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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Wisp [WISP] - Anonymous cryptocurrency project - Spectrecoin fork on: September 27, 2018, 12:24:26 PM
Wisp Project [WISP]

Note: This project is dead, it never gained much momentum. This ANN is left here for purely historical reasons.





About Wisp

Wisp is a fork of SpectreCoin that runs without development fees. At Spectrecoin, every 6th block reward goes to the project founder. This system was introduced in a hardfork on 2018-08-21 @ 22:00 GMT (Source). The Wisp project is a group of independent developers and community members who believe that users of a cryptocurrency should NOT be forced to give money to a single person (and neither to a small group of people for that matter). Instead, we strongly believe in freedom and decentralization, as these are the main points of cryptocurrencies.

The goal of Wisp is the original vision of Spectrecoin to build a solid privacy-focused cryptocurrency based on Proof-of-Stake, but with an even stronger focus on freedom, fairness and radical decentralization. As such we don't support centralized exchanges but encourage our users to use decentralized exchanges (DEX) instead. Our developers and active community members are volunteers or work based on unsolicited donations by other members. There is no central "team", instead everybody is encouraged to contribute what he or she can. You don't need permission to start working in the Wisp project, and if you can code and your contributions are good, you will get repository access.

The Wisp project in a wider sense is characterized by the association of individuals with a focus on decentralization, liberty and privacy. As such we see ourselves in the philosophic heritage of communities like the Tor community, /r/Rad_Decentralization on Reddit and the original Bitcoin community.


Wisp uses several mechanisms to protect the privacy of its users. Connections to other clients are exclusively made through the Tor network. Received payments can be made unlinkable using dual-key stealth addresses (DKSA). Sent payments can be anonymized using a ring signature token system originally invented for ShadowCash (SDC).

For more info, please refer to the Spectrecoin whitepaper:


The current wallet is based on Spectrecoin v1.4 and can be accessed from this repository:

We currently do NOT offer binaries, since the binary release process is inherently centralized and relies on trusting a single person, which is not compatible with the philosophy of Wisp! We encourage our users to compile the wallet on their own system if they have the ability to do so, or let a trusted person build a binary for them. You should generally not run executables from people on the Internet that you don't know.

One goal on our roadmap is setting up Gitian, which should (partially) solve the trust problem. If you are a developer experienced with using Gitian, you could help us to set this up if you like!  Smiley  We're also aiming to create comprehensive compilation instructions for Windows users so that it is easier for them to compile the wallet.


Wisp is currently not listed on any exchange. Generally we consider exchange listings to be the task of the community. So if you are interested in getting Wisp listed on your favourite exchange, please come to our Discord, propose your idea and join forces with other people who also want Wisp to be listed on that exchange.

We are planning to get Wisp listed on the Bisq exchange as soon as possible, because it aligns perfectly with the radical decentralization approach of Wisp.

If you are lucky you will find someone here or in the Wisp Discord who is willing to sell you some coins OTC (over the counter).


The plan is basically to follow the changes released by the Spectrecoin team, and making our own adjustments in cases we don't agree with what they did. The main reason we have our own blockchain is simply because they decided to implement development fees into their core protocol and we did not. Except from that, the two will be pretty much the same.

Any other developments really depend on our community members; since we're an open community anybody who has a cool idea will get the chance to include it into Wisp if the rest of the community agrees.


Wisp is a community project, so contributors and developers have a very high reputation in our community. There is a special membership status in our Discord for contributors, and we have an exclusive channel that only contributors can write on. If you are interested in getting involved, you can basically contribute whatever you like! The most important positions to fill right now are:

  • Developers / code maintainers
  • Social media experts
  • Node operators running static IP nodes or DNS seeds

Acknowledgements go to:

  • The Spectrecoin developers for their past and ongoing work on the Spectrecoin wallet that Wisp is based on
  • jbg for building the foundation of our current wallet and build system
  • HippiePyro and vvc for initiating the Wisp project
  • Tom14 for building an awesome website
  • Huber Humphre for creating our current logo

Please ask if there are any further questions, and welcome to the Wisp community!  Smiley  You can find the Discord invite link in the "Links" section above.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Titcoin [TIT] - The adult cryptocurrency on: September 06, 2018, 11:46:46 AM

The creator of the original Titcoin ANN sold his account. This is an announcement of the continued Titcoin project by me (Gandalf86) as a member of the Titcoin community.


Old Titcoin links:


The Titcoin wallet can be downloaded from Future Titcoin releases will be signed with this PGP key:



This key uses curve secp256k1. The fingerprint is 3A0DD8659500EB7BEF0C73637DC1D1176A2C7B86. Please copy and store this key to verify Titcoin releases.


See also

Block Explorers

Mining info

  • Algo: SHA256d
  • Retarget: Every block
  • Block time: 1 Min
  • Max supply: 69 million
  • Current supply: ~67 million

Pools: See

What is Titcoin?

Titcoin is a cryptocurrency for the adult community. It is exactly what you would expect from a currency called Titcoin!  Cheesy

Titcoin can be used for:
  • Paying at adult online stores
  • Motivating girls to post nudes for crypto
  • Tipping on webcam sites
  • Investing money in the power of tits

... etc.. You can basically use Titcoin for anything you like! Only your imagination is the limit. Wink  You can find a more detailed list of Titcoin use cases here:

Titcoin is fun, but it is not just fun! It is also serious. Titcoin is closely following the Bitcoin Core development in order to achieve high software quality and robustness. We're employing unit tests and regression tests to ensure continuous quality during development. The main difference of Titcoin compared to Bitcoin is a faster block time that allows us to compensate a lower transaction volume with higher transaction speed, and a different retargeting algorithm.


Titcoin (TIT) was founded in early 2014 by the entrepreneurs Edward Mansfield and Richard Allen. It was one of the very original altcoins, only a few different cryptocurrencies were widely known at that time (Wikipedia). Titcoin received a lot of media attention in 2014 (see

In April 2016, the Bittrex account of the Titcoin founders was hacked and all project funds were stolen (Source). They decided to quit and started looking for other developers interested in taking over Titcoin development. One year later, in May 2017, Titcoin development was finally handed over to a company called "Joy Toilet", but they never did actual development work on Titcoin.

In Q3 2018, the owner of Joy Toilet (called "Doop") started facing financial issues and sold his access to the official Titcoin accounts to a different cryptocurrency project named TittieCoin, including Twitter, Github and Bitcointalk. TittieCoin then created a new pre-mined chain, claimed the "TIT" ticker for it and asked Titcoin holders to "swap" their coins. The swap was carried out by the TittieCoin developers themselves and they did not burn the received Titcoins.

Parts of the Titcoin community did not agree with this approach and decided to continue the original Titcoin. A new Titcoin wallet based on Bitcoin 0.16.3 was released by Titcoin community member Gandalf86 on Nov. 9, 2018. As of 2019, TittieCoin has rebranded itself to "Limitless VIP" and is no longer associated with adult themes.

In June 2019, community member "zolette" created the subreddit ShowMyTitCoin on Reddit as a place where girls can receive free titcoins for uploading nudes. As of June 2020, our subreddit has over 9000 subscribers and hundreds of girls have installed the Titcoin wallet in order to receive their first titcoins!

A new Titcoin wallet that activates various Bitcoin softforks (including SegWit) was released on July 20, 2020 by Gandalf86. (Announcement)


The current Titcoin wallet is being developed on this Github repository:

The following goals have been achieved:
  • Developed a new Titcoin wallet based on Bitcoin 0.16.3 that is fully compatible with the existing Titcoin network
  • Released binaries for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Extensive test suite, including all tests inherited from Bitcoin
  • Created a new homepage:
  • Activated various Bitcoin softforks (SegWit etc.) to turn Titcoin into a modern cryptocurrency
  • Getting listed on new cryptocurrency exchanges

Short-term goals are:
  • Use native "lightweight" mode by default for the graphical wallet
  • Rebasing to Bitcoin release 0.22, activation of the Taproot softfork

Long-term goals are:
  • Adjustments to the Titcoin wallet to support live cam (tipping) scenarios better
  • Native Android wallet based on lightweight mode
  • Integration in multi-coin mobile wallets
  • Reproducible builds based on Guix
  • And of course, being accepted as a payment method by adult sites and online stores, and becoming the No.1 tipping method in online adult communities!

Best regards, Gandalf86
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [PRE-ANN] Wisp Project [WISP] Alternative SpectreCoin wallet - Community driven on: April 22, 2018, 06:41:04 PM
Wisp Project [WISP]



The Wisp Project is an initiative of Spectrecoin (XSPEC) users who disagree with certain developments happening in the official Spectrecoin client. With the return of the original founder Mandica to Spectrecoin, the development process has turned into a top-down development style directed by Mandica, and different ways of enforcing development fees from Spectrecoin users in order to fund development have been discussed. At the Wisp Project, we believe that a cryptocurrency should be controlled by its users and not by a central authority.

For that reason, we have dedicated ourselves to providing an alternative Spectrecoin wallet that features an open decision process and does not force its users to provide funding for development, even though we encourage every user to do so in his or her own interest! We figured that going this path is the most straightforward way to turn our vision of Spectrecoin into reality.

There have also been discussions about a possible blockchain fork. If the Spectrecoin team decides to implement a hardfork to enforce development fees via the protocol, the Wisp Project will NOT support that fork, meaning that Wisp and Spectrecoin would split into two independent projects, where Wisp will maintain the original protocol. The ticker for our side of the fork will be [WISP] then. More information will be added as things progress. Since this forum is about altcoins, this thread will remain a "PRE-ANN" until a blockchain fork happens.

Update: The Spectrecoin hardfork is scheduled for 21/08/2018, 22:00 GMT!

Update: The XSPEC hardfork has happened smoothly. Now Wisp is running on the old Spectrecoin chain, every user who uses a Spectrecoin wallet before version 2.0 (1.4 and older) uses the chain that will be branded as WISP. An official announcement for this coin will follow after a independent Wisp wallet has been created by our volunteer community members.  Cool

Update: Here is the new ANN: This thread will be locked, please continue on the new thread.

About SpectreCoin

Please refer to the official SpectreCoin ANN for more information about SpectreCoin:

Simply put, SpectreCoin is based on the ShadowCash (SDC) codebase. It was started in 2016 with the goal of continuing and extending the idea of (now defunct) ShadowCash. SpectreCoin is a general-purpose privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses a relatively simple yet sophisticated technique for achieving anonymity, by combining stealth addresses and ring signatures. SpectreCoin was an ICO but raised only a small amount of money, so nowadays other ways of achieving continuous development have to be found.

About Wisp

Wisp has basically the same goals as SpectreCoin, the main difference is that SpectreCoin has a development fee included (16.6% of all block rewards going to the founder of SpectreCoin), while the Wisp users refuse to pay such a fee. At Wisp we are following the core ideals of Bitcoin and decentralized currencies, which also means rejecting centralized authorities and centralized development processes. We want SpectreCoin to be a top-notch privacy-supporting currency that brings the necessary social, cultural and economic changes to our society. We are advocating diversity and federation, which is one of the reasons why we are making an alternative XSPEC wallet.

We're an open community, everybody is welcome to join and start contributing right away. Please check out our Discord (invite link above).


Since Wisp is not lead by a dedicated team but is a joint effort between community members, there is no fixed roadmap and any suggestion will be considered. Here are some of the points that have been discussed:

  • Make the Wisp wallet visually different from Spectrecoin (Qt developers welcome!)
  • Develop a more robust wallet for Spectrecoin
  • Mobile wallet (Android developers welcome!)
  • Improvements to the core protocol
  • Making a nice website for Wisp

Please ask if there are any further questions, and welcome to the Wisp community!  Smiley
4  Local / Deutsch (German) / Krypto-Millionäre in Deutschland gesucht on: February 04, 2018, 01:53:28 PM

ich würde gerne ein soziales Netzwerk aus Leuten aufbauen, die viel Erfahrung im Investieren in Kryptowährungen haben (> 2 Jahre) und deutlich über 1 Mio. Euro an Holdings haben. Der Grund dafür ist, dass man als erfahrener Krypto-Investor leider meistens alleine dasteht, zumindest ist es in meinem Fall so! Wink Ich weiß dass es viele Leute gibt, die neu in diesem Bereich sind, und das trifft auch auf viele meiner Freunde zu. Leider ist es so, dass der Wissens- und Erfahrungsunterschied oft doch einen beträchtlichen Unterschied macht, und man nicht wirklich "auf einer Ebene" miteinander reden kann. Das gleiche gilt auch dann, wenn es um die Summen geht, mit denen investiert wird, das sind teilweise einfach zwei verschiedene Welten, die unterschiedliche Strategien erfordern (also ob man sagen wir 1000 Euro, oder 100.000 Euro irgendwo investiert).

Ich gehe davon aus, dass die meisten, die das hier lesen werden, eher selber Anfänger sein werden. Ich würde gerne so etwas wie einen privaten Discord-Chat, oder ein monatliches Meetup o.ä. starten mit Leuten, die eben wie gesagt schon erfahrene Investoren sind.

Bei Interesse gerne PM oder hier schreiben!  Smiley

LG Gandalf86
5  Other / Meta / Organized farming of member ranks on: November 10, 2017, 08:31:43 PM
During the past few weeks, I have noticed an increasing amount of newbies asking short questions, sometimes illogical or inappropriate questions (e.g. asking about details of the ICO when the coin itself did never have an ICO). This was just strange to me before, until I discovered two different accounts posting exactly the same question, including the same spelling mistake here:

I'm interesting to this project and i want to be a part of it. From which point i can start? I hope to answer me soon... Thanks!

My answer from 5 days ago...  Roll Eyes

I'm interesting to this project and i want to be a part of it. From which point i can start? I hope to answer me soon... Thanks!

Hi, just join our Slack and be welcome!  Smiley

Oops, fake account detected!  Cool  WTH is going on here on Bitcointalk?  Huh Newbies trying to farm high profile accounts and sell them to scammers, probably. Forum administration should have a close look at this.

As I said in this quote, I suspect that the reason someone (or a group of people) is doing this, is to build up forum profiles with a high rank over time, by doing a lot of posts that do not really add any value, and later sell them to anyone who is interested in paying for a Hero account.

Unfortunately this is difficult to detect, because these accounts rarely seem to post the same question twice, and they seem to ask questions that are pretty common in fact. But as it seems, they are sometimes posting the same content across different accounts, which adds a new level to it, as it seems ...  Roll Eyes

I would like this problem to be addressed by the forum administration for three reasons:

  • To limit the amount of unnecessary newbie questions, which are often answered by me to support the respective community. In this case of fake accounts though, it will not help anyone because the author himself is just trying to increase his rank and is probably not even reading the answer I give to him.
  • In this case, I may be tempted to start ignoring questions that get asked too often by these fake accounts, which hurts the actual newbies who are trying to learn about the project, and really want to know about this common question.
  • When these fakers have successfully farmed their Hero accounts and sold them to scammers, this will increase the amount of scam projects that look legit because they are run by a high-profile member. Which in turn, will have many people falling for it and getting scammed. I'm sure everyone here agrees that scams are already a huge problem here, but even more so when scams will be run by high-profile accounts.

I'm not 100% sure how these posts are built; maybe they are just copying small posts by other (legit) newbies and re-posting them on other threads. Detecting or blocking this will, unfortunately, be almost impossible.  Undecided

Any ideas for how we can deal with this problem are welcome!  Smiley Or if you find similar posts or sets of accounts that keep posting these things, share them here so we can get an idea of how these people are operating.

Best regards,

Edit: Further examples from the Espers thread (which is not an ICO!  Wink ):

How will be the money, collected during the ICO be spent?

What ICO?

I've already seen some similar ICO, why are you different?
Its not an ico and its been around longer.

When would be the coins from the free gift likely to be distributed?

WTF happens here the last days/weeks?

Some of the user names here are physicianheel, equatorialharmless, skinnynegligible, so we can definitely see some pattern here.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / DeepOnion - Unmoderated thread on: July 12, 2017, 12:57:03 PM
I would like to start a new, unmoderated ANN thread for DeepOnion:

The author seems to be heavily censoring this "Free Airdrop" ANN thread and not providing answers to critical questions, but instead deleting them. Here are some of those questions that will be critical:

  • What is the pre-mine? Giving the coins away in an airdrop might be a good excuse for having an unreasonably high pre-mine.
  • What are essential differences to other coins that also have native Tor integration, such as Spectrecoin? (;topicseen)
  • Why is he censoring so much?? That's not a good sign IMO.

Feel free to post any questions or thoughts here that got censored in the main thread.
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