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1  Economy / Currency exchange / Trading 1k Greendot Moneypak for $1050 worth of coins on: March 19, 2013, 06:16:21 AM
Title says it all.

I'm willing to supply an unlimited amount of $1000 GDMP's (or any other amount) with a little markup.

Testing out to see how much interest there is...


PS - Will obv do escrow with johnthedong, but you pay the escrow fees (usually a couple bit cents)

EDIT: Will scan the receipt so you have a photo of the receipt as well..

2  Other / Beginners & Help / Sales Pitch, but offering coins - Where to post? on: February 15, 2013, 07:31:21 AM
Had to post this sucker in the n00b section because I have no idea if it's against the ToC. Pretty I'm a 'sales guy' that sells products to car dealers. As you may or may not know, dealerships are VERY old school and getting in contact with them when the decision maker doesn't even have an e-mail address can be VERY difficult.

ANYWAY, I was wondering if it would be against the terms if I would advertise something like:

"Know a General Manager of a dealership? If they sign up for our service, I'll give you 25BTC."

I'll clearly pay for the posting if there's a classified section. Just figured I'd ask.

3  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] $1000 GDMP (Greendot Moneypak) w/ receipt - 43.7 BTC [best offer takes it] on: February 12, 2013, 06:53:06 AM
Title says it all.

2. No vendors
3. No Scarface Tommy's

**Unless you have alot of rep in #bitcoin-otc or on this forum

Hit me up on here on #bitcoin-otc.

4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scammer: Scarface Tommy on: February 12, 2013, 06:34:34 AM
Here's the thread I reported everything in: (post #10)

All-in-all it was my fault. I feel like a Silly Sally.

Only thing that is keeping my head up is:
1. I think I'll be able to get the money back because it's been less than 24 hours and I have the receipt.
2. I'll get to see the SCAMMER tag
3. Live and learn I guess -- Every time I get more trusting (money wise) with people. Stuff like this always happens.

So yeah, stay away people and any personal information you guys can get would be greatly appreciated.

5  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] $200 GDMP (Greendot Moneypak) - 9.5BTC on: February 11, 2013, 08:59:13 PM
You read it right. $200 GDMP for 9.5 BTC.

- I WILL provide the receipt.
- I don't mind doing an escrow
- I've had a few trades so I'm not going to send to somebody first with any rating and/or recent join date
- I don't mind sending first to somebody that's reputable

I think this covers it.

PM me to lock it up or post in thread if you have another offer.

6  Economy / Goods / BRAND NEW: Paintball Airsoft Racing and MMA Equipment and Gear! on: February 11, 2013, 06:50:50 AM
Hey guys, just putting a feeler out there to see how much demand there would be for this .. Pretty much I'm a supplier and I can get these items drop shipped to you. Shipping is quick (like 2-3 days) and cheap.

Either way, check out:  ... As long as the item is on there I can get it for you.

For pricing, just search the internet and look for the cheapest price. I will match that .. Just send whatever it would be in BTC.

Paintball Supplies Include:
  • Pants
  • Paintball Markers/Guns
  • Marker Accessories
  • Loaders
  • Harnesses
  • Air Systems
  • Protective Gear
  • Gloves
  • Scenario Gear
  • Bottle/Tank Covers
  • Bags & Cases
  • Field Supplies
  • Footwear
  • Barrels
  • Goggles & Lenses
  • Loader Parts & Accessories
  • Paintballs / Paint

Airsoft Supplies Include:
  • Ammo
  • Bags & Cases
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Gloves
  • Green Gas & C02 Cartridges
  • Gun Upgrades & Parts
  • Magazines
  • Pistols (CO2)
  • Pistols (Gas)
  • Pistols (Spring)
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles

  • Wheels
  • Fasteners

  • Gloves
  • Bags
  • Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Beanies


Please PM me with any questions with pricing or product information:
- As far as I can tell this deal is super sweet to anybody looking to buy. Shoot even if you aren't looking to buy.
- If you are looking for specific product information or are looking to buy for a friend or family member. I can get you in touch with somebody who knows a hell of a lot more than me. I'm just the "tech guy".

Escrow: I don't mind escrow. There's plenty of trusted members on here looking to do it. So if you insist on escrow and we can agree on a certain member. Then I have no problem with it.

Just to clarify, these items are right from the supplier. They are brand spankin' new.

ONCE AGAIN, PLLLLLEEASSEEE do not clog this thread with crap.
Examples of what this thread should be used for:
- Positive feedback
- Negative feedback
- Escrow confirmation
- Any other cool ways that may positively promote me Smiley)))

Paintball Product List: (please note the price on there is the MSRP price. NOT what you will pay)
Airsoft Product List: (coming soon)

User is currently {online}

Thanks for looking!
7  Economy / Currency exchange / Going to buy a Moneypak tomorrow. $100 (will provide reciept obv) on: January 24, 2013, 06:30:25 AM
I'm going to buy a $100 GDMP (Greendot Moneypak) tomorrow.

cost is last gox + 0% + $5

Pretty much fee free. Only thing that costs ya is the fee for the MP.


EDIT: Could probably also do xfer. bank deposit (wells, boa, any majors). ummm .. amazon? Anything that's easily accessible to me.
8  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] Moneypak anywhere from $0-250. Semi Fee Free! on: December 29, 2012, 05:51:32 PM
Title says it all. I'm just looking to get more coins. I'm going to the store here in a little bit and will pick up a Moneypak. If you are looking to get rid of some coins let me know.

I will charge $5. Just because that's how much it costs.

The "catch" is that you'll send first. Unless you've got good rep and are a longtime poster.

Not sure if I can make this any better. If so, please post.


Need: 31.25 worth of BTC (~425$ worth of GDMP). Just PM an "offer" to me. I'm sick of dealing with people wanting to charge a ridic. rate! Going to bed now. Will be looking for this tomorrow until 7PM EST. [sleep]

Just give me a an offer at $415 or less for BTC31.25 and it's yours.
9  Economy / Services / Offering .1 to anybody that downloads a mobile app AND USES IT! (ios and android on: December 22, 2012, 05:20:34 AM
So pretty much I'm trying to get referrals. If you have an iPhone or Android all you need to do is download this app and I'll send you 0.1 BTC.

Sooo how does this work?
Just post in the thread if you are interested and I'll send you a link via PM. Once you download it. I'll see it and send you some coins.

How do you know if we'll continue using the app and just now uninstall it after we get the coins?
I don't, but I do ask that you try it out for a bit. It's really cool. With little effort you can earn Amazon Gift Cards. Which it pretty much as good as cash!

I have more than one phone. Can I download on all of them and get multiple coins?

How many coins are you gonna dish out for now?
2BTC or 20 downloads. Once I hit that I'll stall a little bit.

What if I already have the app downloaded?
Then you don't get coins. Sorry Sad

I'm sure I'll be adding to the FAQ .. lol, but this is all I have for now.
10  Economy / Service Discussion / Anything against offering BTC for a referral? on: December 22, 2012, 01:57:41 AM
So I've recently been extremely addicted to a couple mobile apps that I've earned some good rewards to. I want to 'spread the word', but obviously I want to get something out of it.

It is against the rules here to pay for referrals?

Example: I'll pay .1 BTC to download a mobile app.

Yes? No? Maybe?

11  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] Money on: December 18, 2012, 06:21:41 AM
Not sure how many "gamblers" we have out there, but here goes ... I'm looking to buy any and all amounts of 5dimes money at .9 on the dollar.

For example, if you have 100$ in 5dimes. I'll give you $90 worth of bitcoins (mtgox code, dwolla, etc.).

Reasons why people would sell the money for .9
- No need to wait for a particular day to "request check" (if they do they can be charged extra)
- No need to wait for the long ship time
- No worries about a check that may or may not bounce. lol

Last one is rare, but it does happen. Either way, my service is way more convenient.

I want to say no amount to small or large, but I'll start at:
Min - $25
Max - $1000

Thanks for your time!
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Coinbase vs Dwolla on: December 18, 2012, 01:22:42 AM
So for the past couple months while getting acquainted with buying and selling BTC. I've found out that the fees are KILLER after awhile. Still cool to use places like BitInstant and stuff to get started, but man -- gas, time, 3%, etc adds up after awhile.

Recently stumbled across two places: Coinbase and Dwolla.

First was coin base. Apparently on each deposit they charge 1% + .15 fee
Second is Dwolla. They charge freakin 25 cents!

Am I missing something here. I need to withdraw around 20 BTC to my bank account. Are they really only going to charge me 25 cents? Can I do it all at once???

I guess first I need dwolla. so I would most likely sell a mt gox code for dwolla.

13  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card. Can be used online or in store. on: December 06, 2012, 08:37:58 PM
Title says it all. I have a physical g/c in my hand. Haven't used it for about a year :\

Figure I'll turn it into some BTC!

All yours for $15 worth of BTC . FIRM!
14  Economy / Services / [WTS] Set of Home Depot Coupons - 1 BTC on: December 05, 2012, 11:58:20 PM
Selling 1 "set" of Home Depot Coupons. This includes:
- $5 off $5.01+ purchase
- $10 off $10.01+ purchase
- $15 off $15.01+ purchase

This if for home and garden items only. In theory you can get $45 worth of items for $.03. These are printable coupons and can only be used ONE TIME!

I have a list of items that you can buy. I'll PM them if you are serious.

15  Economy / Auctions / *** Brand New Snow Thrower. Winter Special *** on: December 04, 2012, 12:52:54 AM
Got this sucker on eBay now listed as a one day auction. I obviously save money on fees if I sell it here.

4BTC obo

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Instant start
  • Clearing width: 12 inches
  • Clearing depth: 6 inches
  • Throw distance: 20 feet
  • 9A of power
16  Economy / Currency exchange / $100 Reload Pack for 6 BTC on: November 18, 2012, 10:47:07 PM
Title says it all. Have a reload pack from the vanilla reload network.

Looking to get rid of this for some BTC.

Price at current mt gox.


17  Economy / Lending / [Loan] Seeking 15 BTC with 96% change of ~5% ROI in less than 24 hours on: November 07, 2012, 02:15:19 AM
First off, I must say that I'm VERY excited to be posting here to hopefully gain to rep and gain some people some easy money. The whole idea behind this is quite interesting and if I could fund it myself I would. Unfortunately I can't. So that's why I'm coming to the bitcoin guys for some funding Smiley

What do I need: 15 BTC
When do I need it: November 14th at the earliest

How will I do this?
The idea behind this is simple and has been out there for many years. Sports Arbing/Hedging the idea behind this rarely works because the house has an INSANE edge around 10% to be exactly. So if you post 1 BTC on Team A to win and 1 BTC on Team B to win*. You in theory would break even, right? Wrong. As any sports bettor knows you lose because of the vig.

Well, what if you could bet WITHOUT the vig? That's exactly what we are doing on the first book. We are using a sportsbook that accepts bitcoins to make the first wager.

What about the 2nd bet? Well that's where things get "fun" and I can use a semi-niche of mine. There's plenty of online sportsbooks that have money that is hard to cashout. So people sell this money at a discount. Around a 15% discount. So pretty much for every 1 BTC we wager on the 2nd sportsbook it only costs us .85 BTC.

I'm sure the idea is very confusing and I'm more than willing to explain this in detail to anybody that needs to.

Please PM me if you are serious. I will provide a google spreadsheet for tracking and show you what exactly we can do!

18  Economy / Services / C4rfax for .25 BTC on: November 07, 2012, 01:58:57 AM
Here it is. My first attempt at getting "in the game". I am willing to offer to provide you will a FULL C4rFax for .5 BTC.

I'm not sure if this is cheap enough,  but I'm willing to lower the price if I need to!

Obviously will provide more with a discount.

Oh, and I'll send first to reputable people Smiley


EDIT: I just lowered this to .25 BTC. Just looking to get some BTC for fun ..

Don't have a history report on your car? Get one. Come on, it's like 93% off of what they charge! lol.
19  Other / Beginners & Help / Small deposits from bitvisitor - Am I getting credit on: October 30, 2012, 05:54:44 AM
So I'm depositing them into a address that I have. When I goto the account it shows:

2012-10-30 01:43:06   Credit   0.00   Deposit 0 BTC   0.63
2012-10-30 01:32:03   Credit   0.00   Deposit 0 BTC   0.63
2012-10-30 01:31:03   Credit   0.00   Deposit 0 BTC   0.63
2012-10-30 01:26:04   Credit   0.00   Deposit 0 BTC   0.63
2012-10-30 01:25:05   Credit   0.00   Deposit 0 BTC   0.63
The bitvisitor is obviously depositing less than 0.00 BTC each time, but I can't tell by the result if the site(wallet? address?) is taking them.

Should I just credit an account at instawallet then goto this site? Or do you think it's depositing them?

20  Other / Beginners & Help / Marketplace approval on: October 29, 2012, 04:17:38 AM

How the heck am I suppose to get Marketplace Approved?

I'm trying to get some BTC and I think I have a good product!

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