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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / SMSChain-Truly Disruptive? on: November 18, 2017, 09:41:24 PM
I just ran across this project and I was curious about what the community's thoughts were on this application. I don't own any stakes in the project yet but I am quite interested in their offering. They are claiming to have conceived of a process by which they can utilize blockchain technology sidechains to build an application that would negate the costs associated with sending short-message-service (SMS) transmissions. They claim that this cost saving application can be outsourced by data plan subscribers to telecom marketers to generate a personal income source for the subcriber while reducing the costs associated with their marketing strategy for the large telecom companies. It appears that they have conceived of a process by which they can reduce the costs, for the large telecom companies, associated with sending text messages, by taking advantage of the unlimited and unused data plans owned by individual data plan subscribers. It makes sense because the subscribers have already paid for the services so they should be allowed to sell off their unused data under market value, right?

What sparked my interest in this project is the utility of providing the opportunity for those who subscribe to mobile data plans to sell portions of their data plans to other markets. This utility seems like a no-brainer and if this team can actually implement this type of platform on a blockchain, then it could disrupt the way data plans are considered. I can see more users subscribing to unlimited plans just for the income opportunity that the SMSCHAIN offers and I can see high volume marketers bidding to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase data under market value. I imagine that many data plan subscribers who adopt the platform will actually get their mobile services paid for, completely, by outsourcing their subscription services. This technology may actually change the way data plans are structured and increase access to services to those who wouldn't otherwise be in a position to purchase more expansive data plans.

While the process is much more technically involved, here is a very brief description of how it will work. SMSChain will build an application which outsources data plans such that personal unused data can be bought under market value by large telecom companies who engage in application-to-person (A2P) marketing strategies. The telecom companies will pay for that data with a native SMSChain application token (SMST). The data plan owner will have full control over the quantity of their unused data plans they outsource, and they will be able to utilize, and set, in app filters to vet content that would negate concerns associated with liability.

I know that this sounds too simple to be viable, but according to their whitepaper, the team behind SMSChain has already launched a similar successful money-making application with nearly 100 000 downloads, Money SMS, and is planning to take what they've learned in that previous project to another level by utilizing and taking advantage of innovative sidechain technologies associaciated with the blockchain.

Now, I can imagine that some time in the future service providers may be impacted by an increase in their bandwidths if this technology is widely adopted and the number of unlimited data plan subscribers, opted into this platform, increases significantly. But, at the same time, I can also imagine a window of time where the application adoption rate is kept low due to an unawareness of the technology and due to its higher technological level of entry. Face it, the main stream population is just too weary or too ignorant to take advantage of the possibilities associated with these disruptive technologies.

What are your thoughts?

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Blackmoon Crytpo is going to be huge? on: September 06, 2017, 04:41:58 AM
I'm looking at Blackmoon Crypto ( They seem to have a fantastic leadership team, which includes Oleg Seydak,
founder and CEO at Blackmoon Financial Group. I think this project could be the biggest opportunity of the year. My preliminary research has me convinced that this project is the real deal and ripe for a long term investment. They are currently driving a significant social media campaign ( and seem to be in position to corner the Tokenized Investment Markets (

I have been searching all the forums, youtube, slack channels, and a pool extremely knowledgeable personal contacts whom I find to be credible sources for information.  I haven't found a single source who can offer any material facts that would suggest this project was anything but legitimate. In fact, most of the opinions I solicited from my pool of contacts and resources have all been encouraging and positive. There were a few contacts who advised me to be cautious due to the Russian connections; however, their opinions were entirely immaterial and based upon biases related to the controversies surrounding the US election hacks. Other than those cautious suggestions, all the advice I have received was very encouraging.

This project looks like it is going to be very big and long standing. There has already been a great deal of work committed to their platform and that suggests a seriousness and dedication that's not regularly matched by many other big ICO's. Their github repository is very active and the code is posted for us to view. Many times these initial coin offerings have very little, if any at all, coding done before the monetary contributions to the project begin. (

There have been several dozen active youtube channels dedicated to the crypto currency investments that have given Blackmoon Crypto very good reviews. While many of the youtube publishers were solicited for their opinions by, I am assuming, groups who were invested in the project, most of their opinions appeared to be unbiased yet positive. There was review of the project, from a publisher I will not plug, who's opinion was only that there were not enough "all stars" on the team; however, he didn't qualify his opinion on his definition of an "all star," and my opinion differed on that score. And all his other opinions about the project were great. There was one particular youtube publisher, who's opinion I highly respect, whom provided a well thought out and deep diving review of Blackmoon's platform. I will plug his channel and cite his video here. (

I believe this platform is going to be one of the bigger investment opportunities for the year. They have a market already in place. They have the business experience necessary to build a successful business model.  They are a legitimate first actor in their market niche.  Finally, and most importantly in my opinion, they put forth a great effort to conform to, and abide by, the regulations in the several jurisdictions in which they plan to market their products. Adhering to the regulations will put them ahead of the competition for future developments.

This is going to be huge!


Any thoughts? Is this as big as it seems to be?

EDIT: Successfully met their hardcap, 24 hrs.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Blackmoon Crytpo? on: September 03, 2017, 11:18:51 PM
This looks like a pretty good investment. It's been in development since 2014 and they seem to know exactly what they are doing. It's not one of these hastily put together ICO's that lack pre-investment development. It has quite a bit of development completed already and they seem to be moving forward with deliberation and thought.

Here's their introductory video:

Here's their website:

This is their whitepaper:

This is their announcement thread:

This is their twitter:

This is their github repository:  (large amount of smart contract code)

This is an opinion by DataDash:

This is an ICO rating website(beta):

It's not very often that we have the opportunity to participate in such an extremely ambitious venture and I do not want to miss an opportunity which may never come around again. There have been way too many other successful projects, which I have missed out on, for me to take this stuff lightly; however, the recent trend toward the ICO markets, spurned on by Ethereum's full turing capabilities featuring smart contracting, has me a fair bit cautious of the complexity of the scams possible, the lengths they might go to appear legitimate, and the investments they may be willing to spend towards trying to pull off their ploys. So, sometimes the most legitimate appearing project which passes all the in depth investigative research may still turn out to be a farce. Being aware of all the great motivation for the scammers to scam, I still have this overwhelming fear of missing out on another, once in a lifetime, opportunity.  I believe that Blackmoon Crypto just might be that opportunity.

Blackmoon Crypto appears to be reading the direction that the markets are heading and they are taking steps that will place them into a position to take advantage of their insight. Like Blackmoon, I also believe that future markets are going to need platforms to bridge the gap between the fiat exchanges and the crypto-economic markets. As more and more people become exposed to the emerging crypto-economic system that's quickly developing, more and more people will need a platform like the platform Blackmoon Crypto is developing. In my mind, it is a no brainer. They will be in position to corner the market when that day comes, and it's coming quickly.

Somebody help me if I am wrong. I am excited about this one! Is this as ambitious as it seems to be, or is it too good to be true? I've been tricked before by these highly convincing projects but I've scored big on a few too. Help me out here; is this a good investment? All real research and feedback will be highly appreciated. Should I go all in now or wait a little longer. I've already joined the bounty program but should I throw a grip of fiat at it also? If this is real, I can see it generating very large returns and I think it may be worth the risk.


ICO Closed within 24 hrs.

BMC is currently listed on:


You can check trading volume, current price, and more at:
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Are you a problem gambler? on: May 27, 2017, 06:50:42 PM
Not everybody has a problem gambling, but if you are a problem gambler, there is a support network they may help you. It starts with you recognizing the problem.

Start here:

Let's work on this together, you're not alone and you don't need to suffer from your addiction. If you have solutions or have the compassion to provide moral support, please help by participating in this thread.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What is valuable about the bitcoin nework? on: March 27, 2017, 06:20:48 PM
I've been studying bitcoin for a long time now but I have no stake in the project. I've been following the forum for awhile but spend more time reading than posting. I am curious because I feel like people are missing the true value of the network. People tend to either be investors for profit and want to see the price rise, or investors whom engage in borderless exchanges whom don't pay attention to the prices, whom instead take advantage of its ability to reach larger markets.

I think that the network itself and its ability to bring about a diverse community of socioeconomic cultures creates a "social equity" that's unparalleled by any other technology. Bitcoin inspires intellectual, social, and economic innovations in a collective manner and I don't believe that it is receiving as much attention as it deserves in those areas.

What do you think?  Is bitcoin just a means to store and grow wealth? A medium of exchange? Both? Or, is the network itself worth more than the sum of its parts?
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