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1  Economy / Goods / Selling 8 Antminer S9's on: September 28, 2018, 04:54:57 PM
Between 13.5 and 14 TH/s

With PSU's

I'm in NJ, so you can pick up or I can ship. Happy to use a trusted member for escrow.  Make me an offer
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What's the most confirmations a tx has had before being orphaned / dropped? on: May 04, 2018, 09:59:39 PM
So the initial concept (as I understood it) was to meter your confirmations relative to the magnitude of the transaction. Buying a cup of coffee ($3) could probably be a 0-conf transaction. But buying a lambo ($300,000) should probably wait 6 confirmations.

I guess this is a hard question to ask (since there won't be a record), but what's the most number of confirmations that have happened AND been reversed / double spent / orphaned?
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Do you trust the Chinese shippers on AliBaba? on: December 18, 2017, 03:13:53 PM
When you buy from Alibaba, a lot of the shippers don't want to use trade assurance or escrow. Do you trust them?
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 20 Antminer S9's with PSU's on: December 16, 2017, 05:25:39 PM
Willing to pay with or a trusted forum member as Escrow (such as Philipma). Please PM me if you have.
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 15 Antminer S9's with PSU's for immediate shipping on: December 10, 2017, 04:27:44 PM
Must use some sort of escrow service (, AliBaba Trade Assurance, etc). NOT PayPal.

Message me if you can deliver with your best price.
6  Bitcoin / Mining support / Linux 3.14.0-xilinx-ge8a2f71-dirty S9 Kernel Software Version on: December 09, 2017, 11:02:31 PM
Hello there,
I got an S9 (Nov batch I think).

Kernel Version: Linux 3.14.0-xilinx-ge8a2f71-dirty #82 SMP PREEMPT Tue May 16 19:49:53 CST 2017
File System Version: Mon Nov 6 17:17:48 CST 2017
Logic Version: S9_V2.47

Everything seems fine to me, except the kernel version. Does that seem to be some sort of hacky build?
7  Bitcoin / Mining support / Can I power only one of the three hash boards on an S9? on: December 07, 2017, 08:00:18 PM
I'm waiting on a power supply and am impatient  Grin

Will it work if I power one hashboard and the controller with an 850W PSU?
8  Economy / Computer hardware / Can a trusted member escrow a purchase of miners? on: November 27, 2017, 09:28:37 PM
Ideally the miners can be sent to you and I can send you payment. You can verify that the hardware is as promised, collect your fee and release payment / the merchandise.
9  Bitcoin / Mining support / Antminer S3 missing Chain on: November 25, 2017, 04:36:13 PM
I had 2 chains showing before, but one of them had only xxxx for the ASIC status. I went ahead and rebooted the machine to see if it would resolve any issues. Initially, I had overclocked to 250M. I think that may have had an adverse affect. My PSU is 850W, so it should be plenty. Anything I can do to get that other chain back? Right now, I'm mining at HALF the rate I should be.

Any thoughts or help?

10  Bitcoin / Mining support / Do they sell power supplies that can power MANY antminers? on: November 22, 2017, 02:15:36 PM
I can't seem to find power supplies beyond 1500W. That'll basically power 1 Antminer S9. If I have 4-5, is it possible to buy a power supply to power all of them?
11  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB Antminer S9's in large quantity on: November 17, 2017, 06:23:41 PM
Just the title says - I'm looking to buy a large quantity (50+) of antminer S9's. Any ideas on the best way to handle that?
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Thinking about making a Bitcoin mixer - suggestions? on: August 31, 2017, 06:10:28 PM
I know there's a variety of mixers out there, but I'm considering making my own. Part technical challenge for myself, part filling the hole left by bitmixer. It will be a centralized mixing service (not using coinjoin or anything). You send coins to some address and receive coins from another address. Nothing mind-bending, I know. But I'd love to get people's opinions on mixers they like, don't like, etc.

13  Economy / Digital goods / Selling domain name on: August 24, 2015, 11:20:22 AM
Please make all offers known. I'll consider the highest and best by September 1st. I will keep this thread updated with the latest in terms of price an offer so either post your offer directly or PM me. Finally, if anyone knows of a good Bitcoin domain selling escrow service, please let me know.
14  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Top-level domain name on: December 03, 2013, 03:57:13 PM
I'm selling the domain name Please, only serious offers. Shoot me a private message if interested and I will only accept payment in bitcoins. After my last domain name sale with PayPal going sour, I'm done with them. No more! Many people in that thread encouraged me to use bitcoin to sell domain names, so let the bidding begin!

The best offer by January 1st, 2014 gets it.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / PayPal really needs to be shut down and replaced immediately on: November 30, 2013, 02:48:15 PM
I recently sold a bitcoin related domain name that I own on and the transaction was completed via PayPal. Since the transaction was large, PayPal asked for more information (first problem - what does it matter how large the transaction is??). So I told them that I sold a domain name and provided a sedo-issued receipt. Now, I get this e-mail:

We have reviewed your PayPal account and found that you are operating as an
e-currency dealer/exchanger including the sale of electronic media of
exchange (such as electronic money or digital currency). Per our current
Acceptable Use Policy for Money Service Businesses, PayPal may not be used
to operate a currency exchange, bureau de change or check cashing business
including the sale of Bit Coins.

To continue using your PayPal account, we need some additional information
from you. Please provide us with the following:

  • A brief affidavit stating that you understand and will comply with
PayPal's terms and conditions.
  • A listing of the products and services you offer.
  • A detailed explanation of your business model.
  • A list of all URLs or websites that will be used to receive payments.
  • The type of payments you will send and receive, including the type of
goods or services you will accept payments for.

Below you will find suggested affidavit language. Please make sure that the
requested affidavit is signed and notarized.

I the undersigned do affirm that I understand and will comply with PayPal's
policy regarding the use of PayPal Accounts to operate an e-currency
exchange business. I understand that PayPal may not be used to operate a
currency exchange, bureau de change or check cashing business. I further
affirm that any further detected violation of the policy may result in the
immediate closure of, or restriction to access to the account.

Please log in to your account and go to the Resolution Center to find out
what you need to do. Your account will remain limited until the issue is

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for choosing PayPal as
your business partner.

PayPal Compliance Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

So there you have it - selling bitcoin related domain names now qualifies me as a currency exchange of "Bit Coins." Now, I do operate Crypto Street, but obviously, I don't use PayPal there.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Anonymity of Bitcoin on: November 29, 2013, 05:03:51 PM
How is this for a lay-person explanation, regarding anonymity:

Cash transactions are entirely anonymous since no party is there to witness the transaction or identify the participants. Unless you give some personal information with the transaction, you are anonymous and it is impossible to track how much money you spent and on what, with cash. Most electronic forms of payment are not anonymous by virtue of the fact that you need to register with some company to use the online payment method. When you sign up for a credit card, you divulge almost all of your personal details to the issuing bank. The same is true of PayPal, Western Union and other online payment services. As a result, the records indicating what was purchased and by whom exist and can be subject to scrutiny, targeted-marketing or even criminal investigation.

Bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous by default since there is no need to register with any company in order to send or receive bitcoins. Although several services exist that ask for your personal information, such as exchanges, online wallets and payment providers, these are all services built on top of the Bitcoin network, which is inherently anonymous. Sending bitcoins to a recipient can be even more anonymous than a cash transaction because you do not need to be present to hand over the bitcoins – they are transmitted over the Internet. No information about your location, your IP address, your name, email address or any personally identifiable information is sent along with the transaction. While a record of the transaction exists in the public ledger known as the “Blockchain,” the identities of the participants in the transaction are not maintained.

This anonymity is a double-edged sword however. By publically announcing just one of your Bitcoin addresses, you create a link between yourself and your wallet that can be used to identify yourself. Imagine, for example, that you run a website and have a Bitcoin donation address; that Bitcoin address is forever tied to you in the public domain and it is trivial for anyone to see how many bitcoins have been sent to that address, along with when and how much has been spent.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Irreversibility of Bitcoin Transactions on: November 29, 2013, 04:04:54 PM
Trying to explain the irreversibility to the lay person. How is this:

Think of Bitcoin like cash in this regard. When you give cash to a friend, no third-party can reverse that transaction. Only your friend can give you that money back. It is an important property of cold-hard cash that is often overlooked. A credit card, by contrast, is a reversible transaction. If you shop at a store and pay with credit card, the bank can reverse that transaction when you return the item – or if they suspect fraud. The same is true of many online payment systems such as PayPal and Google Checkout. When you send money to a friend with PayPal, it is a reversible transaction and PayPal can reverse that transaction for any (or no) reason. A Bitcoin transaction is completely irreversible. When you send a Bitcoin to someone, no one in the world can reverse that transaction. There is no corporation or central authority to complain to if you are unhappy with the product or service that you bought with bitcoins. This same property means that any government or corporation cannot seize your bitcoins.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How to set up new DNS Seeds for an altcoin? on: October 30, 2013, 06:57:54 PM
I noticed that in the bitcoin source code, we have:
static const char *strMainNetDNSSeed[][2] = {
    {"", ""},
    {"", ""},
    {"", ""},
    {"", ""},
    {NULL, NULL}

If I'm creating my own altcoin, I should probably start by changing these seed nodes. When setting up a new node, how exactly will it return data? Are these the domains that point to bitcoin clients currently running and from that, the process of peer discovery can grow?
19  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / How to set up a treasure map? on: October 17, 2013, 01:12:59 PM
If I were to send 1 BTC to some address, all one would need to steal that money is the corresponding private key. Since a private key is nothing more than a 256-bit number, I was thinking about making a treasure map of sorts.

E9 87 3D 79 C6 D8 7D C0 FB 6A 57 78 63 33 89 F4 45 32 13 30 3D A6 1F 20 BD 67 FC 23 3A A3 32 62

for example, is a private key. So what sort of treasure hunt can I create that will make it possible for someone to discover the private key and therefore win the bounty?

I'm imagining a series of clues (think National Treasure), but not too obvious. If it's to be a world-wide hunt, it must therefore be difficult to crack. I don't want to hide the private key on a website or anything, but rather have the pieces be freely found in the public. So perhaps
could represent the 233rd page of some book and so on.

Would love feedback and ideas.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Do FTC holders want to trade for BTC or LTC? on: August 05, 2013, 02:51:52 PM
Crypto Street recently launched as a Bitcoin, Feathercoin and Litecoin exchange last week and we've been doing decently well on our BTC/LTC pair, but our BTC/FTC pair is rather thin. We've been active on the Feathercoin forums as well, but I figure different people use this forum than that forum, so to get a true cross section, I'm posting here as well.

Do you want to trade your FTC or are you just holding? If you do want to trade, what do you want to see in an exchange?
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