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1  Other / Meta / TOR evil point really high, where to ask for whitelisting anonymous? on: December 17, 2015, 07:25:48 AM
Basically, what the title says  Wink

A little more details:
I ran a loan service (it's shut down by now), and as a result i'm stuck with between 5-10 accounts i got from loan defaulters. I'm not a crook, i'm not an account farmer, i just gave some loans to "bad" people without knowing it.
When trying to sell this collateral, a couple account hunters found out who i am, and they're tagging my sold accounts as soon as they change hands. I don't blame these guys, they're trying to do the right thing (i even understand their point of view, but i really want to recuperate my investment, even if it means selling the collateral).

So, i decided to go full-anonymous and register an account over TOR... That way i had a fresh start with an account to sell my leftover collateral, and i could protect my buyers from negative tagging. I expected some evil points, and some dust to be payed in order to use the anonymous account.

After signing up, i saw the "dust" that had to be payed was between $15 and $20 (in BTC).

My question:
Is there another way of creating an account that is anonymous, but doesn't result in a big penalty? OR, is there an appeal procedure for my case that doesn't require me to use a non-anonymous account to contact a staff member for a whitelisting? I cannot post anything with the anonymous account, so i cannot make a thread in the meta-section to explain my case. The only contact info on the page to unlock my account is theymos's email address, but it's clearly indicated it cannot be used to ask for a free whitelisting.

I could just message a staff member from the account i'm using now (the non-anonymous one), and ask them politely to whitelist my anonymous account, but that would defeat the purpose... I could still be tracked down because i used a non anonymous account to ask for the whitelisting.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Please don't flood the thread with the explanation of evil points, dust fees, the reason behind the system... I searched the forum and found all that stuff already. I just want to know if there is a way to go anonymous without paying that much money for my anonimity.
2  Economy / Digital goods / any interest in a top 4.000.000 richest bitcoin adresses? on: December 10, 2015, 02:50:06 PM
A couple days ago, i saw somebody asking if there was a "rich-list"... Since i was interested myself, i installed bitcoin daemon, sync'ed the blockchain, fetched and compiled znort987's blockparser, and parsed the blockchain with following parameters:
./parser allBalances -l 4000000 -w 4000000 > manygigs.txt

The result is a 600+ Mb textfile, containing the 4.000.000 richest addresses in this format:
                 Balance                                  Hash160                             Base58   nbIn lastTimeIn                 nbOut lastTimeOut
         169731.81212466 e95dbb25283cc35d4a6aefa76c0382e63ce0fa36 3Nxwenay9Z8Lc9JBiywExpnEFiLp6Afp8v     14 Mon Dec  7 15:58:28 2015       2 Wed Nov  4 19:51:06 2015
         157997.24935400 c5464169a9aabad0e361ccf1d436d3e843708e7d 3Kg7Cmooris7cLErTsijq6qR1FH3cTiK2G  20867 Sat Nov 28 11:10:43 2015       1 Tue Dec 30 17:26:55 2014

It was a simple task, but nevertheless it took me a couple days to complete
- 30 minutes to freshly install a decent dedicated server
- 30 minutes to install the bitcoin daemon
- 1 day to sync
- 2 hours to get the blockparser compiled
- 2 days of trial and error
- 0.75 days to parse the chain

If somebody is interested in buying the list, PM me. It isn't this usefull, it just contans the balance, the hash160, the address, number of transactions in, number of transactions out and the last transaction dates. Using it to bruteforce or anything is pretty useless  Grin

Price: i was thinking about 0.01.
Since it would take you a pretty good server, technical knowledge and serveral days to do this, i think less than $5 is a fair price Wink

Escrow is accepted, as long as the buyer pays the fee.
I can give one [1!] vouch copy to a senior member with positive (green) trust... If he promises to keep the file private.

BTW: i'm going home for the night... I'll check this thread tomorrow morning  Smiley
3  Economy / Auctions / sr. member account (starting at 0.11) on: December 02, 2015, 07:33:10 AM
On auction:

Senior member account

posts (satoshiquiz): 320+
activity (satoshiquiz): 320+
trust (satoshiquiz): 0
Potential activity (satoshiquiz): 330+
Estimated price (satoshiquiz): 0.22+
Estimated price ( 0.19+
post quality ( Fair
Signed message: Signed message with an address 4 months old (not a good message) or any message you'd like with an address staked 2 months ago.
trust/feedback: neutral remark from DT, negative from untrusted members (the account was found out as being sold, and tagged as such). The trust will show as 0: -0 / +0 for somebody with an unedited trust list... I don't see any problems for getting into a sig campaign!

auction rules
Starting bid: 0.11
Minimum increment: 0.005
Payment: in BTC, either the buyer sends first, or the buyer picks a trusted escrow from this list. the escrow's fee or tip will be payed by the buyer
Auction ends: 12 hours after the last bid, with a minimum of 3 days. (so the auction will run for 3 days, but can be extended if a bid comes in less than 12 hours from the endtime)

eventough it's unlikely, i reserve the right to change the rules if problems should arise. I also reserve the right to accept/deny any bid from anybody. I'm prefectly happy to sell the account for 0.11 (starting bid), so there is no hidden reserve
4  Economy / Digital goods / Re: [WTS] 2 accounts for sale (2x sr. member) on: November 16, 2015, 08:59:40 AM
Instead of making a sale thread for every account i have on sale (mostly due to loan defaults). I decided to make 1 central thread.

All these accounts are up for sale, but i'm not desperate, so i won't entertain lowballing offers.
Offcourse, escrow is always accepted (only trusted escrows, buyer pays fees, if any).
I always have some sort of a signed message, but private keys are never included.

At the moment, i have:

I have multiple accounts for sale, but i'm removing their descriptions from the OP to avoid these accounts being tagged... PM me if you're looking for an account  Smiley
5  Other / Obsolete (selling) / [WTS] sr. member on: November 04, 2015, 10:40:00 AM

A while ago, i bought a senior member account. Very recently, i came into posession of a second senior member account due to a defaulted loan. I wish to sell the account i had purchased in the past (i have no use for two senior accounts).

The account itself is clean, but the original owner once bid on an auction and didn't purchase the goods when he/she won (i'm the thirth owner)... So the account is tagged as such (no negative tags from DT). It is also known that this account is sold.

Account details, rounded to avoid easy guessing (from satoshiquiz):
Posts :270+
Activity :270+
Trust Score :0

Post Quality(words) :69+
Post Quality(chars) :66+
Potential Activity :290+
Potential Rank :Sr. Member
Account Price  0.19+ BTC

Date Registered:    jun-sep, 2014
Trust:    0: -0 / +0
It has neutral feedback from DT and negative untrusted feedback (one) due to not paying for an item he won

A signed message from the original owner is available, but it's not a very clear message... I cannot ask the original owner for a new message tough (since i don't know him).
The account, feedback, trust, quality,... Should be more than sufficient to get accepted in most signature campaigns...

Price can be negotiated, but the asking price is 0.15BTC

This is written from a newbie account to protect the seller's investment... Obviously, it's not my primary account, so i don't log in all the time (i'll try to check this thread and my PM's every 2-3 days)... Also, i can only write one reply/pm every 360 seconds, so expect slow response time...

Since i'm writing from a newbie acct, i'll gladly accept a trusted escrow to secure any investment...

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