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1  Other / Beginners & Help / scryptasic scam (CAPTCHADD) on: January 07, 2014, 10:57:56 AM
I am just posting this as I can't reply yet to the other post that is open about CAPTCHADD who is most likely responsible for SCRYPTASIC con.
Captchadd who is also known as David Spanton (I hope it is a coincidence as David Spanton is a renowned  conman that got done for a 4 million pound ticket fraud a while ago) is the only one connected to SAI. I wouldn't be surprised if Captchadd is a fake personality online with fake facebook account (but who knows, captchadd knows) For somebody who has been very close connected to a scam company he acts now as if he wants nothing to do with them. Funny how the last tweet of the company was that they are sorry to have to let the webhoster CAPTCHADD go. How likely is it that a company announces this just before
the company goes into tears. It just doesn't make sense. Captchadd will no doubt come up with a lousy explanation but listen man you are no doubt the only one that has ties with SAI, Scott Davenro is a personality that doesn't exist online. Your mentioning you had to sign an agreement not to mention anything about them, does this agreement still stand now it turns out your name is blackened due to the fact that you are hosting and created a website that offered services that do not exist?
How likely is it that you encounter someone in a pub that is on the verge of creating a mining machine that at first nobody was able to do. Are you really telling me that you were lucky/unlucky enough to meet these guys by accident in a pub and that exactly then they were ready to setup a website and well by pure chance you came along (luckily also someone who spends most of his time dealing with BTC and altcoins). You want me to calculate the chances of that happening in Southampton? It is as likely as winning the lottery without having a fucking ticket!

If asked if he is willing to work on a police investigation he doesn't answer. The way he explains that he walked up to the SAI team by accident in a pub in Southampton says it all. The way he describes this story
is exactly the same as Scott Davenro answered certain questions. There is no logic to it, answers you expect from somebody who is afraid to be discovered not from someone who clearly has nothing to do with it.

Just to mention a report is placed to the police in the UK/ USA and I will report one in the Netherlands as well, I would advise everyone in any country to get in touch and make a report and I have asked cryptostocks details as to what they could mean for those who have lost out on the scam. In the UK there is a website Actionfraud where u can report the fraud online.
Maybe it is better to keep the posts under this thread as not everyone is able to post on the new thread. Not everyone has been active on BTCtalk.

Could we make a list of all the people that were involved in this scam and lost out. I am surprised that sofar only few people have been reacting. Whereas there must be at least 40+ who had substantial shares.
I sold my shares just in time but I want to see this guy go down, also I am interested to see if it is this easy to scam someone and get away with it.
If so I would be very very careful with putting any money on cryptostocks.

to be continued! Oh yeah Captchadd if you feel you have a bit more of an explanation to give please do not hesitate, as of now from my point of few, you are guily untill proven innocent. I will say again, I highly doubt you got involged in this by accident.
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