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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / RustyRyan on: October 01, 2012, 05:55:57 PM
See topic

Unfortunately RustyRyan is not paying dividends and loans back anymore. Please mark him as a scammer.
2  Local / Markt / Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund on: August 13, 2012, 10:02:26 PM
PsychoticBoy en ik richten een nieuw bitcoin investment fund op. Zie voor meer info:
3  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund - Completely Transparent on: August 13, 2012, 09:57:01 PM
PsychoticBoy and Paladon

Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund

Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund (FDBF) is a Bitcoin-based investment fund with the highest possible yield against a moderate risk profile.

What is Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund?
We are a GLBSE-listed company which will focus to find the best yield on Bitcoin investments. We do this by spreading among different Bitcoin markets and companies.  We will make a solid analysis before making any investment. In that way we try to reduce risk for you investors.

What kind of investments will Flying Duchman Bitcoin Fund do?
- investing in companies and bonds on GLBSE
- investing in Bitcoin-related projects and companies (possible Bitcoin startups)
- Automated margin and arbitrage trading
- Short term, low and high risk, interest loans

How will Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund be operated?
The FDBF will be operated by PsychoticBoy and Paladon. A good mixture of experience in Bitcoin-related skills and other very necessary skills like economics, technology and finance. By having a dual-head operator we also reduce risk for our investors. FDBF will be a stock, not a bond. Which means that:
- you can vote if you are one of the shareholders.
- you actually own your portion of the net asset value.
- you can give us public or private suggestions, which will possibly be accepted and turned into motions.

How many shares will be created?
100,000 shares will be created. Each share has an nominal value of 0.15 BTC. In the pre-IPO phase the shares have been offered for 0.14 BTC (0-99 shares) or 0.13 BTC (100 or more shares). More shares may be created and sold in the future, but only after a motion with 51% of the votes or more to agree. It is possible for FDBF to buy back the share at any time at a price equal to 1.05 times the highest price the asset was traded on GLBSE over the prior 15 days.

What is your dividend pay out policy?
From the very first start we will pay out dividends of the FDBF profit. The profit will include all dividends we receive, interest received minus the costs of operation. All income, costs and therefore calculation of the profit will be visible by our public spreadsheet.
- 70% of the profits will be paid to shareholders each Sunday.
- 30% will be used by investing in more assets.
Instead of receiving a management fee, we will receive 10 shares for every 100 shares sold.

What are the risks by investing in Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund?
We will do our utmost best to generate the highest possible yield for our investors at a moderate risk profile. But no matter how careful we are, investing always has a risk. We do see the following risks:
-  we cannot totally exclude the possibility that the assets we buy are issued by a scammer
-  the assets we buy may not be as profitable as we think
-  our evaluation of the value of assets bought may be wrong
-  the borrowers may not be able to pay our Bitcoins back.
-  the price of Bitcoin drops dramatically
-  the effect of the ASIC hardware and the effect of the reward split will not have the impact we forsee
To be very clear:
-  we can not guarantee profit and I will not take responsibility if you lose money investing in FDBF, invest on your own risk.
-  we do not take responsibility for any loses that investors potentially could take by investing in FDBF
But we guarantee:
That we  will always do our utmost best to generate the highest yield possible at a moderate risk profile.

What can I expect from Flying Dutchman Bitcoin Fund?
You can expect that we will try to generate the highest possible yield against a moderate risk profile. Besides we will try to let our Fund grow, so that you as share-holder see your investment grow too. Because we will manage the fund, you will simply safe time too.

How can I trust PsychoticBoy and Paladon?
We are both active members of the Dutch Bitcoin community at

PsychoticBoy has been active for some time in the Bitcoin community. He is moderator/staff member on Asset holder of ABM and traded a lot with only positive remarks. He is also ID verified at mt.gox and GLBSE. His OTC rating is only positive. PsychoticBoy has a lot of experience in Bitcoin trading, trading on GLBSE, mining of Bitcoins since 2010.

Paladon is relative new in the Bitcoin community. He is asset holder of PGM and traded only with positive remarks. He is also ID verified at mt.gox and GLBSE. His OTC rating is only positive. Paladon has a lot of experience in real life stock trading, economics and finance.

What information are you willing to make public?
We will make a public spreadsheet  (google docs/drive) that will public show:
-  the available funds.
-  the weekly incomes, costs and profit
-  the calculation of the weekly dividend
-  the assets we hold, including their initial price, the number, and their dividends paid
-  the loans we make, including the volume, the interest rate, and the repayment date
-  the shares paid to the management of the fund
-  the results of motions

In what kind of circumstances a motion will be raised?
- before the creation of new shares
- when changing the contract on GLBSE (for instance changing the ratio of profits as dividends)

What will happen when FDBF ceases to exist?
Under very unfortunate conditions it might be possible that FDBF must be liquidated. We will collect all debts and sell all assets we hold, then use the Bitcoins we make in this process as the total price to buy all the shares back.

Any more questions?
First we will answer all possible questions and complete this document as our contract with our investors. After that we will announce the pre-IPO phase and we will register with GLBSE. After that FDBF will be live!

Kind regards,

PsychoticBoy and Paladon
4  Local / Markt / Aandelen te koop on: August 01, 2012, 07:00:24 PM
Zie dit topic Hopelijk willen jullie ook investeren?

Vragen? Dan hoor ik het graag!
5  Economy / Securities / [GLBSE] Paladon Green Mining [PGM] (including ASIC upgrade) (no bond!) on: August 01, 2012, 06:56:45 PM
[PGM] Paladon Green Mining

1 Butterfly Labs Single @ 0.82Gh/s (be upgraded to BFL Single ‘SC’ @ 40Gh/s)

1000 shares will be issued @ 0.25 BTC each. This price is including the ASIC upgrade. If upgrade will not be possible and I get refund of BFL, I will repay 0.07 BTC per share to stockholders.
Each share = 0.82Mh/s right now. After upgrade each share = 40Mh/s upgrade has been ordered! (or 60Mh/s according latest BFL info)
All of the Generated BTC will be payed as dividend every week -/- expenses

All mining revenue will be distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends (after expenses). Dividends will be paid weekly. Profits are the net income remaining after expenses including operating costs (electricity, repair work, maintenance, small hardware), investments in existing or new service development, and any other action capital investment that the organization deems necessary to take part in.
Electricity is de largest part of the operating costs. Electricity price is € 0,22 p/Kwh (I know this looks expensive for a lot of people but a very normal price in The Netherlands). Electricity is green electricity so guaranteed no pollution. (I am thinking of building my own solar panels in the near future).

Currently the expenses% = ~25%. So ~75% of the generated BTC will be paid as dividend weekly.

Mining will occur at a mining pool of the company`s choice or solo mining if profitable. The operator of the company reserves the right regardless of the number of shares held to raise a motion and to liquidate the company's assets and cease operations. The operator also reserves the right to issue more shares to expand operation. Any motions raised by shareholders will be considered advisory and non binding. Shares do represent an ownership share in the mining hardware in the event of liquidation. In case of liquidation the mining hardware will be sold and minus expences be paid to the shareholders. The issuer can change the % of the expenses if needed to cover the expenses of the company. If the expenses of the company exceeds the income of the generated BTC, the company has to right to temporary shut down the operation. The issuer can buy back the share at any time at a price equal to 1.05 times the highest price the asset was traded on GLBSE over the prior 15 days. The operator of the company has the right to retain shares in the company.

About Me
I am living in The Netherlands and 36 years old and I will be doing my utmost best for you to keep this company up and running. Off course I wil identify bij GLBSE. More questions? Just ask!

Best regards,
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