because they really need a place to wage their wars.. i promise, this must done right or don't do it at all. what i mean by that is, you're inviting hateful people to debate against each other. don't give them another thing to hate.. remember hateful people are very simple minded and possess no deeper intellectual capacity. make the website as simple as you can.. they will be offended if this is centered around bitcoins. they want to feel like they and their debate are the most important thing on earth.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The difference between government instituted currencies and Bitcoin is huge. on: June 25, 2012, 06:22:47 AM
When you have a problem with your US Dollar, SOMEONE is responsible.
When you have a problem with your Bitcoin, NO ONE is responsible.

"Ok" you say. "What's your point?".. **WHOA**

To think I would make a thread without a point.. to troll.. to draw attention toward myself... Is that goal merely all I sought in sharing this opinion?


This is a HUGE observation.

BITCOIN is a currency that has NO CENTRAL AUTHORITY. This you might know, as most do, but do you know really what this implies and how this is NOT to your benefit?

Now you can respond and say I'm crazy, or you can actually think it through. Is this really better?

If government and people were ONE... the US dollar would be perfectly fine.. but BITCOIN being the solution? No I can't imagine that. I'm so sorry. You personally might be finding a use for it but that does not justify it on the level I am speaking.

Think about this: If the United States is failing, how is Bitcoin going to succeed? and why does the United States fail? because the people are failing. The very people you trust to manage their own Bitcoin based world. People will always be people! Bitcoin is no exception.

There *ALWAYS* need to be someone or something responsible for everything.. Bitcoin is chaos. The United States is Chaos. Why? Because people are Chaos and do not generally look for collective solutions unless a shallow inward incentive is sold to them. A shallow interpretation of freedom is that very incentive peddled upon the ignorant majority, employed/preached in every system doomed to fail.

I'm sorry Bitcoiners.. this is not going to work out logically for you.
9  Economy / Currency exchange / 5 BTC for $35 Paypal anyone? on: June 22, 2012, 11:05:49 AM
Though first I need to ask, am I at risk of losing my Paypal account?
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