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1  Other / Ivory Tower / Hodling gets easy over the years, but it's still hard. on: May 19, 2022, 04:28:42 AM
I just did some calculations. Figured out how much I'm down from the ATH. It's 7 figures and it hurts. I would have thought it would hurt more though. I guess at this point in the game the fiat losses just don't mean as much to me.

I live the same lifestyle I did before I got into bitcoin. The difference now is that I have a very minimal amount of debt (which I can pay off tomorrow if I really wanted to) and I'm essentially financially independent. I do still have a job at a company I love, but I don't rely on it for income. If I was fired tomorrow, I could just retire. Maybe not extremely comfortably, but I could easily live off of my stack even with these huge losses.

This isn't meant to be motivational or depressing, just an observation. When I lost 0.05BTC because my account got hacked in 2015, I was absolutely devastated. That was $20 I didn't really have and it was gone. Forever. I didn't tell my wife about it for years. Like it was some deep dark secret that I bought $20 of bitcoin but we couldn't afford to go to a restaurant for lunch.

It's still so strange to me that I got into bitcoin pretty early (2015), it's done extremely well, and if it drops 60% I just... Keep on going. It's different now. From the outside looking in it's kind of interesting. From the inside holy crap I just lost well over a decade's worth of salary. But it's temporary. I'd rather hodl than sell and give the government 27% of my gains. I suppose in hindsight giving them 27% would be better than losing 60%, but I won't ever know how to time the market. So I've just got to sit back, breath, keep calm and hodl on. Note to self: you should really meditate. Stress will probably come out unexpectedly with family and friends.

It's okay to be stressed. It's also okay to just trust the system and know we'll be fine in a few years. Who knows, maybe even months. The free market sure is funny some times. Well, stay safe out there. Only bet what you can afford to lose. If you can't afford to lose $20 don't bet it. If you can afford to lose a million dollars just take the risk and hope for a reward. We'll be okay.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / This is our chance on: April 13, 2020, 03:32:44 PM
The moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived.

The world is at a standstill. Governments and private entities are pumping out trillions and trillions of worthless fiat to bail out the top 0.01% again. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is sitting pretty on the sidelines.

The block reward halving is about a month away.
Exchanges are seeing a huge surge in new customers.
Bitcoin courses are filling up.
Google searches are up.
Trust in ever-increasingly authoritarian governments is failing worldwide en masse.

To say I'm bullish on Bitcoin would be to say I enjoy breathing air.

It's time to opt out of your current government. It's time to opt out of the legacy financial system. It's time to opt out of financing the serving of trillions of dollars of debt. Governments worldwide are bankrupt. Get out with whatever you can carry on your back.

I'm jumping into the wormhole. See you on the other side.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Is it technically possible to create a vanity HD wallet? on: February 19, 2020, 09:46:16 PM
I'm asking out of curiosity only. Would it be possible to have a vanity address where the change address follows a sequence?

Example would be bc1qxx1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, bc1qxx2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx etc.

If the vanity address was short enough it could easily be computed on a smartphone or laptop (4 or 5 characters) but is it technically possible, or would you need to generate hundreds of thousands of addresses? I suppose either way you'd technically be generating them, even if they don't appear on a GUI.

Anyway, if that's the case, would it somehow be possible to create a sequence of short vanity addresses and import those into a any Bitcoin wallet out there today?
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / The (Not So Elaborate) CryptoBridge scam on: December 06, 2019, 01:21:04 PM
What happened: I was duped in early 2018 to send some funds to this (ehem) "DEX" but very quickly found out that they were in fact a DEX only by buzzword-filled name. They were having some trouble with their centralized gateways.

Eventually my funds were credited, placed an order, send a little more bitcoins and logged out. That's the last time I had access to my funds. I'd say the issue was partly user error but mostly their buggy UI that was the cause for the loss of funds.

Anyway, now to present day. There was a vague announcement with zero details from a CryptoBridge rep on the Ravencoin discord. They popped in, said there should be an announcement that they're closing and left abpruply, never to be seen or heard from again. Fascinating.

I've reached out to support before but they told me this funny story about how they didn't hold my keys because, well, you know, they're a DEX. So because of their incompitence I lost a good amount of money. Damn. I wrote it off then and there.

Now I know they're actually a custodial exchange and they're regulated in the EU. Again, fascinating stuff. They somehow held up their DEX mirage for about 2 years.

Anyway, I've reached out to support so there is a trail of me demanding my coins. Hopefully some day law enforcement see it and figure this out, but CryptoBridge always has been a scam and is currently exit scamming.

Scammers Profile Link:;u=1045062

Reference Link:
Amount Scammed: ~0.12BTC
Payment Method: BTC
Proof of Payment: From CEX to DEX traded to Ravencoin. Have a partial balance in RVN and partial in BTC now.
PM/Chat Logs: N/A they went AWOL right away re: my issue and now their discord is deleted.
Additional Notes: If you're also a victim please post about it so we can rally against these fake DEX owners and get our money back.

5  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Easy and reliable timelock tx? on: September 27, 2019, 02:50:52 AM
The title says it all! Is there an easy way for someone to timelock a transaction yet? By easy I mean a GUI rather than command line, and by reliable I mean it works every time no matter what, not relying on some third party.
6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Hardware wallets still aren't secure, and they never will be. Use paper wallets on: July 04, 2019, 09:20:00 PM
An attacker with a stolen device can extract the seed from the device. It takes less than 5 minutes and the necessary materials cost around 100$. This vulnerability affects Trezor One, Trezor T, Keepkey and all other Trezor clones. Unfortunately, this vulnerability cannot be patched and, for this reason, we decided not to give technical details about the attack to mitigate a possible exploitation in the field. However SatoshiLabs and Keepkey suggested users to either exclude physical attacks from their threat model, or to use a passphrase.

Yet another hardware wallet issue folks, this time though, it's unpatchable. If you're using a hardware wallet, encrypt it. If you don't have a hardware wallet, use an offline generated private key/seed (aka "paper wallet"). Be your own bank. Stop trusting hardware wallet manufactures to protect your money.
7  Economy / Services / Rent my signature - Legendary, green trust on: June 23, 2019, 02:31:52 PM
First off, I can't make any promises on how much I'll be posting. You could end up with 5 or 10 posts in a month. You could also end up with 50+. If you can't deal with the uncertainty I'd suggest paying per post. If you're willing to take some "risk" you can always make me an offer for the month.


What rates do you charge? Do you accept shitcoins? Make me an offer I can't refuse! I accept Bitcoin, GRIN and Ravencoin. Anything else, probably not.

Does this include your avatar? Probably not. My avatar is very recognizable IMO and I'd like to keep it that way.

Are you willing to post X amount of posts in Y section of the forum? I won't be changing my posting habits for your advertisement. If you'd like to see where your signature would be posted check out my previous posts.

When do you expect payment?
I'd rather be paid upfront, but if you're paying per post that might get a little tricky. Escrow is welcome. Everyone seems to be at each other's throats these days do idk who people trust. If Lauda, OgNasty, Blazed or Minerjones still escrow I'm happy to use any of them.

Terms and Conditions
I reserve the right to refuse advertising any service I deem unacceptable. I won't advertise a scammy website or shitcoin. I won't use my signature for personal attacks. If your project appears to be legit but I don't believe in it I'm fine with advertising, but again, I won't be changing the way I post. For example: I'm fine with advertising for a bitcoin mixer or gambling website, but wouldn't go around suggesting people use them. If you need proof that I'm still me, I should be able to sign a message from any old address on my profile (assuming I still have access to it).

If you're interested in advertising please post your rate here. We'll figure out the details (payment, escrow etc) afterwards. If you've got questions please ask!
8  Other / Meta / Just got a 522 CloudFlare error on: June 22, 2019, 11:35:32 PM
This was happening when I was trying to make a post just a minute or so ago.

Just an FYI in case it gets out of control and is affecting lots of users.
9  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Best/easiest way to generate a private key with XX sided dice. 16? 60? on: June 22, 2019, 01:56:09 AM
I've been thinking about grabbing some 16 sided dice, rolling them 64 times, converting the rolls to hex then punching that into or

I was trying to think of a way to avoid that step and was looking at 58 and 60 sided dice. Of course 58 sided dice aren't fair (different shapes/sizes) so I wouldn't go with that, but 60 may be an option. I could just reroll if I rolled a 59 or 60.

This leaves me with one issue. Is that even going to help me generate a private key? It would have to go through some checks so it's in the right format, so would it be worth buying such a random die, or would getting hex dice and converting that make more sense?

Side note, is it "more random" to flip a coin 256x, roll a 6-sided die 99x or roll a 16-sided die 64x? If you know of where I can read up on probability/entropy please let me know. I'd rather learn it for myself so I really understand it. Any other simple/quick entropy sources would be welcomed as well. I'm just trying to save myself some time when generating private keys for cold storage and I don't trust other entropy sources since idk where they get it from or how it works. Thanks!
10  Economy / Exchanges / Binance hacked AND proven to be wash trading on: May 08, 2019, 01:52:32 AM
First, Binance was accused of ~13% wash trading. Pretty huge in the grand scheme of things. With their huge volume it's a pretty hefty amount of washtrading.

Now they got hacked and lost BTC7000.

It's gone from bad to worse. The next hack could very easily be even worse.  Let this be a chilling reminder to hold your own private keys. Not your keys, not your coins.
11  Other / Meta / Sent my KYC to Theymos' inbox but no reply on: April 01, 2019, 01:04:18 AM
I desperately need to shitpost so if you could please verify my KYC ASAP it would be greatly appreciated. I already sent it to Theymos via unencrypted PM and no answer in the past 2 mins so I'm assuming this is going to take at least 15 and I don't have that long to wait.

I've uploaded my ID here, please verify my KYC documentation ASAP.
12  Other / Meta / What's with the hats??? on: March 05, 2019, 03:55:55 PM
You know what I mean. What's with the hats with people's old avatars on them? I feel like it's gone way over my head.
13  Other / Meta / We need 2FA, and we need it now. on: September 24, 2018, 09:12:28 PM
Bitcointalk is a lot more than just a forum where people hang out and talk about a common interest. We're hyper paranoid tech freaks that trust no one, because we don't have to anymore. I don't always trust the machine that I'm on for whatever reason, so I have 2FA on everything that offers it. If the product or service doesn't offer 2FA I look for an alternative. Please, I'm begging you, don't make me go to Reddit.

I know the new forum is coming soon™ but we need this yesterday. The only other short-term solution is to never log into my bitcointalk account or only use a secondary account. It's far less than ideal.

Best case scenario, we would be able to use a physical authentication device, but google authenticator would be a good solution too. I'd even take email or SMS 2FA over nothing. Those aren't ideal solutions though.

Please add 2FA. There's no downside other than the time it would take to implement it. Please.
14  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Manually convert a Binary or HEX private key to WIF, then find the Public Key on: September 17, 2018, 10:03:18 PM
I've learned over the years how to generate a private key with HEX (from binary - coin flips) B6 (dice) but I've always used an air-gapped system to take said private key and find the corresponding Public Key and address.

I would like to figure out what the actual formula is for finding a Public Key from a Private Key. If anyone knows how to do this with a bech32 address that would be amazing. I currently have a private key in binary and HEX and wasn't sure how to get it into WIF format manually either. If the Public Key can be located with a binary or HEX Private Key, that'd be even better.

From what I've read, the public key to Bitcoin address would be extremely tedious and IMO it's not worth the time (if it's technically possible within a human lifetime). I'm also not worried about someone having my public key, so would have no issue plugging that into any computer and having it find the corresponding address.

This looks like a great link, but if someone could explain a lot more in depth what exactly the formula should look like, whether this is possible with pen and paper and/or a scientific calculator, and roughly what timeframe it would take to complete (i.e 5 years assuming you work on it 12hrs/day vs. 20-30 mins) I would really appreciate it!
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Best spot to find mining basics on: August 19, 2018, 12:03:08 AM
I've been trying to mine shitcoins with a GPU and it's just way too complicated for me. I'd like to start with Bitcoins because I'm sure it's the most well documented coin to mine. I'm not looking for profit, I'm looking for knowledge.

I would like to mine on my current computer which I built with a gtx 1060 6gb. I need to install CUDA though, and being a Linux newbie, it's been pretty difficult to figure out. I'd rather not go with Windows, but if there is another flavour of Linux that's easier to mine with, and can also run a NAS easily, please let me know (so probably not something bare bones).

Any direction is greatly appreciated. If there is a guide you used to get your first Linux rig set up for mining please let me know!
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / NAS and GPU miner all-in-one? on: April 08, 2018, 03:36:06 AM
I want to make my own NAS but at the same time I want to build a GPU miner. If I'm running Windows or Linux, wouldn't it be possible to use the same motherboard and CPU for the NAS and the GPUs that are mining? I don't really have any parts yet but wanted to see people's thoughts before I dive too far into this only to realise it's not possible.

So my idea is to have a decent CPU, probably a newer i5 or i7, a decent about of RAM, maybe 8gb or 16gb, have a case with the mobo in it along with the NAS drives, plug it into my network and that part is good to go, but then have some risers coming out of it onto an array holding some GPUs. If I'm only starting with 1 or 2 GPUs they may even just work in the case and I can mine with it like I'm mining on a normal desktop computer.

Let me know if I'm crazy, if I should just have them separate or if this is a good idea and you need my tip address because I just saved you from going out and buying 2 mother boards, CPUs, ram, etc.  Grin
17  Other / Meta / Politeness level - I'm appalled on: April 01, 2018, 12:58:36 PM
I think 434 politeness is an absolute joke. We all know I should be at 1000+. I'm a freaking saint, any idiot that I've PMed can tell you that.

I'd like to trade my 190 coins and 6 virtue for 600 politeness, 200 fMerit and 50 imagination. Imagination is negotiable, but I'm firm on the fMerit and politeness amounts.

No lowerballers. Anyone trying to haggle for karma can GTFO my thread. Karma is worthless and we all know it. Politeness, fMerit, & imagination are the new Merit.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Multiple gtx 1060 mining, what do I need in a motherboard? on: March 31, 2018, 10:20:02 PM
After lots of research I'm going to be building a multiple gtx 1060 rig but I'm a little confused by the PCI-e requirements.

With something like this how can I tell how many 1060's I would be able to hook up to it?

For reference it has:

PCI Express 3.0 x16:

2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 (1 x16 or dual x8) slots
1 PCI-E 3.0 x16 (x4) slot

PCI Express x4:

1 PCI-E 3.0 x4 slot

PCI Express x1:

2 PCI-E 3.0 x1 (in x4) slots

Other Slots

1 PCIe M.2 (PCIe x4 2260/2280/22110)

Which are useful, which aren't and why? I'm looking towards the future and I may look at 4-8 GPUs at some point. How many can this Mobo handle and how did you come to that conclusion?

Thanks in advance!
19  Economy / Exchanges / Poloniex withdrawal limit of 0 - legacy account on: January 20, 2018, 08:48:00 PM
I just withdrew a little under my daily amount yesterday, so had a small amount that I would have been about to withdraw. I think it was $27 or so. Now that I went to see if it's reset, it's actually at 0.

Does anyone know what this means? I'd really rather not open a ticket and wait a few months to figure out how to get my money out. Maybe because the price of bitcoins went up overnight? Idk. This is really strange either way. Glad I've almost cleared out my account.

If your new year's resolution wasn't to get everything out of exchanges, it should be. Hold your own bitcoins in your own private keys. Only keep a balance on an exchange when you're exchanging.

For the future, I'd suggest a DEX such as NVO. Full disclosure, I'm an investor. This only makes me want to invest more into DEXs.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / PGP signature help on: July 12, 2017, 11:00:07 PM
Figured it out. Thanks quickseller for the response.
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