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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Paging for Ethereum experts to answer top questions from the BitKan Chinese comm on: December 28, 2018, 04:02:38 AM
Top Questions About Ethereum from BitKan’s K Site

1. What is the reason why ETH was changed from a POW consensus mechanism to a POS machine?

We often say that POW is the fairest consensus principle. After changing to POS, the price of mining machines and electricity charges will be lost. What impact will it mean for future generations?

2. Will ETH fork? Will the impact of an ETH fork be as overwhelming as BCH fork?

3. What impact will the Ethereum upgrade have on the DAPP market? Now that EOS and Wavefield's DAPP are very active, will Ethereum break through the current pattern after upgrading?

4. Everyone knows that Daniel Larimer and Vitalik are the souls of the two major public blockchain. Daniel once said that he wanted to engage in new projects and caused a sharp fall in EOS value. Should Vitalik leaves Ethereum one day, will the Ethereum community have the ability to continue to develop the project?

5. From 2017 to 2018, the ETH Smart Contract launched the ICO, which led the wave of thousands of Token developments. ETH can be said to be a great success in the last bull market.

However, we also see that the ETH ecosystem is full of a large number of non-application scenarios, lack of technical team and lack of business logic. How can ETH, despite fierce competition in the space of public blockchains, continue to lead the way and maintain its competitive advantage?

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] BitKan - The Choice of Millions of Users Worldwide on: December 09, 2018, 11:10:17 AM
1.Company Overview

BITKAN is an international company founded in 2013. It has offices and businesses in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Its main product is "BITKAN", which is an Internet product that integrates market, information, K-Site community, mining monitoring and wallet. It mainly serves the investment users in the digital currencies sector and provides Chinese, English, Russian and Japanese language. Currently, there are more than 5 million users from 170 countries around the world.

About BitKan
BitKan was founded by four former employees of Huawei Technology in 2012. The startup has rapidly scaled to become the global leading provider of cryptocurrency data and services, teams in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Visit the BitKan homepage and download the mobile app here:

Follow us on our official accounts to find out about our latest announcements and updates:

2.Development Milestones
December 2012 – Launch of BitKan website
October 2013 – Launch of BitKan app
July 2014 – Company was officially established
2015 - The BTC wallet business was launched
June 2016 - The over-the-counter (OTC) trading was launched
September 2016 - The website was launched with the improved English, Japanese and Russian versions
July 2017 - The joint venture Japan Exchange was established
November 2017 - The Singapore company was established
February 2018 - KAN cornerstone financing was completed
April 2018 - The series B financing was completed with a value of $100 million
May 2018 - The K Site - blockchain industry community products was launched
May 2018 – KAN token was officially listed on、ZB、OKEx

II. Company Products

【Candlestick Market Updates】
Provides trading prices for more than 2,200 digital currencies from 193 trading platforms worldwide
【Price Notification】
Personalized price notification, tiered notifications, etc. Help users monitor market price in real time 24/7.
【Community K Site】
Digital currency is the key to the content-paid community platform. Get the most valuable industry content on one platform, helping users make the right investment decisions.
Comprehensive Information】
Provide the latest blockchain industry information in China and abroad to help users pay attention to hot news and understand the industry trend. Provide real-time industry news, and simultaneously show industry-related social media feeds from Weibo and Twitter.
【Multi-currency Wallet】
Provides hundreds of mainstream digital assets, such as BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, QTUM, BTS and other digital asset storage and trading wallet services.
【Mining Monitoring】
Check the mining speed in real time.  You can customize the price notification which allows users keep track of the operation of the mining machine.

As of February 2018, the total number of users of the BITKAN platform has reached 5.44 million. All of the platform users are in the field of cryptocurrency, including 4.2 million website users, 870,000 mobile users and 370,000 registered users.
 In the future, BitKan will build a community-level service in the blockchain era, based on its deep user base and excellent industry resources.

[Post reserved for future updates]

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [Bounty] World Digital Mining Summit 2018 – Bitmain x BitKan on: August 21, 2018, 03:23:11 PM
World Digital Mining Summit 2018 – Bitmain x BitKan

How to Participate      
1.   Follow BitKan’s official Twitter
2.   Like, retweet and leave a comment about WDMS using #WDMS2018
3.   Leave your BitKan ID number in the comments to receive reward
Download BitKan e-wallet at

Time Period (GMT+8 Singapore Time)
Start: 21/08/2018, 20:00
End: 26/08/2018, 23:59

A) More Participants, Larger Rewards
Each participant receives 1 USD worth of BCH  

If total number of participants more than 300,
Each participant receives 2 USD worth of BCH!

B) First 300 participants stand to win 5,000 KAN token each
10 Lucky Participants will be Chosen!

Campaign Rules
•   Have at least 100 followers and make the privacy settings open for your account.
•   Account must be at least 3 months old.
•   Retweets must be retweeted from the BitKan official Twitter page.    
•   Only genuine claims will be rewarded.
•   Total BCH reward is capped at 2,000 USD worth of BCH.
•   All BCH rewards will be sent to your BitKan ID wallet by 31/08/2018.

How to Participate      
1.   Follow BitKan’s official Facebook
2.   Like, share and leave a comment about WDMS using #WDMS2018
3.   Leave your BitKan ID number in the comments to receive reward
Download BitKan e-wallet at

Time Period (GMT+8 Singapore Time)
Start: 21/08/2018, 20:00
End: 26/08/2018, 23:59

A) More Participants, Larger Rewards
Each participant receives 1 USD worth of BCH  

If total number of participants more than 300,
Each participant receives 2 USD worth of BCH!

B) First 300 participants stand to win 5,000 KAN token each
10 Lucky Participants will be Chosen!

Campaign Rules
•   Have at least 200 followers/ friends and make the privacy settings open for your account.
•   Account must be at least 3 months old.
•   Retweets must be retweeted from the BitKan official Facebook page.    
•   Only genuine claims will be rewarded.
•   Total BCH reward is capped at 2,000 USD worth of BCH.
•   All BCH rewards will be sent to your BitKan ID wallet by 31/08/2018.

4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 【Prize survey】Who is your favorite crypto KOL? on: April 19, 2018, 02:09:00 PM
Hi, guys,

Have you noticed that there are more and more medias in cryptocurrency industry? But it seems harder and harder get valuable and essential info.

"I tried Telegarm, but soooo many records there, it's really hard to find some important massage again."
" I tried Facebook, twitter, Quora and Medium, but it's sooo inconvenient to find and gather all informations from different platforms."

How I wish I can read all crypto related informations on ONE professional platform.

Here is BitKan's ( solution, BitKan is working on our new product--K Site, which is a paid content eco-community dedicate in cryptocurrency& blockchain.

Wanna know more about K Site,

Let's do the prize survey, any KOL you like, BitKan will invite them to go to K Site.

Comment below to let me know who is your favorite KOL,

For Example, "Platform name(if any, like TW or FB), Name, why I like him, My BitKan ID"

BitKan prepared BCH prize for you!

Prize details are as follows:
$160 USD BCH   1
$80USD BCH       5
$8 USD BCH       10
$1.6 USD            84
This campaign will be held from 12:00 AM, 18 April 2018 to 12:00 AM, 24 April 2018(Beijing time).

To obtain your BitKan ID, please click here to download and sign in BitKan app

The winners will receive prizes in their BitKan Wallet on 26 April 2018.

Good luck everyone! Grin

5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / SHAPE THE FUTURE: BTC & BLOCKCHAIN GLOBAL SUMMIT NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION on: July 19, 2017, 10:10:23 AM
This September, global Bitcoin and Blockchain experts and industry leaders will gather at the SHAPE THE FUTURE: BTC & Blockchain Global Summit in Beijing, China. The summit is hosted by BITAKN, to discuss the current state of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology as well as how each will impact the future. There will also be a documentary premiere on the same day. Also produced by BITKAN, it is the first Chinese Bitcoin documentary in history, aiming to shed some light on the Chinese BTC industry to the global audience.

Heavyweight Guest Speakers

The name list of guest speakers invited to this summit reads like a Who’s Who list of the best and brightest in BTC and Blockchain industry:

- Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan
- CEO Roger Ver
- Huobi CEO Li Lin
- Dash Core team
- Rootstock CEO Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar
- Wings CEO Stas Oskin
- BitKan CEO Liu Yang

Those names need no further explanation and they are going to give profound insights on topics such as the cryptocurrency industry in China, pioneering technology, the environment and its development in global market, how Blockchain technology can shape the future and more.

China’s First BTC Documentary Premiere

One of the highlights of the summit is the much-anticipated premiere of the documentary titled Bitcoin: Shape The Future, which examines the history of Bitcoin in China as well as the emerging industries it has spawned.

The BitKan crew traveled across China to interview key players for a deeper insight. In order to make it happen, their path went from Beijing, Dongguan, Shenzhen to Hong Kong, and they even trekked into the wildness of Inner Mongolia. The BitKan team investigated everything about Bitcoin from the hardware like mining machines, mining pools and mining factories, to the software like Bitcoin application technology and Bitcoin trading platforms. They also conducted interviews with more than 20 leaders in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. As well as those mentioned above, there are entrepreneurs, investors both institutional and individual, and academics who study the field. In this way, BitKan managed to cover every aspect of Bitcoin in this coming documentary.

By the way, this documentary also talks about scandals, social media outbursts and personality clashes that steered Bitcoin’s path — but which most outside China have probably never heard of.

Your Voice Matters

In a world of increasing government oversight, how do we move forward to achieve mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology without sacrificing privacy? How far-reaching are its possible application?

These are all questions that will impact the future of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency as a whole, and Blockchain technology. And only by communicating and discussing with professionals all over the world can we begin to solve the problems. The BTC & Blockchain International Summit will give everyone a voice in shaping that future!

Now this unprecedented summit is open for registration!

Official Website:

Buy Tickets at:

Pay by Bitcoin:
Please e-mail us: to get our wallet address.

Business Enquires:
6  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / “Shape the future”2017区块链全球峰会开放报名 on: July 17, 2017, 07:58:22 AM
9月10日,“Shape the future”比特币、区块链国际峰会暨中国第一部比特币纪录片发布会将在北京召开,此次大会由币看(BITKAN)主办,将邀请美国、英国、欧洲、南美、日本、韩国、东南亚等多个国家、行业内著名公司共同参加,深入探讨加密数字货币的现状及未来发展。与此同时,币看(BITKAN)也将在峰会首映中国首部大型纪实比特币纪录片《比特币——塑造未来》,影片主创团队将与大家共同见证比特币的发展历史,一同塑造未来。

此次峰会主要邀请了来自国内外五大洲的比特币、区块链专家,包括:比特大陆CEO——吴忌寒、 CEO——Roger Ver、达世币创始人——Evan Duffield、火币CEO——李林、OKCoin CEO——徐明星、RSK CEO——Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar等,就比特币及区块链技术、产品、视野与未来进行多维度的深度讨论,揭秘比特币的“前世”、“今生”与“未来”。





比特币、区块链国际峰会恰好为所有人提供了深入了解比特币、区块链最合适的渠道。会上将发布 “中国首部比特币纪录片”带你最直观的了解比特币的“前世今生”。此纪录片翔实记录了比特币行业发展历程。币看联合中国的比特币优秀企业-比特大陆、火币、币信、ViaBTC等,以及行业学者、投资者,为观众讲解比特币发展路上的故事。本片历经近六个月的筹备和拍摄制作,辗转北京、深圳、东莞、内蒙、香港,深入交易平台、矿机、矿场、矿池、应用技术等产业,记录下第一手影像材料,旨在呈现最真实的行业发展情况,分享嘉宾独到观点。




7  Bitcoin / Press / [2017-05-25]In China, the First OTC Bitcoin Trade Over 20,000 RMB on: May 25, 2017, 08:12:33 AM
May 25, 2017 by Jon Southurst

Maybe you were excited at $2,400 yesterday. Or even $2,600 later in the day. While all that was happening, a Chinese over-the-counter (OTC) exchange recorded its first 20,000+ RMB bitcoin trade. That’s about $2,900 USD.

The record trade of ¥20,107 happened at 4:06AM on 25th May (China time) on BitKan’s OTC exchange. It’s significant for two reasons: the high price, and the changing nature of bitcoin trading in China.

Shortly after the first above-20,000 trade, the price dropped to around 16,000 RMB ($2,320) but has been rising since.

Over-the-counter trading means users trade directly with each other, rather than on an exchange. BitKan’s system has similarities to an exchange, offering a trading platform with charts — but it still matches individual sellers with individual buyers. They usually use electronic payments like WeChat or PayPal to move fiat funds, so users don’t have to be in the same physical location.

If you sell a bitcoin to a friend, that’s technically an over-the-counter trade. Some brokers can arrange such off-exchange trades worth millions of dollars. Reasons for trading OTC mainly include convenience, speed, privacy.

As mentioned here previously, a sizeable amount of China’s bitcoin trade is moving to OTC markets thanks to recent crackdowns on online, centralized exchanges.

BitKan’s platform now has over 500 traders, and a total 50,000 OTC exchange users.

Reasons for Surge in OTC and Other Trading

In a Chinese article recently, BitKan said this is also causing prices in OTC markets to soar.

“Because the major bitcoin exchange platforms have been banned from processing withdrawals by the Chinese supervision department, a lot of bitcoin traders have moved to OTC trading. Compared to the depression in spot market, the OTC price is rapidly rising at the same time. Because traders can buy actual bitcoins OTC.”

BitKan CEO Yang Liu added there were three main factors worldwide driving up the bitcoin price, whether on-exchange or off.

The WannaCry malware attacks are actually helping, by drawing attention to bitcoin and forcing many to buy. Since it first appeared, BitKan’s monthly new-user acquisition has risen tenfold.

New favorable regulation in both Japan and Australia are also helping. On the other hand, political instability in South Korea is also boosting price — and OTC trades.

The last factor is the new Bitcoin Scaling Agreement out of New York City this week. While bitcoin was definitely on the move before the agreement happened, the prospect of finally solving problems like 200,000 stuck transactions in May could bring money out of altcoins and back into bitcoin again.

Do you trade on exchanges or some other way? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / THE BITCOIN BULL CHARGES ON: CHINESE OTC PRICING BREAKS THE ¥20,000 BARRIER on: May 25, 2017, 07:03:59 AM
“The bull market is back. Bitcoin price is rising up everyday.” That’s the recent status of Bitcoin.

In China, Bitcoin price was around ¥6,300 a month ago(April 25th). Today (May 25th), the price went up to ¥18,488. Started from May 15th, Bitcoin price has encountered 10% daily rise. On the other hand, the OTC price, take Bitkan for example, has reached ¥20,000 at 4am May 25th 2017. The first transaction over ¥20,000 had been made at ¥20,107.

According to Bitkan, because of the major Bitcoin exchange platforms have been banned from withdraw by the PBOC, a lot of Bitcoin traders have moved to OTC trading. Compare to the depression in spot market, the OTC price is rapidly rising at the same time. That is the only way for now, buying and withdrawing Bitcoin in China.

Bitkan bitcoin OTC transaction price(Up to May 25th 2017)

Source: Bitkan

About the price booming, Yang Liu(CEO of Bitkan) indicates that there are 3 major causes:

1) Effect of the WANNA CRY ransom ware: mainstream media report have drawn public attention to Bitcoin, which led a lot of people to take part in Bitcoin investment. According to Bitkan’s data, it is greeting its 10 times increase of new user monthly acquisition. New users to Bitcoin, on one hand they focus on the Bitcoin price, on the other hand, they exchange Bitcoins through Bitkan’s OTC module or hedge between global markets.

Daily new user acquisition of Bitkan(March 2017 — May 2017)

Source: Bitkan

2) Benefits from the favorable policies: the Japanese government has identified Bitcoin as currency in April, the Australian government is going to admit Bitcoin as currency in the coming July. On the other hand, demand surge in Japan and political instability in Korean is also driving the Bitcoin price to rise, especially the OTC price.

3) Segwit has been reviewed in the Consensus 2017 this week. Segwit is looking forward to be activated in this September. For recent couple years, Bitcoiners are suffering from the blockchain network congestion. There were 200,000 unconfirmed transactions on blockchain network in May this year. A lot of users couldn’t bear the inconvenience of congestion so that they turn to invest altcoins. Segwit’s being reviewed has rebuilt the confidence on Bitcoiners’ long-term investment.

9  Other / Off-topic / The First Bitkan “Whiners” Gathering on: May 10, 2017, 01:04:39 PM
BTC price ebbs and flows, like the waves of the sea.
It swells with passion and exhilaration, and then wanes, and all of a sudden it rises again! Skyrocket all the way up to 1760 dollars per BTC.

But things cannot always be rosy. Online trading platforms are not very convenient and reliable, and hackers made it ever worse. On top of that, you must have gone through some unpleasant personal experiences ever since you were with bitcoins.
So do you have something to complain about?
Here is Bitkan’s first WHINERS Gathering.
Let’s grab a glass of wine, and whine!

1, Mike the Prince of Swing-Trading
Monitoring the candlestick almost 24/7,
Gathering info and intel from various sources,
Analyzing every bit of the news,
Studying the intentions of market makers,
I, Mike the Prince of Swing-Trading,
LOST everything...

2, David the Bystander
Stop sharing how much you gain from BTC on Facebook!
I got so jealous!
God, let the BTC price free fall and give me a chance to step in!
It’s been three years and the prices have been from $$$ to $$$$!
I don’t want to be a BTC bystander any more!
Ouch, it’s still rising!

3, John Doe the Newbie
John Doe: It’s said that 1 out of 3 clients experienced forced liquidation?
A: not me.
B: me neither.
John Doe: ......

4, Peter Smith the Broker
“The broker next door lost his voice when arguing on the phone all day!”
“Meh, I typed so hard that I wore off my fingerprints.”

5, Lee the Miner
I don’t care what’s been going on as long as I got my mining machine.
I can never lose and I am on the winning side. Hee-haw!
I don’t even need to go to the BTC exchange for I got BitKan’s help.

6, Tim the Mr.10 thousand Bitcoin
You know what’s the longest distance in the world?
You can’t withdraw Bitcoin,
I can’t withdraw fiat.

Have any of these experiences above happened to you?
What? No?
OK, bro, your story time!

Here, let’s join the First Bitkan “Whiners” Gathering!
Top prize: Self-Entertainer
10mBTC per person for 5 BitKan members

Second Prize: LOL-er
1mBTC for 50 BitKan members

Participating Rules:
Leave a comment below which can at least amuse yourself.
Not wording limit as long as it tells a BTC-related story.


Welcome to, register in bitkan and leave your story below, you will have chance to win Bitcoin prize!
Download and participate in:

10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Girl,Tokyo,72hrs--Bitcoin Survive Challenge on: April 07, 2017, 03:15:49 PM
Finally, the Japanese government accepted bitcoin as a legal payment!BTC

Want some insights or a quick guide into how bitcoin works as a currency in Tokyo?

What kind of products and services we can buy using bitcoinsBTC?

What app should we choose to trade bitcoins?

Or even how’s the Sakura going on under the landmark Tokyo Tower?

Yes, way too many questions!

Therefore, we invite Ruby as our Tokyo bitcoin guide to help you discover more about Bitcoin & the City.

Just by watching the video below!

If you couldn't open the video, just click the link here:

In case you don’t have Wi-Fi now and neither do you have an unlimited data plan, we have prepared a quick preview for you:

Ruby from BitKan which is a very aggressive and professional Bitcoin agency,

in a city full of innovation and wonders, discovering every single possibility of our beloved Bitcoin,

this whole thing could totally appeal to you.

And to add spice to this documentary,

she accepted our challenge of living in Tokyo only by bitcoins for 72 hours!

As soon as it began, she rushed to her favorite place in town, which of course is the National Museum...

no way, just kidding! It’s a bar. Ruby rushed to a bar in broad daylight!

But, drinking is just like marriage, you need to choose the right timing!

5 o’clock in the afternoon is of course not a good time for getting drunk. Maybe that’s why this bar won’t open until 8 pm.

Still, nothing could stop Ruby to get a taste of Tokyo nightlife. She made the second charge into that bar, and this time she succeeded.

But how to pay in bitcoins after you get a little bit tipsy? There are two methods for you, so please stay sober and read on:

1, By using a Third-party Bitcoin Payment app.

Some apps in Japan could ensure the instant transfer of currency by using third-party payment,

and the rate will be automatically calculated.

This actually is as quick and easy as WeChat Pay, only in bitcoins.

For instance, Ruby this time used CoinCheck to pay her bills. All she needed to do is scan the QR code and press “confirm”!

2, By discussing the rate with the merchant and transfer bitcoins with BitKan app.

This method is widely used among small merchants. For instance, when Ruby was renting a Kimono, the shop keeper decided his own rate.

5000 Yen (around 50 USD)


0.5 BTC!!!!!!!!!

(You must be kidding me! I will give you 500 USD for 5 BTC please!)

OK, it turned out that the shopkeeper was not that good with numbers. And it should be 0.05 BTC.

Anyway, we should keep it in mind that the exchange rate might not be fair, and Visa or MasterCard is still a better choice.

(obviously Ruby doesn’t care about the exchange rate at all! Stay happy, girl!)

Q: How many dollars did Ruby pay in Bitcoin to rent the Kimono?

LEAVE YOUR ANSWER and YOUR IMPRESSION OF VIEW on the comment, leave your BitKan ID number, you will get a surprise!

11  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 美女、东京、72小时——比特币生存大挑战! on: April 07, 2017, 02:37:36 AM




12  Economy / Marketplace / ALL IN: Tokyo 72-Hour Bitcoin Survival Challenge The Rules Are Up to You! on: March 15, 2017, 12:48:38 PM
Japan has always been a very bitcoin-friendly region with a lot of publicity among bitcoin fans. Well, how’s the bitcoin society going on there? Is it really one of the most sought-after currencies in Japan, just like the media said? Do these questions ignite the explorer in you?
Now follow us and get it sorted out together!

The BitKan version of Destiny's Child are visiting Tokyo at the end of this March! And Ruby, from BitKan operation team, is designated to survive 72 hours in Tokyo ONLY with bitcoins! Will she make it just like Sailor Moon once did?

So here is the CATCH UP: what challenge do you want to set for Ruby? You will be awarded for your innovative ideas!

Let the video below give you some inspirations first:

Rules and Directions: 
Leave a comment on the our BitKan posts (on BitKan News APP/ BitKan Facebook/Twitter) and give us your innovative ideas. We will select the best proposal and win the top prize!

Download BITKAN here:

Top & Participation Prizes
1.   Top prize (3 winners): bitcoins worth 130USD;
2.   Participation prizes for eligible comments (200 winners): Bitcoins worth 0.8USD

How to Participate (choose either one of them):
1. Leave your proposal directly on the BITAKN News section
2. Repost and comment on BitKan official Facebook post
3. Repost and comment on BitKan official Twitter post

•   proposal format reference:
 “My BitKan ID is XXXX and I want Ruby to use bitcoins in Tokyo to XXXX, because XXXX.”
Example: My BitKan ID is 12345 and I want Ruby to use bitcoins to pay her Sushi bills.

How to Win
1. The best proposal: the most creative idea and also can be related to our daily life.
2. Eligible comments: original comments that stick to the comment format.

Terms and Conditions:
1. If several selected creative proposals happen to be based on the same idea, the first one in chronological order wins.
2. Clean and executable proposals will be counted as eligible comments.
3. Only original ideas are eligible to win the prizes.
4. Contents related to sex or violence will be disqualified.
13  Local / Бизнес / Сделай перепост и получи Биткоин от Bitkan on: March 02, 2017, 10:50:21 AM
Новая версия приложения Bitkan.
Bitkan улучшил свечные графики: добавил новые скользящие средние (MA5,MA10,MA20) и индикаторы  (MACD, KDJ, RSI, BOLL). В приложении представлены котировки и графики японских свечей бирж со всего мира. Можно просматривать в полноэкранном режиме, можно увеличить и уменьшить масштаб.

Все новые функции показаны в видео.

На русском:

На китайском:

На французском:

На русском:

Первые 200 человек, которые сделают перепост записи c видео на Facebook получат 0.001 BTC на Bitkan кошелек в качестве благодарности за перепост. Не забудьте указать Ваш Bitkan ID, делая перепост.
Время окончания: 4 марта 2016 16:00 (по Пекину)

Скачать приложение можно по ссылке или через Google Play/App Store.
Страница в Facebook

*Для одного аккаунта на Facebook предполагается только один 0.001 BTC.  

14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Breaking News! PBOC inspects Chinese Bitcoin Exhcanges on: January 11, 2017, 10:48:42 AM
The People's Bank of China Shanghai headquarter and the Shanghai Municipal Finance Office and other units formed a joint inspection team and carried out on-site inspection on BTCChina. The operation is focused on checking whether the company is operating beyond its scope, whether it is conducting the business of credit(loans), payment, remittance and/or other related business without necessary license or authorization, whether there is market manipulation, the implementation of anti money laundering system, financial security risk and so on.

The price in Chinese market suddenly fell down.

15  Economy / Services / Buy it from $1000 to $580! We will make your bitcoins from ZERO to HERO! on: December 28, 2016, 10:46:45 AM
When we almost reach the end of 2016, Bitcoins almost reaches $1000 USD!
Monitoring the price chart literally can give you a heart attack —— since every time you hope the price would drop to let you jump in, it soars sky-high.
Of course, you don’t want to miss out any opportunity, now we present you the biggest year-end luck:
   BUY BITCOINS at $580 USD!

Yes, here in, we make your New Year wish come true! All you need to do is to read the instructions below and complete some simple and easy tasks:

How to make it happen:
A.   Download BITKAN App from App Store/ Google Play or go to, then register.
B.   In the transaction interface, find your favorable trader and start your easy and safe purchasing experience. 
a.   You want to buy Bitcoin at $580 USD?
When you purchase more than 1BTC, you will have the chance to earn $300 USD worth of bitcoins. 1 person only.
b.   You want to buy Bitcoin at $700 USD?
When you purchase more than 0.1BTC, you will have the chance to earn $15 USD worth of bitcoins. 20 persons only.
c.   Welcome offer to eligible users:
The first 300 users during the promotion period will be rewarded with $1 USD worth of bitcoins after their successful transactions.

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   Promotion Period: 2016-12-31 to 2012-01-02
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16  Local / India / [ANN]EXCLUSIVE TRAILER--2016 BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE -- BLOCKZERO INDIA on: December 01, 2016, 11:25:02 AM
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Entrepreneurs, consultants, Blockchain enthusiasts and professionals from, banks, technology companies, manufacturers, Government agencies, service providers, financial intermediaries, insurance companies.

As the only sponsor in Chinese market, Operation Director—Sandy Liang is invited to give a speech about “Global Crypto-currency Landscape”. BITKAN will bring us views about Chinese market to India.

Agenda list as follow:

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The enthusiasm towards Blockchain and Bitcoin has raised rapidly in India, because the Indian government scraped 500 and 1000 rupee bank note and India's Finance Minister Arun Jaitley asked banks to promote digital banking in "mission mode", saying the principal objective of the government's reform is to curtail the use of physical currency. Follow News on BITKAN continuously and know more about this conference.

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17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Continue:Chinese Comments for WHY AGAINST SEGWIT AND CORE? on: November 25, 2016, 03:17:08 AM
Yesterday,The article[News]WHY AGAINST SEGWIT AND CORE? Mining investor gives his answer caused a lot debates here. For the further communication between China and west, I’ll conclude some informations about the article, then translate some of the Chinese comments & opinions on this article.

BItKan just here to offer an exchange of information. We are not Jiang Zhuo'er or in any way associated with him.
Here is the original article(Chinese Version): Here is the original article(English Version):
Here is the discussion on Bitcointalk
Let’s see what Chinese comments under the article (post on BitKan Chinese news page):

If the writer does not want to see him nailed up on the pillar of humiliation, go learn some economics, plow through Satoshi’s whitepaper again esp. the economic logics in it. Also the writer needs to learn coding so as to avoid a mentality of a liberal art student. TBH your article is getting dramatic. 1. 1) Core never said the block size will stay at 1 MB, SegWit is a robust strategy at this moment. 2. 2) Your so-called HK consensus is nothing but a paper with seals from a few pools, a one-sided opinion. It’s not consensus. 3. 3) What an interesting conspiracy theory, you sound like the rest of the world is against China. How sick is that? Bitcoin has no national boundaries.
Back in 1840 in San Francisco, miners got rich with gold. But many more joined the game later on and with more ppl leaving the west empty-handed. How tragic. This is history, just like the one happening with Bitcoin. It was the pubs and inns opened near the gold mines earned real money: like the platforms today. Devs at Core are just like the merchants back in the day sipping their tea and trash-talking. But Core is indeed stupid: an 8-year long decentralized system requires support from a 95%? Some serious shit in their head.
You guys trash talk everyday quiet! This kind of argument cannot convince anyone. Harsh words+personall attacks just make it more chaotic. Politics...parties...freedom...conspiracy: disgusting. And this kind of article? Who you can convince? This is not the day 1 of the debate. True decision makers already have it in their mind. You ordinary ppl can change nothing even if you are convinced. My guess is whoever writes this kind of story must be someone who enjoys being worshiped by ppl on top of the ranks of “revolution”. You just like to quench your own thirst for fame. Worst case has nothing to do with tech, it’s a match for computation power, capital and strength. System set that C.power decides so let it be. Bitcoin will take on its due course no matter what. The disgusting part is the incitation, the manipulation of ppl’s emotions, and cap everything “a matter of revolution”. We Chinese ppl know this too well. Scaling is no longer about tech, but winning. Is it meaningful? The shame is not with the devs, they (inl. Core and BU) contributed their wisdom and labor. The real shame is with you talkers who humiliate ppl. You are so good, why not show me your money? Bitcoin is a merely 10B system, go buy it. If you cannot, just don’t trash talk.
1) lots of companies and apps are waiting for segwit, and OP is not against segwit, then why not implement it in the easiest way? SF is quite close , as long as enough miners support. HF egwit delivers community splitting risks. 2) LN can be decentralized enough should there be enough LN nodes. It won’t be concentrated on a handful of nodes. We can implement some limits on the main chain if we see an inclination toward centralization, such as higher tx fee for big nodes to limit big centralized LN node. 3) Main chain tx fee won’t be ridiculously high. If it does, miners get RICH, no? now we have 4% in tx fee, raise by 25 times you get more reward from it than the block reward. Then it’s acceptable even now, let alone future. Big amount tx are few. Small amount can be offchain, on LN or on sidechains. 4) SegWit has been thoroughly tests, and it’s a SF, compatible to previous nodes. There won’t be a major issue. Any code has risks, can you call BU risk-free? It depends on the level of risk. Segwit SF is acceptable, at most rolling back to 0.13.0, and segwit can increase little by little, not a sudden change. BU’s HF is different, with risks of splitting the entire ecosystem. 5) Miners have freedom of voting, but do consider the interests at large. You must represent the interests of the entire ecosystem, at least try to. We need decentralized nodes and unified ecosystem. SF segwit needs to be activated under consensus, and we can wait. HF needs even greater consensus or we risk losing it all. If we cannot have enough consensus for either HF or SF segwit, then we should let the SF segwit happen, since it has no risks of destruction.
Maybe I wrote it in bad order, let me edit it in the future. Don’t jump to conclusion OP. Segwit should be activated in the future.

Core knows nothing about the spirit of contract. They ignore their public ann. a few months ago. A direct scaling is the simplest and most effective way of solving our urgent problem. Why roll out this thing that requires long-time testing? To have a worldwide success for Bitcoin, you need to provide ppl with access at low costs. It’s just like Internet. Core either has a vicious intention or has no faith in Bitcoin. If one day Bitcoin is being used by 9 digits of ppl, the main chain block size cannot be enough even at 100 MB. Micro payment still needs to go through something like LN. What’s the meaning of keeping the block size at 1MB? 7 years ago the block size was set at 1MB, what’s the hardware like 7 years ago? What the growth of bandwidth and storage in 7 years? 10 years or 20 years from now? The main battlefield of Bitcoin is in China. We Chinese ppl should not be satisfied with mining a few coins or gamble on a few exchanges. Take the responsibility and obligation of contribution. But, words are so much cheaper than codes. We need advanced devs for the main battlefield.
I appreciate Jiang Zhuo’er’s main points, they coincide with my opinions on the Chengdu blockchain conference: 1. scaling, segwit and LN should all be implemented. is highly wrong to make the main chain a settlement network 3. LN and the main chain are for different purposes and should not be inter-placeable. 4. main chain jam is driving towards LN Matthew Effect and monopolies. 5. miner decision is most rational and trust-worthy 6. tech and propaganda monopolies are endangering the whole system 7. SF increases long-term systemic debt and risks
A supplementary 8 points 1. blocksize cannot meet with the market demand for a long time---this is no less significant of a tech loophole. So a HF is a worthy action. 2. HF is an important instrument for Bitcoin to metabolize. Demonizing HF is suicidal. 3. The lack of incentives for devs and the centralization of tech are the paramount systemic risks at this moment 4. BU is a good start for competition, which will eliminate tech centralization. 5. HF scaling will not change the current landscape of profits and power, turning the main chain into a settlement network will. The latter carries great risks of Bitcoin failure. 6. Demonizing HF is a coverup for the changes and risks associated with the settlement network roadmap. 7. Democracy of Bitcoin requires ration, not loyalty and passion from the Bitcoiners, else, we are en route dictatorship. 8. For the sake of the wealth and energy you put into this, plz resort to reason, not blind worshipping and personal attacks.
If you can compete with confidence, do compete under the same level of consensus. Bitcoin is the flapship of cryptos. An easy HF and an influential forked chain in the aftermath can be catastrophic. Miners can benefit in the short run after the spilitting. But in the long run, we all lose. A lowered threshold in anticipation of an easier fork is much worse than staying put. Based on Boss Jiang’s statement, 95% consensus can produce a 5% forked chain...then there will always be minority miners forking. In the end, the recognition of Bitcoin comes from users. Self-important forks by some miners are nothing but Alts. We have enough alts, no? So, 95%+ consensus is the only way to maintain unification. A coin without support from most of the users is an alt! Miners do get to decide, but the ultimate right is with the users’ recognition! If a 95%+ consensus is with a solution, then the rest minority do not matter. So, a solution without a high degree of consensus in a way is splitting the ecosystem. If BU dares not to bring up a 95% threshold, and in your own words, if a 51% HF is enough for a will end up splitting the ecosystem! Boss Jiang is a miner, and he feels he’s investing bigly, and he gets to decide. But in fact you are just for profit, not some Samaritan. Miners are just making profits on the most-recognized coin. Nothing to do with ethics. But a fair competition, by your own words, must be on the same criteria. Just like the 270 electoral votes in US presidential election. A common threshold. So, if BU wants to compete with segwit, do so under the same level of consensus. Any solution under a 95% consensus is just trolling for your own cowardice!
The scaling debate involves 1)scaling for Bitcoin’s future and 2)breaking dev monopoly. Dev is the easiest part to control than hashing powers and users, literally the weakest part in the decentralization course of Bitcon. Spend 7 or 8 digits of USD on core devs, then you can control a multi-billion level product...that’s a good bargin for numerous capitals. Devs must realize that they can be abandoned should they do harm to Bitcoin in exchange of their own interests. Not just Core, but every dev team should understand this. BS’ investment must go burn, so as to make it a good example for future players.

Tips: ID name “sfire” is the writer Jiang Zhuoer.
bikanyong to sfire
Hi Jiang I got 2 questions for you: 1. 1) apart from using high tx fee to chase tx to the LN, what’s the highlight of LN per se that draws tx? 2. 2) You mentioned LN will become a giant-dominated market based on Matthew Effect. Is our main chain facing the same risks?
sfire to bikanyong
Yes. LN is a secondary network with no need to broadcast network-wide. So LN has more frequent tx than the main chain. Small amount fast payment can be allowed. There is a price for not broadcasting network-wide: serious centralization risks (as seen in the article). So it can only be used for auxiliary purposes, but not as a foundation. The main chain is free from this risk becoz all miners on the main chain are equal. Gov may shut down 99% of the miners while the remaining 1% could still be handling tx. LN differentiates nodes with big ones and small ones. In the end, the big ones may end up huge and be banned by the gov. With the remaining allowed un-compliant small nodes, you cannot (very possibly) find a route of transfer in the LN, causing you failures in transfers.
bikanyongto sfire
You mean: Nodes on the main chain are equal, while in the LN, big nodes are more powerful than the small ones. Or put it another way: the nodes on the current main chain are inter-dependent, while they could get competitive against each other on the LN.---is it ok to put it like this?
sfire to bikanyong
It’s not that big nodes on the LN have more power, but connects more users. E.g. many ppl may, for the sake of their rate and service, connect to a giant “Coin-Pay or Coin-Pal” kind of node. If they want to transfer to users on another node called “Coin-Wechat”, they have to go through a route provided by “Coin-Pal”. Then, the giant node “Coin-Pal” bans you, leaving you in de facto ban from transfers to most ppl on the LN.
kok99999 to bikanyong
LN changes the topology of the network, and changes the whole game.
Just becoz you need to enlarge the userbase, you need to scale up? It’s hilarious. The transfer of tx requires cost. No matter how wide is the highway, you don’t charge ppl, you will have a heave traffic. Via the market’s hand, only big amount tx are allowed on the chain---this does not affect the liquidity of onchain assets.
sfire to 独行
You can go offer some advice to the gov and ask them not to build up our infrastructure, since it’s so costy. Just charge ppl money, how convenient is that? Only luxury cars are allowed on the road....this does not affect the vitality of the city.
wz to 独行
What you are saying is not market’s hand. Leaving ppl with no choice is a market behavior? Free competition is the market’s hand.
无名 to 独行
No hard facts other than trashing reasoning...these resemble your Core masters.
I just wanna say: Hail to Multi-Party system! One-Party Dictatorship is doomed.
Support miners, support PoW and computational-power-consensus is the real consensus.
If tx fee goes up, I will quit.
Since Core is so determined to castrate the main chain and revolution miners out, why did they set the 95% threshold? Core has no computation power, and they are so confident that miners will load their heads with enough shit and support Core?
It’s just a routine to set the 95% threshold for SF. If Core does not use the figure, the anti-Core voice will only grow, furthering their success rate down.
95% could be of more complicated reasons. I think BS should have taken into consideration that they control at least 5% of the C.power. (S pool and BTCC pool). If I were BS, I’d have a contingency plan for worst-case scenario. Even 95% means we fail, we BS will not allow for a HF. We can also bash you from a moral high ground and accuse the onchain scailing side.
I cannot tell which one is better, HF first or SegWit first...both seemed to be practical and dangerous. But both sides have their own political agenda---that’s for sure. We avg. Joes prefer that, no matter what solution taken or risks what come along, just march on. We cannot stay here and die.
No development=you will be taken by someone else. The network jam is significantly hindering its future. SegWit and LN cannot be replacements for a HF, Core knows that, but they still want to use them to replace a HF solution. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency out there. No user, no value.
Still, no matter what solution, if we have 2 chains and 2 Bitcoins, there will be chaos esp. for newbies. Miners and exchanges will take side and cause even greater chaos. Attention ppl: those were bashing Bitcoin with short positions all day long are now also in favor of THAT solution! Newton had it: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people! HF is not a good solution at this moment. No matter which one, there must be no risk of forking into 2 chains---that qualifies an option on the table.
SegWit and LN are not the replacement of a HF. Core has their own interests. You ostrich ppl just keep your heads in the sand, the risks won’t go away.
yangzi666 reply wz
1)I am no osrich. I will not be speaking here if I had my head in the sand, esp. at the risks of your bashings. 2)I oppose the risks of Bitcoin forking into 2 coins: you need to live longer to have the experience of humanity. 3)Seriously suggest you guys use some mild words, don’t be so dramatic. Just get your opinions clear no matter what you are proposing. Don’t just attack other ppl and their solutions. And plz don’t use harsh words. I believe we miners have wisdom. Given time, just wait and see the chart.
Only miners, who invested millions-worth of personal wealth, the sunk cost, cannot leave like a bitcoiner, thus can be qualified as the Bitcoin’s safe guards.
Scaling is what all users want. We just have different opinions on the solution we choose. It’s hard to judge Core’s manipulation, but they do oppose a simple direct scaling. They broke the deal with pools and manipulated the public opinion. You do see these as facts. You know about IT and finance, and probably with your butt on finance. You earn monopoly profits that others cannot touch. Bitcoin is the genius, the genesis of this sick market. Core’s segwit and LN are in fact copying financial sector’s monopoly nature to Bitcoin, and with an overly engineered tech threshold to solidify the position of interest groups like Blockstream. The scaling of the main chain, a market that naturally embraces users, will bring the disillusionment of LN, a market naturally forcing users. The conflict of opinions is in fact the fight of power of at a certain level. For Bitcoin, it’s Satoshi’s brilliant design and judgment that has it: we let the miners decide. This is also most reasonable in reality. Like you said, should we realize it, we are all happy.
1) I’m pro segwit and LN, segwit solves a lot of historical problems and improves efficiency; LN provides greater room for timely confirmations and high frequency tx. [reply] good, welcome for your choice on segwit+LN. It’s good improvement for the development of the ecosystem. Segwit has a good structure for app developments. LN can realized second-level confirmation and low tx fee that everyone wants.
2) Miners being trust-worthy don’t mean all miners can tell the future. Miners are trust-worthy because they see profits. They analyze the interests of all parties. Their behavioral pattern is predictable. [reply] There are short-term interests and long-term interests. Not all miners are limited to those before their eyes or those in their dreams. Only when interests short-term and long-term are consistent can they be predicted. But you cannot do that now. Also, different miners have different standards of judgement.
3) ETH HFed many times, not produced a forked chain only once, why? Because this very HF violates the basic principle of cryptocurrency: immutability of blockchain. That’s why ppl reject ETH and would welcome ETC. Then you have trades and markets and price and miners. Previously loyal miners can turn. That’s why I say Chandler’s statement was irrational. Just don’t talk about loyalty and friendship when it comes to cryptos, just talk about interests. [reply] There’re active and forced HFs. We had one in our history. Along with the later HFs of ETH, they are all bug-fixes that serves only good. But the in the ETH/ETC case, the HF was to find the stolen coins, not for a bug fix: an active HF. Active HF has great potential for splitting the ecosystem, and forced ones are safe. HF scaling is apparently an active HF. Blocksize limit is not an imperative bug fix target; and HF scaling is not necessarily good for everyone, at least it raise the bar to run a full node.
4) Landscape of interests: I’m saying the interests and decision-making patterns of all parties in the system (miners, corps, users, investors, devs) stay the same, not that all interests should remain the same. HF scaling produces no change to the original running mechanism, so the landscape does not change. Even if ETH forked into 2, their interests are in the same old landscape and an Alt relationship between each other. [reply] You are not aware of the dangers and harms of a split ecosystem. You should read some other articles first. A split is not just about simply see another Alt, it’s overwhelming.

Thanks for our translator David.
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18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / [News]WHY AGAINST SEGWIT AND CORE? Mining investor gives his answer on: November 23, 2016, 02:01:21 PM
[ANN] BITKAN translate it from the original article in Chinese, for more details, please enter in English Chinese
In the article Why support SegWit, COO of BTCC give his answers, Samson Mow focused on SegWit without mentioning the real problem: the post-segwit roadmap from Core. I just have to clarify something Mr.Mow is unwilling to touch.

I.The True Focus: Core’s Roadmap

Mr.Mow brags about the benefits of segwit in his article, and accuses scaling side on anti-core being political. Truth is, however, scaling side is pro segwit and LN as well. Scaling side is anti core’s roadmap, which is, from soft-forked segwit implementation to permanent limit of block size on 1 MB. This will turn the main chain into a SWIFT-like settlement network. High tx fee on the main chain will chase all the daily tx away to the LN.

Why Core’s roadmap is wrong? Simple logic: more is better than less, more options are always better than fewer ones.

 “I’m right so I will take your rights away”---this is a dangerous mindset. Just look at the history of Communism and the possible millions of deaths associated with it. A vicious fruit of a vicious mentality. Why in China’s Big Leap in the 60s we saw millions of deaths of peasants? Because they were restricted to their own land by the low level party bodies and the household registration system, preventing them from fleeing their land. There’s no option but to starve to death.

How can someone be so sure that he’s right? What if he’s wrong? How can he shoulder the responsibility of millions of lives? Can core do that? Who gave the right to Core from prevent us from using the main chain? Is core capable of shouldering the responsibility of the doom of Bitcoin?

II.Fragile LN

Secondary networks like LN can only be a supplement to the main chain, not a replacement to it. LN’s big nodes have clearly capital, efficiency and operation advantages. Looking upon them to maintain many small nodes is so childish. There will be Matthew Effect. There will be big fish devouring small fish. LN, in the end, will be dominated by big players like what we see with Alipay/Wechat Pay today. Decentralization will be a banned word.

Rumors recently mentioned “Chinese monetary authorities are looking to limit the transfer of Bitcoin from domestic exchanges to their foreign counterparts. Crypto community lived on such a joke. But can you laugh when tx are all running on giants-dominated LN?

LN operators cannot confiscate your Bitcoin, but they can, with the excuses of regulation compliance, ask you to conduct compliance checks. You want to quit then? To where? Main chain? Core had it in mind already: 1MB block size is only for big-amount LN tx settlement, the tx fee will be as high as with the SWIFT. How about 100 dollars per tx? Quit?

III.Dangerous Soft-Fork SegWit

Core is implementing segwit through softfork, that is by lying to old nodes to realize compatibility. This brings significant technical risks and hefty tech debts.
With bottom layer data structure altered, Core wants to lie to old nodes so as to fool them into believing “nothing-has-changed”. This is just as difficult as the twisted hand in the pic above. The risks and debts behind it are so self-explanatory. We can already expect tremendous difficulty in the future development that will be based on this twisted hand.

Why Core says “SegWit almost changed every line of Bitcoin’s codes?” (They wanted to brag about the workload).

Based on the HK consensus, the segwit should have been out in Apr. and online since Jul.,why is it so late in Nov. even under the pressure from consensus and miners? Because core wanted to build a twisted hand.

Systemic complexity rising echoes with a falling stability. We all have seen the price of ETH’s Turing-Completeness: four or five HFs and lots of nodes being attacked into destruction. Bitcoin, as a formally 10B level financial system: Can it pay such a high price? Can Core take that responsibility?

IV.Enough Block Size

If our network cannot take 1MB+ block size, Core’s limit can be justified. But the reality is that even the GFC-limited Chinese pools can accept an 8MB size, see the pic below (in June last year):

Compared with “who’s-your-daddy” Core, BU is not so condescending to the very least:

1)block size? Pool decides. No 50%+ pools will choose too high of a size that the network cannot take. (or they suffer from high orphanage rate).

2)tx fee? Market decides. Should the network unable to take a big block size, the limited block supply from pools will raise the tx fee to an equilibrium point on the market.

3)LN or not? Tx fee decides. If the network cannot take big size blocks, while LN is cheap and fast, why not use it under high tx fee scenarios?

I think 2) is not going to happen. I used a 56k modem back in junior high, and I use a 200M optical fiber connection today at 17 dollars per month. That’s a 4,000 times scaling. But I’m not against 3). Core, however, considers 2) as fate, so “I’m your daddy let me decide for you.” So they castrate the main chain tx and decide for you that future tx should go through the LN.

Why such a rush? Who’s the “GOD”, Core or the market? Or the reason being that Core’s daddy BS is the standard maker of LN?

V.Who is qualified to take responsibilities when it comes to Bitcoin security?

What is the consequence of Core breaking Bitcoin the big toy? Leave. That’s it. So many Internet companies are out there and a glorified ex-Bitcoin developer will surely find a new job.

Only miners, who invested millions-worth of personal wealth, the sunk cost, cannot leave like a bitcoiner, thus can be qualified as the Bitcoin’s safe guards. Mt.Gox was bearing the Bitcoin price in hope to cover up for their loss. Only miners want the Bitcoin to thrive with more users and a bullish market.

I can conclude with great confidence: SegWit will never ever be activated. It’s not about the 95% threshold. Even in 75% or 51% scenarios it will not be alive.

Why? I am a miner, a member of the mining pools. I invested millions of real wealth into the mining business.

Got an issue? Show me your money.

Before the non-stopping wheels of history, some people are destined to be nailed up on the pillar of humiliation.

I have translated and attached some Chinese comment on

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BITKAN, Bitcoin all in one.
19  Local / India / Looking for some Indian Bitcoin Companies on: November 17, 2016, 10:16:46 AM
Hello, everyone,

I heard that bitcoin market is widely developing this year, so I will arrange a business trip to Mumbai,India. Also I will attend the Blockchain Conference, 15th Dec. How do you think this city? Is there any bitcoin companies? Or any Bitcoin Meet-ups?

If you know something about India, please leave your comments, thanks.

Also, if you have any query about India, maybe I can find the answer there, please feel free to write down your questions.

Thanks. Grin
20  Local / Marketplace (India) / [b]Lucky draw in BITKAN, win free Bitcoins. on: October 27, 2016, 09:22:32 AM
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Lucky draw in BITKAN, win free Bitcoins. Login in on 26th-28th October, get 3 chances for lucky draw per day. 150 winning opportunity are waiting for you! Come on and check the activity in advance.

On 1st July 2016, BITKAN launched P2P trading function on mobile App. It’s a new milestone of creating a convenient platform for buying and selling Bitcoins. On October 12, 2016, BITKAN released the new web site, Now BITKAN provides clearer page, more News resources.

To celebrate the two events, BITKAN will hold a lucky draw activity on from 26th October to 28th October. 150 winning opportunities will be sent daily. Prize is up to 0.1btc. Login in and you will see a lucky draw wheel on home page. Registered three chances for the game.

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