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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [FOR RENT] Pinned post at FB Bitcoin related group + 132K members ! on: July 14, 2019, 07:30:09 PM
Renting pinned post at Facebook Bitcoin related group with more than 132.000 members!

Why to pay for this kind of advertisement?

When someone accesses the group, they will see your post fixed on the top, in a prominent position.
Considering the daily traffic this group has, your content will receive a lot of attention!


      + Cheap service;
      + Active advertisement group;
      + New members added every day;
      + Different packages deals.


  • 1 week - BTC amount equal to: US$14,00
  • 2 weeks - BTC amount equal to: US$23,80
  • 4 weeks - BTC amount equal to: US$36,00
(For longer duration packages, make your proposal)

If you are interested or have questions, reply to this thread or send a PM for further details.
Contents like Ponzis, HYIPs and similar investments won't be promoted.

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*Also accepting payment in AltCoins. The rates are the same, by converting the currently BTC amount for the respective AltCoin.
2  Economy / Services / [FOR RENT] Pinned post at FB Bitcoin related group + 132K members ! on: May 27, 2019, 02:15:35 AM
Renting pinned post at Facebook Bitcoin related group with more than 132.000 members!

Why to pay for this kind of advertisement?

When someone accesses the group, they will see your post fixed on the top, in a prominent position.
Considering the daily traffic this group has, your content will receive a lot of attention!


      + Cheap service;
      + Active advertisement group;
      + New members added every day;
      + Different packages deals.


  • 1 week - BTC amount equal to: US$14,00
  • 2 weeks - BTC amount equal to: US$23,80
  • 4 weeks - BTC amount equal to: US$36,00
(For longer duration packages, make your proposal)

If you are interested or have questions, reply to this thread or send a PM for further details.
Contents like Ponzis, HYIPs and similar investments won't be promoted.

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3  Economy / Reputation / Double Standards on: March 27, 2018, 02:13:26 AM
After reading this thread and seeing some points presented on it, I thought I should open a thread to discuss some inconsistencies and contradictions present on the negative feedbacks that are spread around.

1. Accounts sales, acceptable/not acceptable?
Now the statements about accounts sales say that it was acceptable by 2015/2016. As I understood, I can say it was valid by the middle of 2016, as I made sure to ask about it first before doing so. Well, if it was tolerated by 2016, why were people being negatived on that time?

I took in consideration the statements from the reputable members. It was said this practice could be frowned upon/discouraged, as people used it to scam others and abuse campaigns, giveaways, etc... But since I didn't have any of these intentions, I thought it was Ok, as others (including more reputable members) were dealing this way without problems, probably they didn't have malicious intentions as well.

However I was negatived, even making sure that all the process was legal and acceptable on that time, otherwise people would have told me on my thread things like: "It was acceptable by last year, but people are abusing accounts sales and farming accounts a lot, so we don't accept it anymore and people are considered untrustworthy and are negatived, possibly FOREVER!".

Instead of hearing that, I just heared I should control my posts quality, otherwise I could be banned for this reason, on both accounts.

2. Double standards
Recently, I have seen an interesting post in a thread where a forum's member asked why some members buying accounts on the early days, in a same thread were negatived, while others (with higher trust on the forum) weren't. The case was instantly solved, everyone that posted on the specific thread, except the account seller (OP) and one another bidder, had their negative feedbacks removed.

What is the difference between those who posted in this thread from people who posted in another threads on the same period of time?

3. As I can't proove you are guilty, proove me you are innocent
It's not hard to track criminals on the old Auction's threads. People that were looking for accounts and that posteriorly received different kinds of negative feedbacks, not for accounts sales reasons, but because they were abusing, cheating, stealing, lying, etc...

The time revealed the intentions of each one on those threads, but still nowadays, everyone is put on the same dirty basket. Those who weren't/aren't involved in any kind of fraud, as the records can show, didn't receive at least the "benefit of the doubt", being the only way to have the negative rating removed by earning reputation from other forum's members.

Well, if accounts sales encourages scam, spam, accounts farming, this condition to have the feedback removed encourages trust farming! People will be forced to make deals they aren't interested, just to proove they deserve their neutral trust back...

Someone with an empty trust score can be more or equally trustworthy than someone with dozens of positive feedbacks that were earned with the exclusive intention to earn that trust, and not the goods/money being traded itself.

Also, this condition doesn't help anything in the combat of accounts sales. It's well known that the favorite dealers accounts are those ones with positive feedbacks, and thinking this way their business is safe, as accounts with positive feedbacks aren't negatived, quite the opposite, they have their negative feedbacks removed. Account dealers just need to earn some reputation, then they will have the negative removed, plus they will sell the account more expensive than before!

If someone is going to be the law, this person should be at least coherent with the ratings applied.
We are already tired about the selectivity and the power abuse practiced by the authorities in our countries, I think we don't need more of that in a place that is supposed to represent the opposite of what our societies became.

It's a decentralized society, committing the same mistakes of a centralized one.
4  Local / Criptomoedas Alternativas / [ANN][ICO] Crystal Reign | O Primeiro Grande MMO de Estratégia Construído c/ ETH on: February 26, 2018, 02:35:57 AM

Como se joga?

O jogo é de browser, consistindo em um mapa Hex 3D de 800x800 tiles. Cada jogador cria uma conta
através do Metamask e é aleatoriamente alocado num tile do mapa. Colônias iniciais consistem em um mapa de cidade,
com um castelo e 20 locais de construção vazios, e um mapa fora da cidade contendo 25 porções de recursos baseados
no bioma dos tiles. Jogadores constroem e evoluem esses locais para desenvolver suas cidades e aumentar sua produção.
Comida, madeira, ferro, pedra e argila servem para diferentes propósitos na cadeia de produção e cada um dos 5 biomas
geram bônus de produção adicionais a um desses recursos.

Jogadores podem construir 5 diferentes tipos de unidades: Arqueiros, Espadachins, Lanceiros, Magos e Cavalaria. Existe
um sistema dinâmico básico de pedra-papel-tesoura entre essas unidades, no entanto, isso é compensado por várias
interferências, como bônus de terreno, habilidades de itens e benefícios de comandante. Como os exércitos podem
partir-se em divisões com bônus de ataque e especialidades, existe uma vantagem tática em conduzir escoltas de
reconhecimento para descobrir a distribuição das unidades inimigas de uma força oposta antes de atacar.

Exércitos são governados por um comandante, uma unidade única que adquire as almas de cada unidade morta pelo seu exército.
Almas podem ser usadas para melhorar o comandante, dando benefícios específicos ao exército. Benefícios de velocidade
e ataque podem dar uma vantagem a grupos de saque, enquanto os benefícios de terreno e defesa podem fortalecer
um exército defensivo.

Itens raros e animais são espalhados pelo mapa e podem ser caçados para que se obtenha matéria prima para a
produção de armaduras e armas melhores. A negociação de recursos coletados pode ser conduzida através do uso
de caravanas, geradas no mercado.

Com o consulado, jogadores podem começar a juntar-se as guildas e lutar junto com outros jogadores. Como existem
recompensas monetárias lançadas In-game, existe uma variedade de opções de distribuição disponíveis para os líderes
das guildas. Riquezas podem ser distribuídas de acordo com o rank, de acordo com quem ganhou mais ou distribuídas
uniformemente entre a guilda. Recompensas In-game podem também ser taxadas pela guilda para que batalhas futuras
sejam financiadas.

Para que serve a Token?

Crystal Reign usa uma token ERC20 chamada Crystal Reign Shard (CRS) com um suprimento total de 50M.
O mecanismo primário do jogo envolve 1000 CRS sendo entregues aos jogadores que controlam um dos
64 hex tiles aleatórios selecionados durante um período de 24 horas. Isso ocorre a cada semana e dá aos
jogadores a oportunidade de trabalharem juntos em batalhas de larga escala por recompensas monetárias.
Cativar esse mecanismo é mais atrativo, já que 80% da receita das compras In-game é adicionada a essa
recompensa como bônus. Como algumas compras podem ser feitas com ETH tanto quanto com CRS, esse bônus
gera um modo atrativo para introduzir novos jogadores enquanto aumenta o valor da CRS.
Existe uma grande variedade de compras In-game:

Relíquias: Esses são itens únicos que podem ser empunhados pelos comandantes. Eles podem ser melhorados
usando as almas conquistadas pelos comandantes e aparecem permanentemente no mapa quando derrubados por
um exército derrotado. Requerem CRS para serem produzidos.

Ressurreições: Comandantes de alto nível mortos podem ser ressuscitados usando CRS. Devida a natureza
cumulativa do mecanismo de experiência para os comandantes, nós sentimos que isso aumentará a quantia de Stakes
necessária para jogadores de alto nível, enquanto que balanceando o efeito "bola de neve".

Compras estéticas: Skins especiais para castelos e unidades que adicionam cores ao jogo e fazem com
que jogadores se destaquem. Sempre poderão ser compradas com ETH ou CRS.

Bônus de produção individual:
Melhorar a produção e reduzir o tempo de produção será possível para jogadores
que gastarem ambos ETH ou CRS. Custos de ETH vão aumentar com os custos de produção enquanto os custos de
CRS permanecerão estáticos. Isso significa que melhorar instantaneamente uma construção de alto nível vai custar
mais em ETH do que uma construção de baixo nível, mas permanecerá sem alterações em relação a CRS. Isso criará
uma atmosfera onde mecanismos de pay-to-win são efetivamente removidos para jogadores de alto nível, já que eles
se tornam economicamente inviáveis em níveis superiores.

Bônus de guilda: Bônus de guilda fornecem aos membros vantagens potentes e a custos mais baixos comparados
aos bônus individuais. Estes estão somente disponíveis por CRS e podem somente ser adquiridos através da tesouraria
da guilda - uma conta única de Ethereum atribuída à guilda.

Distribuição final de tokens é da seguinte maneira:
16,640,000 alocadas a ICO.
16,640,000 alocadas as competições e desafios da comunidade.
16,640,000 lançadas durante um período de 5 anos (64000 a cada semana) no mecanismo primário do jogo, o
"shard drop".
80,000 inicialmente destinadas a propósitos de marketing.

Uma Token é realmente necessária?

Enquanto nós poderíamos conduzir a maior parte dos mecanismos In-game utilizando somente Ethereum,
optamos por usar uma ERC20 token por dois motivos:
1. Usando a token protegemos o jogo durante sua infância de vulnerabilidades imprevistas e hackers. Enquanto
fizemos nosso melhor para proteger ambos, nossos investidores e nossa reputação, seria ingenuidade não considerarmos
essa possibilidade, sendo que estamos operando num campo consideravelmente novo que não foi inteiramente testado e aprovado.
2. A token nos permite regular a economia In-game independente dos sentimentos do mercado quanto ao Ethereum
num presente momento. Com 80% da receita sendo distribuída aos jogadores de acordo com a habilidade, nós requeremos
um período transitivo no qual balancearemos o jogo. Se os preços aumentam muito rápido, isso se tornará um "jogo de apostas"
e desanimará muitos dos potenciais participantes necessários para um forte ecossistema In-game. Até o momento em que o
suprimento total de moedas seja distribuído, nós teremos corrigido os fatores que permitem vantagens iniciais aos
"long term ETH holders".

Progresso Até Então

A maioria das funções do jogo já estão completas e agora estamos focados no trabalho de arte e UI design. Nós encomendamos
trabalho de vários talentosos designers e devemos estar aptos a mostrar um gameplay até o fim de Março. Um white paper será
lançado em breve, uma vez que nós tenhamos mais In-game artwork para exibir.

Nome da Token: Crystal Reign Shard
Símbolo da Token: CRS
Para ver suas tokens siga: tutorial e use o endereço de contrato 0x65302d3a313cf7b0bc7badbf0b9b07a4f176ed10.


Email de contato:

Bounty de tradução: Nós precisamos de traduções em muitas línguas, para tópicos de anúncios em línguas locais a recompensa será de 500 CRS. Levaremos em consideração a trust e a idade da conta, entre outras coisas.

Signature Campaign e outras bounties vindo em breve.

5  Economy / Marketplace / Solution For Services Who Want To Adopt Bitcoin on: November 23, 2017, 08:29:10 PM
It's a big concern from businessesmen to start accepting Bitcoins on their stores, restaurants, etc. And one of the main reasons is because the time the transaction takes to be confirmed is too long. Then I was thinking what could be useful for them: To let their customers open a account on the service's site and add BTCs to their balances.

Then, when the customer goes the place and buy/pay for something, the amount will be deduct from this balance. So you don't need to worry about sending low transactions paying expensive fees and about waiting too much time to have your transaction confirmed.

What do you think?
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Successful ICO Experiences on: November 08, 2017, 04:44:52 PM
I see many people asking for opinions about ICO investments, if they are good, profitable or not and I see many people replying it can be good or not, you must have knowledge to choose a legit ICO, to find out who are the developers...

But I would like to hear successful stories about people who invested in ICOs and made profit. Please, tell what ICOs you invested and how much profit you made, if you liked it and if you still look for this kind of investment.
7  Economy / Micro Earnings / - Answer To Earn Money on: November 01, 2017, 04:43:12 PM
I have see this site being promoted on another forum:

I would like to know if someone here knows this site and if it's really legit or not.

It's a site where you make questions and earn money when many people reply to you.
8  Local / Português (Portuguese) / Banco Neon on: September 06, 2017, 03:33:14 AM
Gostaria de saber se alguém usa o Banco Neon para fazer transações relacionadas ao Bitcoin.

Parece interessante, pois foge da máfia dos bancos tradicionais, mas não tenho certeza se serão amigáveis ao Bitcoin, não repetindo o que os outros bancos estão fazendo (bloqueando contas de usuários de Bitcoin).

O que acham? É uma boa ideia? Se não, qual a melhor solução? Porque Banco do Brasil, Bradesco está difícil...
9  Local / Criptomoedas Alternativas / [ANN][ICO][07.09] BeOne - Blockchain revoluciona a educação! on: August 24, 2017, 03:42:06 PM
19.08 Nós atualizamos os termos das campanhas de assinatura e de mídias sociais


Caros amigos!

Nós nos importamos tanto com o nosso projeto que queremos que ele se torne conhecido pelo maior número de pessoas possível.

É por isso que anunciamos uma nova bounty com giveaways no valor de 10 000 B1!

Nos dê um feedback sobre o projeto neste tópico e você será recompensado com 10 B1!

A pessoa que fizer a pergunta mais interessante receberá um bônus incrível!

Reclame sua recompensa aqui

10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Will Casino Investors Become Worthless Someday? on: August 16, 2017, 02:17:26 AM
Seems casinos have found a new way to fulfil their bankrolls. Instead of asking for investors money and sharing profit during all the time, they open ICOs, ask for initial money, sell the tokens and buy it later, it's an one time profit chance for investors...

Are all casinos going throught this path or will some of them continue using the good and old method of allowing investments and sharing profit with investors?
11  Economy / Exchanges / Exchange To Sell BCCs on: August 03, 2017, 12:27:20 AM
I need an exchange not only accepting BCC (or BCH) deposits, but allowing us to sell it as well. And I'm looking for an exchange that doesn't ask for any kind of personal informations (address, ID, phone number, etc...), a decentralized one, which I can deposit and withdraw easily.

Any options?
12  Local / Brasil / Ganhando Com Tarefas Online on: July 29, 2017, 02:44:58 AM
Alguém aí consegue ganhar dinheiro fazendo aquelas tarefas online tipo PeanutLabs, WannAds, Offer Daddy, Personaly... ?

Pelo nosso "tier country" as melhores tarefas não estão disponíveis, mas eu gostaria saber se mesmo assim vcs conseguem alguns satoshis com elas, tipo tarefas de download de aplicativos ou se usam VPS para ter acesso as melhores tarefas.
13  Economy / Web Wallets / GreenAddress Wallet on: July 16, 2017, 09:04:39 PM
I created a GreenAddress wallet to store my coins during the August 1 and subsequent events. I have my PIN number and Mnemonic, but experts say we should have our private keys too. Is it possible using this wallet?

And is really necessary to use that 2of3 account and nLockTime features?

Is my money safe by using this wallet? (Please, don't tell me to download a desktop wallet because I have no way to do it).
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What Is Most Likely to Happen on August 1? on: July 08, 2017, 05:08:10 PM
There are much speculation about "buy more Bitcoin", "wait August 1 to accumulate more Bitcoins"...

But it's not so clear yet, what are the chances to have a split on the chain? High? Low? 50%/50%?

What is most likely to happen? (expert's opinions if possible, please).
15  Economy / Services / Looking For Someone With Twitter Audit Membership on: July 01, 2017, 01:42:24 AM
I need someone to update my Twitter audit accounts.

It's an easy task, tell me how much you charge for this, if interested.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Can It Really Happen? on: June 08, 2017, 01:55:49 AM
It's not a secret Satoshi Nakamoto has more than 1 million of Bitcoins in his wallet, right?

If he suddenly wants to sell all his Bitcoins, could it cause a chaos in Bitcoin market making the price fall? Or is this amount too insignificant to cause any mess?
17  Economy / Service Discussion / Yobit INVESTBOX on: May 17, 2017, 03:37:12 PM
Did you see the new feature at Yobit?

What do you think about it? Looks the income rates are a bit high...

18  Other / Off-topic / Twitter Audit on: May 15, 2017, 05:16:55 PM
Twitter Audit is showing a very low amount of followers.

I don't understand as I have more than 13.500 followers (real) and it's saying I have only 600 and 10 are fake.

Do you face the same issue?
19  Other / Meta / Gif-Pictures on: May 05, 2017, 04:04:19 PM
How to add gif animated pictures as avatar?

I already saw pictures like this here on other's profiles, but when I tried to add, it says it's not possible.
20  Economy / Economics / Nobody Can Have Benefit From a Big Pump on: May 02, 2017, 12:53:44 AM
If Bitcoin price pumps from $1300 to $3000 in few hours, nobody would make profit from it, because the exchanges wouldn't allow you to sell your Bitcoins and make the fast profit, it would bring a big loss for exchange sites.

Do you agree with this?
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