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1  Other / Off-topic / the game Wordle is easy to crack on: February 11, 2022, 01:41:52 AM
if anyone has played the game wordle that media have been advertising. its easy to crack

here is the next few days words
spoiler: scroll over below to reveal

    monday                   tuesday                 wednesday             thursday                   friday                  saturday                 sunday
                                                                                                                    Feb 11th "ulcer"     Feb 12th "ultra"      Feb 13th "robin"      
Feb 14th "cynic"     Feb 15th "agora"     Feb 16th "aroma"    Feb 17th "caulk"     Feb 18th "shake"    Feb 19th "pupal"     Feb 20th "dodge"
Feb 21st "swill"      Feb 22nd "tacit"       Feb 23rd "other"     Feb 24th "thorn"     Feb 25th "trove"     Feb 26th "bloke"     Feb 27th "vivid"
Feb 28th "spill"

                             Mar 1st "chant"      Mar 2nd "choke"     Mar 3rd "rupee"     Mar 4th "nasty"       Mar 5th "mourn"      Mar 6th "ahead"
Mar 7th "brine"       Mar 8th "cloth"       Mar 9th "hoard"     Mar 10th"sweet"    Mar 11th "month"    Mar 12th "lapse"       Mar 13th "watch"
Mar 14th "today"    Mar 15th "focus"     Mar 16th "smelt"    Mar 17th "tease"    Mar 18th "cater"     Mar 19th"movie"       Mar 20th "lynch"
Mar 21st "saute"     Mar 22nd "allow"    Mar 23rd "renew"   Mar 24th "their"     Mar 25th "slosh"     March 26th "purge"   Mar 27th "chest"
Mar 28th "depot"    Mar 29th "epoxy"    Mar 30th "nymph"  Mar 31st "found"

spoiler: scroll over above to reveal
2  Other / Off-topic / explaining common things from other topics on: June 28, 2021, 11:52:37 PM
in bitcoin. at code level there is no such thing as btc
everything at code and data level of the blockchain and transactions is measured in sats. always has been

btc is just a box term for a collection of 100000000 sats.
meaning 100000000 people can have a sat. so the scarcity is not the box but the shareable units
estimates of around 2100000000000000 shareable units to ever exist in the future

when you realise the box itself is not the value. but the amount of shareable units inside the box that gives the box value. you will start to understand

take a fruit analogy:
if there was a box containing 2 apples and it was named "box of apples". and only sold as 'box of apples $2'
only 1 can have 'box of apples'
the initial thought is only one person can have the box and only 1 person gets to taste an apple

reality is . no one actually cares about the cardboard. what they really want is the shareable apples
they just thought that the only option to get to taste an apple is to buy a whole box
because everything is priced by the boxload

most people think there are only 1 way to increase supply.
have more boxes..
however there is another.. have more apples per box and allow apples to be sold singularly

once you relieve yourself of this notion of box measures. and realise you can taste an apple without buying a whole box
you start to appreciate that scarcity is about how many can eat fruit.. and not about how many can chew on cardboard

(no one cares about that there is only 192thousand tonnes of gold. because everyone is able to buy part of 6.7nilloin ounces of gold.. meaning literally everyone can have gold)
3  Other / Politics & Society / so john mcafee committed suicide.. over taxes on: June 23, 2021, 09:14:56 PM
i know this might not seem empathetical. but from a P & S point of view.
taxes should be treated as civil court(like unpaid bills) and not criminal court.
but.. trying to extradite a guy from spain to the US to answer to tax claims seems a bit harsh

having the tax case extradition as the tipping point for him to suicide himself. just seems extreme

we all though the rumours of him possibly killing a neighbour and transporting drugs and weapons
but to have the US not push that. and instead get spanish police to arrest him over american tax evasion. and then grant extradition over tax evasion seems a bit much

i mean imagine someone else under suspicion of a true crime like abuse/murder/hard drugs. but nothing is done. then getting locked up and extradited for not paying a bill..

has the political system gone nuts.
i understand paying tax is important to governments. but in the scheme of crime/harm level. just seems a little bit too forceful to be handling someone internationally over something thats literally an unpaid bill

(yes i get there are other things involved. but lets play the politics version of events that its just to do with tax evasion)

do you feel that someone should be arrested and then deported over an unpaid bill?
i might understand it if he was already found guilty of not paying taxes. and then refused to pay the court fines.and then left the country
but before even being found guilty of an unpaid bill. when its still just suspected. seems harsh to go to the extremes, right?.. especially when so many others do the same and get away with it.
4  Other / Politics & Society / why revolutions and movements fail at their desired outcome on: May 28, 2021, 09:57:40 AM
so many people wonder why, when they gather and protest. while they scream 'lets start a revolution', 'lets start a movement'.. the end result is nothing changes

the secret is not a secret. its literally explained in the names
a 'revolution' is a circular orbit. yes you might see seasonal changes. but given enough time it circles back to where it started

a 'movement' is just that. stand still and just bend an elbow.. that is a movement.

protests are another empty task. a bunch of people standing in a street is not contractual or even binding. it does not set any deadlines or schedules for change. and no penalty for non-change

neither of these words actually inspire permanent change.
there is a reason why those in power want people to do movements/revolutions/protests. because they know those 3 activities are empty of any meaningful change. just how they like it

what people need to do is up their game.
there is actually a legal and lawful process to make change happen.
but those in power want to make people waste time in the wishy washy nonsense activities that dont cause change just to keep people from making change.

so here is some idea's
dont just protest. get all the people wanting to protest to actually sign a petition. get that petition to have a target. a schedule, a deadline and a penalty if ignored. serve it to all the people in power that need to change.
basically give them notice.
dont let it just be another empty petition showing a problem. actually have it contain some substance. solutions. demands. methods of accomplishments.

make sure the petition has what i just said. actual list of demands. a schedule process of how those in power can achieve it. a deadline. and a penalty if ignored.

then if you want to protest to make sure the message gets across loudly but peacefully. go protest. but dont just rely on a protest without any paper demands.

dont just be on the street preaching "we want change".. because the only reply you deserve to get is 'the underwear store is 3 blocks away, go there and change'

dont ask for a revolution. as thats just a spinning ball that lands where it left
dont promote a movement because it has no direction or destination.

the 19th century womans/black people rights didnt change due to protests. it changed due to petitions
media and those in power promote it was protests caused for a reason. so they dont have to be petitioned.

so if you are interested in changing things. be smarter. dont just gather and scream
5  Economy / Economics / disruptive market idea on: May 04, 2021, 09:45:33 PM
we all know the normal way markets work. having an order book that starts at a price and allows for prices to go down to zero..

but has anyone ever thought of making an exchange/market that actually allows for change

where the lowest bottomline available order does not have to be zero..

heres the idea
imagine a asset price starts at $10 and bottom starts at 0
if the price goes down. bottom is still 0..obviously
but if there is a new high of say $10.20. the new bottom becomes $0.20
if the price goes down. the new bottom does not change and stays at $0.20.
but the new bottom does not go up unless there is a new high

basically an exchange that has a moving bottom based on the ATH
my demo is not specific to be a bottom $10 under a ATH
it can be be 1% of ATH or even 0.1%.. the parameter is not important
not limiting it to crypt exchanges. but also any asset. auction.

imagine art.
if one piece of art from an artist sells for $1k. the minimum bid becomes say 10% meaning never again will any painted be bidding for less than $100 for that artist.
if the third painting goes for $5k. no painting or resells of old painting ever be at a starting bid below $500
and so on

so economics guys discuss the pros and cons of a 'moving bottom' market
i have a few idea's for both myself but lets hear from you.

whats good or bad about markets having a moving bottom and why has it not been done before
6  Economy / Economics / an economic thought experiment on: April 20, 2021, 12:20:43 AM
we should all know by now there is not 'btc' at code level.. the mining reward, transaction, data units were always in satoshi value.
yep thats right you will not find a single btc in the blockchain.nor any transaction. just an enormous amount of satoshis allocated to each utxo
btc is just a GUI / UX basket calculation made for human graphic visualisation . not a code/data fact

so imaging if 12 years ago it was not deemed as 50btc mined block reward.. but on the GUI/UX it was 5,000,000,000sat
and later they developed a basket term of bits 100sat. but never went to the basket of 50btc
in 2009: 50,000,000.00 per block
in 2012: 25,000,000.00 per block
in 2016: 12,500,000.00 per block
in 2020: 6,250,000.00 per block

with a 140 year cap of 21 trillion bits(21,000,000,000,000.00)

would people view the network as equally as 'scarce' or would they see the issuance of 50mill 'coins' every 10 minutes as not scarce. and thus not of as equal value

i just want to know other peoples feelings of how much less they would value the network if it wasnt for the user graphic interface calculations

would people in 2009 have deemed
50btc=$0.10c as good value with fee's as low as 0.00000300
50,000,000bits=$0.10c as good value with fees as low as 3bits
7  Economy / Economics / random economic ideas on: March 10, 2021, 06:43:13 AM
every couple years or so. i throw out some idea's to let the open community think about and develop if they want. no ownership from me. just some random things to inspire others to play around with to make their own.

so heres my latest thoughts
tokenising celebrities

imagine you can rate a celebrity based on:
budget of tv show/movie
profit of tv
income of celeb
minutes featured in said tv/movie
=influence of celeb in comparison to above

have an index of 1bill
movie budget: 0.3 of index($300m)
movie profit 1.2 of index($1.2b)
celeb income: 0.06 of index ($60m)
celeb minutes: 45% of movie time

then rate the celeb influence by calculating it as
income / 45% *100 = income if movie was all about them..(mainstar value)
 x 4 as their influence on profitability

so their first movie a star only in 45% of movie that is 4x profitable has a value of $533mill of the $1.2b

now.. lets tokenise it
movie director. the celebs agents. and some independant 'critics' decentrally agree on the calculated total. to award the celeb a $533m rating for the movie
each celeb can only have 500million tokens ever(fan shares)
making each share at the point of their first movie release $1.06each
the ongoing value is based on adding on the value of the movies combined

movie 2(a flop):
movie budget: 0.4(of index)($400m)
movie profit 0.5(of index)($0.5b)
celeb income: 0.06(of index)($60m)
celeb minutes: 60% of movie time
=income/60%*100*1.25=$125m value

the value of 533+125 for the only 2 movies the star was in is $658m
so each token value is now $1.316each
more movies a celeb does the better his token value will be.
this then allows celebs to 'sell' themselves. where minimum bid will be 1% above their value
fans can buy shares in them. and if the actor is successful. so are the fans.
celeb gets 100% of ICO and then gets a 1% tx fee per trade
celebs first movie roll their ICO is $1.06 ($533m extra income if they sell all coins)
later their asset VALUE could be $1.316 where the celeb would get $0.01316 per trade while it circulates between his fans
or if they didnt sell all ICO coins. they can sell their holding for $1.316 instead of $1.06

other factors are then at play. the loyalty/speculative market:
if demand for a celeb is high. potential fans may be willing to pay $1.60 for the $1.316 asset
fans hedging the celeb isnt about to retire and will make many movies that dont flop
so a celeb may get 0.016 tx fee instead of 0.013 and the current fan can get 1.584(of $1.60) instead of 1.316
the celeb however can only sell his shares at his asset value.

ill let you economic people game theory out the speculative ups and downs.
8  Other / Politics & Society / lets talk equal pay on: February 10, 2021, 07:19:52 PM
i have seen how some of the debates has been sparked before.
how 2 employees doing the same role. but one is paid more and the only difference noted is their gender.
this has sparked of conversations about the 'salary negociations at interviews get better results with male due to their better skill at negociating"

other debates are about how women dont push their managers for promotions/payrises as much as males.

other debates are about how some males are default put into higher level roles leaving woman at the bottom of the ladder. EG women are hired as secretaries where as men are recruited as administrators. thus default putting men ahead of the promotion game right from the start.

and other debates are about how woman in lower level roles demand high level pay even though they dont even have the skills to even attempted to do the higher level roles, yet they still want the equal pay as if they do the job.

i believe businesses should adopt a 20level scheme. gender neutral
which is based on 5 groups of 4 levels each
worker grader 1,2,3,4
superviser grade 1,2,3,4
manager grade 1,2,3,4
regional manager grade 1,2,3,4
corporate grade 1,2,3,4

where it then defines clear structure, clear promotion ladder grading

and the separetly where any 'benefits' are put into a 'pension pot' where after say 1 year of employment they can if they choose withdraw 6month per 2 year for any paternal/maternal break.

that way woman dont gain anything men cant have access too. where its not extra benefit. but instead same benefit but by taking it your just deducting away what you can get at pension age.

as for the grading
base it on skill/experience.
someone with no qualifications/experience. level one
if a job requires some experience,knowledge/qualification. then the pay should reflect the need. meaning no one doing a role that requires college grade/experience should be level one and instead graded on the level of experience qualification or job requirement of 234

this way it stops any debate about a fresh faced young inexperienced employee thinking they are entitled to the same pay as a a career worker that has already had the skills/experience for atleast a year

what do you people think are other best practices to ensure equal pay based on skill/level. where both men and women get equal benefits
9  Other / Politics & Society / flipflops and facepalms noted in trump impeachment on: February 09, 2021, 10:23:15 PM
so lets list all the mixed messages, hyocracies and general nonsense said in trumps impeachment
ill start with one

david Schoen (trumps defence lawyer)
"the constitution says only the currently sitting president can be impeached, and the only punishment is to leave the office of president."
nope the constitution says president, vice president and civil officer.
also the punishment is leave office, and not sit any future office

it does not say 'past/present/future'
trump still hold title of 'president' trump(in title,, not function)
like people still say 'president lincoln' over 100 years after

so. with trump titling himself as still the current president(double nailing his own coffin)
with trump still having office honours, privilege and access to special government provision like:
national security intelligence meetings
secret service protection
it must also be highlighted that if it were so easy to avoid impeachment by just resigning. then anyone getting impeached would resign, thus making impeachment moot.
10  Other / Serious discussion / BREXIT - the real deal on: December 23, 2020, 04:50:49 PM
so what is happening behind the scenes that make UK politicians and money men excited about brexit.

well. here is the main buzzword. "freeports"

when UK was part of europe UK had to obide by euro rule. meaning they could not make freeports.
also produce from the rest of the world was traded at Euro tarrif rates.
so UK hands were tied on both sides and had no control of what comes in or goes out

so UK getting in american meat had to pay set tarriff
so US getting in british meat had to pay the set tarriff

but here is the thing.

imagine america had a tarrif with europe of 20% for a certain product. but the UK product was only 10% after brexit with europe.

well now the UK can nominate a shipment port as a "freeport" where america sends the produce to the UK at X% tarriff. and then the UK processes a new order and sends it  forward to europe at 10%
the UK can then charge that 10% plus any profit to america(X)

in short if UK charge america 18% then america get to send goods to europe 2% cheaper and UK get 8% as money they can keep. pure profit

yep UK is going to get alot of profit for just being a paper middle man for goods coming from the rest of the world to europe via the UK

this deal can make billions
yep america does 290billion trade with europe. so for every 1% middleman profit uk makes from freeporting. is $2.9billion. for doing basically nothing. and thats just america. then add in canada. south america. it all adds up

11  Other / Politics & Society / why are pets smarter then republicans on: November 17, 2020, 04:09:11 AM
we see it every day. republicans pretend to be anti-gov. yet they keep quoting government laws.

let me explain
cats and dogs do not have laws to say they have the right to meow or woof. nor are there laws that restrict them from meowing and woofing.

pets know they can meow and woof naturally without being told. they also know when their meows and woofs can cause trouble they stop meowing and woofing. without any law telling them

so why is it republicans cannot have the self conscious thought to know when to talk and when to shut up.

cats can roam free. no law commands them. but cats know not to stray in other cats territory.
so again why do republicans think they have to rely on government laws to tell them that they should stay away from dangers of coming into other peoples personal space

it seems republicans have less common sense than pets.

if republicans actually just respected personal space and just stopped risking the health of those around them out of pure self conscious common sense, then they will find that the restrictions would not need enforcement

its the ignorance, avoidance, and just pure resistance to actually use common sense. that makes governments have to intervene and implement rules

the idots that do anti restriction protests dont realise by actually gathering enmasse and in close proximity. its their.. yes them idiots own actions that will make restriction rules tighten not relax

protesting restrictions will not result in relaxing restrictions
when the idiots took trumps tweet of 'liberate [state]' he know it would cause chaos and cause people to be harmed and arrested. heck he even was the one that 2 weeks later called in national guard to stop the liberation, insulting all the people that did get involved in the chaos

so heres a tip to the republicans
stop listening to other stupid people just because they are leaders of your stupidity group. and actually just ask yourself these two simple things

will my actions affect myself or others negatively
am i doing this because some group leader i never met said to do it.

if someone told you to speed in your car. knowing the risks of getting in trouble with the cops. or injuring someone.. would you still do it
do you have access to the same health/legal support as the idiot that told you to do it
does that idiot do as they say. or just delegate others to get in trouble on their behalf

so just remember instead of thinking about the written and codified and government created rights.
think about your own self conscious thoughts and responsibilities
.. the common sense of self awareness and respect for yourself and others

learn not to do stupid things.
learn when to shut up and when to talk
learn when you should and should not invade personal space
learn not to impact other peoples lives negatively
12  Other / Politics & Society / the pfizer + german vaccine interime results on: November 09, 2020, 01:36:30 PM
it says so far passed the safety tests.
it says so far 90% effective

lets explain

out of 44k people on trial 22k are ones with vaccine and 22k are placebo
at this mile stone they had 94 infections noted.
but ~85 were in the placebo group and ~9 were in the vaccinated group
so they say its 90% effective because of the ratio of vaccine:placebo infection rate

its still too early to say that the other 21,990 are actually protected by the vaccine. or just been lucky enough to have not been near weird face lickers who were sick and pass it to them

they want to start a trial in january+ where people are actually put in proximity of sick people/given the active virus to see if the vaccine does protect the other 21.9k

emphasis: so far results are still not clear if its actually working or if people just are not hanging around sick people
all they can establish is so far of the numbers getting sick in the placebo group from normal life and coming into contact.. the vaccine group have had 90% less sickness

but yea only 94 infections in both groups out of 44k participants in both groups.. is just too early to be definitive
13  Other / Serious discussion / as idiots cry about 5G.. china is testing 6G on: November 08, 2020, 02:38:09 AM
so just 7 months ago we had many idiots fearing 5G and crying their lungs out about how they dont want 5G in their cities because their cult told them it penetrates their tin foil hats.

well china is yet again going to be one step ahead.. with 6G. making other countries like america and UK left right behind by multiple scales of speed delay.

i do find it funny how western countries that meant to be technically savvi are fearing tech and not wanting to stay uptodate.
but with 6G internet within reach, can we please start to get the crypto devs to finally shut up about how blockchains need to be stalled out at slow speeds of below 1mb/s.. and actually realise that countries can go faster and in next few years will be going even faster than a 10-100-1000x fold.

come on people. be techno savvi not techno feary. lets actually enjoy fast internet and its possibilities. and not fear it hoping we can go back to caveman life of survivalists offgrid
14  Other / Politics & Society / how protests SHOULD be done on: October 25, 2020, 01:04:44 PM
so in the last 6 months we have seen many protests. and most end up just turning into riots/media circuses but dont cause actual change. and here is the reason
many idiots think a protest is about causing a riot/damage to get media attention under the hope that they can blackmail government into changing laws just to get the property damage to stop.
sorry this never works

instead this scheme just makes the protests subject matter get lost in translation and appear like it only benefits radicalists and criminals, thus making it less likely to even be discussed in government.

so here is the way to really make it work.
weeks before a protest communicate with those people that want the subject matter addressed in government, and get them to sign a petition. actually get some notoriety on paper(petition website).
once you have got enough participants. then plan for the protest to be a peaceful presentation of the protest to the government. walk the streets and actually show respect for personal space and property.

it does not mean 1mill need to all travel to washington for just one protest. it can be 100k going to the 10 main states affected by the subject matter.
atleast getting some local representatives to acknowledge the petition at city town halls can add some credit to the petition. by saying its endorsed/favoured by local representatives. this then makes the senators more willing to take it onboard and sponsor/cosponsor it themselves
then when you feel like it has had local endorsement/favour. take it to washington and do a peaceful protest to present the petition there.
write out the petition like a draft bill format

by actually shouting 'we have petitions government' rather then 'we hate government' it then becomes governments job to do something and not just turn a blind eye
so here it is
just showing 'we want X' 'we want Y' 'we hate government' and so on just gets the message lost in the crowd where government have no clue what people actually want
but if you plan out the needs of a certain subject matter. and actually explain solutions. and formulate it into a written request with 100k+ signatures confirming it. its not that easy to then have the government ignore it. it wont confuse them.

many idiots think the womens suffragettes just run around being radicals and damaging property. but they were not. that just media spin. they actually caused positive change by doing petitions and actually getting their message heard in government.

so dont just think 'if i turn up and chant.. things will change' they wont. it will just seem like your not being heard and some idiots then resort to violence thinking that will make them heard. again no.

governments like things on paper. lists of demands and desires in a nice easy to understand format that makes it clear what they can do to fulfil the desires

take police reform
just having idiots screaming 'defund the pigs' gets nothing
instead. listing what retraining police forces should offer. what certain arrest methods should be abolished(knee on head). and if police should even raise their gun on just suspicion or actual visual confirmation the suspect has a weapon in their hand pointing at the cop.(because in america just having a gun is not a crime so no one should be shot for just having a gun)

actually write down the desires and solutions. then get it recognised as a public desire by petition signatures. then get some higher up recognition/endorsement by local council/representatives.. then get it properly infront of the eyes of the whitehouse and congress
make it so there is no excuses to ignore or pretend they dont understand whats needed
dont make it just a frat street party

oh and to all those anonymous radicals. if you are too afraid to put your name forward to a cause that means something to you. maybe it doesnt mean that much after all. maybe you just want an excuse to get angry and destroy something. if so. just dont
15  Other / Politics & Society / people dont understand vaccine trial dates on: October 11, 2020, 01:39:32 PM
its been said many times but think its worth a topic of its own

the current phase 3 vaccine trials are not going to complete before christmas.
they are going to go on for most of 2021

there are 4 things they are looking for
a. if the vaccine causes adverse illnesses/reactions due to vaccine itself
    (should get some results in 3 months)
b. if the vaccine actually triggers the immune system to respond to its pathogen
    (should get some results in 3 months)
c. if the vaccine does/doesnt cause and long term adverse illness/reaction
    (should get results 6months-2 years)
d. if the vaccine prevents reduces the chance/risk of getting covid again
    (should get results 6months-2 years)

so america's media stories of 'we will get a vaccine soon' but when quoting which trial. for instance astrazenica has a trial timetable of expiring in july-october 2021
yep no results before december

yes they will know if its harmful or not in of itself. but not if its actually a vaccine or a placebo

so if anyone is thinking they will get a vaccine by christmas and that vaccine is actually going to make them immortal from covid.. forget it.

the reason why its 6month-2 years to actually find out if it can actually protect against covid. is because its against all ethics and morals to actually purposefully inject someone with a virus that is of known deathly consequence. so people have to get it the old fashioned way. from other people

so what is happening is trial participants are selected as the groups that not only smart and sensible to not be knitpicking complainers about every little time they stub their toe on a object and blame it on things. but also their career puts them naturally in proximity risk of getting covid naturally. and so its just waiting it out for them to get it by normal community spread.
yep this is why teachers and healthcare workers are part of phase 3 trials.
and for emphasis. all we will know before christmas is if the vaccine has caused any negative issues from the vaccine itself.
finding out if it actually protects against covid will be mid to late 2021

. i say this and i hope people know this. so they are not shocked and start saying the health/experts/vaccine creators/government/media lied.
just idiots like trump lied and over promised things before christmas
16  Other / Politics & Society / idiot police - jacob blake shooting on: August 29, 2020, 08:10:02 PM
i find it stupid that police feel the need to shoot someone under the normal 'self defense' clause that allows cops to shoot. yet the guy got shot in the back, meaning he was running away, not towards

i find it even more stupid that while jacob blake is paralysed in hospital. police now feel that he is a risk of running off

is america really this dumb. i ask because the more americans i interact with the less common sense they seem to have
17  Other / Serious discussion / government treasury spending on: July 18, 2020, 07:48:14 AM
the most annoying thing people find about governments is their decisions about what to spend treasury money on

for instance, wars in foreign countries are funded by treasury "defense" money. yet obviously are "offiensive" used.

so when countries invade other countries for land disputes of oil rich locations. should governments treat the acquisition of these plots of land as a public asset. meaning the government then create the fuel to sell direct to citizens to get funds back to recoup the initial funding.
should the government just hand it to private companies and then charge that companies customers large tarrifs/sales tax. meaning no risk/bad side for corporation. and risk is on treasury/citizens
or should private companies fund these 'exploration' missions and 'defense' missions and then get to keep what they find. no tax out no tax in. where risk is on the corporation

other things like the movie industry and factory industry which has local governments bid to companies with different state tax benefits/grants/reductions to get them to set up a business in their state to increase employment options,
if say there are 50k possible new employment oppertunities at $40k a year. and knowing over a year that causes a fund circulation and taxation that can end up as being $20k per employee into the treasury.
($1bill into treasury) along with no longer having to give social security benefits to those 50k people means that it can be a total of $1.5bill going into treasury.
should states give corporations 'tax breaks' /grants/ reductions of over $1.5b in this scenario

in short what im asking is if you had full control of treasury spending and decisions. would you want taxes to go to protect corporations at the loss of citizens. or protect the citizens at a loss of corporations

which lines would you draw where you have seen examples of wasteful spending
18  Other / Politics & Society / meanwhile NASA finally taking people to ISS after a decade on: May 27, 2020, 05:38:00 PM
something that might hurt russian income.
nasa is finally letting elon musk taxi astronauts to the international space station today

if all goes well then russia will lose multiple hundreds of millions of dollars of trade deals

ok launch aborted. bad weather.
try again may 31
19  Other / Politics & Society / what have we learned from handling epidemics on: April 08, 2020, 11:06:20 AM
So this pandemic event has shown the world some surprising things.
such as how different countries handle a pandemic.

so to get our thinking caps on and think about best practices for the future. lets list the good and the bad things that can change the velocity of tragedy.

ill list a few
BAD: hospital lack of capacity and resources - all countries
BAD: no chasing of close contacts where it might have passed on - most countries
BAD: waiting months before implementing ordering resources, requesting people to change habits -all countries
BAD: continuing to allow cross border transport/repatriation between different areas -all countries

i predict people will moan about the 'isolation'.. yes we know it has changed our lifestyle habits/routines. and that is always going to be the case in a pandemic. but instead of complaining about it generally. mention the good and bad about the specifics of it

so folks list some good and bad things you have noticed about this event and what can be used, avoided for a better policy in the future thats best for peoples health and survival (not based on convenience)

*self moderated purely to weed out the conspiracy trolls/ pandemic deniers
anything else is permitted
20  Other / Politics & Society / [society] paying taxes on: February 07, 2020, 03:24:50 PM
imagine a government treasury set up like 10 'stable coin' addresses for 10 government departments

social security (unemployment/housing/statepension)
local security(police)
homeland security(secret service/fbi/military defence)
offensive security(military offence)
social care(mental/rehab/domestic)
social services(roads/maintenance)
fire rescue

where by if someone calculates they owe say $20k
the could buy $20k of a stable coin and then send the $20k out to the 10 addresses in fractions of their own choosing to area's that mean most to them.

what thoughts would people have. also. give an example of how you would allot a $10k tax bill
and link the tx ID and a signed message of proof .. to show they paid their taxes..
firstly proces they pay it. secondly lets them 'vote' for things that mean most to them

me personally:  (copy and edit your prefered numbers)
[$1k]social security (unemployment/housing/statepension)
[$1k]local security(police)
[$0.5k]homeland security(secret service/fbi/military defence)
[$0k]offensive security(military offence)
[$0.5k]locial care(mental/rehab/domestic)
[$1k]social services(roads/maintenance)
[$1k]fire rescue
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