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1  Economy / Web Wallets / Need suggestion for a good Monero wallet on: May 10, 2024, 05:14:17 AM
I am trying feather wallet, Monero GUI. Problem is with the synchronization. I had some Monero from a few years ago [I can not remember the specific year and month] and it's taking hours to synchronize. I needed something like Electrum for Bitcoin which is quick. Does Monero have such type of wallet or which wallet you recommend has at-least a faster syncing.
2  Economy / Reputation / Do you know enough of what you have been told? on: May 04, 2024, 03:55:00 AM
Last a few days I was working to collected and verifying information. User @Who is John Galt?, @Parvati_j, @albert0bsd and @tech30338 when possible please decrypt the following encrypted message and confirm the contents.


Decrypted message
Message to user "Who is John Galt?", "Parvati_j", "albert0bsd" and "tech30338"
You were randomly selected. If you are reading then please keep it secret until I ask.

Message: "An investigation: Sting operation or undercover"

3  Economy / Reputation / Re: BitcoinGirl.Club: How a condescending attitude equates to trust exclusion on: April 23, 2024, 12:28:46 PM
Eventually, a narcissist will cross the lines that many members do not want to be transgressed and it will result in action being taken.

This particular BitcoinGirl.Club account has been a force for negativity for far too long in this forum therefore I am glad the account basically has been rendered useless when it comes to trust.

In the coming days maybe some of those members that still trust the BitcoinGirl.Club account might re-assess their position but regardless, (even though his persistent negativity and trolling deserved several exclusions) at least the trust element of the account has been removed from serious discussion.

4  Economy / Scam Accusations / The due: please think before supporting or opposing a scam accusation on: March 31, 2024, 08:33:05 PM
I was interested to spend my time in it. I am in contact with some of the gambling platforms you had problems in the past. One of them already responded the inquiry I had from them. But I need a few more response before I make a report about my investigation. So, I am not going to make a conclusion yet.
You can follow the whole post from the above quote to know the link of the topic.

My bad. I legged behind. Out of 6 sportsbook, I got response from 3 and all have a common complain which is GekkeBelg has connection with group betters. The group targets sportsbook which has less limitations and takes advantages of the odds.

When I was communicating with those sportsbook, I tried to keep myself neutral and did not give any hint to any of these sportsbook [because my goal was to hear from them first without giving any hint or influence so that I can make a conclusion based on their responses]. In their responses they had many explanations, some were logical and some were not but just the excuses of the usual sportsbook terms and conditions. However, unfortunately for GekkeBelg their response were somehow the same. Some of them were even directly blaming the community for judging a case without knowing the inner information. 

For example, a part of the response from one sportsbook
But after the fud our manager was quite upset and decided to pay him in whole. [I removed the amount in btc]. As you can see, as multiple cases have happened... they decided to call off the bitcointalk campaign eventually.

A part from another sportsbook
the user is a professional value bettor. The group use arbitrage tools to target slow feed on sportsbook and then use rumors on bitcoin forum to get the money

Another sportsbook
We have evidences of group betting but by law we can not share any information. The owner doesn't want to face troubles like anymore and decided to cut off all connections from bitcoin forum.

In summary, judging by the responses I received from the sportsbook, I believe the user GekkeBelg is foul-playing and he knows how to attack and raise voice for him by others in the bitcointalk community.

If anyone look at his accusation history [the topics he created], they will see he is following a template when he creates the accusations. The template covers all aspects to make an accusation believable. He knows very well that serious sportsbook will not share information because sharing the private information will get them in trouble. So it become easy for him to create pressure and eventually the sportsbook decides to pay him. Because of the bitter experience, sportsbook lose interest from the community and decides to leave forever. They cut off the advertising they had in the forum and in some cases they even abandoned their announcement thread.

To conclude, I strongly believe users like GekkeBelg is using the community as their shield, they are taking advantages of good forum members who are always trying to help bitcointalk users. As a result, many crypto projects are deciding to leave the community and the community is losing business such as earning from signature campaign and special promotions exclusively for bitcointalk users.

From today, I will personally ignore any scam accusations from the user GekkeBelg.

5  Other / Meta / CF unusual redirect on: March 30, 2024, 10:07:53 PM
In the last two hours I had to restart my TOR browser several times because the verification loop from CF. When it starts the loop it continues without landing on the page I am trying to browse. After closing the TOR browser and opening it again, it works normal for a 10 to 15 minutes then again the loop starts redirecting for the CF verification page.

Who else is having the same problem? I can't be the only one.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Quantum Computing and Bitcoin private key on: March 06, 2024, 08:45:42 AM
So they are working heavily in quantum computing from 2017. There is s race between China and USA to show who is bigger. So far China seems ahead in quantum computing.

With quantum computing the current email security will break, anything even the banking sector that is secured by current encryption methods will be broken. USA is not issuing their cbdc yet because they are working on quantum computing proof encryption. Banks are will move to the new technology too.

Are we preparing to protect Bitcoin from quantum computing era?
7  Economy / Reputation / Wasabi, Kruw, users and supporters of their low morals on: January 20, 2024, 01:43:17 PM
There are no question anyone will have that Kruw's moral is low and mentally ill
Good riddance o_e_l_e_o.  No one else I've interacted with on this forum has done more damage to the future of Bitcoin and future of freedom than you.  Even after your involvement with the Chipmixer scam, you knowlingy spread continuous lies about privacy weaknesses in Bitcoin that do not exist. Your scheme of tricking people into giving up their data and stealing their coins will finally come to an end.

It continues even in a separate thread.
This is a pathetic post. I would delete it if I were you. This is just proving the kind of person you are. Someone is ill and you say you are happy. Good luck in your life...

Why should I excuse or forgive o_e_l_e_o's continuous attacks on Bitcoin just because he's mortal?

Kruw and Wasabi team are lying constantly.
Could you publicly say that WasabiWallet is still technically permissionless and trustless? Because I believe some people are still promoting it in that way.
The Wasabi team lie constantly.

Here's a post I made a year ago highlighting some of the lies on their website: Nothing has changed in the last year.

Here's a post where I link to the devs lying on Twitter about the issue of address reuse:

The Wasabi team have no problem lying about their product in order to make themselves profits.

Wasabi team supports censorship and think it's the right way.
If people are not convinced yet that wasabi devs are incompetent clowns, here are a few notable assertions from the podcast:

You’re changing the acceptance of which coins do you consider valid—not on the Bitcoin consensus layer—that’s the other important thing. Bitcoin consensus is still permissionless and decentralized enough that you can make payments even if you are blacklisted: you can just either get hashrate yourself or bribe a miner to hash a block with your transaction in it—so Bitcoin works. But what we’re talking about here is: will you get access to someone else’s computer? Will someone else allow you to write stuff on his computer, basically? And in my opinion, ultimately it comes down to property rights. A coordinator is just someone else’s computer—and it’s not yours. So you ought to be quite thankful that someone actually provides you a service where you can use his computer for certain things like coordinating a round.

This guy just asserted that my decision to join my inputs with someone else is the same as taking control of his computer.  He also stated that blacklisting does not happen on Bitcoin because you could bribe a miner, which is not true.  The reason you do not get blacklisted is because it is censorship resistant.  A mining pool blacklisting transactions would directly attack their revenue and reputation, but even if it did not, then some other pool would mine it sooner or later.

By the way why doesn't the same apply on coinjoin?  "Coinjoin consensus is still permissionless and decentralized enough that you can make payments even if you are blacklisted: you can just leave Wasasi and use a censorship resistant alternative".  

But then the more pressing matter is it’s not always gonna be clear-cut, especially when you start making transactions, especially when you have things like CoinSwap, Lightning, PayJoin—we’re working really hard to make the life of chain surveillance miserable, and that means that they’re gonna have many more false positives.

This is the plan guys!  They are paying a blockchain analysis company so that they can verify beforehand that their product becomes less and less accurate!   Cheesy
The default Wasabi Wallet coordinator will start censoring "illegal" UTXOs
Scammer lead developer resigns from honeypot Wasabi Wallet
Wasabi blacklisting update - open letter / 24 questions discussion thread

Wasabi's questionable privacy practice
Wasabi has been reusing addresses, a lot, which has resulted in a lot of post-mix coins being linked back to pre-mix coins and being de-anonymized. And then the devs have been on Twitter, both defending that it is "acceptable" and also lying about it entirely.

Here's an example thread:
Gets shown address reuse, claims it isn't from 2.0 and that it has never happened in 2.0. Then gets shown address reuse from 2.0, and says they've already patched it. How could they have patched it while also claiming it has never happened? They are lying somewhere.

Here's another example:
And dozens more:

But the devs don't care, because apparently some address reuse is "acceptable":

Wasabi is doxxing their competitors.
Nope, haven't moved at all. Just waiting for an example:

You already received multiple examples, why would you require more besides the ones I already gave you?

Pay attention, this is the article published on April 27th:

You are attacking the wrong people.  A Wasabi developer exposing the Samourai developer using sock puppets to deceive social media users out of their Bitcoins is not "doxxing".
Liar and faking.

Thanks to the friend who helped me with giving the information.

In a nutshell when you are using wasabi and advertising it, you are helping a team who are
[1.] Morally down and wish your death
[2.] Lying to you constantly
[3.] Supporting censorship and do not care about bitcoin and your privacy
[4.] ignorant and do not have basic practice idea of handling bitcoin addresses
[5.] thinking it is fine to doxxing their competitor and then lying again.

Wasabi is a scam!
Boycott Wasabi, educate others to avoid using Wasabi, forward this information to the people who are helping Wasabi.

[I am making this topic self-moderating to filter known trolls]
8  Economy / Reputation / Would you tag these users? on: January 08, 2024, 12:52:13 PM
I was reading the topic What is going on???, and was about to reply a user. While I was reading, I noticed the discussion about another inappropriate feedback and it's left by none other but JollyGood.

If my memory is working properly then I read someone [a JollyGood fan] was writing or JollyGood himself was saying that JollyGood was revising left feedbacks and updating the inappropriate negative feedbacks in to neutral but it seems he has not changed at all. Check the recent feedbacks he lefts for others [;dt added].

borovichok: Received tag for AI posting and Changed hand.
tjtonmoy: Merit abuse a year ago
jvanname: Attention seeking and trolling.
Symmetrick: Changed hand, we know the rest anyway.;u=1016855;dt
These are from last December and 8 days from January 2024.

How many of you really think you were going to tag these guys for the same reason?
Will you also address these feedback as inappropriate?

Edited to add urls of profile trust pages
9  Economy / Reputation / Announcement on: January 05, 2024, 11:39:06 AM
Do not trade with me [BitcoinGirl.Club - 662330] unless a signed message is provided in a conversation using the following bitcoin address:

My account can be hacked, stolen or anything that can happen which may not be in my hand. Anyone who will have a financial exchange without receiving a message which is signed by above address and without verifying it, is not going to demand any return from me.

Fuck excuses! If you can not provide a signed message by me as a proof then I have not done any business with you. 05/01/2024


10  Other / Meta / Investigation and action required. Unusual forum moderation. on: October 29, 2023, 03:22:07 AM
The main man needs to look into the matter, he has the supreme access of everything including access of the forum PM [the communication can be done using a none forum media too] and the database. No, this is not a reputation matter, this is a forum issue hence the topic is on the meta board.

The moderators in question: Russian local board moderators Xal0lex and xandry.

There are not enough public links for unusual moderation from xandry yet however since the activities concentrated in the Russian local board we can not ignore his involvement too. Again as I said the main man [Theymos] have ultimate access of everything for investigation. Let's bring everything that questions the unusual moderation.

Everything had started a few days ago when LoyceV created a topic about deleting his post in a self-moderated topic and later it found out that the same user was deleting several other's posts too from his self-moderated topic and the fact had established that he was deleting the posts to cover the trace of his past plagiarism, current feedback abuse, DT manipulation and his tactics of offering peace to negotiate any feedback left to him. Everything about the user has outlined very well in the topic "Should Ratimov be in DT?". It requires almost half an hour read to understand and realize the motive of the user. I highly suggest to read the topic, if you have not yet.

At some point it was discovered that Ratimov was following a very simple strategy to cover up his past and current evil activities to achieve whatever goal he has. The steps are following [the order of the steps can be different in case by case but it is believed that the executions were very similar as explained in the following]
[a.] He moves his topics to Archive
[b.] He deletes his own posts
[c.] He moves the topic to the Russian local board. This is where Russian moderators come into our knowledge.
[d.] He reports other's posts from the topics.
[e.] Moderators delete the reported posts because now these posts are irrelevant in the discussion
[f.] He removes everything from the main topic and makes it an empty topic
[g.] He reports the empty topic to the moderator
[h.] Finally the moderator wipes out the entire topic.

A very lengthy but simple and effective strategy to wipe out any unwanted record. Anyone can delete their past posts which is not wrong but the way the whole things were done, it was not usual.  It definitely is questionable. So questions were asked, we had our speculations too.

This raise concern that why he preferred to move an English topic to a non-English board [his local of-course] and expected it to be deleted or already deleted.
Therefore, unless Xal0lex was his "pal" for deleting evidence from Archival board as well, it means that some other mod helped him.
Maybe this is the reason:
I personally process reports regardless of the date of the post or topic.

Response were given but more like a few excuses with a few return questions. Sounds like a preplanned dialog in defense in case there are questions.
Why should moderators be ashamed of doing their job? What do you think a moderator should do if he sees such garbage topics in the root of the section under his control?
Do these trash topics have to stay in the section, or what? Go to the root of the Russian section and browse the pages, there are plenty of such topics. So what, let them lie around? What kind of moderator would allow such a mess? So naturally, the moderators delete them.

Anticipating a question about the content that was there, so that's not interesting to me. I see what's in those threads now. We don't need such trash topics in the section.

Unpleasant merit transactions found by GazetaBitcoin but I would like to accept speculation from LoyceV, "It's quite normal for a Merit source to Merit someone when they use the same local board. I don't expect the posts to be bad, so it's not wrong."
Ratimov is mod's no. 1 fan!
The appreciation is mutual! The mod also also chose Ratimov as his first destination of merits, sending him an amount more than double compared to his second most merited user.

How can a moderator or moderators do not see a single user is following a pattern and using him [them] to remove many other's posts including his entire topics. Not 1 or 5 or 10. Let's read what he said.
Since the appearance of your topic, I personally have deleted no more than 30 topics. Don't forget that the Russian section has two moderators. So no need to attribute to me what is not there (nepotism, etc).
30 Topic! Out of 78 and yet nothing looked unusual to him. That's only 30 topics, how many posts these 78 topics had those were reported and deleted?
A database query will surely show the numbers and also it will show how many topics and posts were deleted by the same moderator but he never thought something is not normal.

I would like to think you were fooled on the other hand I don't know if you had any personal reason to favor a local member.
No more speculations.

At some point the same moderator became unusually aggressive in his defense too.
Is my English so bad that you don't understand? Or are you trying to troll? What is not clear in what I wrote above? [...]
When you are not guilty, there are no need to lose your control. The moderation is questionable either it was a mutual agreement or an innocent irresponsibility.

What matter is, are we going to allow moderators who do not have a sense of responsibility, the liability and loyalty to preserve the reputation of bitcointalk? An investigation is required first to find if the moderators are guilty of mutual agreement or it was an innocent irresponsibility. Second, based on the result of the investigation, an action is required.
11  Economy / Service Discussion / Tor was not working on: September 30, 2023, 06:28:43 PM
Detected: Trojan:Win32/Malgent!MTB

Details: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

Affected items: file: C:\Users\----pc_name-----------\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Tor\tor.exe

The above are the information.

When I was trying to connect TOR it was not working. Later I found it's blocked by defender and that file Trojan:Win32/Malgent!MTB was found. This is a less secure device so I removed it from Quarantine and TOR is working.

On my secure device it's the same. TOR is not working for the same reason. In both device same problem. My question is what should I do in this situation. I don't want to risk my secure device but I need to use TOR there too. is it okay to do the same on that device too.

Suggestions please.
12  Economy / Reputation / To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men on: September 27, 2023, 09:50:43 AM
Some of you may grew an idea that I am mad at some specific users or brands. Such as Rollbit, JollyGood, Ratimov and some others. You do not engage in a discussion when I am laud against the wrong of the users or brands because it personally do not or did not effecting you. But when it does then you come to my PM with your requests. It shows you are motivated by personal benefits and you are selfish.

This is an anonymous place. It just does not make sense to have a personal relationship with a person, take their words seriously and react. Here considering someone as friend and enemy are both weird. A friend knows everything about his friend, an enemy does his study based on the physical existence of the person he dislike, at-least he will know your home and office address. You do not know any verified information about me, none of you never saw me. So I am not your friend, nor your enemy.

Bitcoin is everything for me. With my life I believe Bitcoin is the financial freedom against all monopoly of these so called governments who are corrupted. People are the power, not a selected circle. Bitcoin will bring the power back to the people. The forum is the biggest place for bitcoin to receive support which mean this is an important place for bitcoin and it's ecosystem. The well being of the forum is my main concern, not individuals. I work to protect this forum not an individual.

I am not motivated by personal benefits too, I am not influenced by any earning from the forum. Yes, it does give me some stash but I do not work for it. It comes automatically because the managers think I deserve it. If no managers want me in their campaigns so be it. I am not here to earn the bread and butter.

Here is the reason of this thread: Please do not PM me and ask favor to add/remove a specific user or to leave a feedback because something effected you personally. I have no interest in personal conflicts, if a matter is important for forum well being as a whole then you are most welcome. I will speak up.

The title is relevant.
13  Other / Meta / Trust inclusion or exclusion for inactive members. on: September 17, 2023, 01:53:58 AM
I've noticed a certain group have been DT distrusting users long after they are gone (or presumed to be gone) IIRC there was some question about some activity that Blaze was involved in... (but don't quote me on that as it looks to have occurred a very long time ago)

This topic is inspired from the discussion happening on the other thread.. My understanding in general is when a user is not active for long time, not participating in the default trust system; we can consider not to vote for them [avoid both inclusion and exclusion]. Some possible plots can be as follows to understand the matter a little clear. I also think from a good discussion we may have even better understanding for the current feedback and default trust system.

Satoshi came first in mind. The current default trust system is totally irrelevant for the account. [1.] The are no feedback given by him to anyone, [2.] He does not have anyone to perform a DT voting. The account is a great history but is not useful in DT system due to the inactivity.

TMAN: [1.] Left many feedback [2.] Performed DT voting [3.] But not active anymore. It has been over three years now. Three years ago the forum environment and current environment is totally different. It changed a lot. A feedback left by him three years ago can be very inappropriate today. A good example is the feedback left for Best_Change.

Bruno: [1.] Left many feedback [2.] Performed no DT voting [was he died before the new default trust system?] [3.] Not alive [RIP brother], of course inactive. Someone wanted to use his account and wanted to scam users but failed. Whatever the case is, I don't think having the account in Trust inclusion or even in Exclusion leaves any weight in the current system. Very similar for Zepher [RIP] too. He can not edit a feedback, give a feedback or remove a feedback. These accounts can not use the system at all.

There are other users who are [1.] Active but not performing in DT voting however since they are active and somehow or greatly involved in trades or forum events having them in inclusion or exclusion is relevant.

From the above scenarios understandably we can conclude that when a user is not active for long time, any feedback it left or received carry no weights or very less weights. After many years, the time has changed, a lot of things of the forum has changed; an old-inactive account is outdated to be in the trust or distrust setting.

In my opinion this small detail will improve a lot of weight of the forum feedback system. The feedback and default trust system will look more appropriate than before.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Receive Merit - Post your PGP key, add an encrypted message, open for anyone. on: July 30, 2023, 08:36:03 PM
Many of you don't stake your PGP, I am sure a lot you don't even know how to do that and a lot of you is hearing the name for the first time. I need to have some fun.
You need a merit or need to have just fun?
I will award you one but you need to [1.] post your PGP key [2.] post an encrypted message for me

I must be able to successfully decrypt it.
Not more than one successful entry per member.

Finger print: 50D9 7A35 B672 86DF B91D  DF3D 63B1 52DE FEC7 283D


Warning: If anyone cheats please catch him, I will tag the account for abuse.

Pending merit list:
15  Economy / Reputation / Ratimov - prove yourserlf at least the plagiarism accusation on: July 11, 2023, 12:10:52 PM
So, Ratimov, you want some drama again?

You left me a neutral but that does not mean I am not going to speak out. You are still a newborn considering the amount of time I spent in the forum since 2015. I understand this new generation does not respect their elders but that does not mean you will have some unrealistic accusations against me.

As far as I understand the reason of your neutral is the neutral I left on your profile long ago which was below:

An absolute merit whore. His famous, "In this article I would like to touch upon such a theme"
Please double check before meriting him.

That was over one and half years ago. If I remember correctly beginning of this year, one of my resolution was to unignore you and continue healthy interaction. But somehow in another thread you were having salty mouth [I am just too lazy to find your salty mouth post]  and indirectly reminding me this neutral feedback as it's like you thought I was going to remove it as a token of my intention of having healthy conversation with you. You indeed was a plagiarist but it was in a unique way. And in my consideration it was plagiarism. Whatever I said there, is still absolutely true.

Let's get back to what you left for me just two days ago [I just noticed it as you are not in my trust list]
Trust abuser. Writes false tags because of his grievances and thirst for revenge. Once I told him not to spread his flood in my topic, and after that he harbored a grudge against me and began to look for any reason to hook me somehow. In essence, a two-faced person who has double standards. What he condemns in others, he gladly does himself. On the forum, he showed himself as someone who does not know how to protect his digital property, so his account was hacked. He is also a plagiarist who managed to escape punishment because no one noticed him.

Trust abuser: I think it's not something I will judge, others will see what I do.

Writes false tags: Even if I did, your reasons were weak. Well, I will leave it to others.

Once I told him not to spread his flood in my topic, and after that he harbored a grudge against me and began to look for any reason to hook me somehow: Is this a personal note for yourself?

two-faced person who has double standards: I will leave it to others. Your heart and mouth is already salty to have a fair opinion.

On the forum, he showed himself as someone who does not know how to protect his digital property, so his account was hacked: LOL, so this is another personal note for yourself. Is this can be even be something to add in a feedback?

a plagiarist: Now, while I have no arguments with you with any of the above accusations you made against me because I understand it's coming from your salty heart, but this claim of me being a plagiarist?
You really need to bring some reference in the next 24 hours. I have a long years with this forum, eight years. If my brain cells are properly storing memories and if I have not lost a little part of the storage then I can not remember, I even ever needed plagiarism. I was not or never needed to be merit whore because I never needed merit to rank up.

If you fail to bring an evidence then know that your mother once was in my bed when I needed someone to suck my dick. She was outstanding in the job and made me so excited that I fucked her hard and made her pregnant. And you are that son of the bitch. What else I can expect when the whore only received $10
16  Economy / Services / Bounty up to $20 to find detination address(es) on: April 06, 2023, 11:35:41 PM
I am very sure someone spending 10 to 15 minutes will figure it out, prove me wrong. But you have 24 hours after I make the bounty live. I am working to review a mixer. As a part of the review process I would like to see with or without any tool can someone debunk the mixes. After all mixer should break every possible connection of the bitcoin that was sent and received.

Mix one:
Btc sent from bc1qusfk857fsgm24hj352ry32dd5l6pu6qtv7g2f0

Mix two:
Btc sent from bc1q2vjwyr4r8vvgdnv405xgsvkv29q449vdvydhuj

Mix three:
Btc sent from bc1q8x9fsnumety4s68jxy43gwzuty5rt3y4tfzprx

Your job is to find the destination address(es).

For solving each mix you will receive $5.
Anyone who will be able to solve all three will receive additional $5.

Whoever will solve it first will be the winner.

Let's go. It's live now.
17  Economy / Reputation / Solosanz reputation on: March 11, 2023, 03:41:27 PM
Let's start why I distrusted you last week.

You are an ALT account, digging others post history to make a name for you, throwing mud on the wall hoping something to stickmore. All because you are one of those users who wants to have a space in DT so that whatever desire you have, you can fulfill. One of those typical DT and merit hunters. I don't trust these type of members. Hence you are in my distrust list.

What is your reason to distrust me? Retaliation or you found I left wrong feedback to others. Did you find me to earn a bad name in a trade where I did not pay in a deal?

Solosanz's judgement is Trusted by:
1. Swordsoffreedom (Trust: neutral) (113 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
2. bitmover (Trust: +2 / =0 / -0) (DT1! (2) 4216 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
3. lovesmayfamilis (Trust: +26 / =0 / -0) (DT1! (10) 3505 Merit earned) (Trust list) (BPIP)
Source: (

To you guys, do you see a pattern of another scam buster who are making scam hunting as a day job?
As long as he has a desire to earn from signature and things, it's fine. But an alt account could have a bad motive. Just like we suspect a bought account can pull a scam. Does he have a long forum history that you trust him and he is not going to misuse his DT status? No.

Most of you are fighting against scammers but consider some of your action that are easily earned by people who are looking for opportunity is not going to be misused.

More: (most successful one if not wrong)
18  Economy / Reputation / Why no Type 3 or even type 2 against Yogg. on: February 12, 2023, 02:38:20 PM
But why the F**K there are no type 3 or even 2 flag? Are you telling me no one from the victim is not in the mood to create the flag?

But still I think anyone from the victim should create a type 3 flag or at least type 2 so that the red warning shows clearly on his profile. Cunt deserves more that this though.

It sounds like screaming and I think not enough people are noticing my screaming on the other thread but to be honest I don't understand why still there are no type 3 or even type 2 flag against Yogg. There are many victims from his scam but no one is creating any of the above flags. Feels like something is missing. If indeed there is something that I missed then someone please educate me.

Very few are supporting the flags on the two known alts of Yogg.

3 Accounts Connected:

yogg Trust score loading..., yogg_alt Trust score loading..., Coldkey Trust score loading...

Not receiving enough tag and flag to his alt accounts also caught my eyes earlier. Thanks Timelord2067.

Please take 5 minutes and paint the walls.
19  Economy / Reputation / A theory, DT in/exclusion and eventually the DT network on: January 22, 2023, 10:43:24 AM
Do you think you're any different from the people who put a neutral tag on any chance they get? You're doing the same thing with your ~

Good luck on your quest for a flawless DT.

Good luck adding everyone who adds ****** to their trust list to your ~list. Hahaha, everyone knows what you're doing, so no one cares... Your ~ is a drop in the ocean.
It's about the topic Trust setting replica with reasons and complain (or may be it's a demand) from a user who have ~ from me.

I don't want anyone to think it's a personal discussion or attack to someone. It's not, I had to asterisk the user mentioned. One of the forum member left me (so far two) the above PMs questioning my motive to have him ~ in my trust list. It turns out he is upset about it. Clearly the politeness is fading behind the upsetness.

There are many members I noticed lately too serious about their DT status. They look at every single inclusion and exclusion as if their DT status is in stake. They feel they have nothing left in the forum when someone just added a ~ for them. Many may call me crazy but I noticed this habit to the users who joined the forum from 2017. I have a theory about it.

In January 2018 we have merit system implemented. When it did, the members from year 2017 were mostly effected. Many of them were at Member or Full member rank but a sudden change in the ranking requirement gave a break to them. A totally new idea. Before it used to be making post and earn activity, rank up. No one cared what they were posting. All they needed is the activity to become high rank. But when merit system introduced these members started thinking how to get those merits.

Then the change of Default trust system. A new motivation for some members. It's easy to become a default trusted member. Hence some easy and simple strategy they adopted were/are:

1. Scam busting : They made it full time job. There were not a single day you would not find someone is not posting a topic against an ICO or a website or anything they found in internet because some website have fake photo, white paper copied, clone of other websites. All were just in a nice format. Just change the name and new accusation posted. Good scam buster.

Result is quick. They earn merit and they started to get attention from the members. Many of them started to add them in their trust list.

2. Merit hunting : Again a full time job for some users. Constantly stalking users to find merit abuse. Usual or unusual, whenever they saw someone sent merit to others they started questioning about it. New topics, arguments, divided into two or more groups. Earn merit and get into the DT system.

3. Alt hunting: Two indicators they use mostly for it. Merit sending and wallet connection. Another daily job for these group of member. Result is awesome. Earning merit and added each others in their trust list.

While these users were doing all merit hunting and DT status planning, they basically isolated themselves in a group. A group of people who support everything they do between each others and justify it. They also set up a dangerous mindset that they like to think in everything there have a fishy reason. Harassing newbie to old OG members as if they are some sort of powerful authority in the forum now.

One thing is common to these users now and you can easily find them. When they rank up to their desire rank they slow it down. A newbie or a full member who used to create a scam accusation topic almost daily or fair to say 3 to 4 times a week, she/he does not even make posts in scam accusation board that frequently. Looking at their post history you will easily realize they are making 3 to 5 lines of one paragraph and posting it everywhere.

Those members from 2017 and later who are in the DT system, they care too much about the DT system, result is all these drama when we see someone is distrusting. You distrust someone for some reason, you are in their hunting list.

I agree with nutildah in a topic where he wrote something about users from few years ago to be in DT do not look good or something. In my opinion the batch we created from 2017 are mostly the ones who are harming the current forum environment. They are now too hostile to members that we now do not see many brand new face joining and staying in the forum. All those brand new accounts who made it there are mostly alt accounts of a spammer with a new identity.

May be the Bot can have a statistic to demonstrate the users behavior before and after 2017?

May be we need to be more careful from today before adding anyone in our trust list especially if they are too quick to have their DT status. The good one takes time to earn rewards but the one with good plan makes it easily. We need to be careful about those who have good plans.
20  Other / Meta / Can not quote to a post on: January 07, 2023, 04:24:42 AM
Here it is

It does not allow me to quote but it allowed me to reply directly though.

It exists, it's not deleted both are the same though, it's viewable to me too LOL

Anyone else is having such unwanted error?
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