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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][VAL]Supreme token that generates the Global Ledger [GLI] money supply on: February 23, 2020, 03:06:20 PM
Please watch the trailer:
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypto Kingdom Game Thread on: July 07, 2017, 05:20:52 AM
NEW 2017-7-7 Creation of the World


Day 7: Adam wakes up

1 And the heavens and the earth are completed, and all their host;
2 and God completeth by the seventh day His work which He hath made, and ceaseth by the seventh day from all His work which He hath made.
3 And God blesseth the seventh day, and sanctifieth it, for in it He hath ceased from all His work which God had prepared for making.
4 These are births of the heavens and of the earth in their being prepared, in the day of Jehovah God's making earth and heavens;
5 and no shrub of the field is yet in the earth, and no herb of the field yet sprouteth, for Jehovah God hath not rained upon the earth, and a man there is not to serve the ground,
6 and a mist goeth up from the earth, and hath watered the whole face of the ground.
7 And Jehovah God formeth the man--dust from the ground, and breatheth into his nostrils breath of life, and the man becometh a living creature.
8 And Jehovah God planteth a garden in Eden, at the east, and He setteth there the man whom He hath formed;
9 and Jehovah God causeth to sprout from the ground every tree desirable for appearance, and good for food, and the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
10 And a river is going out from Eden to water the garden, and from thence it is parted, and hath become four chief rivers ;
11 the name of the one is Pison, it is that which is surrounding the whole land of the Havilah where the gold is ,
12 and the gold of that land is good, there is the bdolach and the shoham stone;
13 and the name of the second river is Gibon, it is that which is surrounding the whole land of Cush;
14 and the name of the third river is Hiddekel, it is that which is going east of Asshur; and the fourth river is Phrat.
15 And Jehovah God taketh the man, and causeth him to rest in the garden of Eden, to serve it, and to keep it.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypto Kingdom - Universe - Game Thread on: June 17, 2017, 10:12:06 AM
NEW 2017-7-7 Creation of the World - Adam wakes up

Welcome to Crypto Kingdom - Universe!

This thread and the Game DB are the main methods to record the transition from older versions of Crypto Kingdom to the new platform.


4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Zechariah's Portfolio of Altcoins on: May 31, 2017, 09:00:34 AM
Hi all!

I have a near-hostage Poloniex acct, which does not allow withdrawals, pending some KYC.

The balances currently are as follows:

Coin Name Total Balance On Orders BTC Value
XMR Monero 29999.999958      27540.01889924
BTC Bitcoin 335.76550859      335.76550859
LTC Litecoin 12000.91027056  134.99715955
XRP Ripple 897778.51436482 92.83029838
ETC Ethereum Classic 3000.0  22.65000000
STR Stellar 99760.20555293   1.48143905
GAME GameCredits 997.50  1.13920485
[color=red]ETH  Ethereum(Vitalik) -11867.82937938[/color]

POSITIONS as follows:

Coin Position Amount P/L (BTC) Liq. Price
DOGE Long 62743646.44990648 -2.39732830 N/A
LTC Long 46279.34373628 -44.79874425 0.00184077
XRP Long 7399080.88070753 -60.25000599 0.00004624
ETH Short -11867.82937938 -73.42601604 0.13570593

What trades would you commit?
5  Other / Off-topic / Mirror Mirror On The Wall, - - on: May 09, 2017, 06:37:33 AM
- Who is the fairest of'em ALL?

6  Other / Off-topic / Risto Pietilä's "Kingdom of Dreamers, Staff, and [the] GM (29.4.2017)" on: April 29, 2017, 12:07:39 PM
7  Other / Off-topic / New on: April 13, 2017, 04:24:33 PM
8  Other / Off-topic / Galactic Federation of Light - Special Operations - Area Command Official Thread on: March 14, 2017, 09:14:55 AM
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / PRE-ANN: People's Mark - basic income local currency in Finland - launch Oct2016 on: October 03, 2016, 11:41:46 AM
This is an unofficial abbreviated translation of the preliminary announcement text. "Kansanmarkka - suomalainen paikallisraha" is a strongly Finnish new venture with the account software only in Finnish at the moment. Nothing should be regarded as final, etc. The post will be updated as new info becomes available. Last updated 2016-11-18

People's Mark (Finnish: kansanmarkka) is based on universal basic income for Finnish nationals and residents
Value is freely floating in the market
Centralised DB, proprietary account software in browser/mobile
Will be transferred to a crypto platfrom "as needed" (with higher market cap target)
Suggested uses: local transactions, internet commerce, supporting activism

"Markkakanta" account system

To register as recipient of universal basic income, complete authentication must be given. Anyone can, however, register as a "project", which is just a numbered anonymous account, ineligible to receive basic income but possible to participate otherwise.

A large part of the information of participants is public as a default, enabling search of other local users and teaming up with them. Social media style platform exists in the system itself, also linking to others (FB) is possible.

There is a direct democracy feature where all users may select a coordinator by voting in a zipcode level, and these will in turn select municipality/borough, city and area coordinators in successive stages.

The using of the account is simple and transactions instantaneous. In addition to the currency, Markka, also tokens can be created and traded. The most important token is the share of the system, which is self-incorporated.

Bureau of Economy and the Treasurer

Bureau of Economy ("taloustoimisto") appoints Treasurer ("taloudenhoitaja") who manages the system, especially the important aspect of the details of new money creation.

The Bureau ownership is divided to approx 10 million shares, of which 5 million belong to the people of Finland and will become free-trading only after a delay, and the 5 million will be able to be sold as "free trading" or "support" shares, which both have same dividend but the former may be traded, while the ownership of the latter gives a higher rank in the internal hierarchy in the economy.

First Treasurer is me. A short bio:
- Majoring mainstream economics in 2000-2006 in Aalto University / prof Wallenius; Austrian economics self studied same time
- Founder of several companies, among them, Silverbank, EIH, Scenario Investments, Crypto Holdings (most dealing originally with investment silver, later Bitcoin/Monero)
- Creator of Crypto Kingdom
- Lives in Malla Bitcoin Castle, the largest piece of property bought with Bitcoin profits

New Emission of Markka currency

The Treasurer decides weekly about how to distribute new currency. If it is done, it must be done as follows and no other ways will be available:

* Universal basic income must be given to every Finnish citizen that resides in Finland, equal amount to everyone.
* Encouraging basic income is calculated with a script from the personal records in the system, and differs in amount (script being the same for everyone of course). Also foreign persons may be eligible.
* Split is used to increase the number of currency units in proportion to the existing balances. This is done if their value abruptly rises, to keep the exchange rate in check while not diluting the ownership of existing owners.
* Dividend is always 10% of the sum of the money creation of all the previous three ways combined, and may not be more nor less. It is given as a dividend to the owners of the Bureau in proportion to the shares.


Physical certificates will be issued to complement the payment options.

Bureau may never print new marks to itself, nor to any entity that is not an identified human, except if in connection with Split or Dividend, where the number of marks and shares (respectively) decides the amount of new issuance.

Bureau may never receive any compensation from the issuance of marks, the receivers get them all free.

The exchange value of markka, is targeted to grow but only slowly, and reach parity with EUR. If it dips, less or no new money will be created for a time. If it surges, split will be arranged. There is no cap on the total number of markka.

The Bureau stock is the more speculative item. It will come for trading in Crypto Kingdom soon.

In Finland about 55 billion EUR are in circulation, mainly in bank accounts. If all these can be replaced with marks of equal value, the people will have received basic income totalling 50 billion, and the owners of the Bureau will have received 5 billion as the 10% dividend. A person (especially a non-Finn) cannot meaningfully increase his share of the larger pie, because it is equal for everyone. But the smaller pie is up for grabs, because it is in proportion to ownership. This is no investment advice.


Hi all, thanks for encouraging feedback! Smiley

First it's important to realise the following:

1. we will make a new currency, which is first a centrally managed one, but will become a crypto soon

2. before that, we need to create the organisation that will manage the currency! The organisation itself is a self-existing corporation with stocks. The stocks will be able to vote, and have dividends: 9.1% of the total amount of new currency created will be given to the owners.

I created 500k shares to myself to be given in the first 3 years slowly to keep myself motivated (only 100k is given right away). 50k is given for free to the owners of Crypto Kingdom, my earlier project. I want to keep people in all of my projects happy - even if I jump to new ones without warning, they should not suffer. The total in all kinds of stocks and options may not exceed 2...10 million units, depending on the number of users (none...all the people in Finland). So the token remains very rare and 1% tail emission starts only after 1 million identified users!

So if you want to get involved, register to Crypto Kingdom and buy the token MKA (the share of the Economic Bureau). It is very high risk, so possible to get cheaply if some of the CK players sell the freebies. More info on the distribution process via CK.

There is no ICO planned for either these shares or the currency when it comes (later this month). The distribution model is basic income, so all people will get them first, and then investors buy from the people in the aftermarket that we provide in the account software. If you want to participate in the basic income, you have to be a Finnish citizen.

[2016-10-5]The freebie-spinoff launch of "MKA - Kansanmarkka EB A-share" (Crypto Kingdom item: MKA) went as planned.

The total circulation of MKA is now 170,000 units, of which 50,000 are currently registered in Crypto Kingdom platform.

6 hours after commencement of trading, the market has ask/bid of 0.19341 / 0.1894 XMR, which is about $1.2/€1.1 per unit of MKA.

Calculating the market cap is tricky since the grand total of MKA, MKB and MKD issued is 1,150,000 units, but some of them will only be converted to MKA after 5 years.

MKA owners are entitled to 10% seigniorage dividend, calculated from the total of Kansanmarkka (MK) currency issued. The first issuance of the currency will happen approx. between October 17-24 to the small number of participants in the first pilot phase of the software. During the rest of the year, minimum 10,000 participants are projected. This will increase the quantity of currency issued - and thus dividends - markedly.

Thank you everyone who has volunteered to translate! Smiley Since this is a national coin, we are content with Finnish but will reach out to you if plans change.

[2016-10-19]One more basic income round was distributed today, raising the total issuance to 232,000 MK. The target price per unit is 0.05 EUR, and the actual price in the sole (as far as we know) exchange is 0.0102 XMR (0.062 EUR). The market cap is 11,600-14,300 EUR.

The stock MKA also had a distribution round today, "CK #2". This causes the 50,000 freebie stocks to be fully distributed ("Office" holds about 600 for claims purposes). In total, the number of stocks entitled to dividends and votes is 620,879. More are for sale by the Bureau, but only against a payment in MK (20-25 MK/unit). Since the issuance of MK is so small, not much can be bought. In CK, the price of MKA is 0.310 XMR (1.88 EUR) and the market cap of the Economic Bureau ("central bank" of the Kansanmarkka economy) is 1.2 million EUR.

We now try to get the pilot users to actually function as an economy. We have people who are interested in buying MK and MKA, but it is hard to get anyone to sell.
- Communication between piloters is the first issue to be tackled.
- Markkakanta account system is strongly developed to include the promised features that mainly exist as code.
- As much basic income will be doled out as possible, with only the restriction that the price may not dip from the target of 0.05 EUR.
- We continue to offer MKA and B-series shares cheaply to the users.
- Clearing system for both digital and physical currency is being developed and we have already contacted payment processor.
- A new batch of certificates will be designed and issued, estimated 50,000 "banknotes" by the end of November.
- We also seek 2500 users by the end of November.

It is a pleasure to report this Smiley Please ask / comment whatever you wish Smiley

2016-11-18     A "Motivating basic income round" was held in 2016-11-30 (about 200,000 MK) and that was given completely as virtual collectible coins, of which 27 types were created. This mimics CK successful approach (they have about 300 types). The coins have a face value, at which the system will always buy them back.

In the 2 weeks since, only about 20% of the coins have been smelted, though, proving that there is much possibility in the system to absorb more money creation.

Because of difficulties to exchange KMK<->EUR and the uncertain value, a "Matching round" was arranged with anyone having the opportunity to enter bids and asks in a manual exchange spreadsheet. This resulted in 21,000 MK changing hands at a fixed 0.070 EUR/KMK price. The sum that was exchanged, albeit tiny, is in fact more than 10% of the readily circulating monetary stock.

The value, 0.070, is 41% higher than the previous Target Price of 0.050 EUR/KMK. This was selected to be the new target price as well, cementing the 41% gain for all the holders of MK.

The stock market was more dormant, however, as MKA in CK is trading at 0.300 XMR (1.86 EUR), a minute -3% in XMR terms and -1% in EUR. (In MK terms, the stock actually shed value drastically due to the MK appreciation).

The challenges to get 1st phase pilot users (77 of them) to function are about overcome. We now move on to gain 500 new users by the early days of December.

25 of the piloters are now promoted to be Coordinators in coordinator levels 9-16 in the 20-step Kansanmarkka levels system. The coordinator levels roughly correspond to Baron(et)-Grand Duke levels in CK (11/12-18)

Planning side is very strong in the meantime. Complete goal roadmaps for a full year have been drafted, including two of the most important:
* Feature (technical/economic) strategy.
* Marketing/communication strategy.

It is not possible to translate these into English with our current focus, however.

Thank you! Smiley
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypto Kingdom Central Archive on: September 14, 2016, 04:49:41 PM
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / 1st Global Monero Summit on: September 03, 2016, 10:01:39 PM
The summit is cancelled. See link for details.

Information is updated with recent developments.

1. The target size of the event has been increased to 40 due to encouraging reception, and the willingness to have a comprehensive event, and because we want to integrate both early adopters, recent investors, developers, infrastructure providers, the media etc.

2. Only the pre-summit will be organised in Malla Castle (pictured), the main event will be hosted in Rakvere Aqva Spa Hotel, the best spa in Estonia (itself the country with the most spas per capita in the world), from where the summit office is pictured.

3. The dates are open to fit the schedule of the main speakers (in the range of Oct-15...Dec-15 tentatively). I have asked fluffypony and Roger Ver (in addition to myself) to speak in the event.

4. The designation "speaker" does not mean that the feeling of a graceful summit is at risk. The spa section of the hotel is gorgeous, the rooms very nice, we will have private suites and a conference room with the "official" programme. Everyone will have a chance to grab the mic and everyone who wishes, will get it recorded. Outside the podium, we have a no-recording policy.

5. The 2 restaurants in the hotel and several elsewhere in Rakvere offer a choice of international and Estonian cuisine and have been tried and accepted.

6. Grand Dinner can still be hosted in my castle, but that will be an experience since despite all the heating available, the castle will be cold. The grand dinner will last typically about 8 hours with about 10 courses of food.

7. Rakvere is located about 1 hour from the Tallinn airport. A flight to Helsinki can also be considered if travel time is not a priority, since Helsinki is only a scheduled ferry ride from Tallinn.

8. Cost is still open, it will consist of event fee and accommodation package. A limited number of room upgrades available. A two-day stay in a single room, food and most drinks included, event fee, airport transfer = total about $1,000. Nobody is sponsoring the event but we are not fleecing either, the cost is what it is. The hotel is classy.
12  Other / Off-topic / rpietila 100 days active on: September 01, 2016, 09:57:44 AM
That is 2400 hours. It equals about 15 months of full time work. And it has accrued over 4 years, even with some gaps of inactivity in between.

I will write some thoughts about everything, maybe. Or you can Ask Me Anything and I may answer.

If you don't know me, that is fine. I have been both one of the most productive members and the most hated. At the same time, of course.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / XMR Monero price poll - what is XMR/BTC rate by Dec-31-2016 ?? on: August 29, 2016, 05:01:36 PM
XMR needs a public poll. The question's exact wording is:

What do you believe is the price (BTC/XMR) which fulfills that it is equally probable that the actual_price be less or more than price. Select the cohort that includes price.
14  Other / Off-topic / How to escape mandatory keylogging on: November 20, 2015, 10:47:26 AM

I am disgusted of the scripted nature of Paris attacks. To a casual observer it is nearing 100% false flag, based on the usual tells:

- terrorist drill at the same time
- official death toll (129) widely off from the "number of people who actually lost their life and are confirmed dead as a result" (seen 1, may be more)
- no footage available, or very conflicting vs. official story
- special forces used
- immediate press and public response ready incl only hours to light up all the world monuments in colors.
- immediate human rights curtailments put in place, and directed against people who were the victims, not the purported let alone actual perpetrators.
- measures taken (gun control, surveillance) increase the vulnerability of the people against such attacks in the future.

So this lead me to think that since keylogging is already a feature in most devices and will become mandatory in the future, how can we retain any usefulness of cryptosystems, because to me an important basic is that I hold the keys, and the false-flagging-terrorist-"government" does not hold them?

In 1980s I did not so much care that government had access to my bank account since they had a track record of being largely supporting of the rule of law, and no random or violent action towards own people. Now the tables have been turned - leading politicians in EU are not hesitant anymore to be publicly acknowledged as traitors and terrorists, and shooting own people in a theatre and taking off their rights as a result, with straight face, is sickening. That people accept it instead of returning sanity to the government by telling that their inability to protect the people should lead to more guns and liberties in the hands of people, rather than less, is symptomatic of a people pampered to their demise.

I honestly believed the US would be the first to fall, but perhaps the rougher and less civilized culture there is more dangerous to deal with, and takes more time to thoroughly corrupt and destroy.

But as to the main point - are there any technologies that allow you to store and move value online so that nothing you ever type on your keyboard can be used to decipher access codes that allow the transfer of more value in the future? How does that work?

Or should I forsake crypto and move on to evangelism, at least that IS useful in defeating evil  Grin
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Participation in Bitnation crowdfunding round on: November 13, 2015, 10:44:23 AM

Bitnation is providing governance services, and is not itself incorporated in any outside world jurisdiction, nor will be.

There is currently no Bitnation crowdfunding going on, the aim of this poll is to find out the feelings of the crypto community whether that might be a viable way to enlarge the community and crowd of supporters of Bitnation, and also to provide money for the activities.

The likely size of this type of financing opportunity, if it materializes, is between 100k-1000k USD total, and I am not officially selected to organize the round, this poll is pre-agreement.

The participant would receive XBNX tokens (ethereum platform) with the tokens having nominal voting and dividend rights but the actual power in the organization is cemented to founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof with veto clauses in shareholder agreement.

I am not affiliated in Bitnation any way, don't own shares, tokens or rights, and none of my close friends even works there.

I welcome discussion and reserve the right to keep it strictly on topic by deleting conflicting posts without prior notice.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypto Kingdom Game Design on: October 13, 2015, 10:32:14 AM

Crypto Kingdom has grown so big that the main thread is difficult to follow as it contains so many different topics, including gameplay and player announcements.

Development thread is for those interested in the technical development (coding) of the game and implementing modules via API and other ways.

This thread is aimed for strategic discussion about the game and its design, and of the core features and modules. It is moderated to keep it on topic, which means purging away CK content not related to the design, and of course all other content and non-content as well.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Crypto Kingdom Ultima Version Development Thread on: August 05, 2015, 06:29:21 PM
This thread is for the Ultima technical development. Gameplay belongs to the main thread.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / "What does in mean in practice that bitcoin and blockchain are separated?" on: February 15, 2015, 08:16:55 AM
I'm not going to do AMA again. The first time I tried, got this kind of question that I must answer in 140 characters relatively quickly, and I don't even understand what the guy's after  Huh
19  Economy / Speculation / An updated Expected Value (EV) analysis for Bitcoin on: February 13, 2015, 03:06:38 PM
Expected value (EV) is the probability-weighted mean (average) of possible future outcomes.

We are talking Bitcoin, and about 5 years timeframe here, so 2020.

1. Let's start by everyone asking themselves: "What is the probability of Bitcoin price being lower in 2020 than what it is now?"

This scenario includes everything from total technology/network failure to a total breakdown of law and order, or unanimous draconian regulation by every government in the world to kill off everyone who has possession of a string of letters or part thereof, to just a multi-year downtrend in Bitcoin price coupled or uncoupled with increased adoption (2014 is a prime example that price (-80%) and adoption (+100%) do not correlate 1:1).

In a meeting with respected people in the area, the answers ranged from 20-50%, with a clear bias to 20%. Let's use 25% as a median. (The longest time Bitcoin has ever been below its ATH is <2 years, so history is not supporting 5 years of flatlining really.)

2. Then, "What is the probability that we will not reach the ATH in 5 years?"

Counting the major surges alone, we have set a new ATH at $32, $266 and $1242. The first two were taken, each with a 5x or 10x. Now, to be realistic, it may happen that they were isolated incidents, not happening again, but also it's possible that they were not, and there is some merit in the coin, the technology, etc. Of course I could give (and have given) several fundamental reasonings why I believe the latter, but for the purpose of this, let's keep it simple and assume that it can as well happen or not, so 50%.

This naturally includes the case 1., therefore the scenario "anything between 200-1,000 USD" is 25% probable.

3. Now, "if the ATH is reached, what will likely happen?"

Every time previously, once the old ATH was taken, a quick upsurge taking the price to 5x-10x higher in a few weeks followed. Since we are talking conservatively here, let's assume that in half of the cases, it will reach less than that, and the other half is more than that. (In 5 years, which is enough time to fit in the entire Bitcoin price history so far from $0.005 to $200, it is a conservative approach.)

4. Therefore, "In 25% probability of the total scenario universe, Bitcoin will go to higher than $10k in 5 years. How high?"

This is anybody's guess. Until now, the great majority of people who have taken a stand on the subject of Bitcoin price development in any reasonably long-term (2+ years) timeframe, have been proven spectacularly wrong. Bitcoin has exceeded the expectations of most observers.

To assess the average value of a bitcoin in this fat-tail scenario (a scenario where the expected value is dominated by the inordinately high outcomes with low and uncertain probabilities) is difficult, but let's just zoom 2 bubbles forward and assume a 5x on top of 10k.


What we get is 4 scenarios with equal probability:
- $0-200 (mean: $50)
- $200-$1,000 (mean: $500)
- $1k-$10k (mean: $3,000)
- $10k+ (mean: $50k)

The EV for BTCUSD in 2020 is therefore $13,400/BTC. This is 6,000% (60x) higher than the current price. Even if we made gross errors in assessing the probabilities, it's hard to argue that the scenarios themselves are ill-constructed. It is very hard to make holding a position in Bitcoin a losing proposition from here. As people realize what I am saying, it is likely that this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Beware - 5 years is a long time!  Wink
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Land auction: CryptoKingdom lots 1-W-(K1-K12), closes 2014-11-10 20:00 GMT on: October 26, 2014, 06:15:41 PM
This is the auction thread where His Majesty The King is auctioning land in the game Crypto Kingdom.

Only the characters in the game are entitled participation.

Auctions ongoing:

Old Town lots 1-W-K1, K2, K3, ..., K12 (12 lots, each of them is 2 quadrats)

See the online City Map and Land Registry for details of the lot, including the building restrictions.

There are 2 ways for bidding:

1. Each lot is bid separately. Enter your bid. It is in force for that lot only, until someone bids higher (or you win).

2. Reserve bid for any lot. Enter your bid. It automatically supersedes the lowest winning bid of any of the lots by the lowest possible margin, until all the other lots are bid higher (or you win). This way you get the cheapest lot at the cheapest price. Earlier reserve bid takes preference (which may end up gaining you 2 millions!)

Starting bid is 20 million moneritos each, and minimum raise is 2 million.

Auction closes A.D. 1462 (2014-11-10 20:00 GMT), or 3 minutes after the last raise. (All close at the same time, after none of the lots has been raised in 3 minutes(!))

The winner has 72 hours to refund his account.

Auctions which have ended:

Old Town lots 1-C-F3, F4, F5, F6 (4 lots)

See the online City Map and Land Registry for details of the lot, including the building restrictions.

Each lot is bid separately.

Starting bid is 8 million moneritos each, and minimum raise is 2 million.

Auction closes A.D. 1448 (2014-11-3 18:00 GMT), or 3 minutes after the last raise. (All close at the same time(!))

The winner has 72 hours to refund his account.

His Majesty is auctioning away one of the most prestigious pieces of land in the game Crypto Kingdom, Old Town lot 1-C-F1.

This lot is 4 quadrats and is facing the main east-west street, bordering the city wall. See the online City Map and Land Registry for details of the lot, including the building restrictions.

Only the characters in the game are entitled participation.

Reserve price is 10 million moneritos (10 XMR), and minimum raise is 1 million.

A typical building to take into advantage of this prime location might cost 100-150 million. There is no requirement to build though, the land can be bought for speculation as well. Possible uses:

- Incity palace for a nobleman or merchant
- Commercial building such as department store with rentable shops
- Restaurant (at least part of it)
- Office building / meeting hall
- A large rental block for later game use. The tourism requires cheap workforce.
- Combination of the above.

The winner must have moneritos in his account to pay for the lot, latest 24h after winning the auction, or extra gold that will be converted to moneritos automatically (extra means enough to leave the minimum 1,000 gold for the right to play).
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