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1  Economy / Collectibles / Sterling Silver Bitcoin Lapel Pin on: May 14, 2014, 08:53:45 PM
I've opened up a little shopify store for the couple of items that I have to give people a more automated process if they want.  
The store accepts Bitcoin, CC, and Paypal processing.
If you still prefer you can always message me on here as well.

You can access it at
To celebrate, use the code BITCOINTALK during checkout for 10% off the prices. Smiley

Each pin is solid sterling silver (925) with 18k gold plating for the two tone effect.
There are a 100 total pins. Each one is laser engraved with a serial from 001 to 100.

Currently, they are being sent out in random order with no serial requests (sorry).
2  Economy / Collectibles / serpcoin DIY2 - Do It Yourself Physical Bitcoins on: February 19, 2014, 09:58:02 PM
I've opened up a little shopify store for the couple of items that I have to give people a more automated process if they want.  
The store accepts Bitcoin, CC, and Paypal processing.
If you still prefer you can always message me on here as well.

You can access it at
To celebrate, use the code BITCOINTALK during checkout for 10% off the prices. Smiley

You can see the thread for the first version at
Most information is at the site


 - 35mm diameter
 - 3mm thickness
 - 15mm x 15mm recessed square on back
 - Zinc Alloy with 18K Gold Plating
 - Labeled 2014

Security Holograms

 - 32mm dameter
 - 13mm x 2mm transparent window
 - Honeycomb release for tamper evidence
 - Security edge slits for tamper evidence
 - 16 holograms per sheet

All coins will be sold as a set of coin + hologram + air-tite (with black ring) since that is how everyone wanted them last time anyways.
All orders will come with extra holograms.

How To Load The Coins?
A good starting place is  
If you have more questions then send me a message and I will try to help.
3  Economy / Services / Looking for a Logo - 0.1 btc + money for 2nd/3rd - [done] on: February 10, 2014, 05:16:16 PM
SERPCO is a name I use when monetizing my free time.
This has been everything from software development to creative writing to woodworking.
I would like a logo that I can use for a website, business cards, and engraved on products.

Things I'm looking for are:
 - Original design with no stock photography.
 - Minimal design
 - Design can stand on it's own without words.
 - I would prefer to have the file in SVG format.

I'm open to anything but something related to science, math, tech, maker, labs appeal to me.

I will pay 0.1 BTC for a design I use.  If for some reason I do not get a logo I would like to use by Friday (2/14/2014), I will gift 0.05 BTC to the design I like best with no transfer of ownership.  I don't expect this to be the case but I want to add some guarantee to attract interest.

I am also adding two gifts of 0.02 each to the 2nd and 3rd place designs.  These will be gifts with no ownership transfer.


I have been asked to give more guidance so I will give 2 ideas I'd love to see.

  - A light bulb with a Bohr's Atom model inside it.
  - A shield with circuits on it like a circuit board.

I've said this a few times before but I'd like the end design to be minimal with flat textures and in a vector format.
4  Economy / Collectibles / Do it Yourself - Physical Bitcoin [ coins sold out ] on: December 17, 2013, 06:51:59 PM
I had planned on releasing custom made loaded coins to follow up the previous loaded coins I had.  Given the recent happenings and the fact that I do this for fun and not business I'm liquidating what I have as DIY coins instead of loaded coins.

Info on previous coins and the current diy pieces at

Some images/info about the DIY coins below:

Blank Coins

 - 35mm diameter
 - Zinc Alloy
 - Antique finish
 - Labeled 2014

Hologram Labels

 - 32mm dameter
 - 13mm x 2mm transparent window
 - Honeycomb release for tamper evidence
 - Security edge slits for tamper evidence
 - 16 labels per sheet

Example Coin with Air-tite case

.010 btc / sheet of 16 labels
.005 btc / blank coin
.001 btc / air-tite w/ rubber ring (max = # coins ordered)

.01  US48
.04  Worldwide

Software - not required
Here is some scripts to help create addresses and labels to go under the holograms
with instructions on how to use them in Ubuntu.

These scripts are not required.  
You can create your own addresses and make your own labels to go under the hologram just fine.

I am now sold out of all coins.  I still have sheets of holograms available if you want them.
5  Economy / Goods / Loaded Aluminum Casascius Coins [50 mBTC] [v2] [sold out] on: July 29, 2013, 01:13:32 AM
Time for another round of coins.
These are verify similar to the last set but with a few small improvements.

For common questions see posts from previous versions of coins:

 - There are 48 total coins.
 - Each coin is loaded with 0.05 BTC (50 mBTC).
 - The private key is encoded as a QR code under the hologram scratch off label.
 - Labeled sc v2 on the left side.
 - Labeled with #/48 on the right side.

Price: 0.08 btc per coin

Shipping within US: 0.04 first class or 0.055 priority.
Shipping outside US: 0.1 first class or 0.24 priority.

As with all previous orders, I will ship the coins out the next day and send you a tracking number the day I ship.  First class is cheap but tracking is often unreliable even in the US.  Tracking by any method for international orders is almost useless.  If you want it shipped some other way then just let me know and I'll investigate it.

Maximum Order:
10 coins per order for the first 2 days.
No limit starting Tuesday (7/30/2013).

Sorry the date in the image is from last night as I finished them then but didn't get the post up till today.  If you need some more verification just let me know.
6  Economy / Goods / Loaded Aluminum Casascius Coins [50 mBTC] [sold out] on: July 10, 2013, 02:07:51 AM
The first set proved very popular so I've made another set.  This time they are loaded with 0.05 BTC (50 millibitcoin).
To see some of the first set and an example of how a scratched off coin looks, see previous thread:

Price: 0.08 BTC/coin.
Shipping: US: 0.05 BTC, Outside US: 0.2 BTC
Maximum Order: 10 coins or less.

WARNING:  All shipments will come with a tracking address which I will give to you quickly. However, USPS tracking with first class is hit or miss within the US and pretty awful outside the US.  Unfortunately, the cost for better options is a LOT higher.  If you want these I can accommodate but they will cost >0.2 btc in the US and >0.5 btc outside the US. If you want it then ask me and I'll price it.  USPS estimates 2-3 days shipping time on first class within the US and 10-12 days outside the US.  I have had shipments take much less time than this and much longer.

 - Labeled FIFTY MILLIBITCOIN at top.
 - Labeled sc v1 (first version was sc v0.1) on left.
 - Labeled #/48 on right (there are 48 total coins).
 - Labeled with firstbits address on bottom for verification.
 - The coins are the 1.25" aluminum coins from Casascius.
 - Weatherproof silver foil labels (laser printed).
 - Hologram scratch off covering private key qr code.
 - Loaded with 0.05 BTC (50 millibitcoin).


How do you redeem these?
Each coin has a qr code which can be scanned in to read a private key of a bitcoin address.  A few phone bitcoin wallet apps make this easy such as the app.  If you are unable or unwilling to use one of these apps you can always use any qr code scanner application which will turn the code into text which can then be entered into any bitcoin wallet as a private key.  Redeeming these keys does not rely on any one website or app.  For a more technical answer, the qr code is of a private key in WIP format which I believe is the most widely supported format for bitcoin wallets.

How big/heavy are the coins?
They are 1.25" in diameter and made of aluminum.  Slightly larger than a US 50 cent piece but since they are aluminum they are fairly light weight.

How do you do this?
I have written scripts for the address creation, funding, label pdf creation.  The rest is just a very manual process using precision tweezers.  That's why I only do 48 at a time.

Why the limit of 10 coins?
Mostly due to the amount of people who have asked for them and the limited amount I can make at a time.
7  Economy / Goods / Aluminum Casascius Coins [sold out] on: June 22, 2013, 07:31:07 PM
So I've had a bag of these for a while now and have been working on scripts to create labels along with finding proper labels for them.  I have made 48 of them (1 sheet of labels) and loaded them with 0.01 bitcoins each.  I'm calling this first set version 0.1

v 0.1
 - weatherproof silver labels (laser printed)
 - full private key in a qr code
 - hologram scratch off covering private key
 - firstbits address on bottom
 - 10 mBTC at top
 - loaded with 0.01 BTC
 - sc v0.1 on left
 - numbered #/48 on right

Sorry for the picture quality.  I did them on my phone.

I used coin #2 as a test coin.  I scratched it off (as you can see above) and swept/tested the qr code with the app.  I wanted to use the mini key for the qr code but in my tests the wallet phone app would not read mini keys from a qr code (only the full private key).  Mt.gox's phone app was the only one to read the mini keys from a qr code I believe.  Anyways, the full private keys in a qr code seem to be fairly easily and reliably read from my phone at least.

I have 47 of the 48 coins left unredeemed.  I want to keep a few myself to hand out locally.  I would like to sell around 45 of them for 0.025 btc each plus actual shipping.  I'd prefer to ship within the US for now as I have no experience with the requirements otherwise.

Also, I'm really interested in ideas/suggestions for the next set.  I'd like to fit a link on there somehow which could teach someone more about bitcoins but not sure about it fitting.  I have some square hologram scratch offs on the way which would give a bit more room on the coin (and allow more room for error).  Any questions/thoughts?

8  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] ~5 btc on: October 05, 2012, 05:56:03 PM
Paying current mtgox price for around 5btc.

I can pay using ING P2P (ACH if you don't have ING), Paypal, or can buy amazon/newegg/steam for you.
9  Economy / Goods / WTB 30 day game time for WoW US on: September 23, 2012, 10:27:27 PM
As the title states.  I want to pay btc for a 30 day code.

I'll pay 1.25 btc or spot if the value drops between the time I post this and whenever.

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