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1  Economy / Securities / [ADDICTION] Order Book Thread (41.8 MH/s/share) on: November 08, 2013, 07:48:35 PM
This is the order book for the ADDICTION group buy for 27 KNC Jupiters. It is up and hashing! Each share is 41.8 MH/s/share. Expenses for electricity/hosting are paid out of mining earnings pre-distribution (approximately $0.005 USD per share per week). There are no management fees. There are no pool fees. Distributions are made on Sundays.

Here is the method to buy and sell shares, based on:

1.  Make a new post in this thread quoting the current Bid/Sell table and add your entry to the table.  If every reply includes an updated table, then there is no need to read previous posts.

2.  If you are interested in a posted trade, PM the user to accept the trade.  Perform any additional negotiations (if necessary) over PM.  Do not post a thread reply for 1on1 communication.

3.  Upon agreement, follow these instructions to exchange shares:
Transfer process is quite simple:
Seller sends a PM or email [] with the text:
"Please transfer X shares from BTC address Y to BTC address Z" and signs this line with the bitcoin client with his btc address on file

Transfers have no fees (unless we get a dayjob processing them Tongue) Escrow can be arranged as well, escrow fees would be the transaction fees involved (usually 0.001?) plus any tip you guys feel comfortable with Wink If the volume of transfers grows to large we'll try to setup some system to automate some of it Smiley

4.  Remove the traded shares from the market by replying to this thread.

Sample ADDICTION Order Book

50@0.0913 - ForumHandle1
100@0.08 - ForumHandle2

21@0.101 - ForumHandle3
204@0.11 - ForumHandle4

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / At least Bitcoin is now an English word on: August 28, 2013, 05:37:30 PM

"Smile! Selfie is in the dictionary: Word among new entries including 'bitcoin', 'twerking' and 'phablet'"

It's nice, but I prefer decentralized spelllling and dixtionarees.

Edit: You Are Known by the Company You Keep. We're as important as twerking and selfie! oh boy!
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / are full nodes without port forwarding useful? on: November 15, 2012, 03:48:30 AM
If a full node is behind a firewall (that you have no control over) and thus cannot accept incoming connections, is it still useful to the network? Or is it just taking up incoming ports on other nodes that would be better if left available for other clients?
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