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1  Economy / Investor-based games / *AMAZINGBIT - a brand NEW scam! NOT a PONZI! REAL RETURNS for OUR investors!* on: January 26, 2016, 05:46:01 PM



NO MAXIMUM DEPOSIT - Give US as much of YOUR money as YOU want and watch it GO OVERNIGHT!

JUST follow these five simple STEPS and MAKE internet **MILLIONAIRES** overNIGHT!!!

Step 1:

Choose YOUR investment level - our minimum investment level starts at just 0.0000001 BTC our maximum is 124,467,725.0000000 BTC - YOU choose how much of YOUR money to SEND US!

Step 2:

Send YOUR initial investment - however big or small - to:


You could start with as little as 100 BTC, 10 BTC or just 1 BTC - but remember, in just 18 short hours you will have made a -600% ROI - these kind of returns can ONLY be found at AMAZINGBTCIT!!!!!!!!!1!!

Step 3:

Now for the hard part - this is what makes our investment platform so unique. For step 3, wait 6 hours. Many of our most successful investors spend this time counting their toes (can YOU count them all?) or staring at a clock on the wall, beads of sweat GLISTENING on their forehead as the seconds seem to move somehow ever slower.

Once the six hours is up take the same amount of Bitcoin you chose in step one, double it and send it to:


Write this number down - you'll need it for the final step
Congratulations, Big Shot! You just made -300% ROI in just 6 hours!

Step 4:

This step really sorts the men from the boys, also the women from the girls and the humans from any animals that may have wandered off the street*.

After spending another 6 hours staring intently at a crack in the wall (is it growing?) or up into the endless skies, watching the clouds roll over your indifferent form, get ready for some serious math!

Take the number you chose in step one, then add it to the number you wrote down in step 3. You will probably need to use an abacus to help you with this - most convenience stores will rent you one for just a few hundred dollars, or you can try the online abacus here:

Check your calculations thoroughly. I like to run mine through the Tianhe-2 supercomputer hidden deep inside China's ministry of defence. It's usually running simulated nuclear tests of the effect of surprise atomic attacks on US cities, but you can quit these programs by turning the machine off and on again at the wall.

Once you're sure the number is accurate, send the bitcoins to:


You did it champ - you made -600% ROI in just a few hours! What a pro!

*Accurate sorting of gender, age and livestock not guaranteed. AMAZINGBTC takes no responsibility for misplaced pets, children or elderly relatives

Step 5:

Finally, spend another 6 hours thinking about your life. Think about all the people you let down and the mistakes you made. Remember the person you felt yourself falling in love with all those years ago, but were too afraid to do anything about? I wonder what they're doing now. I wonder if they're happy. Do you hope they are?

Hey sport, time's up! Now go back to step one and keep the cash rolling in - you'll have made a millionaire in no time!


1.) How can AMAZINGBTC afford such incredible ROIs for their investors? It seems too good to be true!

First of all, AMAZINGBTC saves a huge amount on overhead by not hiring developers or having any kind of site at all - and those savings go right into investors profits! But wait, there's more!

While we can't give away all our secrets, the AmazingBTC system relies on a state of the art scripting system that exploits a core weakness in the Bitcoin system - specifically the Significant Cumulous Avarice of Many (SCAM) bug, which causes irrational flocking behaviour amongst those attempting to make money from the... uh never mind. We use bots. It's all done with bots.

2.) If your bots are so amazing, why do you need our money?

We don't! We're just really generous and want to spread the wealth.

3.) Then why not just send us the money, or give it to the poor?

Shut up.

I hope this answers any questions you have about AMAZINGBTC. We guarantee some people are going to make an absolute fortune from this system!
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