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1  Local / Beni / D3200 + 18-55 VR + Lexar 8GB + Garanzia 4 anni Nital italiana (Fire sale 24 ore) on: December 30, 2014, 06:16:04 PM
'ngiorno, Vendo la suddetta. Confezione sigillata. Asta, scade Mercoledì alle 19:00. Astenersi scammer, evitiamo di farci perdere tempo a vicenda. Prezzo di partenza 1.20 BTC. Spedizione non inclusa.

Have fun!
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / [$0.35/GH] Bankrupted HashFast Hardware Sale on: October 21, 2014, 04:36:57 PM
HashFast is one of the few companies that was promising 28nm hardware in 2013. As some of you might now, they are in bankruptcy under chapter 11 and have an external CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) appointed, meaning that the management is not the same as the one that bankrupted the company in the first time.

I was contacted a few days ago by Simon Barber, telling me that they were finally able to secure a very good pricing for manufacturing on their old but proven rev3 “EVO” board design. It’s a single board single chip liquid-cooled miner that typically can be pushed up to 750GH/s.

Hashfast is offering a kit consisting of:

  • A tested good rev3 ‘EVO’ board
  • A CoolIT ECO-III liquid cooling system, with Sanyo Denki high speed fan.
  • A bolster plate, thermal pad and indium foil square


The price per kit will be $260. Shipping, handling, any taxes or import duties and power supply are not included in the price. To complete the system a PC running cgminer and USB cables will also be needed, as well as common hardware like screws and hex standoffs. The kit will have to be assembled by the customer.

Minimum order quantity:

The above pricing can only be reached if HashFast places an order for 2000 boards with their manufacturer. The goal of this thread is to collect interest on this product, in order for HashFast to be able to place an order.

Boards will ship in boxes of 20 from China (FOB Shenzhen). Coolers, fans, bolster plates, cooling pads and indium foil ship from the USA. The customer will be responsible for purchasing screws, standoffs and PSU needed for final assembly of the mining rigs, and doing the final assembly of the board, cooler, fan and PSU.

Orders must be placed in multiples of 20 kits.

Board performance:

With the provided liquid cooling system, board performance will vary depending on how carefully you place and tighten it to the board, and what mounting hardware is used. Please refer to the attached emails for a full explanation on how to obtain up to 750GH out of those boards.


Once the group buy is arranged the ASICs take about a week to be tested and shipped to the chinese board assembly shop. The chinese supplier HashFast is using promised to assemble and ship the first 1,500 boards within 18 days from the reception of the order and parts. That means that this thread needs to collect enough preorders to make the batch worth it’s run, wait for the chip testing and shipping, the board supplier 18 days and then for the delivery courier. Hashfast is waiting for confirmation on the lead times for the bolster plates, cooling pads and indium foil. It is expected to be less than the lead time for the boards. The kit can be operated without the bolster plate/cooling pad/foil at a reduced performance.

Original emails:

Initial email:

Hi Davide,
One of our China manufacturers has just offered us very good pricing on their remaining stock of rev3 boards. This could potentially enable a rev3 group buy. We can supply them with the long lead time parts, and the ASIC, they can produce the board, and we can supply a cooler. [...] Boards ship from China, coolers from US or Canada. The first 1500 boards can be ready 18 days after order placed according to the manufacturer. The China manufacturer has asked for a minimum order of 2000.

Details about board performances:

Yes, seems OK. I think it is also very possible that the manufacturer will accept a slightly smaller order, if offered. We need to coordinate how the logistics will work. [...].
In general getting something out there sooner rather than later would be good to gauge interest while we work out the logistical details.
With a bolster plate and indium foil (not included in what I've talked about so far) the boards can do 700GH and with careful setup 750GH can be achieved. Note - these numbers are based on our previous chip testing regime - the higher volume chip testing we are doing now could allow a small number of lower performing chips to be passed.

More about board performances:

I've double checked with one of the engineers about speeds, before publishing anything. [...] For the basic board / cooler combination with good thermal grease without bolster plate, he thinks that it's easy to get 600MHz, and with a little skill 700MHz. Higher speeds are possible, but you need to be very careful in how gently and evenly you tighten the cooler. This corresponds to theoretical speeds of 461GH/s or 538GH/s. I'm going to double check these numbers with our China manufacturer, who has done their own extensive testing too. To get higher speeds requires a bolster plate, so the board does not distort and warp when you tighten the cooler down. For highest speeds you need indium foil instead of grease between the chip and the cooler. I'm double checking the numbers for the boards with bolster plate and foil, but historically 700GH has been easy and 750GH with careful setup. Bolster plates are not expensive to get made, but would complicate the project. (You need the bolster plate, a piece of thermal pad to go over it, and a piece of indium foil between the chip and the cooler).

Efficiency at lower hashrate:

In order to set up the boards without the bolster plate, and still achieve good thermal mounting, our China assembly partner uses jig with a clamp that evenly holds the cooler down onto the board, and applies a good pressure, and then the assembly worker screws the cooler on, just turning the screws hand tight. This jig allows the unskilled assembly worker to achieve good, consistent, even mounting pressure.

The same can be achieved by hand, as long as you are careful to do the tightening evenly. One of the software setup tools loads up the chip with dummy work, displays a continuous readout of die temperature so you can watch for even thermal contact as you tighten up the screws.

BTW The china manufacturer reports that running the boards at 450GH he measures 0.8J/GH at the wall.

Components required to push the board to 750GH:

The bolster plate is custom for the board. I don't know of anything off the shelf that would work. They are not expensive, but I will need to get a quote to ensure lead time and price. We have already had a fair number made, so this would be a simple repeat order. A piece of thermal pad is needed between the bolster plate and the board to prevent the metal plate from shorting the components on the bottom of the board. These come in 20x40cm sheets from a chinese manufacturer, and need to be cut into squares with scissors. Thirdly the indium foil comes from the Indium corporation, I will need to check if we have any stock left, or lead time to order.

About logistics:

The biggest question is logistics - if all of this goes to a single buyer, who can do the final assembly, then it's relatively easy. If many small buyers are involved then it's more work.

No problem - I can arrange the ordering of bolster plates/pads/foil.

Our China manufacturing partner will ship the boards to multiple customers though. They need a shipping solution, and I have offered to send them the design for the shipping solution we used to ship boards to Ciara in Montreal. This solution is a specially designed cardboard box that takes 30 boards, and offered good protection for them.

The China partner is using the same coolers as us, but got better performance numbers than our engineer reported for the stock support/grease configuration (which we did not experiment with much - we focussed on the enhanced bolster plate/foil). They got 550GH from 98% of their boards, and 600GH from about 70% of the boards. This is at 35C ambient, so would do better in a cooler place. Given this variability I think we need to offer the boards at a fixed price per board, and let people know the different performance range that can be expected, so they can calculate $/GH themselves. In addition they stated that, like us, the exact process of mounting of the cooler to the board is critical. Applying the pressure evenly and gently is important. Doing it well makes a big difference in performance, and since we'd be leaving this to the end users we can't guarantee what their work will be like, so we can't make any statement about performance.

Shipping details:

Getting the shipping boxes made for the boards will not cost much, but shipping will have to be insured, to make sure any damage loss is covered. These prices won't allow much buffer for handling returns.

We would ship coolers from the USA or Canada in boxes of 4, and fans in boxes of 20. The end user would need to purchase a PSU, screws, and standoffs to complete their rig.

Also - given that the coolers come in boxes of 4, the fans in boxes of 20, and the shipping boxes for boards would typically carry 30 or so (but can be made any size), I think it might be difficult to support customers ordering 1 or 2 - since it will require a lot of repacking. The whole point of a group buy is to reduce the number of orders (ideally to 1) so that the consolidated shipping/handling makes all these things easier/cheaper. Perhaps an ordering unit of 20 boards would work - although more would be better. The China manufacturer can have the board shipping boxes made up to carry 20 boards, and we can ship 5 boxes of 4 coolers and 1 box of fans to each customer. We will also need some packaging (a box) to ship the 20 coolers, 20 fans, 20 bolster plates, thermal pad material for 20 boards, and 20 pieces of foil.
3  Economy / Computer hardware / [$0.35/GH to $0.60/GH] Bankrupted HashFast Hardware Sale on: October 21, 2014, 04:24:02 PM
Moved to Bitcoin > Mining > Hardware

[$0.35/GH to $0.60/GH] Bankrupted HashFast Hardware Sale

HashFast is one of the few companies that was promising 28nm hardware in 2013. As some of you might now, they are in bankruptcy under chapter 11 and have an external CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) appointed, meaning that the management is not the same as the one that bankrupted the company in the first time.

I was contacted a few days ago by Simon Barber, telling me that they were finally able to secure a very good pricing for manufacturing on their old but proven rev3 “EVO” board design. It’s a single board single chip liquid-cooled miner that typically can be pushed up to 750GH/s.

Hashfast is offering a kit consisting of:

  • A tested good rev3 ‘EVO’ board
  • A CoolIT ECO-III liquid cooling system, with Sanyo Denki high speed fan.
  • A bolster plate, thermal pad and indium foil square

4  Other / Politics & Society / Why are elections only every 4 years? on: August 31, 2014, 08:51:42 PM
Just a Sunday's night thought.

If you could communicate to your government your political preferences continuously and not only 15 times during your useful life, politics would be continuously compelled into getting your vote, and there would be a really competitive environment for them to survive. You throw a BS at your electors once and you lose your seat forever, the exact opposite of what happens nowadays.

Stupid idea? If not, when will it happen? (Cheesy)
5  Bitcoin / Hardware / Troll free thread about the progress of HashFast's bankruptcy on: August 02, 2014, 12:32:10 PM
Since that the wise management over at HashFast decided to hire paid trollers to mislead their customers one last time, I'm opening this thread.

I will remove each and every post from "IceBreaker" and every puppet that will come up. Those users are asked not to post here. Constructive discussion is instead encouraged. You can follow the unmoderated thread on (edit, it looks like that something is broken).
6  Bitcoin / Hardware / Unmoderated discussion about the latests from HashFast on: April 26, 2014, 08:59:34 AM
... That can't even ship their second batch two weeks after publishing a plan that went all the way up to the MPP.

Some soon to be removed posts to start the unmoderated discussion:

Fuck you, Hashfast_CL ... deleting posts already.

About the only way you can make up the lost value to me - the differences between your promises and reality (i.e. "make good on expectations set forth before") - will be to host, for free, about 6-7 terahashes.  With every day that goes by without delivery, that number goes up.  

(Edit:  Oh wait.  And then there was the upgrade card, still undelivered.  Make that about 8-10 terahashes, off the top of my head.  I suppose it could be calculated.  If Batch 1 had shipped on time, if the upgrades had shipped, and the f*%*#ing MPP delivered in some reasonable timeframe.  You know, the MINER PROTECTION PROGRAM, remember that joke? Edward and Simon's pledge to protect me against network hashrate increases !!!???)

And while you failed to ship, CoinTerra shipped thousands and thousands of machines. Which Hashfast tried to deny and deride, childishly "showing off" their one (1) functioning "Yoli" miner in Austin.  As if it made it a difference.  Losers.

And your e-mailed "apology" to your customers is still denying key aspects of reality. Metaphorically-speaking, Edward and Simon need to have the shit beaten out of them, repeatedly, until they really acknowledge how badly they have fucked up and present a real plan for making amends that meets the approval of a substantial majority of Hashfast's victims.

It doesn't matter if they produce a handful of "Yoli" boards, and give "some" to Dalkore to evaluate.  What difference does that make?  Documentation?  WTF, String Theory?  That won't make one rat's ass of difference to Hashfast's customers, unless HF moves to host petahashes for free for their early batch customers.  Now.

What a disaster.  Edward and Simon, I for one intend to follow your careers and remind your future employers and investors of what you have done.

It's hard to take anything HF says seriously. Eduardo and Simon need to put on their big boy flame pants and address questions personally. Get on the forums or attend meetups and show they are personally accountable and taking real action instead of lip service emails every few months.

Something has to happen, wouldn't you agree?

Yes, but how does engaging in some sort of nonbinding discussion (all of 2 hours!) with Eddie and him providing "some" units to you to evaluate make any difference to hundreds of customers who should have received petahashes of power many months ago?  Please specifically explain.  "Documentation" doesn't cut it.

Really.  What's your economic interest in this?  You have "some" boards that likely are more rightly the property of others.  You are apparently set to receive a large number of chips which, I presume, you will use.  I have an unfilled Batch 2 order and the MPP from Batch 1. You say you are doing good for the community, but how, specifically?  That's not sarcasm, it's a real request for an explanation, with specifics.

Can't this really be interpreted as just another person, like the Garret the Teenager, who Hashfast Eddie, the Adult, makes some pledge to, and who then comes forward to testify on Hashfast's behalf, and in the end it amounts to nothing for Hashfast's customers?

This is a self moderated thread.   I will start another thread that will be open for debate instead of open for deletion.
My initial thoughts are that a company that has unresolved debts owing to people really should not be giving certain parties more than they are entitled to.   Receivers do not look kindly to that.    But I am sure the receiver will have a LOT of areas to pursue when they get in there and start demanding documentation.   If I was ever in need of a user name, I would be doing a lot of research on the rights of creditors before putting more money on the table.    

Personally, i have been repeatedly lied to by HF in order to elicit my order and some of these are easy to prove (I was told the same delivery timetable that many others were told and when someone gets the actual order schedule from the foundry, this should be easily proven to be a fraudulent sales practice that was institutionalized (since everyone I have spoken to was told THE EXACT SAME THING).

I think it is in everyone's interest to continue to tell their experiences to the Attorney General of CA and to join the filing we plan to make which we will discuss in another thread.
7  Bitcoin / Hardware / About HashFast selling ASIC chips... on: March 24, 2014, 08:18:55 PM
There are HashFast customers out there with as much as 10/50 batch 2 sierras that were supposed to be shipping in November 2013. Many others are in the following batches, or are waiting for their MPP.

HashFast doesn't give a damn. Meanwhile, they are selling their ASIC to other manufacturers.

This thread is to point out that many customers would have been happy to receive the ASIC only, along with the schematics for the board, in order to be able to have a working miner almost two months ago, instead of waiting for a company that doesn't care while being trolled by their community liaison.
Posted from - #zxydZs7x43leZ6VF
8  Economy / Service Announcements /, the Bitcointalk community with a 2014 forum software on: March 14, 2014, 09:34:48 PM
I've spent most of my free time since when i woke up with the news spreading of the closure of MtGox on a project for an alternative forum. So, here it is.

The goal is to decentralize the Bitcointalk community by providing alternative means to access and post with the same group of people. The community you interact with is still the same, the difference is the forum software. is synched in real time with, thanks for a set of web crawlers that i wrote. By simply sending a PM to a user, you can verify your identity and link your account with the one. You will then be able to read the Bitcointalk community from
Moreover, if you decide to make the jump and install a browser extension (open source (GitHub); it's needed to bypass the same origin policy of your browser), you will be able to post on; the extension will take care of posting the same exact message on uses a recent forum software, namely XenForo, so you will have a faster navigation experience and more features. In other words, a completely renovated forum.

Every kind of feedback is welcome. Thank you for your time.

(Yes, obviously this thread was posted from Wink)
Posted from - #HRSYr8JTlTnk6kdQ
9  Local / Italiano (Italian) / Vi presento, la mia alternativa a on: March 14, 2014, 01:25:46 PM
Dalla mattina in cui mi sono svegliato con la notizia della chiusura di MtGox, ho passato la maggior parte del tempo libero nelle ultime due settimane a lavorare a questo progetto. Oltre ad essere un archivio per, da dove i contenuti vengono presi in tempo reale, e' anche possibile scrivere su senza visitarlo, inserendo il proprio messaggio direttamente in

Il progetto vuole essere un modo per combattere la centralita' di, creando una valida alternativa. ha molte piu' funzionalita', e' piu' veloce e stabile di; lo scopo di questo thread e' di invitarvi ad utilizzarlo, raccogliere feedback e commenti sull'esperienza d'uso.

Passaggio #1 - Collegare l'account
1) Andate su
2) Inserite il nome del vostro account Bitcointalk, un email e la vostra nuova password (non la vostra password di
3) Nella pagina successiva vi viene dato un codice del tipo "e3TANvL52o0F2cPB" che dovrete inviare per messaggio privato ad un utente di chiamato "". Il messaggio serve a verificare che abbiate effettivamente accesso all'account che state collegando.
4) Tenete la pagina aperta, appena il vostro messaggio privato verra' letto automaticamente (pochi secondi), la pagina si aggiornera' automaticamente facendovi fare il log-in automatico. Fatto!

Passaggio #2 - Installare l'estensione del browser
Se volete scrivere su partendo da, dovete installare una semplice estensione del browser (disponibile per Chrome o Firefox) che permette di oltrepassare la Same Origin Policy del vostro browser, e lascia inserire messaggi su a vostro nome. L'estensione e' sicura, open source (GitHub), e non ha accesso ai vostri dati personali, come ad esempio i vostri messaggi privati, o la vostra email.

Andate nella sezione italiana (link) e cliccate "Watch Forum" per sottoscrivervi alla sezione, per essere avvisati (tramite email o notifiche intrasito, come preferite), delle nuove discussioni o messaggi (ancora, come preferite) Wink

Grazie per il vostro tempo! Smiley

(ovviamente si, questo messaggio e' stato inviato da Wink)

Posted from - #PHiUXbxhviLOgGc7
10  Bitcoin / Hardware / HashFast announces specs for new ASIC: up to 800GH/s [Non Self Moderated] on: March 01, 2014, 11:46:36 AM
To read the full thread with no censorship:

Quote from: HashFast_CL
Yoli Evo Mining Board running at 975 MHz getting 733 GH/s


Check out a screenshot of a Yoli Evo Mining Board hashing at 975 MHz and getting 733 GH/s with only a single HashFast Golden Nonce ASIC as verified in both CGMiner and as reported in the mining pool statistics:

Click here to learn more and Pre-Order a Yoli Evo Mining Board

Click here to learn more and Pre-Order a Sierra Evo Mining Kit

Posted from - #vzAgezzgatHF9Mvb
11  Economy / Service Discussion / List of things that we want to see wiped out of the Bitcoin world on: February 25, 2014, 11:18:28 AM
MtGox is gone. That's a GREAT news. If you lost anything on MtGox, look at my avatar and blame that on you.

I want to see thermos gone. He and his fractional reserve of the forum founds can go you know where. Use that money to make this forum an asset of the Bitcoin community, hell, not a liability!
I want to see Peter Vessenes investigated for fraud. Screw him and his bankruptcy fillings. One per month.
I want to see BFL closed. Hell, no, i don't want to buy your hardware wallet.
I want to see HashFast paying back what they own.

This list is here for you to be continued.

Bitcoin gained unwanted attention from every kind of bad people given it's nature. It was the paradise of scammers. Now that we are going mainstream, we need to obliterate those people.
12  Bitcoin / Hardware / A call to the Custom Hardware community: Please let the world know about HashFas on: December 31, 2013, 10:09:53 AM
As many of you might be aware of, HashFast has learned all the lessons from BFL and is in the process of accomplishing an even worse scam. However, it looks like that they where overconfident about overpromising. They think that they will come out of this just fine. Legally, i mean.

For several reasons, this will not be the case.

However, while their customers are proceeding legally against them, they are (and will) try to put off some other fire sales in the very next few days. People who will buy from them will be the least legally protected, due to their ever changing ToS.

I'm asking you for some cheap action to prevent this. You can start by upvoting this Reddit post:

You could create a new one with better content, if you wish.
If you have contacts with relevant journalist, i kindly ask you to let them know about this story. Many on this forum are able to help on pointing out details for some good article.

Doing this if you are a batch 1 customer will be an equivalent of biting the hand that feeds you, but it's only the right thing to do.
13  Other / Meta / Proposal: Highly ignored uses should have their posts less visible, with opacity on: December 14, 2013, 10:26:01 PM
I kinda of hate people like Icebreaker. But i can't ignore it, since that i need to know what he is writing to understand how things are getting worse or what (yes, i'm talking about HF).

Also, and more importantly, not everyone takes the time of ignoring people. I'm talking about newbies, especially.

I think that posts of people that are highly ignored should have a degree of opacity, like this:

They will be completely readable but it will be evident to everyone, newbies included, that those post are kinda useless.
14  Bitcoin / Hardware / Gathering funds for legal action against HashFast (troll-free) on: October 26, 2013, 11:28:18 AM

This is a placeholder, just not to have stupid trolls to troll my thread and actions.
Anyway, it looks like that no-one is interested in going on in this but me. Or rather, many are interested, but no-one wants to spend more on the black hole HF probably is.

No problem, i will go ahead alone. If i'm right and after that i paid lawyers by my own you want to join the cause, you will be free to do so.
15  Bitcoin / Hardware / HashFast sent an email to their customers: Their order is now "complete" on: October 24, 2013, 09:28:20 AM
Translated, they can't ask for a refund because it's "completed".

Point #1: their customers can always refuse the shipment and get a complete refund.
Point #2: this means that HashFast has no will to cooperate, they won't help their first batch customers that will lose 75% of their investment.

Conclusion: They have given me the reason to move on on a legal battle. If you are an HashFast batch 1 customer, please join me. If you know a laywer with btc expertise in CA, please tell me.
16  Bitcoin / Hardware / Gathering funds for legal action against HashFast on: October 23, 2013, 11:24:12 PM
tldr: HashFast, 3 days after claiming that everything is on track, says that they will be at least 3 weeks late. 3 weeks later means that people like me, who bought batch 1 miners, will never see a ROI greater than (minus) 50%. says that our projected return should be 1/4 of our initial investment, if we can start mining by December.

This found is for the only purpose of *investigating the possibilities* (as in, asking a lawyer to give us a reliable review) of our situation.

Address: 1PrdHS7HQjhZpEnkWiGx15Pr1J3C6B4NfR

I will send there 5 btc of my money. Please contribute however you can. I think that we should be able to have a contact with a laywer by friday.
17  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] HashFast batch 1; 9GH/BTC (hosting included) or 10GH/BTC (bare hardware) on: October 23, 2013, 08:07:23 AM
I have a lot of BJ in preorder from HashFast, they should be delivered by the end of the month. Updates on delivery should come today.
I'm reselling them at cost.
Offer includes Miner Protection Plan.

If you are interested into the offer with hosting already included (free for the first year, tier 3 datacenter), just send to this address whatever amount (make sure that you can receive from the sending address and that you have the private key (Eg, you can sign messages)):

I can provide proof of purchase to a mod if required. Please also check my trust history, i won't use an escrow for the hosting solution, while it's welcome with the bare hardware purchases.

Contact me for every question.
18  Economy / Service Discussion / Mtgox BTC withdraw nonsense on: September 02, 2013, 08:08:03 AM
removed, and trust in gox restored.
It actually wasn't totally their fault.
19  Economy / Currency exchange / Want to sell 4BTC for EUR Paypal founds on: August 31, 2013, 09:43:42 AM
Naturally, i must have reasons to trust you.
20  Economy / Speculation / Countdown to mtgox new ATH (it will be an mtgox only ATH) on: August 14, 2013, 11:17:09 AM
A new, mtgox-only, all time high. If you know what i mean.
I would say that it's less than a month away.
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